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English, Freeform-Eclectic, 9 seasons, 54 episodes, 4 days 3 hours 14 minutes
Weekly eclectic sessions featuring live in-studio interviews and performances, classics on vinyl, previews of yet unreleased records, indie labels showcase and an accent. • Spotify playlist w/ featured guests' music ( • YouTube ( channel • (some) DJ Mixes ( Reach out and say ciao via social media ( or email ([email protected])
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Rain Or Shine

Episode #373
20/02/20242 hours
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First Rodeo (100% vinyl)

Dive into the 372nd episode, where the airwaves come alive with the enchanting allure of undiscovered and familiar melodies. Played entirely on vinyl, this installment unveils…
13/02/20241 hour 35 minutes
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Levitation Duo Live

Levitation Quartet music blends Balkan, Manouche, Mediterranean and Latin Folk together in a whirling cabaret, which aims to celebrate the levity of the free, nomadic spirit.
06/02/20242 hours
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Episode #370
30/01/20242 hours
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How You Feelin

Episode #369
23/01/20242 hours
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Regresando de Tulum

Episode #368
16/01/20241 hour 2 minutes
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Espresso IX (100% vinyl)

Episode #367
02/01/20242 hours