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English, Sciences, 1 seasons, 69 episodes, 22 hours 35 minutes
The new podcast from ETH Zurich is here! The topics are as varied as the formats: In exciting background reports and expert talks we want to include everything that is thrilling, controversial, and fun about science and technology. ETH Zurich – Where the future begins! Our university for science and technology dates back to the year 1855, when the founders of modern-day Switzerland created it as a centre of innovation and knowledge. At ETH Zurich, students discover an ideal environment for independent thinking, researchers a climate which inspires top performance. Situated in the heart of Europe, yet forging connections all over the world, ETH Zurich is pioneering effective solutions to the global challenges of today and tomorrow. ETH Zurich has an excellent reputation in scientific circles: 21 Nobel laureates have studied, taught or researched here, and ETH regularly ranks as one of the world’s top universities.
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We have our own Channel!

Find us wherever you listen to your podcasts by searching for "We are ETH"
17/01/202327 seconds
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Looking back

ETH Podcast is going on a creative break and will reappear with a new concept next year.
22/12/202220 minutes 11 seconds
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George Szpiro

George Szpiro is an Israeli-Swiss applied mathematician and journalist who made a name for himself as the author of popular mathematical essays and books.
16/12/202222 minutes 6 seconds
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Diagnosing diseases with a puff of breath

Zurich Exhalomics – a team working on the future of diagnostics, where illnesses can be diagnosed using no more than a breath sample.
25/11/202218 minutes 38 seconds
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Anette Freytag

Anette Freytag, a Landscape Historian currently at Rutgers University and formerly with ETH Zurich, explains why landscape architecture is not only a discipline, but an attitude and a way of life.
18/11/202223 minutes 40 seconds
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Discover how landscapes sound

The creaking of the shimmering Morteratsch Glacier, the rumbling of ash-coloured dams, and the steady sloshing of water in grey-blue Zurich reservoirs...
20/10/202220 minutes 50 seconds
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Felix Seidel

Felix Seidel is a Data Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Caltech. He shares with us how ETH Zurich influenced him, and continues to be important for him today.
14/10/202221 minutes 34 seconds
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Gisbert Schneider

Gisbert Schneider – winner of the Ernst Schering Price 2022 – worked in various places before his professional path led him to ETH, where he now heads the Singapore-ETH Centre.
23/09/202221 minutes 57 seconds
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From Cubicle to Limelight

Scientists often are either in the lab or at their desks - researching, thinking, writing, reading, and analysing discoveries. What happens if their expertise aligns with current affairs in the media?
15/09/202224 minutes 49 seconds
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Faktencheck Energie: Folge 2

Immer mehr Elektroautos flitzen durch unsere Strassen. Umweltfreundlicher sind die, klar! Klar?
14/07/202221 minutes 26 seconds
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Faktencheck Energie: Folge 4

Diese Behauptung wird immer wieder als Gegenargument zu klimapolitischen Ambitionen genannt.
14/07/202216 minutes 29 seconds
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Faktencheck Energie: Folge 3

Bis 2050 soll die Schweiz klimaneutral werden. Das heisst: Ausbau nachhaltiger Energieversorgung statt fossiler Energieträger und Kernenergie.
14/07/202215 minutes 51 seconds
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Faktencheck Energie: Folge 1

Teure Rohstoffpreise wegen des Ukrainekriegs und der steigende Energieverbrauch aufgrund neuer digitaler Technologien wie Blockchain schüren die Angst vor Strom-Engpässen oder gar flächendeckenden Ausfällen.
14/07/202214 minutes 6 seconds
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Margherita Fontana

It was when Margherita Fontana left ETH Zurich that she realized it had given her a unique value proposition, which was solid baggage to take with her to the corporate world.
17/06/202224 minutes 4 seconds
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World Food System Center

Before it reaches our plates, the food we eat usually has travelled a long way.
27/05/202226 minutes 7 seconds
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Philippe Kahn

Philippe Kahn, a serial technology innovator, and entrepreneur, who studied mathematics at ETH Zurich, is credited with creating the first camera phone solution.
20/05/202223 minutes 42 seconds
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Martin Dahinden

Switzerland's former ambassador to the US Martin Dahinden made many exciting encounters during his diplomatic career, and ETH Zurich played a key role throughout.
22/04/202222 minutes 56 seconds
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Stick to Science

Horizon Europe is the European Union’s multi-billion-euro research programme. Due to political differences, Switzerland is now largely excluded from this programme.
07/04/202223 minutes 11 seconds
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Martin Bosshardt

“If more people knew about engineering, they would find their passion in it, because you can really do a lot… I mean, you can change the world.”
18/03/202222 minutes 23 seconds
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Gender equality in Swiss research

On International Women’s Day, the ETH podcast has a close look at facts and figures regarding gender equality at ETH.
08/03/202219 minutes
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Jennifer Giroux

Jennifer’s story is one of coming full circle. Originally from Detroit and having recently moved back, Jennifer explains how her serendipitous path and global living experiences built on each other.
11/02/202222 minutes 33 seconds
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Benefits of failing

Usually, failure is something shameful, or at least it used to be. Nowadays, people rather talk about how crucial failure is for success.
04/02/202219 minutes 2 seconds
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Jeannine Pilloud

ETH Zurich was not Jeannine's first choice for a place of study, but she made the switch because she was looking for more opportunities to apply her creative side.
21/01/202222 minutes 25 seconds
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A home for ideas

ETH’s Student Project House is a dream come true for young inventors.
07/01/202213 minutes 37 seconds
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Digital Einstein

The ETH is the alma mater of quite a few Nobel Prize Laureates, the most prominent of whom is probably Albert Einstein.
03/12/202114 minutes 51 seconds
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The Dyatlov pass mystery

Over 60 years ago, a skiing expedition in Soviet Russia started as an adventure and ended in a tragedy.
22/10/202119 minutes 1 second
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Skin matters

SKINTEGRITY.CH is a transdisciplinary consortium for the largest organ of humans, the skin.
31/08/202120 minutes 16 seconds
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Science and Politics

Martin Ackermann steps down as head of the Swiss National Covid-19 science task force. Tanja Stadler succeeds him in this responsible position.
17/08/202126 minutes 57 seconds
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The ambivalence of being a young Nobel Prize laureate

Together with his professor Michel Mayor, Didier Queloz received the Physics Nobel Prize for this discovery.
19/07/202125 minutes
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One universe

While Domenico Giardini, Professor of Seismology and Geodynamics, already has his hands on Mars, Adrian Glauser, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Astronomy, has to be patient.
21/06/202122 minutes 50 seconds
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Reaching for the stars

For Claude Nicollier, the dream of flying to space came true four times. Judit Szulágyi - a professor in computational astrophysics at the ETH- has never left the earth's atmosphere so far.
14/05/202118 minutes 47 seconds
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Uncertainty in Academia

Helga Nowotny is an internationally recognised researcher on Social Studies of Science. Eric Burns just finished his Ph.D. at ETH and is pursuing a career in Switzerland.
22/04/202123 minutes 44 seconds
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Increasing uncertainty in order to innovate

Uncertainty is something that makes people uncomfortable. At the same time, it is the only chance for learning.
23/03/202118 minutes 37 seconds
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Cybersecurity and ways to handle uncertainties

ETH senior lecturer Myriam Dunn Cavelty never imagined that cybersecurity would evolve from a niche subject to a big thing.
22/02/202121 minutes 13 seconds
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Climate change in the light of uncertainty

The threat of Climate Change is similar to the Corona Pandemic.
22/01/202122 minutes 20 seconds
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Studying in times of the pandemic

This past year has been strange and strenuous. Patience and endurance are what all of us need on many levels.
22/12/202028 minutes 46 seconds
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Sometimes it only takes a few seconds to separate life into a before and an after.
03/11/202025 minutes 48 seconds
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Creating vaccines

At the moment, nothing seems to be the way it was.
21/10/202027 minutes 10 seconds
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ETH4D tackles poverty

Poverty has many faces. The question of affordable nutrition, water, housing, and energy are just some factors poor people face in their everyday life.
28/09/202032 minutes 13 seconds
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How Machine Learning can help in medicine

ETH computer scientists Julia Vogt and Fanny Yang work in the field of Machine Learning and Medicine.
25/08/202025 minutes 16 seconds
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Can AI help tackle climate change?

Climate change hasn’t been hitting the headlines quite as much in recent months – but that’s not because the situation has improved.
20/05/202035 minutes 51 seconds
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#COVID–19: Interdisciplinarity is key

The coronavirus pandemic forced ETH Zurich to suspend almost all its experimental research in mid-March.
05/05/202011 minutes 55 seconds
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#COVID–19: To trace or not to trace

Various contact-tracing apps are currently being developed worldwide to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.
21/04/202010 minutes 35 seconds
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#COVID–19: Speed of spread

Tanja Stadler has been in the Swiss media quite a lot lately as she knows how to interpret data regarding the spread of the virus.
16/04/20208 minutes 18 seconds
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#COVID–19: The challenge of daily data changes

The current situation presents an enormous challenge for economists like Jan-Egbert Sturm.
14/04/20208 minutes 44 seconds
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#COVID–19: Singapore during the pandemic

Singapore is situated in Southeast Asia and has a strong connection to China. Nevertheless, the coronavirus epidemic in Singapore has been much weaker than in Europe so far.
09/04/202010 minutes 2 seconds
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#COVID–19: Keep moving!

For most people, staying at home right now means a lot of sitting and staring at screens.
07/04/20209 minutes 34 seconds
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#COVID–19: Home alone

Petra Schmid is currently working from home, where she is planning a new study on how feedback affects the motivation and focus of people working remotely.
04/04/20208 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

#COVID–19: Remote Research

Andreas Wallraff is currently running the Quantum Device Lab from home.
02/04/202011 minutes 15 seconds
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#COVID–19: Try gargling!

Viola Vogel, Professor at the Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology, talks about how soap, ginger, rinsing our mouths, and gargling can make us more resistant to viruses.
31/03/202011 minutes 38 seconds
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#COVID–19: United against the virus

In response to these exceptional times, the monthly ETH Podcast will appear as a series of short items dealing with various aspects of the novel form of coronavirus,
27/03/202015 minutes 26 seconds
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Steering a car with thought alone

Samuel Kunz has quadriplegia and needs a wheelchair to get about. Right now he’s preparing to take part in the CYBATHLON 2020.
06/02/202018 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Joe Paradiso and his passion for sound

He built one of the largest modular synthesizers in the world: Joe Paradiso, Professor at the MIT Media Lab in Media Arts and Sciences.
22/01/202026 minutes 4 seconds
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Two researchers - one family

Renana and Roi Poranne are both senior scientists at ETH Zurich: Renana in Chemistry, Roi, in Computer Sciences. But they are not only committed researchers, they are also parents.
16/12/201921 minutes 44 seconds
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Quantum Engineering

As of this semester, it is possible to do a master’s degree in Quantum Engineering at ETH Zürich. What actually is Quantum Engineering?
10/11/201916 minutes 53 seconds
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Pioneering work

Nicola Spaldin, Professor of Materials Theory at ETH Zürich and one of the leading researchers in her field was awarded some of the most prestigious prizes for her pioneering work in the area of multiferroics.
08/10/201920 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Talent Thrives

“How Talent Thrives” is a subject that university, as well as industry, is interested in.
09/09/201932 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Artificial Intelligence

The pace of technological progress is rapid. Artificial intelligence and machine learning make us look at human intelligence in a new light.
22/08/201918 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Insects on our plates

What do grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms taste like?
18/07/201920 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Life on Mars

ETH researcher Grace Crain is hoping to develop an ecosystem that could provide food, drinking water and clean air to astronauts on a space station.
19/06/201915 minutes 21 seconds
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Fair algorithms

Computer scientist Hoda Heidari and Elliott Ash, Professor for Law, Economics, and Data Science, talk about the huge digital footprint that we leave behind us on a daily basis. They also discuss how big data is changing the world and our perceptions, why governments are still lagging behind this transformation and how algorithms can learn and become fairer in the process.
23/05/201927 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Small steps to peace

Many small, local steps may lead more effectively to peace than big dreams of a perfect state.
25/04/201914 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

One ETH - two generations

Why ETH Zurich, and not another university?
15/03/201918 minutes 49 seconds
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Last November, news from China shook the research community. Scientist, He Jiankui claimed he had edited the genomes of twin girls with the CRISPR/Cas technology.
28/02/201933 minutes 54 seconds
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The ETH spin-off ANYbotics offers a very special product: a dog-like robot that goes by the name of ANYmal.
17/01/201918 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork


Haelixa is a young ETH spin-off that aims to commercialise robust DNA-based tracers for tracking fluids and solids.
03/01/201917 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork


Would you be willing to spend four days and nights developing a project with strangers?
20/12/201819 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork


In the first episode of the new ETH podcast, we travel to Los Angeles with the students from Swissloop to the third Hyperloop Pod Competition.
06/12/201817 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

New ETH podcast

On Thursday, 6 December 2018, we will start with our new podcast. The first four episodes deal with different aspects of entrepreneurship at ETH Zurich. We'll get to know the students of the Swissloop project who take part in Elon Musk's Hyperloop competition, hear about the Incube Challenge organised by the ETH Entrepreneurclub, talk to Michela Puddu, co-founder of the ETH spin-off Haelixa, who is currently getting investors on board and find out more about the tasks of ANYmal, a quadrupedal robot designed for autonomous operation in challenging environments. Listen in!
29/11/20181 minute 52 seconds