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English, Comedy, 1 seasons, 17 episodes, 14 hours 17 minutes
Amanda and Michelle Pulitano's emergency call... Life line, best friend, mother-daughter & everything in between. Follow @emergencycallpod on instagram for updates
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17: exposing our unpopular opinions

today we decided to discus all of our unpopular opinions & we reacted to all of yours ig: @emergencycallpod
13/07/202349 minutes 52 seconds
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16: annoying boys & crazy cat ladies

we haven't sat down and chatted in 2 weeks so today we just wanted to have a chill little catch up ig: @emergencycallpod
12/07/202337 minutes 55 seconds
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15: heartbreak, past relationships & moving on

Normally we expose Amandas love life on here. SOO, in todays episode we decided to take it back to Michelles past dating life before she got married. We dove into her first heartbreak, teenage relationships, what was different about her relationship with her husband that made it last, and we shared a lot of breakup advice. ENJOY ig: @emergencycallpod
01/07/202349 minutes 57 seconds
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14: dating in this generation sucks

today we talked about why we didn't get an episode out last week, mental health, a chicken update, and played a game to see if we are toxic
23/06/202345 minutes 13 seconds
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13: a hungover sunday morning

dished out maybe a little too much personal shit this week lol enjoy ig: @emergencycallpod
08/06/202346 minutes 14 seconds
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12: Taylor Swift healed us

This week we recapped the Eras Tour MetLife shows we went to and then deep dove into all things healing ig: @emergencycallpod
02/06/20231 hour 2 minutes 20 seconds
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11: Paris + Amsterdam Recap

This past week we missed an episode because we were in Paris and Amsterdam. To get back into the podcast we decided to do a little recap episode of our entire trip.  follow us on ig @emergencycallpod
25/05/202354 minutes 41 seconds
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10: how to have an open mother-daughter relationship

its question and answers time... as we have been prepping our trip to Paris this week we decided to do a chill Q&A episode. You guys asked us a bunch of questions on our instagram @emergencycallpod and we answered them all! Everything from questions about our relationship, friendship drama, how Michelle met Al, parenting & MORE!
11/05/202348 minutes 54 seconds
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9: homie hop with caution

ig @emergencycallpod
04/05/202346 minutes 37 seconds
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8: we're all on a different path

This week we talked about the societal standards when it comes to college & life paths. Both of us have had different post high school experiences and wanted to share that with you today. ig- @emergencycallpod
27/04/202347 minutes 12 seconds
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7: friendships for a season, reason, or lifetime

In todays episode Amanda and Michelle discussed everything friendship. Friends who come into your life to teach you something, navigating friend break ups, the kind of people to keep close & much more. ig: @emergencycallpod
13/04/20231 hour 1 minute 47 seconds
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6: body image in your 20s vs. 40s

Today Amanda & Michelle discussed everything body image. From when they first remember feeling self conscious of their bodies to dealing with toxic comments people have made on weight. They also answered some of your questions as well. Follow on ig @emergencycallpod
07/04/202353 minutes 35 seconds
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5: how social media affects mental health

Today we discussed why we were MIA last week, how social media can take a toll on your mental health, seasonal depression, getting hobbies, what we did this weekend & ofc had to expose Amanda's dating life a little 
30/03/202352 minutes 45 seconds
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4: celibacy + dating

in todays episode we kept things really chill. We haven't seen each other in 2 weeks so we decided to just catch up today. 
17/03/202348 minutes 40 seconds
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3: self sabotage

today we discussed self sabotage... how we do it, the effects, + a little advice session
09/03/202349 minutes 56 seconds
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2: losing loved ones & family dynamic

today Michelle opened up about all of the loss she has faced in the past 6 years. It definitely got deeper than we had anticipated, we hope that this episode helps you feel less alone if you have dealt with anything similar. We also talked about our family dynamic and how we are such a close fam.
02/03/202353 minutes 34 seconds
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1: welcome to emergency call!

welcome to our first episode!! This week we were just dipping our toes into the whole podcasting thing. We chatted a little bit about... everything. We hope you guys are as  we are to follow along this journey with us! Follow our ig @emergencycallpod for more updates and to be included in future episodes!
23/02/202348 minutes 6 seconds