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English, Education, 3 seasons, 41 episodes, 16 hours 50 minutes
Womanhood is a journey that provides various lessons that incorporates life events and God's word! As an " IT Girl" in a world full of noise drown it out and become faithfully feminine. Support this podcast:
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Eye-Opening Journey Revealed| Who tf did I Marry?!   Dive deep into the captivating journey of Miss Reesa, a brave woman who faced heartbreak and deception and came out stronger through resilience and faith. This inspiring episode delves into her popular 52-part TikTok series, 'Who TF Did I Marry?', sharing valuable lessons from her transformative journey. Learn about her harrowing encounter with a pathological liar, the heartache it caused, and invaluable life lessons that emerged from it. Miss Risa shows how to turn a painful past into an empowering story that inspires millions on social media platforms. We delve into the importance of personal boundaries, seeking comfort in solitude, and avoiding the perils of rushing divine timing. With insightful discussions on how to recognize and respect our intuition, listeners can gain a deep understanding of personal resilience, the strength in vulnerability, and the essence of transf
26/02/202425 minutes 51 seconds
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Conquering The Gossip Mentality for Personal and Spiritual Growth

In this episode of the Faithfully Feminine Podcast, host Imani Bailey launches a candid exploration of the human tendency to gossip and how it can shape our personal and spiritual well-being. Drawing from her personal experiences and inherent wisdom, Imani guides listeners through a journey of self-examination, uncovering hidden influences behind the gossiping habits. Imani scrutinizes how the media we consume, cultural norms, and even our daily interactions can breed a culture of gossip. She also shines light on the negative effects of idle chat, encouraging listeners to focus on personal growth and transformation instead. She gives us an insightful look into the world of gossip, draught from biblical perspectives and practical ways to abstain. Imani underscores the importance of refini
19/02/202431 minutes 48 seconds
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Discover the Top 10 Timeless Nail Colors

Post:  In this mesmerizing nail-focused episode, we traverse through the vibrant world of nail colors, exploring the top 10 timeless and sophisticated hues that redefine elegance and self-expression. Suitable for all ages, skin tones, and personal styles, nail colors can be significant tools for non-verbal communication and personal style assertion. Every nail color carries unique characteristics and stories that define its charm. Brace yourself for detailed descriptions of these exquisite colors and their fascinating stories. Discover how they can help you redefine your nail game, whether you're a salon enthusiast or a DIY nails-at-home fan. Moreover, the episode also uncovers handy tips for budget-stretching, helping you maintain style and elegance without frequent salon visits. Apar
05/02/202425 minutes 36 seconds
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Become more happy |happiness comes from your lifestyle

Hey girlies,    If you enjoyed this episode share this with a friend. Visit the website and download your copy for rules for self-improvement, submit for prayer request and sign up to be apart of the community. XOXO,  Imani 
30/11/202333 minutes 5 seconds
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Build confidence to become unstoppable

Hey girlie,  Sign up to join the community here     If you like this episode share with a friend.    XOXO,  Imani 
25/10/202329 minutes 55 seconds
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Lose yourself to find yourself

Hey    If you enjoyed this episode share with a friend and rate the podcast!    Download your free guid here:     XOXO,  Imani 
11/10/202324 minutes 3 seconds
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You are right where you need to be

30/08/202337 minutes 44 seconds
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It could be worse | why worry ?

Hey it girls,    In todays episode we discuss we it does not serve you to worry about tomorrow.  The book mentioned in this episode can be found here If you enjoyed this episode please rate the podcast and share with a sister.    XOXOXO,  Imani B. 
18/05/202325 minutes 44 seconds
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Doubt causes destruction

Hi It Girls, You have all need to accomplish the goals you have for yourself. Do not doubt God's ability to work and move through others in your life. Until next time XOXO Imani B --- Support this podcast:
12/04/202319 minutes 53 seconds
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Who am I? Faithfully Feminine introduction

Hi it girls, We finally made it! I am so excited to talk about all things feminine and my walk with God. New episodes will be uploaded every Wednesday, keep in mind that is the same day as my YouTube uploads:) If you enjoyed this episode please be sure to rate and review this podcast. Also, don't forget to share with a friend! Thank you for listening and thank you even more for your support! xoxo, Imani B. Music by Damien Sebe  --- Support this podcast:
16/09/202214 minutes 42 seconds