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These lively discussions bring Entrepreneur Media's journalists together with the most interesting, intriguing minds and leaders to discuss the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship and innovation.
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Powerful Data Helps You Understand Customers and Enhance The Guest Experience

, CEO of , is an advocate for the enduring power of email marketing. Through his insights and initiatives, Ochstein is reshaping the way restaurants connect with their customers’ data and leverage technology to drive brand awareness, customer acquisition, and loyalty. Listen now to learn about the introduction of Delightable, using email, and how a hotel chain helped shape his idea of data personalization. Sponsored by - Toast All-In-1 Restaurant POS:
4/16/202436 minutes, 29 seconds
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The First Influencer Marketing Agency... for LinkedIn?

Influencer marketing veteran Brendan Gahan has cofounded the first-ever agency specifically for LinkedIn, called Creator Authority. In this episode, he explains the state of marketing on LinkedIn, how professionals can become LinkedIn influencers, what kind of money we're talking about, and how both influencers and brands can better use the platform.
4/15/202434 minutes, 4 seconds
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A Journey of Service and Unity: Interview with Tulsi Gabbard

In a world often divided by political ideologies and partisan agendas, Tulsi Gabbard stands out as a beacon of unity and service. From her early days as an environmental activist to her distinguished military career and subsequent political journey, Gabbard's life has been marked by a commitment to public service and a deep understanding of the transformative power of personal growth. Gabbard's journey began with her passion for environmental activism, igniting her desire to make a positive impact on the world. However, it was her military deployment that truly shaped her perspective and instilled in her the values of adaptability and critical thinking. Serving in the military taught her the importance of being open to different ideas and perspectives, a lesson she carries with her in her political career. Tune in to hear the rest of her story and plans for the potential future of America!
4/15/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 13 seconds
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Tea and Milk Owner Expands Both His Business and Customer Horizons

Tea and Milk owner Mathew Wong has gone to great lengths to create the best bubble tea possible, traveling as far as Japan to research and source his tea. He uses only the highest quality ingredients in all of his products, but found that they weren’t always popular with customers, who had grown used to inferior ingredients. In order to expand, Wong first had to educate himself, his team, and his customers on the intricacies of tea making. Theme Music by and
4/11/202446 minutes, 8 seconds
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A Background in Filmmaking Helped this Chef Produce a Food Show ‘From Scratch’

isn't your ordinary culinary master. He's also a filmmaker and producer who seamlessly blends his passions to create a one-of-a-kind experience in his food series, .  Listen now to learn about creating your own cooking show, deep connections made through food, and believing in yourself. Sponsored by - Toast All-In-1 Restaurant POS:  
4/9/202441 minutes, 24 seconds
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Women Tech Council

Alan is speaking with Cydni Tetro, President and Co-Founder of from the Women Tech Council, at a She Tech event in Salt Lake City. The Women Tech Council is a nonprofit organization that aims to increase the number of women in tech by providing mentoring, visibility, opportunities, and networking. She Tech program provides role models and mentors to high school girls, exposing them to technology and entrepreneurship. The event includes a tech challenge, hands-on experiences with technology, and meeting mentors and role models. The goal is to change girls' lives by exposing them to people and industries they might not otherwise be able to access. Becky Wright is the founder and CEO of Proximity, a platform designed to help political candidates connect with voters more effectively. Proximity aims to address the inefficiencies of traditional campaigns by consolidating all of the resources needed for a campaign into one platform. It is a nonpartisan platform that helps good leaders become great candidates and levels the playing field. Becky is a natural-born leader who believes in civic engagement and encourages people to become more involved in politics to make a meaningful difference in their communities. Proximity is specifically built for down-ballot elections so that it can be more representative of those who are in your area. If you plan to run for office or know someone who is, Proximity provides the tools to help you be successful. Up next is Rob Gehring, CEO of Swire Coca-Cola USA. Swire Coca-Cola is a powerhouse bottling company that operates in 13 western US states and several Asian countries. They have partnered with Coca-Cola Company to manufacture, produce, and distribute their products. They are confident that technology is the key enabler in delivering their products to consumers efficiently and safely. They have set a bold goal of having 50% female leaders by 2030 and are committed to creating a diverse, high-performing team. Their latest innovation, Coca-Cola Spice, a new flavor with a hint of raspberry and spicy flavor, demonstrates their unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve. They are convinced that AI is the future of data processing and decision-making and are determined to harness its power to achieve their business goals. They know that AI is a valuable tool that can be used positively, and they will continue leveraging it to drive their business forward confidently. Joining us now is Jeff Moss, Associate Commissioner of the Innovation Utah Innovation Fund and something to do with the System of Higher Education. Jeff explains that Utah's goal is to make higher education more impactful from an economic development and innovation perspective. The aim is not just to benefit students but also to impact society and the economy. Jeff has been supporting the Women Tech Council event for quite some time and thinks that more needs to be done to promote the participation of females in technology. He has been in the tech sector for over 20 years and helped to secure funding for the event through the legislature last session. Jeff is impressed with the size of the event, as there are thousands of young girls attending. He believes that the Women Tech Council event will help to promote interest in the STEM space and will ultimately lead to more diverse and better employees, something that is important for the economy. Closing this episode with Alan is Vance Checketts, the CEO of Autocon US, a technology talent partner with a twist. Autocon US has an incredible 81% of their team comprising individuals with autism, particularly in technology roles like data analytics, quality assurance, and development, which leverage new technologies like artificial intelligence. When asked about building diverse teams, Vance shares that the whole company was built on embracing diversity and different ideas. He is also on the board of the Women Tech Council, which aims to encourage more women to pursue careers in...
4/8/202443 minutes, 28 seconds
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Overcoming Challenges, Building Confidence, and Unleashing the Extraordinary: Interview with Chris & Lori Harder

In a world filled with challenges and self-doubt, finding the path to success can seem daunting. However, in a recent podcast episode featuring Chris and Lori Harder, their personal stories of resilience and self-discovery shed light on the transformative power of pushing past limitations and embracing personal growth.  From their journey from average to extraordinary to their entrepreneurial ventures, the couple's experiences offer valuable insights into building confidence and achieving greatness.
4/8/20241 hour, 26 minutes, 12 seconds
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Make Better Content With the "Bricks & Mortar" Method

How can you make content that really connects with an audience? In this episode, Jason shares the strategy he uses to make engaging content. It's called "bricks and mortar", and it's a way of structuring content so that it's always relevant to your audience.
4/8/202419 minutes, 33 seconds
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Lori and Scott Levine, co-founders of Scott’s Protein Balls, on Making a Homemade Snack a Successful Business

Lori and Scott Levine, creators of Scott's Protein Balls, present a healthier alternative to traditional protein bars. When the founder Lori battled with breast cancer, Scott embarked on a mission to create a healthy and delicious snack she could enjoy, leading to the creation of the protein balls. Crafted from whole-grain oats, flaxseed, chia seeds, and protein powder, their nutritious balls offer a satisfying snack. Join us as we discuss the journey towards healthier living and entrepreneurial success.
4/3/202435 minutes, 22 seconds
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Personality, Perseverance, and Philadelphia turned this Family Recipe into an American Staple

At the heart of Philadelphia's culinary legacy stands , a landmark synonymous with the iconic Philly cheesesteak. , executive chef and owner, traces the origins of this beloved sandwich to a serendipitous moment when his Uncle Pat leaned into inspiration. Listen now to learn more about inventing the classic Philly Cheesesteak, making connections in business, and Philadelphia hospitality. Sponsored by - Toast All-In-1 Restaurant POS:
4/2/202452 minutes, 47 seconds
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Shawne Merriman: From NFL Star to Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

In the world of professional sports, few athletes successfully transition into the world of entrepreneurship. However, Shawne Merriman, a former NFL player turned entrepreneur, has defied the odds and carved out a remarkable career beyond the football field. In a recent podcast interview with Jeff Fenster, Merriman shared his journey, highlighting his ventures in MMA, apparel, and insurance. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of dedication, continuous improvement, and creating a supportive environment for success.  Tune into this episode to learn all about Shawne and the great lessons he has to share with our audience.
4/1/202445 minutes, 30 seconds
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What Are Your Customers Watching While They Wait? Learn How To Improve Your Business Atmosphere.

is the CEO of , a leading streaming TV service for businesses. He wants to build the future of business television by creating an engaging out-of-home media experience tailored for brands of all types. Listen now to learn more about business television, creating the right atmosphere for your business, and how the company has grown and pivoted. Sponsored by - Toast All-In-1 Restaurant POS:  #business #entrepreneur #atmospheretv  
3/26/202446 minutes, 43 seconds
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How To Find Your First Customers

You've built a product, but how do you take it to market? And who even wants it? To answer that, we've set up a unique call between an entrepreneur and an expert. Birna Dröfn Birgisdóttir built a brainstorming tool called Bulby, and is now ready to take it to market — but isn't sure who her ideal customer is. She gets advice from Brent Tworetzky, SVP of Product at Peloton, who has decades of experience building consumer and SaaS products.
3/25/202434 minutes, 3 seconds
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Exposure Leads to Expansion: Interview with the Mathis Twins

In the world of entrepreneurship, success stories often emerge from the most unexpected places. The Mathis twins, Jeremy and Joshua, are a prime example of individuals who have overcome adversity and turned their challenging upbringing into a foundation for real estate success. In a recent podcast interview with Jeff Fenster, the Mathis brothers shared their journey, highlighting the impact of resilience, resourcefulness, and the importance of instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in children.  Growing up in a less-than-privileged environment, the Mathis twins faced numerous obstacles. However, they credit their difficult upbringing for shaping their resilience and resourcefulness, traits that have been instrumental in their entrepreneurial journey. They emphasize the role of parental support and exposure to entrepreneurship in their development, highlighting the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences.  Tune in now to listen into their powerful success journey!
3/25/20241 hour, 7 minutes, 25 seconds
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Building Community Intentionally: A Conversation With 3 Yelp Community Managers

It takes a village to raise a small business, as any entrepreneur will tell you. It sounds like a solo act, but the more advocates in a business’s corner, the more likely their success. This week Emily sits down with three of Yelp’s community managers to talk about their roles and what they can do to help make a small business successful — everything from making connections in the community, hosting events on site, to promoting the business on Yelp’s local social media pages. Theme Music by and
3/21/202444 minutes, 54 seconds
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Frank McCourt Jr, Founder of Project Liberty, Discusses Protection in the New Age of Tech and AI

Frank McCourt Jr, former CEO of McCourt Global and current owner of French Football Club Olympique de Marseille, delves into the realm of digital privacy and autonomy. We'll discuss McCourt's founding of Project Liberty, a groundbreaking endeavor dedicated to safeguarding individuals' information on the web. Project Liberty aims to empower users with greater control over their digital footprint, ensuring their data remains private and secure in an increasingly interconnected world.
3/20/20241 hour, 7 minutes, 32 seconds
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Wisdom and Wicked Good Barbecue from Champion Pitmaster Andy Husbands

For , the renowned Pitmaster, , and owner of , the food path has been a lifelong pursuit fueled by passion. Since the 4th grade, he set his sights on becoming a chef, navigating a hard but rewarding journey. Listen now to learn about following early inspirations, making award-winning barbecue, and the benefits of switching to Toast. Sponsored by - Toast All-In-1 Restaurant POS: #entrepreneur #andyhusbands #thesmokeshop  
3/19/202436 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Journey from Gridiron Glory to Business Brilliance: Interview with Austin Ekeler

In a world where the glitz and glamor of professional sports often overshadow the harsh realities of life after the game, Austin Ekeler stands out as a beacon of adaptability and foresight. His story, detailed in a captivating conversation with Jeff Fenster on his podcast, is not just one of athletic prowess but of strategic planning and execution in the realm of business. Austin Ekeler's narrative begins in the rugged, competitive landscape of college football, a world where thousands of hopefuls dream of NFL stardom, but few make it. Ekeler's relentless work ethic and determination set him apart, propelling him from a promising college athlete to a distinguished professional in the NFL. However, what makes Ekeler's story particularly compelling is not just his success on the field but his visionary approach to life beyond it. Make sure to tune in to listen to all this and more! Enjoy.
3/18/20241 hour, 13 minutes, 23 seconds
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Want A Great Business Idea? Find A "Cohort"

When you're looking to solve a problem or start a new business, Future CEO Rishi Mandal has a brilliant tactic: Find cohorts of people who already solved the problem for themselves, so you can understand their solution, why it works, and how you might scale it. On this episode, Rishi explains how to do this, and how he used it to build his company Future, which is the largest provider of personal training in America.
3/18/202434 minutes, 2 seconds
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Counter Service and Community Building: Yo’ Mama’s Recipe for Success

Crystal Peterson, owner of Yo’ Mama’s, has kept service at the forefront of her strategy from day 1. Located in downtown Birmingham, the family-run comfort food restaurant targets the city’s busy visitors and workers during lunch hour with quick and friendly counter service. Reviewer Delia S. shares how her first experience in Yo’ Mama’s welcoming community space made the restaurant a staple in her rotation. Theme Music by and
3/14/202435 minutes, 28 seconds
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Extreme Hospitality is a Way of Life for this ‘Disruptive Chef’

, an , culinary coach, and stalwart in the hospitality industry, emphasizes the gravity of hospitality in his life. For the chef, hospitality is not just a profession. It’s ingrained in him through his upbringing in Austrian culture.  Listen now to learn about hospitality being in your blood, helping chefs become authors, and how to give back to your industry. #entrepreneur #christianjfischer #disruptivechef Sponsored by - Toast All-In-1 Restaurant POS: 
3/12/202448 minutes, 13 seconds
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From Super Agent to Inspirational Advocate, Interview with Darren Prince

In a world often consumed by material success and external achievements, Darren Prince's remarkable journey serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of inner growth, resilience, and making a positive impact on others. From his early days as a young entrepreneur to representing some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, Darren's story is one of triumph over adversity.  Let's delve into his inspiring journey. Darren Prince's path to success was not without its challenges. Behind the glitz and glamor of the sports agent world, he battled his own demons, struggling with drug addiction that led him down a dangerous path. However, a near-fatal overdose became a turning point in his life. It was a wake-up call that made him realize the need for change and embark on a journey of recovery. Throughout his recovery journey, Darren Prince discovered the power of seeking support. He surrounded himself with a strong support system, including mentors, therapists, and fellow recovering addicts. This support was instrumental in his healing process. You can also search “The Jeff Fenster Show” on all your favorite platforms to listen into more of our past episodes with other phenomenal entrepreneurs and success stories that we’ve had the pleasure of having on!
3/11/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 55 seconds
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Start Sales Pitches With Stories. Here's Why!

It's one of the greatest sales tactics, and also one of the most overlooked. In this episode, I explain why stories are so powerful, why you should start with them, and where to get the best stories to tell.
3/11/202417 minutes, 46 seconds
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Brewing Community : Nirvana Soul's Mission of Connection

Nirvana Soul in San Jose isn’t your ordinary coffee shop. It’s loud, vivacious, and encourages community expression, whether in their regular open-mic nights or the colorful art on the walls. Sisters and co-owners Jeronica and Be’Anka created their coffee shop to serve up unique flavors like the White Rose Latte and a Hazelnut Mocha. But the more important mission is to combat one of the big epidemics facing our country — loneliness. Customer Camy shares what she loves about Nirvana Soul. Theme Music by and
3/7/202424 minutes, 22 seconds
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7 Mind-Bending AI Trends of 2024: What Every Business Must Prepare For

Welcome to a world where AI SEO hijackers plot to seize your web traffic and customers, unauthorized cloning becomes a chilling reality, and massive AI model failures lead to unexpected domino effects. Brace yourself for a glimpse into a new reality as AI continues to dominate. Today, bestselling author Ben Angel explores seven powerful AI trends that aren't just making waves, they're flipping the boat entirely.
3/7/20248 minutes, 53 seconds
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Fran Maier, Founder of BabyQuip and Co-Founder of, on Resilience and the Power of Timing

Fran Maier is the entrepreneurial powerhouse behind BabyQuip, as seen on SharkTank, and is also the co-founder of In this episode, Fran delves into the pivotal moments shaping her journey, including her decision to join in its early stages and the launch of BabyQuip, a platform connecting traveling families with baby gear rental services. Fran highlights the transformative power of innovation in entrepreneurship, inspiring others to push boundaries and redefine industries.
3/6/202445 minutes, 39 seconds
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How To Build a Nourishing Brand and Community Using Social Media Storytelling

With a family legacy steeped in courage, becoming an entrepreneur was almost inevitable. As the founder of , a smoothie and health food shop in New York City, Kelly's small business journey began with big dreams.  Listen now to learn about her entrepreneurship journey, how the past informs the future, and building community through sharing on social media. #entrepreneur #thenourishspot #healthyliving Sponsored by -  Toast All-In-1 Restaurant POS: 
3/5/202450 minutes, 29 seconds
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The Power of Building Relationships and Leading with Value in Business: Interview with Roland Frasier

In the fast-paced world of business, success often hinges on more than just skills and expertise. It is the power of relationships and the ability to add value that can truly set individuals apart. In a series of engaging podcast episodes, Jeff Fenster and Roland Frasier delve into the significance of building relationships, adding value, and seizing opportunities in business.  Their discussions shed light on the strategies and approaches that can help individuals create wealth, ownership, and long-lasting connections. One of the key takeaways from these conversations is the importance of building strong relationships. Fenster and Frasier emphasize that cultivating meaningful connections can lead to unexpected opportunities and upgrades. By investing time and effort into building relationships, individuals can open doors to new possibilities and create a network of valuable contacts. They stress the importance of making meaningful deposits in relationships by offering assistance, expertise, and resources. By being a valuable resource to others, individuals can create long-lasting, mutually beneficial connections. This approach not only helps in building trust but also positions individuals as go-to experts in their respective fields.  If you want to level up your relationships and access to what you need to accelerate your success then be sure to tune into this episode!
3/4/20241 hour, 13 minutes, 33 seconds
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Serving Happiness: Building a Business on Customer Feedback

Most people open their own business with a solid plan and a firm idea of what that business offers. Tomeka Wallace opened Happy Cafe with exactly that, but her ability to learn as she goes, pivot when needed, and “just roll with it,” as she says, led to many changes to her menu and her operating hours. Listening to her customers and reviewers gave her new ideas, has expanded her offerings, and is one of the keys to the success of her beach town sandwich shop. e about the episode Theme Music by and
3/1/202430 minutes, 12 seconds
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Serving Salsa With a Smile: How Lisa and Miguel Became Local Food Celebrities

Lisa and Miguel Segura, owners of Miguel’s Artisan Recipes, always have an open seat at their table. The couple has spent the last three years finding new ways to share their jarred salsas and fresh Mexican recipes with their community. What started as pandemic deliveries to their circle of friends turned into a full-fledged brick-and-mortar operation in Clovis, CA. Yelp user and Community Director Nathen M. shares his experience meeting Miguel and Lisa and falling in love with their business. Theme Music by and
3/1/202426 minutes, 56 seconds
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Mastering the Setback Cycle for Growth: Amy Shoenthal's Expert Approach

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, marked by dizzying highs and daunting setbacks. But what if we told you that these setbacks, the glitches in your matrix of success, can be your most potent breakthroughs? Today we unpack the secret art of embracing setbacks with Amy Shoenthal, renowned journalist, ForbesWomen top contributor, marketing executive, and author of 'The Setback Cycle'.
2/29/202446 minutes, 5 seconds
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Biz Bites #8 : How to Get Yelp Reviews Without Asking

In ep. 8 of the “Biz Bites'' series, we talk about how to get reviews without asking. An important part of managing your online reputation, especially on Yelp. From providing memorable experiences, responding to reviews publicly, and making the most of Yelp’s free features, this episode breaks down 5 things businesses can do to encourage customers to share their experiences in a review. We also dig into creating photo opportunities for customers, and weaving Yelp into your marketing materials. e about the episode Theme Music by and
2/27/202420 minutes, 42 seconds
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Behind a Curtain at his Izakaya, this Innovative Sushi Chef Hosts a 17-Course Omakase for 8 Seats

Acclaimed Chef Jesse Ito and Owner of , , carries a legacy of excellence and rich tradition. Jesse embarked on an apprenticeship at the tender age of 14 at his family’s Japanese restaurant, before immersing himself in the intricate world of restaurant ownership and high-end sushi.  Listen now to learn about the power of learning on the job, following in his father’s footsteps, and his unique Omakase vibe. Sponsored by - Toast All-In-1 Restaurant POS:
2/27/202441 minutes, 47 seconds
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LinkedIn's Algorithm Changes, Explained

If you want to gain an edge on LinkedIn, there are two people you need to hear from: LinkedIn editor in chief Dan Roth and senior director of engineering Tim Jurka. In this episode, we discuss the impact of LinkedIn's ongoing algorithm changes, how to adapt your content strategy, new LinkedIn features to help you gain visibility, and an interesting new feature called “suggested posts” that could help boost your best posts for years.
2/26/202452 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Power of Authenticity and Accountability: interview with Gary Vaynerchuk

In a world where success is often equated with material wealth and external validation, Gary Vaynerchuk, popularly known as Gary Vee, stands out as a beacon of authenticity and accountability, Gary shares his invaluable insights with us on personal growth, entrepreneurship, and creating a positive impact.  In this episode, we delve into the key takeaways from our conversation, highlighting the importance of authenticity and accountability in achieving success and personal development. We also hear about the announcement of VeeFriends collaboration with Jeff Fenster and everbowl and how the partnership came to be. You’ll also hear the announcement of the meet and greet with Gary and the team that went on at everbowl San Marcos, CA store #2 location to bring the community together in hopes to introduce the two colliding brands to a shared gathering of amazing humans.  We hope you enjoy the show, please feel free to leave us a review and let us know how you liked the show!
2/26/202457 minutes, 22 seconds
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Driving the Future: AI, Ethics, and Jobs in the Age of Automation

Venture into the epicenter of innovation with Jonathan Campos. In this electrifying episode, we dissect the titans of tech, steer through the self-driving revolution, and grapple with AI's impact on jobs. Plug into our journey as we sculpt a fearless ethical blueprint for tomorrow's tech.
2/22/202437 minutes, 46 seconds
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A Farmers Market with a Mission to Nourish and Educate the Community

Located in Humble, TX, Fall Creek Farmers Market is the perfect place to pick up produce and fresh foods while learning more about sustainable agriculture. Jonathan and Andrea, the husband-and-wife duo behind the market, integrate integrity and education about sustainable farming and the importance of food quality into everything they do. Reviewer Forest shares what stood out during his visits to the market. And what keeps him coming back. Theme Music by  and
2/22/202425 minutes, 37 seconds
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Lois Robbins, Actor and Founder of Watskin, on the Power of Passion and Persistence

Lois Robbins is an actor and the founder of Watskin, a clothing brand that uses UPF 50+ fabrics for their designs. Known for her daytime television roles on All My Children and One Life to Live, Lois decided to create Watskin out of necessity when she learned of a cancerous cell on her face. Watskin now sells over 10 different types of sun-protective products and donates 5 percent of every purchase to the Melanoma Research Alliance.
2/21/202438 minutes, 25 seconds
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This is How Celebrity Chef Maneet Chauhan Became a Food Media Star

is a celebrated culinary artist, , philanthropist, and restaurateur. The star and founding partner of traces her culinary inspiration to the vibrant streets of India. “I really want to be the voice of Indian food throughout America,” she says. Listen now to learn about the essence of being a chef, sharing stories online, and becoming a food TV personality. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
2/20/202439 minutes, 45 seconds
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Why Workers Are Disengaged, and How to Fix That

Why are workers disengaged? Scott Greenberg has an answer: It's because of poor leadership, poor management training, and poor company culture. In this conversation, he offers a solution to all of that — by diagnosing his own one-time leadership failures, and the importance of understanding and relating to employees on a human level. Greenberg is the author of the new book Stop The Shift Show.
2/19/202429 minutes, 57 seconds
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Empowerment, Goal-Setting, and Relationships: The Path to Success with David Nurse

This weeks episode with David Nurse is one that dives deep into the world of confidence and being a high performer.  “Empowerment is the key to unlocking potential” David emphasizes in this quote that the significance of empowerment is in achieving success. By empowering oneself with a clear vision and belief in one's abilities, individuals can tap into their fullest potential.  He encourages individuals to identify their strengths, set specific goals, and take action towards achieving them. Empowerment is the catalyst that propels individuals forward, enabling them to overcome obstacles and reach new heights. Leave us a review, let us know if you get anything out of the interview! 
2/19/202459 minutes, 18 seconds
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Upgrade Your Brain: How Nootropics Can Boost Focus and Productivity

Discover the secrets to optimal brain health and cognition with leading expert Dr. Gregory Kelly. From the importance of sleep and body clocks to the role of nootropics in enhancing cognitive skills, this podcast provides insights and advice for a sharper mind. 0:02:01 The importance of body clocks, sleep, and cognition 0:04:48 The impact of deep sleep on toxin release 0:06:46 Sleep's impact on focus, productivity, and achieving flow 0:09:23 Personal experience with napping and nootropics 0:10:25 Definition of nootropics and their role in cognitive skills 0:12:27 Acetylcholine's importance for attention and memory 0:17:00 Extensive research in formulating Neurohacker Collective products 0:23:12 The role of adaptogens in normalizing brain function 0:27:00 Attention restoration breaks are important for optimal cognitive function 0:29:41 L-thenine and phenine can enhance focus and relaxation
2/15/202434 minutes, 42 seconds
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Go Behind-The-Scenes of the Aspire Tour to see ‘The Stage Theory’ in Action

cofounders and dig into the importance of events and how the “Stage Theory” can help you spread influence. They created Aspire to showcase the world's most powerful business minds in a fun concert-like setting. Listen now to learn about the future of the Aspire Tour, the transformative power of live, and how to work with top speakers like Jesse Itzler, Kendra Scott, and Gary Vaynerchuk. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
2/13/202426 minutes, 42 seconds
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How to Send the Best Sales Emails

How to Send the Best Sales Emails by Entrepreneur Network Podcast
2/12/202421 minutes, 5 seconds
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Unleashing the Power of Discipline and Gratitude: Interview with Casey Adams

In a captivating podcast episode hosted by Jeff Fenster, entrepreneur and podcast host Casey Adams shares his remarkable journey, highlighting the transformative power of discipline, gratitude, and seizing opportunities. From launching his podcast at a young age to interviewing legends like Larry King, Adams' story is a testament to the potential of podcasting in building relationships and growing a personal brand. One of the key highlights of the conversation is Casey’s experience with the "seventy five hard" challenge.  This challenge, which involves two workouts a day, consuming a gallon of water, reading ten pages, and adhering to a strict diet, serves as a powerful tool for personal growth and resilience. He explains the rules and benefits of the challenge, emphasizing the importance of discipline and pushing oneself beyond perceived limits. His journey took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with a spinal injury that abruptly ended his football career. This life-altering moment served as a wake-up call, prompting him to reflect on the fragility of life and the importance of gratitude.  Individuals can cultivate discipline, resilience, and a growth mindset. Casey’s commitment to challenge himself inspires Jeff. Throughout the episode, Casey’s entrepreneurial journey and the success of Media Kits, a platform he co-founded, are highlighted. Media Kits allows creators to build digital resumes with real-time data and analytics, empowering them to showcase their work effectively. His non-negotiable values of curiosity, continuous learning, and extreme gratitude shine through, serving as guiding principles for his entrepreneurial endeavors. 
2/12/202458 minutes, 20 seconds
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Making Waves in the Community Means Sweet Success

Sundae Scoop is an ice cream shop and community gathering place in Virginia Beach. Sibs and Philip Harrell opened the doors in 2021, bringing diverse flavors, and a fun environment for people to come together and try something new. Yelp Elite Aneesa P shares her first time at the business and what was so memorable about the entire experience. She drove pretty far to enjoy some ice cream, but the Sundae Scoop team made it well worth the trip. Theme Music by and
2/8/202431 minutes, 18 seconds
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Revolutionizing Your Understanding of the Human Mind: Brainwaves, AI, and Personal Growth

In this podcast episode, Dr. Patrick Porter shares insights on brain frequencies and brainwave entrainment, explaining how they help us manage stress and anxiety. He also delves into the impact of AI and maintaining a positive mindset in an ever-changing world. 0:03:18 Managing brain frequencies to adapt to the future and AI 0:09:17 Not utilizing the full potential of biohacking and brainwaves 0:10:25 Potential benefits and dangers of AI 0:11:16 Manipulation through algorithms and privacy concerns 0:13:22 Embracing the positive aspects of AI and its impact 0:14:17 The power of optimism and positive thinking 0:18:47 AI's role in personalized experiences and voice cloning 0:20:35 The enjoyment of fear in moderation and its effects 0:23:29 Concerns about health industry going too far with restrictions 0:26:24 Potential for positive advancements with technology and AI
2/8/202450 minutes, 9 seconds
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Brian and Scott Rudolph, Co-Founders of Banza, on Building a Business with Family

Brian and Scott Rudolph are the co-founders of Banza, a food brand that creates chickpea-based alternatives of your favorite comfort foods. Founded in 2014 by brothers Brian and Scott, Banza entered the scene with their high protein plant-based pasta products and have now expanded into pizza, rice, and waffles. Banza is now available domestically in more than 25,000 retail locations including Target, Whole Foods, and Costco.
2/7/202454 minutes, 1 second
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Biz Bite Episode 7 : Black History Month & Identity Marketing

In ep. 7 of the “Biz Bites'' series, we celebrate Black History Month and discuss identity marketing. Consumers want to connect with the businesses they support, and sharing your story and identity as the business owner is a way to create deeper connections - particularly when relevant to your business and offerings. Learn about ways to leverage heritage months and other times of celebration that align with your business and background.
2/6/20247 minutes, 17 seconds
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24k Gold Syrup is One Sweet Part of this Self-Taught Chef’s Chicken-N-Waffles Empire

Kooking with Kelli’s is a distinct personality in the restaurant space. As the founder of she is a dynamic individual who weaves together her roles as a mother, content creator, entrepreneur, and self-taught chef.  Listen now to learn about allowing fans a glimpse of regular life, building a personal brand, and selling 24 Karat Magik Gold Flaked Maple Syrup and other branded products. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
2/6/202436 minutes, 46 seconds
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Solve the Problem in Front of You: How Chris Habig is Disrupting the Status Quo in Healthcare

Although he initially worked in property management, as the son of two physicians, Chris Habig saw first hand the issues created by the relationship between health insurance and healthcare. In this interview, he shares how he started problem solving with an obvious but unconventional question, the challenge of educating your audience, and trusting your team to execute an overall mission.
2/6/202424 minutes
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How Failure Can Feel Good

Our jobs are not to do things perfect. We can't! But we can make our mistakes very useful. Here's how — along with a personal story about a very recent, embarassing failure. (To see the newsletter I talk about in this episode, visit
2/5/202417 minutes, 6 seconds
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Unleashing Passion and Expertise in the Marketing World: Interview with Neil Patel

In a captivating interview with Jeff Fenster, marketing expert Neil Patel shares invaluable insights into the world of marketing, emphasizing the importance of passion, focus, and expertise in achieving success in any niche.  Neil Patel's extensive experience has taught him that the human touch is irreplaceable in marketing. While artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant advancements, Neil firmly believes in the power of human-created content. In his interview, he highlights that human-created content still holds a higher rank than AI-generated content.  Neil Patel's interview with Jeff Fenster sheds light on the significance of passion, focus, and expertise in the marketing world. While AI has its merits, human-created content and the human touch remain invaluable. Neil's insights remind us that success in marketing lies in the ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level, infusing strategies with passion and expertise. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial to leverage the strengths of both AI and human involvement, creating impactful strategies that resonate with consumers and drive business growth.
2/5/20241 hour, 2 minutes, 51 seconds
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The Post-Pitch Podcast: Why Investors Are Eating Up This Condiment Company Founder's Pitch

This past season on “Elevator Pitch,” Alexandra Baker, the founder of In the Kitchen with Alexandra, pitched her condiment Pikliz (pronounced "pick-lees") to our board of investors. While they didn’t bite on her ask, they were so fired up by her passion that they awarded her $10,000 from Amazon Business. Alexandra sat down after her successful ride on the elevator to discuss her pitching strategy and the growth of the globally inspired foods industry.
2/2/202423 minutes, 39 seconds
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Chef JJ on leading a rice renaissance in Harlem

James Beard Award-winning Chef JJ Johnson knows that the best things in life start simply, so he built his restaurant around one of life’s basic grains—rice. He then took his clean and healthy cooking to unlikely neighborhoods to make sure everyone has access to healthy and affordable food. That great tasting food plus data gathering and studying his customer base turned into a recipe for success. Reviewer Sonya H shares her first time at FIELDTRIP and what made the experience memorable. Theme Music by and
2/1/202424 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Controversy of AI in Digital Marketing: Mari Smith's Mixed Feelings and Concerns

Join us for a fascinating conversation with Mari Smith, dubbed the "Facebook Queen," and renowned social media thought leader. With decades of experience in the digital marketing space, Mari shares her thoughts on AI, job loss, community, and the importance of human connection. 0:03:47 Mixed feelings about using generative written content 0:06:22 Concerns about job loss in the digital marketing space 0:08:17 Importance of focusing on unique human value and community 0:11:00 Meta's approach to AI and open sourcing their language model 0:14:03 Discussing the risks and potential of using AI 0:16:32 Concerns about AI plagiarism and regulation 0:19:18 The challenge of regulating AI and the fear and greed driving its development 0:32:02 Younger generations need to skill up and diversify their knowledge  0:35:05 Face-to-face networking will always be irreplaceable  0:38:18 Being optimistic about the future despite the challenges
2/1/202443 minutes, 49 seconds
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From Mental Health to Millionaire with Jonathan Beskin and Liber8 with Raj Jana

 Alan welcomes Jonathan Beskin, a serial entrepreneur and bestselling author of "The Least Likely Millionaire." The book tells the story of how Jonathan overcame crippling anxiety, toxic parenting, and a total lack of support to start and build a wildly successful company, despite everyone telling him his ideas would never work and that he would be a failure. The book is a triumphant memoir highlighting Jonathan's journey, including the ups and downs, and providing actionable advice to help other entrepreneurs.  Jonathan also owns, worth 80 million dollars in subscription boxes. Aspiring entrepreneurs overcoming challenging obstacles can hopefully find inspiration in his story and become "least likely millionaires." During the interview, Alan asks Jonathan about three points of success. The first point is the concept of healthy obsession and how one can channel negative experiences into positive energy. Alan welcomes Raj Jana, the CEO of Liber8. Liber8 is a company that develops programs to help people overcome emotional and childhood trauma, as well as any limiting beliefs that prevent them from living a meaningful and authentic life. The company's mission is to remove any barriers that may be stopping people from achieving the things they desire. Raj shares his personal experience of burnout while building his first company in 2019, at the age of 27. He worked tirelessly, hustling day and night, until he reached his breaking point. He realized that his need to prove himself, his obsession with making money, and his constant busyness were all rooted in trauma. He understood that if he was living his purpose, he wouldn't have been burned out. Instead, he would have felt more alive. After selling his company, Raj faced even more challenges. He felt purposeless and lost, and his relationships were in shambles. He realized that he needed to work on himself and his relationships. He had to address his trauma with being vulnerable and intimate in partnerships. He had to learn how to connect and be seen. Raj's experience was both liberating and a trap. He had the resources to address his issues, but he also felt lost and directionless. Raj's story is a reminder that success doesn't always bring happiness and that it's essential to work on oneself, both personally and professionally. Raj Jana emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision for your company, which includes how much money you're making, how your customers feel, what your products are, and what your brand is. By inspiring people with a vision, you can get talent to show up in ways that no paycheck will.  Another important tip from Raj is to empower your team by delegating tasks. Remember that a 90 is still an A, so relax your standards and delegate to open up your capacity for more support. This is the ultimate entrepreneurial journey – letting go of control. [00:00:00] The Least Likely Millionaire [00:07:32] Triumphant Memoire [00:12:30] Actionable Advice [00:19:50] Liber8 with Raj Jana [00:28:37] Tools and Resources [00:36:24] Let Go!
1/30/202442 minutes, 14 seconds
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How To Make Your Business A Mission-Driven Space For The Community

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen founders Yonnie Hagos and Ajay Relan were intentional in creating a mission-driven space. The Hilltop team (including entrepreneur/entertainer Issa Rae) consistently exceeds guest expectations with welcoming community spaces and family-like hospitality. Listen now to learn about creating a place for the community, why to use new restaurant technology, and how coffee is a ritual. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
1/30/202433 minutes, 8 seconds
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Rewiring the Brain for Success: Interview with John Assaraf

Our thoughts, beliefs, and habits shape our reality, and rewiring the brain is the key to unlocking our true potential. In a recent podcast episode on featuring and guest , Assaraf shares his personal journey of overcoming challenges and rewiring his own brain to achieve success.  His story serves as a testament to the transformative power of mindset and the ability to overcome adversity. Assaraf's journey began with early struggles in school and involvement in illegal activities. However, a turning point in his life led him to make a change. He realized that self-confidence, positive mindset, and upgrading his skills and habits were crucial for achieving his goals.  Today, he is known as the brain whisperer having been on countless stages, interviews, and multiple time Best-Seller. Although his current achievements are enough to back up his teachings he also starred in the hit movie and book The Secret which gave the masses the first inside look into the world of manifestation and the law of attraction.  Tune in to learn how to rewire your brain to make leaps in your success.
1/29/20241 hour, 23 minutes, 31 seconds
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Where Negativity at Work Comes From, and How to Fix It

Where there's a void in leadership, negativity will fill it. That's Jon Gordon's message. He's the best-selling author of 28 books (most recently, "The One Truth"), and has a company that teaches what he calls "positive leadership." In this conversation, he explains how workplaces become negative, how to diagnose the problem, and how leaders can create positivity instead.
1/29/202430 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Post-Pitch Podcast: Simplifying Your Complex Idea for Investors

Paldera Pharmaceuticals’s founder William Colton discusses his struggles and ultimate triumph with pitching his company’s gel coatings for medical devices that prevent drug-resistant bacterial infections.
1/26/202418 minutes, 53 seconds
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AI and the Future of Learning: Jim Kwik's Strategies for Upgrading Your Brain

Get ready to revolutionize your mind with world-renowned brain coach Jim Kwik! Discover his practical strategies for managing information overload, optimizing brain health, and leveraging AI as a tool for enhancing human intelligence and achieving unprecedented success – all while navigating a rapidly-changing world.   06:00 The potential of AI to enhance human learning 09:00 The impact of AI on information overload and stress 12:00 The downgrading of our brains with increasing technology 17:00 The inevitability of AI and the need to tap into human potential 19:00 Human intuition is crucial for pattern recognition and genius. 23:00 AI can provide smart summaries and improve memory retention. 27:00 Upgrading the brain involves software and hardware optimization. 31:00 Foods that are good for brain health and function 37:20 Importance of creativity and refreshment 40:10 Impact of AI on jobs and identity
1/25/202444 minutes, 59 seconds
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MT Noodles: The Intersection of Heritage, High Quality Ingredients, and Community Through Vietnamese Food

Located in a strip mall in a Minnesota suburb, MT Noodles has become a local favorite. Justin and the team at MT Noodles integrate their Vietnamese heritage into everything they do, making sure that all customers can find homemade dishes that they will enjoy, regardless of whether or not they’ve tried Vietnamese dishes before. Hear how the staff maintains their founding mission of serving fresh and authentic cuisine, while reviewer Robby shares what stood out for him. Theme Music by and
1/25/202420 minutes, 23 seconds
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Bobby Bitton, CEO and Co-Founder of O Positiv, on Creating Effective Women’s Health Products

Bobby Bitton is the CEO and Co-Founder of O Positiv, a women’s health business that focuses on addressing health needs that have been historically overlooked. Co-founded in 2018 with Bobby’s sister Brianna, O Positiv created FLO, a science-backed all-natural, and hormone-free PMS vitamin. O Positiv now has more than 1.3 million customers and was most recently launched in Target this December. Bobby was also named on the 2024 Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Food and Drink.
1/24/202443 minutes, 41 seconds
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Biz Bite Episode 6 : AI & ChatGPT for Business Owners

In ep. 6 of the “Biz Bites'' series, we discuss how small businesses can utilize ChatGPT & AI as tools to help them with things like preparing their taxes, or putting together a social media content calendar. We also dig into some of the limitations of the technology and the importance of human oversight and a personalized touch. ChatGPT and AI will never replace humans in your business, but it can help enhance your operations. Theme Music by and
1/23/20249 minutes, 40 seconds
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This Entrepreneurial Chef Discovered Valuable Leadership Lessons That SAVED His Restaurant Company

, the Founder of , encountered a number of challenges during his transitioning from top chef to business owner but has learned, endured, and expanded TAG Restaurant Group into an industry powerhouse. Listen now to learn about transforming from chef to owner, asking for what you want, and the power of storytelling. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
1/23/202440 minutes, 43 seconds
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Lessons from a Founder: Conversations with Oracle-Netsuite’s Evan Goldberg

Today we’re sharing a conversation with Evan Goldberg, the founder and EVP of Oracle Netsuite. As a founder of a company that’s grown over 25 years and now makes billions of dollars per year, there’s a lot we can learn from him.   In this episode, you’ll hear: 3:38 – The first mover advantage 4:34 – The advantages of building a company during the internet age 6:25 – How to maintain a collaborative team culture when you’re scaling 9:46 – How to troubleshoot when you’re struggling to grow 13:10 – Using AI to synthesize data patterns 16:15 – What Evan wishes he’d learned earlier 17:45 – Closing thoughts
1/23/202420 minutes, 37 seconds
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Keeping Up With Rapid Change, With Investor Thomas Tull

Are you ready to adapt quickly? Billionaire tech investor Thomas Tull says you should be—because these days, there’s no other choice. Entrepreneur’s 45th annual Franchise 500® ranking shines a light on the unique challenges and changes that have shaped the franchise industry over the last year—and how franchisors have adapted and evolved to meet them. See the list here:
1/22/202428 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Power of Building Community and Creating Experiences: Interview with Travis Lubinski

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, success often hinges on the ability to build a community, tell a compelling story, and create unique experiences that resonate with customers. , a seasoned entrepreneur, has mastered these skills across various industries, leaving a trail of valuable lessons in his wake.  Travis's journey began in the e-commerce space, where he quickly realized the importance of connecting with customers on a deeper level. He understood that building a community around his brand was crucial for long-term success. By fostering a sense of belonging and shared values, Travis was able to create a loyal customer base that extended beyond mere transactions.
1/22/20241 hour, 24 seconds
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Amy Porterfield on Navigating the AI Landscape: A Delicate Balance

Step into the world of Amy Porterfield, a New York Times Bestselling author, to uncover her career journey, entrepreneurship wisdom, and apprehensions about AI. Learn about the shifting dynamics of branding, and brace for a technologically advanced business era. 0:03:34 | Encouraging people to start their own businesses 0:04:22 | Discussing the courage to give two weeks notice 0:09:39 | Acknowledging impact on females in the industry 0:10:58 | Sharing a story about inspiring others to achieve success 0:11:18 | Offering advice to younger generations overwhelmed by social media 0:21:22 | Concerns about AI replacing human creativity 0:23:46 | Amy fears that AI will replace human interaction in the future 0:35:05 | Amy's concern is that AI-generated content may imitate her voice 0:33:09 | There may be a need for economic compensation for AI training 0:42:19 | Transitioning from a personal brand to a company brand  
1/18/202446 minutes, 18 seconds
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A Romance Scammer Pretending to be a Veteran Cons Women Out of Millions

On dating apps, Derek Alldred seemed like the perfect match. A decorated veteran or sometimes surgeon with a heart of gold and a healthy bank account. But what his many victims didn’t realize is that he was a prolific con artist, tapping into their credit cards and retirement accounts to finance his lavish lifestyle. The scam lasted for years until a few persistent women brought him down.
1/18/202435 minutes, 34 seconds
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Tapping Into Relaxation: The Creation of Oakwell Beer Spa

The path between the entrepreneurial spark and finding that first great business opportunity was long and winding for Oakwell Beer Spa owners Jessica French and Damien Zouaoui. In fact, it was 14 months long and 25 countries winding. After trying out experiences across the globe, they settled on their business concept — a beer spa — and have been brewing plans to expand the business since day one. Yelp user Jessica shares her experience at the business, and what made it so review worthy. Theme Music by and
1/18/202425 minutes, 46 seconds
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How My Personal Philosophy Shapes My Life

We’re mixing things up a little bit for this episode: This time, *Terry* is being interviwed by Pat Flynn on the SPI Podcast. Topics covered: What a personal philosophy is and the impact it can have, balancing life as a busy entrepreneur and a dad, and goals for the future.
1/17/202430 minutes, 37 seconds
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Find Out How This Restaurateur Uses Live Events To Provide Unique Experiences For Customers

For restaurateur Lien Ta, events are not just a way to make more money. Hosting unique gatherings (like the Food Trivia Night) at her establishments is a creative outlet, a catalyst for joy, and yet another way that her All Day Baby restaurant cultivates its loyal fanbase. Listen now to learn about hosting successful events at your business, empowering women in the food and beverage industry, and social media storytelling. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
1/16/202436 minutes, 23 seconds
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Creating a Podcast that Sticks with Krystal Proffitt

This week, podcast host and content strategist Krystal Proffitt coaches *Terry* through an upcoming podcast launch, including: How to pick a winning topic, what you need to think about before planning a launch, and how to build podcast systems that fit your life.
1/16/202430 minutes, 1 second
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Brand Yourself with T.J. Colaiezzi and A Holistic Approach for Everyone with Amelia Wilcox

T.J. Colaiezzi is the Founder and CEO of Life Brand, a company that helps people build a strong personal brand using social media. The idea of people sharing their lives online is here to stay, but Life Brand provides educational resources on how to strategically use social media to brand yourself, as well as what not to do. Social media is the first thing that employers and potential business partners look at to get a sense of who you are as a person, so it's important to have a positive and strong online presence. Life Brand has developed an AI-powered tool that can dig up and remove any harmful content that may affect your personal brand.  T.J. talks about their company's progress and AI technology. They work with various clients, from small businesses to individuals. They are excited to be the presenting sponsor of an upcoming summit and give attendees free access to their technology for a year. Their service is affordable and offers a free social media check. The cost to clean up social media is $59.95 or $119 annually. They stress the importance of maintaining a positive online brand and how their service can help people achieve that. Visit lto invest in “your” brand.  Amelia Wilcox is the Founder and CEO of Nivati, an employee mental health and well-being platform for everyone. Her business, which previously offered corporate massages to promote employee well-being, was facing closure due to the pandemic in 2020. However, instead of allowing her business to disappear, Amelia took a different approach. She discovered that employees had real problems that required real solutions, which she needed to be equipped to handle alone. This realization led her to transform her corporate massage platform into an all-around mental health and well-being platform for everyone. During this period, Amelia also noticed her oldest daughter struggling with her mental health. As she embarked on a journey to find her daughter the help she needed, Amelia gathered the resources for a holistic approach to mental health. This approach supports people at every stage of their mental health journey, from corporate massages to various forms of therapy. Amelia encapsulated her success into three main points for entrepreneurial listeners. Firstly, she advises improving leadership skills and delegation to scale the company. Secondly, she emphasizes the importance of mentors and networking, believing that having mentors who are experts in their field is crucial for success. Lastly, Amelia talks about the significance of focus. Although it can be difficult to say no to good opportunities, the real power and ability to grow come from the painful focus and the ability to say no. [00:00:00] Social Media Is Here To Stay [00:06:02] You Are Your Brand [00:12:29] Corporate Massages [00:19:19] Just One More Business [00:28:03] Everyone's Platform [00:36:07] Encapsulating Her Success
1/16/202442 minutes, 29 seconds
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Taco Bell's New CEO On How Brands Become Culturally Hot

Big franchise news: Taco Bell is #1 in the 2024 Entrepreneur Franchise 500! To mark the occasion, I talk with Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell's new CEO. He spent many years as the CMO of Nike's Jordan Brand, then became Taco Bell's global chief brand officer. Now he's in the hot seat, leading the hottest brand in franchising. We talk about how to make brands culturally relevant, how to build the teams that drive great brands, and his vision for Taco Bell's future. Sponsor: While much of Harvard Business Review’s Content is available for free after signing up at their site, subscriptions to unlimited content start at only $10 a month. Go to and enter PROMO CODE: SOLVERS right now to take advantage of this great offer.
1/15/202447 minutes, 9 seconds
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Clinton Sparks: Being BUILT By Your cCrcumstances, Not Destroyed.

In a recent episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, renowned music producer and DJ Clinton Sparks joined host Jeff Fenster to discuss the importance of relationships and how to level up one's relationship capital game. With his inspiring journey from a difficult childhood to success in the music industry, Clinton Sparks shared valuable insights and lessons learned along the way. One of the key takeaways from the interview was the emphasis on relationships and building relationship capital. Clinton Sparks highlighted the significance of investing in people and causes close to him. He stressed the importance of understanding one's own capabilities and leveraging relationships to achieve success. Clinton's story of success in the music industry is a testament to his determination and resilience. Growing up in the hood, he faced numerous challenges and obstacles. However, instead of succumbing to his circumstances, Clinton used his resourcefulness to set up his own DJ equipment at home, even resorting to robbing houses and stealing turntables. This early experience taught him the value of having a plan rather than just an idea.
1/15/202459 minutes, 25 seconds
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AI Regulation: Trusting Lawmakers or Embracing Human Adaptability?

Dive into the transformative power of AI with Jason Feifer, Entrepreneur Magazine's Editor, and 'Build for Tomorrow' author. Unravel the future of business and formulate pioneering adaptability tactics. In this spirited debate, Ben and Jason share an ounce of history and a pound of preparation. 0:01:01 | Unveiling the Experimental Nature of Current AI 0:04:29 | How AI Is Impacting the Publishing Industry 0:08:19 | Exploring Potential Shifts in Job Landscape due to AI 0:09:03 | A Historical Lens: How Job Disruption Leads to Innovation 0:15:39 | Analyzing the Balance: New Jobs vs. Loss of Existing Ones 0:18:38 | Reflecting on Pandemic: A Test of Human Adaptability and Resilience 0:24:26 | Breaking Free from Binary Thinking in Understanding AI's Impact 0:27:18 | Engaging with AI and Running Real-time Experiments 0:35:46 | The Power of Upskilling and Harnessing Irreplaceable Human Abilities 0:41:47 | Revealing AI's True Gift: Building From What Matters Today  
1/11/202445 minutes, 15 seconds
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Scooping Success: How Salt & Straw Expanded to Miami With Community and Creative Flavors as the Focus

Ice cream is elevated to new and delicious heights at Salt & Straw Ice Cream shops, with flavors like honey lavender and peanut butter brittle caramel fudge. When the time came to expand beyond the shop’s West Coast roots, co-owner Kim Malick decided to embrace a new city — Miami — and introduce her unique ice cream brand through established local businesses. Miami based Yelp Regional Manager, Diandra shares her experience as a Salt & Straw consumer, and what keeps her coming back. Theme Music by and
1/11/202429 minutes, 11 seconds
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Bryan Barletta, Founder of Sounds Profitable, on Setting A Course For the Future of Audio

Bryan Barletta is the Founder of Sounds Profitable, a podcast and newsletter dedicated to exploring podcast advertising and monetization. With over 13 years in the ad technology space, Bryan has helped podcasters and advertisers navigate the ever-evolving landscape of audio content. He founded Sounds Profitable in 2020 after working at podcasting companies, Megaphone and Claritas. Bryan was also a part of the team that created the world’s first shakeable ad in 2009. Sponsor: While much of Harvard Business Review’s Content is available for free after signing up at their site, subscriptions to unlimited content start at only $10 a month. Go to and enter PROMO CODE: SUCCESS right now to take advantage of this great offer.
1/10/202453 minutes, 2 seconds
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This Popular Brewing Company Tapped Into New Revenue Streams With Consumer Packaged Goods

Restaurants can think OUTSIDE the box by putting their products INSIDE a box. Tiago Carneiro and his Novo Brazil Brewing Co. have tapped into new revenue streams by bringing their food and drink brands to customers — whether that’s at a grocery store, local sporting events, or in a traditional restaurant setting. Listen to learn about expanding your business model, selling packaged goods, and having big ambitions. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
1/9/202438 minutes, 42 seconds
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Biz Bite Episode 5 : New Year, New Business Goals

In ep. 5 of the “Biz Bites'' series, we discuss tactical advice for small businesses on setting achievable goals for the new year. There needs to be a balance of both big-picture objectives and detailed planning. First, select a manageable number of goals, and break them into actionable steps. Regular check-ins and adjustments along the way ensure these goals remain on track. The episode also takes you inside a year of goal tracking with language services company, Diàfano. Theme Music by  and
1/9/202414 minutes, 4 seconds
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Vulnerability Can Hurt Leaders, Unless They Do This

Should a leader show vulnerability? That depends on how they do it, says leadership expert Jacob Morgan, author of the book "Leading with Vulnerability." He interviewed 100 CEOs and surveyed 14,000 employees, and found that, depending on how a leader shows their vulnerability, people are either more drawn or more distrustful of them. In this episode, Morgan explains how to use vulnerability smartly — as a way to build trust, not as a way to unburden yourself.
1/8/202433 minutes, 2 seconds
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From Life Ruins to Life Reimagined: Interview with Tarek El Moussa

In this episode of Jeff Fenster's podcast, Tarek El Moussa, a renowned real estate entrepreneur, shares his inspiring journey of triumph over adversity and how he achieved remarkable success in the industry. Tarek's story serves as a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and maintaining a positive mindset.
1/8/202454 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Southern Frat Boy Drug Ring That Made Millions

Investigative journalist Max Marshall joins the show to discuss his new book, “Among the Bros,” which delves into the bust of five College of Charleston Kappa Alpha fraternity members and their friends who were part of a multi-million dollar narcotics network. And if that doesn’t sound dirty enough for you, the arrests came as the result of an investigation into the murder of a former student who was the son of a luxury real estate developer. It’s a story of greed, entitlement, and as Max writes, the consequences of living a life without any consequences.
1/4/202437 minutes, 25 seconds
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When Faced With a Mountain — Climb It. Why Justin Nedelman of Pressed Prefers the Ascent.

Justin Nedelman went from real estate to restaurants. It’s not a traditional path, but the CEO of Pressed prides himself on moving upward even in the face of mountains. As a health and fitness enthusiast, Justin is also helping Pressed branch out into new categories to increase revenue and reach.  Listen to learn about the business of plant-based foods, discovering new ways to reach consumers, and replacing CRM with GRM. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
1/2/202435 minutes, 18 seconds
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Would You Rather Have Significance or Success? Interview With Ken Joslin

On this episode of Jeff Fenster's podcast, Ken Joslin shares his formula for success and his core five values are faith, health, relationships, business, and finances. On this episode Ken and Jeff go deep into the conversation of expanding yourself by putting yourself in circles that expand your mindset. Learning that success is a milestone, significance is a journey, and that with the more you receive the more you can give. Tune in to learn all this and more!
1/1/20241 hour, 1 minute, 51 seconds
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How to Build a Grown Up Business

Celia Arias has coached hundreds of businesses — and she says that the roadblocks they run into are always the same. In this episode, Celia walks us through these common roadblocks, and how to navigate through them. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
12/30/202319 minutes, 3 seconds
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Jack Gibbons of FB Society on the Need for Confrontation in Business

Jack Gibbons, CEO of is a restaurant industry leader who puts his creative mind to work helping to build and grow experiential dining concepts into huge brands. Based out of Texas, Jack challenges conventional wisdom by boldly declaring, "Profit is not a four-letter word." Listen now to learn about the relationship between profit and expansion, scaling multi-million dollar restaurants, and embracing confrontation. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
12/26/202328 minutes, 2 seconds
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“I’m Running a Business With My Ex. HELP!”

Would you (or COULD you) run a business with your ex? Today we're sharing an episode from Jason Feifer's other podcast, Help Wanted, where he and cohost Nicole Lapin help someone with that exact problem. She's getting a divorce from her husband... and her husband also happens to be her business partner. She wants to know: is it possible to have joint custody of a business? Jason and Nicole give their tips for anyone who is navigating a complicated work relationship.
12/25/202339 minutes, 32 seconds
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Alexander Hamilton's Great Grandson Falls Prey to a Con Woman Prostitute

You’ve heard of Alexander Hamilton—but how about his great grandson Ray? In this episode, we dive into the tawdry tale of how a descendent of one of the Founding Fathers was conned by a schmeing prostitute into marrying him using an infant purchased from a baby farm. Historian Bill Shaffer joins the show to talk about this mostly forgotten story, which was a tabloid sensation at the turn of the 19th Century.
12/21/202350 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Secret Ingredient for Postres and Social Media is the Same Thing: Creativity

Isabel Coss is an acclaimed postres chef with big ambitions who helps run Washington, DC’s Lutèce. As a young restaurant worker starting out in Mexico City, Isabel Coss learned that the secret ingredient to success was creativity and communication. Now Isabel Coss is one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs of 2023. Listen to learn about finding acclaim for her food, how to tell better stories on social media, and the path to pastry. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
12/19/202344 minutes, 50 seconds
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Shaping Your Future by Aligning with Yourself

Author and business owner Gi Gi O’Brien describes herself as a frequency matchmaker — she helps people chart their path forward by aligning their internal world with where they’d like to be. She literally wrote the book on happiness, so we’re excited to have her on to share practical strategies for taking action toward a better life. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
12/19/202319 minutes, 28 seconds
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Jonathan B. Smith - How to be Heard by Improving Your Listening Skills

If you want to get what you want, you must become a better listener. And be careful — because you might not be as good a listener as you think. In this episode, expert negotiator Jonathan B. Smith (of the Black Swan Group and EOS) breaks down the tactics and approaches for active listening, and shows how it can be used to better connect with and convince people. The Black Swan Group was founded by best-selling author and former FBI hostage negotator Chris Voss; Smith is Voss's coach and business partner.
12/18/202326 minutes, 36 seconds
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Unleashing the Power Within for Success: Interview withTodd Durkin

On this episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, Todd Durkin shares his inspiring story of self-discovery and success. Durkin, a former NFL quarterback, recounts his journey of healing his back pain without surgery, and how he eventually ended up in LA, working for a Hollywood producer and training celebrities. He emphasizes the importance of having coaches in one's life, and introduces his upcoming product, the God Sized Dreams Planner. Durkin encourages listeners to take action and follow a plan in order to achieve success and to use their unique story to create more impact.
12/18/20231 hour, 34 seconds
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Using Collaboration to Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential

With hectic work hours and unique challenges, entrepreneurship can often feel like a lonely endeavor. After experiencing the struggles of solo entrepreneurship first-hand, Jill Salzman was inspired to create The Founding Moms, a community with the goal of connecting mom entrepreneurs. On this week’s episode, Jill shares her takeaways from her journey of “serial entrepreneurship” spanning almost 20 years and how she used networking and collaboration to unlock her potential. Theme Music by  and
12/14/202333 minutes, 15 seconds
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Wade Foster, Co-Founder and CEO of Zapier, on Process, Productivity and Getting the Job Done

Wade Foster is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zapier, an automation platform that connects over 6,000 different apps to streamline workflows. Founded in 2012, Zapier currently supports over 2.2 million businesses automate their workflows, from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Only raising $1.3 million funding in 2012, Zapier has grown exponentially under Wade’s leadership and was valued at $5 billion in 2021.
12/13/202335 minutes
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Who Wins Big on the High-Stakes Season Finale of 'Elevator Pitch'?

Welcome to the season 10 finale of Elevator Pitch, where three final contestants fight for the opportunity to lock in a life-changing deal with one of our investors. Will they rise above the pressure and win big, or will they walk away empty-handed?
12/13/202331 minutes, 17 seconds
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Building a Relationship that Lasts with Newsletters

Jason Resnick walks us through how to build a newsletter following that lasts, even when you pivot. In this episode, you’ll learn why building a newsletter is important, how to use storytelling to make your main point stick, and why Jason thinks you should sell early in your newsletter welcome sequence. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at
12/12/202335 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Founder of Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux is Bringing Smalls Sliders to a Big Stage

The co-founder of Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux brings forward-thinking ideas and Southern hospitality to his endeavors — whether that’s the popular sports concept or the fast-growing QSR Smalls Sliders. Now he wants to bring little cheeseburgers to a bigger stage. Listen to learn about a new type of franchise, the intersection of sports and hospitality, and creating Smalls Sliders with Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
12/12/202346 minutes, 41 seconds
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Earn a Living as a Writer, Without a Writing Background

Most writers obsess over their words. Sahil Bloom did that too — but he also became curious about how words travel, and why they go viral, and the needs that other writers have. That’s because he came from the world of finance, not writing, and was able to apply a business lens to the sometimes-squishy world of content... and now runs a newsletter with 600,000 subscribers that brings in upwards of $70,000 a month, along with a network of businesses that serve other writers (and earn much more). In this episode, he explains how he did it. Learn more about him at .
12/11/202329 minutes, 45 seconds
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Taking Immediate Action: Unleashing Success with Greg Reid

In a recent episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, Greg Reid, a successful author, movie writer, and creator of Secret Knock, shared his remarkable journey of triumphing over poverty and defying his father's discouragement. Reid's story serves as a testament to the power of taking immediate and decisive action, inspiring listeners to do the same. One of the key lessons Reid imparts is the importance of teaching children essential life skills. He believes that equipping them with effective communication, negotiation, and personal finance skills is crucial for their future success. Reid acknowledges that video games, often seen as a distraction, can actually be viewed as a different form of equipment for children today, providing them with valuable problem-solving and strategic thinking abilities.  Reid's success can be attributed to his focus on strategic activity and aligning himself with the right people. He emphasizes the significance of making intentional decisions and taking purposeful steps towards achieving goals. By surrounding himself with individuals who share his vision and values, Reid has been able to create a network of support that has propelled him forward.  One of Reid's notable achievements is the creation of Secret Knock, an exclusive event that has been running for 17 years. This gathering brings together influential individuals from various fields, including notable guests such as Edward Snowden and Vicente Fox. Secret Knock exemplifies the power of creating unique experiences and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.
12/11/20231 hour, 1 minute, 17 seconds
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The Post-Pitch Podcast: Innovative Lipstick Design Wins $10K Investment

Esoes (pronounced S-O-S) is a cosmetics company with a unique and powerful mission. Founded by Joy Hoover, a mother of two girls, the lipstick is designed to help women caught in violent encounters or stuck in situations where they suspect their drink may have been spiked. The lipstick holder has a button that when activated, connects to an app to send customized communications to loved ones or police to get help. Also inside the holder are two test strips that can be dipped into a drink to check for the presence of benzodiazepine, a drug commonly used in date rape crimes. Joy pitched her product on a recent episode of Elevator Pitch, and the investors were so impressed with her take-charge spirit and the importance of her company's mission that they granted her a $10,000 cash prize made possible by Amazon Business. Following her successful ride in the elevator and boardroom meeting, Joy sat down with the host of the Post-Pitch Podcast to discuss how she developed her winning pitch, and her plans for scaling her business. Listen in to learn: How she recovered her thoughts when her nerves threatened to tank her pitch. How she is exploring alternative partnerships and strategic options even if a direct investment isn't secured. The value of investors' marketing and operational experience over their money. Her plans to expand the product line utilizing equity crowdfunding. How social media is aligning customers and investors with the company's mission. Follow @esoescosmetics to learn more.
12/7/202328 minutes, 15 seconds
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Why Did the Menendez Brothers Murder Their Parents?

On August 20, 1989, Jose and Kitty Menendez were brutally murdered in their Beverly Hills mansion. Their sons Erik and Lyle were accused of the murder in what seemed like an open-and-shut case — they wanted to collect their parents’ insurance. But a sensational trial revealed that there was something even more nefarious going on at their mansion on Elm Avenue. Nearly 25 years after the murders that shook the world, we revisit this notorious case.
12/7/202337 minutes, 30 seconds
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Customer-Centric Hospitality: How Wild Horse Pass elevates service standards for their guests

Located in Chandler, AZ, the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass is a resort for any kind of trip—families, couples, and golfers alike can find exactly what they’re looking for during their time at the resort. Bill and the Wild Horse Pass team integrate customer service and a “can-do spirit” into everything they do. Hear how the staff uses teamwork and collaboration to maintain a multidimensional space for over 500 guests. Reviewer Jessica shares what stood out for her and her family. Theme Music by  and
12/7/202323 minutes, 23 seconds
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What Should You Value More — An Investor's Money or Their Experience?

On this episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," a contestant has a very tough decision to make: Take the big money now, or gamble on bigger money later. On Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, every contestant is just 60 seconds away from a rise to greatness or a fall from glory. By the end of these nail-biting, stomach-churning episodes, some entrepreneurs walk away with business-boosting investments, and some go home empty-handed. You never know how your nerves will hold up when it is your time to pitch, and if you get into the boardroom, you never know what kind of questions you will face or what problems will pop up. And on this week's episode, one entrepreneur faces what is considered to be a good problem to have: two investors battling for their business. One offers more money; one offers more experience. Which would you value more? See which way they go on the new episode of Elevator Pitch, streaming now!
12/6/202325 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Hooters CEO Says Good Leadership is a Lot Like a Bag of Golf Clubs

Quality leadership is like a bag of golf clubs, says Hooters of America CEO Sal Melilli. Just like a golfer needs many clubs to have a successful round, a leader also has lots of tools at their disposal. Sal is leading the Hooters brand in new directions while focusing on what makes it special. Listen to learn about moving from sink to C-suite, diversifying income streams, and celebrating the iconic Hooters Girls. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
12/5/202339 minutes, 46 seconds
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Free Time is a Verb: How to Reclaim Your Time with Jenny Blake

Systems may seem like something you should think about in an advanced phase of your business but today’s guest, Jenny Blake, said that they are key for reclaiming your time. She shares her appraoch to running her business, and some simple first steps you can take to put systems in place — whatever phase your business is in. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
12/5/202333 minutes, 49 seconds
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This 19-Year-Old College Student's Invention Relieves Migraines -- and His Pitch Landed a $10,000 Investment

David Fleming was plagued with migraines throughout his childhood, which significantly impacted his ability to attend school and have a normal social life. Frustrated with the lack of help he found from taking various medicines, he got to work on his own product called Releevum, a device that administers suboccipital release therapy, which is a technique frequently used by chiropractors and massage therapists. Using Releevum led to a notable improvement in David's academic performance, including his acceptance to Yale University and two intense appearances on "American Ninja Warrior" and now he wants to bring it to the masses to help others. After pitching his business on Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, he is one step closer to his goal, having secured a $10,000 prize made possible by Amazon Business. Following his successful ride in the Entrepreneur Elevator, David sat down to speak about the genesis, development and growth of his product, hitting on several topics including: Running a successful crowdfunding campaign: Reelevum conducted a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, raising over $25,000 from 200 backers through pre-orders for the product. Growing a startup: The immediate next steps for Reelevum involve securing additional investments for tooling, manufacturing, and clinical trials to further develop and bring the product to market. Forming strategic partnerships: How David is conducting outreach to partners who can provide not only financial support but also contribute to the overall success and growth of Reelevum. Developing a robust social media presence: Reelevum can be found on various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, under the handle @releevum. The power of a mission statement: David's overarching goal with Releevum is to make a positive difference in people's lives by offering a solution for migraine relief and prevention. The clarity and focus of the mission have been key to his fundraising and development efforts.
12/4/202310 minutes, 35 seconds
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Making "Hybrid Work" Actually Work

Have you heard of "productivity paranoia"? It's what happens when managers lose trust in their remote or hybrid workers, because they can't see them working. That's a big problem, says hybrid-work expert Gleb Tsipursky, because the research shows something startling: Remote working drives productivity UP, and bringing people back to the office can drive producitivity DOWN. So what do we do about this? In this episode, Tsipursky offers a way forward for managers and leaders.
12/4/202324 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Power of Entrepreneurship: Interview with Jeff Hoffman

On this episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, Jeff Fenster interviews Jeff Hoffman, an entrepreneur and founder of Priceline about the importance of entrepreneurship and the mission of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). Hoffman explains that GEN is a nonprofit organization that helps anyone, anywhere start and scale a business. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to find a problem that is important to them and to invest in the people and causes that are close to them. He emphasizes the importance of dedicating time to the things you love, and not looking at the clock when spending time with family.
12/4/202343 minutes, 57 seconds
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Booking New Clients & Turning Them Into Lifelong Customers With Bronco Pro Kleen

Over the past decade, Bronco Pro Kleen Carpet Cleaners has become known as a reliable and efficient team within the Denver area. Travis and the Bronco Pro Kleen Carpet Cleaners team integrate customer service into each of their team’s actions, making customers feel like they can rely on the team for repeat services. Hear from owner Travis on Bronco Pro Kleen’s beginnings, and how they maintain success, as well as how that impacts customers like Stacey L. Theme Music by and  
11/30/202315 minutes, 18 seconds
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Sarah Jessica Parker on Following Creative Passions

Sarah Jessica Parker is a renowned actress and an accomplished entrepreneur, known for her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw in the hit TV series "Sex and the City." In addition to her successful acting career, Parker ventured into the wine industry, partnering with Invivo Wines to create her own collection, ‘Invivo X, SJP.’ The multi Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actress also established a presence in the fashion industry with her own line of clothing and accessories, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.
11/29/202340 minutes, 56 seconds
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Would You Give This Former Hacker Your Money?

On the new episode of "Elevator Pitch," our investors need to contend with some serious trust issues. Tech entrepreneurs face a particular obstacle: how do you explain your complex solution to a complicated problem in simple terms that all investors can understand? It isn't easy — but nothing is easy when you sign up to appear on . This is the show where entrepreneurs have just 60 seconds to pitch their company to a board of investors in the hopes of landing a life-changing investment. One tech founder wows the board with his 60 seconds but leaves some heads a bit scrambled. "I need the fifth-grade explanation of that pitch!" laughs Pinky Cole, founder and CEO of Slutty Vegan. Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix, agrees: "You're not the only one feeling a little lost — he managed to fit more buzzwords into that minute than I've ever heard before." Can he overcome this hurdle, plus the small question of whether or not he has a criminal background? Find out by watching the new episode of Elevator Pitch!
11/29/202327 minutes, 38 seconds
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You Probably HATE Taxes. This Viral Content Creator LOVES Them.

Duke Alexander Moore, CEO founder of Duke Tax, is a tax pro and social media content creator who has built a huge following online teaching his millions of followers about taxes while entertaining at the same time. Chances are, you HATE taxes. That’s why he LOVES them. Watch to learn about making progress over perfection, creating viral videos on social media, and helping others become creators.  Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —  
11/28/202350 minutes, 44 seconds
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Growing Trust and Influence: How to Become a Thought Leader with Kim Rittberg

On today’s show, media pro Kim Rittberg will show us the steps to becoming a public thought leader – and why that’s important for your business. She’ll also teach us how to get comfortable on camera, how to make the most of media appearances, and why you should learn how to highlight your accomplishments. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
11/28/202334 minutes, 40 seconds
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Turn A Crazy Idea Into A Very Real Business

One night, Holden Forrest drew a wild idea on the back of his daughter's math homework: What if he could lower a house into the ground, as a way to escape oncoming wildfires? He couldn't shake this idea, so he started researching whether it's possible — and now, years later, he has a company called HiberTec, multiple patents, groundbreaking technology, and is raising money to build his first prototype. On this episode, Holden explains how to turn a big idea into a real business. You can learn more and invest in HiberTec at
11/27/202337 minutes, 29 seconds
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Lance Moore: From Athlete to Entrepreneur - A Journey of Perseverance and Success

In a recent episode of the Jeff Fenster show, Lance Moore, a former NFL player turned entrepreneur, shared his inspiring journey to success. From his early days as a karate prodigy to becoming a standout college football player and eventually making his mark in the NFL, Moore's story is one of perseverance, hard work, and a champion's mindset.
11/27/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 33 seconds
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How to Build (or Join) A Useful Community

"Community" has become a buzzword — but when it's done right, it's also an incredibe tool. This is where you find support from others. It's a living, breathing resource. In this episode, Jason Feifer talks with Pat Flynn, cofounder of the community Smart Passive Income, about how to build and foster great relationships. And if you're building a business or audience online, you can now join and interact with them both inside the SPI community! Learn more at
11/24/202332 minutes, 37 seconds
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The Post-Pitch Podcast: Are Their Second Chances in the Boardroom?

Brandon Storms, founder and CEO of Retavo, is here to encourage entrepreneurs to never ever give up. Last season on “Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch,” Brandon struggled in the elevator and went home empty-handed. Afterward, he went through a rigorous pitching boot camp and returned to try his luck one more time. Listen in to learn how it went, and to get further insights into the day-to-day of a tech entrepreneur’s life. Learn: The advice he got that transformed his pitch How body language and simplifying your delivery make a big impact on investors How to work with digital marketers to target your audience How to tap inner strength and work through setbacks as an entrepreneur Learn more about Brandon’s business at
11/23/202321 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Post-Pitch Podcast: How This Healthy Food App Scored a $250K Investment

Bitewell calls itself the world’s first digital food pharmacy. After a super-successful ride in the elevator and showdown in the boardroom on “Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch,” co-founder Sam Citro sat down to discuss the origins of the app and her strategy for securing life-changing funding. Listen to learn: The value of relationships and connections that come with the right investors The challenges of entering the food industry Strategies for engaging users, including incentivizing customers with free food offers How to develop a subscription model The power of potential collaborations with other companies, including bundling opportunities The ROI of investing in food as a means to improve overall health and reduce healthcare costs Learn more at
11/22/202334 minutes, 27 seconds
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How Mastro’s Restaurants Goes ‘Over The Top’ For Ultimate Hospitality

To give customers the ultimate hospitality experience, you have to go “over the top.” Visiting Mastro’s Restaurants is not just a culinary adventure. Dining at one of their stellar spots means you will be treated to great steaks, seafood and drinks. But it also means you will be treated like a VIP. Listen to learn about elevated dining experiences, responding to customer feedback, and advice for hospitality hopefuls. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
11/21/202330 minutes, 27 seconds
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Change Your Mind, Change Your Business: Mindset Insights from Charlie Ray

Charlie Ray joins us to discuss how to rewire your mindset and expand your life – including your bottom line. Charlie will walk us through how to overcome fear as a business owner, how to pitch without letting your nerves take over, and how to raise your prices from a place of confidence. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
11/21/202325 minutes, 59 seconds
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Mason Sawyer's Journey of Resilience: Finding Strength in Tragedy

Mason Sawyer's story is one of resilience and perseverance in the face of tragedy. After the death of his wife, two children, brother, and nephew, Mason was overcome with grief and guilt. But he was able to find strength in his therapist's mantra of "we over me".. Mason believes that helping others can take the spotlight away from individual demons, and he leans on stoicism to understand that most things in life are indifferent. He encourages others to find their own "why" to help them through difficult times.
11/20/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 20 seconds
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When You Have A Solution People Don't Know They Need

Sometimes, a company creates an amazing solution... but clients don't understand why they need it. What do you do then? Garry Cooper has the answer, because it's exactly what he had to do at his company Rheaply. Here's the problem, as Rheaply saw it: At large companies, employees often buy things the company already has. They also throw out things the company could still use. That's because there's no way for everyone in the company to know what they have, what they need, and how to get items across that divide. Garry and his team built Rheaply to solve that problem. It helps companies reuse products... if only they could get clients to recognize this as a problem, and realize the value of the solution. Here's how Rheaply did it. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at
11/20/202331 minutes, 35 seconds
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Who Was D.B. Cooper? An Amateur Sleuth Is Closing in on the Infamous Hijacker's True Identity.

On Thanksgiving Eve of 1971, a hijacker known as D.B. Cooper parachuted out of a commercial airplane with $200,000 in ransom money and was never seen again. It’s the only unsolved commercial airline hijacking in U.S. history, and the FBI officially closed the books on the investigation nearly a decade ago.  But while the Feds have thrown in the towel, citizen detective Eric Ulis is still fighting to learn the truth. For years, Ulis has been working on his own to keep the case alive and, thanks to a recent discovery, says he is on the verge of a breakthrough in revealing Cooper’s true identity. All he needs is a little cooperation with the FBI, which he is suing the agency to get. In this episode, we speak with Ulis to get the amazing story of this daring and dangerous heist and delve into the modern detective tactics he is using to put some heat on this cold case. Ulis has made some incredible discoveries that could, at last, reveal the identity of the hijacker — all he needs now is for the Feds to give him access to a clip-on tie, one of the few pieces of evidence Cooper left behind when he jumped out of that plane. Whether you’re fascinated by historical crimes or fascinated by modern detective work, we can guarantee this: you will be fascinated by this episode! Thanks as always for listening. Please rate and review us, and if you want to learn even more about D.B. Cooper, be sure to check out Kevin Ulis’s .
11/16/202346 minutes, 47 seconds
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Made From Scratch: How Mignon Francois Grew Her Cupcake Business and Inspired Others Along The Way

Mignon Francois started her cupcake business, The Cupcake Collection, with the $5 she had left to feed her family for the week. 15 years later, The Cupcake Collection is a multi-million dollar operation, with Mignon still serving as CEO and “Director of Joy.” In this live episode, Emily brings Mignon back to the podcast to talk about her inspiring business journey and empowering new book Made from Scratch: Finding Success Without a Recipe. You can listen to the first episode with Mignon here. Theme Music by -  and
11/16/202335 minutes, 50 seconds
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Joanne Wilson, Founder and CEO of Gotham and Gotham Gal Ventures, on Investing In Innovation

Joanne Wilson is an early-stage angel investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with over 150 companies in her investment portfolio such as Food52 and Eater. Her latest venture, Gotham, is a female-founded cannabis concept space that’s curates and shares one-of-a-kind products, art, and experiences that reflect New York’s rich history and influence. She is also the chairperson of Hot Bread Kitchen and currently sits on the board of The Highline and The Public Housing Community Fund in NYC. Sponsor: Subscriptions to Harvard Business Review’s unlimited content start at only $10 a month. Go to and enter PROMO CODE: SUCCESS right now to take advantage of this great offer.
11/15/202341 minutes, 23 seconds
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That Was Ridiculous!' See What Left One Investor Exasperated

Learn the words that no investor wants to hear on the latest episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch." This season on , we've witnessed a steady stream of contestants who dream of making it to the top floor. All they need to do? Nail their . We've seen countless entrepreneurs earn the chance to enter the boardroom with the chance to seal a or win cash prizes from Amazon to get their business to the next level. Some walk out victorious; some must pick themselves up to fight another day. In this episode, a new group shows up to try their luck in the elevator. Will they succeed in reaching new heights at the press of a button? Or will they freeze up at the moment of truth? Listen and see what happens on an all-new episode! Investor Takeaways:  Investors want to put their money into great projects. Give them all the reasons they need to believe in you. Show your passion! Investors want to see that you can fight through adversity. Practice, practice, practice — you'll be happy you can do your pitch in your sleep when the lights and nerves hit.
11/15/202322 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Recovering from Rejection: Sales Tactics and Business Adaptability with Michael Belnap

On today's show, we're joined by Michael Belnap to discuss recovering from rejection through his experience as a door-to-door salesman, the impact of hands-on learning, and why "adapt or die" is essential for entrepreneurs. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
11/14/202325 minutes, 56 seconds
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Jay Udrija of PizzaHQ on Revolutionizing the Pizza Industry with Automation Excellence

The pizza industry is changing fast. PizzaHQ is leading the revolution by focusing on automation and efficiency to deliver affordable pizzas at a fast pace. Founder Jay Udrija and PizzaHQ are building a robot-powered pizza chain whose “relentless focus on process” also comes with a commitment to quality to set them apart. Listen to learn about how the pizza industry has changed, using restaurant tech, and food service robotics. Sponsor: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant System —
11/14/202343 minutes, 58 seconds
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Bedros Keuilian: From Dumpster Diving to Fitness Empire

On this episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, Bedros Keuilian recounts his experience of immigrating to the US from Armenia and his father's determination to become an entrepreneur. He shares how he used his emotions to push his businesses forward during the pandemic, and how he created the Fitness Business Summit and Fit Body Boot Camp. Bedros emphasizes the importance of having non-negotiables, setting boundaries, delegating tasks, and forming relationships with others in order to achieve success.
11/13/20231 hour, 1 minute, 31 seconds
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How to Leave Social Media and Still Grow Your Business

This may sound counterintuitive, but your business doesn't HAVE to be on social media. In fact, social media might not even be the best tool for your growth. Amelia Hruby, host of the podcast Off the Grid, explains how to leave social media without hurting your business — and the many other marketing tools that you should pour your energy into instead.
11/13/202333 minutes, 19 seconds
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Meet the Killer Con Man Who Claimed to be a Rockefeller

Con man Christian Gerhartsreiter had many identities - but his most famous was "Clark Rockefeller,” a black sheep relative from the iconic American family. For over 20 years, he duped rich people from coast to coast to share in their privilege and their money. But in 2008, he finally got caught in his web of deceit. Investigators would soon realize that his dirty crimes not only included impersonations but were much darker than anyone ever imagined.
11/9/202342 minutes, 51 seconds
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Driving 5-Star Customer Experiences: The Boho Camper Vans Journey

Boho Camper Vans co-owner David Soderman was inspired to start his business after a trip to Maui when he realized traveling could become expensive quickly due to lodging. Fast forward to the pandemic, Boho Vans blew up when camper vans became the ideal way to travel while socially distanced. Hear how David uses communication with his customers to make them feel comfortable and cared for even while on the road. Also hear what drove reviewer David A. to leave Boho Vans a five-star review. Theme Music by  and
11/9/202317 minutes, 48 seconds
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It Was All Going Great Until Someone Said the F-Word.

In this episode of "Elevator Pitch," our investors are fired up. Can contestants take the heat as they attempt to secure funding for their dream businesses? Investor Takeaways: - Seeking investment very early in your business presents challenges to investors. - You want a focused market — investors don't like a shotgun approach when acquiring customers. - Don't leave investors guessing about how you see their role in your future operations.
11/8/202324 minutes, 33 seconds
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Biz Bite Episode 4 : Encouraging Engagement With Your Customers Online

In ep. 4 of the “Biz Bites'' series, we discuss ways to connect with your customers online, and encourage them to share experiences with your business digitally! It starts by creating memorable in-person experiences, and then having your customers share that online. When they do, make sure you engage back! Also, collect contact information whenever you can - so you can communicate with your customers directly. Lastly, let engagement happen naturally, and don’t ask customers for Yelp reviews. Theme Music by  and
11/7/20239 minutes, 50 seconds
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Growing Your Business Without Losing Yourself: Insights from Darius Mirshahzadeh

On today's show, author and podcast host Darius Mirshahzadeh will share why your core values are crucial to your success. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
11/7/202326 minutes, 38 seconds
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Chef Enrique Limardo and Ezequiel Vázquez-Ger of SEVEN REASONS on Telling a Story with Food

Seven Reasons was built to tell a story. Co-owned by Chef Enrique Limardo and Managing Partner Ezequiel Vázquez-Ger, the Michelin star restaurant group has a focused mission to guide patrons on a culinary journey to uncover their own magical and gastronomical “Seven Reasons”. Listen to learn about telling a story with food, intentional culture in business, and being “one of the most important restaurants of the decade.” Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
11/7/202348 minutes, 54 seconds
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He Got 450,000 Newsletter Subcribers by Sharing "Nice News"

People often say they want positive news stories, but they rarely read them. Sean Delvin wanted to know: Why? So he set out to find out — and has since built a newsletter, called Nice News (at ), that now has 450,000 subscribers. So how did he do it? And how can you build a strong newsletter for any niche subject? That's what we discuss on this episode of Problem Solvers. Sponsor: Harvard Business Review.  Access's HBR's unlimited content start at only $10 a month. visit and enter PROMO CODE: SOLVERS to take advantage of this great offer.
11/6/202326 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Power of Believing in Yourself and Making Dreams Come True

On this episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, Jeff interviews Charlie Rocket, a hip hop entrepreneur, music manager, and Nike athlete. Charlie shares his story of how he achieved success in the music industry, created a fan-made Nike commercial, and started his own production company. He is now focused on creating a positive and dream-making show that will inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. Jeff offers his support and encourages Charlie to take the time to recharge and heal himself, so that he can be the best version of himself and reach his goals.
11/6/202352 minutes, 20 seconds
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Exterminating the Hassle From the Pest Control Experience

When Ben and Jenny McAvoy struggled to get in touch with pest control providers in the Phoenix area, they took matters into their own hands. The couple created Insectek, a pest control business that puts communication and customer service at the forefront. And their efforts paid off — hear from reviewer Rosie P on how Insectek turned a stressful pest encounter into a seamless experience. You’ll also hear more from Ben and Jenny about the values that guide their hiring and training processes. Theme Music by  and
11/2/202322 minutes, 48 seconds
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Can These Entrepreneurs Can Turn Their Flops Into Fortune?

On this special episode of 'Elevator Pitch,' contestants get a rare shot at redemption. The elevator welcomes back a few familiar faces who were sent back down to the bottom floor their first time around. Before returning to the elevator, these three entrepreneurs were put through an intensive pitching boot camp on Entrepreneur's mini-series, Fix My Pitch, led by legendary TV pitchman Anthony Sullivan and business coach Tina Frey. Find out if their hard work pays off — literally. Will these entrepreneurs get redemption and life-changing investments? Or are they in for another round of crushing disappointment? Listen now!
11/1/202324 minutes, 55 seconds
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Mike Cessario, CEO and Co-Founder of Liquid Death, on Turning a Passion Into a Business

Mike Cessario is the CEO and Co-Founder of Liquid Death, a forward thinking canned water start-up with the branding and flare of an energy drink. Pulling from his marketing and creative directing experiences, Mike turned his passion for health into a $700 million business. In just a short amount of time, he’s built the fastest growing water brand in the country, collaborating with celebrities such as Tony Hawk, Travis Barker, and Steve O.
11/1/202339 minutes, 17 seconds
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Reclaim 20 Hours a Week: Time Management with Liz Hartke

Short on time? Let's fix that. On today’s show you’ll learn four ways you can get up to 20 hours back each week. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
10/31/202328 minutes, 51 seconds
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Biz Bite Episode 3 : Planning For Seasonality & Holiday Bursts

In ep. 3 of the “Biz Bites'' series, we discuss strategies for maximizing the holiday season. Like engaging with customers through social media, creating excitement around holiday offerings, and promoting your hardworking staff. We also dig into how to effectively collaborate with other businesses, participate in local events, and capture more content for promotion you can use year round. Get advice and tips for using the holidays to connect with customers and generate support for your business. Theme Music by  and
10/31/202312 minutes, 21 seconds
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Atul Sood of Kitchen United on the Power of Assuming Friendship in Business

Atul Sood, CEO of Kitchen United, places a unique emphasis on the power of friends as a driving force for both his personal and professional successes. For him, friendships have been pivotal in his career path and creating enjoyable workspaces.  Listen to this interview to learn about the power of relationships, communicating with authenticity, and sharing your struggles with others. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
10/31/202358 minutes, 17 seconds
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Why "People First" Is Better Than "Customer First"

Lots of companies say they put their customers first, but what does it mean to be a truly people-centric organization? According to Rah Mahtani, 's head of marketing for North America, it means changing the way you think about your customers — as well as the products you design for them, and the marketing you create to reach them. Here, he breaks down some great "people-centric" examples of product design, and explains how Alibaba brings people (aka customers!) into their process.
10/30/202335 minutes, 50 seconds
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Lessons in Humility and Resilience: Interview with Kent Clothier

Tune in to the Jeff Fenster Show to hear Kent Clothier's inspiring story of going from making millions to being financially ruined in two years. He shares how he learned the importance of humility and being prepared, and how he was able to rebuild his business from scratch. Learn how to make millions in any vertical and discover the four core values that Kent and his family live by. Don't miss out on this incredible episode!
10/30/202352 minutes, 31 seconds
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The Twins Who Brought Down Drug Lord El Chapo

Journalist Charlie Webster joins the show to talk about season 2 of the podcast series, Surviving El Chapo, which tells the story of idenitical twins in Chicago who ran a $2 billion drug trafficking empire, only to switch sides and become government informants. The Flores twins grew their business to the biggest in North American then decided to risking everthing, turning on their boss Mexican drug lord El Chapo.
10/26/202357 minutes, 57 seconds
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Picking a Yelp Elite’s Brain on Reviews

Yelp Elite Gwyn C talks about how she evaluates businesses and how she chooses a star rating. Ranging from occasional freebies to general customer service, Gwen gives insight on how to form a great relationship with customers. She provides clarity on how she writes reviews, as well as the rationale behind each review. In this episode, hear why the smallest details really do matter. And the impact and importance of responding to customer reviews - both positive and negative. Theme Music by  and
10/26/202336 minutes, 44 seconds
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Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph Made a Surprise Move That Stunned Investors

You never know what is going to happen when big ideas and big money collide. As we learn in this episode, pitch meetings can be pretty unpredictable. A simple word or phrase can change everything on a dime — sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst. Our contestants also get a lesson in long-term success from investor Marc Randolph, who has this to say: "Customers shouldn't come and go, they should come and stay. So look for ways to turn your customer base into a community with social media, in-person events or inviting customers to join an advisory board. You will not only gain valuable insights, but you will turn your customers into your no. 1 fans."
10/25/202326 minutes, 58 seconds
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Unleashing the Power of Purpose: Interview with Brian and Gab Boesche

On this episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, Jeff and guests Brian and Gab Boesche discuss the importance of purpose, motivation, gratitude, and identity in achieving success. They explain that purpose is more than just a reason for being, and that it is a critical component of success. They emphasize the importance of understanding the cycle of taking and giving, and how it is essential to build long-term relationships and success.
10/23/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 58 seconds
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Who Should Solve Our Biggest Problems?

How can we solve the biggest problems, in our company or our world, if we can't agree on what the problem is or who wants to solve it? Here's a case study that'll surprise you. Climate change is described as a “generational battle,” in which young people care and older people don’t. But this is a perfect example of how we think about generations all wrong — and that has big consequences. If we can drop our assumptions about generational divides, we might just have a shot at solving some of the world’s most urgent problems. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at
10/23/202338 minutes, 15 seconds
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Jumping In: How Taking Risks is a Necessary Part of Growing Your Business

When Nate Bennett and Thanat Tanachon first decided to open their martial arts facility, they wanted to shatter the misconception that martial arts is a violent and aggressive sport by revolving their business around building a community based on respect. Now, Little Giant is a 5-star business on Yelp with tons of glowing reviews. Reviewer Samantha N shares what sets Little Giant apart, and why she travels so far with her kids to be a part of their community. Theme Music by  and
10/19/202324 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Shortcut with Matt Swider

Matt Swider is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of He served as Tech Radar's editor-in-chief for nine years and has over a million Twitter followers. Utilizing his skill set and followers, he created his own business,, which provides consumers with information on how, where, and when to find the technology they seek. The Shortcut is currently the #1 consumer tech publication on Substack. With the Consumer Electronics Show just around the corner, Matt and Alan are preparing to attend. During their discussions, they ponder about the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the concerns that come with it. AI has rapidly improved and has become both exciting and frightening at the same time. Matt believes that we, as people, are contributing to its growth by funding its development. AI has eliminated the need for experts in some fields, as your phone or device can perform tasks for you. The Metaverse, the next evolution in social connection, is the successor to the mobile internet. However, the Deepfake, synthetic media that can convincingly replace one person's likeness with another, is already knocking at our doorsteps. What's currently trending on Gaming is a hot topic these days. Soon, you might not require a PS5 or XBOX to enjoy your favorite games. With just a chip, you can buy accessories for your iPhone and play games on the go.   Matt, an entrepreneur in his industry, suggests that building a portfolio and writing your own substack could be a great way to showcase your talents. He even goes as far as to say that he would be envious if you had content he could feature on his website. It's a good idea to start with freelancing if you're new to the industry. Technology is constantly evolving, and its end product is unknown. Should we fear or embrace this? [00:00:00] The [00:05:46] One Million Twitter Followers [00:12:29] UPgrade [00:19:19] Artificial Intelligence [00:28:03] Gaming On The Go [00:36:07] Evolving Tech
10/18/202341 minutes, 42 seconds
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Did a Giant Dancing Pineapple Just Jump Into This Meeting?

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Season 10 kicks off with lots of drama, lots of money and one large piece of fruit! Find out which entrepreneurs walk out with a life-changing deal. Watch as our board of investors is asked for something that no entrepreneur has ever requested, and see why an entrepreneur is called back into the boardroom after being sent down for the first time in show history. Oh, and we should mention that a giant walking pineapple makes an appearance. Watch it all happen — and gain valuable insights on pitching your business — on the exciting season 10 premiere of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch!
10/18/202326 minutes, 27 seconds
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Aerin Lauder, Founder & Creative Director of AERIN, on Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Aerin Lauder is the Founder & Creative Director of AERIN, a global luxury lifestyle brand. Granddaughter of Estée Lauder, the founder of her eponymous cosmetics brand, Aerin has been key to supporting the growth and success of the family-owned luxury giant and currently serves as the Style and Image Director for her family brand. Aerin has emerged as a distinct voice in the world of beauty, fashion, and home décor with her AERIN brand, following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of her grandmother.
10/18/202332 minutes, 30 seconds
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Turning Adversity into Your Advantage: Insights from Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins

Best selling author hip hop artist, Jeezy, shares how adversity can be an advantage and why believing in yourself is the key to success. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
10/17/202325 minutes, 31 seconds
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Micha Magid of Mighty Quinn’s BBQ on Strategic Scaling and Franchising

Scaling a brick-and-mortar restaurant brand is a big challenge. But Micha Magid and Mighty Quinn's BBQ have found success growing their franchise operation by tailoring each new location to the needs of its local market. Listen to this interview to learn about scaling a business non-traditionally, building a restaurant tech stack, and retaining a passionate team. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
10/17/202340 minutes, 22 seconds
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Biz Bite Episode 1 : Translating Your In-Person Experience Online

Our first "Biz Bites" episode explores the critical concept of translating your in-store consumer experience into a compelling online presence. Creating connections with your customers in-person is crucial, but the next step is to leverage online listings, review sites, and social media to reflect your uniqueness and attract new customers. By responding to reviews and showing up online, you build trust. This digital consistency ensures you make a lasting impression and attract future customers. Theme Music by  and
10/17/202311 minutes, 52 seconds
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How to Be More Human In A Time of AI

Cal Fussman is a master storyteller, and he's been thinking a lot about AI lately. Why? "This debate between authenticity and artificial intelligence is the battle of the next millennium," he says. When robots can communicate for us, how can we be more human? When we can automate much of our writing and production, how do we share our authentic selves and connect to others? These questinos have never been more important, and Cal — host of the podcast "Big Questions" and former Esquire writer who's interviewed major celebrities and CEOs — has some very surprising answers.
10/16/202325 minutes, 1 second
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Achieving Greatness: The Dark Work Identify Shift, Interview with Anthony Trucks

On this episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, Anthony Trucks shares his success formula and advice on how to achieve greatness. He emphasizes the importance of hard work, taking action, and identity-shifting to succeed. He also talks about dark work and the challenging program 'Seventy Five Hard', and encourages listeners to reach out for coaching and accountability.
10/16/20231 hour, 52 seconds
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Savoring the Small Business Journey With Angela Shen

Two years ago, Behind the Review featured Angela Shen and her longstanding food tour business, Savor Seattle. Since then, Angela sold Savor Seattle and started a new tour business, Savor the Wild, this time focused on novel food experiences in the wild, such as oyster shucking and mushroom foraging. Hear from Angela on what inspired her decision to leave behind her successful first venture and start again from scratch. Theme Music by  and
10/12/202341 minutes, 23 seconds
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How a Master Thief Stole $2 Billion Worth of Art With Nothing But a Pocketknife

Stéphane Breitwieser is perhaps the most prolific art thief who ever lived. From 1994 to 2001, he and his girlfriend/accomplice Anne-Catherine Kleinklaus tore through Europe on a breathtaking crime spree, armed with only a Swiss Army knife. They did this every three weekends out of four, stealing priceless works of art from museums, galleries, and auction houses. Eventually, he amassed a collection that totaled more than 300 works of stolen worth about $2 billion. But here’s the weird part: He never stole all this art to make a profit. He kept all of his stolen treasures in a pair of secret rooms where he could admire them. And if it weren’t for one stupid slip-up, he’d probably still be stealing art today. Our guest, Michael Finkel, has written a book about Breitwieser called The Art Thief: A True Story of Love, Crime, and a Dangerous Obsession, which he wrote after conducting a series of interviews with the sticky-fingered Frenchman. Listen in to learn how he pulled off these scams in broad daylight without raising a ruckus, or even his voice.
10/12/202346 minutes, 14 seconds
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Evan LeRoy of LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue on Crafting a Digital Community

Evan LeRoy, co-owner of LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue, is crafting boundary-breaking menu items and innovative social media. Recognizing a potential beyond mere views and clicks, his restaurant business focuses on crafting videos, podcasts, and more content with value — fostering a community. Listen to this interview to learn about building an online audience, leveraging digital storytelling, and restaurant technology. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
10/10/202337 minutes, 7 seconds
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Overcoming Emotional Barriers in Entrepreneurship

Every entrepreneur encounters roadblocks, but embracing them is the first step to overcoming them. On today’s show performance coach Barrett Brooks will delve into the interplay between emotions and business dynamics, and how you can leverage this to exceed your expectations. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
10/10/202325 minutes, 27 seconds
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How to Tell Sexy Stories About Unsexy Brands

Not every company has a whiz-bang product, so how can you make it pop? Squarespace Chief Creative Officer David Lee has done that, winning tons of awards and making campaigns with the likes of Adam Driver, Zendaya, Dolly Parton, Keanu Reeves and John Malkovich (which earned him an Emmy). Here, he offers a unique way for entrepreneurs to think about their brands, and some big questions to ask when you start crafting your new stories.
10/9/202326 minutes, 16 seconds
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From Addiction to Redemption, Interview with Damon West

On this episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, Damon West shares his inspiring story of transformation. From a former division one starting quarterback at the University of North Texas, to a life of addiction and a 65 year prison sentence, Damon's journey of redemption, grit, and determination is a powerful reminder of the potential of each day. After a chance conversation with a fellow inmate, Damon was inspired to turn his life around and become successful, and his message of the coffee bean has impacted organizations like Walmart, AIG, Chick-fil-A, and even the US Army. Tune in to hear Damon's story of overcoming adversity and reaching one's full potential.
10/9/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 3 seconds
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Building a Legacy One Restaurant at a Time

Kei Concepts CEO Viet Nguyen takes the inspiration for his restaurant group from an unusual source — 14th century Italian banking dynasty Medici family — to build his own dynasty of eight restaurants, with more on the way, in Orange County. While the different restaurants are all separate concepts with their own menus, the consistency in service and experience can be felt across the brand. Customer Sabrina has dined at multiple concepts in the group and shares what really makes them special. Theme Music by  and
10/5/202341 minutes, 35 seconds
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Gary Hirshberg, Co-Founder of Stonyfield Farm, on Supporting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Gary Hirshberg is the CEO of the Hirshberg Entrepreneurship Institutes and Co-Founder of Stonyfield Farm, the world’s leading organic yogurt producer. Gary was previously on the Boards of many organic and natural brands including Annie’s, Honest Tea, and Sweetgreen and currently continues to serve on several corporate plant based boards. He is the author of Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World, and was awarded a 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award by the US EPA.
10/4/202354 minutes, 55 seconds
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Turn Your Disadvantage Into an Advantage: Darrell Vesterfelt Shares the Benefit of Starting From the Bottom

On today’s show you’ll learn why starting from the bottom isn't just a challenge, it's an unparalleled advantage, shaping resilience and fostering growth. Serial entrepreneur Darrell Vesterfelt will dive into practical frameworks that turn discomfort into progress. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
10/3/202327 minutes, 49 seconds
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Restaurant Coach Chip Klose on How To Mastermind a Profitable Business

Chip Klose, restaurant consultant and host of the Restaurant Strategy podcast, is on a mission to redefine success in the hospitality industry. He guides his clients toward growth, while also helping them challenge the notion that success should be measured by grueling work hours. Work smarter, not harder. Listen to this interview to learn about making 20% profit, social media as a business tool, and the Marketing Triangle. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
10/3/202352 minutes, 27 seconds
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Building Mental Fortitude and Finding Purpose: Interview with Cole Hatter

In a recent episode of the , entrepreneur and real estate investor shared his insights on building mental fortitude, finding purpose, and achieving success. Here's a closer look at his journey and the valuable lessons he shared. We delve into mental fortitude, finding your bigger calling, and continuous lifelong commitment to improvement of all areas of your life!  If you gain any value from this episode and hearing Cole’s incredible story please let us know! Leave us a review or just reach out and message me on any social media @fensterjeff  Enjoy the episode!
10/2/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 52 seconds
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Small Biz Special: How A Magic Show Became Popular

How can a comedy/magic show compete against every other entertainment option, especially when most people aren't thinking of going to magic shows? In this special episode celebrating Entrepreneur and Yelp's list of America's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops, we take an inside look at Trickery in Chicago — by zeroing in on one customer interaction, and what made it so special. This episode is in partnership with the podcast Behind the Review.
10/2/202326 minutes, 8 seconds
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The Ultimate Guide to Teach Your Team Stellar Customer Service

Stellar customer service is the core of every successful business. But the journey to get there is not always the easiest. How do you balance the resources, time, and methods to ensure that your employees are going above and beyond to provide customers with what they need? In this episode of Behind the Review, Jeff Toister, a service culture guide, shares his tips on teaching employees how to offer a service that keeps customers coming back. Theme Music by  and
9/28/202330 minutes, 22 seconds
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"Baby Al Capone" Pulls Off a $24 Million Crypto Heist

Have you ever heard of something called SIM-swapping? It sounds like something that would happen late at night at a 1970s party in the suburbs, but it is much dirtier than that. On this week's episode, we examine the intricacies of what a SIM-swapping phone hack is and how the method was used to spearhead a $24 million dollar crypto heist. Based on an incredible story reported by Margi Murphy and Drake Bennett for we tell the tale of Michael Terpin, who after literally watching his crypto millions disappear before his eyes, launched a tireless campaign to find and punish the criminals who did it. The twists and turns of this story will leave your head spinning, and make you think about ditching your smartphone for a flip phone. Or better yet, a landline. And a word to the wise? Never get in business with someone nicknamed "Baby Al Capone." Also, if you are in a crypto crime syndicate called Community? Your fellow criminals might be your worst enemies.
9/28/202329 minutes, 59 seconds
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How Losing $400 Million Shaped Jayson Waller's Business Resilience

Have you ever taken a loss in your business? Well, today’s guest personally lost $400 million dollars and during our chat he’ll share the lessons he’s learned so you can better navigate setbacks as well. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
9/26/202327 minutes, 7 seconds
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Devin Eichler of Crafty Cow on Building a Personal Brand for Business

Devin Eichler, founder/CEO of Crafty Cow, understands that simplicity and relationships are keys to success — in-person AND online. Establishing connections with audiences is paramount and Crafty Cow is finding a way to thrive in the competitive hospitality world. Listen to this interview to learn about streamlining restaurant operations, connecting with customers through personal branding, and learning to ask for help. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
9/26/202326 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Guide to Contrarian Thinking, Interview with Codie Sanchez

On this episode of The Jeff Fenster Show,, Jeff Fenster interviews Codie Sanchez, an entrepreneur and content creator. They discuss the importance of supporting each other in personal ventures, the concept of 'skin in the game' and how it relates to entrepreneurship, the advantages of starting a boring business over a flashy one, and the process of deal making and how it differs from real estate. Codie encourages listeners to get out of their comfort zone and to take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow.
9/25/202356 minutes, 32 seconds
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How to Sound Smart and Memorable, Anytime

Want to sound smarter? Want to be more comfortable speaking on the fly, whether it's giving a presentation or just rolling with a conversation? You don't have to memorize what you're saying, but you do need a structure that helps your ideas stick. Stanford lecturer Matt Abrahams, author of the new book "Think Faster, Talk Smarter", explains how to do it — and offers some specific structures you can start using today.
9/25/202321 minutes, 46 seconds
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Godard Abel, Co-Founder and CEO of G2, on Cultivating a New E-Commerce Experience

Godard Abel is the Co-Founder and CEO of G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace, making B2B tech buying easy by connecting buyers to vendors based on authentic customer reviews and real-time ratings of business software and services. Previously, Godard built cloud CPQ pioneers BigMachines (acquired by Oracle) and SteelBrick (acquired by Salesforce). He is also chairman of and ThreeKit, helping to create the next generation of configuration technology.
9/20/202335 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Trick to Getting 5-Star Reviews? A Little Bit of Magic.

As the owner and solo employee at Trickery, a magic & comedy show in Chicago, Aaron Rabkin wears many hats — and not just ones with rabbits inside. To keep the show fresh and maintain his energy, Aaron adopts the motto “less is more,” creating intimate shows for audiences of up to 35 people. Hear from one of these attendees, reviewer Jackie M., about her experience at the show and from Aaron about how his hard work has achieved Trickery a perfect record of 5-star reviews, including Jackie’s. Theme Music by  and
9/20/202322 minutes, 48 seconds
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No Handouts, Just Hard Work: Soli Cayetano's Path to Entrepreneurial Success

At just 25 years old Soli Cayetano has invested in over 40 real estate units. But as you’ll discover, she wasn’t given this opportunity, she worked for it. On today’s show she’ll share how you can achieve incredible results for your company as well, even if you have to start from the bottom. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
9/19/202327 minutes, 3 seconds
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Restaurant365 CEO Tony Smith on Data-Driven Decision Making

Tony Smith is the CEO and co-founder of Restaurant365, a company that's helping improve the fortunes of more than 40,000 restaurants with its back-office management software. The leader stands out for his commitment to transparency and desire to help businesses thrive.  Listen to this interview to learn about bringing numbers to life with software, the value of in-person events, and how to avoid burnout. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
9/19/202328 minutes, 39 seconds
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Unveiling the Secrets of Success, Interview with Dan Fleyshman

In a captivating episode of the , renowned entrepreneur CEO of sits down with , the youngest CEO of a publicly traded company and the mastermind behind Who's Your Daddy Energy Drinks. This insightful conversation delves into Fleyshman's remarkable journey to success, his investment strategies, and his invaluable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Listen in to learn all this and more on The Jeff Fenster Show.
9/18/202351 minutes, 3 seconds
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Can An Entrepreneur Be An Activist?

Seth Goldman wants to change people's behavior, and he sees business as the way to do it. He founded Honest Tea, chaired the board of Beyond Meat, and now has a company called Eat the Change. In this conversation, he discusses how to be a pragmatic activist, and what it really takes to build a sustainable, mass market brand. Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at
9/18/202326 minutes, 57 seconds
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Why Do We Let Ourselves Get Scammed?

Psychologist Christopher Chabris joins the show and describes the habits and behaviors that make the majority of us positive members of society — and also susceptible to attack from criminals. From phishing scams to Ponzi schemes, fraudulent science to crypto hucksters, Chabris, along with his co-author Daniel Simons (Nobody’s Fool) have studied the science of deception and provide practical tools you can use to spot schemes before it’s too late. It is easy to sit back and think “That would never happen to me,” but as Chabris explains, these fraudsters are experts at finding weaknesses and exploiting them. He provides a checklist of red flags to help you decipher phony financial opportunities from real ones. This is an episode you do not want to miss!
9/14/202350 minutes, 31 seconds
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How to Get on Stage and Monetize Your Story: A Masterclass With Ashley Stahl

One keynote talk can unlock limitless opportunities for your brand and business. On today's show Ashley Stahl will teach you how to develop, share and monetize your compelling story. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
9/12/202326 minutes, 16 seconds
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Sara Finnegan of Edley’s Restaurant Group on How to Grow and Retain Your Soul

Sara Finnegan, chief of staff at Edley's Restaurant Group, has an inspiring recipe for growth. The main ingredient is a Southern Soul. The restaurant industry leader has emerged with a strong and empowered voice to help others succeed. Listen to this interview to learn about giving back to the community, serving on the Toast Customer Advisory Board, user-generated content, and what it means to be a woman in hospitality. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
9/12/202328 minutes, 53 seconds
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BE The People to Make a Change, Interview With Jimmy Rex

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of our own potential. However, there are individuals like Jimmy Rex who have not only overcome adversity but have also dedicated their lives to helping others do the same. In a recent episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, the host Jeff Fenster and his guest Jimmy Rex spoke on his inspiring journey and the principles that have guided him towards a vast track record of success.  Let's delve into his story and uncover the key takeaways that can empower us to become the heroes of our own stories. Unleashing the Power of 'They': Jimmy Rex is a man on a mission, part of a collective he started known as 'We Are The They' - a group of individuals committed to making a difference in the world.  Through his “We are the They” program, Jimmy empowers others to tap into their potential and create a positive impact. He believes that by surrounding ourselves with the right people and adopting the right mindset, we can achieve extraordinary things.  Tune into this episode to learn more about the man that is deemed as “The most interesting man” and don’t forget to leave us a review if you enjoy the show!  
9/11/202350 minutes, 53 seconds
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Small Biz Special: How A Small Gym Stays Strong

How can a small gym compete against a world of big, well-funded chains? In this special episode celebrating Entrepreneur and Yelp's list of America's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops, we take an inside look at Ambitious Athletics in Washington DC — by zeroing in on one customer interaction, and what made it so special. This episode is in partnership with the podcast Behind the Review.
9/11/202328 minutes, 16 seconds
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Col Needham, Founder and CEO of IMDb, on Cultivating Passions and Following Your Instincts

Col Needham is the Founder and CEO of IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for information on movies, TV shows and celebrities. Col created IMDb from a personal database of movie information which he created as a teenager, combined data collected on the Internet in the late 1980s and 1990s. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Amazon’s acquisition of IMDb in 1998, one of Amazon‘s first-ever acquisitions.
9/6/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 22 seconds
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Zack Oates of Ovation on Building Business Connections through Digital Storytelling

Soliciting feedback from customers is often a daunting task. But Zack Oates and Ovation have cracked the code with a proven strategy that not only encourages guest feedback, but also establishes a personal connection for exceptional results. Listen to this interview to learn how to get feedback from guests in real time, creating brand loyalty through relationships, and digital storytelling that connects. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
9/5/202331 minutes, 20 seconds
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Operate at Peak Performance: Health Secrets for Entrepreneurs by Dan Go

On today’s show fitness coach and entrepreneur Dan Go will discuss how maintaining your health and wellness can become a competitive advantage for your business. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
9/5/202326 minutes, 31 seconds
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Being in PURSUIT of Your Potential, Interview with David Meltzer

On this episode of the Jeff Fenster Show, host Jeff Fenster interviews David Meltzer, a successful entrepreneur, former CEO of Samsung’s smartphone division, global speaker, author, TV host and much more. David recounts his journey to success, from his desire to be rich as a child to running the climb to CEO of Leigh Steinberg’s sports and entertainment. He shares his 'Power of 64' concept and 'sixty four hour day' concept, and encourages people to choose to be loved and to believe in something bigger than themselves. He also discusses the impact of the 2008 Great Recession and the importance of helping others.
9/4/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 2 seconds
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Don't Just Sell A Product. Champion An Idea!

Joelle Mertzel is the president of Kitchen Concepts Unlimited, and the self-declared "national advocate for countertop butter." What's that last part about? It's her way of drawing more attention and expanding her marketplace — and it's working. Today, she explains the benefits of creating a cause... instead of just selling a product.
9/4/202327 minutes, 23 seconds
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A Gold Coin Business Run by Married Couple Turns Deadly

Jim and Pamela Fayed seemed to have it all—two beautiful daughters, a sprawling horse ranch in California, and a gold exchange business that raked in millions every year. But all that glitters is not gold. The Fayeds also harbored a deep secret that would destroy both their lives. This is the tragic story of a family business gone horribly wrong
8/31/202336 minutes, 52 seconds
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Using Feedback to Guide the Direction of Your Business

Implementing feedback from all the reviews you receive as a business owner can be an overwhelming task but don’t make the mistake of overlooking their importance. In this episode of Behind the Review, Alok Ahuja, founder of Trexity, shares how he utilizes constructive criticism to guide the direction of his business. Even after finding success as a CEO, the voices of his customers is something he’ll never let go unheard. Theme Music by  and
8/31/202336 minutes, 2 seconds
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Creator Content Economy with Derral Eves and Digital Ownership with Seth Taylor

Derral Eves is the Executive Producer and Co-Founder of "The Chosen" TV series, which was crowd-funded. He is a passionate entrepreneur who builds an audience to support his projects. He believes creating a shareable brand with a clear vision, mission, and purpose is crucial for success. Derral started in agency work in 1999, helping businesses be found online. He then shifted to creating content on YouTube, which has garnered over 91 billion views.  He will also host the Vid Summit in October where content creators will learn the business side and help them leverage the opportunities in the content economy.   Derral's future focuses on localizing "The Chosen" and getting it out to the world.   We'd like to introduce Seth Taylor, the Chief Experience Officer of Angel Studios. When asked about the company's origins, Seth explains that the Harmond brothers began with a content filtering service but quickly expanded into producing new content. Angel Studios operates on a "pay it forward" system to finance its projects and allows viewers to purchase tickets for others to stream "The Chosen" show. Seth emphasizes that Angel Studios values comments and feedback to create fresh content that aligns with its mission to promote positive stories. The company engages its audience, supporters, and investors through a crowd-sourced strategy and asks two crucial questions: "Does this story spread positivity?" and "How much would you regret it if this movie never came to fruition?" In addition to "The Chosen," Angel Studios offers other programs and movies, including "Sound of Freedom," which was crowdsourced. Seth Taylor leads the product team in expanding the app's reach and handles marketing. The company has also designed digital collectibles for crowdfunding contributors, offering fans digital ownership of a specific scene's frame. Anyone can view the scene or frame by pausing on it. [00:00:00] Crowd Funded [00:05:37] YouTube [00:12:29] The Chosen [00:19:18] Pay It Forward [00:28:03] The Gild [00:36:07] Digital Collectible
8/29/202341 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Entrepreneurial Edge: Brian Dalsamo's Guide to Optimal Success

Ready to accelerate your wealth-building and increase your performance? Brian Dalsamo of Matrix Success Networks is here to help. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
8/29/202325 minutes, 25 seconds
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Gregg Majewski of Craveworthy Brands on the Power of Being Number Two

Gregg Majewski, the visionary CEO/Founder of Craveworthy Brands (@craveworthybrands), has shown that innovation, forward-thinking, and a commitment to personal connections can lead to exceptional achievements and growth in the hospitality industry. Listen to this interview with @greggmajewski to learn about starting his own Craveworthy Media company, scaling multiple brands, and the need for real people in the service industry. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
8/29/202338 minutes, 18 seconds
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Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece

On this episode, get to know two absolute sports legends: volleyball superstar Gabby Reece and big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. Independently they are each pioneers in their sports and collectively, they are the husband and wife co-founders of , and , an extreme performance training system. They also do tons of philanthropic work, they’re parents, they're podcasters () and so I was shocked and thankful that they found four seconds to squeeze me into their busy lives. Gabby and Laird are informed, funny and if you want to hear from experts in risk-taking, your ears have come to the right place.
8/29/202331 minutes, 51 seconds
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Being a Service First Entrepreneur with Pat Flynn on The Jeff Fenster Show

Pat Flynn, guest on the Jeff Fenster Show, shares his journey from an architect to an entrepreneur. He emphasizes the importance of taking risks, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and creating a story from unplanned moments. Pat also talks about his experience of solution-based selling and how it applies to entrepreneurship as well as how he started a new venture during the pandemic in the Pokemon space. He encourages the audience to follow him, as his podcast “Smart Passive Income” is a great source of knowledge and information, tune in to learn all this and more on The Jeff Fenster Show.
8/28/202353 minutes, 49 seconds
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Small Biz Special: How A Small Theater Gets Attention

How can a small theater compete against a world of big, well-funded entertainment? In this special episode celebrating Entrepreneur and Yelp's list of America's Favorite Mom & Pop Shops, we take an inside look at Illusions Bar & Theater in Baltimore — by zeroing in on one customer interaction, and what made it so special. This episode is in partnership with the podcast Behind the Review.
8/28/202329 minutes, 44 seconds
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Ambitious Athletics Creates Community & Helps People Reach Their Goals

From reaching out after one of his clients misses a class, to providing an affordable one week trial for new clients, Ambitious Athletics makes connecting with clients their top priority. Ambitious Athletics strives to provide clients the tools they need to reach their goals, using a more personal approach for each individual. Hear from owner Carmen Sturniolo on how he makes sure he creates a safe and friendly environment for his clients; he’s joined by Steven C, a satisfied customer.
8/24/202325 minutes, 41 seconds
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Constance Schwartz-Morini, Co-Founder of SMAC Entertainment, on Cutting Edge Entertainment Experiences

Constance Schwartz-Morini is a Partner and the Co-Founder of SMAC Entertainment (Sports, Media and Culture), a talent management, music, business development, and production company launched in 2010 with Michael Strahan. She produces ABC’s “$100,000 Pyramid” and has produced the highly rated Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards for the past five years. Constance also is a Partner of Wear by Erin Andrews and MSX by Michael Strahan.
8/23/202342 minutes, 59 seconds
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Entrepreneurship Reimagined: Buy, Don't Build

Think you have to start a business to be an entrepreneur? Think again. Today we’ll discuss how you can buy existing businesses instead of starting from scratch. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at
8/22/202325 minutes, 5 seconds
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Elizabeth Chambers of BIRD Bakery on How to Expand in Business with Authenticity

Elizabeth Chambers of BIRD Bakery knows the power of Smartphone Storytelling to connect with consumers while celebrating the importance of family and food. She has learned the best way to get your real story told is to tell it yourself on your own terms. Listen to this interview with @elizabethchambers to learn about embracing hospitality in every moment, opening an international location, and building social media awareness. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
8/22/202336 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Most Annoying Tech Mystery, Solved!

Have you ever called a company, given your information to an automated phone system, and then had to repeat that same information to a human customer service agent? Why do that twice? It's so annoying! On this episode, we get the answer (and an important lesson on tech adoption!) from Eric Skeens and Brandon Bird of 3 Tree Tech.
8/21/202323 minutes, 56 seconds
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Being Authentically YOU, Interview With Jen Gottlieb

On a recent episode of "The Jeff Fenster Show," Jen Gottlieb, a successful businessperson, speaker, and host of the I Dare You podcast, talked with Jeff Fenster. Her story about changing from an actress to a business owner and speaker because she was true to herself has some really important lessons. This episode will talk about the main things Jen Gottlieb said and how they can help anyone who wants to be their best self.
8/21/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 13 seconds
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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Unlocking Your Competitive Edge in Business

On today’s show we’ll talk about how you can increase your competitive edge while getting more done in less time. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
8/15/202324 minutes, 47 seconds
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Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue on Succeeding in the Reaction Business

In Jon Taffer's eyes, the restaurant industry isn't just about serving food and beverage — it's about creating REACTIONS. The Bar Rescue host and executive producer knows the importance of understanding the psychology behind customers' reactions. It’s at the core of his business philosophy. Listen to this interview to learn about defeating self-doubt, keeping authenticity intact, and being in the reaction business. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
8/15/202341 minutes, 38 seconds
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How a Stuntman Became a Real-Life Ninja

Ever get your ass kicked by a superhero? Kevin Cassidy has — multiple times. Cassidy is a legendary stuntman whose rough-and-tumble work can be seen in Black Panther, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Captain America: Civil War and many, many other flicks. After 18 years in the movie biz, Cassidy traded crashing through plate glass windows for another potentially bruising line of work: running his own business. Specifically, he owns and operates a Ninja Nation obstacle course arena for kids and adults in Huntersville, North Carolina. Listen in to hear his incredible career journey, the fulfillment he's found in running a business that gets kids' faces out of digital devices, and find out if it actually hurts to get hit by a speeding car in a movie. (Spoiler alert: it does.)
8/15/202325 minutes, 21 seconds
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Why Eco-Friendly Products Keep Failing

People say they want eco-friendly products, but they rarely actually buy them. Why? Because their marketing is all wrong. Utah State University marketing professor Ed Stafford explains.  Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at
8/14/202328 minutes, 48 seconds
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Overcoming Adversity, Interview with Drew Brees

On this episode of the podcast, host Jeff Fenster interviews NFL legend Drew Brees. Brees shares his journey from football to business, discussing his experience as a franchisee for Jimmy John's and his current success with Everbowl. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity and resilience, and shares his insights on setting goals, embracing challenges, and achieving success. In this podcast episode featuring guest Drew Brees, the conversation revolves around Brees' transition from his football career to his post-football endeavors. Brees discusses his entrepreneurial mindset and his involvement in various small business ventures throughout his life. He shares his experience as a franchisee for Jimmy John's sandwiches and how it sparked his interest in franchising. Brees emphasizes the importance of authenticity in choosing the brands he wants to be involved with. He says, "I think it's important to be authentic and to be true to yourself and to the brands that you choose to be involved with." The discussion also touches on Brees' personal experiences with failure and adversity, highlighting the importance of resilience and finding love in difficult situations. Brees shares his belief in the value of the franchise community and the knowledge and wisdom that can be gained from fellow franchise owners. The conversation concludes with Brees' success in expanding his Everbowl locations and his appreciation for the lessons learned from both successes and failures. Overall, the episode showcases Brees' entrepreneurial spirit, his successful transition into the business world, and his insights on setting goals, embracing challenges, and achieving success.
8/14/202343 minutes, 1 second
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Learning to Adapt to the Changing Market

Wade Dickinson has been passionate about engraving since he was a young adult. He opened his business Heirloom Engravers and started taking on various clients, from large scale companies to individual projects. In this episode, Wade talks about his personal business philosophy and how he has learned to utilize online forums for communicating with his clients despite his initial reservations. He’s joined by Sarah R., a reviewer who made a pivotal recommendation for the business. Theme Music by  and
8/10/202323 minutes, 5 seconds
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Is His Business About to Gobble Up Uber Eats and DoorDash?

On the season nine finale of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," find out what happens when entrepreneurs with big ideas meet investors with big money. You can have an amazing product, plenty of sales and great traction, but none of that means anything if you're pitching the wrong person. So says Marc Randolph on the season nine finale of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch. "Don't waste your time on somebody who is never going to bite," he cautions. It's great advice, but luckily for this week's contestants, not an issue they'll need to contend with. It's the last episode of an epic season of Elevator Pitch, and our board of investors is eager to sink their teeth into some tasty deals. As always, this week's entrepreneurs were challenged to step into an elevator and win over investors in just 60 seconds. Some of our contestants on this week's episode got through the elevator doors and into the boardroom, where they scored life-changing deals. And others...did not.
8/9/202325 minutes, 51 seconds
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Shawn Green, Founder of Greenfly, on Powering The Future of Fandom

Shawn Green is the founder of Greenfly, a fundamentally new way for organizations and their advocates to collaborate at any scale. The Greenfly platform powers the future of fandom by automating the continuous flow of short-form digital media for sports and entertainment organizations. Previously, Shawn was a Major League Baseball player for 15 seasons and is also the author of The Way of Baseball: Finding Stillness at 95 MPH.
8/9/202342 minutes, 11 seconds
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Condado Tacos CMO Sara Kear on Creating a Strategic Digital Footprint

Sara Kear, Chief Marketing Officer at Condado Tacos (@condadotacos), has embraced the power of social media as a game-changing tool. Sara and her team strategically mapped out Condado Taco's web presence, understanding the unique expectations of consumers for each channel. Listen to this interview to learn about effective use of social media, how to be a CMO, and being forced to pivot in the restaurant business. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
8/8/202343 minutes, 6 seconds
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Accelerated Achievement: A Talk with Productivity Expert Matt Ragland

How can you achieve more by optimizing your use of time? In today’s conversation with Matt Ragland we discuss how to boost productivity without burning the midnight oil. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
8/8/202329 minutes, 33 seconds
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A Champions Mindset, Interview with Tim Grover

In this podcast episode, renowned performance coach Tim Grover shares insights on achieving excellence and becoming a champion. He discusses the "loneliness of excellence" and the importance of having a clear purpose or "why" for success. Grover highlights the difference between motivation and elevation, emphasizing the need for passion and determination. He explains that success comes at a cost and emphasizes the value of having a coach or mentor during difficult times. Grover's advice underscores the significance of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice on the path to success. His words serve as a reminder that true greatness demands unwavering commitment. To learn more about Grover's insights, listeners can explore his book, Relentless, or access his free Network to Millions Playbook by texting "Jeff" to 33777. KEY TAKEAWAYS The Solitude of Success: Grover brings to light the often overlooked solitude that accompanies the pursuit of success. It's in these moments of quiet reflection where champions can fully grasp the magnitude of their achievement and the efforts they've made. From Motivation to Elevation: Grover differentiates between the initial spark of motivation and the sustaining fire of elevation. He underscores that real success goes beyond the initial motivation, and depends on the sustained passion, drive, and determination one can maintain. The Indispensable Guide: Grover emphasizes the critical role a coach or mentor plays in the journey to success. Drawing examples from legends like Kobe, Jordan, and LeBron, he underscores the necessity of having a guiding figure through the challenging voyage towards greatness.  
8/7/20231 hour, 24 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Art Thief Who Fell in Love With His Biggest Score

Adam Worth was the Victorian Era’s most infamous thief. He was so sneaky, so devious and so damn good at his job that he became Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s inspiration for Dr. Moriarity, arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes. Worth’s exploits earned him the nickname “The Napoleon of Crime,” a nod to his ceaseless drive to steal anything that wasn’t nailed to the floor. (And even if it was, he’d steal it anyway.) Worth and an array of ne’er-do-wells were as innovative as they were crooked, tunneling their way into bank vaults from adjacent building basements, setting up shape-shifting illegal gambling dens and slipping into new countries and identities when things got too hot. Worth was pursued across continents by the Pinkerton detective agency (which would one day become the Secret Service) and he cemented his status as one of the greatest thieves in history when he stole an incredibly famous painting of Georgiana Cavendish, The Duchess of Devonshire, right off the wall of a London gallery. Worth held onto the pilfered portrait for years, chauffeuring it around the world in the false bottom of a luggage trunk. Some say he was waiting for the right moment to sell it, others believe he fell in love with the Duchess’s beguiling image. So how did it end for the art thief and his prized score? Listen to the episode and if you like it (of course you will!) please leave our little show a big fat five-star rating and a review. Your comments might be featured in a future episode. Thanks as always for listening!
8/3/202334 minutes, 26 seconds
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Passion and Persistence: Sandra's Next Generation's Journey to 34 Years

Sandra’s Next Generation, a soul food restaurant in New Haven, is #56 on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in the US in 2023. It’s not just the great food, like the famous fried chicken or rasta pasta, that makes Sandra’s a go-to place for good eating for more than 34 years. It’s the purposeful positive vibes that Sandra and her husband Miguel share with employees and diners alike that keeps people coming back for seconds. Theme Music by  and
8/3/202328 minutes, 40 seconds
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Can Mushrooms Save the World? Tune into This Episode of 'Elevator Pitch' to Find Out.

On this latest episode, find out how a new consumer lifestyle brand has investors mushrooming with interest.
8/2/202324 minutes, 48 seconds
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Discover Top Business Tips from Shaquille O'Neal, Amy Porterfield, Hala Taha and more

Whether you need to come up with your next business idea, build your brand, or just get unstuck, this episode is packed with valuable information you can immediately take action on. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
8/1/202324 minutes, 27 seconds
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Borekas Founder Uzi Wizman on Creating a Global Restaurant Experience from Social Media

Uzi Wizman's culinary journey began as a 16-year-old dishwasher. After opening PSY Kitchen in the heart of the Sherman Oaks Shopping Center in Los Angeles, his passion for growth and innovation led to him founding Borekas (pronounced Bo-Re-Kas) Sephardic Pastries. Listen to this interview to learn about growing a food brand from an Instagram Story, not rushing to expand your business, and sharing culture with the world. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
8/1/202344 minutes, 10 seconds
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Crime Comic Book Legend Ed Brubaker

is one of the most acclaimed writers in comic book history, known for gritty crime series like "Lowlife" and "," and incredible runs on "Batman," "Captain America" and "Uncanny X-Men." He and his partner in crime artist Sean Phillips have a new book out, "Night Fever," and on this episode, we learn all about his creative process, his career trajectory, and why he can’t just write something nice about ponies and lollipops for once.
8/1/202347 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Greatest Meetings Policy Ever

At The Lactation Network, anyone can opt out of any meeting. Why? Because CEO Sarah Kellogg Neff has a philosophy about meetings and company culture — and you need to hear it.
7/31/202339 minutes, 7 seconds
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A Crash Course on Writing Yelp Reviews with Impact

When customers write reviews on Yelp, they help others find great local businesses and provide business owners with valuable constructive feedback. Their words matter more than they might know. This week, Yelp’s Small Business Expert Emily Washcovick is joined by Community Manager Bailey Dixon to share how customers can write impactful reviews that help their communities—both consumers and businesses—build positive experiences. Theme Music by  and
7/27/202332 minutes, 17 seconds
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Is It a One-Hit Wonder or Can This Mom's Business Scale?

On the new episode of "Elevator Pitch," find out how much investors are willing to bet on first-time founders. "I love seeing first-time entrepreneurs, but what I love even more is seeing two- and three-time entrepreneurs who have had successful exits!" So says investor Kim Perell on this new episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, where we learn if contestants with a track record of success can find their way into our panel members' hearts (and wallets) faster than first-timers. Although Kim is impressed with a contestant's history of wins, investor Jonathan Huang isn't quite as sold. "Just because you had an exit doesn't mean you were successful," he notes. This is another episode packed with lessons that anyone hoping to fund their dream business needs to learn. As long-time viewers know, every episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch gives contestants the chance to step into an elevator and try to win over investors in just 60 seconds. If they blow it? It's back to the drawing board. But if the pitch goes great, life-changing money is on the table.
7/26/202322 minutes, 28 seconds
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Leonard Brody, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Caravan, on Innovating to Build a Better World

Leonard Brody is the Co-Founder of Caravan, a company, in partnership with CAA, that helps the biggest celebrities build businesses that align with their brands. A highly respected entrepreneur, venture capitalist and best-selling author, Leonard is known as one of the Top 30 management thinkers in the world. He has been through one of the largest IPOs in history and has been involved in the founding and successful exit of multiple companies.
7/26/202341 minutes, 13 seconds
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Shaquille O'NealShares His Secret to Success

Shaquille O'neal has done a lot in his career. On today’s show he’s going to share his secrets to success, and as you may have guessed. we’re going to have some fun along the way too. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
7/18/202318 minutes, 13 seconds
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Pepper Lunch Team on Seizing Unique Opportunities for Global Growth

In the competitive global restaurant industry, having a unique concept that captivates both operators and consumers is no easy task. But Pepper Lunch has done it. Listen to this interview from the National Restaurant Show with the executive team behind Pepper Lunch — Troy Hooper, Yuto Tago, and Sumio Matsumoto — to learn about Japanese hospitality, embracing global culture, and the “DIY Teppanyaki” brand story. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
7/18/202332 minutes, 2 seconds
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How Eric Church and Raj Alva Distilled Whiskey Success

How does a guy who, in his own words. “doesn’t know shit about country music” wind up partnering with 10-time Grammy nominee superstar Eric Church to launch an award-winning whiskey company? That’s what this episode of Get a Real Job digs into. Dan spoke with Eric Church's partner Raj Alva to get the behind-the-barrels scoop on their award-winning Whiskey JYPSI. As Raj explains, the two took a hands-on approach to every aspect of their whiskey business, overseing everything from making it to packaging it to, of course, taste-testing it. If you are looking to start your own spirits company, Raj offers a crash course on getting started. Cheers!
7/18/202320 minutes, 42 seconds
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Prepare for the Worst With "The Flexible Method"

James Burstall is a high-powered entertainment producer, but he's also a guy who saved his business from disaster many times. His new book, The Flexible Method, offers a 16-point way to prepare for and navigate any disaster. He shares some of his points here.
7/17/202322 minutes, 43 seconds
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2023 Consumer Summit III

Alan continues his journey by interviewing entrepreneurs at the 2023 Consumer Summit.  First up is Chip Hopper, creator of  A self-made editor.  He left his corporate job to do what he loves, read. From inception to writing, editing, and promoting the book.   Next is Troy Beckstead, Founder of AI13, a product line that caters to the automotive and offroad industries.  Troy did a total pivot during the pandemic and started his new company with just 13 products, hence the name.  Long-time friend Randy Garn is up next as he gives us three rules he lives by.  The Golden Rule is to treat others how you want to be treated. The Platinum Rule treats others the way they want, and the Gospel Rule treats others the way God would treat them.  These are great rules to live by.  Onto something sweet and yummy. Crumbl. CEO and Co-Founder James McGowan started by mastering the ultimate chocolate chip cookie.  And now, 800 stores later across the country, his franchise has done anything but crumble.  So, let's get ready to Crumbl!  All for one and one Fore All! Jen Clyde is here to introduce women's golf apparel.  Fore All was created to cater to modern-day women and to get them interested in the sport of Golf.  With 30 stores across the country, they have created a high-end line, with a jacket called the "Green," which allows you access to a chat forum that links everyday women to talk about life and golf.  Closing today's segment with Alan is Khaazra Maaranu, with, saying he is here to help entrepreneurs to build and protect their cash flow.   An electronic commerce that handles payment processing, banking, and people development.     [00:00:00] [00:05:37] AI13 [00:12:29] [00:19:18] Crumbl [00:28:03] Fore All [00:36:07]
7/17/202341 minutes, 57 seconds
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Starbright Floral Bloomed Into Big Business by Asking the Right Questions

While building Starbright Floral Design, owner Nic Faitos has asked himself a lot of questions over the almost 30 years in business, but the biggest one to him is just two words: “Why not?” Emily sat down with Nic in New York City inside the floral studio to talk about how that simple question has helped him grow the company from a small floral delivery service to a business that today serves clients like Horizon Media and Netflix. Theme Music by and
7/13/202338 minutes, 31 seconds
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She Ditched a Corporate Career and Bet on Herself. Did It Pay Off?

Let's just say an investor with a history of building and selling multimillion-dollar companies offers you a $100,000 investment in your business, but you want $150,00. Do you have the guts to ask for more? That's the question that one contestant must face on this week's episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, the show where entrepreneurs step into an elevator and have just 60 seconds to win over investors. If the pitch goes great, they continue into the boardroom to try to seal a deal. If they choke? They get sent back down, game over.
7/12/202328 minutes, 18 seconds
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Jeff Chapin, Co Founder of Casper Sleep, on Innovating Product in the Energy and Mattres Industries

Jeff Chapin is the Co-Founder of Haven Energy, a home battery focused on building a more resilient energy infrastructure and accelerating the adoption of home energy storage through a two-sided marketplace model. He is also Co-Founder of Casper Sleep and served as the company’s Chief Product Officer until 2021. Jeff has dedicated his career to making an impact through design and engineering, improving on different products from mattresses to clean water systems.
7/12/202341 minutes, 5 seconds
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Securing Success: 3 Key Legal Insights for Business Owners

If you want to hear “yes” faster from a client and avoid some major legal hangups, this episode is for you. Yasmine Salem Hamdan of Coaches & Company is here to help. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .
7/11/202323 minutes, 52 seconds
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Lawrence Longo of Off the Menu on the Secret to Business Partnerships

Lawrence Longo (@bigshot) is the founder/CEO of Off the Menu, a unique concept created out of providing access to food items not on the menu at popular restaurants. The serial entrepreneur is also an operating partner for Irv’s Burger and Prince St. Pizza. Listen to this interview to learn about being the “Don King of Food Promotion”, the secret to business partnerships, and choosing the right influencers to work with your brand. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —  
7/11/202342 minutes, 38 seconds
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How to Make Customers 28% Happier!

Multiple studies prove it: Sustainable products make people happier, and inspire them to spend more money. We go through the research with Thomas McKinlay of . Sponsor: Paper & Packaging Board. Learn more at 
7/10/202318 minutes, 35 seconds
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Joy Zarembka of Busboys and Poets on Inviting Customers to Take a Deliberate Pause

Busboys and Poets, a socially conscious restaurant, bookstore, and community hub, was inspired by one of the most famous busboy poets of all time: Langston Hughes. By providing space for all, the full-service restaurant chain has inspired much more than appetites. Listen to this interview from the Toast HQ with Busboys and Poets COO Joy Zarembka to learn about operating an inviting space and being a stage for the community. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
7/5/202329 minutes
Episode Artwork

Work-Life Harmony: Insights from Reena B. Patel on Parenting and Entrepreneurship

Balancing the world of entrepreneurship and parenthood? During this episode parenting expert and licensed educational psychologist Reena B Patel will share the secret to getting your work done while still giving your kids the attention and support they deserve. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at .  
7/5/202324 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Work-Life Harmony: Insights from Reena B. Patel on Parenting and Entrepreneurship

Balancing the world of entrepreneurship and parenthood? During this episode parenting expert and licensed educational psychologist Reena B Patel will share the secret to getting your work done while still giving your kids the attention and support they deserve. Launch Your Business is presented by Comcast Business. With Comcast Business it's not just possible, it's happening. Comcast Business - Powering Possibilities. Learn more at
7/4/202324 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Speak and Be Truly Understood

What you say is important, but how you say it matters even more. Tone coach Marshall Davis Jones, author of the new book "Tonal Influence", explains how to master the meaning behind your words.
7/3/202333 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Joy, Magic, and Fun: Revitalizing a 93-Year-Old Chocolate Shop

Located in Queens, NY, Aigner Chocolates has been serving chocolate treats and sweets for 93 years. When Rachel Kellner bought the longstanding chocolate shop with her husband, she brought values from a previous career in social work, prioritizing community service on both a small and large scale. In this live episode, hear from owner Rachel and Yelp Queens Community Manager Samantha B. about the importance of community and family to the business and how that has contributed to their success. Theme Music by - and
6/29/202339 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Richard Stern, CEO of TuneIn, Inc., on Building a High Growth Digital Media Business

Richard Stern is the CEO of TuneIn, the leading live global streaming and on-demand audio service. An experienced digital consumer product executive with more than 25 years of industry experience, Richard was previously Chief Product Officer at Audible, leading the company’s global product and design organizations. Richard is also a founder in Four Daughters Entertainment, a mission-driven film and television production company devoted to inclusion and diversity in the media industry.
6/28/202357 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Who Wants to Invest in a Healthier Pair of Underwear?

On this episode of 'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch' things get very up close and personal in the boardroom.
6/28/202326 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

From frustrated to Fulfilled: Craig Siegel Shares the Reinvention Formula

Are you tired of feeling frustrated and unfulfilled? Join Craig Siegel as he shares his revolutionary Reinvention Formula, providing practical strategies and inspiring stories to help you create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.
6/27/202328 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Steve Chang of Copa Vida on Building Organic Community in Coffee Shops

Steve Chang, the owner of Copa Vida, has a unique perspective on building community through coffee shops. He believes that a cafe like Copa Vida should serve as a gathering space; where a community can organically form by allowing people to connect on their own accord. Listen now to learn about building community with a business, the “Go. Enjoy. Experience.” mantra, and how technology helps businesses adapt. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — 
6/27/202343 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why LinkedIn Doesn't Want You Going "Viral"

LinkedIn has made some big changes to its algorithm. So what kind of posts does the system now reward? LinkedIn editor in chief Dan Roth and director of product Alice Xiong walk us through it.
6/27/202347 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Quack Who Got Rich Prescribing Goat Testicles

In the early 1900s, a “doctor” named John Romulus Brinkley became rich and famous by offering a unique cure to men suffering from ED and an array of other malodies: he implanted goat testicles in them. You might guess that not many guys would be willing to go under the knife for that, but you’d be wrong. For decades Brinkley was backing up the money truck to his clinics that operated all around the country. Eventually, however, scrutiny from the medical community and a mountain of malpractice lawsuits left the millionaire discredited and penniless, with presumably a lot of unused goat balls. On this episode, we speak with Brinkley historian Pope Brock, who wrote a terrific book about the crazy goings-on called "Charlatan: America's Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam." Truth is stranger than fiction is a bit of a cliche, but damn if it isn't appropriate in this case.
6/22/202342 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mexican Mom Welcomes Guests into her Restaurant as Family

Mexican Mom, Gina, started her restaurant from her home, canning sauces, catering to different events, and cooking for those around her. She touches people with her home cooked meals made with love and takes suggestions from her customers for new menu items. In this episode, Gina & her husband Jaime talk about the origins of their restaurant, their relationship with their customers, and their use of fresh ingredients. They’re joined by number one fan – Brett N. Theme Music by - and
6/22/202325 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Looking for Investment? These Are the Magic Words Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph Wants to Hear in a Pitch.

On every episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, we learn new lessons about what gets investors' attention and what leaves them yawning. During this week's show, Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix, explains that touting your ability to get new customers is fine, but what gets him excited is if you can figure out how to keep them. "The one-and-done model is the surest sign to me that you're going to piss away all of my money," he says. "But build a machine that can get the same customer to come back to buy over and over and over again? Well that my friend is lifetime value, and now you're speaking my language."
6/21/202330 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Blueprint to Bankroll: Hala Taha on Monetizing Personal Brands

If you’re looking to build a personal brand that doesn’t just look good online, but actually puts money in your pocket, then stick around. Hala Taha of the Young and Profiting podcast is here to give you the blueprint for monetizing your personal brand.
6/20/202327 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Shootz Restaurant CEO Harold Walters on Connecting with a Large, Organic Audience

Harold Walters, CEO of Shootz Restaurant, understands the transformative power of social media storytelling. A crucial mindset shift occurred when he embraced the notion that the opinions of others aren’t his concern. He recognized his purpose is to inspire and bring value to others. Listen now to learn about the benefits of using the Ovation platform, switching to Toast from Clover, and the importance of digital media. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
6/20/202329 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Find Meaningful Work in a Post-Career World

How do you find meaningful work? Start by recognizing what is meaningful. Bruce Feiler, author of "The Search", breaks down the lies we tell ourselves about work, the many different jobs we have, and the literal ABCs of meaning.
6/19/202322 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

2023 Consumer Summit Part II

Alan continues to interview successful entrepreneurs and inquires as to what they are all about.  First up is Andrew Smith - Managing Director of Savory Fund - Savory Group partners with restaurateurs to help them expand and improve their brand. They don't give the founders money, they invest financially and physically by bringing in teams to help back and operate the assets that they acquire.  So far they have nine brands in their portfolio and are gearing up for eight more.  You can check them out at Next is Joana McKenna - Chief Executive Officer of  What is, well it is a marketplace where 3rd party sellers and brands can sell their goods from, apparel to home goods and consumable beauty products.  They are focused on women-owned businesses.   Tiffany Peterson, Business and Life Coach with is next as she and Alan talk about connecting with people intentionally.  Cultivating relationships.  Showing up intentionally to let that person know they aren't being taken for granted.  That person is an employee, friend, and or even a lover.  How people feel in your presence matters.  For Tiffany, it's a feeling of a higher power, as she speaks of a spiritual sense.   Closing the show with Alan is Tyler Babb - Founder of  Lablpx is a tech company that supports e-commerce merchants.  Their main focus is to help retailers improve their brand and purchasing experience. helped with the push and success of his business and say's the ecosystem here at the summit is just incredible and exciting.  To learn more visit Tyler at     [00:00:00] Savory! [00:06:15] Rolling Recession [00:12:29] [00:19:19] [00:27:10] Life Coach [00:33:53]
6/18/202341 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Consumer Summit 2023

Alan is in Salt Lake City, Utah, attending the 2023 Consumer Summit Conference.  Thanks to Cydni Tetro, CEO of Brandless, she has lined Alan up with a few entrepreneurs whom she feels have great stories and products.  If you haven't listened to the previous episode, Cydni Tetro and her team created a platform that allows other brands to showcase healthier products for people's bodies, both in and out and at home.  "A consumer ecosystem", says Cydni.  Let's grow together! Next up is Trina Celeste - Co-Founder of A non-profit that is helping women transition into the technology industry.  Target group: moms.  The primary focus is to give them access to get into the tech world.  A two-month program to help transition them into a position that will allow them to utilize what they have learned.  To be the next web designer, or coder.  There is so much opportunity out there.   Next is Vanessa Quigley - co-founder of Chatbooks. It's to help mothers get the pics of their phones into the hands of their families.  Take the photos and captions that are on your social media, and turn them into a book.  Every month open you would open the app, and it will serve up all the photos taken, you can choose 30 pics, and it turns it into a book…a real book, a screen-free experience to share with your kids and loved ones for just ten dollars. Jeremy Andrus - President & CEO of Traeger Grills is up next as he explains the art of the Traeger.  It's a smart bbq that cooks to perfection, every time. You can taste the difference.  Joe Traeger, founded this in 1987 as he wanted a better way to cook food.  An innovation that never found its way to consumers.  However, Jeremy took innovation and technology to bring people together to make a flavorful world. Bon Appetit! Lastly, - Madelyne Van Hoff - CEO and Founder of Sharehouse explains that what they are is an e-commerce community, that brings in brands and aligns them with really good resources.  ShareHouse is a venture-backed, female-founded, and run business built to support the e-commerce ecosystem.   [00:00:00] Brandless [00:07:02] [00:12:29] ChatBooks [00:20:21] Traeger Grills [00:28:30] Perfect every time [00:36:09] Sharehouse
6/17/202341 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Earn Your Happy with Lori Harder and Going Brandless with Cydni Tetro

Alan welcomes Lori Harder - Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Founder H2Glo.  From a high school dropout to a successful entrepreneur, Lori has faced many struggles and overcame them by learning how to pivot.  Knowing when to break superficial relationships to create real connections.  She is the author of "Tribe Called Bliss", and is the host for the podcast, Earn Your Happy!  Lori lives by a "go for it!" formula which consists of the following: 1. Know what you want and why, 2.  Figure out your fears and how to support them, for they never go away, 3. Create a network and learn how to use it, and 4. Put pressure behind your goals.   Up next is Cydni Tetro, CEO of Brandless, a mission-driven based business that is focused on building a platform that will deliver products that will help people live healthier lives.  Their mission is to bring like-minded companies together to deliver better nutrition, clean beauty, and green clean home products to the world.  Alan asks Cydni to share three pillars of her success. The first is creative problem-solving.  To have the ability to think outside the box, networking with others to collectively solve the problem, Next would be, becoming an empathetic leader.  To understand your team's talent, create pathways to success, and give them the flexibility to handle home and work, you need the whole person not just a piece of them.  Lastly, you must wear the "hat" to embrace the art of the possible.  To allow your imagination to change the world for the better.     [00:00:00] Earn Your Happy [00:06:27] Tribe Called Bliss [00:13:00] Pivoting [00:20:50] Brandless [00:30:42] The Mission [00:37:26] Golden Nuggets
6/17/202343 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Queens of Sustainability: A Woman-Owned Business Makes Zero Waste Its #1 Priority

Earth & Me owner Kayli Kunkel brought her mission of sustainability to New York City, creating the first zero-waste store in Queens. The store encourages customers to be environmentally conscious with refill stations for reusable items in sustainable containers. And partnering with eco-friendly brands. Hear Kayli and Yelp Elite reviewer Lina A. chat together about what sustainability means to them, and how this woman owned business is bettering the community by educating one customer at a time. Theme Music by and
6/15/202325 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Watch These Two Guys Score a $150K Investment in 60 Seconds

Welcome back, Elevator Pitchers! This is the premiere episode of season nine, and it kicks off with big ideas and big money. But before we get into the details of what went down, let's have a quick reminder of the rules: Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch is a thrilling and dynamic television show that brings together aspiring entrepreneurs and a panel of seasoned investors looking for the next big thing. Season 9 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch is presented by Amazon Business with support from State Farm. 
6/14/202323 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Craig Levine, co-CEO of ESL FACEIT Group, on Pioneering the Professional eSports Business

Craig Levine is the co-CEO of ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), the leading competitive games and esports company. Craig helped lead merger of ESL Gaming and FACEIT in 2022 and previously served as the co-CEO of ESL Gaming where he led global business strategy and operations. A longtime gamer, Craig also founded one of the first North American professional esports teams, Team 3D in 2002, and co-founded the ESEA League.
6/14/202336 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

How My Kids Helped Me Launch a $100k Service

Have a bill that you’re sick of paying? In this episode I’ll teach you how easy it is to consistently cover that bill with very little effort on your end.
6/13/20239 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Honeygrow Founder Justin Rosenberg on Making Customers Happy with Kick Ass Service

Justin Rosenberg, the founder of healthy food chain honeygrow, finds fulfillment in the happiness of their customers. And the CEO understands that achieving that joy doesn’t happen without being surrounded by a strong, competent, efficient team that knows how to kick ass. Listen now to learn about having a timeline to make mistakes, learning to manage up, and finding joy in your work. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
6/13/202336 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Everything You Know About Dieting Is Wrong

Entrepreneurs need to take better care of themselves, but the health advice we hear is often so strange and conflicting. What's real? Adam Bornstein, author of the new book "You Can't Screw This Up", offers the entrepreneur's guide through the messy world of wellness.
6/12/202324 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli: 'The Most Hated Man in America'

Remember Martin Shrkeli? He was the so-called “Pharma Bro” who raised the price of an anti-viral drug for AIDS patients from $13.50 to $750 a pill. His arrogance and lack of empathy came to embody all that was wrong with the unregulated drug market. But not much is known about Skreli beyond the media hype. Where did he come from, what were his motives, what happend to him, and where is he now? We take a deep dive into the man once dubbed “the most hated man in America.”
6/8/202343 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Strong Social Media Presence Is Boosted with Yelp Business Page

A powerful social media presence helped build MF Strong, a personal training business, from a one-woman operation to a network of professional trainers. But now that it has gone from virtual and on location training to a proper brick and mortar training studio, owner Miriam Fried knew she needed additional support to grow her business, and set about creating her own Yelp business page with the help of Yelp’s Small Business Expert, Emily Washcovick. Theme Music by - and  
6/8/202325 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Boost your Confidence and Avoid Burnout

If you're ready to boost your confidence and avoid burnout, then stay tuned. Entrepreneur and Success Coach Angel Marie is here to help you do just that and more.
6/6/202328 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sam Fonseca of Roll-Em-Up Taquitos on Simplicity for Successful Restaurants

Roll-Em-Up Taquitos and COO Sam Fonseca follow a deliberate approach to keeping their menu — and business — simple and successful. In this interview with host Shawn Walchef live at the Toast Spark LA event, Fonseca describes how Roll-Em-Up chooses to focus on delivering the absolute best experience. Listen now to learn about the power of social media, adjusting for customer expectations, and keeping Mama Karen’s legacy alive. Sponsored by Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
6/6/202340 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Write Emails That People Actually Open

Expert copywriter Laura Belgray explains what you're doing wrong in your emails (and especially your newsletters), and how a few simple changes can boost open rates and engagement. Laura's copywriting company is at, and her new book is "Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life When You're the F'ing Worst". — Book time with Jason at
6/5/202330 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Elevating the Cookie to New Heights Leads to 5* Reviews

In a pandemic, Chef Dave Dreyfus wanted to make people feel better, so he started making cookies. His friend Mo Sahoo saw an opportunity for a business and together they built Best Damn Cookies, a bakery in New York where every cookie has a unique story to tell. In this episode, Dave & Mo talk about building a business from scratch, hiring the right people, & learning how to say yes to collaboration & no to the right opportunity at the wrong time. They’re joined by consumer and friend - Morlene. Theme Music by - and
6/1/202343 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Scott Simonelli , CEO and Founder of Veritonic Inc., on Cultivating Success in the Audio Market

Scott Simonelli is the Founder and CEO of Veritonic Inc., one of the industry’s leading audio research and analytics platforms that provides marketing intelligence for sound. Veritonic are the pioneers in online testing and optimization, helping marketers make data-driven decisions about websites and user experience when they are struggling for guidance. Scott was also Vice President Sales at Optimost and played an instrumental role in the company’s acquisition by HP.
5/31/202351 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Get Unstuck Now: How to Make a Meaningful Shift in Your Business and Life.

If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant in your business, sometimes the answer isn’t a new marketing plan, fancy tool, or new logo. Sometimes the thing that needs to change is you. In this episode Anthony Trucks - former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior, and international speaker - shares the guidance you need to make a meaningful shift in your life.
5/30/202336 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Andy Hooper of Hart House on Pioneering a Plant-Based Revolution

In the ever-evolving landscape of the restaurant industry, Andy Hooper, CEO and Founding Partner of the Hart House restaurant, is committed to creating a space where plant-based food options are more accessible to all.  Listen now to learn the story behind Kevin Hart’s restaurant company, making plant-based food have the broadest possible appeal, and investing in employees. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
5/30/202340 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Running Ads Inside Fortune Cookies?

How do you take a crazy idea, and turn it into an actual business? Matt Williams, the cofounder and Chief Cookie Officer of OpenFortune, explains how he's built a business by creating an entirely new kind of advertising space.
5/29/202322 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Chicago's Money-Hungry Stock Scammers

In the 1980s, Chicago’s trading floor was packed with loud-mouth tough guys, mountains of cocaine and a whole lot of money. Those ingredients added up to one of the biggest — and most expensive — undercover FBI investigations in history. On this episode of ‘Dirty Money’ hosts Dan Bova and Jon Small welcome guest Anjay Nagpal, who investigated the federal investigation on his hit true-crime podcast 'Brokers, Bagmen & Moles.' During the talk, Nagpal shares insights into how the Chicago sausage was made when it comes to financial crime and gives a peek behind the curtain of what it is like to interview people who may or may not have killed for fun and profit. Did the Feds take down a massive criminal empire, or was it all just a waste of taxpayers’ money? Did Nagpal tell Dan and Jon the ending of his multi-part podcast series? Listen and find out!
5/25/202334 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Your Questions Answered. How to Get More Leads and Make Your First $100k.

How can you get more leads for your business, make your first $100k and develop an entrepreneurial mindset? I’m answering those questions and more during today’s episode.
5/23/202313 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Charles Bililies of Souvla on Creating a Fast-Fine Greek Restaurant

Souvla Founder/CEO Charles Bililies (@cbililies) knew opening a Greek restaurant in San Francisco wasn’t going to be easy. But the restaurateur also knew he had something special to offer with his “fast fine restaurant.” Listen now to learn about operating a fast-fine concept, believing in an entrepreneurial vision, and how Toast revamped his restaurant tech stack. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
5/23/202354 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

When Someone Has More Power Than You

How do you navigate tricky power dynamics at work? Leadership consultant (and author of the new book "Quick Confidence") Selena Rezvani has the answer. And it all starts by working with the person... and not their power.
5/22/202330 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jomaree Pinkard, CEO and Managing Director of Pronghorn, on Elevating the Spirits Industry

Jomaree Pinkard is the CEO and Managing Director of Pronghorn, a stand-alone business established to cultivate the next generation of Black entrepreneurs, executive leaders and founders within the spirits industry through sustainable investment, incubation and recruitment. He is also the Chairman and Co-Founder of Hella Cocktail Co. an exciting brand of botanically inspired mixers and beverages that has exploded onto the cocktail and bartending scene.
5/17/202339 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Unleash Your Profit Potential WIth the Revenue Optimization Checklist

As an entrepreneur you’re good at seeing and solving other people's problems. But are you as good at seeing the problems within your own business? Today we’re going to discover those blind spots so you can remove revenue roadblocks and multiply your income potential.
5/16/20239 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Guga of GUGA FOODS on Breaking the Rules of BBQ and Social Media

Though he has amassed a big following of more than 10 million on social media, Gustavo Tosta — better known as Guga — did not plan on becoming the star of popular YouTube channels Guga Foods (@gugafoods) and Sous Vide Everything. But as he learned, rules are meant to be broken. Listen now to learn about becoming a viral YouTube Creator, the power of content collaboration, and the cookbook “Guga: Breaking the Barbecue Rules”. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
5/16/202330 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Talk About Hard Things

Our culture is full of difficult, important, hot-button issues — and even if you want to avoid them, you can't always. Sometimes you need to discuss or address them. So, how? Paul Kix has spent a long time figuring that out with his new book, "You Have To Be Prepared To Die Before You Can Begin To Live." On this episode, he explains how to do it with honesty and humility.
5/15/202332 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Crazy True Story of the 'Goodfellas' Lufthansa Heist

On December 11, 1978, six armed robbers broke into JFK Airport's Lufthansa Airlines cargo terminal at 3 o'clock in the morning. A little over an hour later, they walked out with $5 million in untraceable bills (worth $22.4 million today ) and $800,000 in jewels (worth $3.6 million today.) At the time, it was the largest heist in U.S. history. And here's the really crazy part: Not a shot was fired and nobody was killed or seriously hurt (during the heist, at least.) If this sounds familiar, it's because it was dramatized in Martin Scorsese's 1990 film 'Goodfellas,' based on Nicholas Pilleggi's 1985 book 'Wiseguys' about mid-level crooks in the Lucchese crime family. The Lufthansa heist was a pivotal moment in the lives of a Queens, NY-based crew. Mobsters Henry Hill, Jimmy Burke and a bizarre group of degenerate gamblers, bookies, wig salesmen and guys with nicknames like Louis Roast Beef all somehow pulled off this incredible scheme...and then almost immediately start killing each other. On this episode of Dirty Money, hosts Dan Bova and Jon Small discuss the crime and its fallout, and what the Goodfellas version got right and what it got wrong. (And by wrong, we mean "slightly unfactual" because it is the greatest movie ever made and by extension, can do no wrong.)
5/11/202333 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Making Your Social Media Strategy Crystal Clear

Social media strategy can seem daunting to small business owners, or like just another task that takes attention away from increasing revenue. In this episode of Behind the Review, Crystal Vilkaitis, owner of Crystal Media, says social media cannot be ignored by small businesses. She uses her expertise in the ever-changing landscape of social media strategy to help local retailers harness the power of social media for increased sales, exposure, and brand recognition.
5/11/202339 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Grow Faster and Make More Money with Fiverr Business

As an entrepreneur, staying competitive in today's fast-paced business world is critical to your success. But how can you expand your team while still remaining agile? During today’s episode you’ll discover how Fiverr Business solves that problem for you.
5/9/202325 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mr. Bake Kareem Queeman on Telling Your Product Story

Kareem Queeman (@mrbakesweets) didn’t become Mr. Bake overnight. He has been baking since 8. Now a rising voice in the LGBTQ+ community, he found his purpose by answering a difficult question: "If I was to leave this Earth tomorrow, would I be happy with the life that I've lived?" Listen now to learn about using media to share your voice, telling stories with products, and leaning into your power. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
5/9/202341 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Struggle Climbing Show's Ryan Devlin

How do you get to the top? Grab some rock and start pulling. Ryan Devlin is the host of the hugely-popular podcast The Struggle Climbing Show, where he picks the brains of the world’s most elite climbers and adventure-seekers, getting their insights on training, nutrition, tactics, and the all-important mental game. Whether or not you enjoy the fight against gravity, as Ryan likes to say, many of the principles these athletes share can be applied to almost any business or creative endeavor. Sure, if you lose grip of your business, you’re not left dangling off the side of a cliff from a rope — but it can certainly feel like that sometimes. An expert climber himself, Ryan is able to pull incredible tactics for overcoming obstacles and regaining your footing when you’re feeling like it is game over. Ryan’s career has spanned life as an actor to co-founding the social impact brand This Saves Lives with Kristen Bell, Ravi Patel and Todd Grinnell. Listen in as he discusses the uplifting power of getting out there and doing good things in the world.
5/9/202333 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Catch and Hold Someone's Attention

In this special 300th episode, Jason reveals some of the biggest lessons he's learned in communications — including a fascinating shift in podcasting, how to build a newsletter people really want to read, and more. If you want to reach an audience of any kind, even just an audience of one, you'll want to hear this.
5/8/202334 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Keeping It Sweet and Simple Makes This Coffee House Stand Out

There’s a coffee house on just about every corner in America now, so it can be hard to stand out among the crowds. That’s not a problem for Cream + Sugar in Cincinnati. Between the warm and welcoming atmosphere and the simple but delicious menu, owner Taren Kilebrew keeps people in her community coming back for more. Theme Music by - and 
5/4/202338 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cesar Carvalho, CEO and Co-Founder of Gympass, on Shifting the Work-Life Mindset

Cesar Carvalho is the CEO and Co-Founder of Gympass, a corporate wellness platform that gives employees access to over 50,000 wellness resources. Cesar developed the idea for Gympass while working at McKinsey & Company, where he realized the importance of employee health and well-being for productivity. Gympass currently provides resources to employees at over 10,000 companies around the world and most recently surpassed 250 million check-ins through its service.
5/3/202346 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

From Hustle to Happiness: Redefining What It Means to Succeed

Ready to increase your revenue - and personal fulfillment - without working around the clock? Alex Schlinsky is here to show you how by sharing key takeaways from his new book, The Anti-Hustler’s Handbook.
5/2/202328 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Steele Smiley of Steele Brands on Moving from Fitness to Restaurants

Steele Smiley, founder of Steele Brands, is a successful entrepreneur who built a fitness empire before entering the restaurant business. Despite the differences between those two industries, Smiley says there is a common thread of respect that ties them together.  Listen now to learn about fitness and restaurant hospitality, creating a hospitality ecosystem, and Steele Brands being the nice and cool kids at the lunch table. Sponsored by Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS —
5/2/202343 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

"I Feel Behind in My Career. Help!"

This episode turns into a Sliding Doors special. Jason talks to a former colleague from 20 years ago, whose career didn't turn out the way he hoped for, and then offers advice on how to play catch up. This episode is from Jason's other podcast, Help Wanted, which you can find here:
5/1/202332 minutes, 32 seconds
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How Sunbliss Cafe Earned Ehe #6 Spot on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat

Around 15 miles away from Disneyland, Sunbliss Cafe echoes the bright happy energy of the theme park. With an Instagrammable interior and colorful dishes, Sunbliss has become a popular destination for smoothie bowls, coffee drinks, and avocado toast. Hear from owner Tani Ahmed how she brought her creativity to Sunbliss’s menu and fostered a sunny spirit in her team members to make all customers, including reviewer Alyssa Mae L., feel welcomed and valued. Theme Music by - and
4/27/202323 minutes, 48 seconds
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Who Was Charles Ponzi? The Man Behind Original Scheme.

We’ve all heard of Ponzi schemes, but who was the guy they were named after? This is the amazing story of the original swindler Charles Ponzi, a dapper, five-foot-two Italian immigrant who in 1920 raked in an estimated $15 million (now $225 million) in less that year. Ponzi lured over 20,000 Bostonians to invest in his securities with promises of 50 percent profits in 45 days. Back in the day, he was a hero of people—until a newspaper brought him and his now infamous scheme crashing down.
4/27/202335 minutes, 16 seconds
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Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media talks Toast and Digital Hospitality

It’s time Shawn sits in the hot seat. Shawn Walchef is the founder of Cali BBQ Media and host of this show. In this episode the tables are turned. Our friend Will Eppard (Regional VP of Sales at Toast) took the mic at Spark Los Angeles to interview Shawn about his media empire and more. Listen now to learn about turning into a media company and building communities. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — • Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
4/25/202339 minutes, 15 seconds
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Comedian Daniel Sloss

The wild Scot talks about his latest special "Socio." Daniel Sloss, began writing and performing stand-up in 2007, at the age of 17, and now tours non-stop throughout North America, the U.K., Ireland, Australasia, Asia and Europe. Daniel latest comedy special, "Daniel Sloss: Socio," was released exclusively on his website on December 9, 2022, shot at The Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX. On October 12, 2021, Knopf released Daniel’s first book, Everyone You Hate Is Going To Die: And Other Comforting Thoughts On Family, Friends, Sex, Love, And More Things That Ruin Your Life. The book is a transgressive and hilarious deep dive in to Daniel’s favorite subject: relationships.
4/25/202324 minutes, 32 seconds
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Why, Like, It's Good to Use Words Like "Like"

Our speech is full of likes, ums, and you knows, and that's not a bad thing. Sociolinguist Valerie Fridland, author of the new book "Like, Literally, Dude" explains the critical purpose these phrases play in our speech, and why you should embrace them.
4/24/202331 minutes, 2 seconds
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Changing Your Mind About Change: A Chat with Entrepreneur’s Jason Feifer

As Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur magazine and author of Build for Tomorrow, Jason Feifer knows a lot about change. According to him, change is inevitable in any business, whether it’s a small bakery or a Fortune 500 company. How you adapt to that change is the key to turning that change into a success story. This week, he sat down with Yelp’s Small Business Expert Emily Washcovick to talk change strategy, learning to ask questions, and creating an identity outside of your business.
4/20/202333 minutes, 13 seconds
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Mastering Your Mind and Make Your Money

Alan welcomes the CEO of RELEVE, Dawn Dahlby, author of Live Wellthy.  As a certified financial planner, Dawn says money is but a tool.  A tool that is defined and controlled by one's behavior.  Many of us live in fear of not having enough money, and or not being enough as human beings.  Dawn teaches how to master your mind and your money.  In her book Live Wellthy, she focuses on three key factors: Own It, Earn It, and Grow It.  Own it, is where you learn to own all that is, core values, weaknesses, and learning how to discover and utilize your strengths.  Earn It, is nothing but everything to do with money.  Earning the right income and outcome.  And lastly, Grow It, are the how-tos in comprehensive financial planning.  Maximizing your performance and mastering your mind and money.   Up next is Dr. Alok Treveti, a.k.a. Dr. Rewire.  Dr. Treveti started his journey at the age of 26 as a chiropractor.  A very successful one at that.  However, through his patients, he discovered how they shared similar ailments, which caused them to come in around the same time every month.  That piqued his interest to dig deeper to see the root of the problem.  Before treatment, he would sit down with his clients and talk with them, to get them to open up.  Through questioning, he was able to rewire his client's brains to help alleviate the aches and pains at least by 70%, without an adjustment.   He realized that there was a neurological connection between stress, depression, and anxiety and the aches and pains that brought his clients in for an adjustment.  Mind over matter, in other words, master your mind, make your money, and have abundant health.  Dr. Rewire says fear is the enemy that keeps you from moving forward.   However, he has come up with a formula that will help you overcome that with four easy steps.  One, figure out what the fear is.  Two, if your fear becomes reality, what would be the positives or benefits to your life?  Three, if it didn't happen, what would be the drawback?  And four, can you be grateful if it happens or not?  If you rebalance your brain and face your fear, it takes away its power.  Fear is a future emotion, and if you can eliminate its power over you by using Dr. Rewires formula, your journey to success is but a stone throw away.   [00:00:00] Live WELLthy [00:05:54] Empowerment [00:13:00] Own It, Earn It, Grow It [00:20:50] Antidote for Entrepreneurs [00:31:02] Overcoming Resentment [00:37:06] Formula for Fear
4/19/202342 minutes, 56 seconds
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Julia Hartz, Co-Founder and CEO of Eventbrite, on Rebuilding the Event Ticketing Industry

Julia Hartz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Eventbrite, a global online self-service ticketing platform. Founding the company in 2006, Julia currently leads the vision, strategy, and growth of Eventbrite. She drove Eventbrite to become the world’s largest event technology company, known for its great workplace culture. Julia has been named one of Fortune’s 40 Under 40 business leaders, Inc’s 35 under 35, and Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs.
4/19/202344 minutes, 3 seconds
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Here’s What happened in Vegas, My 3 Business Lessons from Sin City.

Sometimes what happens in Vegas can’t stay in Vegas. Especially if the story will help you build your business and resilience.
4/18/20238 minutes, 17 seconds
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Josh Halpern of Shaq’s BIG CHICKEN on Big Fun and Big Ideas

Josh Halpern, CEO of Shaquille O’Neal’s , has a track record of building successful brands with successful teams. That’s why Shaq, the Big Man himself, tapped Halpern to be Big Chicken’s first top executive.   Listen now to learn about having big fun and doing big work with Shaquille O’Neal, opening a restaurant in space, and moving as one team with one dream. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — • Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
4/18/202348 minutes, 49 seconds
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Are You Too Curious For A Traditional Career?

You don't want to be locked down. You'd rather have multiple sources of income. But how? Eloise Skinner, author of the new book "But Are You Alive?", explains. Our sponsors: Sunday - Get 20% off when you visit at checkout. Factor - Head to and use code problemsolvers50 to get 50% off your first box.
4/17/202337 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Man Who Looted $100 Million From His Own Company

If you’re looking for the poster boy of corporate greed, look no further than Dennis Kozlowski, the former CEO of Tyco who took excess to a whole new level. In 2005, he was arrested and served six and a half years in prison for looting nearly $100 million from his company. Records revealed that he secretly loaned tens of millions of dollars of corporate funds to executives, and forgave those loans to win their loyalty. Without board approval, he doled out millions in bonuses and used company money to buy a $16.8 million apartment in New York City. He repeatedly dipped into Tyco’s til to cover his personal $80,000 American Express bill and luxury oddities including a $17,100 traveling toilet box, a $15,000 dog umbrella stand and a $6,000 shower curtain. On this episode, hosts Jon Small and Dan Bova speak with Catherine S. Neal, Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Business Law at Northern Kentucky University and author of "Taking Down the Lion: The Triumphant Rise and Tragic Fall of Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski" to get to the bottom of his greed (if there is a bottom.) Thanks for listening, be sure to subscribe and throw us a rating!
4/13/202345 minutes, 8 seconds
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Strip Mall Gourmet: How to Surprise and Delight in Any Location

Thoughtfulness is key at Think Greek restaurant in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, two-time winner of Yelp's Best Bite on the Beach. Everything, from the wood on the walls to the spanakopita, comes with a story. The level of effort and care stems from the team’s genuine enthusiasm for sharing their Greek culture. The result is many satisfied customers, both from the local community and those just passing through town, like reviewer Andi P. and
4/13/202330 minutes, 39 seconds
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T.I. Shares What You Need to Know About Achieving Success

You may know rapper T.I. from his music, but you’re about to be amazed at the insights he has to offer on finding purpose in your struggles, trusting your mentors, and one simple tactic that will increase your chances of success.
4/11/202326 minutes, 30 seconds
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Jeff Fenster of Everbowl on How To Start a Media Company

Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Fenster is the founder of the successful healthy food chain . He is now founding his own media company that focuses on providing value to his audience instead of just pushing products.  Listen now to learn about ditching the commercials for content, the Relationship Bank Account, creating The Jeff Fenster Show, and asking for help. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — • Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
4/11/202351 minutes, 9 seconds
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Mountain Cimber and Big Wave Surfer Andrew Alexander King

He's on a mission to be the first African American to climb the tallest peaks and volcanoes on every continent.
4/11/202328 minutes, 10 seconds
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Very Real Talk About Launching A Startup

This is how founders should always talk! Chris Mears has been in startups for 20 years, and talks honestly about the challenges of getting his new one, Wild Clean, off the ground. Contribute to his Kickstarter at
4/10/202332 minutes, 53 seconds
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How to Win Big in a Recession

Pat Flynn and Matt Garland of Smart Passive Income share what entrepreneurs need to do today to improve their business. This is a special bonus "roundtable" episode of Problem Solvers, and the beginning of a fun experiment where Entrepreneur Podcast Network hosts join together to discuss the subjects most important to you. 
4/7/202354 minutes, 46 seconds
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How Adela’s Earned the #5 Spot on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat

Located in a strip mall in Oahu, Hawaii, Adela’s Country Eatery has grown a name for itself beyond its small takeout counter, winning the #5 spot on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat. Founded with a mission of sustainability, Adela’s integrates locally grown Hawaiian produce into its colorful noodle dishes. Hear from co-owner Millie Chan and her daughter Elizabeth Chan how they make everyone feel like family by giving customers a behind-the-scenes look into the noodle-making process.
4/6/202321 minutes, 30 seconds
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Stop Lying to Yourself! Tanner Chidester Shares Harsh Truths That Will Improve Your Business

If you’re struggling with your business, sometimes the answer isn't the latest tool or someone to hold your hand and tell you it will all be better. Sometimes you just need a wake up call. Today’s guest, Tanner Chidester, founder of Elite CEOA, is here to give you the harsh truths that you need to grow your business.
4/4/202344 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ford Fry of Rocket Farm Restaurants on Connecting With Customers

Ford Fry is the chef-owner and founder of the . The Rocket Farm umbrella includes popular food spots like State of Grace, Superica, and many more across Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Houston. Listen now to learn about the dream to help others, the increasing role of technology in hospitality, and creating emotional connections with customers. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — • Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
4/4/202346 minutes, 51 seconds
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His Product Wouldn't Sell... Until He Changed This

When the company Wilde Chips released its "chicken chips", nobody bought it. Then they changed the name, and the product started selling. Here's what happened, and a lesson for anyone trying to introduce a new idea to customers.
4/3/202327 minutes, 11 seconds
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Season 2 Trailer

A sneak preview of Season Two of Behind the Review. The first episode drops on April 6!
3/30/20231 minute, 31 seconds
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How a Fake Heiress Scammed the New York's Fabulous Art Scene

The true story of Anna Delvey, the real-life swindler from Netflix's 'Inventing Anna.'
3/30/202346 minutes, 20 seconds
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Harry Kargman, Founder and CEO of Kargo, on Innovating in Mobile Advertising

Harry Kargman is the Founder and CEO of Kargo, an advertising company that specializes in innovative mobile campaigns for the world’s biggest brands. Since its founding in 2003, Kargo has worked with The New York Times, Hearst, NBC, and more and was recognized in 2015 by Inc. as one of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in the US. In 2016, Harry was also named an EY Entrepreneur of the Year and currently holds more than 50 patents related to Kargo’s technology.
3/29/202343 minutes, 42 seconds
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How You Can Leverage the Most Powerful Marketing Tool on the Planet

Speaking is the most powerful marketing tool on the planet, but many entrepreneurs largely ignore this opportunity. On today’s show Ashley Kirkwood of Speak Your Way to Cash teaches you how to build your brand and revenue through public speaking.
3/28/202333 minutes, 3 seconds
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Chris Do of The Futur on the 1 Billion Mission

Chris Do, CEO of The Futur, is no stranger to simultaneous praise and criticism as an influencer. Nevertheless, the Emmy-award winner’s ultimate goal is one of empowerment. In the age of New Media, Do knows that anyone can have a platform to share their message with the world. Listen now to learn about self-development, creating the best content, and The Futur Euro Tour. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — • Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
3/28/202350 minutes
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The Wild Ride of Josh Cellars Wine Founder

How Joseph Carr poured his heart and soul into an iconic brand.
3/28/202338 minutes, 59 seconds
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Why This Brand Shares Its Customers' Worst Insults

The alcohol brand Soso Sake has blown up on TikTok (@sososakesoda). Its strategy? They film supermarket tastings, and post videos of people's worst reactions. This wasn't the brand's first idea, and it came with a lot of risk — but here, their CMO Mike Brown explains how it became such a hit.
3/27/202328 minutes, 25 seconds
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Sophia Amoruso, Founder of Nasty Gal, on the Growing from Failure

Sophia Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal, a women’s fashion company. Her New York Times best-selling autobiography, #GIRLBOSS, was adapted into a television series on Netflix in 2017. Sophia is also the founder and CEO of Business Class, a digital course for entrepreneurs looking to build successful businesses, and founder and General Partner of Trust Fund, a venture capital firm investing in early-stage consumer businesses.
3/22/202355 minutes, 15 seconds
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Daymond John: Money Mastery Playbook for Entrepreneurs

Daymond John reveals the secrets of mastering money & achieving entrepreneurial success at any age!
3/21/202330 minutes, 4 seconds
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André Moraes of PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab on Helping Restaurants Be Future-Proof

PepsiCo’s Digital Lab is helping restaurants future-proof their businesses and unleash their digital potential. As Head of PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab, André Moraes uses the expertise he has gathered over the years to optimize digital hospitality. Listen now to learn about using digital tools effectively, technology being an enabler, and the positive culture at PepsiCo. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — • Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
3/21/202348 minutes
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Finding Your Company's Deep Purpose

What is your company's purpose? And how can you protect it, even as you grow? Harvard Business School professor Ranjay Gulati, who also hosts the podcast Deep Purpose, explains.
3/20/202330 minutes, 28 seconds
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How a Psychic Scammer Bilked Her Clients Out of Millions

This is the story of Rose Marks, a fortuneteller who devised an elaborate scheme to steal millions from her desperate clients. Guest Tori Tefler chronicled Marks’ crimes and other dastardly deeds of female criminals in her book Confident Women. Dan and Jon take a deep dive into this story of psychic swindling and find out why female grifters can be so persuasive.
3/16/202329 minutes, 38 seconds
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Jack Belsito, Former CEO of Snapple Beverage Group, on Embracing Challenge

Jack Belsito is one of the most prominent figures in the beverage industry. Jack was previously CEO of Snapple Beverage Group, Voss of Norway, and Health-Ade Kombucha. Under his leadership, VOSS became one of the fastest growing water businesses in the United States, with 32 consecutive quarters of growth. With over 30 years of experience, he was also President of Mott’s USA and RC Cola Company, and most recently Managing Partner at First Beverage Group.
3/15/202344 minutes, 14 seconds
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Money Mindset: Science-Backed Techniques to Achieving Your Full Revenue Potential

If you are stuck in any aspect of your business, chances are it has something to do with your mindset. That's why today we’re joined by Amina Al Tai, an expert on mindset and business coaching. She’ll share tips and strategies to help you unlock your full revenue potential.
3/14/202319 minutes, 27 seconds
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Téa Ivanovic of Immigrant Food on the Cause Casual Restaurant Mission

Téa Ivanovic (@teaiva) is the co-founder and COO of Immigrant Food, a “cause-casual” restaurant in Washington, D.C. whose mission is to celebrate immigrants and push for progressive change in the US. Listen now to learn about Immigrant Food’s 3-Pillar Mission, retaining quality employees, and enhancing media exposure the right way. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — • Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
3/14/202342 minutes, 41 seconds
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How BioSteel Scored With the NHL

Former NHL star Mike Cammalleri and co-founder John Celenza discuss the power of their pink drink.
3/14/202317 minutes, 4 seconds
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The 6-Step Plan to Growing A Small Business

Donald Miller made 537 mistakes in growing his business, and he did six things right. In this episode, the author of the new book "How to Grow Your Small Business" explains all six.
3/13/202326 minutes, 21 seconds
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Behind the Review at 100 (Episodes)

Emily takes a walk down memory lane as Behind the Review celebrates 100 episodes of small business experience, talking about everything from review response to great customer service, to hiring and firing employees. It’s all in anticipation of Season Two of the podcast, launching in early April 2023.
3/9/202315 minutes, 14 seconds
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Cameron Adams, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Canva, on the Importance of Taking Risks

Cameron Adams is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Canva, a free online collaborative graphic design platform. Canva currently has 110 million monthly active users in over 190 countries and has helped create more than 15 billion designs. As of 2021, Canva is now valued at $40 billion. Prior to co-founding Canva, Cameron worked with Lars and Jens Rasmussen, co-founders of Google Maps, to help design Google Wave.
3/8/202347 minutes, 48 seconds
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Want to Turn Your Ideas Into Revenue? Amy Porterfield is Here to Help.

If you made the leap from corporate to entrepreneur and need a step by step guide for how to turn your ideas into revenue, Amy Porterfield is here to help.
3/7/202332 minutes, 45 seconds
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Jamie & Kayla Giovinazzo of EAT CLEAN BRO on Creating a Meal Prep Business

Jamie & Kayla Giovinazzo built a healthy food empire. But success took time, talent, and teamwork. The founder of Eat Clean Bro combined his passions of cooking and fitness to make a meal prep company. Then the hard work began. #eatcleanbro   Listen now to learn about prioritizing customers, the business of healthy eating, and building  culture with clear communication. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — • Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
3/7/202344 minutes, 27 seconds
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The 3 Most Important Questions, with Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain, serial entrepreneur and founder of Viome, believes that outsiders make the greatest disruptors. So how do you know when you're onto something? In this episode, he shares the three most important questions to ask yourself — and how he answered them.
3/6/202353 minutes, 43 seconds
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How Dogpatch Games Wrote the Rulebook for Tabletop Gaming Customer Service?

Growing up, Dogpatch Games owner Shannon Newton played board games as a way to connect with his busy family. Years later, Shannon created Dogpatch Games, a board game store, to connect members of the San Francisco community during the pandemic. In this episode, hear how Shannon used customer service and event planning to turn Dogpatch Games into a community staple — and more than a board game store. You’ll also hear what made it memorable and review worthy for customer Jenny.
3/2/202324 minutes, 43 seconds
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Crazy Eddie's Crimes Were Insaaaane

Retail Gangster' author Gary Weiss closes the circuit on a crooked discount electronics empire.
3/2/202335 minutes, 16 seconds
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Irving Fain, CEO and Founder of Bowery Farming, on the Future of Food and Agriculture

Irving Fain is the CEO and Founder of Bowery Farming, a modern farming company focused on innovating and advancing agricultural practices. Bowery uses smart indoor growing environments to cultivate cleaner and better quality food and uses 95% less water than farmland. Irving and Bowery have raised over $500 million since its founding. Irving was previously CEO and Co-Founder of CrowdTwist, Inc., a loyalty and analytics platform that was acquired by Oracle in 2019.
3/1/202339 minutes, 55 seconds
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Pat Flynn Teaches You How to Build a Revenue Generating Audience

Building an audience is the key to growing your business. But how do you do that? Today were joined by entrepreneur and podcaster Pat Flynn who will walk you through all the steps needed to serve and build a revenue generating audience.
2/28/202329 minutes, 53 seconds
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Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s on Visioning with Love and Humility

Ari Weinzweig, founder of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses (@zingermanscommunity), used visioning and tried-and-true beliefs to grow the Zingerman’s brand in big, but thoughtful, ways. Listen now to learn about opening Zingerman’s Delicatessen, the process of creating a vision for your business, and humbleness being vital to a company’s ecosystem. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — • Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —  
2/28/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Founder of Moolah Kicks Got Game

Natalie White discusses developing the first basketball sneaker designed for and by female ballers.
2/28/202318 minutes, 39 seconds
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Hey, Leaders: Would You Follow You?

Leadership expert Logan Stout asks his clients that all the time. In this episode, he explains how leaders lose their way, and takes us into a powerful coaching session where he helped a leader reconnect with the things that matter most.
2/27/202327 minutes, 44 seconds
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Putting You in Your Business

Small business owners know that they put their heart and soul into their businesses, but how much of their own personality should shine through? In some cases, all of who you are as a person and a business owner can make your product or service more meaningful to your customers. This week’s podcast takes a closer look at how using authenticity in person and online can build a bigger and stronger business.
2/23/202322 minutes, 34 seconds
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Sebastien Kopp, Co-Founder of Veja, on Transparency in Footwear Sustainability

Sebastien Kopp is the Co-Founder of Veja, one of the fastest growing shoe brands in the world. Founded in 2004, Veja promotes sustainability and transparency without marketing and advertising and is now found in over 60 countries. Incorporating materials such as Amazonian rubber, organic and Fair Trade cotton, and recycled plastic bottles, Sebastian and Veja look to transform the footwear space through better ecological practices.
2/22/202340 minutes, 27 seconds
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Unlock Your Earning Potential with the Revenue Optimization Canvas

As an entrepreneur, you’re good at solving problems. But, you can't fix problems you’re not aware of. Today we’re going to remove those blindspots so you can analyze and optimize your business model.
2/21/202315 minutes, 57 seconds
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Charlie Eblen of Single Tree BBQ on Becoming the “Nike of BBQ”

For Charlie Eblen, founder of Single Tree BBQ and host of Single Tree Nation Podcast, “Just Do It” is both a motto and rallying cry. His mission is to transform his business into “the Nike of BBQ”. Listen now to learn about building community with the perfect plate of barbecue, capturing customer data, and the power of podcasting. Sponsored by: • Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — • Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
2/21/202351 minutes, 10 seconds
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How This Newsletter Writer Got 325,000 Subscribers

Lenny Rachitsky built a thriving newsletter about product development. Here's how he did it, step by step, and how he's now making more money from the newsletter than he did as a product lead at Airbnb.
2/20/202328 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Impact of Adding a Personal Touch

Reputation is important for any business, and especially so when selling through an online platform only. Since customers can’t enter your storefront and meet you in person, they rely on things like online reviews to make sure the seller is legitimate and has good quality merchandise. In this episode Emily sits down with her life partner and owner of Top 10 Collectibles to dig into how you can create connections with your customers virtually and put a personal touch on things to show you care.
2/16/202333 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Hollywood Con Queen

Journalist Josh Dean joins the show to explain the baffling and exhausting scheme that bilked movie crew members out of millions.
2/16/202342 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Michael McFall, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BIGGBY COFFEE, on Building a Foundation for Tomorrow

Michael McFall is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BIGGBY COFFEE, the third-largest coffee franchise in the United States with over 300 locations. Within the company, Mike has worked in every position from barista to Co-CEO since 1996. Michael is the author of Grind, a book for founders and entrepreneurs to elevate their business strategies. Mike shares more about his experience at BIGGBY COFFEE, building the foundation of a business, and the importance of patience with results.
2/15/202338 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

How to Write Proposals That Get Accepted and Don’t Take Forever to Write

Time kills deals. So if you’ve ever struggled to write a business proposal, this episode is for you. You’ll learn how to write proposals that get accepted and don’t take forever to write.
2/14/202314 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Meredith Sandland of Empower Delivery on the Steps to Digital Maturity

Meredith Sandland, CEO of Empower Delivery, is one of those people with a knack for creating positive change. In layman’s terms, her company helps simplify complex ordering processes to make them more efficient. Listen now to learn about the tie that binds moving parts in a business, overcoming customer friction, and the follow-up to Delivering the Digital Restaurant. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
2/14/202349 minutes, 56 seconds
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Gaming Icon Ronnie2K

How Ronnie Singh carved out a baller and gamer's dream job at 2K Games.
2/14/202324 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

It's Time to Think Differently About Productivity

To avoid burnout, we can't just think about task management. We need to also think about energy management... and how productivity doesn't just mean "getting lots of stuff done." In this conversation with psychotherapist Katherine Morgan Schafler, author of the new book "The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control", she offers strategies for building yourself up for the long haul.
2/13/202343 minutes, 4 seconds
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Expecting the Unexpected in Small Business Expansion

First, build—then, expand. Most small business owners dream that their business will become successful enough for them to open another location; that dream came true for Candle Pour owners Misty and Dennis Akers. The Tampa, Florida couple kicked off their expansion plans months before the COVID-19 pandemic, which was just the first of a slew of unexpected obstacles. Listen in to learn how you can plan for challenges as you pursue your expansion goals.
2/9/202335 minutes, 10 seconds
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Succession Planning is Working on Your Business, Not in Your Business

Beth Wood, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Principal Financial Group, offers real-life resources and ideas for ensuring your business is here for the next generation of leadership. This episode of How Success Happens is brought to you by Principal Financial Group. Discover insight to help support your employees and your business at . Insurance products issued by Principal National Life Insurance Co (except in NY) and Principal Life Insurance Company®. Plan administrative services offered by Principal Life. Principal Funds, Inc. is distributed by Principal Funds Distributor, Inc. Securities offered through Principal Securities, Inc., member SIPC and/or independent broker/dealers. Referenced companies are members of the Principal Financial Group®, Des Moines, IA 50392. ©2022 Principal Financial Services, Inc.
2/8/202335 minutes, 57 seconds
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Peter Shapiro, Founder of Dayglo Presents, on Elevating The Live Music Experience

Peter Shapiro is the founder of Dayglo Presents, a live music and media company. Named on the 2022 Billboard Power List, Peter is one of the biggest independent concert promoters in the music industry. He owns and operates the Brooklyn Bowl music venues and The Capitol Theatre and produced Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead. Peter is also the publisher of Relix magazine and chairman of HeadCount.
2/8/202333 minutes, 19 seconds
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Kim Malek of Salt & Straw on Modernizing the Ice Cream Industry

Kim Malek of Salt & Straw bet it all on the idea of a unique ice cream shop, one that builds community while innovating. Drawing inspiration from her time at Starbucks as it revolutionized coffee, she sought to do the same with ice cream. Listen now to learn about organic storytelling collaborations, remaining authentic during expansion, and building back after tragedy. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
2/7/202355 minutes, 13 seconds
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Alex Hormozi's Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Success: The Irresistible Offer

How can you make an offer so good people would feel stupid saying no? Alex Hormozi answers that question in his book $100M Offers. Today I’m going to walk you through his process so you can craft your irresistible offer.
2/7/202317 minutes, 8 seconds
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Perfectionism Can Be Your Advantage

Have you been told you're a perfectionist — and not in a good way? Psychotherapist Katherine Morgan Schafler says we have it all wrong, and explains how you can use perfectionism as a strength. She's the author of the new book "The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control".
2/6/202327 minutes, 28 seconds
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Problem Solvers: How I Won This Angry Customer's Business Back

In this episode we hear Jason Feifer, host of Problem Solvers, share how he handled an angry customer’s email. Behind the Review host Emily digs into how responding to online reviews in a public forum is different, but the approach of engaging customers online is impactful. A recent survey commissioned by Yelp found that responding to reviews increases trust in a business and 87% of consumers say they look past critical reviews when a business responds. Listen to learn the best way.
2/2/202318 minutes, 31 seconds
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The Boy Band Bandit Lou Pearlman

The Hit Charade' author Tyler Gray sings us a song about the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC super producer who was also a super scammer.
2/2/202333 minutes, 18 seconds
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Anthony Scaramucci, Founder and Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital, on Learning through Failure

Anthony Scaramucci is the founder and managing partner of SkyBridge Capital, a global alternative investment firm specializing in hedge funds, digital assets, private equity, and more. Also known as The Mooch, Anthony also founded SALT, a global thought leadership and networking forum, and was briefly White House Communications Director. This episode is sponsored by Target Accelerators. Learn more here:
2/1/202340 minutes, 32 seconds
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Entrepreneurial Success Secrets: Insider Strategies from Top Business Minds

Today I’m sharing the top business building tips from previous episodes of Launch Your Business. So get ready to take some notes and make more money.
1/31/202324 minutes, 53 seconds
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Rob Dyrdek on Designing a Desirable Life

Rob Dyrdek (@robdyrdek) Manufactures Amazing by optimizing life. The serial entrepreneur, MTV star, athlete, and founder of Dyrdek Machine is on a mission to be as efficient as possible by designing a sustainable — and scalable —  existence. Listen now to learn about multi-dimensional business strategies, manifesting a desirable future, and conquering by taking action. Sponsored by: Toast: All-In-1 Restaurant POS — Atmosphere: TV for Your Business —
1/31/202348 minutes, 34 seconds
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Toy and Comic Book King Todd McFarlane Returns

The 'Spawn' creator did it his way because that's the only way he knows how to do it!
1/31/202343 minutes, 51 seconds
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What People of 1923 Thought About Work In 2023

In 1923, a famous scientist predicted how work would change in 2023. Now, 100 years later, we can confirm: He was shockingly right… and yet totally wrong. What happened? The answers can tell you a lot about what’s coming in the next 100 years, and how technology will (and maybe won’t) change work forever. This episode originally aired on the podcast "Build For Tomorrow".
1/30/202345 minutes, 11 seconds
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Behind the Reviewers: What Makes a Reviewer Tick?

In this episode, Emily Washcovick, Yelp’s Small Business Expert, takes a look at the whys and hows of reviewing from the reviewer’s perspective. Some of the best advice comes not from business owners, but the customers themselves. Behind the Reviewers Ali Schwartz: Meserole Sound:
1/26/202320 minutes, 28 seconds
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Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, Owner of The Miss Universe Organization, on Transforming Passion Into A Profession

Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip is the owner of The Miss Universe Organization and the CEO of JKN Global Group Public Company Limited. She is Asia’s first billionaire transwoman based in Thailand and the first woman to own The Miss Universe Organization in its 71-year history. For her accomplishments and influence in media and business, Anne has been named Women of the Year in 2022 by Bangkok Post and won the Manee Mekhala Award for the “Most Influential Person in the Thai Entertainment Industry.”
1/25/202333 minutes, 55 seconds
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CookUnity CEO Mateo Marietti on Connecting Chef to Consumer

CookUnity CEO Mateo Marietti is on a mission to reconnect farmer to chef to eater. CookUnity is an innovative “chef collective” that sells personalized meal subscription plans with an emphasis on healthy eating, quality ingredients, and sustainability. Listen now to learn about founding the meal subscription service, improving the food system, and living up to being dubbed the “Spotify of Food Delivery.” Sponsored by: Toast POS System —
1/24/202347 minutes, 10 seconds
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Grow Your Business With the Golden Link Strategy

In this episode I share one of my favorite ways to grow your business and generate leads. The best part. You don’t have to run ads or buy any fancy marketing services.
1/24/202310 minutes, 9 seconds
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How to Set Boundaries: A Live Intervention!

Are you setting the right boundaries at work? In this episode, we pick apart a very real relationship between an employee and employer, and see where boundaries end... and where assumptions begin. For more like it, listen to the new podcast "Help Wanted". This episode is sponsored by Target Accelerators. Learn more here:
1/23/202328 minutes, 37 seconds