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English, Education, 27 seasons, 43 episodes, 1 day, 7 hours, 28 minutes
Giving you an insight into my own self development journey, I am here to open up and share not just my own personal experiences but other peoples stories on what the have learnt from their past and how it has shaped them. Hoping to empower and inspire you to becoming whatever and whoever you want to be.
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Episode 41 on my Travels, Tiggers and appreciating the Glimmers

This week on the pod it is my last episode on Season 4 and I alway love to end each season with a solo episode sharing my life updates, where I am at emotionally, mentally and physically in my own journey. I chat about my solo travels and experiences I have been encountering over the 4 weeks from Sri Lanka to Bali and what I am appreciating and learning along the way. The biggest message in this episode is my Triggers and how I have been riding a rollercoaster of challenges since starting my Yoga teacher training as it is bringing a lot up for me. Learning to feel comfortable with the uncomfortable the last few weeks has been a lot but I have discovered a lot about myself through since tips: 1. Notice how you feel 2. Listen to yourself and what you need 3. Take a break 4. Show kindness and care towards you 5. Create boundaries 6. Talk it our or write it down When you open up and connect inward that is what the outward radiates more and you appreciate those glimmers ' moments of bliss and joy' a lot more. Until next season... don't let anyone dull your sparkle. Follow me @Emmakehoe/ @empowerwithemma
3/13/202429 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 40 with Nick Yarris on defeating Death Row in America after 22 years

This week on the pod I have my final guest who spent 22 years on death row in Prison after been wrongfully convicted of a crime. Nick talks about the horrific times he spent in solitary confinement, sound years with his thoughts, being beaten to near death and suffering head trauma. He also talks about how he learned to cultivate inner strength educating himself on the law and helping other prisoners and taking back his power through challenging the justice system which led to his release. Not only does Nik talk about his powerful life changing experience in Prison for a third of his life, he talk about others challenges he has faces in his personal life but that has not stopped him spreading kindness and love into the world. It truly shows that no matter what experience life can throw at us, we can always be kind to ourselves and others. Nick has several books published talking about his journey and are available to shop on amazon. The answer is always No until we ask.... Follow Nick on instagram @nickyyarris Follow me @emmakehoe / @empowerwithemma
3/6/202450 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 39 with Charleen Murphy the other sides of social media and believing in yourself.

This week on the pod I have the beautiful Charleen Murphy who not only is one of Ireland's top content creators but podcasters who is co-host to ‘ Hold my drink’. Charleen opens up and talks about how she got over a brutal attack last year when a stranger attacked her and how she dealt with it, her amazing motivation from working, going to college and doing social media to making it a full time career. For a 25 year old she has such a good mindset and amazing drive around her work and has got there for this reason. Charleen has given tips on how to get started on socials and working for yourself as times can get hard but we have to know that we all are only human and go through things in life and have to honor ourselves and learn to take that time off and slow down. Follow Charleen on instagram / TikTok @charleenmurphy Follow me @emmakehoe / @empowerwithemma I have just launched my SPRING RESET RETREAT on April 27th - 29th in the beautiful hills  of Wicklow at Powerscourt Springs Health Farm. A weekend to connect, reset and recharge your soul. Head over to me website for more details:
2/28/202438 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 38 with Conor Creighton on the power of vulnerability

This week on the pod I have Conor Creighton. He is an author, spiritual teacher, coach and shows people the ‘The power of love’. Conor wasn't always this way and talks about how he was a bar man, had an ego and there comes a point in life when you become more aware of who you are and who you want to be. You want to start refining parts of yourself, opening up to your emotions with the power of vulnerability. Learning to love yourself can be so hard and Conor has had his share of love and loss. He lost his Father last year and talks about grief in a different way, opens up about his childhood and how we can always change who we are. This episode was soul warming for me as seeing from a man's perspective about the other side of the coin how men can feel too. We are all humans just learning to love. Follow Conor on Instagram @conorcreighton Follow me @emmakehoe / @empowerwithemma I have just launched my SPRING RESET RETREAT on April 27th - 29th in the beautiful hills  of Wicklow at Powerscourt Springs Health Farm. A weekend to connect, reset and recharge your soul. Head over to me website for more details:
2/20/202443 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 37 with AOK Nutrition on Hormones, Endometriosis and learning about your cycle.

This week on the pod I have the amazing Aisling O'Keefe on aka AOK Nutrition talking all things hormones, female wellbeing, endometriosis and how women don't really know about their cycle. I have learnt so much from Aisling over the last few years as I had her on Season 1 and went to her as a client last year when suffering with hormone imbalances and the knowledge that she gave me has been life changing. Listen in for more... Follow Aisling on Insta @aoknutrition or get in touch with her clinic for an appointment. Follow me @emmakehoe / @empowerwithemma - For events / classes and 1:1 coaching.
2/14/202446 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 36 on Self Worth and Valuing who you are.

This week on the pod I am riding solo and sharing with you someone which is close to my heart and a journey which I have been on over the last few years and a hard one. This is finding my self worth and value. Most of us feel like we are not good enough and feel not worthy of things in life then it comes to relationships, life experiences that shape us into learning to love ourselves and know our own worth. I am here today to talk to you about my own personal stories that have shaped me and giving you - The 7 Steps to finding your self worth. When you start tapping into this you tap into your true power. Don't settle down just level up.... Follow me on Instagram @emmakehoe / @ empowerwithemma Events/ classes / Retreats -
2/7/202435 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 34 with Caitlin Brady on escaping Domestic Voilence

This week on the pod I talk to Caitlin Brady who built up the strength and courage to leave her abusive and violent relationship with her young baby. Caitlin opens up about her story and how brutal the relationship was and how she had to check herself and her daughter into a Womens shelter. In the last year she has learned to look for help and the power of finding her own inner strength to start over and heal. Caitlin is one of the bravest women I have ever heard speak and how she is navigating herself through her triggers and opening herself up to becoming who and what she wants to be. For anyone who is going through signs of Domestic violence you can call: Women’s aid - 1800341900 Follow Caitlin on Instram @Caitlinbradypromua Follow me @emmakehoe / @empowerwithemma Subscribe for my newsletter and updates  on events :
1/24/202440 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 33 with Georgie Crawford on self acceptance and taking a chance on yourself.

This week on the Empower with Emma podcast I have the one and only Georgie Crawford. She has been such a inspiration to many including myself and now I get to talk to her on a one to one soul level. I chat to Georgie about her self care, how the hard times have shaped her and brought her to where she is now, learning to be more in the present from living a life in stress mode for most of her life and then taking a bet on yourself as everything has to start with you and your self awareness. We all have something we are working on and don't know where I life is going but isn't that the weird fun part and maybe the universe does have our back? Question to ask yourself today 'What do I need today?' remember to always check in on yourself.. Georgie Crawford @georgie.crawford and @thegoodglow Follow me @emmakehoe / @empowerwithemma Subscribe for my newsletter and updates  on events :
1/17/202447 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode 32 Starting over in your 30's...

Welcome back to the Empower with Emma Podcast with me Emma Kehoe. On the first episode of Season 4 I always start off solo to give you the insights into my life and the updates on where I am at. There is a lot to catch up since the last podcast over 8 months ago from my solo Bali travels to Break ups, going into my single era to moving back home. It has been a whirlwind but I am here to open up, keep it real and reassure you as sometimes life can get hard. I give you some tips and tools on how I am navigating my own life.  There are always highs and lows and we have to learn how to ride this roller coaster called life… I know I am. Follow me @emmakehoe / @empowerwithemma Subscribe for my newsletter and updates  on events :
1/10/202431 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 10 on Confidence

On my last episode of Season 1, I give you a life update so far on what I have been up to such as my reiki course, meditating and what I have been learning since starting the pod and meeting people in person after covid for the first time. Then I talk about one of the most asked topics - Confidence, my own journey and what tips and advice I give to help you.
6/22/202225 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 9 with my sister Ashley Kehoe

On this weeks pod I have my sister , house mate and bestie to chat all things body confidence, self acceptance, how she got started in social media and taking he plunge to go out on her own and be self employed. We also talk about living together, some family stories and laughs but overall just chats between two sisters.
6/15/202241 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode 8 with Fiona Brennan

I chat to Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and author of The Self Love Habit & The Positive Habit about her journey into her career, my own self discovery “ a-ha “ moments I’ve been having lately, how important going inward is and how to create inner peace.
6/8/202254 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 7 with Adam Fogarty

On this weeks episode I chat to Adam Fogarty who is an artist and dancer and has travelled with some famous people such as Black Eyed Peas, Rita Ora and Emma Bunton. We chat about how he gained his confidence and positive mindset but it wasn't always smooth sailing, as he suffered from panic attacks, PTSD from being bullied through his school years. We chat about how he got through it and if any old stories come up what he does and as always I share my experiences too. 
6/1/202241 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 6 with Oonagh O' Hagan - MD of Meaghers Pharmacy

On this weeks episode chat to the amazing business woman Oonagh O'Hagan. We talk about how she took bought and took over Meagher's Pharmacy at 23 years old and what motivated her into taking on this big venture, working as a woman in business and how it has changed over the years and of course we touch on women's health & pre menopause . I took away so much from talking to Oonagh and is one to put a smile on your face listening to her.
5/25/202242 minutes, 5 seconds
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Episode 5 - Relationships

This week I really open up and going deep about relationships. I chat about my struggles on my own break up, my self worth, healing journey , what I have learnt about me and how I changed my mindset into opening myself up to dating again. 
5/18/202225 minutes
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Episode 4 with Mark Fennell

This week I talk to Life Coach Mark Fennell. We chat about how he got started into his career, what he does when negative thoughts or challenges arise  how to set healthy boundaries and a clear head space for himself and lots more.
5/11/202244 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 3 with Aisling Fox aka AOK Nutrition

On this weeks podcast I chat to Aisling Fox all about female hormones. What causes us to be imbalanced, how our libido can be altered on  the pill / contraceptive and how our monthly cycle can differ all the time.
5/4/202245 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 2 with Denise Kenny Byrne

On this weeks episode I talk to Denise Kenny Bryne co-founder of The Head Plan . We chat about her road to spirituality, how she got through challenging times and what her non negotiables of self care are.
4/27/202239 minutes, 27 seconds
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Welcome to Empower with Emma, my new venture sharing all things that surround and inspire me! Follow me on Instagram @emmakehoe
4/7/20221 minute, 57 seconds