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English, Education, 2 seasons, 136 episodes, 3 days 2 hours 33 minutes
A podcast for the woman who desires to evolve and powerfully show up in her relationships, life and business fully embodied in her divine confidence. Learn about feminine energy, sexuality, sensuality, emotional expression, beauty in relationships, womanhood, sisterhood and so much more. This podcast will hold the space for you to rise into your own truth and power, by revealing to you the deepest realizations about confidence in womanhood! Dive in, and enjoy!
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95// How To Feel Wealthy When Your Bank Balance Is $0

Ugh, there it is, that feeling of defeat. Your bank balance is zero, a huge bill has come in, or maybe your business has had a $0 income month. You're wobbly, and so hijacked by disappointment, that you just want to run away and hide in an abandoned barn. There NO WAY you can experience feelings of wealth while this is happening in your reality... ...WRONG. You absolutely can experience feelings of wealth when your bank is feeling empty. You absolutey can create a life that represents your feelings of wealth, when the cash doesnt seem to be returning. You can 100% maintain momentum in building a life you truly truly desire, when your finanaces look a little sparse. In this episode I share the exact way you can experience all of this. Be prepared to settle your nervous system and get back to working on creating a sensational life! JOIN ATTUNEMENT (COHORT #2) - WE BEGIN FEB 27TH <a href="https://www
16/02/202415 minutes 59 seconds
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94// Your Body Is The House of Wealth

Your relationship to your body is the most foundational piece when it comes to feeling wealthy. Wealth is an emotion, an internal experience. Its sensations and feelings, that come together to bring you into the state of wealth. All of this is happening IN the body. When we are disconnected and disrespectful to our body, it resists us. It will stop you experiencing what you desire to experience. It will refuse to cooperate when you ask it to guide you. Your body is the one making all the decisions, whether that seems obvious or not, and to put your relationship to her on the back burner, is to sabotage your journey to living a life that feels so wealthy.  Inside this episode I share my story with you, and the key places of focus that can bring you into divine union with you body. Enjoy! ENROL IN ATTUNEMENT (cohort #2) - WE BEGIN FEB 27TH SCARCITY - THE
09/02/202419 minutes 42 seconds
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93// The Definition Of ABRACADABRA Blew My Mind...

Self expression is literally the key to creating a life that represents what wealth is to you. From the words you use, to the body language you hold, it all acts as a bridge between your internal and external world. You have so much power within your expression. When we are unconcious of our emotions and internal experiences, we find ourselves hijack, making decisions and taking action that is very out of alignment. We end up creating a world that represents that low vibe inner experience. But when we are conscious, and in a state we desire to be in, we can intentionally choose the way we express ourselves, so our reality can come into desired form. This is the power of wealth embodied self expression, and today we are going to GET INTO IT!! JOIN ATTUNEMENT (cohort #2) BEGINS FEB 27TH SCARCITY - THE BIRTHPLACE OF YOUR WEALTH IDENTITY (FREE)
02/02/202420 minutes 34 seconds
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92// Money Goals Are Out, Wealth Goals Are In - Creating Goals That Actually Manifest

Money goals are kinda blugh now. They have a greyness about them and lack the much needed emotional activation, that truly, gets you going. Writing down metrics like $ amounts as a goal, does nothing to the body, and we know, if you want something to happen for you, then your body has to be on board. Its the true decision maker. So when it comes to writing down our goals, our desires, our to-be-manifested lists, we HAVE to bring in sensations, emotions, and activating experiences. You have to read, look and take in that goal and feel something baby! This is how you create the life that represents your version of wealth. You gotta set that inner gps system the RIGHT WAY. That's what we are diving into inside this episode. Get your pens out...we workshoppin' JOIN ATTUNEMENT WAITIST PRIVATE MENTORSHIP <a href= "https://www.nataliecarranceja
26/01/202425 minutes 27 seconds
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91// Chasing Energy VS Attracting Energy

We all fall into the trap of "chasing". You create a goal, vision your desires, and the immediate reaction is to go out and chase. Chase the person, chase the money, chase the business. Yet, have you ever stopped to question what happens when you chase something, especially something outside of you? Could you pause and ask yourself "what are the true emotions driving my need to chase these things?". What if you knew how to move away from chasing energy and into "attraction" energy? Inside this episode I will share with you how to make this transition, so you can start or continue you build the life you actual want, with ease. "I AM THE PROVIDER" MASTERCLASS (JAN 23RD @ 10AM) ATTUNEMENT WAITLIST PRIVATE MENTORSHIP BRE
19/01/202414 minutes 58 seconds
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90// "How Dare You Think Your Life Isn't Enough" - The Slap In The Face I Didn't Know I Needed.

"How dare you think your life isnt enough", she said. It stopped me in my tracks. I could feel her rage and the depth of her sadness. This is everything she had dreamed of, and I was acting like it wasnt enough. It had been a while since I had heard her voice, and this time it was loud. I was so shocked... Dive into today episode to find out what this whole conversation was about! "I AM PROVIDED FOR" MASTERCLASS (JAN 23RD @ 10AM) ATTUNEMENT WAITLIST PRIVATE MENTORSHIP BREATHWORK SESSIONS
12/01/202428 minutes 30 seconds
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89// I Don't Want a Million Dollar Business...I Don't Even Want a Multiple Six Figure Biz...

I recently experienced the most profound breakthrough about the life and business I truly desire to have. It brought me to tears and I felt the biggest wave of relief wash over me. It was like my body was saying "finally, I have been waiting for you to have this breakthrough, and make the shift". Since owning my truth, and acknowledging the life and business I really want, things have felt incredible. I had been ignoring my body and its communication for far too long, and since that moment of breakthrough, Ive been making wonderful changes to bring my life into alignment with the visions I now have. I can't WAIT to share this conversaton with you, because I know it'll be something many of you resonate with. Dive in, and pleeeeeease let me know how this lands for you too!  ATTUNEMENT WAITLIST BREATHWORK SESSIONS <a href="https://www.nata
05/01/202424 minutes 35 seconds
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88// Is Mindset Work Old News?

Is mindset work done? Are we kinda over it? Well, yes and no. I have a new perspective on mindset work, and I truly believe that on its own, it is no longer enough to create long lasting change. One thing I have noticed with only focussing on mindset, is that the transformation is temporary. In order to make it permanent, we must merge mindset work with embodiment work. We have to turn the "aha moment" (which happens in the mind), into a massive life altering breakthrough (which happens in the body). We have to ensure that the body is in fully alignment and agreement with what the mind is desiring to believe and understand. When this happens, THAT is when real change happens. Until then, mindset isnt enough on its own. Dive into todays episide, where I unpack this idea a lot more! Enjoy! ATTUNEMENT WAITLIST PRIVATE MENTORSHIP <a href= "h
29/12/202327 minutes 26 seconds
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87// My Beef With The Manifestation World

One of the most important parts of the manifestation process, is learning to FEEL IT FIRST. Understanding how to get your body into the state it associates with your desired life style. While this is the single most important part of the process, its over looked and quickly brushed over. You're given a lot of information about it, but not the support to apply and embody. Theres is way more focus on action, strategy and "step by step" plans, than there is on the learning to feel part. Heres the thing, when you learn how to experience what you desire in the body first, EVERYTHING else falls into place with so much ease and simplicity. So this is the convo we are having in todays podcast. Enjoy! ATTUNEMENT WAITLIST BREATHWORK PRIVATE MENTORSHIP
15/12/202332 minutes 44 seconds
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86// Masculine Energy, Hyper Independance & Resisting The Provider Energy

Ok, juicy topic for you today. The feeling of wealth, and the feeling of being provided for are the same. When you are leaned back, and allowing your needs to be met and accepting resources to help you create the life you desire, you're feeling provided for (aka wealthy). Having a healthy relationship to being provided for, is the foundation your wealth embodiment is built on. So how do you create it? How do you know if the relationship is healthy or not? First, we take a look at your relationship to the masculine, and how "provider energy" was modelled to you growing up. Then....well, I'll tell you the rest inside todays podcast episode! Grab and pen, and make notes, because this healing work will be the catalyst for your wealth journey! Attunement Waitlist Breakthrough Breathwork
08/12/202336 minutes 30 seconds
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85// Wealth and Money Are Not The Same Thing!

Wealth and money are not the same, and I will keep saying this until my very last breath. The idea that these are the same thing, have led to some many beautiful humans limiting themselves when it comes to feeling wealthy. You have power and ability to feel and experience wealth, whenever you desire. You can trigger this feeling at any point. Whats so incredible, it is from this state of FEELING wealthy, that you can attract resources that allow you to build a life that represents your unique meaning of wealth. Resources like money. Your only job is to learn how to trigger yourself to feel this way...everything else unfolds effortlessly and naturally. Dive into todays episode, and create the space to try on this new perception and understanding. Breakthrough Breathwork 1:1 Mentorship <a href= "
01/12/202323 minutes 30 seconds
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83// Wealth Is Becoming More Feminine

For so long, wealth has been only associated with money, which had lead to so many people feeling limited and distanced from feeling wealthy. Over the last few months, I've been witnessing a huge shift in wealth expression and the definintion of wealth. It is moving away from the masculine (money) and more into the feminine (feeling). This is so so so exciting for many reasons. Not only does this make "feeling wealthy" available to everyone, but its also going to attract incredible resources into your life, so you can make your reality a true represenation of what wealth means to YOU. GAH! So excited about this, you should be too! Breakthrough Breathwork Sessions 1:1 Mentorship WAITLIST: "Attunement - use your feelings of wealth to attune every aspect of your life to your unique def
24/11/202320 minutes 13 seconds
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82// Drop The Good Girl Act If You Want To Feel Wealthy

Ooft, coming at you with some sass in this weeks episode. A few months back, I ran an experience called Wealthy. Inside I offered some new, exciting, refreshing and RELIEVING perspectives on wealth, that encouraged the women to retire their old ways. Inside this episode I share with you one of the womens break throughs, around the good girl identity and how it was impact her capacity to FEEL wealthy. SUCH a powerful and potent breakthrough, and I am excited to share and unpack it with you. So grab your journal, a hot cup of coffee, and get listening! PRIVATE 1:1 MENTORSHIP BREAKTHROUGH BREATHWORK SESSIONS INSTAGRAM
17/11/202322 minutes 49 seconds
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82// I Was Unconsciously Choosing Suffering and Discomfort - The Biggest Breakthrough In Years!

I am still in disbelief that uncovered such a mammoth belief, program and pattern. Something that had been stood in my way for years and years and years. I had unconsciously been choosing to suffer and be in discomfort because it provided me with something my heart needed. This had been  something engrained into my cells since I was really little, and only recently did I get the chance to uncover, unearth and process. Since that moment, I have been on cloud 9. I feel so at ease, and I am channeling like crazy! So grab a cuppa, and dive in, because this is juicy! COME HANG ON INSTA PRIVATE BREAKTHROUGH BREATHWORK THE MENTORSHIP
10/11/202328 minutes 43 seconds
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81// The Entrepreneur Is Overwhelmed. Here Is The Solution...

The collective feeling that all online entrepreneurs are experiencing right now, is OVERWHELM. Why? Because you are so plugged into the external noise, of everyone and their aunt telling you what to "do" in your biz, that youve become so disconnected from yourself. As a result your feeling stagnant and chaotic, doubting yourself. What every entrepreneur needs right now, what you need, is a way to come back to yourself and your own wisdom, because you are the one who truly knows what right for your business, not someone else. Success stems from body and business alignment. This work is how you get to grow a business that feels sustainable, abundant and impactful. A legacy. Dive in and enjoy! ENROL IN THE EMOTIONALLY ELEGANT ENTREPRENEUR - STARTS NOV 1ST BOOK A BREATHWORK SESSION BOOK PRIVATE M
03/11/202326 minutes 56 seconds
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80// How Your Insecure Attachment Is Impacting Your Sales...

This is not talked about anywhere in the business coaching world. The sales process is one of the most revealing parts of entrepreneurship. When we stop to really look at why sales feels hard, often we see how linked it is to relationships. Patterns you have in relationships are mirrored in the sales process. Its so powerful to realize. Knowing this and what to do with this, is how sales will become easier and more fluid. Dive in to understand more! JOIN THE EMOTIONALLY ELEGANT ENTREPRENEUR PRIVATE MENTORSHIP INSTAGRAM
27/10/202320 minutes 31 seconds
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79// Misalignment vs Alignment In Business (Pre-work for IDENTITY)

Todays episode is a little unique...its the prework to IDENTITY, the free 3 day experience to guide you back to who you are and what you’re here for. In order to build a business that can thrive and attract the abundance you desire, you must first know what youre doing that is in alignment, and what isnt. What are you doing that feels good for you? What are you doing that doesnt feel good for you? And WHY are you doing the things that don't feel good? The answers will be extremely revealing and allow you to understand how to build your business. Enjoy! IDENTITY - a free 3-day experience to guide you back to who you are and what you’re here for. B
13/10/202316 minutes 55 seconds
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78// Embodiment Sells, Facts Don't

People buy based off other peoples life experience. They buy because of what they feel. The facts don't matter, if theres nothing felt. You can throw the most amazing information out there, but if the buyer does't feel something, or they feel some sort of emotional discomfort then they will disconnect. If you're wanting sales to feel effortless, this episode is going to walk you it. There is sooooo much intertwined with your relationship to sales, but this is the FIRST piece you want to unpack. Enjoy! IDENTITY - a free 3-day experience to guide you back to who you are and what you’re here for. <span class= "OYPEnA text-decoration-none text-
06/10/202318 minutes 16 seconds
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77// Learning To Hold Big Money

The idea of big money can bring up a lot of emotions and resistance, and for many, its the reason they are hitting a plateau in income or enrolments. Does it mean more work? More responsibility? Less spaciousness? For some, big money doesn't feel safe, so instead they block it, even though they're mind is saying they want it. In this episode I share my huge breakthrough with you, and how I got to the core of why I wasn't attract more money. Enjoy! IDENTITY - a free 3-day experience to guide you back to who you are and what you’re here for. Breakthrough Breathwork<
29/09/202320 minutes 23 seconds
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76// I Pivoted Mid-Launch and Changed My Offer...Good Idea?

Earlier last week, I had a massive breakthrough about an offer, and had to pause mid-launch and completely pivot! A business faux par? Probably? Did I let the fear of judgement stop me, nope. Lets talk about this, and why its SO important to listen to your body when it comes to growing your business! JOIN IDENTITY - a free 3-day experience to guide you back to who you are and what you’re here for. Come hang on instagram Book a
22/09/202324 minutes 56 seconds
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75// What They Didn't Tell You About Being An Entrepreneur... | Anxious Attachment | Masculine & Feminine | Vulnerability | Emotional Mastery

Entrepreneurship is one of the biggest personal development journeys you will ever embark on. You will get triggered AF, and you're unsure how to navigate and hold space for your triggers, you'll end up building a business that feels wildly out of alignment. Our past experience will influence the way we make decisions as business owners, until we make the choice to unearth the experiences and emotionally untangle from them. When you let go, release, transmute and alchemise the stuck emotions from your past, your business will boom. Are you ready?  JOIN "IDENTITY - A free experience to reconnect you to your unique identity as a leader" Breakthrough Breathwork Instagram
15/09/202330 minutes 17 seconds
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74// If You Are Feeling Lost In Your Business, This Is Why.... | Entrepreneurship | Emotional Mastery | Leadership | Business Growth

I see this all too often, entreprenuers who have such an incredibly unique way of leading, losing themselves and morphing who they are to fit in. Lacking emotional boundaries and deep self understanding, resulting in them building a business that doesnt feel aligned. Instead feeling defeated, frustrated and disappointed. Well, this stops today. Its time to reconnect to your unique essence as a leader, and create the impact you were here to make! JOIN "IDENTITY - a free experience to reconnect you to your unique identity as a leader" Breakthrough Breathwork Instagram
08/09/202334 minutes 55 seconds
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73// Even When It Seems Nothing Is Happening, Something IS Happening! NLP | Subconscious Reprogramming | Feel Your Desires | Emotional Mastery

I think we all fall into the pattern of believing "its just not working" because our currently reality has no proof of things working out. What we fail to understand, is that there is so much we can not yet, there is so much we cant experience due to the limitations of being a human! Theres nothing wrong with that. We are being called to exercise our ability to follow our feelings of desire, joy and wealth. We are being invited to hold faith that if we follow those feelings, everything will work out. I explain all this is so much detail in todays episode!  Book a Breakthrough Breathwork Session w/ me Come hang out on instagram See detail for all programs and courses
01/09/202337 minutes 58 seconds
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72// What If You Could Intentionally Trigger Yourself Into Feeling Wealthy? | Wealth Consciousness | Money Mindset | Emotions Coaching | Manifestation

Theres a simple step by step process that allows you to FEEL wealthy, whenever you want. It's called Intentional Triggering. A process that has allowed me to access feelings of wealth in any given situation. Its all about understanding the sensory experience of your definition of wealth. Mmmmmhmmm, I cant wait for you to dive in! Enjoy! ENROL IN ATTUNEMENT (BEGINS AUG 15TH) ACCESS 'SCARCITY - THE BIRTHPLACE OF YOUR WEALTH IDENTITY (FREE)' COME HANG ON INSTA 1:1 MENTORSHIP
11/08/202327 minutes 58 seconds
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71// THIS Is Why You're Not Seeing Desired Changes In Your Reality | Manifestation | Embodiment | Wealth Embodiment | Breathwork | Emotional Regulation

We want to see our reality shift, and for desired outcomes to unfold, but for some reason its not happening. You're trying, and you're tired of trying. The process I share with you inside this episode, is the key to seeing and experiencing REAL change in your reality. Change that is long lasting and sustainable. Change that gets you excited and fills you with life force. I am so excited to share it with you! Dive in, and take notes! JOIN ME IN "ATTUNEMENT"  1:1 Mentorship Come hang on Instagram
04/08/202328 minutes 11 seconds
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70// Do You Feel Safe To Feel Wealthy? | Wealth Mindset | Wealth Consciousness | Breathwork | Nervous System Regulation

I dont think we really thought to ask ourselves this question, on our journey into knowing our wealth identity. Does my body feel safe to embody this? And when it comes down to it, anything new that you want to integrate, the body will put up a fight against. Why? Because its new, for one, and because it doesnt yet have proof itll be ok to implement. So teaching your body, thats it safe to feel and experience your unique definintion of wealth is CRUCIAL, to see change. JOIN WEALTHY - A 3 DAY EXPERIENCE (KICKS OFF SUN 30TH JUNE) 1:1 MENTORSHIP INSTAGRAM
28/07/202323 minutes 48 seconds
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69// Money Is A Resource, Wealth Is An Emotion | Wealth Consciousness | Emotional Intelligence | Feminine Confidence | Money Mindset

This episode will help you define and understand the difference between money and wealth. Far too often we connect these two things, and it creates a lot of struggle when it comes to calling in desires. Wealth is something you feel. Money is a resource. Knowing this is going to chnge the way you show up in this world! Dive into this episode and let me know how it landed for you!   Join WEALTHY - a 3-day immersive experience to become the woman who FEELS wealthy. 1:1 Mentorship Come hang on instagram!
21/07/202327 minutes 59 seconds
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68// How Do I FEEL Wealthy? | Wealth Mindset | Wealth Consciousness | Money Mindset | Abundance Mindset

How do I FEEL wealthy? Wealth is an embodied state, its less about having wealth and more about feeling it. When we open our bodies up to the sensation of aligned wealth, we attract more than we could have every imagined. It all starts with feeling. In this episode I share with you the importance of feeling wealthy first, and taking your eyes of manifesting into your external reality. Enjoy! Join SCARCITY: The Birthplace of Your Wealth Identity (free/limited time) Enrol in WEALTHY: Become The Woman Who Feels Wealthy ($97) Come and say HI on Insta!
14/07/202323 minutes 49 seconds
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67// Are You Willing To Let Go of Everything You Currently Know About Wealth? | Wealth Consciousness | Breakthrough Breathwork | Money Mindset | Wealth Identity

Are you willing to let go of everything you currently know about wealth, so you can access you true aligned wealth identity? This is the question that will trigger your wealth evolution. It will lead you into such an expansive wealth consciousness, that the way you live your life will change forever. This is the questiont that Scarcity asks of you. Are you willing to answer? Come and join me in the FREE experience - SCARCITY: The birthplace of your wealth identity (July 10th) Come hang on instagram
07/07/202322 minutes 29 seconds
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66// (PART 2) Turning Feelings of Scarcity into Feelings of Wealth | Wealth Consciousness | Money Mindset | Manifesting Desire

In today's episode, I dive deeper into this conversation around scarcity. We talk about how it is not an identity, and how to ensure that you extract the powerful message from this feeling so you can begin activating your wealth identity. This is such an incredible episode, and will create such an aha moment for you, if you let it! Scarcity is not the bad guy...far from it! SCARCITY - THE BIRTHPLACE OF YOUR WEALTH IDENTITY (JULY 10TH) Come hang on instagram 1:1 Mentorship
30/06/202329 minutes 12 seconds
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65// Turning Feelings of Scarcity Into Feelings of Wealth (pt 1) | Wealth Consciousness | Money Mindset | Manifesting Desire

Often we are told to "fix" our feelings of scarcity, and that these feelings in our body are wrong. So then you end up on a wild goose chase of finding programs and courses to help you remove scarcity from your body. I am here to offer you a different view point on scarcity, so you no longer resist it, and instead use it to access power deep within that will initiate your journey to wealth! I am so excited about this convo! Join on Insta to get the latest on the free experience  Work With Me 1:1    
24/06/202332 minutes 4 seconds
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64// Why Breathwork Is The Key To Exponentially Growing Your Business

In 2020 I discovered breathwork, and since then I have experienced some of the most profound breakthroughs. Life changing aha moments, that have led to wild success in my business. Its been incredible, and its time I shared more with you about this special modality. Inside this episode, you will learn how to dramatically grow your business, using breathwork and its magic!! Enjoy!   Join The Emotionally Elegant Entrepreneur (begins June 12th) Hang out with me on Insta 1:1 Coaching
09/06/202336 minutes 17 seconds
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63// Sales Is Hard...Heres Why | Entrepreneurship | Emotional Mastery | Building A Business

This isnt mentioned enough in business coaching...sales and selling is hard. And while I believe that it gets easier and more effortless. Selling, in the beginning, can feel challenging and it brings a lot up to the surface. Lots of emotions and old belief patterns. I dive deeper into all of this, inside the this episode.   Join The Emtionally Elegant Entrepreneur Come hang on Instagram
02/06/202323 minutes 46 seconds
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62// Why Haven't We Talked About This? | Business Goals | Achieving Success | Being A Human

Theres a missing part of the conversation when we are mapping out our goals in business. We can be so focussed on how we want to feel once we get to the level of success desired...that we forget something....we are still a human when we reach this desire. Lets talk about this today....   Enrol in The Emotionally Elegant Entrepreneur Come hang on insta
26/05/202322 minutes 42 seconds
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61// The Relationship Advice That Could Grow Your Business

Pretty much all relationship advice could be applied to your business. Think about it, youre IN a relstionship with your business. I know its not a physical relationship, but its a relationship none the less. So why wouldnt regular relationship advice apply? This weeks episode takes something that I teach to my clients to grow their relationships, and I apply it to business evolution! Its juicy! Enjoy! Enrol in The Emotionally Elegant Entrepreneur Come hang on instagram
19/05/202326 minutes 5 seconds
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60// If It Feels Like Home, Teach It - Understanding Your Purpose As An Entrepreneur

12/05/202332 minutes 46 seconds
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59// The REAL Answer To Being Magnetic In Business

Its not about how many orgasms you have, or the smoothie you sip in the morning. Its deeper than that. To be magnetic in business, means you have to be a relatable human...and I teach you the simple answer to this, inside todays episode! Go listen, and grow your business! The Emotionally Elegant Entrepreneur Waitlist 1:1 Mentorship Instagram
05/05/202322 minutes 15 seconds
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58// Making Big Ass Scary Changes In Business?

Lets be honest, running a business is a vunerable task. Its an expression of you. Its an extension of you. What you care about it fully on display. So making massive changes to your business can feel extra spicy. In this episode, I walk you through the changes Ive made, and why I was scared to do it, and also the reasons behind the changes. Enjoy! THE EMOTIONALLY ELEGANT ENTREPRENUER WAITLIST >>> PRIVATE MENTORSHIP INSTAGRAM
28/04/202332 minutes 56 seconds
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57// What They Don't Teach You In Business Programs

This isnt talked about enough in business programs. Theres a lot of talk on energy, strategy, modalities, systems, using human design, gene keys...I mean you name it, and its in a business program. But not this. Not really. It's time we brought this convo forward, and connected it to the business world. THE EMOTIONALLY ELEGANT ENTREPRENEUR WAITLIST >>> PRIVATE MENTORSHIP INSTAGRAM
21/04/202336 minutes 42 seconds
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56// Why Arguing With Your Partner Is NEEDED For Relationship Growth

I know, I know. You dont love to argue with your partner because it feels so uncomfortable and unpleasant. But what if I told you that its NEEDED in order for your relationship to grow? I think we believe that conflict creates disconnect and distance in a relaitonship, and I truly believe the opposite. Let me share this new perscpetive with you, so you can step into conflict with confidence. ENROL IN SPOKEN WITH INTENTION APPLY FOR PRIVATE MENTORSHIP COME HANG ON INSTA
14/04/202325 minutes 19 seconds
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55// The Golden Rules of Excellent Communication In Relationships

I will go as far as to say that excellent communication is ONE THING that will elevate your relationship to levels beyond your imagination. Deeper connection, more intimacy, more passion, more love, is a direct result of being able to communicate well with your partner. This is what this episode is ALLLLL about! Learn the rules of excellent communication and watch your relationship thrive! JOIN SPOKEN WITH INTENTION COME HANG ON INSTA
07/04/202329 minutes 16 seconds
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54// This Is Why It's Hard For You To Apologise After An Arguement

So many of us have full body resistance to apoologising after a fight or arguement with our partners. We just cant bring ourselves to do it, so we wait for them to make the "first move". Theres a reason for this, you're not being a bi*ch, its deep subconscious programming. Let me unpack this for you in todays episode, so you can feel empowered around instigating repair in your relationship. JOIN SPOKEN WITH INTENTION Come hang on instagram
31/03/202323 minutes 7 seconds
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53// You're Not Needy, You're Normal

A lot of the time, the word "needy" is misunderstood, and as a result, a lot of women don't ask to have their needs met. But I am here to share with you WHY asking to have your needs met IS NOT needy. This episode dives into this and explains all! I hope you walk about relieved and confidence to ask your partner for what you need! SPOKEN WITH INTENTION LAUNCHING NEXT WEEK! Follow on Instagram for all the details!
24/03/202321 minutes 48 seconds
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52// The Shame I Experience In Motherhood (a very VERY vulnerable convo for me...)

If you are a parent of a little one who is more on the sensitive side, this convo is for you. It can feel isolating sometimes, when your kid is the one described as "delicate", and you end up having to leave social engagements early. Its tough for us. I hope this episode validates you and you feel seen Private Mentorship Instagram
17/03/202322 minutes 30 seconds
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51// Why It's So Hard To Talk About Money (a personal story)

I have found it so hard to talk about money over my lifetime, because of what I experienced growing up. The beliefs I built around money, stopped me in my tracks any time I heard people talk about spending money, having money or creating money. It was hard...until I found out the deepest why. I share it all with you inside this episode. Private Mentorship The Pass - "Money Masterclass" Come hang on insta
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50// Do you struggle to let your partner financially support you?

Theres a reason why you have a visceral reaction to letting your partner support you financially. You would love to let them be the provider when you need it, so you can lean back, receive and rest your nervous system, but for some reason, its just too hard. Well, thats going to change today. This conversation is fireeeee! Enjoy! The Pass - Money Masterclass (March) The Mentorship - Private Coaching Come hang on insta
03/03/202320 minutes 48 seconds
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49// Releasing The Pressure Of Being Someone You're Not

I think we all find ourselves in this position at some point in our lives. Shape shifting and trying to fit into an identity that doesn't actually align with who we really are. As a result we feel a little lost, and unable to really connect with others. Lets change that shall we?! Inside this episode I unpack why we do this, and how to come back to yourself. Apply for private mentorship Come hang on insta [email protected]
24/02/202318 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

48// The Shadow Side of Becoming The Woman You Desire To Be

We dont really talk about this part. When we begin emerging into a new season of life, theres often some shadowy-ness that comes with it, and if we dont acknowledge it, we can get kinda stuck One foot in one identity and one foot in another. This can leave us feeling confused and frustrated. I explain more in this weeks episode DM ME ON INSTA FOR DEETS ON "EMERGENCE - a six week private mentorship" For longer term private coaching details, click here.
17/02/202317 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

47// You Have Stop Trying To Predict Things, If You Want To Create Change.

Prediction is an illusion, and trying to figure out everything BEFORE you make the decision to change, is going to keep you stuck. The comfort zone will always win, when you play in prediction energy. Its time to let it go, and take the leap of faith! Dive in to todays episode and emerge with the excitement to GO! Join The Pass and get The Edge too! Private Mentorship Come hang on insta
09/02/202334 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

46// How Enya Healed My Heart

Enya's music is so etheral and heavenly, and it triggered me into the deepest grief. I couldnt listen to her. Then one day, my heart asked me to play her so it could heal. In this episode I dive into what happened and how I healed my heart. Enjoy. Join Emotional Elegance Come hang on insta Private Mentorship
02/02/202335 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

45// How To Stop Your Partner Shutting Down

Youre trying to tell them how you feel, but all you get is a blank face, and in that moment you know they have shut down. Inside this episode, I give you some tangible steps to help you prevent your partner from shutting down. This is going to create deeper connection and lasting emotional intimacy. Enjoy! Join Emotional Elegance: The 7th Edition Come hang on insta
27/01/202321 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

44// Are You Robbing People Of This Experience?

This episode will give you an almighty aha moment. A realization that will break you away from those old patterns of hiding how you feel. This episode will be the one that ensures youre always saying how you feel, and not dulling down your expression. No more avoid showing how you really feel because youre afraid of the other persons reaction. Enjoy! Join Emotional Elegance: The 7th Edition Come hang out on Insta
20/01/202325 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

43// Want To Feel Confident And Self Assured? *THIS* Is How...

I think theres so much noise out "there" about how to achieve confidence and to feel really certain within yourself. I believe that theres only ONE way to experience true self confidence, and what I share with you in this episode is applicable to ALL human beings. If you master this, your confidence will feel effortless. Dive in and enjoy! Emotional Elegance Enrolment >>> Come hang on instagram >>>
08/01/202323 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

42// Jealousy WIll Shift The Way You See Yourself

I think we can all raise a hand and admit that jealousy has taken over us one too many times. Witnessing others gain something that we want but dont have yet. Watching someone have the relationship that your heart craves. Observing that woman hit over $50k months in business. Jealousy is normal...and powerful. But when we get hijack, and are unconscious of can do something weird to the perception we have of ourselves. I explain in this episode! Enjoy! Come hang on insta >>> Wanna know more about EE? Watch this >>>
07/01/202341 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

41// The Shadowy Side of Motherhood

We dont really talk about the shadows much, but they are there. The sleep deprivation, the emotional chaos, the disconnection, the loss of all weaved into this beautiful season of life. So lets dive in. A little chat, me and you, about being a new mama and what the shadows are. Come hang on insta Private Mentorship The Pass Emotional Elegance Waitlist
16/12/20221 hour 11 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

40// Moving From The Wounded Feminine To The Empowered Feminine

A lot of women can identify with the wounded feminine, most because this expression has been conditioned into us from a young age. Inside this episode I share with you the key ways to finally step into your power by activating you empowered feminine AND masculine energies. This is the work that can change your life. Enjoy! Private Mentorship Come hang on insta >>>
10/12/202227 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

39// The Real Reason You Feel Guilt When Asking To Have Your Needs Met

As feminine beings we struggle so hard with asking to have our needs, wants and desires met. We would rather muscle through then receive the support we so truly need. As women we have forgotten how much more in overflow we are when we are feeling supported. So inside this episode, I unpack all of this with you... Spoken With Intention (free) Private Mentorship Instagram Hangs! ....
24/11/202236 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

38// Toxic Independence VS Healthy Independence in Relationships

This is a highly requested episode! Inside I breakdown what it looks like to hold onto the toxic need for independence in your relationship, and the impact it can have on growing your connection. This is something I experienced, and I share with you how it effected my husband and I. Its time to let the masculine rise into their power, as you rise into your feminine, and witness your relationship take magical shape! This is also PERFECT if youre in the dating world....such vital knowledge! Enjoy!   ENROL IN SPOKEN WITH INTENTION!!! Private mentorship with Natalie Come hang on insta
18/11/202228 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

37// Stop Describing Yourself Like *THIS* and Witness Your Life Unfold Beautifully

The way we descibe ourselves, becomes the very thing we believe about who we are. As a result our actions become aligned with the belief and life unfolds to match. Inisde this episode, I share with you a way you might be describing yourself that could be preventing you from living how you truly desire. Let this activate you! Enjoy! Work With Me 1:1 Come hang on insta
04/11/202226 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

36// A Riff On Insecurity & Moving From Wounded Feminine to Empowered Feminine

Every woman on this planet has experienced varying levels of insecurity. One of the biggest areas we see this is in relationships, and when its not acknowledged it can lead to the expression of the wounded feminine. Inside this episode I explain all! Enjoy. Come hang on insta Private Mentorship
28/10/202230 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 35// My Evolution Origin Story & The Birth Of Emotional Elegance

My darkest time within my relationship was the catalyst to one of the biggest transformations Ive witnessed in my own life. This evolution still gives me goosebumps every time I tell it. This is how my work in this world was realized, and the moment Emomtional Elegance was born. Enjoy and I cant wait to see you in the program. JOIN EMOTIONAL ELEGANCE Come hang on insta
21/10/202239 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 34// How To Encourage My Partner To Rise Into Their Empowered Masculine

I get asked this Q a lot inside my private mentorship, and my answer always remains the same. Its not about them, its about YOU, and who you are being in the relationship. This episode is juicy, enjoy! Come hang on insta Emotional Elegance Sales Page [email protected]
17/10/202226 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

33// Healing Your Heart To Receive More

Your heart is the portal in which you receive so much, including love and feelings of worthiness. Its the place where you get to expand the sensations of deservingness and all that is potential. When we keep emotions like disappointment, grief and shame inside, they get stuck in our heart space, blocking our ability to receive! Let me explain more...enjoy this one, its a goody! Come hang on insta Sneaky peeky at Emotional Elegance [email protected]  
07/10/202234 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

32// The Reason Your Partner Gets Defensive Around Change

We want to see evolution and change in our partners, yet we dont witness it. Why is that? Inside this episode we talk about our projections and the way they can trigger our partners, and cause them to put up walls of resistance. Sometimes a shift in the way we deliver, can create the most beautiful changes. Its all about the approach! Enjoy! Come hang on insta Apply for private mentorship
30/09/202224 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

31// Lessons In Love - My journey with relationship insecurity

This weeks episode is a little different. A few months back I was interviewed on the Lessons In Love podcast with my souls sister, Carly Ann. We dove into my journey with insecurity in my relationship, healing trust and abandonment wounds, and how my relationship evolved into what it is today! Its a goodie! ENJOY! Come hang on insta Private Mentorship application Follow Carly Ann on insta Carly Ann's links
23/09/202242 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

30// Emotional Intimacy vs Se*ual Intimacy

Why is emotional intimacy more important than sexual intimacy? Why is vulnerbility such a turn on, when done with intention? How does all of this relate to elevating your relationship? I explain all of this and more inside this weeks episode. You will walk away with tangible steps that will lead you to more depth and connection in your relationship. Enjoy! Come and hang on insta Apply for private mentorship [email protected] for all waitlists
18/09/202236 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

29// How The Feminine Likes Her Emotions To Be Held

The masculine and feminine energies have very different ways to express and hold emotions. Knowing and understanding this within your relationship, could be the very thing that takes you to the next level! This knowledge will allow you to deeply know your own needs, and communicate them so clearly! Powerful! Dive in and enjoy! Email me for Emotional Elegance waitlist [email protected] Come hang out on insta Apply for 1:1 coaching
09/09/202229 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

28// Why Conflict Is Needed For A Thriving Relationship

Conflict has such a negative connotation because its been villanized. We have been taught to believe that conflict in relationships will create distance and disconnect. I truly believe the opposite, and when you understand why, you will also feel the power inside conflict. So excited to share this conversation with you! Come hang out on insta Apply for 1:1 coaching
02/09/202226 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

27// What your relationship to desiring *more*?

We have an interesting relationship to "more", and what it might mean to us. Theres a societal narrative that makes feel like we should have more? There another narrative that tells us to be happy with what weve got? So we get confused. Today episode dives into this, and teaches you how to have a beautiful relationship with wanting more in life. Join Wealth Redefined Come hang out on insta [email protected]
26/08/202231 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

26// Spaciousness, Ease & Intentionally Pausing - IM BAAAACK!

Oh wow you guys, it feels so good to be back! In todays episode I am sharing with you my new relationship to pausing, being and space. Its wild whats transformed in my life and I cant wait to let you in to experience it too! Space and the void are needed for creation, and this is my latest integration! Join WEALTH REDEFINED Come hang on Instagram 
19/08/202228 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

25// Why you have to "look up" before making any bold moves

When we walk up to our edge, we have the instinct to look down. To look for failure, to see why it might not workout. This will hinder your confidence and expansion. So in this episode, I guide you through ebodying the "looking up" energy. Join The Edge Come hang on insta
08/04/202223 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

24// Your Intuition Is Not The Voice Of Reason

Sometimes we get intuitive hits and they do not make sense. They evoke fear and racing hearts. But your intuition is never the voice of reason, but it is the one you must follow! Inside this episode we dive into understanding this more!! Apply to work 1:1 Hang on insta
01/04/202218 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

23// The Energy of Wild Decision Making

Theres a certain energy required to make big decisions, the life altering ones. Have you experiened it? Are you willing to follow it? Dive into this episode to learn more about this energy and how you can tap into it for yourself.
18/03/202216 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

22// Holding Steady In Chaos & Embracing The Turbulence of Change

With change comes chaos, energetically and emotionally. When we dont have the knowledge on how to navigate confidently through it, we can be left feeling stuck, and unable to move. In this episode I walk you though how to hold steady in the chaos to feel confident and fully surrendered. Enjoy Join Emotional Elegance Come hang on insta!
25/02/202231 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

21// Do you get a lump in your throat when trying to speak up and express yourself?

This is a collective and indivual block. As feminine beings we have been taught to stay quiet and not express our feelings, in order to fit in and not rock the boat. But this supression is its time to overcome the emotional block of speaking up and rise into your power. Come and hang on insta!
04/02/202222 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

20// Alchemizing Disappointment & Turning It Into Power

Disappointment is the one emotions we avoid as feminine beings. Its this avoidance that prevents us from taking risks, from making life changing decisions. In this episode I unpack the power of disappointment and how you can use it to become a wildly empowered woman! Enjoy! Come follow me on insta!
21/01/202219 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

19// Finding Emotional Strength In Your Relationship | Navigating Relationship Triggers

Relationships can be tough. Its a fusing of two energies, of two beings, of two sets of belief systems...naturally there is going to be some friction that can cause your own emotions to go chaotic. So how do you navigate this in order to create deeper connection? Find out in this weeks episode. Apply to work 1:1 with me Follow me on insta  
07/01/202226 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

18// Entering Motherhood: My Birth Story

Dishing the deets on my birth story and how I felt through the entire experience. The pain, the beauty, the excitement, the delerium...all of it! This was a journey to remember and I feel so grateful I get to share the story with you. Let me know how it felt to hear it!
30/12/202148 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

17// "I Don't Feel Like It" Is a Valid Reason Not To Do Something | The Truth About Change | Last Ep Of 2021!!!

Honoring your energy and allowing it to lead you, will be the most beautiful permission slip you ever give yourself. So much magic happens when we don't force ourselves as feminine beings. Your emotions are the key to getting to know who you are on a deeper level, and when we face big changes...its the perfect time to connect deeper with yourself...   Come hang on instagram Waitlist for 2022 Private Coaching
24/09/202138 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

16// Redefining "Healing" & Doing LESS Shadow Work

So many believe that healing means digging deep into the past, doing mountains of shadow work and deleting memories. But how is this impacting our present moment? Is this is really what it means to do "the work"? What if we redefined healing, and released the intense pressures we are putting on ourselves? This could be a massive relief for many of you, so dive in and enjoy this episode. Follow Natalie on Insta Apply for 1:1 Coaching
27/08/202136 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

15// Spirit Guides, Mediumship & Accessing Your Intuitive Abilities w/ Anais Eslami

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to connect with your Spirit Guides? Or what it would be like to find out you have intuitive gifts? As feminine beings, we are powerful, and we are to tap into realms that feel unseen. In todays podcast episode, Anais dives deep into what its like to connect, how we can activate our own abilities, and how this can help us see we are all one. Enjoy! Connect with Anais - Becoming The Empress Hang with Nat on Insta!
20/08/202150 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

14// Womb Awakening & Reconnecting To Your Innate Feminine Power w/ Hannah Grasso

There is so much power held in our energetic womb space. Its the key to understanding ourselves on a much deeper level, to feel our power and intuitive capabilities. Connecting to your womb is the answer so many of us have been searching for, and in todays episode, Hannah Grasso, walks us through the magic and the process! Enjoy! Hannahs Instagram Hannahs Website Womb Wisdom Book
13/08/202157 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

13// How To Express Your Anger In A Healthy Way

I get asked this Q a lot, "how do I express my anger in a healthy way?". We are so afraid to let people see our anger, or even feel it, that we run away, avoid or hide from it. But then it builds up...and we all know that is not great! My intention is for you to feel safe and confident to express this emotion! So really dive into this episode and integrate the lesson! Come hang on insta Apply for a 2 hour Quantum Alignment Session [email protected]
06/08/202131 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

12// Breathwork, Birthing & Maiden to Mother w/ Birth Doula, Vanessa Werner

TRIGGER WARNING: Pregnancy, Miscarriage & Birth. There is so much to integrate and embody when you're ready to embark on the journey into motherhood. With google and social platforms, it can all get overwhelming. In this episode, Vanessa talks about finding your embodied confidence as you move gently into the maiden to mother transitions. This is such a powerful convo!  Follow Vanessa on Insta Follow Natalie on Insta
23/07/202146 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

11// How To Let Go Of Control When You Are In The Unknown

The unknown is scary, our brains don't like unpredictability. But the thing is, nothing in life is predictable, ever, not really. One thing we can fall into is controlling energy when we are in the unknown, and that can be exhausting. In this episode I share with you how yo release the need for control, and build a love for the unknown. Follow me on insta Apply for 1:1 coaching
16/07/202130 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

10// Sensuality vs Sexuality, Snack Sex & Manifesting With Orgasms w/ Eleanor Hadley

Sensuality and sensual expression is the key to creating a deeper connection with yourself and those around you. Its the *how* when creating wild self confidence. Yet...theres this taboo and shame around the topic of sex and sensuality. Join Eleanor & I as we unpack this, so you can become more connected to your deep self. Eleanor's Instagram Come hang with Nat on insta
09/07/202145 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

9// Pregnancy, Big Life Transitions & Finding My Feminine Through It All

A little update on how I have been navigating the journey of pregnancy. Moving from maiden to mother is the biggest life transition I will ever face, and within this journey I have learned some profound life lessons that are applicable to anyone moving from one season of life to the next! So Ive decided to share them with you, enjoy! Come hang on insta Enrol in Soulful Sisterhood
02/07/202143 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

8// How Sisterhood Saved My Relationship

There were many things that helped bring my relationship to where it is today, but one of the biggest pieces was the sisterhood I had created. Inside this episode I detail WHY this has become so important and the reason why you must focus on building this relationship with other women. Enrol in Soulful Sisterhood Soul Sister Connection Masterclass Come hang on insta
25/06/202132 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

7// From Online Acquaintances to Soul Sisters w/ Carly Ann

It's something we are all craving as feminine beings. Soul sister friendships. The kind that light you up and fill you will expansive energy. Inside this episode, my own souls sis and I dive into what we believe makes a soul sister friendship work, and what YOU can do to cultivate it! Dive in and enjoy! Soulful Sisterhood Program (remember to DM for presale pricing!) Carly Ann's Instagram Natalies Instagram
18/06/20211 hour 9 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

6// Forgive The Women From Your Past

Sisterhood is a big June topic. As feminine beings we crave sisterhood connection. A soulful friendship. Yet we all struggle. Its not something that seems to come naturally. Over the years I have learned a thing or two about cultivating sisterhood, and in this episode I share with you that place you can start in building deeper connection with women... Come hang on insta Email to get pre-pre sale pricing for sisterhood program. [email protected]
11/06/202127 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

5// It's Not Meant For You - Intuitive "No" VS Fear-based "No"

How often do you let fear be the reason you say no to something? When really, you do want to do it...? There is a huge difference between following youre intuition and allowing fear to be in the driving seat. Being able to discern between the two will put you right back in your own feminine power! Enjoy! Self Pace Programs The Rogue Woman Come hang on insta!
04/06/202136 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

4// How To Not Give A F*ck What Others Think

This ends now. Allowing the opinions of others to sway your decisions, to take you away from the life you desire to live. No more. We've been conditioned to look for our self worth and validation, outside of us, putting it out of control. Its time to change this and take back our control of our self worth.  Join The Rogue Woman Follow On Insta
28/05/202144 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

3// Unleashing The Rogue Woman Within

This is the end of "The Good Girl" era. Time to close the chapter on all those shoulds and pressure inducing expectations. Time to let out your Rogue Woman...the wild woman. Let her lead, let her stomp around, let her take the stage. Your rules, your way. Screw what others think...this is where the fire ignites within you! Enrol in The Rogue Woman Follow me on insta
21/05/202153 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

2// Surrender Is The Cocoon Of Transformation

Today we talk about the darkness found in the depths of surrendering. You'll learn the most powerful lessons when you take the Path of The Pause, and its not easy, but it is really worth it! If you are transitioning from one season of the life to the next, you will want to tune into this one! Love you. Join me on insta Email to apply for EMERGENCE: [email protected]
14/05/202142 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

How To Channel Inspiration + Receive Epic Downloads

You are an intuitive being, which means you get to channel the most incredible ideas and receive life changing downloads. Life gets easier when you trust the information that comes through you. Your confidence increases tenfold when you are able to follow all the intuitive guidance thats meant for you! Learn the 4 most important steps in becoming an excellent channeler!  COME HANG ON INSTA!
16/02/202136 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

You Don't Have To Be Consistent | Embracing Your Cyclical Nature | Confidence As A Feminine Being

I am over the "you just have to be consistent" - you? Its not energetically possible as a feminine being to be consistent. We ebb and flow. Our energy moves in and out. I mean look at our cycles! We are not built for this "consistency = success" BS we've conditioned to. Our superpower lies in our ability to be inconsistent. And Im going to explain all in todays podcast episode! ENJOY! Come hang on insta!
09/02/202128 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Anchoring In Your Wealth Consciousness | The Gift I Bought Myself | Money and Confidence

In this weeks episode I take you through the journey of how I began expanding my wealth consciousness. I share with you my dark relationship with money and how I turned it around. And then I reveal to you the little gift I bought myself to ground into my new wealth mindset, using my senses! Come hang on insta Tapped In and Turned On (DM me for pre-party pricing)
02/02/202137 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Creating Energetic Strategy To Maintain Your Magnetism

Your energy is everything. Its the container for every single thing you do. Everything you create, speak, and do is infused with your energetic signature from that moment. This is why energetic strategy is SO important as part of running a business. In this episode, I share my own strategies, and my tops tip to keep you in beautiful alignment. Join FEMPOWERED - we start Jan 29th! Come hang on insta!
18/01/202136 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Showing Up On Social Media In Alignment With Your Cycle

This January we are focussing on feminine energy in business. Learning how to lead your fempire with fierce magnetism and in full pleasure mode. This new paradigm of leadership will open up wildly powerful portals of abundance for you - are you ready? In pt1 of this series we are focussing on social media and your cycle. Dive in and enjoy! JOIN FEMPOWERED >>> COME HANG ON INSTAGRAM >>>
11/01/202146 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

What Does HOME Mean To You?

This episode was inspired by a series of synchronicities that happened to me during a morning ritual. I felt called to redefine my own meaning of home, physically, emotionally and energetically, so that I could align with it on a much deeper level. And today...I invite you to do the same. Enjoy! Join FEMPOWERED Come hang on instagram!
05/01/202135 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Aligned Investing & Allowing Desire to Guide Your Spending

Investing in yourself can be scary. Theres a lot of uncertainty, a lot of what ifs. Yet investing in yourself can be the most expansive and activating thing you could do for yourself. When done in alingment, it allows you to quantum leap towards your desire! In this episode I share with you how to invest by allowing desire to lead the way! Enjoy! Come hang out on instagram. Waitlist for Fempowered: [email protected] ALL OFFERINGS & PROGRAMS
22/12/202044 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Redefining Leadership & Leading Business In The Feminine

Lets start talking business! So many women are moving into 2021 as business owner and coaches, yet desiring to lead in a soft, gentle and receptive the feminine energy. This shift in leadership will change your life and the way you run your business! Hello wild abundance and effortless flow! Email for FEMPOWERED waitlist: [email protected] Join me on instagram
15/12/202045 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Construction Site of Your Desires

Very often we give up on our desires and lose confidence because it feels messy and hard. We focus too much all the "work" that we forget to see that every brick we lay down is progress! In this episode I invite you to walk onto the construction site of your desires, and begin building while holding the vision! So powerful! JOIN Sacred Space Come hang on insta
01/12/202040 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

You Create The Proof That You Are Worthy!

Our sense of worthiness is getting dragged through the dirt because we are attaching it to the opinions and decisions of others. Its time to learn how to create your own proof that you are worthy. To build your sense of belonging and confidence within yourself. In this episode we talk about self devotion practices, and treating yourself like you matter most, because you do! Enjoy the breakthroughs that come with this episode! JOIN "SACRED SPACE" Come hang on insta!
24/11/202048 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

It's Safe For You To Have Selfish Desires

This is the key to activating your magnetism, your feminine essence and living a life beyond your dreams. Understanding that it is safe for you have selfish desires, ones that are for you only! No more hiding, feeling guilty or experiencing shame. Its time to say these true desires out loud and let them guide you. Tapped In & Turned On program ALL PROGRAMS + COURSES Follow along on instagram
16/11/202030 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Letting Go of Past Identities. Stop Comparing Yourself To Who You Were "Then"

We really put ourselves through the works when we compare ourselves to old or past identities. We yearn to be who we used to be, we yearn for the energy of our 21 yo self, we yearn for the social skills we had then etc. But at what cost? We end up feeling like we arent good enough in the present? I explore this in todays episode, and share with you how to free yourself from this yearning, and finally feel self acceptance. All Programs & Offerings Come hang out on insta
09/11/202033 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lesson Learned, Always Listen To Your Energy + Intuition - Mistakes That Impacted My Business in October

Learning to listen and trust your intuition is an ART. Leaning into and decoding your own energy is an ART. In this episode I am sharing with you the big mistake I made in October in business, that impacted me energetically and financially. I am SO grateful to have learned this, and that I am able to share this with you! Enjoy diving in, and share with me the lessons October brought to you! JOIN "WILD WOMAN" COME HANG ON INSTAGRAM
03/11/202042 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

I Was Told I Was TOO MUCH

What is "too much"? I mean who set the standards? In this episode I share with you my own experience with others trying to shut me down, and how I transformed my own "too muchness" into my super power. I need you to remember that ALL OF YOU belongs. Every part of you. Every personality trait. Every emotions. It all belongs. It makes you who you are! Always remember that! JOIN "WIDE SIDE" >>> Come hang on insta >>>
20/10/202034 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

My Feminine Fears My Masculine

This week I unearthed a wound I thought I had healed. I decided to share this powerful breakthrough with you, in the hopes that it triggers a beautiful breakthrough for you too. Healing is not linear, and it has MANY layers. Embrace it, be curious, and allow it all to be seen. This is how you grow. This is how you evolve powerfully. COME HANG ON INSTA APPLY FOR PRIVATE COACHING
06/10/202023 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fear of The Unknown is BS!

This may be triggering, but it needs to be addressed. Fear of the unknown is not real. You cant be afraid of something you know nothing about - the unknown! Yet you choose to let it stop you taking a leap of faith in yourself. What if you could transform this fear into excitement? Eeeeek! Dive in and share with me on insta what you think! JOIN "THE EDGE" -A POWERFUL 7 DAY CALIBRATION PROGRAM HANG WITH ME ON INSTA
28/09/202019 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Magic Happens When You Practice Patience.

The challenge is practicing patience. You've taken the leap, you've embraced the what? Its in these moments that you learn the most vital skills to rise and grow confidence. You mustn't miss it, which is why patience is so important! It will teach you the most powerful lessons if you allow it! Dive in and listen to todays episode and share with me how youll be inviting more patience into your life! JOIN "THE EDGE" 7 DAY PROGRAM COME HANG ON INSTA!
22/09/202044 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Be The Risk Taker!

Becoming a risk taker is the "HOW" when it comes to reaching your next level. You must be willing to dive head first in your dis-comfort zone in order to experience wild growth. Thing is, I KNOW you desire change, you desire a new level of evolution...and to get there...YOU MUST TAKE RISKS! I open up this convo on todays podcast. Dive in and share with me the risk you're willing to take! JOIN THE LIMITLESS WOMAN {FREE} ENROL IN TAPPED IN & TURNED ON [email protected]
08/09/202036 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Creating Abundance For Others Leaves YOU Wildly Abundant

This week I am sharing with you a wild experience I had with abundance. I got to see first hand what happens when I choose to help other women rise into abundance...and it's magic. The ripple effect is the REAL DEAL, and when you can adopt these concepts I am sharing with you, the abundance that will flow to you will blow your mind! ENROL IN "TAPPED IN & TURNED ON" FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM
01/09/202029 minutes 26 seconds
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Money Mistakes, Abundance Activation + Wild Sexy Wealth

Theres one mistake we are all making when it comes to attracting the abundance we DESIRE. Its a block. Its preventing you from opening the flood gates to all the abundance available to you. Inside this episode we will unblock you and so you can finally feel wild, sexy + wealthy. Its time! Be prepare to have your enitre mind rewired! ENROL IN "TAPPED IN & TURNED ON" NOW! Come hang on insta
25/08/202030 minutes 28 seconds
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Balancing Feminine + Masculine Energies in Relationships

This week youre in for a treat! I have pulled the audio from one of the incredible modules inside Awaken The Feminine, my 7-day activation course! Inside you will learn about why some relationships feel challenging, how to communicate effectively, and how to up the attraction in your relationship! This will create so many breakthroughs for you!! ENJOY! JOIN Awaken The Feminine >>> Come hang out on insta >>>
18/08/202053 minutes 19 seconds
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"Turned On" - A New State of Being

What would it mean to you, if you could live a life feeling turned on? What would change? How would you behave? In this episode I am sharing what "turned on" means in relationship to feminine energy. We are moving into a new paradigm and its time to get turned on and live a life lead by the electric feminine energy! Join The Rising Feminine Mastermind Come hang on insta!  
11/08/202032 minutes 39 seconds
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The Reason Why Your Affirmations Aren't Working

Ahhhh this topic really gets me going. Are you using affirmations and finding that you still feel the same emotionally? You're still stuck? You're still feel like your self worth is in the shadows? This episode will explain why, and how you can begin to change this, so you can rise up and believe in those affirmations wholeheartedly. Enjoy! And remember to leave a review Come hang on instagram Join The Limitless Woman Community Sign up for Rising Feminine Mastermind (only 6 spaces)
28/07/202025 minutes 46 seconds
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Collaboration, Not Competition - How Women Were Designed To Rise Together

We have GOT to stop comparing ourselves to each other! Its causing us to drag our own self worth in the dirt, and creating massive disconnection between us all! Women were designed to collaborate, to come together, to support each other. Science proves this! In this episode I share why female collaboration is the key to awakening your own feminine energy! Dive in and enjoy! The Limitless Woman Community Awaken The Feminine - 7 Day Activation Program Follow me on insta
21/07/202042 minutes 4 seconds
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Let Go Of Conditioning + Access Your True Self Expression with Jessie Mcnaught (@jessiemcnaughtstyling)

Today we are diving into unlocking and accessing your true self expression. No more hiding behind clothes that dont flatter, no more suppressing your voice, no more playing small! In today episode we dive into what it mean to become fully expression and how it will dramatically change your life!! Emotional Elegance The Experience DM Natalie on Insta! Follow Jessie on Instagram!
30/06/20201 hour 14 minutes 10 seconds
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Allowing Jealousy To Activate Your Desires

Its the one emotion that we try our hardest to get away from. Its uncomfy, I get it. But what if you could use jealousy to empower yourself? What if you could use it to truly see your deepest and darkest desires? What if jealousy could activate you? This week I share a story with you about how I used jealousy to unearth my own deep desires! Join the waitlist for a very special program >>> [email protected] Come hang out in insta >>>
23/06/202032 minutes 1 second
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Why Leading With Feminine Energy Is Essential + How To Begin Healing with Carly Ann (@the_happy_diary_)

You guys!! You're getting exclusive access to the most recent group coaching call that happened inside The Limitless Woman Community. Todays topic was on Feminine + Masculine Energies and how to begin healing. We talk about our experiences and choosing to lead with the feminine. You will LOVE this! You'll need a journal! JOIN THE LIMITLESS WOMAN COMMUNITY FOR FREE!
16/06/20201 hour 16 minutes 3 seconds
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No More Assuming. Become a Fact Finder + Create Sustainable Change In All Areas of Your Life!

Becoming a fact finder is one of the most important skills you can learn. Its a UNIVERSAL skill that elevates your relationships, your family life, your health + the impact you have on the world. It reduces conflict and increases connection! Time for you to give up assuming and become the fact finder you were meant to be. Come hang on insta LETS TALK MONEY, HONEY MASTERCLASS (msg me for pre-sale pricing!) Enrol in Spoken With Intention Waitlist for Emotional Elegance  
09/06/202028 minutes 55 seconds
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Your Big Decisions Will Ruffle A Few Feathers

This week I made a really big financial decision, one I was so proud of, one that I knew will change our life and one I wanted to celebrate. Only the next day it got a lot of backlash, and it knocked the confidence out of me. In this episode I share with you how I lead myself through this. We dive into my money mindset transformation + how you can shift your relationship with money too! Come hang out on Insta [email protected] for money talk masterclass PRE-SALE! Join SPOKEN WITH INTENTION
02/06/202058 minutes 53 seconds
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Letting Go of Control + My Toxic Relationship With My Own Masculine Energy

This week I had a monumental breakthrough. I learned something about myself and my behaviour that blew me away. Something I thought I had healed, but it was still there, disguised in the need for control. This is the next level for me. Healing this is the gateway to my dreams coming true. I share this in the hopes it creates a breakthrough for you too! Enjoy! Join The Collective Coaching Call FB Come hang on insta [email protected]
26/05/202036 minutes 38 seconds
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Tapping Into Relationship Desires

This topic is juicy! In order to know how to communicate in your relationship, you must first get clear on your wildest relationship desires. The kind that you push down and say "thats unrealistic". Your communication is the bridge between desire + reality! This work is powerful + I am so excited for you to dive in! JOIN "SPOKEN WITH INTENTION" PROGRAM COME HANG ON INSTA!
19/05/202029 minutes 22 seconds
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Knowing When To Give Advice + When To Just Hold Space

Learn to know when to offer up your advice and when to just hold space for someone. This is such an important concept to grasp so you can be extremely intentional with the way you communicate. Advice can be received badly if you offer it at the wrong time and can really knock the confidence you have in yourself + your relationship! So lets learn the how-to of offering advice! SPOKEN WITH INTENTION PROGRAM COME HANG ON INSTA
12/05/202040 minutes 41 seconds
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Feminine Energy vs Masculine Energy in Conversations

This week we are diving into the idea of two types of communication; feminine + masculine. You will learn why a lot of the time you're feeling unheard, misunderstood and in the middle of unnecessary arguments. Trust me when I say, this perspective shift will dramatically elevate your confidence in the way you communicate inside + outside your relationship! [email protected] to get into "Spoken With Intention" at pre-sale pricing! Hang out on instagram.
05/05/202021 minutes 19 seconds
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Are You Preoccupied With Your Partners Thoughts?

This week we dive into a question from YOU! Do you find yourself wondering what your other half is thinking? In this episode we dive into why this happens, and how it can cause you to behave out of alignment. I also give you a simple way to break this cycle so you can let go and not allow your ego to have its way! ENJOY! Come hang out on Instagram! Email [email protected] to get pre-sale pricing for SPOKEN WITH INTENTION, my intentional communication course coming soon!
28/04/202031 minutes 28 seconds
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My Hawaii Story - Getting Engaged + The Biggest Relationship Lesson

In this weeks episode I share in detail about my engagement story. You'll learn about how I went into shock and had the biggest most transformational realization about my relationship! I tell this story to give you hope about your own relationship and how you can make it through the struggles and come out the other side a brand new couple! COME HANG OUT ON INSTA WORK WITH ME 1:1
21/04/202037 minutes 37 seconds
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Conscious Convos - A Journey of Healing Relationship Wounds + Finding Authentic Confidence With Stephanie Powers (@lightworkerslounge)

In this episode Stephanie + I dive into healing our deep wounds in order to have thriving relationships. We open up and talk about how to be authentically confident, even when the odds are stacked against you, and how to understand that other peoples opinions arent yours to be internalized. This convo was born out of two women sharing whats in our hearts on on our minds. We cant wait for you to dive in! SUBSCRIBE TO LIGHTWORKERS LOUNGE FOLLOW STEPHANIE ON INSTA WWW.LIGHTWORKERS-LOUNGE.COM
14/04/20201 hour 33 seconds
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Conscious Convos: Be Your Weirdo Self + Build Your Intuitive Muscle with Katie B (@realrebelpodcast)

Join myself and Katie for this weeks Conscious Conversation. We dive into what it means to be your true self, how to embrace your uniqueness, radical self acceptance, the polarities of life and how to uncover and tune into your own intuition and inner voice. You will LOVE this episode! Make sure you're comfy and with a hot bevvie of your choice! Enjoy! Follow @realrebelpodcast on insta Visit The Real Rebel Podcast on Itunes
07/04/20201 hour 27 seconds
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Reframe Your Triggers

Triggers can really bring up some negative emotions. Which in turn can deflated our confidence and perpetuate poopy beliefs we might have about ourselves! In this weeks episode we dive into reframing how we perceive our triggers, so we can fall in love with them! Yep - fall in love with a trigger! So, dive in and enjoy!! Join "The Collective Coaching Call" (Free group coaching) Follow me on Insta! Enrol in Emotional Elegance
31/03/202030 minutes 11 seconds
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Stop Perpetuating Fear, Emotional Distancing, Checking In With Yourself , COVID-19

Time to start unfollowing those accounts that are perpetuating fear...its not useful and could cultivate emotions thats are damaging while in isolation! In this ep I describe my version of Emotional Distancing! Plus learn how to come home to yourself and check in with your own needs. No shoulds and no forcing! Enjoy my darlings! JOIN EMOTIONAL ELEGANCE THE EXPERIENCE HANG OUT ON INSTA!
26/03/202036 minutes 7 seconds
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How To Properly Express Yourself When Someone Has Pissed You Off

Having the confidence to express yourself when someone has upset you or pissed you off is really important. It requires a level of vulnerability that feels uncomfy yet necessary. In this episode I explain to you the 5 layers of full emotional expression. It will uplevel all your relationships and create incredible connection - you'll wonder why you never knew this before! EMOTIONAL ELEGANCE THE EXPERIENCE COME HANG ON INSTA!
17/03/202048 minutes 44 seconds
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Limiting Your Emotions To Fit In

Do you limit your emotions in order to fit in? Maybe you don't get fully excited because you don't want to be "too much"? Or maybe you don't show sadness because you don't want others to feel uncomfortable? Today we dive into this and you'll learn how this can negatively impact your confidence and relationships. Emotional Elegance - The Experience Join me on Instagram
10/03/202041 minutes 59 seconds