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English Every Day with Mark and Matt

English, Education, 1 season, 9 episodes, 3 hours, 31 minutes
Mark and Matt talk about obligations using Covid-19 as our platform.
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Talking About Obligation - Covid in Singapore

Mark and Matt use the modal verbs around obligation while talking about Covid-19 and what we have to do now. 
9/22/202116 minutes, 9 seconds
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Mark and Matt Talking Movies

Mark and Matt talk about Movies in English.  We talk about movies, mainly from Mark's perspective. 
8/31/202114 minutes, 38 seconds
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An Interview with Teacher Mark

Matt interviews Mark about his teaching journey from the USA to Japan to Singapore.
7/20/202117 minutes, 11 seconds
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How to Acquire English, Not Learn It

Matt and some of his students discuss and talk about learning English and how it's best to acquire it, not learn it!!  Matt goes through 8 ways that you can use to learn English naturally, with real students asking real questions!  Watch on Youtube! 
6/22/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 51 seconds