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False Profits: Hillsong

English, Cultural, 1 season, 9 episodes, 4 hours, 38 minutes
A personal journey into the heart of a global megachurch. Noemi Uribe was looking for a church where everyone is welcome and she thought she’d found it in Hillsong. But that was ‘the most expensive mistake I ever made’. Noemi’s story turned into one of rejection, despair, and a fight for justice. Hillsong used to be home, now for Noemi ‘it’s a dumpster fire’ False Profits dives into the Hillsong experience - from Christian rock music, to celebrity pastors and famous fans - tracing its journey from humble beginnings to incredible global status and wealth, and some shocking scandals. Through personal testimony and evidence that Hillsong never made public, we peel back the layers of a culture of submission, exploitation and discrimination. The church says it’s changed, but will it face its past and the people who say they’ve been harmed by Hillsong? Noemi Uribe is on a journey seeking justice, and accountability.
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Introducing: False Profits: Hillsong

False Profits is the inside story of the church that made Christianity cool. And it’s one person’s   search for answers. Hillsong created a sound, a look and a global empire. Its message is simple ”Welcome Home - You Belong”.  Noemi Uribe was part of Hillsong and discovered a different and darker reality beneath the shiny, happy surface. Alongside journalist Elle Hardy, Noemi reveals stories Hillsong never wanted the public to see about money, sex and power. This series traces the rise and fall of Hillsong’s founder, hears from sources inside the church, and asks if Hillsong is part of a wider problem within evangelical churches.See for privacy information.
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