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English, Spirituality, 2 seasons, 44 episodes, 1 day, 8 hours, 59 minutes
Mind, body, and soul-expanding podcast with a wide range of spiritual, healing, esoteric, noetic science, and unique manifestation topics. Ethereal Girl is a sacred space and all about our cosmic journey through time with the intention of invoking healing and growth through shamelessly unleashing your inner divinity. You will find your inner world shifting into a more loving, and abundant platform of existence through a mysterious roadmap of authenticity and magic. Grab a matcha & let's tap into the divine.
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40: How To ALWAYS Receive (And Maintain) Princess Treatment

In this episode, I unveil the secrets to effortlessly receiving and sustaining “Princess Treatment” in your life. 💖 We'll also discuss: Why You Might Be Repelling Provider Men – Common mistakes that might be pushing away the nurturing, generous partner you desire. Feminine & Masculine Polarity – The delicate dance of energies and how balancing them can transform your relationships. [PSA It's storming in the background of this episode] Connect with Rose & Ethereal Girl: Instagram: follow here Leave a message: click here Read the Substack: read here
6/13/202449 minutes, 40 seconds
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39: Rich Girl Era | Part 2: Activate Your Inner Money Magnet (With Feminine Energy)

Hi Goddess ♡ In the second installment of our "Rich Girl Era" series, we're diving deep into the art of activating your inner money magnet. Harnessing the sacred power of feminine energy, we'll explore how this [secret] divine force can shape your financial destiny and lay the foundation for true wealth—the goddess way. Connect With Rose & Ethereal Girl Instagram: follow here Leave a message: click here Read the substack: read here
6/3/202440 minutes, 44 seconds
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38: Hot Girl Mindset: Break Free From Limiting Beliefs & Unlock Your Limitless Mind

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, let's talk about ethereal ways to create a hot girl mindset. We'll discuss ways to break free from the mental prison of limiting beliefs, the game of thought, developing mental discipline, and how to get the universe to conspire in your favor ♡ Connect with Rose & Ethereal Girl Instagram: follow here Leave me a message: click here
5/27/202456 minutes, 25 seconds
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37: The Art Of Softness | A Guide To Being A Soft Feminine Woman

Let's talk about entering your soft girl era & mastering a soft, feminine inner state after hardening from past experiences. This episode is designed for women who desire to reconnect with their gentle, nurturing side and cultivate a softer, more feminine energy. Q&A: 0:00 to 12:40 ♡ In this episode, we discuss: Understanding Soft Femininity: What it means to be a soft feminine woman and why it's important. Practical Tips: Steps and practices to soften your being and approach to life & relationships Healing from Hardening: Techniques to release past traumas and embrace a softer, more loving state. Connect with Rose & Ethereal Girl Instagram: follow here Leave me a message: click here --- Support this podcast:
5/20/202454 minutes, 6 seconds
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36: Black Cat Energy | How To ACTUALLY Increase Your Magnetism & Allow Yourself To Be Chosen

Black Cat Energy 101 in session. We're discussing the subtle art of activating your inner magnetism and allowing yourself to be chosen. In this episode, we'll uncover the secrets to increasing your magnetic energy and attracting what you truly desire. From understanding the Black Cat Golden Retriever Theory to mastering the art of being pursued. Q&A: 0:00- 6:45 ♡ In this episode: Discover the power of choosing yourself. Explore the art of being pursued and how it impacts your energy. Learn how to connect with your heart Uncover the secret to attract and manifest what you desire (effortlessly) Dive into the concept of the Black Cat, Golden Retriever Theory and its significance. CONNECT WITH ETHEREAL GIRL & ALEXA ROSE Instagram: Ethereal Girl Instagram Leave a message: click here --- Support this podcast:
5/13/202437 minutes, 59 seconds
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34: 5 Steps to Master Detachment and Build Self-Esteem: The Key to Letting Go

5 steps to master detachment and the magic behind self-esteem. I'll be covering how they are both essential for letting go and attracting the life you want. xo Book Mentioned: Feeling is The Secret By Neville Goddard Membership Waitlist ♡: Apply For A 1:1 Call (February-April) : Ethereal Girl IG: --- Support this podcast:
2/18/202441 minutes, 55 seconds
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33: The Secret To Manifesting Love & How Wise Women Qualify Men for Relationships

Exploring the art of manifesting love and the innate wisdom in how a woman discerns a quality man's heart. Love, that ethereal force that binds us, is not just a notion but a living, breathing energy waiting to be disclosed. Let's talk about it xo Ethereal Girl's Instagram: My Signature Workshop: --- Support this podcast:
1/28/202439 minutes, 26 seconds
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32. Transforming Scarcity Mindset to Abundance: The Rich Girl Energy Guide

Activate your rich girl energy by shifting your perspective from scarcity to abundance mindset. 💖✨ I'll be sharing my personal insights and perspective shifts that help you unplug from the lingering trauma of scarcity. We'll explore the magical connection between the brain and mind, unraveling the secrets that pave the way for our financial wealth to manifest (with ease). In today's episode, we're covering: Men vs Women Wars + How Scarcity Manifests Competition vs Play The Brain-Mind Connection and How It Assists Us in Getting What We Want + Tips to Work With It How to Activate Rich Girl Energy with an Identity Shift Giving and Receiving The Secret to Making Money Obsessed with You Expanding Your Capacity to Love to Receive More Money The "negative bias" + How To Transcend it Scarcity Habit to Quit Why getting rich is a virtuous pursuit, aligned with feminine virtues. Follow The Journey: My Signature Workshop: --- Support this podcast:
1/21/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 25 seconds
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Manifesting Mastery: Align With Your Higher Self and Heal Masculine Energy for Personal Reinvention

Hi pretty soul. Today's episode is more of a sacred insight to facilitate your manifestation journey and bring you closer to what you want. Here's what we'll be covering: Bridging Your Present to Your Desired Reality Breaking Out of the Wounded Masculine's Spell How To Connect with Your Higher Self 🌬️ Reinventing Your Energy If you're on a journey to break free from wounded masculinity and reinvent yourself, this episode is for you ✨ xoxo Links ♡ Join my workshop waitlist: Elevate your inbox with my newsletters: The body keeps the score (TW) : --- Support this podcast:
12/10/202332 minutes, 27 seconds
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Being That Girl | How To Attract High-Caliber Relationships With Feminine Energy + Breaking Toxic Cycles

For the one flipping the script, shifting from chasing to effortlessly attracting 🧲 In this manifestation-focused episode, we're exploring the art of magnetic alignment, the feminine principle that draws high-caliber individuals towards you while gracefully repelling toxic energies. Episode starts @ 05:18 Links ♡ Join The Waitlist: My Newsletter: Resources: ETG Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
12/3/202340 minutes, 48 seconds
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Shadow Self: The Ultimate Guide To Thriving In The Face Of Change

The seeds of desire give rise to the the shadow self. In this episode, we delve into the subconscious strategies favored by the shadow self and illuminate the ways to identify its presence in your consciousness, particularly amidst the inevitability of change. Change, with its inherent discomfort and uncertainty, becomes the canvas upon which the shadow self often paints. But what if I told you that hidden within these very shadows resides an untapped catalyst for manifesting your dream reality? Books Mentioned: 101 essaysArt of warOutwitting The DevilJoin My Newsletter: FemmelixirAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
8/6/202343 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Sacred Law of Forgiveness

Hi, Goddess ✨🌙 In today's episode, I demystify the Law of Forgiveness. This powerful law can release the shackles of our past, dissolve resentment, and transform your reality. My aim is to bring awareness to its sacred purpose hidden beneath the levels of illusive ego. Together, we will explore the healing qualities of forgiveness, its ability to bring liberation, and its profound impact on our spiritual growth. By understanding and embracing the Law of Forgiveness, we open doors to a deep self-discovery and the realization of our divine potential. Get cozy and let's transcend limitations, expand your consciousness, and manifest a life filled with grace, compassion, and abundance. NEWSLETTER: FEMMELIXIR INSTAGRAM: ETHEREAL GIRLCONNECT WITH ME: ALEXA ROSEWEBSITE: ETHEREALGIRL.COAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
6/24/202348 minutes, 44 seconds
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Becoming Her: Feminine Communication and Setting Boundaries With Grace

In the last episode of Becoming Her, we unlock the secrets to effectively expressing your needs, desires, and opinions while maintaining your feminine energy. Learn how to strike a balance between assertiveness and compassion, allowing your voice to be heard while preserving harmonious relationships. INSTAGRAM: Ethereal Girl NEWSLETTER: FemmelixirWEBSITE: www.etherealgirl.coBOUNDARIES 101: Access The Full GuideAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
6/19/202343 minutes, 24 seconds
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Becoming Her Ep. 5: Amplify Your Privacy and Mystique

In Episode 5 of Becoming Her, we focus on the magnetic aspects of privacy and cultivating an aura of mystique. In a world where constant connectivity prevails, maintaining privacy and nurturing an air of enigma has become a rare skill. Join Rose as she unravels the secrets behind amplifying your privacy, guarding your personal space, and embracing the creative power within. JOIN MY COMMUNITY ETHEREAL GIRL INSTAGRAM VISIT MY WEBSITE ♡ PERSONAL INSTAGRAM
5/26/202328 minutes, 58 seconds
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Becoming a Dream Girl: Part 1: The Identity Shift

In this episode, we dive into the transformative journey of becoming a dream girl and explore the fundamental importance of cultivating a few mindset shifts. Join Rose as she unravels the secrets behind developing the identity that will set you on a path to transformative growth and fulfillment. Defining the Dream Girl: The Dream Girl is not a fictional character but a representation of the most magnetic, confident, and fulfilled woman you aspire to become. Becoming a Dream Girl is not limited to physical appearance or external validation; it encompasses a holistic transformation from within. xoxo JOIN MY COMMUNITY ETHEREAL GIRL INSTAGRAM PERSONAL INSTAGRAM
5/17/202337 minutes, 11 seconds
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Becoming Her: Healing The Wounded Masculine (+ Habits To Quit)

In this episode of "Becoming Her", we get real AF and focus on Healing the Wounded Masculine, and masculine habits to quit to amplify, and embody your personal magnetism. We delve deep into the root causes of toxic masculinity, and how it can manifest in our lives, relationships, and society as a whole. We discuss the impact of modern psychological conditioning on women, and how it affects our emotional expression, lives, and wellbeing. Let's talk about it xoxo Newsletter + 1:1 Coaching : Subscribe To FemmeElixir Get in touch: Email
3/13/20231 hour, 44 seconds
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5 Simple Ways To Shift Your Mindset (Before The New Year)

In this episode, we'll talk about the 5 simple mindset shifts you can make to create BIG change. They are so simple and too often neglected by people because it might not seem like much.  You can and should use these tips at any point in life, but I truly believe that when you're being called to evolve - you'll find this episode :). xoxo Follow the podcast  Newsletter ♡
12/26/202238 minutes, 55 seconds
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Good girl conditioning: How to transcend

If you're interested in learning: - What is good girl conditioning? - How to transcend the good girl complex Hit the play button <3 
11/18/202245 minutes, 35 seconds
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How to overcome life's obstacles

Just reminding you that you're not a victim to reality, so long as you take charge of the two things you have control of.  Find out exactly how I overcome life's challenges and tests like a pro  ♡
10/22/202222 minutes, 58 seconds
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Manifestation in scripture: the truth about the law of assumption

There is one law that supercedes all other laws of the universe, and completely defies all logic: the law of assumption.  In this episode, I share it's ancient origins with you, and how you can apply these principles in your own life to manifest the life most aligned with your authentic truth. Side note, you might be surprised where the teachings originally derive from ..  A deeper look:  1.  The true meaning of manifestation + how it works  2. How to co create within the system of creation 3. Who, and what is Christ? 4. The truth about religion  5. The 12 disciples  6. Change starts inside of you Keyword: Christ = Feminine polarity (Wisdom, intuition, Imagination, Unconditional love) Ethereal Girl Community Alexa Rose Website
10/14/202251 minutes, 15 seconds
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5 ways to become energetically attractive and confident

The 5 simple steps I took to become energetically confident.  If you're interested in learning how to increase your natural born magnetism - this one's just for you <3. Self- confidence breeds empathy, a deeper connection to soul, and the present moment. It's the door to self-awareness, and the complete opposite of self-absorption. Confidence is your fearless truth. It's who you really are beneath the layers and layers of ego.  Let's lift that veil and unleash it  Have questions? let's connect: THE MANIFESTING PLAYBOOK: THE COMMUNITY:
10/8/202231 minutes, 29 seconds
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The dark feminine matrix (ft. the alchemist)

In this episode, I share my thoughts on the dark feminine era and why I believe it's a masked wounded consciousness. The true power of the divine feminine is rising within us all, which can manifest as chaotic outcomes and uncertainty in a life of routine that does not serve evolution.  Have you been wondering why things seem "out of control" now? This is why. This is a good thing. And, it is not the dark feminine because that's a human construct - the ego seeking control.  A DEEPER LOOK:  - The divine feminine rising (Sarah Elk)  - The masked, wounded ego (dark femininity) - What is the divine feminine? - Tips to cultivate your powerful feminine energy  JOIN THE ETG COMMUNITY ♡: THE MANIFESTING PLAYBOOK:
9/28/202248 minutes, 8 seconds
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Creation is finished - there is nothing to change but perception

There is nothing new under the sun ♡ In this episode, I talk about the concept of infinite states of being available to us, and how all we have to do is occupy a state to shift our realities. Why? because creation was finished at the birth of time. There is nothing to actually create, but to reveal. Remember that saying "energy can't be created or destroyed" .. energy has nowhere to go. It's always there .. you just have to see it. "You no longer need to struggle, strive, and work to create what you seek. Rather, what you seek already exists. Your job is, then, not to create what you seek, but to move into the state that contains your desire as a present fact." -Maxwell A (states of desire) 5:35. - creation is finished 14:05 - the point of manifestation 21:12  - No one is right or wrong 22:06 - Fear does not exist JOIN THE COMMUNITY ♡: DOWNLOAD THE PLAYBOOK:
9/5/202234 minutes, 53 seconds
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How POWERFUL manifesting works: The art of emotional intelligence

This week, I'm in the kind of mood that wants to dish out all of the tips that speed up our manifestation results. One of my favorite ways to design my reality is the sacred practice of emotional intelligence. Next to the mind-body of consciousness, we use this one as our primary guide.  I also might have added an exciting little announcement and a life update.  So, grab a blanket and some hot tea, and let's dive in :) JOIN THE COMMUNITY♡: STAY CONNECTED:  Alexa Rose Instagram
9/4/202247 minutes, 14 seconds
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Energy traits of a high value woman

Divine feminine or high value woman? Is there a difference? I think not :). In this episode, I share my perspective on the "high value woman" and really easy, applicable tips on how to embody this magnetic energy.  JOIN THE ETHEREAL GIRL COMMUNITY:  HOTLINE:  305-857-5188
8/15/202235 minutes, 17 seconds
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The real secret to manifesting wealth might surprise you

Manifesting wealth is easier than you "think" :). In this episode I expand on the sacred feminine way of aligning with abundance and share a bit of my story. And, If you stay until the end of this episode you'll know exactly how to start shifting your paradigm into wealth consciousness.  This isn't for you if: you're seeking practical/traditional steps This is for you if: you truly desire to attract wealth in all areas of life Pay close attention because the steps are SO SIMPLE you won't believe you've been in such a deep slumber.   RESOURCES:  JOIN ETHEREAL GIRL COMMUNITY ♡:   STAY CONNECTED:   HOTLINE✧:  305-857-5188
8/8/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 6 seconds
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Alchemy: how to reinvent yourself + the art of rebirth in manifestation

In this episode, I bring light to the art of alchemy and the natural process of shifting paradigms to experience a more aligned reality. We are all alchemists and constantly putting this into practice whether aware or unaware. You are not stuck unless you believe you are stuck. You are not "you" --- you are the awareness of you. Once you realize this, creating a new identity, and reinventing yourself is as easy as changing your outfit. Create a new identity, and experience a new reality.   JOIN ETHEREAL GIRL COMMUNITY ♡:   Stay connected:   HOTLINE ☪: 305-857-5188
7/31/202237 minutes, 26 seconds
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Sexual trauma, sacral healing, & how I reclaimed my body and power

TRIGGER WARNING: THIS EPISODE MENTIONS SEXUAL ABUSE & A PERSONAL STORY THAT MIGHT BE TRIGGERING TO SOME LISTENERS. PLEASE USE YOUR OWN DISCERNMENT ♡  In this weeks episode I get vulnerable & share a lesson that changed my life forever: the healing power of love and the power of vulnerability based on the movie "Redeeming love" (2022). Love is the answer and almost every imbalance is simply a violation of this sacred energy. I'll be sharing how I healed my sacral chakra (womb) and transcended sexual trauma & father wounds into a divine feminine awakening.  The sacral chakra is where you hold the creative energy of the yin polarity. When out of balance, it leads to emotional isolation, repressed creativity, fear, and depression. It makes you physically and emotionally weak. This imbalance has a major impact on your intentional manifestation abilities and your personal magnetism through long term depletion of the central nervous system.  If you're interested in discovering how to reclaim your body and power after traumatic events, and how I dealt with my feminine wounds, this one's for you.  JOIN ETHEREAL GIRL COMMUNITY:  HOTLINE ✦: 305-857-5188
7/24/202255 minutes, 36 seconds
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Sacred sexuality: the secret to healing & transformation (18+)

Sacred sexuality is the link to understanding our direct connection to source energy, and the process of utilizing our sexual energy for healing, and alchemical transformation. Sexuality in our society today is not wrong, it's simply misused. Get cozy and let's talk about how we can manifest and transform through the sacred act of the unified forces of sacred union.   A deeper look:  3 Forces in relationships 10:14  Establishing a mutual relationship with your light body 13:29  Unnatural mutations in the human body 16:00  The elemental kingdom 20:26  Time is simultaneous 26:26  Gender roles 30:52  JOIN OUR COMMUNITY ☾:  Follow me here  ♡:  Call Ethereal Girl podcast:  (305) - 857 - 5188
7/16/202244 minutes, 38 seconds
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Conscious parenting raises conscious kids

The future of humanity is reliant upon your self-awareness. In this episode, I talk about one of the most sacred bonds you could ever create: a bond with your child, and how to deepen this bond through self-evolution, and the practice of conscious parenting. This is for you if:  - You are a parent  - Plan to become one - You desire to be a better parent  - You desire to raise healed, conscious children - Are someone's son or daughter  JOIN ETHEREAL GIRL ♡  Resources ↡  DARING GREATLY:  THE CONSCIOUS PARENT: IT DIDNT START WITH YOU: THE GAME OF LIFE & HOW TO PLAY IT (1925):
7/9/202233 minutes, 6 seconds
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Train your subconscious mind to manifest a healed reality

What if changing the way you see things is all it takes to manifest your desired reality? Our outer world reflects our inner world, and we are all fractals of source consciousness. Once we learn to understand, operate, and control our minds, we take hold of our reality experiences and manifestations, while creating a perspective that brings us closer to divinity itself.  In this episode, you will learn how the subconscious mind works and how you can establish a relationship with it that serves your highest timeline. I also might have sprinkled in some tips you'll love <3   A deeper look:   The system isn't natural (4:26)   Our brains have one job (6:02)   Natural ways to increase magnetism (11:09)   The subconscious mind (19:14)   Break limiting beliefs technique (28:27)   Power move (32:33)   How to speak to the subconscious (35:07)   How trauma is stored in the body + restore (46:24)   Rewiring the subconscious (51:08)   Journal prompt + know yourself (56:30)   Two rules of the subconscious (1:00:31)   JOIN THE ETHEREAL GIRL COMMUNITY   Hotline ♡ 305-857-5188
7/1/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 26 seconds
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Stop attracting energy vampires and manifest conscious relationships instead

Ever wonder why you might be finding yourself in toxic relationships? Society might play a small role but our energy takes the lead.  A sacred relationship is really a journey into the inner-self. It's empowering, liberating, and magnetic. A unique way of manifesting a dream reality as you're 10x more powerful in divine union within.   A deeper look:   - What is a conscious relationship? (4:14)  - The foundations of a conscious relationship (6:26)  - Energy archetypes + how it manifests (16:21)  - Nurturing the tree of life (39:30)  - Why you attract toxic relationships + how to pre-identify (44:42)   - Attracting a sacred union + how to identify (1:00:31)  JOIN THE ETHEREAL GIRL COMMUNITY:
6/24/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 29 seconds
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Sacred feminine: the secret to attracting abundance

In this episode, I share a secret key to unlocking the flow of abundance into your reality. Abundance isn't just monetary it's also in love, happiness, and health. This is true wealth. No more chasing, no more doing what you hate, or feeling your efforts are wasted.  How can we reach our highest creative potential?  Rule #1: Our freedom lifeline consists of a harmonious balance of masculine and feminine energies  A deeper look:  - 3 functions of unity consciousness   - Imbalanced energies acting as blockages + what to do  - 7 hermetic principles to master reality   - How to heal blockages + find balance   - How to utilize your magnetism to attract abundance   Your angel number today: 444   JOIN OUR COMMUNITY:
6/19/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 43 seconds
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Manifesting: How to persist in your assumption + overcoming limiting beliefs

Have you ever manifested and felt as if it doesn’t work? Maybe you’ve tried “everything” and it doesn’t seem to come true for you. Especially when you jump right into instant manifesting techniques. WHY DONT THEY WORK? Is this you? If yes this episode is just for you <3   A deeper look:  The bridge of incidents   The chaotic energy of shifting realities    Disempower limiting beliefs   Intrusive thoughts   Tribal consciousness   Breaking free   Overcoming limiting belief patterns   Most people are blocked by fears and doubts as a result of societal conditioning and survival. This keeps us from experiencing that fairy tale lifestyle and relationships we all subconsciously desire. There’s something inside of us that believes this is all Harry Potter talk or wishful thinking … Well, it isn’t. It doesn’t have to be. In this episode, I share tips to help you actually reach your desired reality through basic awareness.   JOIN THE ETHEREAL GIRL COMMUNITY:
6/16/202256 minutes, 22 seconds
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How QUICKLY manifesting works: The art of instantly manifesting (+ transcending consciousness)

INTRO TO THE ART OF INSTANT MANIFESTING  Manifestation is not a method or process — it’s an instant system that’s already happening every nano second of the day you experience. Every moment before the arrival of your wish is just a moment you have assumed you don’t have it ..  You either have it or you don’t. It’s up to you to decide what’s true in your reality ;)    A DEEPER LOOK:  -   -Awareness    -Quantum physics  -Feeling is the secret + Why   -Exiting the program    -Knowing yourself    -How atoms move + manifest   - Identity cycle + breaking it    -Transforming energy + Subconscious mind    -Equanimity + it’s role in manifestation    3 things to keep in mind:   There is no spoon   Bend your mind, Bend the universe   Everyone is you pushed out DOWNLOAD THE PLAYBOOK:
6/10/202255 minutes, 59 seconds
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TRAILER: Ethereal Girl

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6/9/202259 seconds
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The real self love + How to embody | Intro

This is the very first chapter of a once manifested journey ready to materialize :). Welcome ..  If you tune into the world around you, you will realize that everyone is in some kind of pursuit of love, whether conscious or unconscious.  In today's episode, the host of ETHG (Rose) will be discussing the journey of finding and awakening true self-love beyond the illusions society has created around this meaning. However, we are all learning and evolving together every single day and the goal is to journey in grace in the process of self-discovery. This episode should leave you with a desire to dive deeper into the yin and initiate a few light bulb moments  A DEEPER LOOK:   - Exposing the ego  - What love is and where to find it  - Discovering self-love   -How to embody it   - What happens once found DOWNLOAD THE PLAYBOOK:
6/4/202216 minutes, 42 seconds