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English, Education, 33 seasons, 298 episodes, 15 hours, 43 minutes
In Faith and Economics, economics professors Dr. Russ McCullough and Peter Jacobsen and philosophy professor Dr. Justin Clarke discuss big issues that impact economic freedom and human flourishing from a Christian perspective. This podcast is an initiative of the Gwartney Institute at Ottawa University. For more information, contact us at [email protected]
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Dissecting the Debate | #297

Join the Gwartney Team to discuss the first Presidential debate.  What was most surprising?  What does the election look like going forward?  
7/8/202433 minutes, 25 seconds
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What is Morality? | #296

People disagree about whether particular acts are moral or immoral.  But there is a deeper disagreement lurking, which is a disagreement about the fundamental nature of morality itself, and this is a disagreement that Justin claims is currently playing out in contemporary philosophy.        So, what is morality, and why should we care?
7/1/202445 minutes, 14 seconds
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Focus on the Family? | #295

The Gwartney Institute usually has a rather dim view of the state, and therefore advocates getting the government out of social policy. But the Family is the primary unit of social organization, and plenty of government programs seem to erode the family structure.   So, what would a pro-family social policy look like?  Is this something we should be advocating for?  Why or why not?
6/24/202436 minutes, 26 seconds
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Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? | #294

What is the relationship between luck and morality?  We often think that luck is morally neutral, in that you shouldn't be blamed or praised merely because you were lucky or unlucky.  The other side of this coin is that we think that moral praise and blame should be reserved for actions that are within our control.  But what if there is more overlap between morality and luck than we had previously thought?  
6/17/202435 minutes, 54 seconds
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Who's Afraid of CBDCs?

Bitcoin turns 15 in 2024, and many other digital currencies have sprung up in the wake of bitcoin's volatile success.  Central Banks are now positioning themselves to enter the space with CBDCs (central bank digital currencies), which they claim will make monetary policy more effective while maintaining the benefits of digital currencies without the speculative risks. Are they right, or should we be worried?
6/10/202440 minutes, 41 seconds
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Freedom | #292

Here at the Gwartney Institute, we often describe ourselves as advocates for freedom. But even as our freedoms come under attack from all angles, the concept of freedom itself might be unclear, and the meaning is at least disputed. So, what is freedom anyway?
6/3/202436 minutes, 49 seconds
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Fallacies |#291

In this episode, Dr. Clarke explains what fallacies are, providing clear examples and insights. Following his explanation, Dr. McCullough and Dr. Jacobsen engage in a lively debate, presenting their differing views on various fallacies. Tune in for an enlightening discussion that breaks down common logical errors and explores their implications in everyday arguments and decision-making.
5/27/202437 minutes, 9 seconds
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Measurement and Judgement |#290

Justin is angry and animated because he thinks we live in a world where measurement has replaced judgment, and that this robs us of individuality, autonomy, and authenticity.  He also thinks the results in terrible outcomes for physical and mental health, education, and if you can believe it, other bad stuff too.  He's really on one, so let him cook.
5/20/202432 minutes, 14 seconds
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Labor Unions | #289

What are labor unions, and what role do they play in the modern economy?  The Gwartney team explains the arguments for and against Labor Unions, and outlines the ways in which these arguments have changed as the economy has modernized and globalized.
5/13/202436 minutes, 10 seconds
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High Art, Low Culture, and Hyperstimulus | #288

At the Gwartney Institute, we're very fancy.  Still, we wanted to know: What exactly constitutes high art?  Is there any substantial difference between the avant-garde and what the rest of us enjoy? Peter walks the Gwartney team through an interesting article purporting to answer this very question. Along the way they touch on haute cuisine, cinema, centerfolds, and punk rock.
5/6/202433 minutes, 2 seconds
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Deflation | #287

Who's Afraid of Deflation?Everyone hates inflation - where our money is worth less and less over time.  However, many economists prefer a limited amount of inflation to a phenomenon that they find even scarier: deflation.   What is deflation, where does it come from, and why are policymakers so afraid of it?  Peter, Russ and Justin explain the orthodox view that deflation is dangerous, and then they explain why this fear may not in fact be entirely warranted.
4/29/202441 minutes, 47 seconds
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Is The 40 Hour Work Week A Scam? | #286

Could we work less and be better off?  The traditional 40-hour work week has been under the microscope in certain policy circles, accompanied by suggestions that if we moved to a 4-day work week (or a similarly reduced schedule) we would be happier and just as wealthy.  The Gwartney team takes precious time out of their respective work weeks to look at these suggestions and the assumptions and arguments which motivate them.  
4/22/202439 minutes, 14 seconds
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Controlling The Food Supply?

To what degree is our food supply under federal control?  How and why does this happen?  How much of a problem is this?  Justin has a bee in his bonnet about current federal regulations regarding livestock, and the rest of the Gwartney crew humors his paranoia with civil discussion.  
4/15/202435 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Mating Game: Problems Between the Sexes? | #284

Recent studies show that relations between men and women have deteriorated, particularly among those of dating, mating and creating age.  What causes this?  What does it mean?  How do we fix it? The Gwartney Team weighs in. Join us!
4/8/202446 minutes, 48 seconds
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Extracurricular Book Club! |#283

The Gwartney Team mixes it up, talking about some of the best recreational reading they've come across lately.  No textbooks, no political tirades, just the kind of reading that they do for fun, and that you might enjoy.  Is Peter is still reading Ernst Jünger?  Why is Justin so weird?  What kind of space-laser-weapons is Russ currently salivating over?  For the answers to these questions – and for recommendations with which to stock your own wish list! –  make sure not to skip this episode.
4/1/202436 minutes, 16 seconds
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Pet Peeves: Sweating the Small Stuff / #282

What are pet peeves, and why do we get so peeved about them?  The Gwartney Team wonders what constitutes a pet peeve, and whether or not they serve a socially useful function.  Along the way, they share their own pet peeves, and let me tell you:  these guys are nuts.
3/25/202439 minutes, 58 seconds
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Monopoly and Bureaucracy: Why is Centralization Bad? | #281

The possible merger of grocery giants Kroger and Albertsons is in the news.  When businesses centralize, there is a danger that they could form a monopoly, which can then exploit consumers.  This, at least, is the justification that the governmental bureaucracy gives in order to regulate business mergers and centralization.  Problematically, the government itself is, by definition, a monopoly.  What is going on?   Join The Gwartney Team as they tease out the costs and benefits of centralization in various forms. Reference Timeline: Competition vs. the profit incentive // 3:30 Why centralization of the food supply is dangerous // 7:00 Can economies of scale be maxed out? // 15:00 "A diversity of products better satisfies the diversity of consumers" // 18:00 Losing the price signals of capital goods // 23:45 What goes before a company's fall? // 25:00
3/18/202435 minutes, 50 seconds
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Problems with Mental Health?

Our society seems increasingly concerned with and organized around issues related to mental health.  Is this  development progress, or a symptom of something deeper?  How are mental problems related to physical ailments?  What does this mean for us?  Join the Gwartney team to discuss the growing influence of mental health policy.
3/11/202440 minutes, 38 seconds
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Hobbies -Find your Flow to Flourish |#279

When we think about what constitutes human flourishing, we usually think about family and vocation.  But this leaves out an important source of meaning in our lives: our hobbies.  What is a hobby anyway, and why do so many of us consider them so important?  Are there any features that make some activities better suited to be hobbies than others?  Is our society getting better or worse at having hobbies? Join the Gwartney team for a discussion about one of life's under-analyzed pleasures: the noble hobby.
3/4/202438 minutes, 19 seconds
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Dan Meylan: Business Leadership and Biblical Principles

Ottawa University Alumnus and serial insurance industry entrepreneur Dan Meylan joins the Gwartney team for a discussion.  Dan makes the case that biblical principles can inform and improve business operations and leadership, and that this combination can pay compound dividends.
2/26/202436 minutes, 22 seconds
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Profit and People - Morality and Business? | #277

In this episode we ask: What is the social responsibility of a business? This was the question on the table during an exciting debate event hosted by the Gwartney Institute earlier this month, and a question that we often hear discussed in our culture. Join us as the Gwartney Team breaks down the different views on this pivotal topic and finds some surprising results! Timeline: The Shareholder Theory vs. Stakeholder Theory // 5:00 Milton Friedman "The social responsibility of a business is to increase profits" // 6:00 Moral Concerns of Stakeholders and Stockholders // 17:00 Playing By the Rules? // 18:30 Institutional Incentives // 27:30
2/19/202432 minutes, 34 seconds
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When to End a Friendship | #276

Join us in this "When to end a friendship" episode, where we tackle a tricky question: When is it okay to say goodbye to a friend? As students, we juggle a lot, including friendships that might only sometimes feel right. We'll chat about signs that tell us it's time to move on, like feeling constantly down or disrespected. Plus, we'll share tips on having those tough talks and putting our well-being first. Please tune in and learn when it's time to wave goodbye to toxic friendships and make room for better ones!
2/12/202444 minutes, 10 seconds
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Small Town America -Should anything be done? | #275

In this episode, we dive into the heart of Small Town America to explore the challenges and opportunities these communities face. Join us as we discuss whether anything should be done to address the unique issues they encounter. From local economies to community spirit, we unravel the stories shaping small towns' future. Please tune in for an insightful conversation that encourages us to think about the role we all play in supporting the vitality of these cherished communities.
2/6/202444 minutes, 48 seconds
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2024 Predictions -Bitcoin-Economy-Elections | #275

2024 Predictions: Bitcoin, Economy, and Elections" is here to break things down for you. We are talking about Bitcoin – what it means for your money. Then, we'll discuss the economy and what we expect to come. And, of course, we're checking out the 2024 elections – who's running and why it matters to you. Whether you're into crypto or just curious, this episode is about what's coming up in 2024. Join us for an easy chat about money, tech, and politics 
2/5/202452 minutes, 6 seconds
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Democracy in Jeopardy - Get Religion? | #274

This episode, we examine the current state of democracy in the United States and recent attempts by appointed and elected officials to remove a candidate from primary elections. Join us as the Gwartney Team discusses the ramifications of this development, and puts forth ideal solutions that could tame the increasingly vehement and irresponsible form of politics we have been experiencing in the 21st century. Reference Timeline: 2.40 - When is it appropriate to say the people cannot vote for someone? 3.20 - Precedent in the making? 9.30 - The 14th Amendment 11.00 - Emergence of "Lawfare" 14.00 - Banana Republics 19.00 - Carl Popper and his Paradox of Toleration 30.00 - Democracy vs. Republic 40.00 - "Get Religion"
1/29/202443 minutes, 41 seconds
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Inspirational -Tribute to Dr. Jim Gwartney | #273

Join us in a heartfelt and inspiring special edition of our podcast as we pay tribute to the remarkable life and legacy of Dr. Jim Gwartney. Delve into the captivating biography of this influential individual who touched the lives of many with his wisdom and guidance. Discover the profound impact he had on those around him and be uplifted by the stories that showcase the enduring inspiration drawn from Dr. Gwartney's life. Tune in for a touching exploration of the lessons and values that made him a beacon of inspiration for all.
1/22/202430 minutes, 27 seconds
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Suffering Socialist Argentina Elects New Free Market President | #272

In this new episode "Argentina's Big Change: New President, New Ideas," Russ, Peter, and Justin, chat about Argentina's recent election. The country used to be more about socialism, but now they've chosen a leader who likes the idea of a free-market economy. Join the fun talk as the professors break down what this could mean for Argentina – like, how it might affect their money, people, and relationships with other countries. Get ready for an easy-to-follow podcast that makes understanding politics a breeze!
1/15/202439 minutes, 34 seconds
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2024 Predictions -Bitcoin-Economy-Elections | #271

Hello everyone, This week's new podcast, "2024 Predictions: Bitcoin, Economy, Elections," will reveal the upcoming year's events, so get ready! We are dissecting Bitcoin, the financial industry's state, and the elections' current state. Enjoy casual conversations, knowledgeable analysis, and a few surprises. You're welcome to join us as we decipher the future! With that said, put on your headphones and plunge into "2024 Predictions: Bitcoin, Economy, Elections"—foreseeing the future is always advantageous!
1/8/202451 minutes, 56 seconds
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Renewable Energy Really Renewable?-Dr. Levi Russell | #270

Let's dive into renewable energy with the awesome Dr. Levi Russell. Wondering if it's as renewable as it sounds? Dr. Russell is here to explain it all without the confusing jargon. Imagine solar panels and wind turbines like superheroes saving the planet. Dr. Russell helps us understand how these cool technologies work in simple terms that even your grandma could get. Are you curious about why everyone talks about renewable energy? This episode spills the beans!
1/1/202445 minutes, 17 seconds
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High Costs of Wind and Solar Worth It? -Dr. Levi Russell | #269

Explore the economic trade-offs of wind and solar energy with Dr. Levi Russell. Delve into whether the high costs are justified in this insightful episode questioning the sustainability of renewable power.
12/26/202336 minutes, 20 seconds
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Sinful Usury Interest Rates? - Dr. Levi Russell | #268

In this eye-opening episode, join Dr. Levi Russell as he demystifies the complex world of interest rates and explores the ethical implications of usury. Geared towards students, Dr. Russell breaks down the concept of usury, delving into its historical context and shedding light on how it impacts individuals and societies today. Discover the fine line between fair lending practices and exploitation, and gain a clearer understanding of the moral considerations surrounding interest rates. Whether you're an economics enthusiast or just starting to grasp financial concepts, this podcast provides a thought-provoking exploration of the controversial realm of interest rates.
12/18/202340 minutes, 44 seconds
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Women and Economic Freedom- Dr. Rosemarie Fike | #267

In this enlightening episode, Dr. Rosemarie Fike explores the intersection of women's empowerment and economic freedom, shedding light on key insights that challenge and redefine traditional perspectives. A must-listen conversation on fostering equality and prosperity.
12/11/202332 minutes
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Smashing Priceless Art -Protests or Terror? | #266

Uncover the blurred lines between protest and terror as we explore the controversial act of smashing priceless art. Is it a form of protest or an act of terror? Tune in
12/4/202343 minutes, 22 seconds
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Light Bulb Freedom -Government Failure? | #265

Tune in to 'Light Bulb Freedom: Government Failure?' and join the conversation on individual rights and government intervention. Explore the unintended consequences of well-intentioned policies as we shed light on a grassroots movement advocating for personal liberties. Don't miss this compelling episode—listen now and be part of the discussion!"
11/27/202339 minutes, 27 seconds
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Charitable Gifts On the Street Moral? | #264

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the morality of charitable gifts on the street in our latest episode, "Charitable Gifts On the Street: Moral?" Explore the ethical dimensions of spontaneous generosity. Listen now and share your thoughts!
11/20/202337 minutes, 39 seconds
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Entrepreneurship Insights - Chad Steenhoek | #263

Embark on an entrepreneurial odyssey with Chad Steenhoek, unraveling his unparalleled insights in "Entrepreneurship Insights." Journey through the uncharted terrains of his triumphs, failures, and pivotal lessons, guiding listeners towards their own prosperity. Uncover practical wisdom and cutting-edge strategies from a trailblazing industry leader, offering a compass to navigate the challenges of the business world. Tune in and revolutionize your entrepreneurial journey today.
11/13/202337 minutes, 53 seconds
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Reason Your Way to God? Philosophy vs Theology -Pastor Timothy Roth

Join Pastor Timothy Roth in 'Reason Your Way to God? Philosophy vs Theology' as he delves into the age-old debate between philosophy and theology. Discover how these two disciplines intersect and diverge, and explore the profound questions surrounding faith, reason, and spirituality. Whether you're a philosopher, a theologian, or simply curious, this podcast will spark your intellectual curiosity and invite you to explore the path to understanding God from different perspectives.
11/6/202340 minutes, 26 seconds
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Reformation, Confession, Church Differences -Pastor Timothy Roth | #261

Tune in to Pastor Timothy Roth's captivating podcast episode delving into the Reformation's enduring legacy, the transformative power of Confession, and the nuances of present-day Church differences. Engage with history and modern spirituality—listen now for a profound understanding of faith's evolution and challenges."
10/30/202338 minutes, 41 seconds
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Unemployment - Get a Job? | #260

In this new episode, we talk about unemployment in the US. We will examine how the employment market has altered over the past 20 years, particularly for men and women. We will simplify it and read the statistics and patterns that have shaped the labor market. It is more than simply numbers. It is about comprehending how the employment landscape has changed. Listen to find out how "Unemployment" is becoming.
10/23/202332 minutes, 22 seconds
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Winners and Losers - Government Protecting US Auto | #259

Join our riveting podcast as we dissect the transformative impact of the U.S. government's protective measures on the auto industry. In this thought-provoking episode, we unravel the intricate dynamics shaping the fortunes of industry titans and the nuanced repercussions on consumer choices. Stay tuned to unravel the captivating narrative of resilience and vulnerability within America's automotive realm.
10/16/202334 minutes, 40 seconds
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Power -Maybe Machiavelli Was Right

Let's talk about power! In this episode, we discuss whether the old ideas of Machiavelli, an intelligent thinker from the past, still make sense today. We'll break down the tricks, problems, and tough choices that come with having power. Join us for a chat about what Machiavelli can teach us about power in our world today. Listen now!
10/9/202330 minutes, 35 seconds
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End Tax-Exempt Status for Churches | #257

Dive into the contentious debate over tax-exempt status for churches. Uncover the historical context, grapple with the clash between religious freedom and fairness, and discover the tangible consequences. Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of this critical issue that's shaping our society. Don't miss this eye-opening episode!
10/2/202329 minutes
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Church Finance, How Should We Spend?

The most recent episode of "Church Finance, How Should We Spend?" examines the sensitive and frequently complicated subject of church budget distribution. Join our Gwartney Institute professors Russ, Peter, and Justin as they discuss ethical issues and best practices for allocating financial resources within a Christian group.
9/25/202334 minutes, 7 seconds
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Productive or Fruitful, What Does God Want? | #255

Discover the answer to a profound question in our latest podcast episode: "Productive or Fruitful, What Does God Want?" Dive into spiritual insights and practical wisdom, and join us on a journey to find purpose in your daily life. Tune in now and gain valuable perspective!
9/18/202340 minutes, 6 seconds
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Rich Men in Richmond? | #254

We highlight the injustices committed against the rural working class in this episode of "Rich Men in Richmond?" Join us as we explore the unsung tales of devout people who Richmond's wealthy elite has frequently eclipsed. We'll talk about the difficulties, problems, and structural injustices that the rural working class faces as we examine the effects of economic inequality on their daily lives.
9/11/202334 minutes, 28 seconds
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Investment Advice -Dollar Cost Averaging and More | #253

In this enlightening episode of "Investment Advice - Dollar Cost Averaging and More," we dive deep into the world of investment strategies and a whole lot more! Join our expert hosts as they unravel some secrets of "Dollar Cost Averaging", a strategy that can revolutionize your investment game. Listen now!
9/4/202338 minutes, 26 seconds
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Personal Finance -Pitfalls to Watch for | #252

Money counts, especially in college, Don't Get Caught! Episode 252 Personal Finance Pitfalls to Watch for. Join us this week as we explore the top financial mistakes that even the most intelligent students can fall victim to. We have the advice to keep financially healthy and prosperous, from credit card mayhem to budgeting gaffes. Watch now to take control of your finances and safeguard your future with smart money moves. Listen now!
8/28/202341 minutes, 18 seconds
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Work From Home Does Not Work? | #251

"Join us on a journey of workplace transformation with 'Work From Home Does Not Work?' podcast. Get into the captivating world of remote work as we unravel its intricate layers. Tune in to explore intriguing topics like the unseen switching costs that impact your remote experience. We openly talk about the diverse work styles and home environments that make working from home a better fit for some than others. Discover how the competitive job market is reshaping the remote work scenario, and learn why companies are reconsidering virtual work arrangements. Listen Now! Working from home is not for everyone / 5:39 Competition bringing people back / 7:05 Office Culture / 9:25 Team Production / 11:40 Institutions and Norms in Society / 20:00 Minimizing Production / 26:00
8/21/202336 minutes, 6 seconds
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Romantic Relationships And Money | #250

This audio episode explores the complex relationship between money and romance. We examine how contemporary sensibilities change how we approach money in partnerships, from splitting costs to making financial decisions. We also explore the role of tradition, looking at how ideas like arranged weddings respond to shifting economic conditions. The episode emphasizes people's sacrifices for their partners and explores whether financial compatibility can lessen these difficulties. Watch for enlightening interviews with subject matter experts and true tales that shed light on the complicated relationship between money and love. Modern Sensibilities / 3.00 Traditional relationship / 4.00 Arranged marriage / 6.10 Property Rights / 19.00 Independent finances / 28.00
8/14/202338 minutes, 39 seconds
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Ex-Pats Hurt Developing Countries?

In this episode, we focus on neocolonialism as we examine the effects of the rising trend of expatriates on developing nations. We explore the drawbacks of expatriation and discuss how it affects both the ex-pats and the locals. The podcast questions the effects of the precise cultural mismatch between ex-patriots and their new homes on regional identity and traditions. Join us as we evoke discussion on the moral obligations of expatriates and their impact on the socioeconomic environment of their host countries. Listen now!
8/7/202335 minutes, 25 seconds
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Ruler vs Ruled | #248

Explore the world of "Power Struggle: Ruler vs. Ruled," resulting in probes of the intricate connection between individuals in control positions and those they rule. Explore Adam Smith's principles and their impact on power dynamics as you unravel the historical development of democracy and its effect on empowering the populace. Consider the difficulties of majority rule while keeping the rights of minorities in mind. Travel through time to see how the monarchy has shaped society by rising and falling. Finally, examine fascism's shadowy side and how it affects personal freedoms. Listen now! Timeline Democracy, Adam Smith // 4:50 Majority Rule Problems // 10:30 Monarchy & Fascism // 18:30 Ceterus Parabus // 30:10 Definition Problem // 38:15
7/31/202342 minutes, 19 seconds
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Transhumanism - Government Control? | #247

Welcome to our podcast episode, where we explore the fascinating world of transhumanism and how it relates to government control. Transhumanism is about using advanced technology to enhance human abilities, like outsourcing our brains or merging technology with our minds. This episode discusses these technologies' ethical questions and how governments might get involved. We'll also look into "Bitcoin breaking the nomad danger of centralized decisions" and how it connects to transhumanism. Timeline: Outsourcing Brains // 2:30 Technology & Brains // 12:00 Bitcoin - Breaking The Nom // 17:50 Danger Of Centralized Decisions // 26:00
7/24/202332 minutes, 11 seconds
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Transhumanism - Live Like God? | #246

In this episode, we dive into the challenges and uncertainties of transhumanism. We will discuss the tough questions about what it means to be human and the potential consequences of transforming ourselves in profound ways. Does altering our physical bodies undermine God? Listen now! Timeline: Are You The Same As You Where In Kindergarten? // 4:30 Life Is In The Memory // 8:45 Memory, Schmemory // 16:00 Memory and Transhumanism // 22:00 The Teleporter // 30:00 Bernard Williams - Philosophy Christopher Nolan - The Prestige John Locke - The Prince and The Cobbler Donald Davidson - Philosophy The Ship of Theseus - Philosophy Thought Experiment
7/17/202333 minutes, 45 seconds
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Transhumanism – Morally still Man?

In this episode, the Gwartney Team discusses the transhumanism movement. Join us as we define this concept and discuss whether or not it should be an ultimate goal for our society. Transhumanism / 1:30 When we prolong and improve life, is it still human? / 10.25 The Heavens Gate Comet / 15.00 Lost common tongue / 17.00 Faith and transhumanism / 20.15 Aim to be like "God" / 26:30 Error in the leaps / 34.00
7/10/202333 minutes, 52 seconds
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Repugnant Conclusion with Population Growth | #244

In this episode, the Gwartney Team discusses Derek Parfit's Mere Addition Paradox relating happiness and population. Parfit's "Repugnant Conclusion" is that a huge population living a life of little happiness, is preferable to a small, but universally happy population. Join us as we break down this paradox from a faith perspective. Philosophical ideas of a beneficial society / 3.00 Should society push for population growth? / 10.15 Arguments against the Mere Addition Paradox / 15.00 Is Z better than A? / 24.45 The Drake Equation for General Welfare / 30.30 Reasons and Persons-Derek Parfit The Trolley Problem, What Would Jesus Do? | #84
7/3/202332 minutes, 54 seconds
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Popular Science Is Bad? | #243

In this episode, the Gwartney Institute discusses popular science and some of the dangers of trusting the science. Is there a stigma around popular science that does not try to teach, but merely entertain? Join us as we discuss how popular science may have more negative effects than positive.
6/28/202339 minutes, 49 seconds
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Aliens - Where Are They? | #242

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses the possibility of aliens after the United States Government declassified information that supports the existence of extraterrestrial life. We attempt to lay some of the intellectual groundwork that is necessary for the discussion of aliens by discussing multiple theories that have emerged over the past 50 years and wonder, would it be in humans best interest for aliens to exist? Join us for a fun and informative conversation over one of the more mysterious topics within society today. Timeline: Arguments For/Against Aliens // 1:45 Zero Communicative Life //7:30 Abiogenesis //12:00 Slipped Through the Great Filter? //22:00 Too Dangerous to Communicate //29:15 Drake Equation Pharme Paradox Nick Bostrom Three Body Problem Dark Forest Theory "Thinking About the Infinite |#217" -
6/19/202335 minutes, 48 seconds
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I Can’t Sell Honey at the Farmer’s Market? | #241

This week's discussion covered a recent story about a local woman who is pushing back against the regulations banning gardening and keeping bees as a business in the city of Ottawa KS. Join us as the Gwartney Team discusses entrepreneurship, home businesses, and property rights. Timeline: Restrict the Business / 3.00 Government is thinking of Externalities? / 6.30 Private Solutions or Collective Action / 13.15 People require too much of one another? / 19.30 Reduced competition / 22.45 Vote with your feet / 27.00
6/12/202335 minutes, 23 seconds
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Fed Pays Banks 5.15% With Your Savings - You Get Known of It?| #240

Russ presents a grievance to the Federal Reserve and their use of Interest on Reserves in this episode. We discuss interest on reserves and how it is being used to increase national debt spending. The Fed has incentivized the banking system to invest vault savings, or the grouping of individual saving accounts, into the Federal Reserve's vault savings by offering banks 5.15% on the money invested. Banks are encouraged to invest their money in the Federal Reserve, not private investments and institutions. Additionally, this incentivizes the Fed to utilize these funds to increase government spending. Listen now to hear more about these policies. Timeline: The Fed: A Banker’s Bank // 3:30 Government Authority is Banking // 8:45 My Savings Is Paying National Debt? //14:00 How Money’s Created // 21:00 The System // 28:15
6/5/202333 minutes, 21 seconds
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Intellectual Property Rights | #239

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses what should be considered as intellectual property and why certain things may not meet the criteria. For instance, do patents restrict ownership of physical property? Does intellectual property require one to sell/buy rights? We consider that businesses are incentivized to create intellectual property, and discuss what is the government's incentive to protect it. Join us as we tackle intellectual property from all angles! Timeline: Patents and Ownership // 4:30 States Defend Property //10:00 Utilitarian Argument // 17:45 Prizes Instead of Patents? //22:30 Litigation Costs //30:00
5/29/202336 minutes, 4 seconds
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Interpreting the Text -Peter and Justin Battle

In this episode, the Gwartney team wants to discuss the best way to interpret texts. Should we attempt to discover the authors intended meaning or is our own valuable? Peter argues that there needs to be a checkpoint of meaning from the author for interpretations to have any value. Justin argues that words have meaning regardless of what the author meant, and that the only way to describe meaning is by using more words or using the same sentence again. Who do you think won? ROUND 1 The Author is Alive // 1:00 Meaning & Significance // 7:30 Is It All in The Head? // 11:45 ROUND 2 Author Creates Meaning, Not Words? // 24:40 Words Create Meaning, Authors Do Not? // 26:15 Intention is Important // 35:00 Misused Meaning // 38:30
5/22/202348 minutes, 50 seconds
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Jesus the Scapegoat? | #237

In this episode, Justin leads the team through ideas from Rene Girard, a French theorist from the 20th century who countered mainstream thought during this time. Girard wanted to refute claims that Greek myths and the Passion of the Christ were the same, or at least very similar. By comparing stories of Greek myth and those in the Bible, we are able to see the what separates myth from the Passion of Christ. How did Jesus shed light on the Devil's tricks, especially the one where society believes something of his working is required for survival? Join the conversation now to hear how Jesus uncovered Satan by being exclusively innocent and holy while on Earth. Timeline: Desire in Life & Myth //3:15 Joseph and Edipus - A Comparison // 8:00 Warming Your Hands With Society // 14:00 Jesus Uncovered Satan // 20:45 Luke's Account // 24:30 Exclusive Innocence // 34:00 Rene Girard - The Scapegoat (Le bouc émissaire) Rene Girard - I See Satan Fall Like Lightning
5/15/202336 minutes, 57 seconds
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Inflation Adjusted Capital Gains Tax? | #236

How do taxes affect investment and saving incentives for individuals in the United States? In this episode, the Gwartney Institute discusses an issue with the tax system in regard to how it handles inflation. Should our tax system include inflation when evaluating individuals capital gains? These taxes disproportionately effect lower income earners more harshly than high income earners, yet they still feel a huge blunt end of these taxes. Listen now to an informational show on inflation, taxes, and their effect on our incentives to invest and save money. Timeline: Capital Gains & Income Taxes // 2:30 Inflations Effect on Capital Gains // 5:00 Printing Money Causes The Bid to Go Up // 10:15 Effects All Citizens // 18:00 Cryptocurrency & Unrealized Gains //23:25 Create Inflation and Collect Taxes? // 26:00
5/8/202327 minutes, 55 seconds
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Tenure for College Professors? | Episode #235

In this episode, the Gwartney Team discusses movements in the structure of college professors. There is currently a diverse competition in the job market of higher education. As states like Texas ban tenure for professors at public universities, more professors move to the private sector. Join us in our latest episode to learn why this is happening! 4:00 // Benefits of Tenure 8:00 // Tenure vs Non-Tenure 11:00 // Freedom of Ideas in Academia 18:00 // Texas Removing Tenure - Public Schools 24:00 // The Future of Professor's Pay
5/1/202331 minutes, 14 seconds
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Gospel Politics - A New Way? | Episode #234

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses the problems of 'older brother' vs 'younger brother' mentalities in the political spectrum. How have these roles switched in the past 50 years? Perhaps having more congressmen not participate in the legislature can allow for more elected officials to preach the gospel. Listen in for a hot take on the problems and solutions of Gospel Politics! Show Timeline: Older and Younger Brothers / 2:00 Political Mindset of the Brothers / 6:30 Social Rule Enforcement / 9:30 Paul, Older or Younger Brother? / 17:00 Political Homelessness / 25:00 The Gospel & Politics / 32:30 Utilization of the Platform /38:45 O'Connor - Wise Blood Tim Keller
4/24/202340 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode #233 | Bank Bailouts -No More Please!

A few weeks ago, we witnessed Silicon Valley Bank scare the financial sector with a bank failure. The FDIC then 'came to the rescue' in ensuring depositor's their money. The team dives deeper, discussing weaknesses, cracks, and the heavy regulations within insured banks. Could there be more to the story? The banks are fine? / 5:15 Who got the bailout? / 10:00 Effects on consumers? / 15:00 Interest Rates / 21:05 'Fat Cats' / 26:00 Dominos are falling / 31:45 Backwards incentives / 36:30 Regulations don't save bucks / 39:00
4/17/202344 minutes, 18 seconds
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Socialism Fails Venezuela - Creighton University | Episode #232

In this episode, the Gwartney Team hosts a podcast at Crieghton University with a special guest from Venezuela. Our guest explains the breakdown of Venezuelan Political and Economic Institutions over the years. Could democracy hold a problem that leads to dictatorship? Listen in to find out! 2:45 // Institutional Hierarchy 9:15 // Political Power of Leaders in Venezuela 15:30 // The Decline of the Venezuelan Economy 20:45 // Venezuelan Education System 24:00 // Q & A 33:00 // Economic Freedom Today
4/10/202339 minutes, 56 seconds
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DARE to say NO? - Drug use up? | #231

The war on drugs produced many programs, with one of them being the Drug Abuse Resistance Education. The Gwartney Team discusses the topic and its long-term effects on America's youth. Has this program been successful, or has it perpetuated the idea of the drugs it is fighting? Perhaps there is a better approach to limiting the number of drug abusers. Listen now to find out! Show Notes: DARE to Resist Drugs // 1:30 Pressing Issues with DARE // 6:00 30 Ways to Say 'NO' // 10:05 Zero Tolerance and Leveling // 16:00 Legalization // 23:25 Drinking & Driving // 29:00 Cell Phones & Boredom // 33:00
4/3/202334 minutes, 1 second
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Do We Deserve Anything from Government? | Episode #230

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses just what people deserve. It's often theorized that the state ought to give criminals what they deserve, in defense of their neighbors' rights. Perhaps we must weigh the costs and benefits of the state's policy. Could this be wrong? Listen to find out! Show Notes: How does the State decide? // 3:45 Cost & Benefit of the State // 8:15 Justice & Harm Principle // 13:40 What is the Role of the State? // 18:35 The Types of Laws // 24:30 Race-Based Aid // 30:10
3/27/202338 minutes, 53 seconds
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Christians & Creationism - 6000 Years - Really? | Episode #229

In this episode, the Gwartney Team dives into the topic of creationism. Science and religion both have varying ideas as to what caused the creation of the universe. The founding belief of The Resurrection in Christianity can be seen as a miracle, unable to be disapproved by science. What does it mean if these miracles can be disputed? Join us to hear a take on Christians & Creationism! What is Creationism? // 2:00 Does Science Disprove Creationism? // 7:45 Can Miracles be Disputed? // 14:30 Exegetical Grounds // 18:40 Genesis Written Historically // 28:00 The Big Bang // 34:45
3/20/202340 minutes, 36 seconds
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Government Weapons of Oppression - Dr. Rachel Ferguson | Episode #228

In this episode, The Gwartney Team has a special guest, Dr. Rachel Ferguson. Esteemed author of Black Liberation Through the Marketplace, Rachel has joined us to answer questions from students who have recently attended our Breakfast Book Club. Listen now for a rich conversation on the stories of Black America.  Show Notes-Student Questions 3:11 // Native & African American Land Rights? 7:00 // Rachel’s Comments on Defunding the Police 12:52 // Why go into such detail explaining atrocities? 20:29 // What is Civil Society? 27:25 // Reparations for Black America 35:04 // Martin Luther King & Malcom X 38:40 // Segregation, Integration
3/13/202344 minutes, 32 seconds
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Democracy, Populism, Mob Rule - What's the Difference? | Episode #227

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses the populism issues arising from democracy. Too often does the 'mob rule' dominate over large portions of citizens. Is there a chance that this may be counterproductive to the benefits of democracy? Perhaps the concept of Fiscal Federalism could solve these issues. Join us in the link below to find out! Show Notes:  4:15 // Contradiction between Democracy and Populism 11:20 // Is Elite Rule Good or Bad? 19:00 // Guard against Mob Rule 29:30 // The Fed is Too Large? 35:00 // The Power of Markets
3/6/202342 minutes, 3 seconds
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Ban Smart Phones for Kids Under 18? | Episode #226

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses a looming mental health crisis in the United States. The leading demographic is young women. With an increase in suicidal thoughts, many Americans tend to blame the newly evolved social media. The constant critiquing that comes with these media sites may be influencing our young women badly. Could this be a breakdown of civil society? Would a smartphone ban for kids work? Listen in to find out! Social Media or Something Else Entirely? / 3:30 Lockdown Effects / 7:45 Civil Society Breakdown / 10:25 Constant Critiquing / 19:00 Smartphones & Boredom / 27:15 Do the Costs Outweigh the Benefits? / 36:00 Who Gets Punished? / 45:20 Externalities / 53:45
2/26/202355 minutes, 8 seconds
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International Conflicts and Aid -What should the US do? | Episode #225

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses the United States' role in foreign aid. When the U.S. gets involved in international conflicts, the interests of domestic citizens may not be apparent. What are some of the reasons for the U.S.' increased involvement in foreign affairs? Do these actions move our government in the direction of totalitarianism? Join us for a controversial discussion on the role of U.S. on a global scale! What are the United States top interests? / 4:30 Encourage freedom, or create freedom? / 8:00 Local help or federal aid - Which is better? / 14:05 Disentangling military from charity / 22:00 Cycle of history or parallels through time? / 27:30 Political interest outweighs societal? 35:35 Moving the needle / 42:10
2/19/202342 minutes, 14 seconds
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More AI, More Safety Nets for Job Loss? | #224

In this episode, the Gwartney Team discusses AI's role within the marketplace. Artificial Intelligence has proven to be useful in various industries, improving productivity exponentially. While this is a huge benefit, the team discusses where AI may not be applicable in the future. Will a machine perform a service job better than a human? What is the appropriate level of work in a society rich in artificial intelligence? How will people earn and retain money? Join us for this continuation of the discussion on the prospects of Artificial Intelligence. Timeline:  Docking Industry / 4:00 How much A.I. in the Market? / 10:30 Is Work Desired? / 19:00 Industry that can be programmed / 23:00 The Mormon Church / 30:00 Do we need to restructure? / 38:00
2/12/202339 minutes, 55 seconds
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Artificial Intelligence Wrote My Paper -Deal With It | #223

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses AI's recent developments and the conveniences it may provide. Yet, as artificial intelligence is making strides in advancement, what does this mean for the future of education? While the team thinks AI is not at a level of eliminating essays from the curriculum, we do believe there will be potential for a transition back to hands-on learning. Some say artificial intelligence will eventually become sentient, and if that's the case will artificial intelligence create innovation within society and create abundance throughout the world?  Timeline: Academia vs. AI: FIGHT! / 2:30 Better Education Trumps AI? / 10:00 Life of Abundance / 18:00 Will AI make conscious decisions? / 27:30 Does AI Effect Innovation? / 33:30 Utopian Dreams / 42:00 Mind or Matter? - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 1 | #181 Materialism Battles Dualism - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 2| #182 Mind and Body Functionalism - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 3 | Episode #183 Property Dualism - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 4 | #184
2/6/202349 minutes, 4 seconds
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Credit Score Facts and Fiction -Chad McCullough | #222

We are proud to welcome Chad McCullough, an expert on credit score repair to educate on the facts and fiction in the world of credit. How is a credit score composed? Are there incentives for the credit industry to withhold information from consumers? We hope you are able to gather some valuable information about a potential oligopoly.   Timeline: Credit is a Puzzle / 1:30 Are People Complacent? / 6:45 Character Probability / 10:00 Personal Ownership / 14:15 Information's Value in the Credit Industry / 20:25 FICO vs FAKE-O / 24:00 Credit Union's Incentives / 31:00
1/30/202336 minutes, 36 seconds
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Academic Journals—Good Ole Boys Club? | #221

In this episode, the Gwartney Institute discusses issues within Academia. To earn merit within Academia, one is almost required to have some of their work published in a journal, the more prestigious, the better. Yet, there has been an increase in the discussion that the peer-review system is flawed and may be doing more harm than good. The system incentives scholars to create within a narrow scope and to deny one's own story in an effort to present only information. Has academia lost its identity?  Timeline Peer Review's Role in Academia / 2:00 Journal Prestige / 7:25 Problems with Peer Review / 12:15 On a Need-to-Know Basis / 17:00 Insular Self-Publishing / 21:00 Narrow Scope and Barriers for Viewing / 25:30 How Do We Maintain the Spread of Knowledge? / 31:40 Unmask Identity / 38:00
1/23/202343 minutes, 7 seconds
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Tipping is out of control? | #220

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses different point of views on the social construct of tipping. What are some of the issues that arise when tipping is prevalent at every food or drink establishment? Is there a moral requirement for tipping? Join us for a lighthearted and fun conversation over tipping and its normalcy.  Timeline: Why do we tip? / 2:30 Value of Information / 10:00 Bias Tipping / 14:15 Moral Arguments / 18:45 COVID, Coffee, and Tipping / 24:30 Free Riding / 30:00 Subsidy to Employees / 36:30
1/16/202345 minutes, 33 seconds
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Mass Extinction is a Bad Prediction | #219

In the late 1960s, Paul Ehrlich predicted that the world was facing the mass extinction of land and sea animals. He predicted that the coastline would have to be evacuated ten years after his first book was written due to the smell of dead fish. After the Green Bay Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings last week, Paul Ehrlich was seen on CBS’ 60 Minutes, restating arguments he made almost 50 years ago. The Gwartney team discusses issues with Elhrich’s logic and presents arguments against mass extinction. We suggest that humans are inherently different from other animals for we have the ability to innovate with the resources around us. We must strive toward policies that encourage innovation and away from over-restrictive policies that limit the use of resources. Timeline: Humans Are Equal to Animals? / 4:30 Humans Create Ideal Circumstances / 7:00 Endogeneity Problem / 11:00 No Claim to Mass Extinction / 14:00 Stewardship & Private Property / 19:45 Basic Needs Must Be Met to Adust Priorities / 26:00 People Are The SOLUTION / 35:00 Paul Ehrlich - The Population Bomb Julien Simon - The Ultimate Resource
1/9/202338 minutes, 22 seconds
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Christmas Gifts Ruin Christmas? | #218

As we look back at the holiday season, we feel it is interesting to examine the idea of gifting. During Christmas, consumerism is rampantly increasing, and as we dig further into the concept of gifting, the Gwartney team seems to look more at the potential negatives of gift-giving. Has the idea of gift-giving exceeded what was thought of as its potential? Does gift-giving highlight the core values we want to imbed in our future? We discover the actual value of a gift comes from the effort and thought that the giver put into it.  Timeline: Non-wealth Maximizing / 3:00 Value Derives From Effort / 7:15 Kids Are Very Material / 14:20 Christians & Consumerism / 17:55 Outsourcing Goods / 25:45 Our Favorite Gifts / 30:00 
1/2/202334 minutes, 34 seconds
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Thinking about the Infinite | #217

"Are some numbers more significant than others? Are some infinities more extensive than others?  In this episode, Dr. Justin Clarke attempts to explain modern mathematical and philosophical conceptions of the infinite, and what they entail. Peter and Russ resist enlightenment, to their detriment. We hope you enjoy this eye-opening podcast on how to measure and examine the infinite.  Timeline: 2 Senses of Infinite / 2:30 Theory of Infinity / 9:30 Countability / 15:45 The Semi-Circle / 25:00 Incalculable / 34:02 From God's Book / 39:00 Stephen C. Meyer - The Return of the God Hypothesis: Compelling Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God
12/26/202245 minutes, 9 seconds
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Canada’s Healthcare Suicide Solution | #216

In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses Canada's broadening of its euthanasia bill. The original bill allowed for those struggling with life-altering disabilities and those near death could end their suffering early with the government's help. The bill's new broadening allows any Canadian citizen to apply for euthanization. The team discusses the issues with this new bill and makes an argument for the immorality of the bill. We hope you enjoy this educational discussion on what's happening in Canada.  Timeline: 10,000 in 2021 / 2:00 Relevant Examples / 9:30 Lost Testimonials / 14:00 Out of the Ashes ~ Come to Jesus / 20:00  The Moral Arguments / 26:30 Eternity at Stake / 38:10
12/19/202243 minutes, 10 seconds
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Inflation is Caused by Government -Why? | #215

In this episode, the Gwartney team gives a rundown of what the Federal Reserve is and how it operates. They describe our current system, fractional reserve banking, and describe pitfalls that have arisen due to it. We discuss how inflation acts as a required tax pressed upon and created by the government. We hope you enjoy and learn something from this podcast! Federal Reserve 101 / 2:00 Why Banks Want Bonds / 7:15 Mortgage-Backed Securities / 10:30 Old System is Dead / 22:05 Why Open Market Purchases Matter / 30:45 Four Tools / 38:30
12/12/202245 minutes, 52 seconds
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Bitcoin Book Club Part 2 - What is Bitcoin? |#214

In our second, and final, Bitcoin book club, we discuss the more technical details of what cryptocurrency is and how Bitcoin operates. Join us to see how Bitcoin fits into your biblical worldview, the beauty of financial freedom with Bitcoin, and the importance of sound currency.  We would love to thank Chuck Bryant and the Pinnacle Forum for partnering with us on this event! We hope you enjoy it!
12/5/202237 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bitcoin Book Club Part 1 - What is Money? | #213

In this episode, the Gwartney team is walking through the beginning of the Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. Before diving into the mechanics of cryptocurrency, it is essential to understand what money is and the importance of sound money. We hope you enjoy this informative talk about the significance of monetary policies! 
11/28/202246 minutes, 56 seconds
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LA City Council, $218,000 -Public Good Served? | #212

In recent news, LA city counselors were caught on tape saying derogatory things about those living within their community. Upon this news, the Gwartney team looks to discuss the incentives for such behavior within Los Angeles. The Gwartney team discusses why LA city counselors are paid hefty amounts and why they cannot be kicked out of office. What is at play here: higher cost of living, increased workload, a stressful job, or could it be to deter corruption? Join us for a great episode as we sort out the incentives at play within Los Angeles.  Timeline: Incentives / 3:00 Government vs. Free Market / 8:15 Importance of Accurate Capital / 11:00 Rational Ignornance / 18:30 Devil's Advocate / 22:45 Shocking? Not to Dr. Clarke / 25;30 Bad Actors / 31:20
11/21/202232 minutes, 22 seconds
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Inflation Incentives Matter - Dr. Jim Gwartney | #211

In this episode, the Gwartney team welcomes our namesake to the show, Dr. Jim Gwartney. Dr. Gwartney uses his economic expertise to examine the current financial situation of the United States. What has caused this situation? Do the incentives of the people match up with those in power positions? Join us for a great show with the Institutes inspiration  Current & Future Economy / 4:30 Money Supply Increased  / 9:15 Side Effect, Increased Debt / 14:30 Who's Being Served / 18:15 Who'd Reappoint Jerome? / 24:30 Difficulty Holding FED Accountable / 28:00 Stagflation? - Lag Effect /34:45
11/14/202241 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Landlords May Not Be Evil |#210

Do landlords receive a terrible reputation? Most would answer yes, but why is that? In this episode, the Gwartney team discusses some of the positives of renting, especially when mitigating risk for tenants. Join us in changing the way we perceive the life of the landlord! Timeline: The Rhetoric of Landlords / 4:40 Risk Taker / 7:00 The Tragedy of the Commons / 11:00 Jeremiah 29:4 / 14:30 Rent Controls / 20:00 Wealth Tax / 28:00 College's as Landlords / 31:10 Ownership / 34:00
11/7/202236 minutes, 5 seconds
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Power and Wealth -Good or Evil? | #209

In this episode, the Gwartney team talks about power and wealth. As a society should we strive to improve geopolitical power? Does power come from wealth? Can we find value in destruction? How does war fit within our pictures of power and wealth? Join us as we answer questions like these and more! Have a happy Halloween!  Timeline: Geopolitical Power / 1:30 Differences of Wealth & Power / 7:00 Value in Destruction / 10:30 Puppet States / 18:00 War as an Investment / 22:00 Propaganda Will Be Loud / 27:50 Economic Sanctions / 35:00  
10/31/202239 minutes, 47 seconds
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Eyebrow Threading License, No Joke! –Dave Trabert | #208

We are happy to welcome back Dave Trabert of the Kansas Policy Institute! In this episode, we discuss eyebrow-threading licenses and how they could cause inefficiencies in the economy. We dive into other industries, such as barbers, electricians, and roofers, that have licensures or permits and how it could affect their industry. How do policies alter the incentives for people to enter specific industries?  Timeline: Eyebrow Threading Requirements / 2:30 Exemptions / 7:00 Lobbying Efforts to Reduce Competition / 10:00 Common Property & Crappie / 18:30 Build Reputation, Not School Hours / 21:35 The Sandbar / 25:00
10/24/202232 minutes, 46 seconds
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Wrestling, NFL, and Religion -Fake? | #207

Have you ever thought that modern-day sports are adding more theatrics into their games? Dr. Peter Jacobsen leads the team through comparisons of the WWE to the NFL, arguing that the NFL is more similar to the WWE than it seems. We discuss how these theatrics are not at play just in football, but in soccer, basketball, and baseball. Join us for a fun-hearted show!  World Wrestling Entertainment / 3:45 NFL Theatrics / 8:40 Fair v. Equity / 11:35 The Line / 18:40 Agglomeration / 25:45 Storytelling Creatures / 30:00 Joel Listening? /35:00
10/17/202236 minutes, 54 seconds
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K-12 School Charters, Vouchers, and Competition -Dave Trabert | #206

In this episode, the Gwartney team welcomes Dave Trabert to the show! Trabert is an expert on the current education system and is asking for your help to change it! In this show, we will be discussing the monopoly of our current education system and what other options are becoming available to deter this monopoly. From charter schools to vouchers, Trabert walks through these ideas of change and relieves any concerns along the way. Trabert also touches on the system's desire to create racial equality while perpetuating racism. Join us for an important episode now! Timeline: Money follows the children / 3:15 Breaking the monopoly / 6:35 Money for at-risk youth / 10:00 Barriers to education improvement / 16:20 School reaction to COVID, solvent to school choice? / 21:30 Limit of what's taught? / 26:10 Perpetuates racism / 30:25 The system aids the unhealthy / 35:05 Get informed, make your choice! / 37:45 Giving Kids A Fighting Chance:
10/10/202240 minutes, 46 seconds
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Objectifying People’s Subjective Value - Part 2 | #205

In a continuation of last week's show, Justin continues to guide the team through his thesis of individual value. Justin disproves subjective value and Peter has strong opinions on rationality. We hope you enjoy the ending of this conversation! 
10/3/202228 minutes, 57 seconds
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When is Coveting Legal Plunder? | #20

We discuss the concept of legal plunder, first proposed by French philosopher and economist Frederic Bastiat in his tract "The Law." Is there a way to tie this concept to coveting?
9/29/202239 minutes
Episode Artwork

Objectifying People’s Subjective Value Pt.1 |#204

In this episode, Justin introduces the theory of subjective value and issues that arise within its premises. Peter disagrees with Justin on where value comes from and how it's measured. Do we consider irrational beings as agents/people? With conversation flowing, we decided to make this topic into a two-parter. We hope you enjoy the beginning and stay tuned for next week's continuation!   Episode 183 Mind & Body Functionalism:
9/26/202237 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Order of Operations - History Matters | #203

In this episode, Justin leads the Gwartney team through our conversation regarding the order of operations, no not math. Each state should be responsible for its citizens and engage in policies that benefit them.  What is the correct order of implementing/disengaging specific policies and provisions? Join us for a delightful show! Timeline: Libertarian List / 1:35 Environmental Argument? / 6:00 Immigration Issues / 10:30 Starving the Beast / 19:15 Opportunities For Successful Reform / 26:40
9/19/202233 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Insights From the Prodigal Son- Trade and Grace | #202

In this week's episode, Dr. Peter Jacobsen leads the Gwartney team through the Biblical story, of the prodigal son. In this story, what is the sin that Jesus is trying to identify? What is, if any, our reward for being 'good' on Earth? Timeline: Reparations / 3:45 Cain and Abel / 7:15 Transactional Behavior / 12:30 Usurp of Authority / 16:45 Prodigal Son / 22:40 Life is a Gift / 24:00 Whatever I get, I'm Happy / 29:45 Attitude Leads to Fruit / 34:00
9/12/202240 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rational Ignorance and Public Choice | #201

In this week's episode, the Gwartney team discusses rational ignorance and how society engages in it. Further, we investigate public choice and the dangers of growing bureaucracies. We hope you enjoy this episode and see how it fits into your life! Timeline: Public Finance / 2:30 Black Box (James Buchanan) / 5:00 Sugar Policies / 11:00 Poverty Reduction: Government vs. Church / 18:35 Profit of Politics / 22:15 Purchaser of Seats, Closed Market / 30:00 Structure of Government Creates a Hockey Stick? / 33:05
9/5/202237 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

200th Episode -Questions from the Crowd

We are in the mood for a celebration because it's our 200th episode! In this special, live podcast, we take in a few questions from those attending. We hope you enjoy this laid-back conversation covering topics from higher education to cryptocurrency.  Timeline: Previous favorites 1:45 Students Value on Higher Education /8:30 Sheepskin Effect / 13:00 Separation of Church and State / 21:00 2nd Law of Demand / 27:30 Who's skinny dipping? / 33:35 Justin's: Changing Beliefs | #77 Peter's: Mind or Matter? - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 1 | #181 Russ':Russ Roberts | #78 or Vernon Smith on Adam Smith | #32
8/29/202239 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Revelation and the Global Economy -Pastor Dakota Smith | #199

In this week's episode, the Gwartney team welcomes Pastor Dakota Smith from Ottawa Bible Church. Pastor Smith's discussion of choice revolves around predictions from Revelation of a mono-culture speared by a global government. We open up the possibility of such a reality by describing some potential downfalls of our society. For instance, we discuss the rise of the self and subjective truth. Whereas the truth is determined by whatever the self sees it as. Join us in an enlightening and foreboding podcast!  Timeline: One World Order / 4:00 7th World Empire / 9:45 Globalized Culture / 12:10 Babylon Society / 15:00 Concept of Truth / 16:15 Revelation 18 / 21:00 Revelation 13 / 28:15 People Want a Leader / 34:30
8/22/202243 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Inflation Reduction Act - Joke? | #198

The Biden Administration has just approved the Inflation Reduction Act. This act supposedly aims to reduce the budget deficit while aiding our inflation issue. Unfortunately, most of the act is a spending bill, especially for energy, climate change, and the employment of an additional 87,000 IRA agents. We hope you enjoy this discussion on the problems with this new Act.  Timeline: Monetary Policy Issues / 4:15 Increased Oversight! / 7:15 Climate & Energy / 13:30 Rules or Principles / 22:45 Tax De(In)crease? / 27:25 Environmental Judgement / 31:20 Cronyism and Rent-Seeking / 37:00
8/15/202237 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Climate Crisis - Faith and Innovation Overcomes? | #197

For years, elitists have ensured its people that climate change is inevitable and worthy of federal spending. The Gwartney team discusses the current climate 'crisis' and the importance of crisis' to those in power. What does faith say about climate change? We expect innovation to solve our crisis and for you to love this show! Listen now! TImeline: Executive Orders? / 3:00 The Ratchet Effect / 5:45 Unexamined Variables / 13:10 Does Faith Direct Us? / 17:00 You Get An A/C, You Get An A/C! / 24:15 Innovation Is Vital / 30:40 Strawman Justin / 35:45
8/8/202238 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Family, Faith and Oeconomia -Pastor Timothy Roth | #196

In this episode, the Gwartney team welcomes Pastor Timothy Roth to the show! Pastor Roth wants to discuss the current culture of individualism and what the Bible says about family that contradicts the current culture norms. How does one explain they care about the economy without sounding like they only care about money? A podcast truly interloping the topics of Faith & Economics. Enjoy the show! TImeline: Value Life, Family, and Future / 2:00 Economic Trinity / 6:15 Economy Supporting the Family? / 12:15 The Best for Family / 24:00 Only Works With Moral Culture / 28:20 4th Commandment / 36:50
8/1/202245 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Government Produces Mediocrity | #195

In recent news, Governor Gavin Newsom of California plans to produce insulin for those who have diabetes. Is the market incapable of producing an efficient quantity of insulin? California plans on intruding itself within private markets backed by a plethora of federal regulations and guidelines. Is the market competitive? Join us for a riveting conversation! Timeline: Regulation Issues / 4:25 WIC, Controls the Brand / 8:00 No Market For Insulin / 12:15 Government Doe Not Know You / 20:30 Soviet Union / 24:10 Making Things Worse / 29:45 Stifled Competition / 33:45
7/25/202237 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Big Faith for Big Data? - Luke Groth | #194

In this week's show, the Gwartney team welcomes guest Luke Groth. Our conversation stems around Luke's line of work, the data industry. The ever-growing strength of the data industry is on full display. Join us as we discuss the positives and negatives of big data.  Timeline:  Deep Data Dive / 1:45 Made to Predict / 6:15 Anonymous or Not? / 11:00 Data Driven Economy / 14:30 Is There an Opt Out Option? / 21:15 Protect Valued Data / 25:00
7/18/202230 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dissecting Church & State | #193

This week, the Gwartney Institute examines the relationship between church and state. Are laws preventing the state from establishing a federal or local religion? Is our nation Christian or something else entirely? Join an insightful conversation about religion's effect on society.    Timeline: Philosophical Principle / 3:05 The Blurry Line / 7:45 Moral Legislation / 12:15 A Christain Nation? / 20:15 Organizing Society / 26:20 Secular Religion / 31:25 Recycle Now! / 37:20
7/11/202240 minutes, 31 seconds
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Supreme Court Shakes Status Quo | #192

The Supreme Court of the United States has been active in releasing its rulings, and our team wants to look into these cases. With a deep look into the overarching philosophy of these decisions, the Gwartney team jumps into abortion, freedom of religion, and 2nd amendment cases. Join us in a riveting conversation about the current political landscape.  Timeline:  Modern Conservative Philosophy / 6:00 Dissolves Federalism? / 10:45 Religious Liberty / 18:00 Decrease in Waste / 22:00 Public Reaction to Dobb / 26:35 On the Margin / 31:40 Corey DeAngelist for research on school choice
7/4/202238 minutes, 2 seconds
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Free Speech Market of Ideas | #191

In this week's episode, the Gwartney team follows the writings of R.H. Coase, specifically the relationship between the market for goods and the market for ideas. Why do regulators desire to regulate the market for goods, but insist on maintaining a free market for ideas? Has society transitioned into a less openly free speech one? Join the conversation now! Timeline: Market for Ideas / 2:30 Importance of Truth / 7:00 Intellectual Class / 10:15 Wield the Whip? / 20:45 Belongs to the People / 24:20 Potential for Abuse / 29:45 The Market for Goods and the Market for Ideas by R. H. Coase
6/27/202236 minutes, 32 seconds
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Dark Net Bad? - Dr. Julia Norgaard | #190

In this episode, we welcome back Dr. Julia Norgaard. In her second appearance, the team wants to dive into Dr. Norgaard's research on the dark web. What advantages and disadvantages arise from having transactions within the deep web? Join the conversation over a genuine part of upcoming technology.  Timeline: Silk Road / 3:00 The Onion Router / 5:45 Services.. / 11:00 Emergent Order / 16:15 Buyers Beware? / 24:05 Enforcement / 27:30 Unstoppable Dark Web / 34:00
6/20/202236 minutes, 7 seconds
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Living With Sunk Cost - Fallacy? | #189

The sunk cost fallacy is when one has already invested into a project, begins to examine the overall cost estimate involved and with the project, and thus commits to the project even harder because they are personally invested in the project. Yet, some economists say NO, you must only examine the future costs and rewards! What do you think? Join the conversation now!! 
6/13/202238 minutes
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Zimbabwe - Medicine for Sick Economy | #188

Recently, our founder Russ McCullough traveled to Zimbabwe to experience its culture, people, and beautiful scenery firsthand. In this podcast, the Gwartney team discusses the current economic situation within Zimbabwe and possible ways it can improve its economy. Join us in an enlightening discussion about a country across the sea.  Timeline:  Russ On The Move / 1:15 Policy Problems? / 3:45 Cancellation of ALL Loans / 11:15 Drastic Increase in Money Supply / 13:00 Weird Exchange Rate, Capital Control / 17:15 Zimbabwe's Economic Freedom (161) / 21:10 Extraction Government / 27:30 "Precious treasure and oil are in a wise man's dwelling, but the foolish man devours it" / 33:55 Colional Orgins of Comparative Devolpment - : Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson, James A. Robinson
6/6/202235 minutes, 38 seconds
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Public-Private Partnerships are Wasteful –Dr. Michael Farren | #187

This week, the Gwartney team welcomes to the show, Michael Farren. Micheal and the team discuss different states subsidizing businesses to locate within their state. We discuss the after-effects of when businesses and governments collaborate, does this partnership ruin competition? Join the conversation now! Kansas City is ground zero / 1:45 Truce between Kansas & Missouri / 4:00 Slowing national growth / 8:05 Prisoners Dilemma and Panasonic / 12:00 Politcal incentives / 18:15 Ruinous competition / 28:20 Government privilege / 32:00 "Government scheckles come with government shackles" 
5/30/202239 minutes
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College Loan Forgiveness -Not Fair! | #186

There has been increased pressure for democratic policymakers to begin forgiving student loans. Join the Gwartney team as we discuss different incentives and problems that arise due to student loan forgiveness ideas.  Pausing of interest / 2:00 Government is making the loan / 5:45 Just the way things work? / 11:45  Weird incentives / 15:40 Regressive policies / 18:25 Relative prices / 22:15 Subsidies distort / 27:20 Gary Becker: Human Capital
5/23/202238 minutes, 44 seconds
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What does Roe v. Wade Leak Mean –Moral Issues Aside | #185

On May 3rd, a Supreme Court draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked to the mainstream media. This has sparked a nationwide debate on the proper ways of moving forward and maintaining security within the judiciary branch. Join our "talking heads" as we discuss the fallout effect of the leak, abortion issues aside! 
5/16/202230 minutes, 39 seconds
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Property Dualism - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 4 | #184

After journeying through three other philosophies of the mind, Dr. Justin Clarke leads the team through the final theory of this series. In this last theory, property dualism, our mind, and body are part of one substance and are capable of communicating with one another. Does this theory persuade you? Join a thought-provoking episode now! Timeline:  Recap of Philosophy of Mind Series / 2:00 Subjective Experience Left Unexplained / 11:00 Property Dualism / 19:00 Does Religion Fit? / 30:00 Thomas Nagel: What is it like to be a bat? Donald Davidson: Anomolous Monoism 
5/9/202243 minutes, 10 seconds
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Mind and Body Functionalism - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 3 | Episode #183

In our third part of the Philosophy of Mind series, Dr. Justin Clarke runs the Gwartney team through functionalism. Functionalism pictures the human mind as a computer, or capable of grasping input to create an output. This theory of mind paints humans as physical beings, only being able to accept first-person, objective truths.  Do you feel more alive when you feel pain or look at a chair?   Timeline:  Problems With Dualism and Materialism / 2:00 Functionalism - Minds are computers / 7:45 Brain is Hardware / 13:00 Problems With Functionalism / 18:30 Spectrum Inversion / 22:40 Excludes Subjectivity / 29:25
5/2/202232 minutes, 33 seconds
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Materialism Battles Dualism - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 2| #182

In a continuation of last week's show, Dr. Justin Clarke leads us through a challenge to dualism's mind philosophy, materialism. Materialism argues that our brain is our mind and that mental activities are connected to physical ones.  Materialists believe physical matter is the only reality and that everything, including thought, feeling, mind, and will, can be explained in terms of matter and physical phenomena. Join us in another challenging episode! Timeline: The first problem with Dualism / 2:45 Question of Supernatural / 7:00 Interaction Problem / 10:15 Materialistic Approach / 19:15 Ghost in the Machine / 23:30 Phineas Gage & Charles Whitman / 29:30 Problems with Materialism / 32:55 Folk Psychological Terms / 35:45 *Gilbert Ryle  *Thomas Hobbes *Patricia & Paul Churchland
4/25/202244 minutes, 19 seconds
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Mind or Matter? - Philosophy of Mind Pt. 1 | #181

In this week's podcast, Dr. Justin Clarke leads the Gwartney team through the thoughts of René Descartes, a French philosopher who focused on the duality of the mind. What can we determine for certain exists? Descartes believes the foundation of our existence stems from our ability to think. Our ability to think, Descartes argues, distinguishably separates the mind and body into two inherently different things. A truly thought-provoking episode we hope you enjoy!  Timeline: Sparker of Modern Philosophy - 1:25 Organization of Thoughts - 4:25 Do Senses Deceive? - 6:30 Foundation of Certainty - 10:15 "I think therefore I am" - 15:00 Doubt is a Form of Thinking - 22:50 Argument For a Soul - 26:30 The Idea of Separation - 32:00  René Descartes- Meditations   
4/18/202234 minutes, 49 seconds
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Religion Shapes Collective Action? -Creighton Event Part 2 | #179

In a continuation of last week, this week's episode, the Gwartney team is at Creighton University! The institute took some of our students down to Creighton University for Humanomics 2022. This event had students go through 3 discussion sessions, 2 keynote lectures, 1 faculty panel, 1 movie discussion, and finally a podcast. The topics that were discussed at this event were social norms, collective action, fiscal decentralization, and the city. This show talks about civil society today. Dr. Russ McCullough and Dr. Peter Jacobsen are joined by three other professors on the show. Dr. Tony Gill from the University of Washington, Dr. Vlad Tarko from the University of Arizona, and Dr. Michael Thomas from Creighton join the team to discuss these issues. In the second half, our academics field questions from the student audience! join the discussion now!
4/4/202235 minutes, 25 seconds
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Personal Finance Virtues During Hard Times-The Dave Ramsey Approach | #81

With the stimulus payments from the government it raises the question, "What would Dave Ramsey do during these hard times?"
5/4/202038 minutes, 18 seconds
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On Brexit | #63

In the summer of 2016, one of the most significant political events in the past 50 years occurred in the UK: the British public voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. The particulars of this decision are still being decided, so the Gwartney Institute team provides, in this episode, an explanation of what is going on and its economic impacts.
12/30/201935 minutes, 7 seconds
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Faith and Work with Hugh Whelchel | #62

Hugh Whelchel of the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics joins us to discuss his book How Then Should We Work?
12/23/201938 minutes, 59 seconds
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Faith and Economics in Guatemala | #61

Guillermo Gonzales of Share Guatemala joins the crew for a discussion of the economy of Guatemala and the efforts of groups like Share Guatemala to reduce poverty.
12/16/201935 minutes, 16 seconds
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Victor Claar on Fair Trade | #60

We talk with Professor Victor Claar about his research on fair trade coffee, his faith, and economic policy.
12/9/201948 minutes, 14 seconds
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Morality of Eating Animals | #59

The crew discusses the moral issues related to eating animals. Should we all be vegan?
12/3/201931 minutes, 25 seconds
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Truckonomics with Sarah Ruffcorn - President of Trinity Logistics | #58

We interview Sarah Ruffcorn, President of Trinity Logistics, on the economics of current issues in the trucking industry. Sarah discusses policy issues facing the industry and gives us insights into the relationship between her faith and work!
11/25/201935 minutes, 22 seconds
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Menard Family Grant | #57

The crew discusses our newest grant and the opportunities it will provide to Ottawa Students, the University, and the community!
11/18/201935 minutes, 44 seconds
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Entrepreneurship with David Price | #56

We talk with Dr. David Price of Washburn University about his research and experience as an entrepreneur.
11/11/201935 minutes, 8 seconds
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Not So Forever 21 | #55

What can clothing retailer Forever 21's recent bankruptcy tell us about how markets work? How does corporate bankruptcy work? The crew addresses these issues in today's episode! (recorded October 8, 2019) Links Forever 21 Bankruptcy Signals a Shift in Consumer Tastes Forever 21 to Reportedly Save About 60 Stores Slated for Closing
11/4/201930 minutes, 51 seconds
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Economics of Prison Gangs | #54

This episode was recorded on September 6th. Justin, Levi, Russ, and Jacob discuss Jacob's blog post (linked below) on the behavior of prison gangs and what they can tell us about our own economic behavior. Economic Understanding of Prison Gangs by Jacob Maichel
10/28/201928 minutes, 32 seconds
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Why Socialism Sucks and What to Do About It | #53

We interview Dr. Paul Cleveland regarding socialism and its surging popularity among young adults and teens. Why is socialism appealing to them? What are some effective ways of educating them on the problems with socialism? Show Notes: The Great Utopian Delusion by Clarence Carson, Paul Cleveland, and L. Dwayne Barney Socialism Sucks! by Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell
10/21/201935 minutes, 32 seconds
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Faith and Finance with Wiley Angell | #52

This week we interviewed Wiley Angell, Senior Portfolio Manager at Ziegler Capital. Wiley discusses his faith, philanthropy, and their connections to his work in finance. 
10/14/201938 minutes, 33 seconds
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Professor Hunter Baker on Faith and Politics | #51

Professor Hunter Baker talks with us about important current issues including the current problems facing Cold War conservative/libertarian fusionism, policy issues related to Big Tech, and the importance of culture in politics. Political Thought: A Student's Guide by Hunter Baker and David S. Dockery
10/9/201946 minutes, 17 seconds
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Debate - All Drugs Should be Legal | #50

Thank you for listening to our 50th episode! This week we share a debate sponsored by the Gwartney Institute featuring Dr. Levi Russell and Dr. Justin Clarke. Should all drugs be legal? After listening to the debate, tell us what you think! [email protected]
9/30/201945 minutes, 59 seconds
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Faith and Economics of Cooperative Businesses | #49

The crew engages in a wide-ranging discussion of the cooperative business form. History, policy, efficiency, and comportment with Biblical lessons are all discussed. Show notes: Small is Still Beautiful by Joseph Pearce Mondragon Cenex Harvest States Ace Hardware
9/23/201932 minutes, 56 seconds
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P.J. Hill on Stewardship of Creation | #48

This week we interviewed Dr. P.J. Hill, Senior Fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center and Professor Emeritus of Economics at Wheaton College. What can economics tell us about being good stewards of God's creation? Dr. Hill's Site
9/16/201929 minutes, 45 seconds
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Is Addiction Profitable? | #47

This week we discuss an article review written by Gwartney Institute Graduate Assistant Jacob Maichel for our blog. The article discusses the notion that many modern inventions profit from our addictive impulses and that, allegedly, the profit motive enhances this suboptimal situation. Should we be concerned? What are the moral issues at play? Limbic Capitalism: Article Review
9/9/201930 minutes, 41 seconds
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Tech and the Productivity Slowdown | #46

The crew discusses the role of social media and smart phones in the recent decline in labor productivity. Do smart phones provide a net benefit to our productivity or are they partly to blame for reductions in our productivity growth over the past 10 years? Show notes: Labor Productivity Article B.S. Jobs - NPR
9/2/201931 minutes, 12 seconds
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Is Economic Value Subjective? | Ep 45

Professor Justin Clark joins the regular crew to discuss an important philosophical topic: subjectivity in economics. How do philosophers understand the term "subjective" with regard to economics? How do markets play into our ability to apprehend the value of things? Show notes: Why God Has Created Us to Value Different Things - Dr. Anne Bradley
8/26/201934 minutes, 21 seconds
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On Tipping with Professor Tony Gill | #44

We interview Professor Tony Gill about his work on the issue of tipping. Why do people give tips to service employees? Why don't employers just pay them more? How do we understand the morality of the institution of tipping? "The Political Origins of Religious Liberty" by Dr. Tony Gill Brief op ed on Dr. Gill's article Dr. Gill's article on tipping Anti-Tipping video Humanomics - Vernon Smith Vernon Smith Episode
8/20/201935 minutes, 29 seconds
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Faith and Economics of Recycling | #43

The crew discuss the economics and morality of recycling. Is recycling a good idea? Should it be subsidized? Is recycling local-only or does it cross national boundaries? Links: NPR story mentioned by Russ Popular Mechanics article Mises Institute article 1 Mises Institute article 2 China bars U.S. recycling
8/12/201931 minutes, 24 seconds
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The USDA's Move to the Heartland | #42

The crew discusses the economic and moral implications of the federal government's choice to move the USDA's Economic Research Service and National Institute for Food and Agriculture to the Kansas City area. What does this move mean for USDA-ERS and -NIFA employees? Their work? Will the public benefit from this move?
8/5/201929 minutes, 4 seconds
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Cooperation in Evil | #41

Russ and Levi discuss the difficulty of participation in evil. Is it wrong to buy products from people who do horrible things? If we invest in companies that do bad things, are we guilty of their bad actions? Cooperation in Evil Chart
7/29/201929 minutes, 24 seconds
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On the Obligation to Tithe | #40

The crew tackles the issue of tithing from the perspectives of faith, economics, and community. Are Christians obligated to give a tenth of their income? What economic circumstances make giving difficult or easy?
7/22/201926 minutes, 47 seconds
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On Jobs and Automation | #39

The whole crew discusses automation and technological change and how economic policy should address these issues. Tucker Carlson on Ben Shapiro's Sunday Special
7/15/201937 minutes, 30 seconds
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Working & Resting on Sunday | #38

Russ, Levi, and Jacyn discuss the prohibition of work on the Sabbath and how we can apply it to our lives. What types of work are prohibited? How should we set economic policy consistent with this commandment? The Sunday Rest video
7/8/201937 minutes, 33 seconds
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Reggies Wenyika on His Faith and Zimbabwe's Economy | #37

Russ and Levi interview the President of Ottawa University's home campus on his faith, work, and the history of Zimbabwe. Reggies' charisma and experience as an academic, pastor, and administrator shine through the interview. You will love this one!
7/1/201946 minutes, 31 seconds
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Dave Ramsey's Personal Finance | #36

The whole team has an informative conversation on Dave Ramsey's personal finance philosophy and tactics. Russ, who teaches a personal finance course here at Ottawa University, explains Ramsey's system and the rest of the crew ask questions.
6/25/201942 minutes, 37 seconds
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Trump's Trade War with China | #35

Note: This episode was recorded on June 3, 2019 Russ and Levi discuss the trade war between President Trump and the Chinese government over the past 9 months. Are tariffs a good idea from a financial and economic perspective? How should we think about the ethical concerns with tariffs from a Christian perspective? CNBC report on tariff impacts
6/17/201929 minutes, 12 seconds
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Randall Holcombe on Political Capitalism | #34

Russ and Levi interview Dr. Randall Holcombe of Florida State University. Dr. Holcombe discusses the concepts in his recent book Political Capitalism. Do we live in a free market economy? How does the government interact with the profitability of businesses in the U.S.? Check out our interview and Dr. Holcombe's book for more information!
6/10/201942 minutes, 41 seconds
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Vernon Smith on Adam Smith | #32

Russ and Levi interview Dr. Vernon Smith, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002. Dr. Smith discusses his faith and its impact on his views on economics and social behavior.
5/27/201940 minutes, 20 seconds
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Dr. Anne Bradley on Income Inequality | #31

Dr. Anne Bradley of the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics joins us to discuss income inequality. What should Christians think about income inequality? Is it a pernicious threat or an inevitable and benign characteristic of a free society?
5/20/201927 minutes, 45 seconds
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Why Not Federalism? | #30

Russ and Levi discuss the economic and political costs and benefits of federalism in our own time. We draw on the Christian concept of subsidiarity to examine the ethical implications of devolving Federal power to the states!
5/13/201934 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Universal Destination of Goods | #28

Levi and Russ discuss the concept of the universal destination of goods. What are the limits of property rights? How do we understand moral obligations to help others financially? Show Notes Faith and Economics - Federal Food Programs: Efficiency and Ethics Faith and Economics - Universal Basic Income The Religious Roots of Modern Poverty Policy Lecture by Edward Feser Blog article by Jacyn Dawes
4/29/201930 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Christian Ethics of Tariffs | #29

Russ and Levi discuss tariff policy and the costs associated with recent tariffs designed to protect American jobs. How should we evaluate the costs and benefits of tariffs? 
4/29/201933 minutes, 18 seconds
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Creighton University Humanomics Event: Adam Smith - Moral Sentiments and the Wealth of Nations | #27

Drs. Maria Pia Paganelli, Derek Yonai, and Michael Thomas join us to discuss Adam Smith's body of work and its implications for the place of economics in social science today.
4/22/201938 minutes, 42 seconds
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Government Debt | #26

We dig into the mailbag for this episode! How do economists understand government debt? Can this understanding inform our ethical views of debt? Show Notes: US Debt Clock Dr. Bob Murphy on Intergenerational Debt Burdens
4/15/201935 minutes, 52 seconds
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YangBucks | #25

Russ, Levi, and Jacob discuss one of the most popular proposals for a Universal Basic Income. Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang's proposed "Freedom Dividend" was recently criticized by the Acton Institute. We provide important commentary on his proposal and Acton's response! Show notes: Acton Institute Blog Post Yang Platform - UBI Universal Basic Income - Faith and Economics Podcast Great Stagnation - Tyler Cowen
4/8/201930 minutes, 58 seconds
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Monasticism, Care for the Poor, and Capitalism | #24

We discuss the origins of capitalism in the west. What did early monasteries have to do with it? Were they early entrepreneurs? Show notes: How Caring for the Poor Led to the Beginnings of Capitalism How Progressive is the US Tax Code?
4/1/201931 minutes, 13 seconds
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Inflation and Middle Class Life | #23

We discuss an interesting graph of changes in the cost of products and services over the past few decades. Does the increasing cost of health care and education make a normal, prosperous middle class life more difficult? Does the reduction in cost of other things offset this pernicious effect? Show notes: AEI inflation chart Acton institute blog article From Mutual Aid to the Welfare State by David Beito Atlas MD American Association of Physicians and Surgeons
3/25/201935 minutes, 22 seconds
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Democratic Socialism and AOC |#22

We discuss the notion of Democratic Socialism and its relationship to Christianity. Should Christians embrace Democratic Socialism? Is this political philosophy, advocated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex and Bernie Sanders, a coherent way forward?
3/18/201928 minutes, 44 seconds
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Economic Freedom and Happiness | #21

This week we talk with Professor Jeremy Jackson of North Dakota State University about his research on the relationship between economic freedom in the U.S., happiness, and social capital. Are residents of more economically free states happier? Do they form more tight-knit communities? Show notes: Professor Jackson's website Free to be Happy: Economic Freedom and Happiness in US States Economic Freedom and Social Capital
3/11/201933 minutes, 3 seconds