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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 63 episodes, 2 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes
The Energizer Podcast is a new podcast show with your 2 hosts Tyy & Tay. The Podcast discusses all things Culture, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle & Entertainment with all things attached. With the podcast discussing a range of topics from entertainment to business, no 2 episodes can be the same. Make sure you use the #energizerpod on all platforms! @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
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Celebrity Over CV's! Nella Rose..UK Beast? | EnergizerPod

12/27/202340 minutes, 43 seconds
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I Met Bob Marley | Pioneering Reggae Since The 70's ft.Paul Dawkins

12/18/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 25 seconds
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11/21/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 6 seconds
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🎙️ Welcome to the Energizer Podcast! 🎧 In this episode, we dive deep into the world of music with a special guest who's been making waves in the industry: the talented rapper, Psychs. Join us as we explore the intriguing journey of his early beginnings in the music scene and gain an exclusive insight into his creative process. Psychs takes us on a captivating ride through his musical evolution, sharing stories of how he discovered his passion for rap and the pivotal moments that shaped his unique style. From humble origins to breaking through barriers, this episode offers a candid glimpse into the artist's rise to prominence. But that's not all! Psychs doesn't hold back when discussing his thoughts on the current state of the music landscape. Brace yourselves as he opens up about his views on the TikTok generation of rappers, offering a refreshingly honest perspective on the trends and shifts within the industry. Get ready for an unfiltered conversation that sheds light on the complexities of music creation and the clash between tradition and innovation. Whether you're an avid music enthusiast, an aspiring artist, or simply curious about the inner workings of the music world, this episode of the Energizer Podcast is a must-listen. Join us as we unravel the layers of Psychs' musical journey and gain valuable insights into the dynamics of the modern rap scene. Tune in now to catch all the excitement, wisdom, and unfiltered opinions, only on the Energizer Podcast! Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to stay updated on our latest episodes featuring inspiring guests from various walks of life. 🔥🎶 Follow us on social media: Instagram: @EnergizerPod
8/24/20231 hour, 13 seconds
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Energizer Pod Welcome to our latest episode where we dive deep into the world of side hustles and share invaluable insights on how to supercharge your earnings! 💰 Whether you're a barber, lash technician, or involved in child care, this episode is a goldmine of tips and tricks to make more money from your passion. In this visualizer edition, we're switching things up and bringing you the audio version of the podcast in a whole new way. Don't worry, you won't miss out on any of the valuable information – it's all right here for your listening pleasure! 💈 If you're a barber, we've got the scoop on attracting more clients, mastering your craft, and utilizing social media to boost your reach and revenue. Tune in to discover how you can take your barbering hustle to the next level. 💃 Lash technicians, we've got you covered too! Learn how to perfect your technique, build a loyal client base, and even explore creative ways to offer additional services. Your lash hustle is about to reach new heights! 👶 And for all the child care providers out there, we're sharing essential tips on marketing your services, ensuring child safety, and creating a reputation that parents can trust. It's time to make your child care side hustle more profitable than ever. We want to hear from YOU! Let us know your thoughts on this new visualizer format and the valuable insights shared in this episode. Have you implemented any of these strategies? Are there other side hustles you'd like us to cover? Drop your comments and ideas below – your feedback drives us to create content that truly resonates with you. Make sure to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell so you never miss out on our latest episodes packed with practical advice and inspiration for elevating your side hustles. Get ready to turn your passion into profit! Connect with us: Instagram: Thank you for tuning in and being a part of our growing community. Remember, your side hustle journey starts here! 🚀🎉
8/8/202340 minutes, 12 seconds
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Natural Hair or 30" lace? | The Challenges of running an ethical business ft.Skylar

Join us as we dive into the captivating world of natural beauty with Skylar, founder of a thriving natural hair and skin care company. Discover the transformative power of wigs, explore the cultural significance of dreadlocks, and delve into the impact of social media on the industry. Get ready to be inspired and empowered to embrace your unique beauty. Tune in now!
5/21/202345 minutes, 48 seconds
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Why Don’t The Mandem Read Books?

Why don’t the mandem read books? Energizer’s discussed: • Does school make books seem bad? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter @austinokoloo
6/5/202227 minutes, 32 seconds
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Are You The Catalyst Of Your Family?

Are you the catalyst of your family? Energizer’s discussed: • Do you want to change the meaning of your bloodline? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
5/29/202230 minutes, 48 seconds
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Who Is In Your Circle Of Influence?

Who is in your circle of influence? Energizer’s discussed: • How to cut people off who don’t align with you • Should i call my friends ‘friends’? • The power of the toungue #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter @austinokoloo
5/22/202230 minutes, 50 seconds
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What Is A Dream Finesser?

Are you a Dream Finesser? Energizer’s discussed: • Have you ever come into play with a Dream finesser? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
5/15/202248 minutes, 44 seconds
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What Do You Do For Fun?

What Is Your Ideal Version Of Fun? Energizer’s discussed: • What is a burnout? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
5/8/202250 minutes, 22 seconds
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What Is Fuel Money?

In this episode, we had guest speaker Elijah come on the pod to talk all things wealth! Energizer’s discussed: • What is Fuel Money? • Is quick money the best way to build wealth? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter @_elijah.1
5/1/202249 minutes, 25 seconds
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Why Do You Owe Yourself So Much?

Why Do You Owe Yourself So Much? Energizer’s discussed: • Do I owe it to myself to work hard? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
4/24/202233 minutes, 2 seconds
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How Do You Define Who You Are & What You Want?

In this episode, Tay & Tyy chopped it up about how to actually define who you are in life, and how to obtain what you want. Energizer’s discussed: • ashat ? • How can i define who i am? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
4/18/202247 minutes, 59 seconds
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Is Luck Real?

In this episode, Tay & Tyy chopped it up about the definition of luck and how it comes into play with reality. Energizer’s discussed: • Is Luck real? • What is the actual definition of luck? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
4/10/202234 minutes, 50 seconds
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What Is A Social Media Influencer? Ft Ruth Rocwel

In this episode, we had guest speaker Ruth come on the pod to talk all things Influencing! Energizer’s discussed: • What is an influencer? • Are influencer’s under pressure? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter @ruthrocwel
4/3/202241 minutes, 11 seconds
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Q&A: What Are Green Flags In Relationships?

In this episode, we let the community send through all their questions/topics that you want us to speak on! Energizer’s discussed: • Do you need to ghost on social media to focus? • What are green flags in a relationship? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
3/27/202254 minutes, 20 seconds
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Is Self Discipline A Form Of Self Love?

Why is being disciplined seen as a negative trait? Energizer’s discussed: • What is discipline? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
3/21/202249 minutes, 24 seconds
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Do You Need A Team To Be Successful?

Do you need a team to be successful? Energizer’s discussed: • Entrepreneurship or Solopreneurship #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
3/14/202249 minutes, 15 seconds
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How To Use Setbacks as Getbacks

Do you know how to use a setback - to get back? Energizer’s discussed: • How to bounce back from any loss #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
3/7/202240 minutes, 20 seconds
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Is Comparison The Thief Of All Joy?

Is comparison really the thief of all joy? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
2/27/202246 minutes, 2 seconds
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How To Master Content Creation

Do you know how to create content? Energizer’s discussed: • How to use TikTok #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
2/20/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 9 seconds
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Self Care For The Mandem!

Does society perceive good personal hygiene to be a female trait?Energizer’s discussed: • Self care for the mandem #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter
2/13/202221 minutes, 52 seconds
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Do guy’s need therapy?

Why do guys tend to choose going to the gym rather than going to therapy? Energizer’s discussed: • Does gym help your mental health? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter @jo_milahel
2/6/202254 minutes, 43 seconds
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What’s it like being bilingual in Britain?

In this episode Tyy, Tay & Joe discuss the advantages of being bilingual. Energizer’s discussed: • Can you earn more being bilingual? • What are the benefits of being bilingual? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter @jo_milahel
1/30/202245 minutes, 27 seconds
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What is success?

In this episode Tyy, Tay & Tamia debate on the topic of: What is success? Energizer’s discussed: • Can you be successful working a 9-5? • What is the definition of success? #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter @tamiaasiaa
1/26/202221 minutes, 26 seconds
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9-5 vs Entrepreneurship

An open debate into 9-5 vs Entrepreneurship. Energizer’s discussed: • Do people get complacent in their jobs? • The adversities of being an entrepreneur #EnergizerPod @energizerpod @tyyvelli @taytrendsetter @tamiaasiaa
1/23/202223 minutes, 55 seconds