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English, Social, 2 seasons, 5 episodes, 3 hours, 2 minutes
niCo and J.R. share wholesome stories packed with love and humor touching on various topics from Plant-based eating, movies, music, business, wellness, spirituality, art and so much more. Come join the conversation Sunday Brunch Style
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EP. 9 - Sweet Sweet Badass Mama!

On this episode of #epicBRUNCH, CC + JR get saucey with former restaurant manager turned entrepreneur/personal chef and Badass Mom, the Insatiable Vegan, Breck Oxford! Tune in to hear about plant based food politics, vaccinations and raising your child 100% vegan! Subscribe & Follow JR - @whoisJR (HOST) CC - @forever12 (HOST) Breck - @insatiablevegan (GUEST) On the Menu: CC's Banana Waffles JR's Tofu Scramble Field Roast Smoked Apple Sage *beets by @whoisjr #epicBRUNCH
8/20/201742 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP. 8 - If Dan Aykroyd & Jack Black had a son...

On this episode of #epicBRUNCH, JR + CC mix it up with Anaheim's own Danny Rojo aka SirPlus!  Tune in to hear about first impressions, making beats and the Champs Ruben! Subscribe & Follow JR - @whoisJR (HOST) CC - @forever12 (HOST) Sirplus - @sirplus.d_rojo (GUEST) On the Menu: CC's Blueberry Waffles (from Skrtch) JR's #epicTofu Scramble Field Roast Smoked Apple Sage *music produced by @sirplus.d_rojo #epicBRUNCH
4/10/201730 minutes, 37 seconds
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EP 7. - Epic Reset

On this episode of #epicBRUNCH, JR + CC catch us up on what they've been cooking, what they've been up to and JR shares his experience travelling while Europe while #Vegan Subscribe & Follow JR - @whoisJR (HOST/GUEST) CC - @forever12 (HOST) JRs Vegan Foodie Picks JOLO's Kitchen The Loving Hut Brooklyn Champs Diner* Dunwell Donuts Screamers Pizzeria *music produced by @whoisjr Much love and appreciation to: Berry - check out this amazing write up about her one woman show TUBMAN *Champs Diner FYH The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson Stephen Kondert and SK Invitational - You guys are simply phenomenal! Thank you for building with us! J. Hoard - You are the LIGHT! Keep shining!!! Lylit - xoxo to this songbird! Thanks for feeding my boo! Jahson the Scientist Inkswel - The founder of Rice Paper  Bacon! (j/k)  Ahimsa: Conscious Hip Hop, Culture and Rebirth Festival #epicBRUNCH #johnrobinson #correnconway #vegan #govegan #vegansofig #veganlifestyle #veganfood #whatveganseat #whatveganslooklike #blackvegansrock #crueltyfree #dairyfree #plantpower #plantbased #veganglow #healthyfood #nutrition #peace #love #plants #wellness #health #compassion #food #foodie #vegansofny
3/5/201734 minutes, 36 seconds
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EP. 6 - BKKY

On this episode of #epicBRUNCH, JR + CC mix it up with Educator/Singer/Songwriter/Playwright Ms Berry! Tune in to hear about Brown Girl Bluegrass, the Vegan GloUp and being vegan in Kentucky! Subscribe & Follow JR - @whoisJR (HOST) CC - @forever12 (HOST) Ms. Berry - @berryandco (GUEST) @berryberrystylish @theveganglowup @airtubman @the_berry_best_education **Berry's Beat-On-A-Budget Picks!** NYX Cosmetics Iman Cosmetics Black Opal Black Radiance Wet n Wild Elf Cosmetics **Berry's Vegan Foodie Picks** Chloe's Fruit & Co. Seasoned Vegan Champs Diner Dunwell Donuts VanLeeuwen's 16 Handles Green Symphony Screamers Pizzeria BONUS! Riverdel Vegan Cheese Shoppe *music produced by @whoisjr #epicBRUNCH
10/18/201643 minutes, 15 seconds