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English, Religion, 5 seasons, 13 episodes, 5 hours, 34 minutes
Favored and Flourishing is here to help you as you navigate life. We are here to encourage and inspire others covering topics along the lines of faith, fellowship and dating.
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Dear College Girl Part Three <3

This is the last episode in the Dear College Girl mini series. We will talk about how to handle when classes teach things we don't believe, How to juggle a relationship in college, how to pick classes and so many other practical tips.&nbsp; Follow me at favored and flourishing on Instagram to get all the updates and giveaway announcements. --- Send in a voice message:
8/18/202031 minutes, 19 seconds
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Delight Yourself In the Lord

We all have things we long for. No matter what stage of life we are in, single, married or dating. But we have to long for the lord first. We have to be able to turn to him, and delight ourselves in him. And he is so good, when we delight ourselves in him he will give us the desires of our heart. But it's not always on our time line. The truth though is that the only thing we really need is the lord. When we let him supply our needs we will find we truly want for nothing.&nbsp; Follow me on instagram @favorerdandflourishing&nbsp; --- Send in a voice message:
6/23/202033 minutes, 42 seconds
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Love Like Jesus

What does it mean to Love like Jesus? How do I love others the way Jesus did? Lately I cannot get the love of Christ off my mind, It is so needed in our world today. In this episode we will look to the bible and some of what it has to say about having the same love for others that Christ has for us and talk about how we can then use that to apply to our everyday lives. And yes you have to share your umbrella. &nbsp; Follow me on Instagram @favoredandflourishing to get all the updates about episodes, giveaways and announcements as well as encouraging content and behind the seen sneak peeks. Email me at [email protected] --- Send in a voice message:
6/9/202028 minutes, 47 seconds
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Even Through The Pain

We have all been through heart break, felt alone like it would never get better. What if I told you God was there even through the pain? Even when it hurt the most? Even when it seemed there was no hope? He is and he gives us hope during our darkest days. &nbsp;Join me as I talk with my Mom about her relationship journey. It was not all sunshine and rouses. But God carried her through and made her story into a beautiful one.&nbsp; Follow me on instagram@favoredandflourishing Email me at [email protected] --- Send in a voice message:
6/2/202032 minutes, 14 seconds
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Flourishing in God

Have you ever felt like you were at a stand still? Like you were just stuck? What about the times that we feel like we are growing so fast we can't keep up? And how do i prepare myself to grow? These are just some of the things covered in this episode join me as I talk about how we flourish in god. --- Send in a voice message:
5/25/202020 minutes, 50 seconds
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Finding Favor In God

What does it mean to find Favor in God? How do we know if we are finding Favor in God? If you have asked yourself this, tune in as we discuss ways God shows us favor and how we can find favor in him. We'll talk about definitions of favor and some of the importance it holds as part of our name. Follow @favoredandflourishing on Instagram Email Favored&amp;Flourishing at [email protected] --- Send in a voice message:
5/17/202025 minutes, 2 seconds