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Grow the sales person in you. Advance your sales career. Become more efficient in sales, and learn from someone who has already been down that path! What you will learn: 1. How to do prospecting 2. How to handle objections 3. How to close sales effectively 4. How to build a healthy self image 5. Cold Calling techniques that work! 6. 8 Steps to Consultative Selling!
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The Five Benefits of Goal Setting that will Transform Your Life!

Goal setting can transform your life.   In today's episode, you will learn 5 major benefits of goal setting. 1. Imagination 2. Balanced Success 3. Reality Check 4. Positive Self-Talk 5. Managing Self Created Objection The Motivational Quote shared is by Maxwell Waltz.  An American Surgeon and author of Pshycho-Cybernetics, which according to him is a system of ideas that he claimed could improve one's self-image drastically and helping one to lead a fulfilling life.    THE QUOTE:  "A man is functionally like a bicycle. Unless he is moving onwards & upwards toward an object - A Goal - he is  going to falter & fall" Instagram: @FastestWayToLearnSales  Website:   Email: [email protected] Fastest Way To Learn Sales is hosted by Saqib Irfan a Saskatoon-based Sales Podcaster.
12/6/201911 minutes, 1 second
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How to set personal and sales goals - 4 Best Practices

The year 2020 is just around the corner, and this is the best time to start working on your goals. You can set goals any time of the year and start at any time, however, using the new year as a benchmark, I find gives time to prepare for the new goal that you have set and keeps you on track.  The quote shared is by Mark Victor Hansen "By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands - your own"  Fastest Way To Learn Sales is a Sales Motivation, Training and Coaching Podcast. Instagram: @FastestWayToLearnSales Website: Email: [email protected]  Hosted by: Saqib Irfan City: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada 
11/29/201911 minutes, 22 seconds
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How To Sell To A Driver Personality Type Successfully?

Play the Sales Podcast & learn how you can spot, communicate, and sell to a "Driver" personality type! This is the last episode of how-to sell to different personality types series.  Driver personality types are driven by their goals, they have the ability to make a quick decision. They do not like to like a lot of information and definitely do not like it when someone tells them that they were wrong. So keep it simple, straight to the point when selling to a Driver Personality Type! Remember to compliment Driver on their Decisiveness & Direct Style.  The motivational quote shared to boost your confidence and help you sell more is by: John D Rockefeller A business magnate and the richest man of his time! "I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity" Instagram: @FastestWayTolearnSales email: [email protected] 
11/22/201913 minutes, 40 seconds
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How to Sell To An Impulsive Personality Type Successfully?

The motivational quote shared is by Plautus. "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble" 
11/18/20199 minutes, 55 seconds
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How To Sell To An Analytical Personality Type Successfully? Sales Podcast

Learn how to spot, manage, communicate and sell to an analytical personality type. Find out how to sell if you are the analytical personality type. Play the Listen button now and get insight on: 1. Who is the analytical personality type 2. How to spot them? How to identify them? Great Tips on this 3. How to Communicate with the Analytical Personality Type 4. How to sell to the analytical personality type? You will also learn the Do’s & Don’ts when selling to an Analytical Personality type. The motivational sales quote shared in this sales podcast episode is Jim Rohn A.K.A The Father Of Motivational Speaking. “IF YOU WILL CHANGE, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE FOR YOU” Website: Instagram: @FastestWayToLearnSales Email: [email protected] Podcast Host: Saqib Irfan
11/14/201911 minutes
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How To Sell To A Social Personality Type Customer Successfully? | Selling To Four Different Personalities Series 1 - 4

In sales, they say there are four major personality types that we come across when out on the field selling. These customers can belong to one of these Personality Types: Social Analytical Impulsive Driver In today's sales podcast you will learn how to sell to a customer who is a Social Personality type. How do you spot them, what is important to them, what are do's and do not's when dealing with a social.  As usual, there is a motivational quote and today's quote shared in this podcast is by, Brian Tracy:  “Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” – Brian Tracy
9/23/201910 minutes, 12 seconds
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How To Build Momentum in Sales?

In today's episode learn five simple, yet effective sales tips on how to build momentum. Maybe you went on a holiday, maybe a long weekend or you just finished a strong month. How do you as a sales professional re-gain, re-build momentum and get back into your operating rhythm. 1. Organize the workspace 2. Block Time 3. Distraction-Free  4. Create A Comfortable Environment (favorite drink, snacks, etc)  5. Super Hero & Role Models for Inspiration  Remember, Success is inspiring!  MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: The motivational quote shared in this episode is by Steve Farrante. CEO & Trainer of Champions at Sale Away Inc.  “Success is like a snowball… You gotta get it moving and the more you roll in the right direction the greater it gets” Please like subscribe, share & spread the word!  Sales Podcast Website: Instagram: @FastestWayToLearnSales Email: [email protected] 
9/19/201911 minutes, 27 seconds
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How To Use Email As An Effective Sales Tool - #91

Play and learn 10 + 3 bonus ways how you can improve your email skills. Email is a very useful and widely used sales tool. There are some very common mistakes that we all sales professionals make and today's topic is how we can improve our email skills.  Motivational Quote shared is by John Wooden - An NBA Player & Head Coach who won the NCAA titles 10 times during his 12 years of coaching period. "If your are not making any mistakes, you are not doing anything"  Please like, share, subscribe and follow. Instagram: @fastestwaytolearnsales Fastest Way To Learn Sales is a Sales Motivation, Best Practices and Sales Tips Podcast hosted by Saqib Irfan who is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
7/10/201917 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Power Of Finding Out Your Customer's Why in Sales | #90

Life changing events are the key driver of any sale, especially in Business To Customer Sales & Retail Sales Environment. The retail chains are closing, think about Toys 'R' Us, Payless Shows, Sears and more in Canada.  Is it because of the internet? Digital Marketing? eCommerce? or Social Media, I am not sure. May be all of them. However, the one main reason why Retail Sales are down is because a good salesmanship is diminishing. When you walk in to a retail outlet, hardly there is anyone to greet you, to welcome you. No wonder Amazon is crushing Walmart.  Play the Sales Podcast to learn how you can become the retail sales super star, if that is your sales channel. The practices can be applied to business to business sales environment and if you are a sales leader or an account manager you can certainly use this sales practice. The quote shared is by Michelle Obama. An American Lawyer, University Administrator and writer!   "Success isn't about how much money you make. It's the difference you make in people's lives." Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast is hosted by Saqib Irfan who is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada! 
6/27/201912 minutes, 43 seconds
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Sales Podcast | How To Grow Your Current Customer Accounts & ARPA

If you've been in sales for any amount of time, especially in the Account Management or Sales Leadership role, you understand the term ARPA really. ARPA stands for Average Revenue Per Account. Play today's podcast to listen to a simple sales tactic & tip to grow your ARPA, and get your current customers to buy more from you. If you invest 30 minutes doing this exercise, you will end up with a list of 5 - 10 more prospects instantly. SURPRISE, not sharing a quote today, however, I share a Chinese Proverb: "If you received a gift of great value, it is your obligation to share this gift many times over"
6/25/201910 minutes, 28 seconds
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Sales Podcast | How The Casual Dress Day Potentially Costs You Sales

"The Casual Friday" culture has now been around for a very long time. Some sales people love it, some not as much, however, I have yet to come across a sales professional who just doesn't approve it. After all we all like to take the path of least resistance, and dressing up takes efforts.  This sales podcast episode talks about how dressing down or the casual dress day can potentially cost you sales.  The sales motivational quote shared in by: Brian Tracy "Dress For Success. Image Is Very Important. People Judge You By The Way Look On The Outside" 
6/17/201910 minutes, 49 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Master This Silly, Yet Effective Sales Tip To Gather Information

In today's sales podcast, learn one simple yet effective information gathering strategy.   :Build a mistake" in to your sales strategy as use it as a tool to collect and gather valuable information from the prospect.  Remember this is a sales skill and like any other skill will require some practice before it will flow naturally for you.  Motivational Quote Shared in the episode in by: Bram Stoker An Irish Author from the 1987 era and best known for his evergreen Gothic Novel "Dracula" "We learn from our failure, not from our success" 
6/12/20199 minutes, 53 seconds
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Sales Tips | The One Question Successful Sales People Always Ask Themselves

Sales fellows do you feel uncertain about a sale? You feel you have done your best, given your best presentation, asked the right questions and still unsure of the outcome? Are you afraid of the result? Trust me not every prospect is going to buy from you, sometime the efforts will generate a positive outcome and sometime it will generate a negative. It is your role to use the best practices discussed in today's show to change that negative in to a positive.  Play the Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast Episode #86 to find out the one question that every successful sales person always ask themselves.  The motivational quote shared is by, Anthony Jay Robbin A.K.A Tony Robbins: "Personal Power is the ability to take action"  Thanks for tuning in and I will see you on the next show! 
6/10/20198 minutes, 40 seconds
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Sales Podcast | How To Use This Underused Sales Strategy To Boost Your Income

Play and listen to one of the most underused sales strategy that requires not much effort, however, is highly rewarding in terms of boosting sales. The motivational quote shared in this sales podcast episode is by none other than Anthony Jay Robbin A.K.A Tony Robbins   Tony is an American author and a life coach, and he once said:   “Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?”   Sales is hard work. It requires absolute persistence and you have to follow through.   But you should always stay focus on what you are ought to accomplish.   Superior Salespeople are not robots. They are involved in their sales career and make their decision fast. Not the right or wrong decision, that is not important making decision is.   Fastest Way To Learn Sales is a weekly sales podcast hosted by Saqib Irfan who is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The objective of the podcast is to develop sales skills that will make us more of effective sales person. Website: Instagram: @FastestWayToLearnSales 
5/3/201912 minutes, 46 seconds
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Sales Podcast - The Power of Follow Up In Sales

Why is follow up so important in sales? What is the difference between being annoying and doing a following up? What are some of the proven methods that actually works? What is a good follow up strategy? Get answer to all these questions in today's sales podcast. The motivational quote shared is by, Steli Efti who is the Founder & CEO of  "I have a simple philosophy: I follow up as many times as necessary until I get a response. I don't care what the response is as long as I get one." Which means that until you get an answer, continue to follow and be persistent.  80% if the sales require 5 follow up calls after the meeting. 44% of salespeople give up after 1 follow up.  Fastest Way To Learn Sales is hosted by Saqib Irfan who is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Saqib shares his experience, and knowledge that he has gained on the sales field with upcoming sales stars on the sales podcast show. Please like, share, subscribe to this podcast, and thanks for supporting. 
5/2/201912 minutes, 35 seconds
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Sales Podcast | 6 Effective Tricks & Tips on How To Remember A Person's Name!

"Name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language" a famous qoute by Dale Carnegie. In today's sales podcast learn how you can remember a person's name. Motivational Quote Shared is by: Ron White, winner of the USA Memory Championship in 2009 and 2010 and an international memory speaker, in an email with CNBC "A major reason you don’t recall names is you weren’t listening. Someone says their name and two seconds later you don’t know it. This is not a memory problem. It is a focus problem."                    The six tips shared in the podcast that will help you remember a person's name are: 1. Commit  2. Focus 3. Repeat the name 4. Ask for their spelling and repeat the spelling 5. Associate 6. LINK Play the sales podcast episode to learn more. Website: Email: [email protected] IG: @fastestwaytolearnsales Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast is hosted by Saqib Irfan who is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
4/26/201919 minutes, 21 seconds
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Consultative Selling | Step 7 Explain Benefits & Step 8 Secure Commitment (Ask for the Sale)

The final two steps (out of 8) in the Consultative Selling Process that we have been discussing on this sales podcast. Step 7 is Explain Benefits which is essentially doing Cost of Inaction calculation with your customer. Step 8 is the final and second most important step that you do not want to miss which is Secure Commitment. In simple words, asking for the sale.  The motivational quote shared is by Anthony Jay Robbins (A.K.A Tony Robbins) An American Author and a Life Coach. "Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear" Website: Instagram: @FastestWayToLearnSales
4/24/201913 minutes, 49 seconds
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Consultative Selling Process | Step 5 Identify Needs & Step 6 To Present Solutions!

Following a sales process can be easy especially if you follow it step by step and have total of 8 steps. Today's sales podcast is about step 5 in consultative selling process which is to Identify Needs and step 6 (the most exiting step of all) Present Solutions. The motivational quote shared is by none other than Zig Ziglar! Zig Ziglar an American salesman, sales celebrity, motivational speaker and an author!   “Every sale has five basic obstacles: No need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust”
4/23/201914 minutes, 20 seconds
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Consultative Selling Step #3 & #4 | Confirm Three Key Things Before You Get In to Discovery Mode

Step 3 in Consultative Selling Sales Process is the easiest & shortest one of all. You simply confirm three things with the customers in this stage which are described in detail in the podcast. The next step #4 is the key step and mother of this consultative selling process. If you miss this step, you will not be able to have much success in selling your products or services to the customers. The quote shared is by Dalai Lama:   “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” Sales Podcast Website:  Instagram: @fastestwaytolearnsales  email: [email protected] 
4/22/201917 minutes, 44 seconds
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Consultative Selling Step #2 - Warning: Don't Miss This Step of Setting The Meeting Context or Else Your Meeting Won't Be Effective

If you miss setting the context of the sales meeting, it is just like you missed the flight to your destination. The sales motivational quote shared is by Anthony Iannarino   He is an international speaker, bestselling author, sales leader and an entrepreneur.   Check out his sales blog “The Sales Blog” for daily sales tips and insights! “Care enough to create value for customer. If you get that part right, selling is easy”  What does it mean to set meeting context?   This is a key step when you have arrived at the meeting, have built rapport as discussed in last episode, and now you need to set the context of the meeting.  Which simply means that you will highlight the focus points of todays meeting. WHY ARE WE HERE AND WHAT WILL WE DISCUSS.  Setting the context at the beginning of any meeting is the first step you can take to ensure that the meeting is effective Participants need to understand what is the focus for the meeting. Some good examples: “Mr Customer, thank you for seeing me today and in today’s meeting we will cover a the important of social media, and how your brand can benefit from a strong social media presence.”   That is it.   Ideally, keep it one item so that you can focus on it, so can client focus on it and you can hit home the point.   Think about it this way, before you meeting starts ask your self, what is one thing I would like my prospect to learn from todays meeting and remember after the meeting is over.  That is the point you would design your presentation around and keep you clients focus on it.   Now you can certainly go in to few directions and go in to deeper background, however if you miss this step, there will be no clarity why you are meeting with your prospect today.  Pre Set The Context In An Email: What I do is I email my clients in advance, I set the meeting and I set the context in that email invite.   So for example, “Hi Gary, How are you?  I just wanted to schedule our performance review meeting with you for sometime this week.   In this 45 minute meeting, we will cover performance of your store, find key areas where we can grow and I will also share with you two lead generation products that will fit your business model.   Here is my availability for next week: Give them date/time options  Closing it with: Please let me know the date and time that works best with your schedule and I will send you a calendar invite. This works most of the time. How about the clients who do not respond back to the emails?   For those clients my email is little different:   Hi Gary,   I just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be working in your area next Tuesday, and will drop by with your performance reports, plus I have two new lead generation tools that I am excited to discuss with you.   See you between 10 – 10:30 AM on Tuesday, April 16th  Thank you,  Now with this I am not asking them to respond back to me, and not giving them a set time so that they can disappear on me. One thing I am certain, that these clients may not respond back to the email, however they do read their emails.   Instagram: @FastestWayToLearnSales
4/15/201911 minutes, 22 seconds
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Consultative Selling Step#1 - Learn 15 Actionable Tips On How to Build Rapport Effectively That'll Make Sales Meetings More Productive!

How do you start you sales presentation meetings? What questions do you ask? Do you do research on your prospect before walking in to the customer's office? The quote shared is by Anthony Jay Robbins a.k.a Tony Robbins is an American Author, philanthropist and life coach.   Tony is well known for his infomercials, seminars and self-help books including Unlimited Power & Awaken The Giant Within.   “Rapport is the ability to enter someone else’s world, to make him feel that you understand him, that you have a strong common bond.” Sales Topic: First Step out Eight in Consultative Selling.   Here are 15 tips that will help you build rapport instantly:   1. Online Research   LiknedIn   Website   Social Media Profiles   2. Hand Shake   3. Remember the Name 4. Smile   5. Present your Business Card & Ask for theirs   6. Give Genuine Compliment   7. Observe   8. Ask & Listen   9. Body Language   10.  Tone of Voice & Pace   11. Your Dressing   12. Be Yourself   13. Be Friendly   14. Use Humor Where Appropriate 15. Avoid Profanity   Ideally, in your research your will find good information to use to ask them to build solid rapport.   For example:   If you have learned that they like Blue Jays, that is a conversation starter.   If they have written their goal online, ask them what inspired them?   Be personable.   Show interest.   What is a Small Talk?   Small Talk is polite conversation about unimportant or uncontroversial matters, especially as engaged in on social occasions.   You can easily start a small talk by asking a  
4/9/201920 minutes, 13 seconds
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Sales Podcast | When You Miss A Step In Consultative Sales Process

I personally follow an 8 Step Consultative Sales Process which is pretty much now part of my DNA, however, in some circumstances I forget a step or two and rush my sales presentation causing the whole meeting to scramble.  In today's sales podcast show you will learn what happens when you don't follow your sales process and miss a step or two due to various reasons. What can you do about it? How should you move forward after making this mistake. The quote shared is by Tiffani Bova -    Tiffani Bova is Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. and an Author of Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make Or Break Your Business. Quote: How You Sell Matters. What your process is Process Matters But how your customers feel when they engage with your matters more. Sales fellows we all make mistakes, and as long as we learn and improve we are good. Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast is hosted by Saqib Irfan who is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Sharing bite size sales tips, best practices & motivation every week to keep your sales energy level high! Instagram: @FastestWayToLearnSales 
3/26/20199 minutes, 2 seconds
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Sales Podcast | 11th Key In Selling - Client Says "Can't sign, I have to talk to my manager or my spouse" You Use The Signature Close To Seal The Deal!

One of the most common sales objection we all sales fellows experience is when a client after a solid sales presentation says to the sales professional "I have to discuss this with my manager, my spouse prior to making a decision" What do you guys and gals say to this? What is current method of handling this objection? Play today's Sales Podcast Episode to learn an effective way to handle this objection, a method that Zig Ziglar calls "The Signature Close" The quote shared is by John C Maxwell - An American Author, Pastor & Speaker and he has written a number of books on the subject of leadership including The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.   "In the end, people are not persuaded by what we say, by what they understand"  Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast is hosted by Saqib Irfan who is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. This sales podcast is designed to help motivate sales people, who are eager to learn more about sales techniques, tactics and best practices in bite size episodes.  Instagram: @FastestWayToLearnSales
3/22/20199 minutes, 38 seconds
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Sales Podcast | 10th Key In Selling - The Key Of Sincerity That Can Lead To More Referral Leads!

Sales fellows, welcome to Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast number 75 on the 10th key of selling which is Key of Sincerity! Today's motivation quote shared in the episode is from Douglas Adams, an author, scriptwriter, and humorist best known for his work "The Hitchhiker's Guide To Galaxy" "To give real service, you must add something that cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity." What You Will Learn in Today's Sales Podcast Show: 1. How to use key of sincerity in retail sales 2. How to apply sincerity in business to business sales environment 3. A story of a non-sincere sales professional 4. A story of a Bike Sales Rep who lost a deal and won heart because of his sincerity to sales! 5. How sincerity will help you earn more business through referrals. Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast Show is Hosted By Saqib Irfan who is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 
3/19/201911 minutes, 44 seconds
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Sales Podcast | 9th Key In Selling - Inducement & How To Persuade Others To Take Action

 #74 – 9th Key in selling – Inducement  - Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
3/14/20199 minutes, 17 seconds
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Sales Podcast | 8th Key In Selling - The Difference between being pushy & being persistence in Sales

 An Amercian former world #1 professional tennis star.   She won total of 39 Grand Slams in her tennis career. 12 in singles, 16 in women’s doubles and 11 in mixed doubles.   She is married to none other than Mr Larry King!   Billie Jean King Once Said:   “Champions keep playing until they get it right.”  
3/11/201911 minutes, 30 seconds
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Sales Podcast | 7th Key In Selling "The Impending Event" and How To Handle "I'll Buy Later" Sales Objection

Today's sales podcast topic is the 7th key in selling which is Impending Event & Handling “Ill Buy It Later” Objection.  Quote by: Eleanor Roosevelt Former First Lady of the USA. A well known political figure and she once said:   “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them yourself”   Topic: Key number 7 in selling which is The Impending Event.   Which simply means that things will change, the prices, processes, service, performance, desirability and availability of what you are selling today will for sure change in the future.   It is a fair thing to say that the prices you are selling your products today, will not be the same in the future.   In order to be absolute success in sales you sales fellow must come up with a way to handle to “I’ll buy it later” objection.   So let’s use an example of the 7th key of selling – The Impending Event   Prospect: “The price on this house is too high”   You: “Yes, I’d be inclined to agree with you. The price on this home – like most everything else – is too high. But you, Mr Prospect, are the one who set the price”   Prospect: What do you mean that I am the one who set the price?   You: “Actually, it was you and all the other people who are in the market for homes who really set the price of the homes. For example, if 90% of the people who are in the market for a home were to suddenly stop looking.   I can assure you that in a matter of six months the price of this house will drop considerably.  However, everything indicated more – and now fewer – buyers will soon be in the market for a home and law of supply and demand sets the price.   “As you well know, real estate has consistently increased in price. I firmly believe that in next 2 – 10 years you will be able to sell the same house for a lot more money.   If you go ahead, and invest in this home today, in the future you will benefit from the impending increase in price. “   The idea is to stay focused on handling the objection that is that I will buy it later.   Show them the cost of inaction.   So if a gets away from the direction and say man the Hockey game was interesting last night” and try to get the talks off topic, you get back in control by saying:   Yes, the hockey game was real fun and exciting last night and so are the benefits which go with our product or service.   BRINGING THE CONVERSATION FOCUS BACK TO WHAT YOU ARE SELLING.  
3/6/20198 minutes, 21 seconds
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Sales Podcast | 6th Key In Selling "Listening" & The CHEF Method that you can apply today to listen effectively

Play today's sales podcast to learn tips around effective listening and a simple method called CHEF Method to become an active listener. Beside this you will also learn a common mistake sales people, especially young or new to sales people make. I also share with you how to listen with your eyes using the CHEF method and what does it exactly mean. So play the episode now, learn the sales tips and increase your closing ratio! The quote shared Stephen Covey | An American educator, author, business man and a keynote speaker.   We all know him because his the all-time best seller “The 7 habits of highly effective people”   “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”    Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast is hosted by Saqib Irfan from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The objective is to provide you with actionable sales tips, advise and tactics in bite size episodes. Instagram: @fastestwaytolearnsales 
3/1/201911 minutes, 20 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Key #1 In Selling - The Positive Projection & How It Helps In Sales

 Today's Sales Podcast Topic is around the 10 - 11 keys of selling. This will be a part by part series on keys to selling. First Key To Selling which is Positive Projection is discussed in today's episode. The quote shared is by Zig Ziglar – A Salesperson, Author, Motivational Speaker!   “You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win”.   First give me an honest answer to this question: Do You Consider Yourself To Be A Born Sales Professional?   Do you ever think this way that, nah I am not a born sales professional?   Humor: As Zig Ziglar mentions in his books Secrets of Closing a Sale that he has seen women gave given birth to boys and that he has seen women give birth to girls, but thus far I’ve never seen that a woman has given birth to a salesman.  Now I want all my listeners to stop thinking that they are not a born sales professional.   You can definitely be trained to sell, sell tons and this podcast is playing a part in that sales training.  Key Point: Customer or Revenue What is Your Priority? I also want to highlight a key point in here, our key objective in business is to generate revenue by making sales.   This does not mean that that revenue is above our customers.   We need to build relationships, give respect, gain and retain the trust in order for longevity in sales career.  Now coming today’s topic which is POSITIVE PROJECTION.   What is Positive Projection?   Play the episode to understand what is positive projection, and also hear a story of nasty, mean, foulmouthed old buzzard and a young sales fellow. Key Learning:   Your Planning, preparation and projection before you see the prospect will determine to a large degree what happened after you see the prospect.  Closing Notes: Fastest Way To Learn Sales is hosted by Saqib Irfan who is based out Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Please subscribe, comment, review, share and follow the podcast to help me grow. IG: @fastestwaytolearnsales 
2/8/20197 minutes, 36 seconds
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Sales Podcast | The Power of Social Selling & Hitting Sales Target Faster! More Selling Opportunites

Social selling means using Social Media Channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and others to connect with your current & future customers. The quote I shared on Social Selling in by, Jill Rowley Jill Rowley is Social Selling Expert, and she can make you a Master at Social Selling.  "Before LinkedIn, and other Social Media Networks, ABC stood for Always Be Closing. Now it means to Always Be Connecting" The content covered in today's sales podcast show: #1 - Stats On Social Selling Learn how the sales professionals who are using Social Media are making more sales, more money and having fun at the same time doing it! #2 - The Four Pillars of Social Media Selling A: Building Your Personal Brand B: Finding Target Audience C: Engaging Audience with Industry's Best Practices & Key Insights D: Building Relationship of Trust  Each one of this is discussed in depth in the episode, so make sure you play the Social Selling Episode on today's show to get ahead of your competitors. Who Can Use Social Selling: Anyone who is in Sales. Business to Business (B2B) Business to Consumer (B2C) What will you learn: Social Selling Strategies & Ideas if you are in Car Sales Business, Real Estate Business, Digital Marketing Sales or Sell Stationary to Businesses. You can benefit from the show. Fastest Way To Learn Sales is a 3 times weekly Sales Podcast Show hosted by Saqib Irfan who is based out of Saskatoon. Saqib's LinkedIn Instagram Handle: @FastestWayToLearnSales
12/26/201816 minutes, 22 seconds
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Sales Podcast - Six Ways to Turn Desire Into Gold (Think And Grow Rich)

In today's sales podcast show of Fastest Way to Learn Sales I will be sharing one of the most under utilized principal discussed by Napoleon Hill in his famous book "Think & Grow Rich" The principal is "The Burning Desire" Play the sales podcast episode to learn how you can increase your desire to achieve success in sales. How will it help you grow in your sales career and make you a sales leader.  The quote I share is also by Napoleon Hill: "The starting point of all achievements is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results. Just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat." Further to give put the principal in perspective I include personal story of my friend who was happy at his job, traveled a lot and then things changed and how the the burning desire saved him from tough times.  You will also lean: SIX WAYS TO TURN DESIRE IN TO GOLD!! All of this is summary of what Napoleon Hill talks about in his chapter on Burning Desire in his one of the most famous and sold books of all time "Think and Grow Rich" Fastest Way To Learn Sales is a Sales Podcast Based Out of Saskatoon! Instagram: @fastestwaytolearnsales  
12/19/201810 minutes, 53 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Eliminate These Five Words That Are Costing You Sales (Plus 2 Bonus Words)

In today's sales podcast show, you will learn the rest of the five words to stop using during your sales presentations. Quote shared in the show is by George Herbert: "Good words are worth more and cost little" As promised in the sales podcast episode, here are the ten words that Tom Hopkins recommend sales professionals must eliminate: 1. Price 2. Down Payment 3. Contract 4. Sign 5. Buy 6. Sell/Sold 7. Problem 8. Deal 9. Objection 10. Can't or No or Not The bonus words to eliminate are: 1. Cheap 2. Honesty or Honestly
12/17/201812 minutes, 28 seconds
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Sales Podcast | 5 Fear Producing Negative Rejection Words To Avoid In Any Sales Call

Remove these five words from your sales vocabulary. They generate fear in your customers and put them on the defence. Use the alternate words to increase your sales. Quote by Jim George: "Choose Your Words Carefully. They Reveal The Inner Character"
12/13/20189 minutes, 1 second
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Sales Podcast | Develop These 8 Good Habits For Greater Sales Results!

In today's sales podcast show, the topic is good habits. You will learn about eight good habits that every salesperson must acquire. The quote shared is by Og Mandino: "I will form good habits and become their slave." Og Mandino is best known for his book "The Greatest Salesman In The World." Five million copies sold! Super success!! Fastest Way To Learn Sales is a three days a week Sales training, consulting and coaching podcast based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
12/10/201811 minutes, 28 seconds
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Sales Podcast | How to break the bad habits using these five simple steps!

No habit is easy to quit, listen to the show to learn about the five simple steps you can take today to quit your bad habits. Quote by Dale Carnegie: "Feeling sorry for yourself, and your current condition, it is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have."
12/7/201811 minutes, 59 seconds
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Sales Podcasts | How to stop bad habits from developing, right from the start

Tips for Millenials, Generation X and The Generation Z!
12/6/201813 minutes, 10 seconds
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Sales Podcast | How we develop habits and how it all starts, be it a good or a bad habit.

Quote by Zig Zilgar.
12/5/201811 minutes, 42 seconds
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Sales Podcast | How to become a trustworthy sales person

Develop these 13 characterstics and qualities and become a trusted sales person!
12/4/201811 minutes, 27 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Learn how to enjoy challenges in Sales!

Latest episode of Sales | Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast | Sales Training | Sales Coaching | Sales Tips
11/30/201812 minutes, 29 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Your 2018 Enemies and How To Handle Them Better in 2019

We all have things that waste our time and when I say enemies I mean the little things that cause us to waste time and make us less productive in sales and in life in general. Today we work and exercise on identifying these enemies and work on SOP to handle them better in 2019. The quote is by Brad Paisley, an American Singer and Songwriter.
11/28/201812 minutes, 36 seconds
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Sales Podcast | What is a sales discovery meeting & best practices to make it a successful one

Latest episode of Sales | Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast | Sales Training | Sales Coaching | Sales Tips
11/26/20189 minutes, 31 seconds
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Sales Podcast | How to position sales presentation for different business types that engage customer

There are three major different types of business that are common for sales people to sell to. Today we discuss how to sell to each different type and increase our chance of closing the sale. Quote by Simon Sinek.
11/23/20189 minutes, 59 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Prepare Your Features & Benefits Questions Exercise

How you ask a question is an art and skill that we all sales people can learn. In today's sales podcast the topic is how to come up with good questions to ask in a sales presentation meeting that will benefit you, your customer and the bottom line your income! Quote mentioned in by Lou Holtz "I never learn anything talking, I only learn things when I ask questions". A good question can make you a deal and a bad one can break your deal. Be careful when you ask questions. Apply the practices discussed and become a sharper, smarter and productive sales professional! Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast is hosted by Saqib Irfan from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. He released 3 shows per week on sales motivation.
11/19/20189 minutes, 37 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Setting Sales Goal 101 | Proven Method To Increase Your Sales Income

A simple strategy to set a realistic sales and income goal with a proven plan to successfully achieve the sales income target. Quote by James Cash Penny (A.K.A) J.C.Penny.
11/15/201810 minutes, 59 seconds
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Sales | How to set realistic goals and achieve them successfully - Part II

Sales Goal Setting 202!
11/14/201812 minutes, 52 seconds
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Sales | How to set realistic sales goals and achieve them successfully? - Part I

New Year Resolutions and Sales Goal Setting 101! Today's topic is to set realistic sales goals and how to achieve them with five simple steps. There are total of nine steps, the remainder will be shared in the next episode. Sales Goal Setting and Top 5 Steps: 1. Write Down The Goals 2. Answer "Why Do I Want To Achieve This Goal?" 3. Benefits and Rewards You'll Enjoy After Achieving Your Goal. 4. Write Down The Potential Excuses (Challenges & Obstacles) 5. Which Groups, Organizations or People you need to join or work with in order to hit the goal! Quote By Tony Robbins. Tony is an American Author, Entrepreneur and life coach. Best known for his books “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken the Giant Within” “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” Think about it: “How can you hit a target you don’t even have?” In Sales, it is imperative to have goals in life overall and a goal without a deadline is simply a wish. Your goals could be of any nature. You can have Sales Goals. Income goals. Fitness Goals. Spiritual Goals. Relationship Goals. Family Goals. Parenting Goals. Team Goals. Leadership Goals. Academic or other Educational Goal and more. My Personal Goal For 2018: To read 12 books (minimum) and I am 1.5 books away from hitting this target! Once again, thanks for tuning in to my show and listening. I appreciate every second of your time and I will see you on my next show! Fastest Way To Learn Sales is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based Weekly Sales Podcast Show that delivers snack size sales education 2 – 3 times per week and is available on all podcast platforms. Sales fellows let's work on making the 2019 your sales year, let's set realistic goals and achieve them with a proper roadmap and plan in hand.
11/13/201812 minutes, 41 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Step 13, 14 & 15 I’m building a healthy Self Image

In today's sales podcast episode, the last three steps of building a healthy self-image are discussed in detail. A person with health self image is not only a good sales person, he/she is a good spouse, good parent, good teacher and good anything that he/she is. The quote mentioned is by John F. Kennedy - The 35th President of USA. "Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary". Please like, share, comment and subscribe to the show. Fastest Way To Learn Sales is Saskatoon, Saskactchewan, Canada based Sales Training, coaching and sales tips podcast. Published 3 times a week with actionable, snack size sales advise that can help you grow as a sales person and as a person.
11/8/20188 minutes, 53 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Step 11 & 12 In Building A Healthy Self Image As A Sales Person

In today's sales podcast episode two key steps are discussed that will help all sales fellows improve their self-image and make it more healthy and positive. Step: 11 The types of content one must avoid and do not consume. X Rated Films - Soap Operas - Horoscope & Explicit Lyrics Step 12: How to drive positive energy from failures? Play the episode to learn more. The quote is from Paulo Coelho A Brazilian lyricist and novelist and known for his most famous novel “The Alchemist” “Life is like a garden, you reap what you sow.” I appreciate every second of your time. Please like, share, review, comment or subscribe to the show I will see you on my next show! Fastest Way To Learn Sales is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based Weekly Sales Podcast Show that deliver snack size sales education 2 – 3 times per week and is available on all podcast platforms.
11/6/20189 minutes, 34 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Step 9 & 10 in Building A Healthy Positive Self Image As a Sales Person

In today's sales podcast I discuss step 9 and 10 in building a healthy self-image with two simple exercises. Make a list of your qualities and I discuss a fun and interactive exercise on how you can identify your unique qualities. Make a list of your past victories & accomplishments to recharge your confidence. You are your own competitor. You can be influenced and inspired but cannot become like someone else. The quote is by Gary Vaynerchuk: "Stop worrying on what you are not and start focusing on what you are" These two simple steps will help you when you are self-doubting yourself when you are down and under the negative influence. Review these two steps and boost your confidence back up! Remember a salesperson with low self-esteem and poor self-image is a hazard to your own business. Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada based Weekly Sales Podcast Show. Where the Host Saqib Irfan share snack size valuable insights that can be applied and today and make you a better salesperson, better person over all.
11/5/201810 minutes, 13 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Step 7 & 8 On How To Build A Healthy Self Image | Help Others & The Mind Group

Build a positive healthy self-image by helping others without expecting anything in return and choose the people you hang out with carefully. Step 7: This one is an interesting one. Step 7 is to do something for someone else, without expecting any favor in return. Sales fellows we are building a healthy self-image so that we can become a better salesperson, a better husband and a better human being overall. Here are some quick examples of how we can do something for someone else. We can sign up as a volunteer at Salvation Army or Red Cross. We can donate blood. We can visit a sick person at their residence of the hospital. We can opt to babysit for a single parent, giving them a break to go out and do things they like to do. Become a big brother to an orphan. Visit the senior’s home and read them a book. If you know a graduate entering the job market, we can enhance their interview skills, or work on their resume making it more presentable. Just remember you do not want any compensation or the person or persons you are assisting should be in a position to return any favor back to you. Believe me, when you will give something without expecting anything in return, yes the recipient will feel amazing, that is true, however the feeling you will get is completely indescribable. Gratitude. You will realize that you how fortunate your are and you will not complain. You will be grateful for little things and you will feel that you have a lot to be thankful for in your life. Being selfless will make you feel good about yourself. You will feel that you are somebody, somebody who can make a contribution in other peoples lives. Now let’s move on to the step 8 out of 15 in building a healthy self-image. Step 8: Choose your associates carefully John Lee Dumas uses this quote over and over that “You are the average of five people you hang out with.” Hang out with a high moral character who look on the bright side of life in all aspects, how much will you benefit from it? A good example supposes you are a person who is always late and you start hanging out with people who are punctual and start everything on time. Guess what? Two three times that you notice, hey they do not wait for me, you will also become punctual and develop a positive habit. Hang out with someone who exercises regularly, chances are you will push yourself too and start exercising. In Asian culture, our parents always scan our friends closely. They say you are known by the company you keep. It is absolutely true. You acquire much of the thinking, manners, and characteristics of the people you are around. Trust me if all the other professionals in the world took sales training and had to sell for living for three months, our country will become even greater. Why? Just think about it. In the sales profession, what do you hear the most from trainers, coaches, managers, and associates? Yes, “You can do it”. They make you believe that YOU CAN DO IT. Be careful and pick out those people who are optimistic and enthusiastic about life and I guarantee you will see those traits in yourself over a period of time. In his book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill has a full chapter on this subject. He calls it “The Mind Group” Napoleon Hill brings three key benefits of handing out with the crowd. 1. Infinite Intelligence 2. Accumulated Experience 3. Experiment and Research Quote By John C. Maxwell an American author who has written a number of books on leadership. Excellent content to consume. There are two kinds of learning: Experience, which is gained from your own mistakes, and Wisdom which is learned from the mistakes of others. Sales fellows when you feel good about yourself, everyone around you feels good. Which means you have a happy workplace, happy customers, happy managers, happy life at home! Keep up the good work and thanks for listening to today’s sales show. Please review, share, like, subscribe and comment.
11/2/201811 minutes, 48 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Building A Healthy Self Image Step 5 & 6 | Take baby steps, smile and complement !

Today we discuss two vital steps in building a healthy, positive self-image as a salesperson and a good citizen. By Frank A. Clark an American politician and a lawyer. Frank said: “Most smiles are started by another smile” Step - #5 | Take Baby Steps Yes, build a healthy self-image with a series of short steps. The number one reason why most new plans remain a plan and never move into executive is that of the fear of failure. The idea is to start with the end in mind and break it down into small pieces. The episode includes the story of a 60+-year-old retired gym mate and how he breaks down his fitness goals into small steps and achieve broader goals. My former Sales Manager always used to tell me “Saqib, the sales target this quarter may be a big one, however, how do you eat an elephant? – One Bit At A Time” Step 6: Moving into Step 6 which is to Smile & Compliment Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile! The smile is contagious, and when you smile at someone, not that your face value goes up, you get a smile in return. How good is that? Trust me; nobody wants to deal with a grumpy salesperson or a neighbor or a coworker. Plus, a smile costs nothing and builds your positive self-image immensely. The second piece to step 6 is to pass on genuine compliments. I find that in today’s day and age our egos are too high. We rarely compliment others on things they are doing better. A quick story to put this in perspective about the Fitness Group on IG that I follow and the discovery of lack of compliments by the male audience in the group. Someone has a nice car; I will be the first to tell him. Someone has a cute sweater; I will make her day! Someone is looking great in his outfit; I will be sure to let him know. I find that it is impossible for one to make someone feel better and not feel better in return. Plus it is super simple to say hey man you are looking good! Keep up the hard work! Keep looking good! Spread optimism and good cheer, because what goes around comes around. Do not criticize instead complement. Rather than finding what’s wrong with someone, let’s see what is right, what are they doing good! Instead of saying “What I don’t like about that person” say “What I like about that person.” Look for good and good will follow you around. It will improve your self-image and make you more likable personality. Last note, answer the phone with enthusiasm rather than saying “Hello” or “Hi, what can I do for you today?” Answer the phone and cheer the person up, among billions of people in the world that person is calling you, in this moment you are special to him and in return make him/her feel special. Even when your customers call, answer by saying “Hey, I am having a great day and it just got even better” (because you heard your client’s voice) Or just, “Good morning, it is a great day and hopes you are having a great one too.” These two steps cost you nothing at all, however, will make you a more desirable person. Your personality will improve, your self-image will grow, and your performance at work will improve. The basics of sales psychology. Thanks for tuning in and listening to today’s sales show. Please review, share, like, subscribe and comment if you like the information shared today! I appreciate every second of your time, and I will see you on my next show! Fastest Way To Learn Sales is hosted by Saqib Irfan from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is a Weekly Sales Podcast Show that delivers snack size sales actionable sales education and coaching tips 2 – 3 times per week. The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms.
10/31/201815 minutes, 30 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Step 3 & 4 Build A Health Self Image | Educate, Learn and Earn!

How to build a positive, healthy self-image to be successful in sales? A Sales career is not for people with a negative self-image. You will just not make it. Step 3 & 4 Are Very Close To Each Other and I classify them a “Life Long Learning” Quote: By Allan Bloom – American Philosopher He is best known for his book “The Closing Of The American Mind” “Education is the movement from darkness to light” Step 3 is to read biographies and autobiographies of men and women who used what they had and got a great deal out of life by making contributions to life. When we see a successful person and, often overlook their failures they faced before they became successful. A name that pops right up is of Colonel Sanders who started KFC at the age of 60. His life did not end at the age of 35 or 40. He lived it till he breathes last. Inspiring. Ray Kroc is another one to read and learn from. He was a visionary and persistent entrepreneur and a good example for all of us sales professionals. If you do not know Ray Kroc, he was the one who made McDonalds a franchise and a fast food chain all across the globe. The story of Ray Kroc is an interesting one. He was a Milk Shake sales person and he receives an order from a restaurant in California for 8 milkshake maker. A general order size was one or two. Ray took this opportunity visited the location and formed McDonald's that we know today. If you are a Netflix person, you can watch his persistent and inspiring story, it is the title “The Founder”. Ray Kroc did not open the first McDonald – The First restaurant was opened by Nick Offerman and John Carrol. Speaking of Netflix – You can also watch Walt Disney’s documentary titled “Walt before Mickey” to get some real inspiration! Other great biographies to read, but not limited to Martin Luther King, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and the list is endless. These biographies will inspire you. Step 4: Step four is very similar to step three and it is also about feeding your brain. The rule is when you are sitting down you read, and when you are moving, you play podcasts and audiobooks. Step 4 is to listen to podcasts (like you are) and play audiobooks. As a salesperson on your drive to and from work, you can make your car a university on wheels. Even driving to appointments and back you can listen to motivational speakers, podcaster and entrepreneurs to stay motivated and feed your brain the knowledge diet. Sales fellows just like Robin Sharma says, “You are the C.E.O of your own body” so please take command and learn. I understand you are on you are on track as you listen to Fastest Way To Learn Sales and get valuable sales insights however there is a lot more to learn. Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Actualization, Spiritual and many more subjects that you can educate yourself while you are on the go. Why is this better than radio or playing music? I am not against music. However, it does not feed your brain the knowledge diet. Radio, on the other hand, is generally negative. How may you ask? We seldom hear good news on the mainstream media. As a funny example, the weatherman will tell you that there is a 20% chance of rain or snow. What about the 80% of the day that there is no rain or snow? You get the point. Now I want to share with one of my habits with you. When I am out on the field selling and visiting my clients, I always carry a book with me. Let's suppose I make it to my 9 AM appointment and my client is running 15 mins late, I just earned 15 mins of reading. Yes, the same time I can use in other ways. I can be on my cell phone swiping the stories on Snapchat or browsing influencers posts on Instagram or Facebook, however, this practice will not develop me, this will not help me sell more, this will not feel my brain the much-needed knowledge diet. Reading a book will! Fastest Way To Learn Sales is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan based Sales Podcast.
10/29/201813 minutes, 21 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Step 2 Building Healthy Image Selling More by Dressing, Grooming and Putting Make Up

Quote by Giorgio Armani: “Good clothes makes you feel confident and improve the outcome of any activity” Italian fashion designer known for clean and tailored lines. Started in 1975. Step 2: Dress Up & Do The Make Up! Guys and Girls when you walk out of a hair Salon, how do you feel? Do you feel fresh? Do you feel confident? Do you have a smile on? All the positive energy and vibes around you and the only change you made was a hair cut!! As per a research done it gives a monemental lift to our self confidence & self image. Both men and women feel a whole lot more confident when they know their appearance is good!! A brand new dress, make up or hair cut makes women feel at ease, increase their confidence and in general just make them feel good. Same if true for men however they just do not like to admit it. Just notice next time your wife, daughter, sister or grand daughter returns back from the beauty salon, you will see a little attidute change in them. They will smile more, they will enjoy small incidents more and laugh at them more. To put it simply you will see them enjoy life! Yes, our appearance does have a direct bearing on the way we feel about ourselves. The best part is that when you dress up and do the make up not only your professional sales life reap the rewards you see a positive change in your persoanl and family life as well!! Next key point I would like to make is that dress you kids up as well! This will boost their confidence. Teachers will tell you that when kids wear their new clothes, they do their best and bring their best out to work. In Zig Ziglar’s book See You At The Top he says that Princiapls in USA verified that conduct is considerably low on the Picture Taking Days! Your outward appearance does affect your image and you performance. The outside appearance is enhancing or crippling the potetial of the person on the inside. Same goes with employers, they notice that when their employees are dressed well and look sharp the productive is high! I have also heard from people on the sales floor that So & So became a Sales Manager not because he has great seling skills, not at all. He got that role because he dress well. I say to them, well that is not that hard to beat! Especialy if you live in a country like Canada! Lastly, Brian Tracy in his book Pshychology of Selling talks about Dress For Success. Brian makes a solid point and he says that 95% of your body is covered in clothing! The 95% of the first impression you make on a prospect will be determined by your clothing. Prospect are intensly visual. The way you look and appear on the outside is considered to be an expression of the kind of person you are on the inside. I was at a dealership finishing my appointment with the General Manager of the Group. There was another sales person waiting for him and as we walk down the stairs he said good by to me and asked his assistant who is here to see me next? The assistant point out at the lady standing by reception and the General Manager said “Sorry, I did not realize that you work with this company, I could not tell just because how you are dressed.” The lady had to bring out her work id badge to confirm she represented the big company that she did. Point here my sales fellows is simple, when you are well dressed and groomed the custom unconsiously assumes that you come from a good company and that your product or service is of good quality. When you go to your sales conferences, kick off or any big sales event you will notice that the best sales people who are crushing the sales are the ones who have sense of style, are groomed and dressed well. On the other hand, there are countless salespeople who loose the battle right in the morning by leaving their homes dressed poorly. The tragedy is that no one has even takem them aside and explained it to them that the clothing is not a cost it is an investment in your self. Dress is one of the most power
10/25/201812 minutes, 36 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Step One of Fifteen In Building A Healthy Self Image! Positive Minds Sells More!

Latest episode of Fastest Way To Learn Sales | Sales Podcast | Sales Coach | Sales Training | Cold Calling
10/24/201812 minutes, 33 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Over Come These 6 Fears & Become A Fearless Sales Leader!

Latest episode of Fastest Way To Learn Sales | Sales Podcast | Sales Coach | Sales Training | Cold Calling
10/22/201812 minutes, 23 seconds
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Sales Podcast | How Poor Self Image Costs You Sales, Career and Personal Growth

The poor self-image is not for sales professionals. Poor self-image costs you sales, costs you money and costs take the longevity away from your sales life. In today’s sales podcast I share with you what is a poor self-image. Another known word for poor self-image is Inferiority Complex. I am not good enough. I can’t be the number one salesperson in the organization because I am not my manager’s favorite. I cannot be the best player in my team as my coach does not like me. These are just some examples of the poor self-image. In Sales and to be successful in sales, you must have a healthy, positive self-image! You must look at your self as THE PERSON! So don’t be a thief and steal from yourself, your family, your society, your organization the potential and the value you can offer. The quote mentioned in from Spiritual Leader Lao Tzu: “Because the one believe in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one does not need others approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.” Remember when you see your self differently, you start to act differently. There are two best practices shared. One from Dalai Lama One Minute A Day In The Present Moment and Second To Encourage And Appreciate Others Out Loud. Play the sales podcast to learn more. Please like, share, review, comment and subscribe to the show. Fastest Way To Sales is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada based Sales Podcast show.
10/18/201810 minutes, 37 seconds
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Sales Podcast | Ten Traits To Become An Outstanding Sales Professional

Sales as a profession or career are not for everyone. Although I firmly believe that we as humans are constantly selling something at all time. To give you an example, a teacher is selling his/her message to the students. A child is selling a birthday party invitation to his/her parents. A leader is selling his/her message to the followers. The list is long, and you get the idea. However, sales as a career are not for everyone, and in today’s sales podcast I discuss with you ten traits that will make you an outstanding sales professional. These traits discussed in detail in the podcast, and you must play it to learn more: You will be great in sales is you have these following traits, and the ten traits are: 1. You are not normal 2. You are super committed individual 3. You are motivated 4. You have a positive self-image 5. You sacrifice 6. You delegate 7. You are an optimist 8. You are enthusiastic 9. You live off-peak 10. You are consistent & persistent The best part of all, you are not boring. You are resilient, you are a great storyteller, you have great humor, and you know when to get serious and get right to business. You are a big deal! So never sell yourself short! So, if you have put a check mark to 6 – 7 traits from the top ten list above, you will do just fine in sales. However, if you master, learn and acquire the other 4 – 3 traits, you will rock in the sales world and become a sought-after commodity! The quote mentioned in the podcast is taken from Robin Sharma – The Famous Author and his best work till date is the book titled “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” The quote is: “No One Will Believe In You Until You Believe In You.” Please subscribe, comment, review, like or share the podcast! Thanks for tuning in and I will see you at the next show. Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
10/16/20189 minutes, 39 seconds
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Sales Training Podcast: How to establish and build rapport with prospects? Ideas you can use today!

Time to present your services or products. Chanes are you've done your cold calls, done your follow-ups and finally have scored the sales presentation or appointment and now you are thinking how should I start my meeting? How should I build and establish that rapport with the prospect I am about to meet and present my products or services? In today's podcast, I share with you ideas that you can apply as soon as today and build a strong rapport. The quote mentioned is by John C. Maxwell: "People never care how much you know until they know how much you care." So Sales fellows learn the fastest way to build and establish rapport when you meet your prospect and ready to present. Like, share, comment or subscribe and I thank you for your time!
10/10/20186 minutes, 59 seconds
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Sales Podcast: Score more appointments with follow up calls using two simple yet effective tactics

Every month we make cold calls and we get a common response, "I am too busy, can you please call me back?" In today's sales podcast, we continue our cold calling best practices journey and talk about how and when to make the follow-up call that will make our day more productive. Sales are simple, but not easy. Try the two sales tactics discussed in the episode: #1: How to make an efficient follow-up call #2: When is the best time to make the follow-up call You will find an answer to both of these when you play today's sales training episode. The quote mentioned in the episode is from Napolean Hill: "If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way" This is it guys and girls! Please share, like and subscribe to my sales training podcast and I will continue delivering the sales training tips and best practices in making our sales career a super grand success!
10/9/201811 minutes, 28 seconds
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Sales Podcast: Increase response with this voicemail tactic

Sales people run in to this obstable every day where either they have to leave a message with the reception or gatekeeper, or they have to leave the voicemail. Some Sales Professionals think of voicemails as a friend and some feel that it does not work at all. In today's sales podcast the goal is to help you make more effective at leaving the voicemails. The voicemails which will generate call backs and responses by 30 to 60% if followed 100%. Once again, this is all coming from Stephen Shiffman's cold calling techniques. Quote used is by The Founder of Amazon - Jeff Bezos: "What's dangerous is not to evolve" Please like, share and subscribe to my sales training podcast and I will catch you on the next sales show! Thank you,
10/3/201810 minutes, 15 seconds
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Sales Training Podcast: The Most Under Utilized Sales Asset

This is one of the most under used, under utilized asset that sales people take advantage of during their cold calls or acquisition call campaigns
10/1/201812 minutes, 57 seconds
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Sales Training Podcast: How to control the conversation II

Latest episode of Fastest Way To Learn Sales | Sales Training Podcast
9/26/20188 minutes, 31 seconds
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Sales Training Podcast: How to control the conversation

In today's Sales Training Podcast we discuss a concept called ledge. This concept is named "Ledge" by Stephan Shiffman. The ledge is essentially gaining the control of the conversation when your sales call starts getting too off topic or slide into areas that will not benefit you. Remember the objective of our cold call is to score an appointment. You may hear following when making sales or cold calls: 1. Tell me about it now 2. I am not sure that's right for us 3. We are not interested in your product or services 4. Headquarters makes the decision, we do not here. 5. I am not the right person for this When you hear these on your cold call, the Ledge pratcice will come in super handy and turn the conversation around in your favour. Quote mentioned is by Dwayne John A.K.A The Rock: "Success isn't overnight. It is when every day you get a little better than the day before."
9/19/201812 minutes, 10 seconds
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Sales Podcast: Four Common Objections and how to handle them

In today's Sales Podcast Episode we discuss how to respond to the four most common objections we get when making our cold calls. The four common sales objections are: 1. "No Thanks, I am happy with what I have got" 2. "I am not interested" 3. "I am too busy" 4. "Send me some details or email me the information" Sales fellows we all have heard these objections before and I am sure you have your responses to these. Play the episode to learn the responses I use and that helps me generate more appointments from my cold calling efforts. Quote by "Martin Luther King Jr." "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. " Please listen, share, like and subscribe to Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast!
9/17/20188 minutes, 54 seconds
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Sales: The five do not do things when making cold calls

Today we go over the four things that we must not do when making cold calls. These things only help you NOT make the appointment. 1. Example of a Bad Cold Call 2. Best Time To Make Cold Calls 3. Getting Past The Gatekeeper (3 Practices & Tips) 4. Don't Repeat Calls 5. Bad Day To Call The quote mentioned is once again by Robin Sharma: "Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end" Please share, like and subscribe Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast!
9/12/201817 minutes, 56 seconds
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Sales Podcast: How to make a perfect initial cold call

In today's episode, we design a perfect initial sales cold calling script! The Five Key Elements of Initial Cold Calls discussed in details: 1. Get The Attention 2. Introducing of Your Company & Yourself 3. Give Them A Reason For Your Call 4. Ask a qualifying question or statement 5. Ask for the appointment & set one! Practicing the script just like actors do their scripts for the movies or the shows, will score your more sales appointments. Quote used is by Robin Sharma - A Canadian Writer & Motivational Speaker. "Success is less about luck and more about practice" Enjoy your sales presentation sales fellows!! Please listen, play, share and like the podcast & I will see you on the next show.
9/10/20188 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Seven Simple Methods That Will Generate More Sales Leads

You are your biggest marketing asset! In this show, we discuss how to generate more sales for your business with minimum effort or financial investment. The quote shared is by Robert Collier - An American Author: "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" Primary Topic is Cold Calling and two points discussed in detail: 1. What is the difference between a lead and a prospect? How do you define the two? 2. The Seven Simple Methods That Will Generate More Sales Leads These are easy to adapt, apply and cost-effective sales lead generation methods. All of the seven points are discussed in detail, you must play the episode to learn more about each. 1. Word of Mouth Networking 2. Online Marketing 3. Civic Organizations 4. Conferences 5. The T Call 6. Online News Sites 7. Existing Accounts Please like, share and subscribe to the sales podscast!
9/7/201810 minutes, 15 seconds
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The value of a NO in Cold Calling!

Count your "No"! In this sales podcast episode, we talk about how many NO you need to get a YES!! Cold calling is an art and if you do it right, you will grow your territory, your customer base, you will avoid the peaks and valleys and become more of a consistent sales rockstar!! Quote from: Jack Dixon (A rugby player) "If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results"
7/27/20185 minutes, 37 seconds
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Sales Tip: Using voice, tone and inflection to your advantage

How to use your voice, tone and inflection in a sales call to your advantage. We all talk about confidence and attitude in sales, this practice is key. The quote mentioned is from John C. Maxwell: "People may hear your words but they feel your attitude" The sentence use is: "I did not say he stole the money" This is the sentence used for the sake of practice and the excerpt was taken from Zig Ziglar's book "Secret of Closing The Sale' Please share, like, comment and favourite the show!
7/23/20186 minutes, 16 seconds
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Sales Tip: What to do when you get stood up in sales call

I am sure you have experienced this. You got ready, all dressed up, are pumped to present, you arrive at the prospect's office to present only to find out that they have "STOOD YOU" up! You say, Now What? Trust me this is a common thing in a sales person's life. Does not matter what you sell, be it automobiles, insurance policies, real estate or advertising. Your clients/prospects will at some point stand you up and will not show up for the appointment. Don't worry, you have choices and some good ones that you can make. Play the episode to find out what you do when you face this common "Stood Up" challenge in sales. Quote mentioned is from none other than Martin Luther King. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." My sales fellows if you find value in this episode I request you to hit the life button, share it with you sales fellows and review me! Appreciated!
6/29/20184 minutes, 9 seconds
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Sales Tip: A Mentally Strong Sales Person Close More Deals

How to get mentally strong to handle negativity that is all around us? Sometimes we get it from news, radio and even from our customers. In the last two episodes of this 3 part series of sales podcast, we talked about being physically fit and increasing sales, in the last episode the topic was how to get our spiritual values in order to become a more effective salesperson and in this episode of sales podcast the topic is how to become mentally strong to handle the negativity that is all around us. This sales podcast episode will help you build strong mental reserve which will help you in your professional life of sales, plus the life in general. The quote in this sales episode is by Buddha: "The mind is everything, what you think you become." Tune in and play if you like to learn how to improve your sales and how to be mentally strong and fit to deal with negativity.
6/27/20185 minutes, 2 seconds
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Sales Tip: Become More Effective in Sales Keep Spirits High

When we are only thinking about our problems, how can we solve our prospects problems or anyone else's problem for that matter? Now that is a bigger problem. In this podcast, I share how to raise your spirits, reduce worry, share your problems and release them to someone who listens. Become an effective sales person by applying this one small practice discussed in the sales podcast. Quote By: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin French Philosopher and Priest (Born in 1881) "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." If you like my work, please share, like and leave reviews!
6/26/20186 minutes
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Why physically fit and healthy people sell more

Being physically fit is not all about looking good and having a healthy body, that to me is just the secondary benefit. The main benefit to me of working out and exercising is the healthy mind. This is what I discuss in today's episode in detail. The benefits of staying physically fit and how it helps you grow your sales and your career in sales. Sales is simple, not easy. (Zig Ziglar) Quote in the show inspired by Nelson Mandela. "Exercise is the key not only to physical health but to peace of mind."
6/25/20188 minutes, 4 seconds
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How Sales Professionals are evergreen, in demand & important

Be proud that you are in sales! Salespeople are one of the most important people in any organization. They make things happen! A career in sales means you have job security for life. Selling is one of the oldest profession has been around for a long time and will be for ever. Think about it your teachers were selling you a message, your mom sold you a message, sales is everywhere. How you look at sales profession will help you in your sales career. You will find bite size sales tips that will increase your confidence level and make you more sales! Play this podcast now and please subscribe, share and leave a review to help me grow this sales podcast. Quote By: Harry S. Truman (33rd President of USA) "You Can Accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit" Happy Listening & Happy Selling My Sales Fellows!
6/21/20187 minutes, 9 seconds
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Sales Tip: What is your attitude like towards you customers?

How do you - as a sales professional - see your customers? How to develop a win-win scenario for both yourself and your customers. What are the similarities and the difference between a salesperson and sportsman? These are few of the things you will learn from this episode of Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast! Keep learning, keep improving your sales career, my sales fellow! The quote mentioned is by Simon Sinek - Author of four books including "Start with Why". Play, share, like and subscribe to the show!
6/14/20183 minutes, 52 seconds
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How to turn poor self image around into positive and sell more?

Your attitude towards yourself is super critical in sales call. Zig Ziglar once said "Sales is a transfer of feelings" it is absolutely true. If you have poor attitude towards yourself you sales career will hurt, or maybe will be a very short stressing one. However, if you want to have bigger, better and stronger sales career develop a positive, healthy self-image by using this one small trick discussed in this podcast. Quote by Augustine "Og" Mandino - American Author of the best selling book "The Greatest Salesman in the World"
6/6/20185 minutes, 32 seconds
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The difference between a professional sales person and the one that only holds the title.

There are two types of salespeople in the world. There is one who is passionate and always in the sales game and other who just carry the title of a Sales Person, however, truly is just filling in hours and doing their job. Play the podcast episode to find out how you can differentiate between a seasoned sales professional and salesperson wannabe. The show also talks about how you can become the seasoned sales pro by adapting to one small habit. Please like, share and subscribe!! Quote, By - Dale Carnegie - "People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing" Do you enjoy selling? Do people enjoy buying from you? Play the podcast & Discover. Happy Selling My Sales Fellows!
5/29/20185 minutes, 42 seconds
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How to stay focused in a sales call, handle distractions and keep control

A quick sales trick to apply in your sales presentation. This tip will help you keep focus, stay in control and control the sales call. This trick will help when a prospect gets off topic and how you can quickly bring it back to the point, to the reason you are there. It is true, distractions are everywhere and it can be a greater challenge when we face one during the sales presentation. This sales trick will help you stay on track and stay focused on your subject. Acronym used in this podcast is by John Lee Dumas. Here is where you can find more on John Lee Dumas: Please subscribe the channel if you like to grow your sales career.
5/25/20184 minutes, 40 seconds
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7 Highly Effective Habits of Sales Professionals

Become the most productive, highly effective salesperson by acquiring these 7 simple, however, super highly effective habits of sales professionals. Train and coach yourself to master these habits and you will grow in your role, in your sales career. Try these and do let us know which one is the one you liked the most and which ones were the ones you already to use in your sales routine. Remember more your follow your operating rhythm the more sales you will make.
5/16/20185 minutes, 5 seconds
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Sales Tips: Here is a Quick Way to Reduce Sales Objections

How would you like to find out the objections in the early stages of sales call rather than towards the end? Sales are all about good solid communication. A communication that is impactful, that is liked and trusted by your customer. Today's episode is all about one of the key communication skills that we all can improve and get super less training in. If we master this form of communication - as sales professional - we will be able to bring out the objections earlier in the call rather than later and increase sales.
5/16/20185 minutes, 59 seconds
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#6 - How to protect your sales territory from competition?

Today's sales tip is about how to keep competition away from your customers and sell more to them. Sales are not always about asking for more money or selling new products or solutions. An integral part of sales cycle is retention. Learn two best practices that will help you retain more customers, keep competition away from them and sell to them more. Sales fellows if you like what you hear than please do share your feedback and don't forget to subscribe to Sales Training | Fastest Way To Learn Sales Podcast! Cheers,
5/14/20185 minutes, 40 seconds
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#5 - Sales Tips: How to handle "Price is Too High" Objection

Here I share with you couple of my personal approaches that I find help me overcome this one of the most common objections sales professionals faces on regular basis. Play the podcast and subscribe to the channel to keep learning sales tips, improving your sales skills and making you increase your sales closing ratio.
5/11/20184 minutes, 28 seconds
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#4 - How to overcome the fear of rejection in sales?

Try this simple way of handling the fear of rejection in sales. The rejection is simply a part of the sales cycle, not everyone is going to say yes, some will say no, some will say no louder. This does not mean it is you who is in the wrong, play the podcast to learn how you can handle rejection in sales like a pro, move on to your next call with more positive energy and the much-needed confidence in yourself! Hi I am Saqib Irfan your Sales Podcaster helping sales people shape their sales career one step at a time!
5/10/20183 minutes, 32 seconds
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#3 - Selling Tips | Warning : Don't make these mistakes

If you avoid these 4 mistakes in sales, you will certainly close more deals, sign more business, sell more and eventually have a long successful sales career. Try them in your sales calls and please feel free to share your feedback. Subscribe to the channel today to continue improving your sales skills and learning how to score more presentations and close more deals.
5/10/20183 minutes, 45 seconds
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#2 - How to Handle This Most Common Sales Objection

How to handle the most common objection of “let me think about it” like a pro!! Next time someone says to you "let me think about it" try these tricks and tips discussed in this episode. I encourage you to try these in your sales calls in your sales presentations and share your feedback with me.
5/10/20182 minutes, 33 seconds
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#1 - 5 Reasons Why Your Customers Don't Buy From You

Sales Tip | Find out why your customers do not buy from you and what to do to make them buy from you. Sales is an art with a process. Let's master the sales skill.
5/10/20182 minutes, 53 seconds