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English, Education, 2 seasons, 33 episodes, 13 hours 23 minutes
Womanhood is a journey that provides various lessons that incorporates life events and God's word! As an " IT Girl" in a world full of noise drown it out and become faithfully feminine. Support this podcast:
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Become more happy |happiness comes from your lifestyle

Hey girlies,    If you enjoyed this episode share this with a friend. Visit the website and download your copy for rules for self-improvement, submit for prayer request and sign up to be apart of the community. XOXO,  Imani 
30/11/202333 minutes 5 seconds
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Build confidence to become unstoppable

Hey girlie,  Sign up to join the community here     If you like this episode share with a friend.    XOXO,  Imani 
25/10/202329 minutes 55 seconds
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Lose yourself to find yourself

Hey    If you enjoyed this episode share with a friend and rate the podcast!    Download your free guid here:     XOXO,  Imani 
11/10/202324 minutes 3 seconds
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You are right where you need to be

30/08/202337 minutes 44 seconds
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It could be worse | why worry ?

Hey it girls,    In todays episode we discuss we it does not serve you to worry about tomorrow.  The book mentioned in this episode can be found here If you enjoyed this episode please rate the podcast and share with a sister.    XOXOXO,  Imani B. 
18/05/202325 minutes 44 seconds
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Doubt causes destruction

Hi It Girls, You have all need to accomplish the goals you have for yourself. Do not doubt God's ability to work and move through others in your life. Until next time XOXO Imani B --- Support this podcast:
12/04/202319 minutes 53 seconds
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Who am I? Faithfully Feminine introduction

Hi it girls, We finally made it! I am so excited to talk about all things feminine and my walk with God. New episodes will be uploaded every Wednesday, keep in mind that is the same day as my YouTube uploads:) If you enjoyed this episode please be sure to rate and review this podcast. Also, don't forget to share with a friend! Thank you for listening and thank you even more for your support! xoxo, Imani B. Music by Damien Sebe  --- Support this podcast:
16/09/202214 minutes 42 seconds