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English, Education, 2023 seasons, 27 episodes, 19 hours, 36 minutes
Un podcast para runners que quieren mejorar su inglés. Cada 2 semanas publico un nuevo episodio y entrevisto a un/a runner de cualquier parte del parte del mundo. Hablo de libros y documentales con sus autores, carreras remotas y fascinantes, invito a runners que siguen corriendo y petándolo más allá de los 50, 60 y 70 años y charlo con gente que ha sabido convertir su pasión por el running en un trabajo de lo más guay. Todo en un inglés a ritmo suave.
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Ep 10 Interview with Bottle Claus, the hero on the bike who helped Eliud Kipchoge break his own World Record in Berlin

Today I'm joined by Claus Henning-Schulke, better known as Bottle Claus. He is a 56 year old German amateur triathlete who became famous last Sunday, September the 25th, during the BMW Berlin Marathon. Claus took care of handing over Eliud Kipchoge's bottles at every aid station. I'm sure you have seen videos of him, handing over the bottles to the flying Kenyan, celebrating the moment and then jumping on his bike to the next aid station. Claus has provided this service for Kipchoge on three occasions, including during his previous 2018 world record. We talk about what it means to be the official bottle hander for the Greatest of All Times (GOAT), how it actually works and what can go wrong (TONS of things). Claus' enthusiasm is contagious and when you listen to our conversation I'm sure he will put a smile on your face! We also talk about the triathlete and marathoner behind Bottle Claus and his own sports achievements and upcoming adventures. Eliud Kipchoge said the following about Claus in 2018: "My biggest remembrance of Berlin is the guy who was handing me my bottles, still my hero up to now. The way he was handling and acting and talking was unbelievable". Wow! Huge thank you to Claus for giving a glimpse behind the scenes of how important and exhausting the job of a Bottle hander really is. 😊 You can find Claus Henning-Schulke aka Bottle Claus on instagram: Bottle_Claus And on Youtube there are several great videos of his performance, like this one "Best Moments of Bottle Claus": If you want to find out how you can improve your English, listening or reading about running stories, visit my web page and hit the subscribe button: Bye for now, and enjoy English for the long run! Living Life by Scott Holmes Music
9/30/202229 minutes, 55 seconds