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Every Nation Greater Toronto Area is a church in the heart of downtown Toronto. Together we are encountering the unconditional love of God, finding purpose and following the call.
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Unstoppable: An Unstoppable Story

In the final part of our Unstoppable series, the book concludes with an open-ended ending that signifies the continuation of the story of Jesus through his followers. The mission and story of Jesus are, after all, unstoppable.
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Unstoppable: Shipwreck and God’s Providence

Guest speaker Matt Naismith takes us through Pauls missionary journey from Jerusalem to Rome, where his faith is made evident amidst a storm and a shipwreck.
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Unstoppable: Our Witness

Luke details Pauls trials and inspires the church by showing how Jesus words are being fulfilled through our witness. In this message, 5 characteristics make our witness effective. 
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Unstoppable: Wrong Commitments

In Acts 22, the imprisoned apostle Paul faces Jewish religious leaders in an interaction that reveals their distorted pursuits of holiness, justice, and truth.
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Unstoppable: The Calling of God’s People

In this sermon, Dr. Lucas looks at Pauls testimony being shared to an angry crowd. This revealed their true hearts, continuing a trend which Moses, Isaiah, and Jesus experienced.
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Unstoppable: The Journey Continues

We return to our sermon series in Acts, following the work of Paul and the apostles who carry out the Gospel to the ends of the earth. This week, Pastor Richard explores important characteristics of the church which make it an impactful witnessing community.
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When God is Present

He is risen! Pastor Bert shares a message about the resurrection and how we can respond to it through our minds, hearts, and hands.
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WGSG: When God Seems Wrong

Guest speaker Matt Naismith continues our series by exploring what is at the root of our feelings towards God. With practical tools, Matt encourages us to separate truth from lies, go deeper into our emotions, and to trust in the Lord.
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Who is My Neighbour?

Using the story of the Good Samaritan, this message shares a real-time example of how our church is practically doing this through refugee sponsorship, and challenges as to go and do likewise in extending love and mercy to those in need. 
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WGSG: When God Seems Unfair

Using the story of Joseph, Sheila explore what faithfulness looks like in the face of lifes challenges and when God seems to be unfair.
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WGSG: When God Seems Slow

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WGSG: When God Seems Silent

What do you do when God seems silent? Pastor Richard opens this new Lent series that asks tough questions of faith, encouraging us to seek a greater perspective when we feel God is silent.
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What it Means to Believe

Guest speaker and Every Nation Campus USA national director gives us a word about what it means to truly believe in God. By looking at the faith of Abraham and Ernies personal testimony, we see that following God requires surrender and sacrifice for His glory alone.
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Resolved: (Invite) The Invitation & Challenge of Jesus

Pastor Richard closes out our series RESOLVED by looking at the call of Jesus - both an invitation and a challenge. How will you encourage people in their next step towards Christ?
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Resolved: Connect

Growing the kingdom of God requires us to be connected, both upwardly with God and outwardly with others. Pastor Bert encourages us to be a connecting people in this 4th sermon in our RESOLVED series.
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Resolved: Bless

Sheila continues our sermon series that refocuses on the priorities and practices that undergird making our church’s vision a reality. This week, we take a look at what it means to practically bless others.
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Resolved: (Eat) Practicing Hospitality

Jesus ministry involves many examples of eating - teaching and forming connection around a table. Richard explore how can we use food and hospitality for the Kingdom.
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Resolved: (Pray) Developing Prayer in Your Life

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Set Apart

Sheila introduces our week of prayer, fasting, and consecration by exploring what fasting is really all about, and giving some practical tips.
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Advent MMXXIII: The Gift of Christmas

Our Christmas Eve service. Music by Jacob Moon and message by Pastor Bert Thomson.
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Advent MMXXIII: Holding on to Hope

The story of Christmas reminds us of different names given to Jesus. Sheila explores how the name Immanuel gives hope, peace, and good cheer as we hold on to the promise that God is with us.
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Advent MMXXIII: An Authentic Christmas

Authentic is the word of the year of 2023. What does it mean to believe in the authentic Christmas? Pastor Richard shows us how the down to earth details of the birth of Christ reveal Gods love.
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Advent MMXXIII: Facing Forward

Guest speaker Olaf Luna encourages EN GTA with a word from Philippians. Paul, who wrote the most joyful letter while in prison, teaches us to face forward in our faith journey.
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salt + light: The Challenge

Using everyday elements, salt and light, Jesus helps us understand how he wants us to be a certain way within the world. This message wraps up our series by looking at the paradigm, posture and practice of being salt + light today. 
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salt + light: The Greatest Commandment

Throughout the Bible, Gods people are instructed to love their neighbours, despite how different they may be. In this sermon, Sheila explore what this Greatest Commandment means for us today.
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salt + light: The Great Commission

What did Jesus mean when he instructed his followers to go and make disciples of all nations? In this message, we explore The Great Commission and what it means to live it out in our day-to-day.
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salt + light: The Good News

In a world full of bad news, what would be good news? This sermon explores different ways the good news is revealed in the Bible, and how our modern conceptions may have the wrong emphasis.
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salt + light: The Grand Story

Pastor Richard kicks off our new series, Salt + Light, which explores Jesus’ inspirational and challenging call to be an influence for good within our world. This week, we look at the wider arc of the Bibles narrative and how it shapes our lives.
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Deconstructing Life Under The Sun: Certainty

Ecclesiastes follows the Teachers quest for meaning and wisdom that can ensure success, but he discovers that such promises are empty. Life remains unpredictable, and true wisdom is different than we might expect.  
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GO 2023 | Aoife Keegan

This week, we highlight one of the main session speakers at our recent Every Nation GO Conference held in Cape Town, SA. Aoife Keegan is the current Director for Every Nation Campus Europe and is based in Dublin, Ireland. 
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Hearing the Voice of God

In this series break, Pastor Tristan shares how we can better hear Gods voice. Like sheep who recognize their shepherds voice, we need to learn to recognize how our Good Shepherd is guiding and speaking to us.
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Deconstructing Life Under The Sun: Experience

To live well, some believe accumulating experiences like travel, romance, and pleasure is key. And the more were aware of the experiences were missing out on the less great life feels. But, even if we could have everything we wanted, wed still feel unfulfilled. So, what does it mean to live well? This message tackles that question. 
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Deconstructing Life Under The Sun: Merit

Do we really get what we deserve? In this instalment of our Ecclesiastes series, Pastor Richard delves into the topic of merit versus grace. The wisdom from this book challenges conventional beliefs about justice, and highlights the overwhelming significance of Gods grace in our lives.
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Deconstructing Life Under The Sun: Work

Considering that we will spend about one-third of our lives working, Ecclesiastes brilliantly captures the toil and joy, highs and lows that we all experience in our work and life. So, whats the point of work and why should it matter?
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Deconstructing Life Under The Sun: Meaning

Is it possible to find true meaning in our lives? Dr. Lucas Maciel opens our series on the book of Ecclesiastes by giving the keys to understanding the book despite its uniquely challenging ideas.
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DNA: Why the Campus?

Guest speaker and friend of ENGTA Pastor Gabe Bouch shares a compelling word on why we should embrace the university and college campus. The opening text is from the book of Daniel. Pastor Gabe concludes with some present-day examples of what can happen when young people on the campus are reached.
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DNA: Shared Life-What Makes Us Different?

In today’s culture where loneliness has become an epidemic, this message explores the biblical idea that humans are meant to be in relationships and that the church is a community of individuals who share their lives with each other around Jesus.
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Restore My Soul: Flourishing

What does it mean to flourish? Pastor Richard concludes our series in Psalm 23, which invites us on the journey toward flourishing, toward home, and ultimately toward God. 
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Restore My Soul: Sustenance

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The Blessing of Giving

Pastor Bert Thomson speaks candidly on the foundation, levels, and results of giving in this break from our summer series.
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Restore My Soul: Trust

This week, Pastor Richard Kidger speaks on one of the most recognized Bible verses, Psalm 23:4, exploring how we can come to a place of trust with our Shepherd when walking through the valley of the shadow of death.
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Restore My Soul: Guidance

Sheila Thomson continues our summer series in Psalm 23, Restore My Soul. The analogy of Jesus followers being like sheep gives insight into Gods shepherd-like guidance. How is He guiding you?
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Restore My Soul: Provision

As Blaise Pascal famously stated, there is a god-shaped vacuum in each one of us that drives us to fill it. We can look to any number of good things to fill it. Yet, as we see in this Psalm, God has made provision for us to experience the deep contentment our soul longs for. 
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Restore My Soul: Contentment

As we kick off our series in Ps 23, we look at the first verses bold declaration I shall not want. Yet, to be content within our circumstances requires our contentment to be based upon something independent of our circumstances. 
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Unstoppable: Final Words

As we wrap up season 3 of Unstoppable, we look at the significance of Paul’s final words at the end of his last missionary journey.
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Unstoppable: The Word and The Way

Continuing in our series in Acts,  we follow Pauls missionary journey in Greece, confronting idolatry.
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Unstoppable: Unsung Heroes

Have you noticed that were very much a hero-oriented culture through the movies, celebrities and influencers were fixated on? In this message, we focus on some unsung heroes of the life and success of the early church.
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Unstoppable: Mars Hill

Dr. Lucas Maciel continues our series in Acts by diving into the teaching of Paul in Athens, where he addresses the crowd in a unique, contextualized way.
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Unstoppable: Staying Power

Like the Apostle Paul, we experience times of disorientation and distress at being in a particular place. In this message, we discover 4 crucial ways God provides staying power in a place or situation that is difficult.
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Unstoppable: The Company of Believers

Throughout Acts, God draws together a diverse group of people to build his church and to fulfill the directive of Jesus to take his good news into all the world. In this message from Acts 16, we see the Gospel is for everyone: men and women, rich and poor, young and old. 
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Unstoppable: The Fight For Grace

Some conflict is unavoidable and some things are worth fighting for. As the early church grows in its diversity, a core question arises: what makes and distinguishes a Christian? The answer will have radical ramifications.
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Unstoppable: Worship Gone Wrong

Worship is less about liturgy and more about looking—who/what is the object of our focus, admiration, and love? In this sense, we can worship almost anything or anyone. In this message, we explore the human inclination to worship, and how it often leads us astray.
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Unstoppable: Soil and Seed

As we kick off the third season of the Unstoppable series, we witness the gospel transforming a diverse and global movement of followers of Jesus. We have been invited to actively participate in this movement, rather than spectate from the sidelines. 
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10th Anniversary Special: The Obnoxious Kingdom

Guest Pastor Matt Naismith brings a special word of encouragement for our 10th Anniversary celebration service.
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10th Anniversary Special: Our Dream Together

As we celebrate our churchs 10th anniversary this month, we join our pastoral team in a conversation about the dream that brought them to Toronto, and the kind of church they envision ENGTA to be.
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Easter MMXXIII: Disintegration and Renewal

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Lent MMXXIII: The Unexpected Jesus

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the final week of Jesus public ministry. The expectation around Jesus is high and hes at the height of his popularity. So what Jesus does next is unexpected but necessary if we are to have proper expectations of him. 
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Lent MMXXIII: Waiting on God

Life is hard. Evil is real. Does God care? Life is full of these tensions and in Psalm 130,  we see this tension in both the honesty of our lived reality and the reality of God. How we reconcile those two realities is key to living purposefully with contentment in our lives. 
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Lent MMXXIII: A Pleasing Life

What makes for a good life? As relevant as that question is today, in this message we explore the answer from an ancient prophet, Micah, that has clear relevance to us today. 
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Lent MMXXIII: Longing

We are creatures of desire, and so we must seek full fulfillment for our longings in the right place. In Psalm 63, the psalmists tough situation reveals his deep longing for God and it’s captured by two seemingly opposite images that are key to understanding our longings. 
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Lent MMXXIII: Returning

Sheila Thomson continues our Lent series by diving into Psalm 32, looking at how we are led to return to God (repentance). The Psalmist gives us a picture of the good life and the honest life, plus some good advice.
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Lent MMXXIII: Testing

The Lenten season commemorates the time of testing Jesus experienced in the wilderness and that is where we begin in this message. Through Jesus experience, we are given a masterclass on the nature of temptation and its appeal to our primal impulses, and how to resist pursuing legitimate needs through illegitimate ways. 
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Ukraine Update – Ps Pavlo Lozynsky

This past Sunday we had a special guest Pavlo Lozynsky from Lviv, Ukraine share his “follow the call” story which resulted in his returning from Canada to his homeland. His church and ministry are now actively helping victims of war with practical needs and sharing the good news of the Gospel.
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Miracles: Healing the Blind

If you wear glasses you know the immediate difficultly you experience if you have lost them. Or similarly, if you have an out of date prescription the problem you have seeing clearly. But if you were born blind and then you are suddenly able to see, what would that be like? In this message, we look at the miracle of Jesus healing the blind man and the various responses that people had to this dramatic sign.
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Miracles: Walking on Water

Life is filled with storms: financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, personal, global. Storms can blind our perspective and make us afraid. Yet, in this miraculous encounter with Jesus , we are reminded that although storms are inevitable, Jesus is Lord over the storm and is able to take us through the storm, whilst using the storm for our good.  
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Miracles: Feeding the 5000

Maybe you’ve read or heard this story. One of the things we see as we encounter this miracle is God’s ability to provide miraculously - multiplying a little & turning it into plenty. We see that when we bring something seemingly small to offer him, he can turn it into so much more.
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Miracles: Healing the Paralyzed

Jesus encounter and miraculous healing of a man whod been lame for 38 years reveals much about how God loves us, and what we need if we too want to be made well. 
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Miracles: Healing the Sick

In our Western culture, we place a lot of faith in rationality, science and technology. Yet, for all the tremendous benefit they bring, the state of our world testifies that many problems are beyond our fixing. In this encounter with Jesus, we see the progression of the official’s faith as he encounters his own hopeless situation. 
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Miracles: Turning Water into Wine

Perhaps one of the more well-known of Jesus miracles, it is intriguing that turning water into wine at a wedding in the small town of Cana is where Jesus chose to perform his first miracle. But it is packed with relevance for us today. 
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Light in the Darkness: part 3

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Light in the Darkness: part 2

In our final in person service for the year we light the fourth advent candle: the candle of love, sing Christmas Carols and Sheila Thomson shares Part 2 of our Christmas series Light in the Darkness. Jacob Moon also performs his original song Emmanuel.
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Light in the Darkness: part 1

This is literally a dark time of year with days shorter and nights longer in the winter months. Emotionally, many people struggle with the winter blues. Despite our advances as a society, our world still feels very dark. Scripture reveals that Christmas is about light breaking into darkness. The Christmas message acknowledges the darkness of our times, but in doing so, emphasizes the light and our yearning for it. 
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Counterculture: Self-Control Over Self-indulgence

Self-control is a virtue that can refer both to the strength to refrain from doing something that we shouldn’t, but also to the strength of stepping up and acting when we should. In this final message in our Counterculture series, we look at how Christ makes self-control a very real possibility for us in regards to our desires and things we do. 
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Counterculture: Gentleness Over Harshness

We can often over-value characteristics like strength, toughness and self-confidence, and see gentleness as weakness or timidity. Yet Jesus, despite his obvious power and status, describes himself as gentle and humble. This is what makes gentleness so countercultural in an oftentimes harsh world.  
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Counterculture: Faithfulness Over Compromise

Weve all felt the disappointment as weve witnessed political, business, sports or religious leaders “sell out” their core values and beliefs in compromise. Yet, if were honest, were guilty of compromise too. In this message, we look at the virtue of faithfulness as an expression of our love for God and others: what does it mean and how do we practice it in our daily lives?
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Counterculture: Kindness Over Indifference

When we are kind to others, what is our motive? Often we are kind not for the pure motive of helping an other, but so that we feel better about ourselves. But that is not the way God has shown His kindness to us. In this message we look at what it takes to really be kind and practical ways we can express that pure type of kindness to others.
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Cooperating with the Holy Spirit – Gabe Bouch

In this message, guest speaker Gabe Bouch reminds us we cannot do what God has called us to do without the power of the Holy Spirit. So, how do we cooperate with the Holy Spirit?
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Counterculture: Patience Over Resentment

Impatience is on the rise and it seems to bring out the worst in us. Resentment is often a signal of unmet expectation. In this message, we look at 4 ways Scripture talks about patience and how we can become more patient with others and within our circumstances. 
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Counterculture: Peace Over Anxiety

Though worry and anxiety are nothing new, in the past few years they seem to be on the rise in Canada and around the world. God’s desire for us is that we would cast our cares on Him. So how do we live like this? How does peace  grow and flourish in our lives?
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Counterculture: Joy Over Despair

As we continue in our Counterculture series, we look at the virtue of joy being the disposition or inclination to see things from Gods perspective, and a weapon to combat despair. 
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Counterculture: Love Over Fear

When Gods Spirit is active in our lives we can produce wonder attributes called the fruit of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness and self control. However, there is always a battle between other desires. In this message we look at how the fruit of love can overcome fear.
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Counterculture: The War Within

As we kick off our Fall teaching series, we dive deep into the countercultural way of life Jesus invites us into towards a life of true freedom, fulfillment and flourishing, the result of which bears fruit of God’s transforming power in us. 
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Real Hope: Enduring Hope

As we close out our REAL HOPE series, we look at the close and vital  relationship between faith, hope & love as well as what the key is to growing in them despite tough times. 
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Real Hope: Unquenchable Hope

We all have some sort of issue facing us that seems unsurmountable -whether a health diagnosis, a relational family conflict, a workplace obstacle or perhaps a financial crisis. What do we do in the face of such real life challenges? In this message Pastor Bomi Roberson offers an inspiriting direct biblical response to give us real hope.
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Real Hope: Hope in the Struggle

What do you do when life hits you hard and leaves you struggling? None of us is exempt from struggle or pain in our lives. But we don’t need to walk alone. There is real comfort for your journey and real hope to be found in the world. In this message, we kick off a short series on hope: discovering real hope for the real world. 
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The Great Reveal – Jon Owens

Guest speaker Pastor Jon Owens from City of Lights church in Indianapolis brings this encouraging word on how God reveals Himself, meets our deepest needs, transforms us and then send us to help others.
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Ekklesia: Impact

As we close our summer series on the church, we turn to the words of Jesus specifically, and what he had to say about the church he would build. 
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Ekklesia: Prayer

In this message on the practices of the early church we look at their devotion to prayer. Praying together - i.e., communal prayer - builds disciples, builds community, and builds unity.
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Ekklesia: Witness

As we continue in our series looking at what the early church was devoted to we see that day by day people were being added to the church. What made this group of followers of Jesus so attractive that people were willing to join even in the midst of severe persecution? What can we learn in our current context about how to have a winsome witness to those around us?
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Ekklesia: Service

The early church was devoted to not only preach the gospel but to demonstrate it through practical ministry. The combination of preaching and demonstrating made an impact that even the Roman empire could not resist. In this message we look at three dimensions of sacrificial service that we can carry out today.
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Ekklesia: Worship

From the earliest days of the church, the practice of gathering together regularly for worship became a cornerstone of Christianity. In some nations today, the church gathering is declared illegal. Here in the West with our religious freedom, we dont face that threat and yet we see weekly worship decline steadily. What do we stand to lose if we dont see this as an important practice to build into our weekly rhythm?
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Ekklesia: Truth

In an age of increasing distraction, it becomes more important we devote ourselves to that which is good and true. In this message we look at the early churchs devotion to the words and teachings of Jesus in the hopes we too would devote ourselves to this practice. 
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Ekklesia: Relationships

How many friends can you really have? In this message we look into the deep relationships that the early church shared with one another. Even Jesus had levels of relationships and we all need to understand these levels to thrive and flourish in life.
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Ekklesia: Devoted

Devotion is a powerful act and what we devote ourselves to has a transforming affect on us. You could say, you become what you devoted yourself to, love or worship. In this first message in our summer series, ekklesia, we look at what the early church devoted themselves to then in order to consider what the church should devote herself to now.
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Unstoppable: Divine Placement

Its amazing what can happen when the right person is in the right place at the right time serving the right purpose. This divine placement was evident in the Antioch church and went on to change the known world. What is your divine placement?
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Unstoppable: Divine Conversion

Despite Jesus being very clear to his followers that he wanted the gospel to go into every culture and to all people groups, the early church was still almost exclusively Jewish. That’s why this story of the conversion of Cornelius and his household is so significant and a turning point, not just for Cornelius, but the entire mission of Jesus. 
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Unstoppable: Divine Intervention

Is anyone beyond the reach of God? In this message we look at the amazing transformation of Saul who was a persecutor of the early Christians. His story reminds us to never quit on people because God can reach and transform anyone.
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Unstoppable: Divine Encounter

As the Gospel continues to spread, the Spirit orchestrates an unlikely encounter that will transform the life of a man and take the Word of God to the ends of the earth.
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Unstoppable: Divine Movement

The church scattered becomes the church on mission. Opposition leads to opportunity as God uses disruption to mobilize the entire church, not just a handful and the result is the movement of the gospel to new places and people. 
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Unstoppable: Divine Disruption

After a great start for the early church, Acts 8 records the devastation a certain Pharisee called Saul wreaks on the church in the wake of Stephen’s execution. Will this persecution and scattering stop the message and mission of the church? How does the church react?
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Moving Forward: Strength to Move Ahead

As we continue in our Moving Forward series as we regather and relaunch as a church, we look at the ways God has and will sustain, strengthen and support us despite whats happening around us. 
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Cruciform: The Cruciform Way

After looking at all Jesus accomplished on the cross over the past 5 weeks, we now look at the importance of getting this message out to the world. This week we look candidly at what hinders us from sharing this message of good news to those around us.
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Cruciform: The Cross and Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus is more than a historical event or creedal proposition we affirm. It is personal and the basis for our hope: a living hope grounded in the past, focused on the future, and vital for the present. 
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Cruciform: The Cross and Victory

Crucifixion was scandalous and certainly not associated with anything celebratory or victorious for the victim. And yet, the early Christians came to see Christ crucified as the ultimate victory of God. How? For who? And what does it mean for us? 
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Cruciform: The Cross and Atonement

As the earliest Christians came to retrospectively understand what was happening at the cross, they came to boast and glory in the cross as God’s wisdom, power and Good News for all. In this message, we begin to unpack that good news, the significance of Jesus death and what it accomplished. 
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Cruciform: The Cross and Sin

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Cruciform: The Cross and Scandal

Given what we know historically about the brutality, humiliation & scandal surrounding crucifixion, it seems strange that the very heart  of Christianity is the crucified Christ. In over 2000 years, no death has quite captured our attention like the crucifixion of Jesus. But what does it all mean? We kick off our Lenten series by looking at the scandal of the Cross. 
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Moving Forward: Deeper Relationships & Practical Ministry

As our church begins to gather more freely and frequently as the restrictions from the pandemic ease, how can we make a greater kingdom impact? Two keys are suggested in this message: deeper relationships and practical ministry.
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My Story: Rewrite It

In part 3 of our sermon series on Mental & Emotional Health we look at how our past has profoundly shaped our present (for good and bad), but it does not have to determine our future. God invites us to rewrite our story that aligns more with his redemptive truth and grace made available to us through Jesus. Checkout some helpful resources as part of this My Story series here.