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Fail Like An Artist

English, Arts, 4 seasons, 41 episodes, 1 day 14 hours 12 minutes
A podcast discussing all the ways we’ve failed as artists - with insights, advice & humour. Each episode we discuss a failure & what we learnt from it!First episode drops Jan 11 2023Follow us @faillikeanartist for more updates! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Failing at Being Original

What makes art original, when is copying ok and not ok? What can you do if you are worried about being copied? Phoebe opens up about a sensitive time, when she was blocked by an artist she admired, and also times when she has been copied and had images stolen and passed off as others’ work. Julie chats about sometimes feeling unoriginal due to the subject matters she paints, and how it feels to see others doing similar work. We discuss the ideas around whether there is such a thing as an original idea, where creative ideas come from and when it's ok to copy - and how not to cross the line. MentionedHamish Blake instagram cake stories Thank you to these Ko-Fi supporters; Rita, Helen, Wendy, Michelle and Caroline and everyone e
21/03/20231 hour 20 minutes 56 seconds