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Fair Game: Pacific Rugby Against the World Cover
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Fair Game: Pacific Rugby Against the World

English, Sports, 1 season, 7 episodes, 4 hours, 56 minutes
Rugby brings joy, money and a sense of identity to many in the Pacific Islands. But how badly are they treated by the powerful forces that run the game? Made with the support of NZ On Air.
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Episode 6: Together, Apart

As Samoa and Fiji face off at the Pacific Nations Cup, rugby bosses say they're trying to close the gap between the top playing nations and the Pacific. And a new generation of Pasifika are ready to take their place at the table.  
2/22/202352 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode 5: Women’s rugby in the Pacific

Pasifika women just want to play the game they love but they're fighting for even fewer resources than their male counterparts. They're also battling to change traditional mindsets about women in rugby.
2/20/202351 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 4: Fiji: Politics, Performance and Power

Fijian rugby is doing better than its island neighbours but within World Rugby vast disaparites still exist between playing nations.
2/15/202346 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 3: Samoa: Culture and connection

"We don't get the resources the big nations get." In Samoa even the school kids know the score. Has inequality become normalised?
2/13/202346 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 1: Mana Moana!

Pasifika players have brought so much to the game of rugby - what have they got in return?
2/8/202349 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 2: Money and Mate Ma’a Tonga

Tongan players talk about tough choices and a huge gap in resources between powerful rugby nations and the Pacific. And they ask: ''Is this structural racism?"
2/8/202347 minutes, 9 seconds
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Fair Game: Pacific Rugby Against the World - Coming Soon!

If you have a game where the rules favour one set of teams over another - is that game fair?
11/2/20222 minutes, 39 seconds