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English, Social, 2 seasons, 28 episodes, 1 day 8 hours 17 minutes
Emotionally Online is a weekly slumber party for spilling guts and sharing secrets hosted by Maddie Dragsbaek.
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the girlfriend manifesto – ep. 28

today, we're talking about speed dating, receiving a girlfriend manifesto, weird high school traditions, how my relationship with sex has changed over the last few years, and AT LONG LAST, the finale of love island uk season 9!
24/03/2023 β€’ 1 hour 1 minute 50 seconds
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babes... i've got the ick (ft. haley and jordan) – ep. 27

i've got the ick... and so do my friends haley (@hayfuls) and jordan (@jskinnerofficial) who've joined me today to talk dating, getting the ick, and LOVE ISLAND WEEK SEVEN BABY!!!note: had a bit of trouble with the audio for this episode but we pushed through! i'd never recorded with 3 microphones before and you can definitely hear the difference between my new mics (mine and haley's) and my old mic (jordan's). i didn't realize what a difference it was until i heard them together lol! learning of the week: record with the same mics! :)πŸ’Œ submission form: business inquiries: [email protected]
10/03/2023 β€’ 1 hour 50 minutes 26 seconds
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big boobs? – ep. 26

today we're talking about oral sex (or the lack thereof), slut-shaming, having big boobs, and love island week six baby (episodes 35–41)!
02/03/2023 β€’ 1 hour 19 minutes 1 second
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casa amor (my superbowl) – ep. 25

today, i'm taking a few audience submissions but mostly talking about my superbowl, CASA AMOR BABYYYY!!! WEEK FIVE OF LOVE ISLAND UK LET'S GOOOOO!!!!
22/02/2023 β€’ 1 hour 21 minutes 38 seconds
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choosing myself – ep. 24

today we're talking about sex dreams, a recent dating experience that left me feeling proud of myself, and love island week four (episodes 21-27) baby!!
15/02/2023 β€’ 50 minutes 56 seconds
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sister advice and weird chapstick guys (ft. morgan) – ep. 23

today we're joined by my sister morgan (@morgdrags) to talk about our sisterhood, childhood stories, and weigh in on your requests for sister advice. and then, of course, we're talking about week 3 of love island uk (episodes 14-20).
08/02/2023 β€’ 1 hour 27 minutes 22 seconds
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you just got influenced: mascara gate – ep. 22

today, we're talking about mascara gate, rekindling friendships that you've neglected, and love island week two (episodes 7-13)!
01/02/2023 β€’ 1 hour 6 minutes 48 seconds
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crying is IN this year – ep. 21

we're back!! today, i'm chatting about what i learned during my time away, ins and outs for 2023, and week one of love island uk season 9 baby!!! the show will be on wednesdays during the love island season and then we'll go back to our usual friday episodes. i'm SO HAPPY TO BE BACK, I MISSED U SO MUCH!!!
25/01/2023 β€’ 1 hour 4 minutes 38 seconds