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Fashion- Not all as it seams

English, Fashion, 4 seasons, 35 episodes, 21 hours 16 minutes
Unravelling the notion of cradle to cradle within sustainable fashion and textiles.  Four global female experts create dialogue around the ethical and environmental issues faced by the fashion and textile industry.  Come and join us and our guests from all over the world, coming from a variety of backgrounds to discuss and decipher this crazy, complex industry!
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How traditional skills of Al Sadu weaving are being carried on by future generations and the need to continue traditional crafts alongside today's modern landscape Part 2

In part 2’s of Emma’s interview with Farah Al Yasin, Head of Creative Residency at Caravane Earth Farah talks about the work in ensuring the traditional skills and knowledge of Al Sadu weaving is being passed onto younger generations. She shares a success story of one particular daughter who, through her mother’s work, saw that these textiles were providing an income, had commercial incentive and is now learning these skills. Farah talks us through how she is shaped by the artisans, how she is their student and how it’s not solely the textiles or weaving but a way of life. To her it’s a vocational school and the hierarchy comes from them. We discuss the importance of continuing traditional craft whilst also understanding contemporary demand and what is relevant in today’s landscape and Farah takes us through what a partnership with a designer or brand would look like with the artisans of Caravane Earth. Contact Farah Al yasin todya via Social Media Accounts
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