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English, Health / Medicine, 4 seasons, 36 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 52 minutes
Struggling with your Effin Hormones? Then join Emma Goswell; Helen Brown, Beena Khetani and Terri Sweeney as they navigate their way through the perimenopause (and menopause too!) They're four mates who got to their 40s and asked, "Why the heck do I feel this way - and why the HECK did no-one TELL me me about this?!" It's time to talk as though there are no taboos - and have as much of a laugh as possible in this perimenopause podcast, given all the crap that can happen at this time of life. Twitter: @effinhormones Instagram: @effinhormones
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We've Been Given The Elba

Chin chin from all the gang as we celebrate our win at the British Podcast Awards 2022! Effin Hormones won GOLD for the Best Wellbeing Podcast in those awards, so join the gang as we chink chink to our success - with prosecco, nosecco and.........a cup of tea. You'll hear what it's been like for Emma as a new mum, plus we give an update on the government's plans for women's and girls' health over the next ten years, with the Women's Health Strategy for England.
8/6/202231 minutes, 16 seconds
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Yeah baby - we are gold! We've won Best Well-being in the British Podcast Awards! Here's a little message of thanks from Producer, Helen x
7/24/20221 minute, 7 seconds
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Guess what??!!

We’ve got some news!
7/22/20221 minute, 14 seconds