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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 145 episodes, 3 days 8 hours 56 minutes
Welcome to the Everything Life and Real Estate podcast where Linda McKissack and Dana Gentry share their tips and strategies to enhance your business and life.
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TRUST: Part One - How to Give And Earn It

On this episode, Linda and Dana discuss trust, which is identified as one of five key factors for success in business relationships according to Dr. Cloud's new book. They delve into what it means to be understood by someone else, emphasizing that empathy is essential for building trust even when we don't necessarily agree with others' choices or actions, and they touch on the idea that sometimes we take on other people's problems unnecessarily instead of letting them deal with their own issues in due time.  Linda emphasizes that trust is important in both personal and professional relationships. They both reflect on how they can improve their own ability to understand others and build trust, particularly in family relationships where it may be more difficult due to emotional attachment. They discuss the importance of boundaries and confrontation in building trust, referencing Dr. Henry Cloud's books on the topic.   Get your Episode Guide <a href= "https://courses.lind
27/06/202327 minutes 50 seconds
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Real Talk: Firing People the Right Way

On this episode, Linda and Dana discuss tactics for how to approach letting someone go.  They dive into the importance of following a thorough process when letting someone go from a job, the value of having fierce conversations and clarifying what's at stake, and the benefits of letting go of things that no longer serve us. They also emphasize the need to approach difficult conversations with empathy and to focus on maintaining the other person's confidence and pride, while thinking about how you would want to feel if you saw this person three years from now at the grocery store. Get Your Episode Guide here: And sign up for our live course here:
02/05/202327 minutes
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Key Takeaways from Gary Keller's Mastermind

Dana and Linda discuss their biggest takeaways from Gary’s Mastermind, including the importance of finding happiness in what you do, and getting momentum by surrounding yourself with positive people. They also mention five truths that cannot be hacked, such as the fact that simplicity comes from being close to the truth. The goal is to become part of a small percentage at the top who understand these truths and stay there.  They discuss the importance of focusing on what gives you energy and joy in your work, rather than dwelling on negative experiences. They suggest identifying tasks that drain your energy and delegating them to someone else or finding ways to make them more enjoyable. They also emphasize the value of following through with clients, as well as going back to basics in business strategies instead of constantly searching for new hacks. Despite a decrease in overall market opportunity, Dana and Linda explain how individuals can still find success by working h
28/03/202359 minutes 23 seconds
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Interview on life With One of Our Favorite Leaders: Pam Bornhorst

On this episode, Linda and Dana talk with Pam Barnhorst about her experience as a Realtor and as a leader.  She shares how leadership came naturally to her at the beginning of her career, so much so that she didn't even realize she was leading.  She breaks down how being goal oriented in all areas of her life has helped her create a life by design.  She talks about how leverage changed her trajectory, and why she tells everyone to live in the gain instead of in the gap.   Get the Episode Guide here:
07/02/202329 minutes 38 seconds
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How to Love Your Home Again with John Holstead

On this episode, Linda and Dana talk so Linda's interior designer John Holstead.  John shares his approach to interior design and how he helps them love their homes.  They discuss how he helped Linda re-design her home not once but twice, which kept Linda from moving when she was convinced she didn't like her home.  Dana gets John's opinions on current trends, and he shares which ones he loves, which ones will stick around, and which ones he is passing on.  John also shares his favorite budget friendly improvements for homes. Get your Episode Guide here:
19/04/202239 minutes 27 seconds
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$1M Income or Divorce? Work/Life Balance with Alisha Simpkins

On this episode, Alisha Simpkins joins Linda and Dana to share her journey in finding work/life balance in real estate.  Alisha shares how her mom leaving her at 17, while she was pregnant, forced her to grow up quickly and take care of her brothers.  She went on to discover real estate, and didn't initially find success in it, but when she did, she spent less and less time on her family and was coming home angry and grumpy.  She explains how turning to alcohol to numb the emptiness she was feeling only further exacerbated her family struggles while her marriage was falling apart.  Alisha shares the steps she took to prioritize her family and bring balance back to her life.   To get your episode guide, go to <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl= "
01/02/202230 minutes 13 seconds
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Gary Keller's Top 3 Skills to Master for 2022 - Listings

On this episode, Linda and Dana just got back from Austin where they heard Gary Keller talk about the top 3 thing that are going to be the most important for agents in 2022.  This week, they discuss how to get listings in 2022.  They break down how important it is that you are preparing for the market you're headed towards instead of focusing on the market you are in now.  They talk about the growing popularity of communities and how to foster one that can help your business.  They share parts from the books Go for No and Jab Jab Right Hook as strategies to apply to your process. To get your episode guide, go to
28/12/202124 minutes 36 seconds