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EPisodes: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

English, Education, 4 seasons, 45 episodes, 1 day, 4 hours, 51 minutes
EPisodes aims to engage, equip and energise educators worldwide. We chat about all things education: teaching strategies (especially for literacy, numeracy, and languages), latest trends, and educational technology. To chat more, join our collaborative group To learn more about our hosts, go to
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Fostering Student Agency in Maths - With Richard Andrew

Ben Hilliam, one of EP’s Community Leaders chats to Richard Andrew, of Learn Implement Share. Richard and Ben have a wide ranging chat through issues that affect students in Maths classrooms. They talk about prevailing attitudes to maths, the default settings of maths teachers, how teachers can change their practice to engage students and how to sustain student agency. Ben is a former Maths teacher, who now works with teachers through Education perfect. Richard is also a former maths teacher, who now runs professional development through his company Learn Implement Share.
3/25/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 5 seconds
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Sarah Schubert Series Part 2: Being Okay with Not Being Okay

How to manage stress, struggle and being your authentic self on your professional journey.
3/18/202221 minutes, 35 seconds
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Sarah Schubert Series Part 1: "This too will Pass" - Dealing with Uncertainty and Change

In our latest EPisodes podcast we share the first in a series of conversations between EP's Jimmy Bowens and Sarah Schubert.  In this EPisode, recorded in December 2021, titled "This Too Will Pass" Sarah and Jimmy discuss how to deal with uncertainty and change and what can help to maintain focus in our professional lives.
3/1/202237 minutes, 28 seconds
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41. Leading a Growing EdTech Company Through a Global Pandemic: Embracing Change and Supporting Education.

In this EPisode Jimmy Bowens chats with Education Perfect CEO Alex Burke about the journey EP has undertaken throughout the Pandemic so far, how it has been leading the team under the circumstances and what lies ahead for one of the fastest growing Edtech organisations in the world. 
2/9/202222 minutes, 56 seconds
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40. Loving Literature Series: Part 5

Sadly,  today we bring you the final EPisode of the Loving Literature Series. In this EPisode Jimmy Bowens and Erini Christopoulos discuss the texts they love to hate to teach, be prepared,  because there may be some controversy with their choices as both texts are much loved favourites!  Again, this podcast is a great listen,  it will have you laughing and engaged as you reflect upon teaching, texts, teenagers and even the limitations of modern pedagogy. 
10/27/202126 minutes, 39 seconds
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Special: Flourishing Schools: Building High Capacity Culture - Dr. Pete Stebbins

Education Perfect's Head of English, Jimmy Bowens speaks with Dr. Pete Stebbins PhD about how we can make teacher and school performances lift, prevent burnout and adapt and learn in order to maximise student growth and learning.  Dr. Stebbins explores the connections between teacher wellbeing, school leadership, administration and culture in relationship to capacity and collective teacher efficacy. Click the link below to join our Leaders Masterclass Series with Dr. Pete Stebbins for school leaders across Australia and New Zealand - Leading Flourishing Schools: Building High Capacity School Culture. can find Dr. Pete Stebbins worksheets as mention in the podcast here:
10/4/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 49 seconds