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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 3 seasons, 57 episodes, 23 hours, 14 minutes
- [ ] Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or are a seasoned movement pro. Empower by Ems aims to teach you something new & empower you with fitness, nutrition, & mindset tools to help you live at your highest potential. Join the fun! Connect with me on social @emilykandanga
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BIGGEST money manifestation blocks & how to overcome them (Exclusive Re-release)

Hello loves! We're keeping in theme with the money chats for this episode & bringing back a very powerful drop where I share some of the biggest blocks that are keeping you from manifesting the abundance & wealth you desire in all areas of your life. Listen in as I share ways you can overcome these blocks & how you can overcome them to set yourself free from these self-imposed limitations around how much money we get to have & experience in this lifetime. Remember, Abundance is your birthright.  Join the 7-day money program here ⁠ 
9/12/202337 minutes, 25 seconds
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4 Lies the Spiritual Community Has Told You

Hello my gorgeous friends,  Welcome back to the Empowered by Ems Podcast! It's a beautiful day to be alive & I am so happy & grateful to share another creation with you.  I'd love to hear from you, have you thought any of the lies I shared were true before? How did that impact your desire/ ability to show up as your most authentic self? Listen in & let me know what you think of this share via IG @emilykandanga  PS: Join the waitlist.
9/6/202320 minutes, 27 seconds
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WHAT IF it is all rigged in your favour?

Hello my gorgeous listeners! I am so thrilled to share this episode with you. All I can say is, if you've been struggling to see the silver lining in whatever you are dealing with currently then this episode is for you. Or if you just need a gentle reminder of the infinite power of the Universe we exist in. Let me know if anything resonates with you via IG @emilykandanga or via the podcast poll. I truly love hearing from you!
8/28/202313 minutes, 44 seconds
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How investing in a self love & feminine embodiment biz coach transformed my life & business

Hello! Welcome to another episode of the Empowered by Ems Podcast! Earlier thus year, my intuition came to me with a nudge that it was time I hire a business coach. I was also feeling really called to work on my self love & feminine embodiment and bring that into my business. This was my opportunity to really invest in myself & it was a huge one! In walked my coach, Sabi. Her Pleasure Rebel Mastermind program encompassed everything I was searching for & then some! Listen in as I share what I learned over the 4 month mastermind experience. Enjoy!
8/21/202322 minutes, 50 seconds
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Mental Health Matters with Edwina

Hello loves, Welcome back to the Empowered by Ems Podcast! In today's guest episode I am joined by Ms Edina Mensah from Geluk Psychology! In the episode we explore: Why mental health is an important element of our overall well-being Emotional intelligence The importance of a routine to aid in keeping your mental health balanced Some habits you can adopt to take care of your mental health How you can support yourself & others when going through a tough time The current state of mental health services in Namibia Share this episode with your friends & family to help raise mental health awareness! Click here to the from Scarcity to Abundance workshop space!
8/15/202347 minutes, 9 seconds
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Manifestation Misconceptions

In todays episode I share some common misconceptions about manifestation that often keep us stuck & afraid to embrace the power of this process.
11/7/202224 minutes, 28 seconds
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Gratitude & Synchronicities 🙏🏾

Hello gorgeous! Welcome to another EBE weekly podcast. Thank you for listening, I hope this is episode inspires you. Wishing you a beautiful day wherever you are finding yourself.
10/31/202216 minutes, 44 seconds
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5 Minute Guided Activation Meditation

In a special edition of the Empowered by Ems Podcast. I take some time to share a powerful guided meditation to magnetize you to your higher self. Press play, close your eyes & allow me to guide you through a powerful moment for you. Use headphones for the best experience.  Please make sure not to use this mediation audio while you are driving or while operating heavy machinery.  Follow me on Instagram @emilykandanga: Explore my digital programs:
10/24/20225 minutes, 55 seconds
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Mini Life Update: Munich, Abundance Bootcamp & Live Marathon 💕

Hello! Welcome back to my podcast. In todays episode I’m chatting to y’all super free style about my trip to Munich and some cool updates about the abundance Bootcamp! Join the waitlist here
10/17/202221 minutes, 2 seconds
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The BIGGEST visualization hack

In today’s episode I share how you can make your visualisations for the things you’re manifesting more potent.  Join the Your Most Abundant Year Bootcamp Waitlist here Follow me on Instagram @emilykandanga: Explore my digital programs:
10/10/202210 minutes, 16 seconds
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I manifested a trip to Europe!

Yup! You read that right. 🥹🙌🏾⚡️ #powermanifestor
9/26/202215 minutes, 21 seconds
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How to start regulating your nervous system

Our nervous system plays such a key role in helping us cultivate feelings of calm & safety in our bodies. In today’s episode I dive a little deeper into this topic & share how you can begin to cultivate those feelings & self regulate to ensure you’re not reacting to everything thrown at you on a day to day basis. Connect with me on social
9/22/202217 minutes, 29 seconds
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Is Hard Work Aligned with Success?

Hustle hustle hustle to get ish off the ground or tap into flow & surrender the how & when things happen. Listen in as I share how most of us have gotten this formula all wrong. Join the Your Most Abundant Year Bootcamp Waitlist here
9/19/202217 minutes, 3 seconds
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Creating a Vision Board that Manifests

Your Most Abundant Year Bootcamp 2023 waitlist is open! Sign up to get the tools to manifest your most abundant year yet!
9/12/202212 minutes, 38 seconds
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Real Life Manifestations

In this episode I share some of the gems I’ve manifested into my life since making manifestation a conscious process.
8/29/202217 minutes, 6 seconds
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My Journey with Fitness

Grab some tea & join me as I share my journey with fitness from starting up way back in 2009 to now. Enjoy!
8/22/202213 minutes, 15 seconds
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Human Design 101

Listen in as I dive into all things human design! Find out what your type is at
8/15/202214 minutes, 56 seconds
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You Can Heal Yourself

My mini guide with key steps you can take in your journey. ❤️‍🩹
8/8/202220 minutes, 3 seconds
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Consistency! The only currency that matters

We’re talking all about showing up today! Listen in 🎧
7/18/202218 minutes, 11 seconds
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I finally went to therapy & it was amazing!

No human is perfect. We are not robots. We have hearts that bleed & we make mistakes. We all deserve a safe space where we can freely process our stuff, free from judgement. This has been the best decision & it has honestly come with the wisdom I’m gaining as I’m growing older & diving deeper into my personal mindset development. I hope this episode encourages you to give it a try too.
6/20/202211 minutes, 33 seconds
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Mercury retrograde, shadow exploration, manifesting a room upgrade & more ..

This episode is a mini life update; I chat about how mercury retrograde has been testing me, how I’ve been dealing with shadow work & what you can do if you find the universe testing you child. Plus I share exciting brand collaborations that are in the works. 💋
6/5/202221 minutes, 45 seconds
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Limiting Beliefs 101

In today’s episode I share all about limiting beliefs, what they are & I dig into just how powerful of a role they play in manifesting your day to day reality. It’s a juicy one!
5/5/202223 minutes, 55 seconds
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How to Develop Your Intuition

In today’s episode I share my personal experience with my intuition, I share how you can develop your intuition and round off by sharing the different ways you can be blocking your intuition.
4/13/202219 minutes, 22 seconds
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Tap in: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

In this episode I introduce you to the conscious & subconscious minds; their characteristics & share how you can reprogram your subconscious to help you create the life of your dreams.
4/6/202227 minutes, 31 seconds
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Radical Self-Care for the Indivisible Self

In this episode I up pack the different elements that make up our indivisible self & how you can show up & radically love on each one! 🎈
2/21/202217 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Bright Side: Lessons from an Injury

In today’s episode I share my experience with injuries I’ve gotten in gym. What it has taken to heal recover & come back stronger & the lessons I’ve learned.
2/14/202213 minutes, 50 seconds
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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs through the Power of Manifestation

In today’s episode I share a little bit of my spiritual journey, what drove me to transition from employee to a self made boss, the role healing plays in growth & of course I touch on the power of manifestation. Enjoy!!
1/29/202234 minutes, 29 seconds
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Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Home Workouts

In this episode I explore the effectiveness of at home workouts, how you can train safely & injury free at home, & ways you can increase the intensity of your sessions to ensure you are always progressing & feeling sufficiently challenged.
1/24/202214 minutes, 57 seconds
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I Got Something to Say!

Get to know me, a bit of my personal fitness journey, why I started this pod & what you can expect from future episodes. 😊
1/19/202212 minutes, 14 seconds
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Empowered By Ems (Trailer)

1/18/202237 seconds