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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 11 episodes, 1 hour 3 minutes
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Recommended Sizes for Social Media Images

Andrew shares his favorite platforms to find copyright free photos for thumbnails and blog posts.
30/04/20213 minutes 28 seconds
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Finding Copyright Free Photos

Andrew shares his favorite platforms to find copyright free photos for thumbnails and blog posts.
29/04/20213 minutes 39 seconds
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Can YouTube Increase Your Sales?

Will investing time into YouTube show a return? Andrew has the answer in the latest episode of Everyday Language.
28/04/20214 minutes 53 seconds
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How to Start a Podcast for Beginners

Podcasts are becoming extremely popular for businesses looking to expand their brand. Andrew runs through the essentials for new podcasters!
27/04/20218 minutes 12 seconds
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Word of Mouth Marketing? Yes Please!

Every business dreams of customers knowing their brand without spending advertising money. Andrew dives into the basics of word of mouth marketing and how it will benefit your business.
26/04/20219 minutes 3 seconds
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What Social Media Platforms Should You be on?

Social media is a difficult game to tackle. Andrew walks you through the differences between the platforms you should and shouldn’t be on.
23/04/20217 minutes 33 seconds
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Embedding Content in Your Blog

Andrew dives into a great way to bring life to your blog - embedding content.
22/04/20216 minutes 48 seconds
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The Secret to Writing Engaging Content

Learn how to create engaging content for your viewers in this episode of Everyday Language.
21/04/20216 minutes 40 seconds
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When is it Time for a New Look?

Andrew dives into the basics of branding and gives tips for businesses looking to switch up their look.
20/04/20216 minutes 15 seconds
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Social Media Basics for New Businesses

Are you new to social media? Don’t worry - it’s not as difficult as it sounds! Creating the perfect social media pages for your business will boost your brand and get you more clients.
19/04/20215 minutes 55 seconds
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Introducing the Everyday Language Podcast! Andrew will kick off every day with marketing tips you can apply directly to your business.
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