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Everyday consumers are being bombarded with the next “big thing” in health, wellness, and fitness. What’s the future of keeping ourselves healthy and what’s just a passing fad? Along with some of the best experts in the field, Joey will tackle diet fads, medicinal, fitness fads, bio-hacking and food fads. He’ll also experience the topic first hand, whether that’s jumping into a Cryo Chamber, completing a 5-day water fast, or going on a 30-day hot-new-diet. Fad or Future aims to provide clarity and understanding to some of today’s most difficult topics and leaves the listener with a decision to make at the end of each episode — Fad or Future? Join your guide, Joey Thurman, and get ready for a wild ride.
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Weightlifting is a waste of time? w/ Dr. Jaquish

Have we gotten all wrong throughout the years...weightlifting and cardio just aren’t as beneficial for us as we think??On this episode of the pod, Joey sits down with the “Tony Stark” of fitness, Dr. John Jaquish, the author of “Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time: So is Cardio, and There’s a Better Way to have the body you Want.” Dr. Jaquish is also the inventor of the X3 Bar.&nbsp;On this episode:Bone density and liftingWhy weight training might be wrong for you&nbsp;Variable Resistance Training&nbsp;How to get the body you want in less time.&nbsp;Tips for a better body.&nbsp;And more!Dr. J's Website: J's Instagram:’s Instagram: <a href="https://www.ins
08/02/202155 minutes 18 seconds
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Do you have expensive pee? w/ NuLiv Science

Do you have expensive pee? A supplement for your supplements?! Do you take supplements?! How about a supplement to increase the absorption of your supplement? NuLiv Science is the maker of Astragin which ensures that your pee is not expensive!&nbsp;In the episode:Find out why you aren’t absorbing all of your supplements.&nbsp;Why you should take Astragin.&nbsp;Gut health.&nbsp;Much more!Website: Nulivscience.comInstagram:’s Instagram:;Joey’s Website:
29/01/202133 minutes 56 seconds
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Should you drink Human Milk?

Okay, maybe this episode isn’t about drinking beast milk as an adult...but it is about HMO’s, and not the health plan!&nbsp;Human milk oligosaccharides&nbsp;(HMO, also known as human milk glycans) are sugar molecules, that are part of the oligosaccharides group and which can be found in high concentrations exclusively in&nbsp;human breast milk&nbsp;until now! Joey sits down with Beau from Layer Origin who talk about their new formula that takes a play on how amazing human breast milk is.In the episode:What is HMO?Why should you take it?How do you take it?How it can help your immune system, overall health, and much more.&nbsp;What do you think? Is this a Fad or, the Future?!!Get 20% off with code&nbsp;20FUTUREPOD on&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" t
16/01/202138 minutes 30 seconds
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Life Lessons from a Two-Sport Non-Scholarship Athlete w/ Brian Kent

Brian Kent has had his name on the back of a Chicago White Sox Jersey after he thought he was done with baseball forever. Brian’s story is an unusual one in that he played two division-one sports, all without a scholarship, but with a ton of will. His new book, “Walked On: Life Lessons from a Two Sport Non-Scholarship Athlete”, truly gives lessons for any athlete out there.&nbsp;On this episode:How to keep a level head.&nbsp;How one play can light the fire for your future.&nbsp;What happens when none of your coaches believe in you.&nbsp;How to pull yourself up when you’ve been knocked down.&nbsp;And so much more!Ge the book:'s Instagram: https://instagra
10/01/20211 hour 2 minutes 9 seconds
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Why you should be a failure! w/ Entrepreneur, Travis Richey

Why is failure such a bad thing?! Should we embrace being a failure more often? Joey sits down with Travis Richey for the last episode of 2020!!!Travis Richey is an&nbsp;Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Investor. Having invested in over 25 start-up companies the last 10 years;&nbsp;he knows a thing or two about success and more importantly failure. He is the current owner of several fitness concepts, technology companies, and multi-family real estate portfolio.&nbsp;At the age of 25, Travis controlled a hedge fund with $10 Million AUM. Due to a regulatory oversight in the State of Arizona, he was charged with transactions of an unregistered securities dealer and sentenced to 2 years in Arizona Department of Corrections.&nbsp;Armed with an MBA in Finance and a&nbsp;PhD&nbsp;from the school of hard knocks; he founded&nbsp;AccomplishED&nbsp;Ventures to bring individuals both incarcerated and reentered a second chance at a successful life. Over the past deca
31/12/202059 minutes 25 seconds
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How Fitness Saved my Life: A Solo Episode with Joey Thurman

In this episode Joey sits down with....himself. In a year for the ages Joey has his very first Solo Episode. He reflects about 2020, life, and how fitness quite possibly saved his life.&nbsp;Plus, Joey shares his TEDx talked entitled “Like Me, Follow Me, UNbrand me”.&nbsp;This episode will pull on your heart strings and hopefully open up your mind for 2021.&nbsp;Joey's TEDx talk:&nbsp; Holidays!###Joey’s Instagram:;Joey’s Website:;Fad or Future Website: <a href="" re
24/12/202034 minutes 5 seconds
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Become an Advanced Human w/ Dr. Joel Seedman

Dr. Joel Seedman is a fitness professional who works with everyone from NFL athletes to everyday people. He changes the way people look at fitness by his unique training style. Joey even did one of his programs and got some pretty shocking results!In this episode:What is negative isometric training?&nbsp;What mistakes beginners make.&nbsp;Why you are similar to a professional athlete?&nbsp;How to train for your best body.&nbsp;Why you shouldn’t give your muscles a “rest day”.&nbsp;The science of training.&nbsp;Joey’s program results ...and much more!Dr. Seedman's IG: Seedman's Website: https://www.advan
17/12/202048 minutes 10 seconds
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Do you have Dirty Genes? w/ Dr. Ben Lynch

Are your genes dirty?? ...wait...what!? This week on the pod, Joey sits down with Dr. Ben Lynch to talk about genes and how they can become dirty. Dr. Lynch is a leader in his field, creator of Strategene, Seeking Health, and the wildly popular book,&nbsp;Dirty Genes! Joey even finds out what genes of his are dirty, live!Dr Lynch is an expert in epigenetics—the science of understanding how your genes are expressed and how you can use diet, supplements, environment, and lifestyle to shape your genetic destiny. When you know what your genes need, you can choose a diet and lifestyle that optimize your health. It’s the difference between staggering under the weight of depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, heart disease, obesity, food cravings, fatigue, addictions, and a hundred other disorders—or living a healthy, vital life, free of symptoms and full of energy.In this episode:What causes dirty genes?How do you get dirty genes?W
10/12/20201 hour 2 minutes 30 seconds
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Myths or Facts on Nutritional Science w/ Rubio Fuerte

How can we really know what to believe in regards to nutrition? Well, maybe we should ask a nutritional scientist what he thinks! Rubio Fuerte is a nutritional scientist from Vienna who works with professional athletes to get them to their peak shape. Joey sits down with him to see how we can understand all of the data in our we see thrown at us.&nbsp;In this episode:What is nutritional science.What is the difference between a nutritional scientist and a nutritionist.Is salt/sodium really bad for us?Should we eat meat?Should you take supplements?Why cholesterol shouldn’t be demonized.&nbsp;Fad diets and much more.&nbsp;Rubio's Instagram: Thurman VIP sign up list:&nbsp;<a href="" rel
03/12/202049 minutes 35 seconds
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How to Get Fit for Your Brain w/ Ryan Glatt!

Have you ever wondered how to get smarter, more efficient, and kick ass at life without the use of drugs or supplements?! On this episode of the pod, Joey sits down with brain health coach, Ryan Glatt.&nbsp;In this episode:How to be workout for a more efficient brain.&nbsp;What types of exercise do you need to do.&nbsp;What you aren’t doing is what you should be doing.New technology.&nbsp;Brain games and much more&nbsp;Ryan Glatt is a personal trainer and brain-health coach with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. He currently practices brain-based strategies for cognitive enhancement at the Pacific Brain Health Center in Los Angeles.Ryan has pursued education from the Amen Clinics, the Neuroscience Academy, Academy for Brain Health &amp; Performance, and the Master's of Applied Neuroscience program at King's College of London.&nbsp;Recently, Ryan has released the Brain Hea
26/11/20201 hour 59 seconds
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The Vagus Nerve. What is it, and why stimulate it?

The Vagus nerve. What is it and why stimulate it?-In this episode Joey sits down with Ami Brannon the co-founder of Neuvana the revolutionary vagus nerve stimulation device. Is our vagus nerve truly the key to unlocking our bodies abilities to destress, be more efficient, and much more?!In this episode:What is the vagus nerve.&nbsp;How can we stimulate it?Optimizing wellness abs mental health through neuroscience.&nbsp;How can we be more efficient in our daily lives.What is the Neuvana Xen unit and how to use it.&nbsp;And much more!-Checkout Neuvana on&nbsp;;and use code Joeythurmanfit for a free gift.&nbsp;
19/11/202046 minutes 55 seconds
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Do you swim or sink? Intuitive Reading w/ Robert Ohotto

Is Joey going to quit the fitness industry? This episode goes deep with Joey contemplating his future, life, and career.&nbsp;On this episode Joey gets a live Intuitive reading from Celebrity Intuitive Robert Ohotto.&nbsp;Robert is recognized worldwide as one of the top professional intuitive strategists and spiritual teachers.&nbsp;He is a published author, and has been featured on The History Channel, Oprah Radio, Lifetime TV, and in Fortune Magazine for his groundbreaking work as an Intuitive.On this episode:What is an intuitive?How do you tap into your own intuition?Finding your voice.&nbsp;Finding your ocean.&nbsp;How can intuition help you.&nbsp;A live reading and much more!;<a hre
13/11/20201 hour 7 minutes 24 seconds
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Life Lessons, Motivation, and living with HIV w/ Raif Derrazi

Raif Derrazi is an activist, pro-natural bodybuilder, and a motivation to those who have struggled in life. This week on the pod, Raif sits down with Joey to talk about when he hit rock bottom, how he got out of a toxic relationship, lived in a mud room, and eventually picked his head up and took control of his life. He is constantly shifting his focus to adapt to an ever-changing world. You don’t want to miss this episode with Raif!&nbsp;Raif's Instagram:’s Instagram:;Joey’s Website:;Fad or Future Website: https://www.fadorfuture.c
06/11/202037 minutes 22 seconds
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The Vertical Diet w/ IFFB-Pro, Stan Efferding

Stan 'Rhino' Efferding is the world's strongest IFFB&nbsp;pro bodybuilder, creator of The Vertical Diet, and consults with some of the World's top athletes - including "The Mountain" from Game of Thrones and World's Strongest Man, Hafthor Bjornssen. Stan's diet, The Vertical Diet, is one that is thought to help with digestive issues, tackle deficiencies in your own diet, and more.&nbsp;Joey worked with Stan for 5 weeks and put himself on 4,000 calories a day, all while having 600 grams of carbs, each day. What were Joey's results?&nbsp;On this episode:What is The Vertical Diet?Why sodium gets a bad rap.What minerals are most people missing?How to maximize your training with nutrition.What dairy should you eat to not bother your stomach?...and much more!Make sure to checkout Joey's results on his instagram account! Stan's Website:;The Diet Website: Verti
29/10/20201 hour 2 minutes 36 seconds
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Nootropics and the truth about collagen and supplements w/ Matt Wan

Matt Wan is the Harvard dropout who decided to start a supplement company called Momentous. Why would he enter such a saturated market!? Joey sits down with Matt and gets the truth&nbsp;behind where your supplements should come from, if collagen actually&nbsp;works, and much more.Plus:What is the process to getting NSF Certified?&nbsp;Why so many athletes take products you have never heard of.Are athletes truly using&nbsp;what they endorse?Should you buy collagen and how should you take it?Matt's Website:;Matt's Instagram:’s Instagram:;Joey’s Website: <a href
23/10/202048 minutes 29 seconds
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Why you should EAT your vitamins w/ Registered Dietitian, Mascha Davis

Why take a bunch of vitamins, when you could just eat them? Registered Dietitian, and author of Eat Your Vitamins, Mascha Davis, joins Joey.&nbsp;In this episode Mascha talks about:Why eating your vitamins may be better than taking a supplement.&nbsp;What vitamins you need to get daily.&nbsp;What food most people need to add each week.&nbsp;Should you take supplements.&nbsp;Fad Diets and much more!MiniFish Website: www.Minifish.coMascha's Instagram:’s Instagram:;Joey’s Website:;Fad or Future Website: <a href="h
17/10/202044 minutes 55 seconds
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How Your Posture If Affecting Your Health w/ Aaron Alexander

Have you ever seen a child sit down and get up from a perfect squat position...and then wonder...why can't we do that anymore?? Author, podcast host, and posture expert, Aaron Alexander, thinks we need to spend more time on the ground&nbsp;to fix our posture, mind, and much more!On this episode:Why you should spend time on the ground and what positions.How Joey felt after spending 30 minutes on the ground&nbsp;in the morning for the past several weeks.&nbsp;Why breathing could be causing you to be bound up and how you can fix it.What's wrong with the way you are working out.Aaron's Instagram:'s Website:’s Instagram: <a hre
10/10/202046 minutes 4 seconds
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Are we overthinking our health? W/ Celebrity Fitness Expert, Peter Kraus

From National TV to running his own studio, Peter Kraus has done a lot in his life and with fitness. Peter sits down with Joey and they reminisce about their days in modeling, how fitness may be easier than we think, gadgets that we don’t need, and much more!Peter Kraus Instagram:'s Instagram:'s Website: or Future Website:
01/10/202056 minutes 56 seconds
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8 Essentials to Healing and Performance w/ Dr. Tommy John

As a Performance And Healing Specialist for the last 20 years, Dr. Tommy John treats everyone from children to professional athletes. He empowers people to realize they are self-healing, self-regenerating, and can heal and adapt to any level of life they desire to operate at.On the episode:8 essentials to healing and performance&nbsp;There is no Covid-19The dark side of healing medications.&nbsp;The issue with the American Healthcare System.&nbsp;And so much more...Dr. Johns Website:;Dr. John's Instagram:'s Website: https://www.joeythurman
26/09/20201 hour 13 minutes 19 seconds
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Mind Over Weight w/ Dr. Ian Smith

What is controlling your weight? What's stopping you from achieving your goals? It COULD be your mind! Motivation, where does it come from, and how to we activate that to meet, or even exceed our goals? This week on the pod, Joey talks with NYT Best-Selling author and host of The Doctors TV show, Dr. Ian Smith. Dr. Smith's Instagram:'s Instagram:'s Website: or Future Website:
19/09/202055 minutes 1 second
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Holistic Health w/ World Renowned Expert, Paul Chek

On this episode of the pod, Joey chats with Paul Chek, who runs the Chek Institute. Additionally, Paul hosts the podcast, Living 4D, and has traveled the world learning and teaching holistic health, fitness, and personal development. You'll learn about parasites, what to eat, how every body is different, getting rid of inflammation, and so much more! Paul's Instagram: Institue Website:'s Instagram:'s Website:<p
11/09/20201 hour 26 minutes 3 seconds
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Metabolism, Weight Loss, and a Dr. who Lifts w/ Dr. Nadolsky

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky is a former Division 1 athlete, turned doctor, who actually lifts weights! Dr. Nadolsky is an obesity/lipid specialist, chief physician for RP Strength. Joey and Dr. Nadolsky dive into weight loss myths, metabolism, supplements, magic pills, and more!&nbsp;Dr. Nadolsky's Instagram:'s Instagram:'s Website: or Future Website:
03/09/202048 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Muscle Science w/ Dr. Brad Schoenfeld

When it comes to building muscle and research, Dr. Brad Schoenfeld is at the top of the game. On this episode of the pod, we talk rep ranges, how to add muscle, the differences between men and women, nutrition for your optimal body, myths, facts, and so much more!Dr. Brad's Instagram:'s Instagram: or Future Website:'s Website:
20/08/202052 minutes 8 seconds
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From Vegetarian to Regenerative Farmer w/ Anya Fernald

Anya Fernald went from being a vegetarian to co-founding Belcampo Regenerative Farms. Anya studied food around the world and wanted to find a better way to farm that could help the planet and be humane to animals. This former Iron Chef judge talks about the 3 foods you should never buy from the grocery store, if "organic" is truly organic, hormones in food, and so much more!For 20% off of Belcampo, use code: FADORFUTURE20 for 20% off of any order on until 8/27/20.&nbsp;Belcampo's Instagram's Instagram
13/08/202043 minutes 8 seconds
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Extreme Fat Loss & Diet Breaks w/ Dr. Bill Campbell

On this episode of the pod, Joey goes on a 2 week rapid fat loss diet eating half of this daily calories with guidance by Physique Scientist at the University of Southern Florida Professor Bill Campbell. What is a rapid fat loss diet, diet break, reverse dieting, and so much more with Dr. Campbell.&nbsp;#DontBeAFaddyDr. Campbell's InstagramJoey's;
06/08/202056 minutes 22 seconds
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The Conversation Starts Here: Racism & Religion in Fitness and Media w/ Michelle Tolson & Danielle Payton

What is it like growing up black? What about being Jewish? Where do we need to change as a society to truly make an impact on the fitness and media industry?This week on the pod, Joey sits down with former Rockette, Michelle Tolson, and kuudose Co-founder, Danielle Payton, to have a vulnerable, honest conversation that needed to happen.&nbsp;Maybe the future could START with this conversation.Listen to one of the most impactful, uncensored, unedited, and raw conversations about race and religion in the fitness industry, only on the Fad or Future Podcast.#DontBeaFaddyMichelle's IG: Instagram: Website: <a href="http
30/07/20201 hour 2 seconds
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The Certified Health Nut, Troy Casey

23/07/20201 hour 1 minute 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Victim or Victor: Lessons from a 3’9 Giant w/ Brandon Farbstein

In the Season 2 Premier of the Fad or Future Podcast, Joey talks with Brandon Farbstein.Brandon was born with a rare form of Dwarfism, making him 3 foot 9 at his adult height. Brandon didn’t use his height as a crutch, he used it to make him much taller. He talks about having scars internally and externally and how we can use them to lift ourselves up, instead of using them to weight us down. Brandon travels the world as a motivational speaker and he leaves Joey speechless at times with his words of wisdom and 10-Foot-Tall Mentality!Follow Brandon @Farbstein on all social platforms Follow Joey @JoeyThurmanFit on InstagramJoey's Website:
16/07/202055 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

NO Vegetables!? The Carnivore Code w/ Dr. Paul Saladino

On this episode of the pod, Joey interviews Dr. Paul Saladino who is the author of the best-selling book, The Carnivore Code, and the leading expert in all things Carnivore Diet. Dr. Saladino makes his case for ONLY eating meat, why he believes you should not eat vegetables, how you can get all of your vitamins and minerals from eating nose to tail, and so much more! Dr. Saladino has been seen on national tv, several publications, and top podcasts around the world. He is also the host of his own podcast titled Fundamental Health.  What do you think about the Carnivore it a FAD....or the FUTURE? Listen to the pod and decide for yourself! Be sure to subscribe, share, and leave a 5-star written review! Don’t be a FADDY! #dontbeafaddy Dr. Paul Saladino's Website Get the Carnivore Code book HERE ### Want to work with Joey!? Go HERE Joey's Instagram Joey's YouTube
28/05/20201 hour 10 minutes 28 seconds
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Freezing to live forever!?!? w/ Dr. Alex Pazio

Can we really slow down the aging process? What are the tricks to live a longer and healthier life? This week on the pod, Dr. Alex Paziotopoulos comes back on the show to help you live your best...and longest life. Oh, and did you know they are freezing people?!  The Pazio Institute Website The Pazio Institute Instagram ### Joey's Website Joey's Instagram
21/05/202038 minutes 5 seconds
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COVID19: Did we Panic Enough?!

Should we have panicked sooner? Did we panic at all? Where did the administration go wrong?! Is a vaccination truly feasible? This week on the pod, Joey sits down with Rebecca Costa, an American Sociobiologist and futurist. She is the preeminent global expert on the subject of “fast adaptation” and recipient of the prestigious Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Technology Award. Her career spans four decades of working with founders, key executives and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. Costa’s first book, The Watchman’s Rattle: A Radical New Theory of Collapse, was an international bestseller. Her follow‐on book, titled On the Verge was introduced in 2017 to critical acclaim, shooting to the top of Amazon’s #1 New Business Releases. Costa’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, SF Chronicle, The Guardian, and other leading publications.  Rebecca's LinkedIn Rebecca's Twitter Rebecca's Website ### Joey's Instagram Joey's Website
18/05/202033 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Influencer = Expert? w/ Dr. Brent Brookbush

Does being online and having a high amount of followers make you an expert in your field? Where does pain really come from, and how should you address it? How can you fix your body the right way? What's the difference between working out and training?! Answers to all of these questions, and so much more on this episode of the pod with Dr. Brent Brookbush, Founder and CEO of the World Renowned Brookbush Institute.  Dr. Brookbush's Instagram The Brookbush Institute Website ### Joey's Instagram Joey's Website
08/05/202046 minutes 31 seconds
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Your "Limitless" formula w/ Adam Greenfield

Can you imagine having a scientifically backed combination of cutting edge ingredients to make your brain work more efficiently, give you more energy, have more creativity, and possibly access areas of your brain that you have yet to access? Joey has Adam Greenfield from the nootropics company, Formula, on the pod to talk about what his company is doing, why it works, and what the science says. Formula includes only the highest-quality ingredients, sourced in the USA, and rigorously tested for purity. Racetams & Peptides: Used by astronauts for stress relief, laser-like focus, and increased stamina, racetams & peptides are the most potent and well-studied nootropics on the market. Choline Sources: Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter derived from the essential nutrient choline. It’s known for memory, learning, and protecting the brain from symptoms of aging. Vitamins & Adaptogens: We’ve concentrated various amino acids, vitamins, and plant-based adaptogens that protect the brain fro
27/03/202042 minutes 19 seconds
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The Head Spartan of Spartan Race - Founder, Joe De Sena

The head Spartan, Joe De Sena, joins Joey on the pod for a conversation about obstacle course racing, where he failed, how he left corporate America, growing up vegan, and so much more! Where do you think fitness is headed? Could outdoor obstacle courses be the future, or is it a passing fad?! You decide! Joe De Sena Instagram Joe De Sena Website Spartan Race Website ### Joey's Instagram Joey's Website (FOR ONLINE WORKOUTS DURING COVID-19) Fad or Future Website
19/03/202039 minutes 15 seconds
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Workout with a Convict!

On this week of the pod, Joey sits down with former convict/drug dealer, Coss Marte, the founder of Conbody! Coss actually came up with this concept while being in solitary confinement and losing weight only with his body, all while in prison! Would you workout work a former convict?? Coss is changing lives and only hires former convicts to train at his Conbody locations. Joey “did the time” himself and truly got a prison workout with Coss; but did he survive? What was his experience like, and is this just a fad, or the future?? Conbody Instagram Coss Marte Instagram Conbody Website ### Joey's Instagram Joey's Website
12/03/202035 minutes 45 seconds
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How to go sugar free with Sugar Free 3 author, Michele Promaulayko

Sugar is hidden is so many foods, so how is it possible to know what has added sugar in it, what to eat, and the dangers of excess added sugar?! Added sugar can make you sick, increase risk of cancer, and even uglier?! Michele gives her guide how to break your sugar habit once and for all! Find out for yourself! Don’t be a Faddy!  Michele's Instagram My Open Fit Instagram ### Joey's Instagram Joey's Website Fad or Future Website
06/03/202043 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ovo Vegan Body Builder and Mental Health w/ Celebrity Trainer, Gabe Snow

Is it possible to really add muscle while getting rid of animal protein in your diet? What is an Ovo Vegan, and what health scare did Gabe Snow have to make a change in his life through food and lifestyle? Celebrity trainer and mental health coach, Gabe Snow, is a nationally qualified bodybuilder and talks about his physical strength but also struggles he has has along the way, mental health tips, and a lot more. On this episode of the pod how he talks about how he trained Fad or a Future host, Joey Thurman, himself.  Gabe's Instagram ### Fad or Future Website Joey's Website
27/02/202054 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Know Your Inner Age w/ Insidetracker

Gil Blander is the Chief Science Officer of InsideTracker, a company that takes your bloodwork, your DNA, your habits, and then analyzes the results to optimize a nutrition and life plan to help you live a longer and healthier life. Inside Tracker can even tell you how old...or young you are, internally, by different markers. This is a must-listen-to episode if you are interested in optimizing your health. What do you think, is this even possible? Sustainable? Is it a Fad....or the Future!? Thanks for listening! Don’t be a FADDY!  Inside Tracker Website Inside Tracker Instagram ### Joey's Instagram Fad or Future Website Joey's Website
20/02/202042 minutes 18 seconds
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Eating Disorder Survivor, and Celebrity Trainer, Ashley Borden

Celebrity Trainer, Ashley Borden, is no stranger to the spotlight. She has been seen on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian and Shahs of Sunset on Bravo. She trains celebrities, professional athletes, and even trainers themselves with her intuitive coaching tribe. Ashley is a survivor of an eating disorder and takes a unique approach to health and fitness. She's also the creator of the SOS Food Plan and the Ab Fit App. Ashley's Instagram Ashley's Website 
13/02/202033 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Highest End of Fitness w/ Matt Hesse

Matt Hesse is the CEO of Performix and Performix House, where no expense has been spared to provide the highest level of service and fitness quality. From the trainers who charge hundreds of dollars per-hour, to IV-therapy, recovery, amino smoothies on tap, a class that has infused elements from the earth, and the rich smell of mahogany; Performix House is anything but standard! Matt is also the Founder of Fit Ops, an organization that works with veterans by putting them through a special "personal trainer boot camp" to help them get jobs in the fitness industry after active service. Performix also makes the first “Molecular Hydrogen-charged pre-workout”. And then, to top it off, all of their trainers are massive social media influencers. So, is the cost, style and level of Performix House the Future of fitness? You decide. Performix House Performix Supplements Performix House Instagram Performix Supplements Instagram Fit Ops Instagram Fit Ops Teaser Video Matt Hesse's Instagram #
06/02/202037 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

"Fad or Facts" on Nutrition Science w/ researcher, Alan Aragon

Alan Aragon is a world recognized nutrition researcher, celebrity nutritionist, and speaker. He discusses what the research says to be the future of nutrition, what fads exist, how to implement healthy eating strategies, and where he got things wrong.  Alan's Website Alan's Instagram ### Joey's Website Joey's Instagram  #DontBeAFaddy
30/01/20201 hour 2 minutes 12 seconds
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From Drug Addict to Vegan Ironman w/ John Joseph

From Drug addict to Vegan Ironman! How to get the “PMA Effect” (positive mental attitude)! John Joseph has lived more lives than most, from being locked up as a young man, getting kicked out of the armed forces, to being the lead singer of the popular Punk Band, The Cro-Mags, John Joseph takes you on a ride from dealing drugs, to writing his first book, "Meat is for Pussies", to the place he is now! John's Instagram John's Website ### Fad or Future Website Joey's Instagram Joey's Website
23/01/202057 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Live Longer and Increase Your Healthspan w/ Julieanna Hever

The key to increasing our health span? Plant-based dietician and author of the new book, Healthspan Solution, Julieanna Hever, joins us on the pod to talk about how to live longer, the key to our health, food myths, and the future of nutrition! Julieanna's Twitter Julieanna's Facebook Julieanna's Podcast ### @JoeyThurmanFit
16/01/202052 minutes 10 seconds
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Eating ONLY Meat w/ Dr. Shawn Baker

The Carnivore Diet! What?! Can you imagine only eating meat? No vegetables...not even fruit! Everything your parents told you as a kid will come into question during this episode with Dr. Shawn Baker, the author of “The Carnivore Diet”. Shawn talks about why he thinks almost every piece of nutritional advice you have heard is wrong! Shawn dives deep into the gut microbiome, how our nutritional guidelines are wrong, why he doesn’t believe cholesterol and red meat is a problem, and why he believes that eating a carnivore diet is the future! What are you thoughts?!  Get his book everywhere.  @joeythurmanfit  @fadorfuturepodcast
09/01/202050 minutes 52 seconds
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Rising up from struggle to strength w/ Kelsey Heenan

What has been your biggest struggle to gain control over your life when you lost it? Should girls even lift weights?! In this episode, fitness expert Kelsey Heenan of @thedailykelsey and @hiitburn talks about her journey in fitness, intuitive eating, and how she motivates through living through her personal struggles.  Strong 45 Kelsey's YouTube ###  @joeythurmanfit  @fadorfuturepodcast
03/01/202029 minutes 58 seconds
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David Sinclair; Living until you're 150!?

Is it possible to live until we are 120? What about 150?! In this episode, David Sinclair, (@davidsinclairphd) Harvard Researcher and author of The NY Times best selling book, “Lifespan”, takes us through a wild journey of REAL possibilities. David talks about why we age and why we don’t have to! Could you imagine if aging was classified as a disease? What about living until WELL over 100 years old? David not only tells you that it’s possible, but how you can implement strategies, right now, to make you healthier. What do you think? Fad or Future?!  Get his book at  @joeythurmanfit  @fadorfuturepodcast
26/12/201942 minutes 40 seconds
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Jamie Metzl

If you could would you choose the traits of your future kid would you? Eye color? Athletic ability? Their IQ? What about the ethics of it all?  Now, what if you could take away ANY possibility of your child ever getting any sort of cancer or illness? Would it change your mind then? Will genetically engineering your kid be a thing of the future or become the new normal? In the latest episode of the Fad or Future podcast, Joey Thurman interviews Dr. Jamie Metzl, the author of Hacking Darwin. He discusses the future of the human race itself! - Take a listen to the entire episode and let us know what you think!
20/12/201943 minutes 58 seconds
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Living with your Therapist!?!?

Can you imagine living with your therapist, taking him on vacation with you, or even sitting in on board meetings? This episode features life enhancement specialist and licensed therapy Todd Puckett, owner of Eclat'365. Todd’s clients don’t sit on a couch and talk about their problems, they are movie stars, directors, musicians, and industry leaders who are looking for a way to stay sharp and have a “friend” with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What do you think? Could you have your therapist travel with you wherever you go? Listen to this episode for some amazing advice on how to cope with your struggles, resources for when you are in need, and an unprecedented look at the future of therapy...or is it a fad?! You decide!
12/12/201936 minutes 14 seconds
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Intermittent Fasting

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?! Have you ever wondered if the way we think about food, and having to eat all of the time is flawed? Could fasting be the future? On this episode of Fad or Future we have Marisa Moon. She is a Certified Primal Health Coach and creator of Intermittent Fasting Freedom, an online course that helps busy adults use intermittent fasting to establish a lifetime of dietary freedom. Follow her on the podcast, “The Foundation of Wellness” as Marisa interviews other wellness experts and shares her primal perspective on nutrition and lifestyle. On this episode we talk about  •    How Marisa found the paleo/primal diets (personal health struggles) * Ancestral Health & Primal, what do they encompass and why am I so passionate about it. * What gave her the courage to attempt I.F. 5 years ago and why she still does it. * 3 big mistakes people make when starting I.F. * Unexpected reasons I.F. is easy * Books about fasting, and all the methods out t
05/12/201956 minutes 40 seconds
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Premiering New Show: Fad or Future with Joey Thurman - Trailer

Everyday consumers are being bombarded with the next “big thing” in health, wellness, and fitness. What’s the future of keeping ourselves healthy and what’s just a passing fad? Fad or Future aims to provide clarity and understanding to some of today’s most difficult topics and leaves the listener with a decision to make at the end of each episode — Fad or Future? Join your guide, Joey Thurman, and get ready for a wild ride.
15/10/20191 minute 8 seconds