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English, Hobbies, 3 seasons, 18 episodes, 21 hours 7 minutes
Tune in as Keenan and Antawn frantically and hilariously discuss topics they know little to nothing about
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Y'all not real haters S3 EP 3

We back again with another banger episode where we talk about all the things: from racism to hating to The Room. P.S. this was recorded about 8-9 months after the first two episodes so technically we back... again
20/08/20231 hour 23 minutes 39 seconds
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We aint got no money S3 EP2

In this episode, the Eyedk boys try their ever best to make a whole episode with 50 cents in the budget.
16/07/202357 minutes 35 seconds
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WE BACK!!! S3 EP 1

The Eyedk crew is finally back with the long-awaited 3rd season filled with more jokes, more games, more tangents but most of all more chill vibes. Can't wait to show yall what else we got in store.
25/06/20231 hour 14 minutes 22 seconds