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English, Comedy, 2 seasons, 57 episodes, 1 day 12 hours 59 minutes
Join Helen Gould as they host a series of pleasant talks about this and that with various Rusty Quill Crew & Friends. Expect enthusiastic tangents, personal preferences and good times galore as we get to know folks a bit better! Enthusigasm covers various pop culture topics such as Lord of The Rings, Trash TV, Horror, Baking, Marvel and more.
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Special Announcement: Magnus, Recent Network Shows and More

Statement from CEO, Alexander J Newall regarding new network additions, information on The Magnus Archives 2, the return of Rusty Fears, and more!Transcript: more information on Rusty Fears visit: by TrackTribe - "BusyCity"Magnus Music by Sam JonesEdited by Alexander J Newall Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
24/10/20224 minutes 7 seconds
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Announcement: RQ Network Introducing Wave 3

Hi everyone, Alexander J Newall here just giving you an update on our latest wave of the RQ Network as eleven new shows have joined us this time with still more shows on the way in the future!&nbsp;This particular cavalcade of creativity runs the whole gamut with Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Alternate Reality Game “ARG”, Comedy and even a cheeky documentary piece. There’s something for everyone in this third wave of shows and I get the delightful pleasure of introducing them to you!Wave three features:&nbsp;The Hyacinth DisasterMalevolent,Ostium,<a href="
16/05/20222 minutes 55 seconds
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Updates, Upcoming Shows, We're Alive: Descendants

Rusty Quill Founder and CEO Alex here!Sharing a few updates on what is coming up with Rusty Quill.We’re Alive: Descendants is the sequel to the enormously popular We’re Alive: a Story of Survival. Rusty Quill are Executive Producers on this series and it is very exciting. It started releasing yesterday and you can find it on the existing We’re Alive feed by searching for 'We’re Alive' wherever you listen to your podcasts or by visiting&nbsp;;or&nbsp; stay tuned for our upcoming RQ original Productions Chapter and Multiverse, Trice Forgotten and Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later.More network shows will be coming soon!While you wait you could revisit:Cryptids produced by Wild Obscura, Devin Shep
06/04/20222 minutes 35 seconds
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EGSM S2 Trailer

You read it correctly: Enthusigasm is coming back for a second season! Thanks so much to all our listeners for your support; we literally couldn’t do this without you.And remember, if you’re a Rusty Quill patron, you’ll be getting even more Enthusigasm with longer episodes and early access when you sign up.So, keep an ear out for season two; it’s going to be fun.TRANSCRIPT:PDF: you to all our Patrons for your continued support. If you'd like to join them, visit and hosted by Helen GouldFeaturing Helen GouldEdited by Marisa Ewing &amp; Cathy RinellaProduced by Lowri Ann DaviesExecutive Producer: Alexander J. Newall and April SumnerMusic by Samuel D.F. Jones</p
04/02/202256 seconds
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Join us for Rusty Quill Gaming and Giving 2021!

It’s back!Gaming and Giving is streaming live on from 4th December at 5pm GMT and this year&nbsp;we’re&nbsp;raising money for three more charities: Mermaids, Action Aid and Centrepoint.Once again we’re trying to raise £20,000 to split between all three charities, but this time there’s a twist. This year we’ve reached out even more games companies ad developers, like Czech Games, CoatSink and Devolver Digital, Grant Howitt and MacGuffin &amp; Co plus a few more, to give us some awesome prizes that you enter to win simply by donating!Also, based on your feedback&nbsp;we’ve&nbsp;created a special ticketed backstage space for you to come and mingle with both the cast and crew of Rusty Quill as well as your friends from the chat! All proceeds from the ticket sales go directly to the three charities -&nbsp;take a look&nbsp;at our website for more info.So&nbsp;come join in at <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" tar
27/11/20211 minute 6 seconds