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Ariel's Creative Journey: From Pandemic Pastime to Studio Flora Creations' Success

Ever thought about adding a touch of whimsy and charm to your home with unique, handcrafted décor pieces? Look no further, as we sat down with Ariel from Studio Flora Creations to learn about her magical creations and the story behind them. Ariel's journey began during the pandemic, when she discovered her passion for punch needling and rug tufting, leading her to craft an array of enchanting designs that will certainly bring joy to your living space.In this episode, we get a glimpse into Ariel's creative process and how she overcomes motivational roadblocks. From tiny mushrooms to large rugs, she shares her love for custom pieces and collaborating with clients to bring their ideas to life. Don't miss out on hearing about her recent projects and how they've brought joy to her customers. If you're looking to spruce up your home with a pop of colour and charm, you won't want to miss this conversation!Do you have a topic you would like me to explore further, get in touchDo you want to get interviewed? let's connect
6/11/202314 minutes, 41 seconds