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English, Finance, 7 seasons, 697 episodes, 4 days 13 hours 53 minutes
Bryce and Alec bring you Australia's best investing podcast for millennials. Join them, as they breakdown the barriers to investing, to make the markets accessible to everyone. Start your journey now!
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Expert: Kiril Sokoloff - US, China, Emerging Markets and what comes next?

In this episode of Equity Mates, Alec is chatting with the impressive Kiril Sokoloff, Chairman and Founder of 13D Research &amp; Strategy. We travel back to the pivotal year of 1983 to uncover what inspired the inception of 13D and how it has become a powerhouse in making stock market predictions. Then we are taking a closer look at some of their most significant predictions over the past four decades, the ones they got right, and even those they missed. Amidst an abundance of financial media predictions today, we discuss how to approach and assess these forecasts. Moreover, Kiril, who has served as an advisor to some of the best investors in history, such as Stanley Druckenmiller, shares invaluable lessons and traits every aspiring investor should emulate.Big announcement from us – we’ve written a new book! It’s coming out on 22 August and you can pre-order now from&nbsp;Amazon&nbsp;or&nbsp;<
23/07/202338 minutes 36 seconds
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Expert: Dominick D'Angelo - Tesla to fall over 50% by the end of 2023

We met some fantastic investors on the Equity Mates US Tour, and Dominick D'Angelo was no exception. Dominick is a research analyst at O'Keefe Stevens Advisory and an adjunct professor at Nazareth College, where he teaches Introduction to Investments and Investment Analysis.We discussed:What ties Nvidia, Qualcomm, Bank of Ireland, Amgen, and Corning togetherAdvice for students who want to work in the industry The biggest lessons Dominick learned from the 2022 correctionHis big predictions around Tesla and BitcoinThe areas of the market capturing his curiosityLinks and resources:@OSA_Rochester&nbsp; Greenblatt Lecture Notes:&nbsp;<a href="
31/05/202350 minutes 19 seconds
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Expert: Luis Sanchez - $500,000 for internet in the sky | GoGo (NASDAQ: GOGO)

The US tour continues, and in this episode we're in New York City!We sat down with Luis Sanchez - just around the corner from Times Square - who is the founder and managing partner of LVS Advisory, an investment firm offering active strategies. We had a fascinating discussion, going deep on GoGo - a leading provider of internet connectivity to business jets in North America. It's big money...In this interview, we discuss:Luis' investment philosophyWhat makes a great long-term investmentThe bull case for GOGO Inc. (NASDAQ: GOGO) Why Gogo won't be outmuscled by Elon Musk and StarlinkThe best investing resourcesAs discussed in the episode, Luis' Q1 investor letter can b
28/05/202345 minutes 47 seconds
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Expert: Jeremy Kokemor - Finding opportunity in car dealerships and Constellation Software | US Tour

The Equity Mates US Tour continues, thanks to Milford Asset.In this episode, we sit down with Jeremy Kokemor from Right Tail Capital, in a hotel lobby, just before the start of the Berkshire Hathaway AGM.We really enjoyed this interview. Jeremy is the founder of Right Tail and focuses on buying undervalued, high-quality businesses through fundamental research. We unpack his investment philosophy and how he develops high conviction for his portfolio of 8-15 stocks. We also discuss where he's seeing opportunities in the market at the moment, using car dealerships as a case study. We want to say a&nbsp;huge thanks to&nbsp;Milford&nbsp;for supporting the Equity Mates US Tour.Milford are a leading New Zealand fund manager and are now available for Australian investors and advisers.Milford’s flexible, acti
24/05/202352 minutes 14 seconds
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Expert: Rachel Cruze shares how she disagrees with her Dad, Dave Ramsey.

You would have thought that growing up with Dave Ramsey as your Dad, you’d be on a home run money wise. But Rachel is pretty honest on all her channels about how she’s a natural spender, and that she’s really had to learn how to manage her money, and creating an effective budget has been a key to giving herself a sense of freedom. She currently hosts a Youtube channel called The Rachel Cruze show which she developed as a home blog with herself and a video camera to a channel that employs over 20 people. She joins Alec and Bryce to chat about the things that she prioritises when it comes to personal finance, her investing journey, and the one thing she disagrees with her dad, Dave Ramsey about. If you want to let Alec or Bryce know what you think of an episode, contact them here.&nbsp;Stay engaged with the Equity Mates community by joining our <a href="https://community.equitymate
03/05/202335 minutes 48 seconds
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Bonus: $18 a month for heated seats: Car companies are adding monthly subscriptions

Imagine you’ve just bought your dream car. It’s a new BMW that you’ve been saving up for all your life – and it’s set you back a tidy $80k. The obvious first step is to take a long drive! After all, the weather is beautiful, and this is the best way to experience the drive! Life is pretty good.Then you start to feel a little chilly, so naturally you go to turn on the in-built seat warmers for a little extra comfort. Suddenly, this dream turns into a nightmare. The display screen flashes a sign saying ‘you have not subscribed to the seat w arming package, you will be charged per minute to access this feature.’ What the?It’s not just a first world nightmare though – this is something car companies are doing! Today Bryce and Alec ask – why are carmakers charging monthly subscriptions? And what does the future of buying a car look like?Tell us what you think of The Dive – email us at [email protected]. Follow our Instagram&nbsp;<a href="https://www.ins
08/12/202223 minutes 8 seconds
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After 5 years of Equity Mates, Bryce has figured out that diversification works

Bryce &amp; Alec discuss what they've learnt this week in the markets. Speccy Magee returns with his party hat on, and we finish off this episode with a sample of our new companion to THE DIVE podcast ... we're calling it THE HEADLINES and you can have listen to a sample at the end of this entertaining ep.****FINFEST is ONLY 33 DAYS AWAY! The market’s closed and the bar is open. Come and trade ideas at Australia’s biggest investing festival - Equity Mates' FinFest.With expert speakers and guests, it’s an inspiring and empowering event for investors of any level of experience.15th October, 2022 Sydney - Head to Equity Mates' FinFest, powered by Stake*****In the spirit of reconciliation, Equity Mates Me
25/09/202234 minutes 25 seconds
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Expert: Natalie Brunell - Update from world of Bitcoin | Coinspot

Natalie Brunell is a podcast host, educator and media commentator in the Bitcoin space. (Natalie Brunell @twitter)Her popular podcast, Coin Stories, features interviews with Bitcoin thought leaders about their backgrounds, conviction for BTC, and headlines related to finance and economic issues facing society. Coin Stories is the #1 woman-hosted Bitcoin podcast in the world.In this episode Bryce and Alec delve deep with Natalie's help to better Understand the crypto ecosystem.This episode brought to you by CoinSpot…trusted crypto exchange.
18/08/202237 minutes 28 seconds
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Bonus: The Dive - Just billionaire things: Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter

In light of the news this morning, we've dropped this episode of The Dive in your feed. Make sure you're subscribed to keep up to date with all the news as it happens. On Friday, Sascha and Alec unpacked why Elon Musk would want to buy Twitter? Whether you consider Elon an eccentric, and unreliable leader, or an unrelenting champion of free speech, he’s achieved an extraordinary amount. He’s an entrepreneur, investor, and is currently the world’s richest man. He's busy as well - he's the founder, and CEO of SpaceX; &amp; Tesla, founder of The Boring Company; and co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI. So when we read that he’d made an offer to buy Twitter - the social media company where he’s amassed 83 million followers - we had to talk about it.Tell us what you think of The Dive - email us at [email protected] via <a href="
25/04/202223 minutes 2 seconds
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Expert: Andy Simon - Where to from here for growth stocks | TDM Growth Partners

Twelve months ago, TDM published a memo on the macro environment, predicting that the ‘mid-pandemic world of cheap money and crazy valuations’ would end up on the list of macro moments like the tech bubble, global financial crisis and European debt crisis. The memo warned that you can’t just own an amazing business regardless of valuation.&nbsp;Now, twelve months later, TDM have published a follow up memo. And we have one of the memo’s authors, Andy Simon, joining us to discuss it today.&nbsp;Andy Simon is a member of the investment team at TDM Growth Partners. TDM is a private investment firm that was founded in 2004 and has compounded client capital at over 25%
02/03/202239 minutes 8 seconds
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Crypto Week: CEO Series - Blake Cassidy - The Next Evolution Of Crypto Investing

Blake Cassidy is CEO of Bamboo. Bamboo is Australia’s first crypto micro-investing app, allowing investors to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver. Blake took over as CEO in November 2020 and is working to scale up Bamboo in Australia and preparing to launch overseas.BambooTake the emotion out of investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver with micro-investing app, Bamboo. Use EQUITY MATES for $10 when you sign-upYouTube links that explain what Bryce was talking about:&nbsp;From Hope to Insolvency: Has Everything Changed? (w/ Raoul Pal):;t=1460sThe Bitcoin Life Raft: The End of Monetary &amp; Fiscal Policy As We Know It (w/ Raoul Pal): <a href="
31/03/202140 minutes 18 seconds
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Expert Investor: Michael Frazis - Frazis Capital Partners

Here at Equity Mates, we love finding up and coming Australian fund managers that have interesting perspectives and different approaches to markets. In this episode we speak to Michael Frazis, portfolio manager of Frazis Capital Partners, who certainly fits that description.Michael has just come off an incredible year in 2020, beating his benchmark index by more than 100%! In this interview we unpack his unique investment philosophy, some of the companies that have driven his returns and his view on two sectors of particular interest to him - technology and life sciences.&nbsp;In this episode you will learn:How Michael when from studying chemistry at Oxford to managing his own fundWhy Michael looks for companies with “customer love” and “incredible growth”His take on traditional valuation metrics and why he’s happy to invest in companies losing moneyHis investment thesis for some of the hottest stocks in markets today, including T
03/03/202146 minutes 27 seconds
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Who Are We & What Do We Do?

Welcome to Equity Mates Investing Podcast! You have come to the right place if you're looking to start your investing journey. Equity Mates break down the world of investing, from beginning to dividend, to make the markets accessible for you. There's no jargon, no bulls*it, just entertaining and informative content delivered in laymen's terms. Have a listen to our trailer, and then join us on the journey of investing. We look forward to having you onboard! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
24/10/20192 minutes 36 seconds