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English, Education, 32 seasons, 42 episodes, 5 hours 37 minutes
Want to improve your English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation? Want to learn English with the best English teachers in the world? Want fun and interactive episodes? Then check out Everyday English with E2! Each week we bring you interactive episodes that will improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Your grammar will straighten out, your vocabulary will grow, and your pronunciation will clarify, all as you listen to expert teachers from America, Australia and England! And remember, if you need extra English practice, you can do this by going to
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#15 - English Vocabulary - Introduce yourself in English like a PRO! with Jay

In this episode of Everyday English with E2, you will learn how to introduce yourself in English. When you introduce yourself in English, you need to consider the social context. Are you introducing yourself to one person, or a group of people? Is the person you’re introducing yourself to around the same age as you? Is the person you’re introducing yourself to in a higher social position than you? Why are you introducing yourself? What’s the purpose of your introduction? All of these factors determine how you can best introduce yourself in English. And if you ever want a bit more practice before your English test, make sure you head to and sign up for our free online English test prep courses for IELTS, PTE, OET, TOEFL, TOEIC and CELPIP.
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