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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 15 episodes, 10 hours 23 minutes
This podcast attempts to bring new perspective into everyday conversations already happening within your circle of friends. I know that navigating what it means to live life in a world that is ever changing can feel daunting. This is why I will be having conversations around this theme with my own friends or with other people I respect, and sometimes by myself. The idea is to be fun but raw and honest, in the hopes that these conversations spark wider ones within your own circle of friends and in your communities and that Light is able to bring clarity in areas that may confuse you.
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When following God costs too much ft El Shakar

Today’s conversation is one that I have been eager to have with you guys – it’s literally been sitting in my brain for almost a year now and started after I heard from someone who expressed a desire to follow God but had acquired so much through stuff through her sinful past (exchanging sex for money). It was really hard for her to let go because she did not want to suffer. My friend, El Shakar has actually experienced this and gone through something similar and that’s why I was eager to have this conversation with him and bring you guys along.
03/11/202352 minutes 53 seconds
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14. Casual sex, trauma & learning to live again ft Ini Leye

I think that by simply being human beings, we’ve all experienced trauma in one way or the other however, it doesn’t have to become our identity – it can simply be a part of a story that God is redeeming. My guest today is Ini Leye and she will be sharing a very moving story about trauma that she faced and it doesn’t matter how many times I hear her story; it moves me every time how much she suffered and how God has been able to redeem that story to bless many lives.
20/10/20231 hour 10 seconds
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13. We’re not friends anymore — that's okay (friendship in your 20s)

Today's conversation is with my friend, Precious Ada about…friendship! Maybe you’re losing friends, ghosting some, being ghosted, struggling to text back and maybe even battling jealousy because some people in your friend group are growing or achieving things at a rate that makes you feel left behind, let's talk about it.
06/10/20231 hour 14 seconds
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What I Do When I'm Alone With My Lover

Ezinne Zara shares what she does when she's alone with her lover. The beautiful exchange of pouring out her heart to Him and letting Him pour out His into her.
01/08/202337 minutes 15 seconds
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Seeking First The Kingdom of God by Ezinne Zara

Ezinne Zara shares her thoughts and understanding on Matthew 6:33 where all believers in Jesus Christ are instructed to seek God’s kingdom first and prioritise it above all else. May it bring Light, clarity and understanding to your mind. God bless you!
16/06/202319 minutes 41 seconds