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Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

English, Arts, 1 season, 83 episodes, 2 days, 14 hours, 51 minutes
Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology and retail technology pioneers, discussing everything from textiles to retailtech to e-commerce, and everything in between. We cover business news from startups to conglomerates, with a fun and accessible morning radio vibe. FIYB is produced by MouthMedia Network, a premium business podcast production company in New York City. 
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Tim Ringel, CEO Meet The People & Former CEO Spring Studios

Career advertising entrepreneur Tim Ringel discusses how he thinks about connecting to audiences via advertising strategy for his clients. Platforms, segments, performance marketing vs brand, optimizing for holistic advertising success. This show that you’ve learned to love and watch grow, Fashion Is Your Business…is rebranding soon. We will have an expanded focus beyond fashion, and with new hosts, Alesia Lanzo, Simeon Siegel  along with Pavan Bahl.  Here’s why: The landscape of brand and innovation has evolved tremendously since first launching, and we will now focus more broadly on how innovative brands develop direct engagement & successful relationships with their customers.  We hope you enjoy the new vibe, starting September this show will rebrand as Direct to Community Podcast, presented by Bellwether Culture.See for privacy information.
8/3/202240 minutes, 19 seconds
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Beckley Mason, Athletic Greens

Recorded Jan 2022. How Athletic Greens has bootstrapped to $100M in revenue, and now plans their approach after recently raising $115M on $1.2B valuation!  This show that you’ve learned to love and watch grow, Fashion Is Your Business…is rebranding soon. We will have an expanded focus beyond fashion, and with new hosts, Alesia Lanzo, Simeon Siegel along with Pavan Bahl.  Here’s why: The landscape of brand and innovation has evolved tremendously since first launching, and we will now focus more broadly on how innovative brands develop direct engagement & successful relationships with their customers.  We hope you enjoy the new vibe, starting September this show will rebrand as Direct to Community Podcast, presented by Bellwether Culture. See for privacy information.
7/12/202239 minutes, 20 seconds
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FIYB Reunion Show, and a Goodbye...

As someone says goodbye to "Fashion Is Your Business", the original hosts Marc, Pavan, and Rob reflect on six-and-a-half years of FIYB, including: how it started, international travels, memorable guests, live audience experiences, behind the scenes tales, when they realized the show was really a hit, the origins of guest snacks on the show, how the podcast impacted government, entrepreneurs, and inspired a business, and much more. Plus, what's next?See for privacy information.
6/22/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 51 seconds
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The BØRNS Supremacy (a.k.a. The Fashionable Astronaut) - Recording Artist BØRNS

Indie recording artist and fashion darling Garret Borns reveals the genesis of his creative life from Michigan roots and artistic upbringing, how he connected with the fashion world, a dress-up room with secondhand costumes, the importance of Halloween, and how what you wear is what the audience hears. The way BØRNS dresses on stage is the same way he makes music, borrowing vs. creating something original, vintage shops, and the influence of David Bowie in fashion and music. BØRNS considers the possibility of his own fashion line, recalls ripped jeans destruction and redefining couture, and shares why “grandma-wear” is hip. The FashInvest Investment News gets into the relevance of John Galliano’s Paris show tribute to Bowie on catwalk from Ziggy Stardust era and Alladan Sane era, talent crossing with beautiful style and looks, the crossover of music and fashion, and having relevance while pushing boundaries. BØRNS also talks about a guest house that was instrumental in supporting his creative growth. Plus, a round of Feed the Animals brings polka dot napkins and colorful gluten free goodies that open like a CD. The creative collaboration on music videos and wardrobe, how BØRNS connected with fashion industry, how a Gucci shirt on Jimmy Fallon led to creative partnership, spirit animals, fitting aesthetic with brands, astronaut wear, what doors have been opened by connecting with the fashion world, and the nature of performing a fleeting presentation. Why making album relates to building a fashion brand, avoiding losing artistic grip on shaping of artistry to business partners, accepting the reinterpreting of art and lyrics by fans, how wardrobe choices can accentuate a musical experience, the way we consume and present music is changing and why navigating that as an artist parallels the fashion industry due to global reaction to art. The challenge of trying to recreate successful artistic experiences, the need for authenticity, and what a dream show would be like for BØRNS. And, in a lightning round of Off the Grid Questions, BØRNS attempts a magic trick and we learn about his first instrument, jazzy and provocative bubbles baths, and naps. with guest host Julia Macalaster.See for privacy information.
6/15/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 41 seconds
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Commerce Community - Manish Chandra and Tracy Sun of Poshmark

With Poshmark’s recent announcement that they are collaborating with Snap to bring social shopping to Snapchat, we revisit a 2017 episode recorded on location at shoptalk in Las Vegas, with a look at social and participatory fashion commerce mobile and online with Poshmark. Manish Chandra (Founder and CEO) and Tracy Sun (Co-Founder, VP of Merchandising & Strategic Initiatives) for Poshmark (a mobile and online marketplace for primarily women's fashion), join Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco, and guest host Liz Bacelar to talk seller/stylists, connecting to fashion pieces, and participatory commerce, being everywhere, consumers as sellers, and the heart of Poshmark, and discipline, what might be next, and grit and gut.See for privacy information.
6/7/202145 minutes, 32 seconds
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Seeing the Future - Brian Mech and Yvonne Felix of eSight

Brian Mech, CEO (bio) of eSight Corporation (a company producing electronic glasses which can restore vision) and Yvonne Felix (bio), Access and Community Development for eSight and an artist, join Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez at The 2016 Smithers Apex WEAR Conference in Boston, MA. Brian and Yvonne share how it works, what is possible, and what’s next; when to release, wearables for good and Jules Vern; Yvonne, Stargardt Disease, and discoveries; and the Mind’s eye, new data, and new experiences..See for privacy information.
6/1/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 18 seconds
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Online Retail Personalization and Engagement - Dr. Tope Mitchell of Reflekt Me

To create a world where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and validated during the online shopping experience. Dr. Tope Mitchell, Co-Founder/CEO of Reflekt Me, provides a look into the search to change the fashion and beauty industry’s body representation narrative by diversifying the sizes of and use of real people to model clothing and products on online retail eCommerce websites.See for privacy information.
5/25/202147 minutes, 17 seconds
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Joyful Live Stream Shopping - Sophie Frères Spethmann of LiSA

On a mission to bring the most joyful and seamless live shopping experiences to online shops across the globe, LiSA Co-Founder/CEO Sophie Frères Spethmann shares insights into the belief that we are all on the cusp of a new era of e-commerce in which social interaction, entertainment, and product discovery will blend into one seamless experience.See for privacy information.
5/18/202149 minutes, 50 seconds
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Automated Systems to Scale - Richard Schnitzel of Bow Tie Bots

Richard Schnitzel is founder, head chef and chief bottle washer at his company, Bow Tie Bots, a certified Zapier expert which will leverage the power of software and app integration, to create powerful custom automated workflows -- including marketing and client Intake, client management, fulfillment, and personalized operations training. Richard  creates automations responsible for reclaiming thousands of hours in a retailer’s businesses, giving them the systems they need to scale from 6 to 7 figures. See for privacy information.
5/11/202138 minutes, 53 seconds
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Sustainable Fashion and Integrating New Technology into the Shopper Experience - Kim Castellano of Tiare Rose

CEO and Founder of Tiare Rose, Kim Castellano, offers a behind-the-scenes view of the new multi-channel sustainable retailer with a single technologically advanced brick and mortar store, an e-commerce retail platform, text-to shop based shopping and livestream shopping which showcases only sustainable brands.See for privacy information.
5/4/202144 minutes, 39 seconds
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Creating Chain Transparency and Accelerating a Fashion Circular Economy with - Max Winograd of Avery Dennison

Drawing on use cases, such as the work with adidas, Max Winograd (Vice President, Connected Products, Avery Dennison) shares insights into digital triggers and how they are enabling brands to create more sustainable, resilient and circular supply chains. Opaque supply chains are one of the most systemic issues in the fashion industry, we have the tech to solve this issue but why is adoption not yet solved? Max is responsible for leading Avery Dennison's digital venture, which has built the world's leading connected product cloud, enabling any everyday item to have a unique digital identity. It is already being used by adidas which will tag all of the 1.2 billion products it makes each year. adidas is utilizing the cloud-based platform for circularity and unique consumer-product interactions. It means buyers will be able to sell products back to adidas, giving them a second life. As well as adidas, three of the five largest apparel companies in the world are using it. With guest host Simeon Siegel.See for privacy information.
4/27/202135 minutes, 13 seconds
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Digital-Only Fashion and NFT’s - James Gaubert of republiqe

Digital-only fashion house republiqe will drop a limited edition, matching pair of bespoke digital outfits, a puffer jacket and a dress, which will be auctioned separately as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), at the forefront of this booming digital revolution. The one-of-a-kind digital outfits will be available online for auction for one month starting today and concluding on Tuesday, 4th May. Additionally, republiqe will donate 50% of the proceeds to Britain's National Health Service (NHS) in tribute to their fight against the ongoing pandemic. Founded in Singapore, republiqe is the world’s first digital-only luxury fashion brand that can be worn in virtual realities. Taking the lead in addressing the detrimental and irreparable climate crisis caused by our fast fashion culture, republiqe first launched the innovative solution to climate crisis via an eco-friendly wardrobe last August. . Founder and Creative Director of republiqe, James Gaubert joins to discuss: fashion brands revolutionizing community support during a pandemic via NFTs; what can we expect next from digital fashion and the cryptocurrency space; and, aside from adopting sustainability methods within the business in fashion, how else is fashion contributing positively on a larger scale to humankind? With guest host Ilan Tito.See for privacy information.
4/20/202154 minutes, 48 seconds
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What Do 200 Brands Say About 2021 Retail Trends? - Stephan Schambach of NewStore

Some time ago while we on location at Shoptalk, we invited NewStore CEO Stephan Schambach  onto the show. NewStore is a mobile platform that enables retailers to run their physical stores on an iPhone. Recently on another MouthMedia podcast, Retail is Your Business, Stephen joined Marc Raco and Rebecca Fitts to discuss his new report that assessed nearly 200 brands – while many retailers have done a good job of implementing services during COVID to make the customer experience more convenient and safe, like BOPIS and curbside pickup, online storefronts and physical locations are not truly integrated. Therefore, they have “paper mache” omnichannel capabilities that will soon fail as they aren’t long-term solutions. We thoughts this useful discussion would be of value to our Fashion Is Your Business listeners, so here’s that conversation, right here on FIYB. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
4/13/202143 minutes, 53 seconds
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Reilly Stephens of Retail Prophet - From There to Here

With a finger on the pulse of all things culture, Retail Prophet’s Director of Insights Reilly Stephens leverages her understanding and network in the music, tech, marketing and advertising industry to keep the team up to speed on grassroots movement and trends. On "Retail Is Your Business" podcast, she shares insights on how brands and retailers have navigated the pandemic, opportunities and challenges, along with thoughts on drones, user-generated content, and digital fashion, and the roles of media and content in building better bridges between physical and digital commerce. With host Rebecca Fitts.See for privacy information.
4/6/202147 minutes, 38 seconds
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Revolutionizing Re-commerce and Retail - Sarah Davis of Fashionphile

Paving the path to revolutionize not just re-commerce, but the entire retail industry, Fashionphile announced an investment and minority stake from global retailer Neiman Marcus Group. The strategic partnership makes Neiman Marcus the first major luxury retailer to expand into the pre-owned market, a move that will include the opening of physical Fashionphile selling studios inside Neiman Marcus locations across the country. Sarah Davis is the  Founder, President and fashion technology pioneer who invented the re-commerce category when it comes to luxury handbags and accessories with the start of her company Fashionphile, and she shares her experience launching the largest online platform for buying and selling ultra-luxury handbags and accessories (first as an eBay incubator), the lessons she's learned as the leader of a company that just celebrated its 20-year anniversary this year, and the future of retail and its intersections with innovative authentication technology and sustainability.See for privacy information.
3/30/20211 hour, 10 minutes, 18 seconds
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Design and Production Accessibility and Zero-Waste, Nimble Supply Chains - Andrew Wyatt of CALA

CALA is the world's first fashion house technology that makes it easy for creative influencers to design, produce, and deliver their own fully-custom apparel. CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Wyatt takes us inside CALA, including how CALA offers creators the customized elegance of couture fashion with the manufacturing capabilities of the largest mass-market players, instead of the need for creators to try to do it all themselves or limiting their creativity to what print-on-demand companies or single factory cut and sew shops can provide.See for privacy information.
3/23/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 46 seconds
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Advancing African Designer Fashion - Amira Rasool of The Folklore

Online multi-brand concept store and wholesale e-commerce platform The Folklore distributes luxury designer fashion and lifestyle products from Africa and the diaspora to  global consumers and retailers. Founder Amira Rasool shares the primary mission to supply the world with greater access to luxury goods from Africa and the diaspora in a convenient, ethical and curated manner; the path to building a brand from dragging stuffed suitcases across the world to a major partnership; navigating the pandemic; and serious musical taste.See for privacy information.
3/16/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Shift to Digital-First Shopping - Karl Haller of IBM Global Business Services

There's a shift in consumer interest to a digital-first shopping format and retailers have been rapidly reinventing their business operating models to align with the current environment. Karl Haller, Partner, Consumer Center of Competency (CoC) Leader at IBM joins to go inside this story.  See for privacy information.
3/9/202153 minutes, 20 seconds
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Strategizing Amazon - Chris Palmer of SupplyKick

Providing marketing and inventory management services for manufacturers selling on Amazon, SupplyKick executes advertising, marketing, logistics, and brand and intellectual property protection for sellers to build businesses on Amazon. Founder/CEO Chris Palmer shares how SupplyKick acts on behalf of those businesses to increase their Amazon sales, helping protect their brands in the process.See for privacy information.
3/2/202153 minutes, 39 seconds
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Creating a Commerce Holiday - Nancy Berger of the Young Women's Group at Hearst Media

As the largest young women’s media brand in the world, Cosmopolitan really knows their audience, which is why Nancy Berger (SVP and Publishing Director for Cosmopolitan, Women's Health and Seventeen) and team have looked closely at how their shopping habits have changed during this time. In addition, this past August, they have launched the first ever shopping event targeted to Gen-Z and Millennials called Hauliday. Nancy shares trends she has seen and offers insights into successful shopping events like Hauliday.See for privacy information.
2/23/202151 minutes, 41 seconds
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Building a Luxury Performance Wear Sneaker Brand - Michael Petry and Laurie Spiro of Courser

Courser is the first supercharged, Hyper-luxe performance sneaker. Launched in December 2020, Courser is a radical departure from how most sneakers are built and produced. With Courser, husband and wife duo Michael Petry and Laurie Spiro hope to define a new frontier for footwear, combining athletic style and luxury to create a never before seen third space in the sneaker category: Hyper-luxe. Courser’s revolutionary first of its kind shoe is rebellious, exclusive, and innovative - for the gym and the street, valued at $825. Petry has a reputation as ‘The Brand Whisperer,’ known for growing brands such as Tumi, Prada, adidas and The Frye Company. It's an insightful, smart conversation on luxury-tech, entrepreneurship, the luxury footwear space and how it all interacts.See for privacy information.
2/16/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 10 seconds
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Regaining Control of the Customer Journey - Tobias Buxhoidt of parcelLab

The post-sales consumer experience is an area of the customer journey that's overlooked by many retailers. Tobias Buxhoidt, CEO and co-founder of parcelLab,  was recently on another Mouthmedia Network show “Retail is Your Business” with Marc Raco and retail expert Rebecca Fitts. Tobias has worked in logistics and warehouse operations for over 20 years and now helps over 500 retailers including Ikea, H&M, Puma, Farfetch, and Nespresso improve their post-sales operations and related consumer experience.See for privacy information.
2/9/202145 minutes, 41 seconds
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Leigh Sevin of Endear - Empowering Sales Via Highly Personalized Messaging

Endear is on a mission to change the way the retail industry thinks about driving and tracking sales. Co-founder Leigh Sevin tells how Endear is on a mission to change the way the retail industry thinks about driving and tracking sales; how as retail's first omni-channel CRM, Endear empowers salespeople to do their best work over remote channels like email and text when face-to-face selling is slow or simply not an option; and how, with Endear's messaging platform, sales teams can reach out to more customers without sacrificing personal touch while the app tracks how outreach converts into sales, both online and in-store, so brands can reward salespeople for their efforts.See for privacy information.
2/2/202149 minutes, 38 seconds
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Noah Gellman and Sonal Gandhi of The Lead - The Foremost 50 List 2020

The Lead’s Foremost 50 is the annual power list recognizing high-growth D2C brands that are reinventing and redefining the future of the fashion, retail, and consumer industries. Co-Founder & CEO, Noah Gellman and Chief Product Officer Sonal Gandhi offer insights into the Foremost 50 list, and The Lead’s mission to bridge the fashion, retail, and consumer industries with the global Silicon Valley through research, content and executive gatherings ranging from 35 people to 2,000. They share The Lead’s hyper-focus on innovation across the entire fashion-retail-commerce value chain including marketing, e-commerce, stores, supply chain, and more, and the work to reveal what is coming next and to help our community get ahead of it.See for privacy information.
1/26/20211 hour, 1 minute, 10 seconds
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Sarah Kunst of Cleo Capital - Driving Innovation and Change

Managing director of Cleo Capital and contributing editor at Marie Claire Magazine Sarah Kunst has served as a senior advisor at Bumble where she focused on their corporate VC arm Bumble Fund and on the board of the Michigan State University Foundation endowment. Sarah joins "Fashion Is Your Business" podcast and guest host Simeon Siegel to explore how the need for change is driving innovation. Sarah has been named a Future Innovator by Vanity Fair, Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 and a top 25 innovator in tech by Cool Hunting. She has been recognized for her work in Business Insider as a 30 under 30 Woman in Tech and Top African-American in Tech & Pitchbook Top Black VC To Watch and honored as a top woman in VC by the Wall St. Journal.See for privacy information.
1/19/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 8 seconds
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Alice Hartley of Gap Inc. and Dr. Gary Adams of U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol - Bettering Supply Chain Sourcing

Fashion sustainability initiative U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol has welcomed new member global retailer Gap Inc (brands include  Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta). Alice Hartley, Director of Product Sustainability at Gap Inc. and Dr. Gary Adams, President of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol. talk through how Gap Inc., which already sources 57% of its cotton from sustainable sources, is joining the Trust Protocol to enable it to progress towards its target of using 100% sustainably sourced cotton across all its products by 2025. See for privacy information.
1/12/202150 minutes, 22 seconds
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Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco of epoque evolution - Well-Edited, Sustainable, Functional

Founders and former Athleta designers, Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco, who are committed to reducing the collective carbon footprint with their collection of well-edited, sustainable, and functional wardrobe essentials, share the inside story of epoque evolution. The company is all about providing well-edited pieces that can be worn 24/7, are easy to wash, quick to dry, and responsibly crafted with functional fabrics in solar power facilities, so women can live their life without having to shop or pack for it. Along with their latest FW20 Collection, epoque evolution chooses sustainable, organic, upcycled, deadstock and post-consumer waste recycled fibers, and works with mills that are committed to best practices.See for privacy information.
1/5/202143 minutes, 11 seconds
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Ben Rodier of Salesfloor - Redefining the Role of Store AssociatesRedefining the Role of Store Associates

For the first time, e-commerce will not just be a channel for transactions – people can now actually browse and shop online, just like they did in-store. In this episode of "Retail Is Your Business" podcast, Ben Rodier, Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer at Salesfloor, shares how the company offers a mobile application platform designed for store associates so they can personalize each interaction with consumers, whether that’s in-store, online, on social – any channel, helping clients get a 10x lift in online conversions and 47% increase in average order values, compared to traditional e-commerce metrics. Salesfloor is enabling store associates to go virtual where consumers are met on retailer and brand websites by an associate from a local store near the consumer and can help guide the shopping experience by offering product / apparel recommendations, can demo items via live video chat, etc.See for privacy information.
12/29/202053 minutes, 55 seconds
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A Holiday Message from FIYB

Happy Holidays!See for privacy information.
12/22/20204 minutes, 22 seconds
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C-Level Retail Expert Ken Pilot - Setting the Course for What's Next

CEO, Board Member, Investor, Operating Partner & Retail Consultant Ken Pilot weighs in on how retail goes forward beyond the pandemic, the need for advancing tech for interactive ecommerce, and what's likely next.See for privacy information.
12/15/202057 minutes, 47 seconds
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ECOlifestyle Visionary Marci Zaroff - ECORENAISSANCE

Marci Zaroff coined the term “ECOfashion" in 1995 and is an internationally recognized ECOlifestyle expert, educator, innovator, author and serial ecopreneur. Founder/CEO of ECOfashion Corp - a "Greenhouse of Brands”—including B2B turnkey sustainable fashion manufacturer MetaWear, regenerative in-conversion-to-organic cotton farm project RESET, QVC organic lifestyle brands Farm to Home and Seed to Style (launching Jan 2021), and new D2C ECOfashion brand YES AND.See for privacy information.
12/8/202057 minutes, 53 seconds
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Scott Emmons of Powerfront - Mirroring In-Store Customer Experience

Bringing his visionary outlook on the future of retail and wealth of knowledge and research in omni channel software and his expertise in innovation technology to his role at Powerfront, Scott Emmons offers insight into a real-time, personalized retailing platform that mirrors in-store luxury-level customer service online. He leverages his expertise to build and circulate ideas and design products that are at the forefront of customer service software. Scott’s motivation to help make magic for customers translates perfectly to Powerfront’s core mission, and his extensive involvement as a Powerfront customer have made him the perfect ambassador.See for privacy information.
12/1/202053 minutes, 32 seconds
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Melissa Gonzalez of The Lion’esque Group and MG2 Design - Blueprinting an Acqusition

Go-to retail expert Melissa Gonzalez, founder of The Lion’esque Group, an award winning firm of experiential retail strategists and pop-up architects as well as a Principal and Shareholder in global architecture firm MG2, reveals the journey to and through acquisition, navigating leadership through a pandemic, and likely paths of the retail frontier.See for privacy information.
11/24/202044 minutes, 6 seconds
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Albert Saniger of nate - The First Universal Accelerator for Mobile Checkout

Founder Albert Saniger offers a look inside nate, a digital assistant which transacts online on behalf of consumers, making it the first universal accelerator for mobile checkout.See for privacy information.
11/17/202056 minutes, 6 seconds
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Lauren Garvey of The TackHack - Building a Business for Discounted Equestrian Brands

The TackHack in Williamsburg MI is on a mission to fuel people's passion for horses by offering their favorite equestrian brands at discounted prices. Founder Lauren Garvey offers a look into why and how the business has grown into a blend of new and pre-used apparel and tack. With guest host Alex Batdorf.See for privacy information.
11/10/202053 minutes, 33 seconds
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Fashion Digitalization Expert Karinna Nobbs - Why You'll Be Wearing Digital Fashion in 2021

Karinna Nobbs joins from Berlin and covers the current state and the future of digital fashion, where and how to find those renegades, the current state of CGI influencers, and why some people have a resistance to getting fashion recommendations from them, how blockchain technology is going to be married to the future of digital fashion as an authentication tool in an industry where exclusivity can be key, and why digital fashion may be the next big thing on Zoom. With guest host Simeon Siegel.See for privacy information.
11/3/202045 minutes
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Di Di Chan of FutureProof Retail - Scan and Go

Technology that brings the personalization and convenience of eCommerce shopping to physical stores is exactly in exactly the right moment, and President/Co-Founder Di Di Chan offers a detailed look into why FutureProof Retail is exactly the right company to deliver, as an industry leader in providing retailers frictionless scan and go mobile checkout applications.See for privacy information.
10/27/202050 minutes, 9 seconds
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Timothy Cochran of Daftboy - Unapologetically Bold Yasss with Sass

Daftboy is an unapologetically bold, provocative fan company inspired by the LGBTQ community and featuring apparel including an array of light-up face masks, for everyone who is tired of the normal, the acceptable, the P.C.; for those who want to define their destiny instead of being defined by another. and a bit social media, politics, street fashion and history with an engaged meaningful community. CEO Timothy Cochran shares a look in, how the company found a path through the pandemic, what makes successful commerce, and how having a relationship with community has been a driving force. With guest host Alex Batdorf.See for privacy information.
10/20/202057 minutes, 8 seconds
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Henri Mura of Change of Paradigm - Garment 3D Simulation

Imagine an end to end platform solution enabling the fashion industry to harvest the full potential of 3D across channels, including a complete range of X-Reality digital commerce Apps (AR, VR, MR, etc.) for fashion using 3D CGI content. Change of Paradigm CEO Henri Mura joins from Paris to share the amazing possibilities and implications which can come from these innovations.See for privacy information.
10/13/202057 minutes
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Tristan Hoy of Style Arcade - Visualize, Automate, Collaborate on Product Range

Co-founder and CRO Tristan Hoy shares how Australian-based Style Arcade helps fashion companies perfect their product offering through analytics and range planning software.See for privacy information.
10/7/202057 minutes, 19 seconds
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Dan O'Connell of BrandLab Fashion - Next-Level Virtual Showrooms

BrandLab Fashion is the complete global solution designed to streamline the wholesale buying experience, with access to 360 Virtual Showrooms and integrated order processing and payment software. With 24/7 access to BrandLab World, brands and buyers can easily and efficiently connect and transact using our industry acknowledged technology. BrandLab Fashion Founder Dan O'Connell joins from Wales to offer an inside look at why this innovation truly offers next-level, unlimited possibilities.See for privacy information.
9/29/202048 minutes, 21 seconds
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Simeon Siegel - Analyzing Opportunity

Simeon Siegel, Managing Director and award-winning Senior Analyst at BMO Capital Markets specializing in Retail and E-commerce, offers master class-level deep insights into the state of the union for opportunities within retail, what's likely next, and trends to watch.See for privacy information.
9/22/20201 hour, 1 minute, 41 seconds
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Scott Lux of Theory and Helmut Lang - In the Moment and Ever-Changing

Scott Lux, Vice President Ecommerce & Digital, Theory and Helmut Lang & Adjunct Professor of DTC and Ecommerce, Columbia University & FIT, offers insights on moving past pandemic-related challenges and the next chapter in commerce and digital retail.See for privacy information.
9/15/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 4 seconds
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Michael Colarossi of Avery Dennison Apparel Solutions - ID Ideas

Michael Colarossi, Vice President, Innovation, Product Line Management and Sustainability for Avery Dennison Apparel Solutions, discusses how in the changing apparel manufacturing landscape, it is no longer enough to innovate for the sake of innovation. To drive lasting impact, garment labeling solutions must meet the needs of businesses, consumers and the environment, all without sacrificing relevancy.See for privacy information.
9/8/202052 minutes, 41 seconds
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Nyha Shree of - Conversation Commerce

Co-founder and CMO of conversational commerce platform, Nyha Shree, offers a look into how Jumper bridges the gap between ecommerce and brick and mortar retail, combines the power of brand advisors with chatbots and automation to enable brands drive engagement, offers sales consultation, enables commerce with payments, sends updates, and gathers consumer insights, seamlessly on popular social messaging and web channels.See for privacy information.
9/1/202047 minutes, 34 seconds
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Abhishek Vohra of - Automate and Personalize

Imagine creating an enhanced product catalogue and effortless product discovery using Ai help fashion business boost sales by creating an enhanced product catalogue and effortless product discovery using AI? That is, and CEO/Co-Founder Abhishek Vohra joins from Australia to share how the company helps fashion businesses boost sales.See for privacy information.
8/25/202043 minutes, 50 seconds
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Amanda Patterson of The Call List - Shoppable Video Calls

Imagine a plugin that powers video calls from influencers to all their followers at once. Shopify-powered brands can share products to be shopped in realtime (think shoppable FaceTime at scale) AND you can republish your archived videos across social, getting double the value out of your production budget. You could even convert fans to customers by providing participants the chance to interact with creators, influencers and experts directly from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. This could be a game changer for online commerce in fashion, right? Well it's real, and The Call List CEO Amanda Patterson provided an inside look into the genesis, power, and future of this innovative technology.See for privacy information.
8/18/202047 minutes, 59 seconds
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Navigating The Supply Chain With Mary Cally - American Fashion Podcast

Mary Cally is an industry veteran who has worked on supply chain and manufacturing logistics issues for many large brands. American Fashion Podcast spoke with her on March 9th, just as the COVID-19 situation was beginning to shut down New York City.See for privacy information.
8/11/202041 minutes, 19 seconds
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Drones on Demand - Yariv Bash of Flytrex

Drones. There has been a lot of talk about drones and how they can impact retail. It seems inevitable that you will be able to get a package delivered by Amazon or UPS from your friendly drone. And that is not all. What about drone delivery on demand? If you could order something from a local retailer and have it delivered in minutes to your own backyard? A company from Iceland is doing just that. And it is closer to being reality than you may think. Yariv Bash, the cofounder and CEO of Flytrex, takes us through what is on the horizon and we talk through many of the obvious public concerns and questions on location at Shoptalk Las Vegas.See for privacy information.
8/5/202027 minutes, 48 seconds
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Cally Russell of Lost Stock - Buy a Box, Support a Worker

Due to Coronavirus, leading brands have cancelled orders for over $2 billion worth of clothes that have already been produced, leaving millions of workers in countries like Bangladesh unpaid, and at risk of starvation and without a safety net. From Scotland, CEO/Founder Cally Russell shares how the team at Mallzee created Lost Stock. Customers can get at least three items of clothing chosen for them, with a massive 50% discount off RRP, that supports these workers and prevents waste. Each order supports a worker and their family for a week. He also discusses why the goal to help 250,000 workers and their families can be achieved.See for privacy information.
7/29/202055 minutes, 30 seconds
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Brian Laney of Alert Tech and Fred Maxik of Healthe Lighting - Making Fitting Rooms Safe Again

How do you keep a fitting room safe in a pandemic? As apparel retailers move to re-open physical retail locations in a world ravaged by a pandemic, one challenge is that customers simply don’t feel safe in the fitting room. It's crucial to build confidence in the inshore experience with both customers and associates. Two companies, Alert Tech and Healthe Lighting, have brought together their technologies to provide a solution right now for retailers, using Far UVC lighting. It is an effective visible system that cleans the air and surfaces using existing infrastructure. Alert Tech's VP of Sales Brian Laney and Healthe's CTO Fred Maxik unpack the story and possibilities.See for privacy information.
7/21/202050 minutes, 53 seconds
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Richard Carriere of Cyberlink - Mask Detection Technology for Retail Stores

As physical retail locations reopen, how do you protect customers and employees alike? Not everyone will comply with mask wearing requirements or expectations, creating a complicated path to keeping people safe while maintaining positive consumer experience. Richard Carriere (Senior VP, Global Marketing & General Manager, US  Operations for Cyberlink) discusses existing technology that has been transformed into a vital mask detection tool and  a real game changer.See for privacy information.
7/14/202052 minutes, 25 seconds
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Guido Campello of Cosabella and Journelle - Lingerie and Longevity

How does a family owned retail apparel business survive challenge after challenge after challenge, from 9/11 to a hurricane to a pandemic? Guido Campello, Co-Owner of lingerie retailer Cosabella and Journelle, offers insight into a family history of more than 37 years in the lingerie business, and how he took this time to re-evaluate the business while also giving all locations a facelift before a reopening of physical retail locations.See for privacy information.
7/7/202055 minutes, 28 seconds
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Nicholas De Monchaux – The Fashion Tech of Apollo Spacesuits

Spacesuits as a beacon of fashion technology, with the author of “Fashioning Apollo”. Nicholas De Monchaux , author of “Fashioning Apollo” and Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design and Director of the Berkeley Center for New Media, joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco at WEAR Conference 2017 in San Francisco.  De Monchaux describes how he conceived the book by considering the craziest domestic space imaginable -- the inside of a spacesuit. He then wrote a book about the Apollo program and how the Apollo spacesuits were made by industrial division of the same company who made Playtex bras and girdles. The origins of Playtex, the genesis of the book ten years in the making, why it mattered, historical understanding of where technological mindset come from, designing a suit allowing the human body to operate in such a hostile environment. And insights from research, as an architect. A discussion of the next frontier for spacesuits, the trip to Mars, how American spacesuits were more practical than originally envisioned, how Russian spacesuits stacked up, dealing with pressure, the many layers of the Apollo spacesuit, radiation concerns, how by understanding technology as a cultural artifact we can understand how to model designs, and need to think about ideas wrapped up in designs and how they affect our work. Innovations that De Monchaux marvels at, high performance fashion, adapting to different circumstances, and how technology has changed how we operate in the w,orld. Our need to upgrade our human systems with technology, how modern technology is taking cues from the body, and augmenting ourselves via a biological view of technology. Off the Grid Questions cover De Monchaux’s earliest memory of fashion made into forts and spaceships, a Star Wars moment and the incorrect use of the word parsec quiet and peace, and getting to meet astronauts because they would visit their suits which were a part of them.See for privacy information.
6/30/202050 minutes, 21 seconds
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Kimberly Barasch of Altress - Customized Fashion to Empower Women

Customizable dresses made just for women, to empower women, and ethically and sustainably produced in NYC. Founder Kimberly Barasch shares the three core missions of Altress, and why the company has felt a "tail wind" in spite of the impact of the pandemic on apparel businesses.See for privacy information.
6/23/202045 minutes, 24 seconds
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Leslie Voorhees of Anomalie - Engineering the Custom Wedding Dress

Anomalie is pioneering a new model in retail supply chains uniquely fit for expansive customization at mass scale. Leslie Vorhees brings an extensive background in mechanical engineering, and career in supply chain management for Nike and Apple,  She joins Marc Raco and guest host Rebecca Fitts to discuss how Anaomalie is thriving in the face of a pandemic, and why a half million women have already looked to the company for a solution to their wedding dress needs.See for privacy information.
6/16/202052 minutes, 11 seconds
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Garment Designer and Actor (Uncut Gems) Wayne Diamond - Dressing Up

If you’ve seen the Adam Sandler film Uncut Gems on Netflix, you'll remember the unforgettable high-roller who invites Julia Fox up to his casino penthouse suite. That's Wayne Diamond, in his first major film role. But even though Wayne is definitely having a moment, he isn’t new to the spotlight: he’s a bit of a legend in the Garment District, was a hugely successful dress designer in the '70s, '80s and '90s, and even claims to have designed the dresses Vanna White wore on Wheel of Fortune. In this incredibly (but not usually) candid conversation with Wayne, he discusses his unlikely start in the fashion industry, his deep disappointment with it today, his loathing of everything Trump, Wayne's strong input into his Uncut Gems wardrobe, a possible return to fashion,  a meaningful debt he took care of for his father, and an honor he’s never received that might mean more than almost anything. It's very big opinions, very strong language, and a very wild conversation with "the" Wayne Diamond.See for privacy information.
6/9/202042 minutes, 54 seconds
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Christiane Lemieux of The Inside - In Search of Frictionless Commerce

One of the leading design entrepreneurs and experts in the US for home décor and furnishings, and author, Christiane Lemieux (Founder of THE INSIDE a new direct-to-consumer home furnishings brand and author of the new book Frictionless) joins Marc Raco and guest host Rebecca Fitts to share huge lessons on why the "future of everything will be fast, fluid, and made just for you."See for privacy information.
6/2/202059 minutes, 33 seconds
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Revisiting Matt Kaden of MMG Advisors - You Must Try

As businesses in the fashion industry and beyond strategize their next move, how they will navigate the new business climate, and possibilities for growth and success ahead, we’re reminded of wisdom from one of our 2019 conversations with Matt Kaden of MMG Advisors. It still rings true and may be the kind of thing we need to think about right now -- especially Matt’s points on being attentive to the realities of industry evolution, the importance of being always exceptional, and why you must truly try. This look at the current retail landscape and why brands and retailers must evolve to stay relevant features Matt Kaden, Managing Director for MMG Advisors (providing investment banking, strategic and financial advisory services to clients in the retail, fashion, textile, home, jewelry and beauty sectors),who joins Marc Raco, Rob Sanchez, and Nataliya Makulova on location at The Lead Summit in Brooklyn, NY.See for privacy information.
5/13/202027 minutes, 20 seconds
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Sandra Makarem of The Collective Child - Disrupting Luxury Shopping

With the visions of disrupting the luxury shopping space, beginning with childrenswear, Venezuela-born CEO/Founder of The Collective Child Sandra Makarem has over a decade of experience in the fashion space, including nearly eight years working as a buyer and a planner at Bloomingdale’s where she managed the performance of several omni-channel departments and led the development of new brands, including launching several successful multi-million dollar departments and private label brands to address the emerging millennial market segment. She launched The Collective Child as a side hustle and has helped members discover emerging limited distribution labels from around the world through an unparalleled personalized service to thousands. Her passion, knowledge, and experience come through in every box shipped. With guest host Rebecca Fitts.See for privacy information.
5/5/202043 minutes, 37 seconds
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Dr. Paul Zak - Why People Make Decisions and Creating Impactful and Engaging Content

As we look ahead to growing, or perhaps rebuilding businesses in this new business climate, one thing is clear: we cannot simply go back to what we did before. Smarter, more thoughtful approaches may be necessary, and gathering insights on how we best connect to the state of mind of the consumer in this moment is crucial. In that spirit, we’d like to share with you an extraordinary conversation  that offers insights into dialing into "neuroeconomics"—or why people make decisions. Dr. Paul Zak, scientist, entrepreneur and author of several books including "Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High Performance Companies.", joins Ritesh Gupta, a host of another MouthMedia Network podcast, Content Is Your Business. We think you’ll get a lot out of this, and we’re delighted to share it with you, in its entirety.See for privacy information.
4/30/202049 minutes, 8 seconds
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Stephanie Benedetto of Queen of Raw - Enabling Resilient Supply Chains in the Face of Disruption

In the new business climate, brands must seek new opportunities to save money, intelligently relocate waste, and be able to access real-time supply chain and sustainability data. Queen of Raw CEO and Co-founder Stephanie Benedetto discusses why enabling fashion brands and retailers to buy and sell unused inventory (from raw materials to finished goods) in the face of the new business realities can provide businesses a quick and easy way to secure discounted inventory based on real-time location and availability while generating revenue and offloading excess stock. She also offers thoughts on why this may be an important moment in setting a tone for the futureSee for privacy information.
4/23/202025 minutes, 10 seconds
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Mark Kohlenberg of WDM Footwear and Accessories - Vertically Integrated Supply Chain

Mark Kohlenberg, CEO and Founder of WDM Footwear and Accessories, which is a premium leather footwear and accessories company offering turnkey development for private label production, discusses how the company's footwear and accessory production is all vertically integrated and 100% at their own factories in India. This has uniquely positioned them away from any fallout due to the coronavirus outbreak and, in fact, has led to them being inundated with many retail, wholesale, and DTC brands looking for assistance. With dozens of name brand clients, WDM’s capabilities include licensing, design and development, sourcing, packaging and full EDI capabilities and integration. WDM also owns its own DTC brand Moral Code, offering premium leather footwear and accessories for men.See for privacy information.
4/15/202053 minutes, 11 seconds
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Amanda Curtis of Nineteenth Amendment - On-Demand PPE Production for COVID-19

Special report on how Nineteenth Amendment is playing a leadership role in arming healthcare workers and first responders, and well as the general public, with personal protection equipment during the COVID-19 crisis, how others in the fashion industry can and should similarly activate, and why Nineteenth Amendment was a natural match for this need. With CEO/Co-founder Amanda Curtis. for privacy information.
4/8/202022 minutes, 22 seconds
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Shelly Socol of 1R ( One Rockwell) - Creativity Powered Commerce

Shelly Socol, Co-founder of 1R,  co-founded a leading ecommerce agency experienced in creative design and technical solutions for lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands, including L’Oreal, Trish McEvoy, Mara Hoffman, Farm Rio, Marc Cross, Le Sportsac, ABC Carpet & Home.  It's all at the intersection of brand, business and consumer, and lives by the belief that creativity powers commerce, growing a business, and establishing an understanding of what clients need and how to get them there. Shelly's strong background in fashion and online retail, including previously as Creative Director of Accessories at Theory, where she oversaw the design, production and launch of the brand’s accessories collection, makes her an invaluable resource on all aspects of ecommerce -- guiding clients on creative, sales, merchandising, brand extension, marketing and public relations. Shelly offers insights into all of this on "Fashion Is Your Business" podcast, as well as the guidance she’s offering during  the current COVID-19 crisis.See for privacy information.
3/31/202041 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Adventures of Stitch O'Malley - Fashion Detective - Ep 3

The final episode of "The Adventures of Stitch O'Malley: Fashion Detective"  --  a fun example of creative marketing content we are publishing for the first time ever. We really would love to hear how you are doing and also what you think, so reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook at @mouthmedianetwork or email us at [email protected]!See for privacy information.
3/28/202028 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Adventures of Stitch O'Malley - Fashion Detective - Ep 2

We hope you love listening to the three episodes of "The Adventures of Stitch O'Malley: Fashion Detective" as much as we loved making them. Here is episode No. 2! To offer you some entertainment, and perhaps inspire you with a fun example of creative marketing content, we thought we'd pull something very different out of the vault that we haven't shared before. We really would love to hear how you are doing and also what you think about them, so reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook at @mouthmedianetwork or email us at [email protected]! See for privacy information.
3/27/202028 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Adventures of Stitch O'Malley: Fashion Detective - Ep. 1

A few years ago MouthMedia co-founder Rob Sanchez had been building a new kind of concept for an apparel business named Ralph and Remington, offering a novel approach to transparency, including a groundbreaking look behind the scenes as the business was developing. Because the brand was inspired by the ethos of the 1940's, we worked together to create an old-time radio style show reminiscent of that time, which was intended to be one of the unique ways to bring attention to the brand. Although Rob decided to put the project aside for a while to give full attention to MouthMedia, we had already completed three unreleased episodes of the podcast serial. So this week we have decided to pull them out of the vault, dust them off, and share them with you. We know pretty much everyone is going through a tough time now and trying to make the best of the current new realities at home. To offer you some entertainment, and perhaps inspire you with a fun example of creative marketing content, we thought we'd pull something very different out of the vault that we haven't shared before. We really would love to hear how you are doing and also what you think about them, so reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook at @mouthmedianetwork or email us at [email protected]! We hope you love listening to the three episodes of "The Adventures of Stitch O'Malley: Fashion Detective" as much as we loved making them. Here is episode No. 1!See for privacy information.
3/26/202019 minutes, 42 seconds
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Ryan Mario Yasin of Petit Pli - Clothing That Grows With Your Children

Ryan Mario Yasin, Founder of Petit Pli, joins Pavan Bahl in London to share how he has made use of his aeronautical engineering experience to develop technical garments that grow size along with your children.See for privacy information.
3/24/202042 minutes, 20 seconds
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Brand Marketing and Media in a World with COVID-19

Jason Schulweis, SVP and Head of Brand Partnerships and Integrated Marketing for Morning Brew,  offers crucial insights about current trends within media and marketing due to the impact of COVID-19, how marketers can authentically connect with consumers, and the importance of brand purpose in the face of this new reality.See for privacy information.
3/23/202034 minutes, 46 seconds
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Social Distancing and Business in a World with COVID-19

Aside from the physical health risks stoked by COVID-19, there's another byproduct of the pandemic that's potentially terrifying: the social impact of isolation and quarantines. Given the number of people directed and electing to work from home, social distancing becomes both a personal challenge as well as an important business concern. From London, Julia Hobsbawm (social entrepreneur and author of The Simplicity Principle) shares important insights, strategy, and perspective, along with useful plays, for business leaders facing the realities of social distancing amongst their workforce and customers.See for privacy information.
3/20/202017 minutes, 49 seconds
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Gig and On-Demand Businesses and Workers in a World with COVID-19

How do you protect on-demand or gig workers, their fleets, and their customers, during the COVID-19 crisis? How can companies like Postmates, which rely on going workers for their business model, succeed and survive, what particular concerns and considerations are in play, and what happens as restaurants and other suppliers close and face hard times? Vikrum Aiyer, Vice President of Public Policy & Strategic Communications at Postmates and Former Obama White House Senior Advisor, joins from San Francisco with perspective, insights, solutions, and a go-to enter to the playbook.See for privacy information.
3/19/202018 minutes, 12 seconds
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Human Resources Challenges in a World with COVID-19

If trying to keep the doors to a business open isn’t challenging enough, especially when you don’t know how long you have to do it for, diligent consideration of the productivity, safety, care, morale, and profitability of your employees may be even more daunting. Dr. John Sullivan (internationally known Human Resources thought-leader from the Silicon Valley and Professor at San Francisco State) and Celeste Thompson (Chief People Officer/Founder at TRIBE Human Resources Consulting) join from California and New Jersey to walk through some crucial Human Resources concerns and considerations in the new business realities of COVID-19.See for privacy information.
3/18/202026 minutes, 19 seconds
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Retail Realities and Strategy in a World with COVID-19

SPECIAL REPORT: Wendy Liebmann, Founder, CEO, and Chief Shopper of WSL Strategic Retail, shares critical considerations for brands and retailers to manage the new realities of a retail landscape during and after the COVID-19 crisis.See for privacy information.
3/17/202020 minutes, 5 seconds
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Powering Fashion's Future: Technology Tools Impacting Today's Fashion Industry

American Fashion Podcast shares a panel discussion recorded as part of the Fashion Innovate program at the TexWorld USA 2020 trade show in New York City. (A big thank you to Eileen Small from TexWorld for coordinating all of this leading up to the event.)See for privacy information.
3/10/20201 hour, 25 minutes, 49 seconds
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Michele Dupre' of Verizon - Unlocking Retail's CX Future with Technology

At NRF Big Show, Michele Dupre' (VP for Retail at Verizon) offered insights on customer experience in retail and other retail trends.See for privacy information.
3/3/202017 minutes, 16 seconds
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Mike Zolot of Brother - In-Store Pick Up Trends

Brother’s Director of Sales (Retail / Hospitality - Brother Machine Group) Mike Zolot, offers insights into Brother’s retail priorities for the first half of 2020 (and all of Brother’s innovative retail solutions), plus industry trends it is seeing including the continued growth of in-store pickup; retail customers are turning to Brother’s services to help them upgrade and prepare for in-store pickup, from the warehouse where the goods originate to coordinating their arrival in the store. Zolot joins Marc Raco, Rob Sanchez, and guest host Rebecca Fitts at NRF Big Show.See for privacy information.
2/25/202033 minutes, 40 seconds
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Raffaella Camera of Accenture Interactive - Extended Reality

At CES, VR and AR are on full display. But what about full implications of XR (extended reality - all real-and-virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables)? Raffaella Camera, Global Head of Innovation & Strategy, XR (Extended Reality) at Accenture Interactive (who leads global strategy, development of new solutions in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, direct and indirect sales, creation of ecosystem partnerships and opportunities for the Accenture Extended Reality group, globally), joins Marc Raco to explore the possibilities for fashion and other industries in the years ahead. Recorded on location at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.See for privacy information.
2/18/202020 minutes, 36 seconds
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Caroline Finnell of CES - The Way of the Future

CES is the epicenter of tech innovation. And every industry, including fashion, has its eye on the innovations that can propel that industry into the next several years. Caroline Finnell of CES offer insights into the dynamics of CES, overall observations, and what's next.See for privacy information.
2/11/202011 minutes, 36 seconds
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Peter Weedfald of SHARP - Innovating and Growing with Emotional Capital

One of the true centers to find innovation for content and retail product is CES in Las Vegas. And one of the biggest exhibitors at CES is Sharp, the global electronics brand. Peter Weedfald, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing (who oversees all sales and marketing of SHARP's home and commercial appliance categories along with the CE and TV products thru a variety of retail, reseller, buying groups and distribution channels) has a conversation with Marc Raco simply chock full of insights, wisdom, and education on everything from how 5G and 8K technology can impact everything from better medicine to safer self driving cars, how Sharp’s focus shifted from what they make to why they make it is so important for makers of content, why smart appliances and homes demand attention, and why breakfast and lunch may be optional. It’s one of our favorite interviews ever.See for privacy information.
2/4/202025 minutes, 41 seconds
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Chris Briglin of Samsung and Tracy Hansen of ProGlove - A Wearable Scanner Fits Like a Glove

Chris Briglin, Director, Enterprise Mobile Product Marketing at Samsung, and Tracy Hansen, President, North America and Global CMO of ProGlove, Inc, join Marc Raco on location at NRF Big Show to announce and discuss the need and applications for their partnership and the launch of their combined solution consisting of ProGlove’s MARK product family of wearable barcode scanners and Samsung’s latest ruggedized smartphone for business – the Galaxy XCover Pro.See for privacy information.
1/28/202027 minutes, 28 seconds
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Julie Lyle of Zytara - Brand-Building and Loyalty Marketing with Blockchain

It seems in retail that commerce channels are coming back to together, and making sure reaching customers where they want when they want is key. Julie Lyle, CEO of Zytara, Inc., a startup company in stealth mode, focused on blockchain aimed at retail consumer package goods,  and brand building and loyalty marketing, joins Rob Sanchez and Agency Within CEO Joe Yakuel, on location at Commerce Next in New York.See for privacy information.
1/21/202037 minutes, 46 seconds
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Paul Greenberg and Dominique Lamb - Retail in Australia

Recently MouthMedia was on location at NRF Big Show in New York. Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez caught up with Paul Greenberg about his new role as Vice Chair of the Federation of International Retail Associations, and Dominique Lamb, the CEO of Australia's National Retail Association, for a remarkable discussion about the Australian bush fires and how Australian retailers have responded and the implications of such significant disaster, on that nation’s retail, the Australian delegation to the NRF Big Show, and the state of retail in Australia overall.See for privacy information.
1/14/202038 minutes, 33 seconds