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What comes after lashing? How do I even get started or know which class to take? How much do I really need to know about business, taxes, marketing? What’s it like to be an educator? Am I doing this social media thing right? Is anyone else having a mental breakdown? What does it even take to create a product line? Why does it feel like my body is falling apart? The list just goes on… Listen along as lash artists and entrepreneurs Taylor and Kayla share knowledge, perspective and insight into the many facets of the Lash industry. Created to help and inspire you to make the best educated decisions for your own lashing career.
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Content that Counts: Engagement over Virality, SEO Tips and Embracing YOU in your Content with Cynthia Aceituno | EP 127

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry! Today we are joined by Cynthia Aceituno, she has been a licensed esthetician for 7 years and has a degree in Marketing. She is a home based lash artist and social media manager that specialize in strategizing growth for small businesses that are growing into teams We Cover:  The Tik Tok Ban Update Becoming a social media manager for beauty businesses  Embracing YOU in your content  SEO tips and startegy  Building confidence in front of the camera  How to ACTUALLY measure if your content is successful  FOLLOW CYNTHIA IG: FREE DIY SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT: KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
5/8/202447 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Death of The Lash Industry?

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry Today we are covering the topic that has veen trending all over Instagram and Tik Tok this past week... THE DEATH OF THE LASH INDUSTRY?!  We cover:  My observations from the cleint perspective Why DIY lashes will never replace lash extension services fully  Upholding a luxury experience  How the industry is evolving and how you can evolve with it  FREE ways you can elevate your customer experience    Grab your ticket to The Lash Biz Babes Online Conference on May 18th + 19th for $299 My Lash Bed Set Up   
5/1/202428 minutes, 32 seconds
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Building a Clientele that withstands Economic Downturns with Lacey Salem

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!   Today we are joined by Lacey Salem, a licensed esthetcian since 2017 in New York. She opened a solo studio in November of 2019. Then by November of 2021 I expanded and brought on 2 team members. Lacey is a three time winning Lashie Award winner courtesy of The Lash Conference. Former esthetics educator and now all things lash educator. Her newest venture is Laceys Lash and Esthetic Supply, where she is bringing the industries top brands straight to artists in her area.   Today we cover:    - Building a clientele that can withstand economic downturns  - How to market and find high end clients - The power of building connections within your community  - The client experience      LACEY IG:   LACEY WEBSITE: KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
4/3/202440 minutes, 38 seconds
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Is Tik Tok Getting Banned?

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  Today we are talking all about the possible Tik Tok "Ban"  Could Tik Tok really get banned? What does this mean for the 170 million American users and the 7 million American small businesses that run on Tik Tok? And what does this mean for you if you have been trying to grow and build an audience on the platform? Should we ditch the app? Is it worth making content here and what does this mean for your beauty business? I'll be sharing my opinion and plan for content creation the upcoming months as we wait to see if this bill passes through to the President.  Lash Biz Babes Conference Tickets: Square Referral Link: Get $1,000 of free processing: KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
3/27/202421 minutes, 4 seconds
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From Medical Professional to Lash Artist: Building a Thriving Clientele in 5 Months with Ashley Bao

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry! Today we are joined by Ashley Bao, the owner of Aura By Ashley where she offers lash extensions + mentorship. Ashley transitioned from Medical Pro to Beauty Pro. She built her clientele and filled her books within 5 months out of esthetician school, was hitting 5 figure months within her first year and when she moved to California with zero clients she built her books again within 3 months. Ashley has a passion for teaching beauty pros how to get fully booked through soulful marketing and authenticity.  We Cover:  The tranistion from her medical career into lash extensions Building a clientele within 5 months  Authentic Marketing  Building a community with raving fans  Moving states and REBUILDING a new clientele within 3 months  Client building secrets NO ONE is talking about  CONNECT WITH ASHLEY IG:   Free Overlooked to Fully Booked Course   5 Figure Months Course:   WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:   THE MINDSET TO CALL IN 5 FIGURE MONTHS   MY 100 APPTS/MONTH BUSINESS FRAMEWORK   HOW TO ATTRACT LUXURY CLIENTS AT PREMIUM PRICES   MOTIVATION WITHOUT CIRCUMSTANTIAL POWER   FINANCIAL ORGANIZATION STRATEGIES   What's included?   5 Prerecorded videos showcasing exactly how I went from zero clients to 100 clients monthly and hitting $12k+ months.   CONNECT WITH KAYLA    KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
3/20/202452 minutes, 41 seconds
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Hosting an Event for your Beauty Community + Be my Lashentine

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry Podcast  Today we cover:  How the Be My Lashentine Event turned out Hosting an event fo your local beauty community  How I found a venue space, vendors and sponsors  Tips for putting together swag bags  Selling Tickets + Marketing the Event  The Cost + Breakdown  KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
3/13/202430 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Most Underrated Instagram Feature to Build Community

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  Was social media growth and community building on your vision board for 2024? It is no secret community building is vital for building a brand and to set yiurself a part from the masses.  Today, I am sharing the most underrated Instagram feature for community building (in my opinion). I have been utilizing this feature for my own community and have seen great results, had some of the most amazing conversations in my dms and have gotten a clearer vision on what my community wants from me.  Settle in for this solo episode and learn how to utilize this Instagram feature for your own community.  KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
2/7/202428 minutes, 27 seconds
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Becoming Lash Baby: Navigating Client Growth, Boundaries + Brand Identity with Hellen Vuong

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  We are joined by Hellen Vuong the owner of Lash Baby Product line and Training.  Hellen started her career in the lash industry in 2016 after moving from Vietman to the United States. Along with operating Lash Baby she has a salon with booth renters. Today we are covering: Moving to the United States + starting a business Client building in 2016 vs today Client building without social media  Personal + Professional boundaries  Purchasing + becoming the new face of Lash Baby  Lash trend predictions  Follow Hellen Shop Lash Baby Use code: KK15 to save 15% off your order (my personal fav are the .02 lashes!)   KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
1/31/20241 hour, 1 minute, 56 seconds
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Eye Health + Beauty Trends with Optometrist Dr. Janice Luk

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry! Dr Janice Luk is a Optometrist based in Canada that specializes in eye health and beauty trends and has been practicing for 7 years. As a lash artist eye health and the safety of our clients should be our #1 priority for a long and sustainable career. I am thrilled to have an optometrist join us today to teach us today about eye health and lash extensions to expand our knowledge. We Cover: Eye Health in our clients and ourselves Sensitivities with lash extensions  Allergies to lash adhesive  Partnering with a local Optometrist  Myth Busing! Demodex mites, Flonase Trend and UV Light  Follow Dr Janice Luk: BE MY LASHENTINE TICKETS (sales end Feb 1st 2024)  The lash artist event in Vancouver Washington on February 18th 6:30-9:30pm Swag bags, Giveaways, Collaboration + Yummy Food/Drinks! Use code: PODCAST to save 15% on your ticket  FOLLOW KAYLA: KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
1/24/202448 minutes, 37 seconds
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The 2023 Top Episode Winner, Lash Trend Predictions + Content Strategies

WELCOME BACK!  Today we are covering:  The top episode of 2023 winner Be My Lashentine Event  My Lash Trend Predictions for 2024  Content Strategies and Predictions  Be My Lashentine Tickets! Use code PODCAST to save 15% on your ticket  
1/17/202435 minutes, 24 seconds
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The Final Episode of 2023: The Power of Starting Today

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  We have a solo epsiode for you to end the 2023 lineup of podcast episodes. Thank you all for an amazing year of guests, episodes and growth. We will be taking a short break and return with episodes and reveal the 2023 mist downlaoded episode winner on January 17th.   We Cover: 2023 most Downloaded Episode Competition (cut off 12/31 at 11:59pm) Be My Lashentine Event  Why I retired my masterclasses  My opinion about New Years Resolutions  The Power of Starting Today  Be My Lashentine PRESALE! (Presale pricing ends 1/1/24) KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK: 
12/20/202328 minutes, 9 seconds
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Double Feature: A Deep Dive into the Business Transformations Since Our Last Chat with Bryce Sechler + Sydnee McGee

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  We have another DOUBLE FEATURE episode that was recorded at The Lash Conference  with Bryce Sechler and Sydnee McGee. Both these guests have been on the podcast earlier this year and I am excited to have them back to take a deep dive in their transformations since our last chat   Sydnee Interview:  The decision to close her lash product line Zalura Taking time to REST and REALIGN  The next steps for Sydnee   FOLLOW SYDNEE: Lashcon23 for 50% off online eye styling course Bryce Interview:  The outcome of her foundation for women empowerment and domestic volience support  Creating education around speed lashing  The behind the scenes of creating her first product  FOLLOW BRYCE: Un-Stripped Method Self Paced Masterclass code LASHCON   Free speed lashing ebook 2023 MOST DOWNLOADED EPISODE!  DEADLINE DEC 31ST 2023 11:59PM  WINNNER ANNOUNCED JAN 17TH 2024 EPISODE  HOW TO HELP YOUR FAV GUEST WIN:  Share episode link on story Share epsidoe link drectly with beauty business bestie  Feature episode as a free resource (for the guest) Email episide link to your audience 
12/13/202356 minutes, 46 seconds
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The POWER of Effective Communication with Lia Juhas

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  Today's guest is Lia Juhas, a lash artist, international educator, speaker + judge with over 2,300 students. She is an OG lash artist that started in 2013 with $27 in her bank account and within 3 years built a multiple 6 figure beauty business. In 2022 she started her second business and scaled to 6 figures within 9 months and only worked 20 hours per week. Her deepest passion lies in unlocking the full potential of beauty business owners and guiding them towards creating sustainable and scalable businesses. We Cover:  Lia's Journey in the industry The power of effective communication with clients, students and team members  The real reason you are getting a lot of inquiries but little sign ups How to handle difficult conversations  Intentional communication and boundaries  Tips for good communication with your clients    Lia's Course: Artist to Mentor EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT FOR LISTENERS ONLY!  Join for $555 ($777 reg)  
12/6/202349 minutes, 41 seconds
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The International Lash Expo with Crystal Perez

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  Today we are joined by Crystal Perez, she is the owner of Butterfly Kiss Lash and lash supply store in Phoenix Arizona. She is the Co-Founder of the International Lash Expo that will be held in Glendale Arizona March 2024. We cover:  Crystals journey into the beauty industry Starting a product line and opening the first supply store in Arizona  Attending conferences vs being an exhibtor  The International Lash Expo creation  Tickets, what to expect and more! Get your ticket to ILE and save with code: PODCAST10
11/29/202359 minutes, 34 seconds
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Online Course Creation + Opening Undefined Studios with Erin Taylor of Monarch Lash Co

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  Today we are joined by Erin Taylor, Owner of Monarch Lash Co and Undefined Studios in Salem Oregon. This episode was recorded at the Lash Conference in October  We cover:  Erins journey into the beauty industry Lash trainings  Online course creation that has reached 44 countries, 2,000 students. The opening of Undefined Studios in 2021  Studio Managment  Get 10% off online courses or course bundles with code KKARTISTRY (this code is stackable on atop of exsisting offers!)  Follow Erin on IG: KK ARTISTRY MASTERCLASS RETIREMENT SALE!  Code: LASTCHANCE (expires 11/27/23) MASTERCLASS BUNDLE: No code needed
11/22/202336 minutes, 59 seconds
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The UV Light System Controversy: Understanding the Technology and Chemicals

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  Today I am joined by Olivia Knight and Anne Frehner the owners of Lash Apothecary and creators of the Opal UV light system.  We cover:  The difference between UV and LED The Light spectrum and safety for artist and client  Research of UV light exposure over long time periods The importance of knowledge and the chemicals in adhesive  Humidity and Temparture with the UV system  UV light and the truth about sensitivities  Benefits for lash artist and client when using the Opal UV light system  15% OFF SITEWIDE with code: EDUCATEDARTISTRY at checkout Follow Lash Apothecary on IG: WATCH ON YOUTUBE:  
11/15/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 1 second
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Double Feature: Crafting Boundaries and Cultivating High-End Clients in your Beauty Business with Amanda Wagner + MacKenna Wallace

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry! We have a double feature for you today. This episode contains two interviews I did live at The Lash Confernece.  First we have Amanda Wagner from Pretty Little Lash Co.  We cover:  Building a high end clientele in a small town Running a salon with booth renters Building a business and changing her families lives  Follow Amanda on IG $200 of 1 month VIP coaching - Only available to the podcast listeners ☺️   Code: LASHCON2023 Next up is Mackenna Wallace of Blink by Mack.  We cover: Client boundaries Opening a salon suite  Becoming a lash trainer  Follow Mackenna on IG
11/8/202343 minutes, 41 seconds
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Merging Brands, Returning to the Lash Chair + The Love is Blind Finale with Ali Lilly

Welcome to this weeks episode!  We are sharing an interview that was recorded live at The Lash Conference. Our guest is Ali Lilly, the owner of Lash Anarchist and host of The Lash Anarchist podcast.  We Cover:  The move from Arizona to Florida Returning to the lash chair as an employee  Merging with Lash Bomb  The Love is Blind Season Finale  ALI IG: KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
11/1/202331 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Lash Conference Recap

This weeks episode we are catching up about my time at the 2023 Lash Conference!  If you're new here, WELCOME!  We Cover:  My first year having a booth Recap of the weekend  How I set up my booth/offers I had  The live podcast interviews  What I would do different as a sponsor next year  Gratitude    KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
10/25/202337 minutes, 17 seconds
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It's Spooooooky season and today we are reading your stories! I asked you guys to submit your stories about nightmare clients, horrifc experiences and even spooky tales. You all delivered!  Enjoy the this Halloween special episode 🎃👻   KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
10/19/202339 minutes, 13 seconds
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Cultivating Confidence in Business and Yourself with LaLa Mejia

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  Today talk about:  Lala's self development journey  Confidence Building in business and yourself  Setting Boundaries  Finding your 'HER' Balancing Wellness and Business Daily routines for self confidence  LALA IG: FREE Masterclass!  Join here:   KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
10/11/202341 minutes, 51 seconds
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Winning the Holidays: Strategies for Beauty Business Prep and Profit with Catie DiMaggio

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry! It's offically October which means the holiday season is quickly approaching. Is your beauty business prepared? Do you have strategies in place?  We cover:  Irresistable offers Leveraging gift cards and goft vouchers  Strategies for your clients to return in January and February  Increasing average dollar sale with retail and add ons  Why holiday planning with benefit your beauty business  Caties Holiday Prep and Plan Masterclass  CATIE IG: Join the Holiday Prep and Plan Masterclass Replay: KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
10/4/202347 minutes, 33 seconds
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My Lash Conference Survival Guide

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry! We Cover: Prepping your business and clients for your time away Packing and what to bring Planning out your conference experience  What to wear during the day and bring with you   Networking and connections   Rest and returning back to clients   Submit your LASH HORROR STORIES by Oct 2nd Less than 30 tickets left! Grab your ticket to the Lash Conference with code LASHCON100 for $100 off KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK: EDUCATED ARTISTRY:  
9/27/202329 minutes, 4 seconds
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How to Thrive during a Slow Season in your Beauty Business

Todays epsidoe we cover: Tips for thriving during a slow season in business Increasing revenue with current clientele  Offering promotions without slashing your prices in half  Normalizing slow seasons  Have a spooooky story to share? Submit your story for our Halloween special 'Lash Horror Stories' email [email protected] KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
9/20/202330 minutes, 52 seconds
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Navigating Relationships + Entrepreneurship as Women in the Beauty Industry with Megan McFadden

Today I am joined by Megan Mcfadden, she has been a lash artist sicne 2014, an avid traveler and entreprenuer. Megan is also a childhood friend if mine and we go back all the way to preschool! If you're a regular listener this episode is different compared to others. Megan and I are getting vulnerable about our past relationships and the lessons learned from feeling held back and growing apart from a long term partner.  Today we cover:  Megan's lash career journey Past relationships and uncovering toxic patterns  Navigating relationships + entrepreneurship as women business owners  Our healing journey  Dating  Business and Self Growth MEGAN IG: KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY: 
8/16/20231 hour, 10 seconds
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The Lash Conference 2023 with Founder Paul Lubbers

Today we are joined by Paul Lubbers, the Founder of The Lash Confernece that is held this year in Anahiem California, October 14-16th.  We cover:  The inspiration behind starting Lash Con in 2019 Common misconceptions about putting on a conference  The Lashie Awards  Details of Lash Con 2023 (new location, education, vendors, parties and more!) Get $100 of your ticket with code: LASHCON100 Enter The Lashie Awards: Follow Paul  
8/9/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 18 seconds
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The Journey of a Rebrand with Ashley Gonzalez

Ashley Gonzalez is a small business coach with over 10 years of experience as a service provider, product retailer and educator. Her passion is to empower women of all colors, shapes and sizes to take up space in the industry through strategic marketing, authority building content and branding.  We cover:  Rebranding from Beautylicious to The Lash Papi Trademark Legalities  Pivoting in Business  The real reason for returning behind the chair  The evolution of marketing in the beauty industry    Products, Training and Business Coaching  Ashley on IG The Lash Papi on IG
8/2/20231 hour, 30 minutes, 30 seconds
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The 100th Episode Celebration!!!

This episode streamed live on Youtube in 07/10/23  Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry where we are celebrating 100 episodes of the podcast! In todays live event Kayla will be doing a Q+A from the questions submitted, drawing the giveaway winners AND if you're live you will have a chance to win some extra goodies!   Grab the beverage of your choice and come hang! Thank you to our sponsors who donated their amazing courses for 5 lucky winners. Lash Biz Babes Podcast: Pretty Little Lash Co: https://prettylittlelashacademy.mykaj... Catied Artistry: Code: EDUCATEDARTISTRY for 40% off Catied Artistry Lash Lift Course 
7/12/20231 hour, 43 seconds
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How I Sabotaged my Business + Personal Growth

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  Today's episode is getting a little personal. I’m going to be sharing the ways I sabotaged my business and personal growth and the process of self reflection and changes I made. I feel this is important to have a conversation around because business and personal development go hand and hand. Hope you enjoy! 100th episode CELEBRATION! July 10th 6pm pst LIVE on YouTube! Join The Transition Masterclass: Unleash from behind the chair: KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  
7/5/202310 minutes, 9 seconds
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Becoming Un-Stripped: The Creation of the Industry's Newest Fanning Method with Bryce Sechler

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry! Bryce Sechler is the owner of Un-Stripped Lash + Brow Bar, Un-Stripped Academy and is the founder and creator of the Un-Stripped Fanning Method. After being in the industry 8 years, she has grown her service based lash and brow business to 6-figures with a team of 5 powerful women underneath her.  We cover:  The Creation of the Industrys Newest Fanning Method (Un-Stripped Method) Benefits + Challenges of Innovating a new technique  Dealing with copycats and backlash Building an employee based salon Unforseen challenges with w2 employees  Get $50 off the Un-Stripped Method Masterclass Code: KKARTISTRY50 Follow Bryce on IG  Follow Kayla on IG
6/14/202342 minutes, 57 seconds
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Breaking Down the Benefits + Challenges of being a Lash Trainer with Sydnee McGee

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry! Today I am joined by Sydnee McGee, the owner of Pacific Beauty Cove and Xalura Lash. She has been a lash artist since 2017 and now teaches students how to do Classic lashes all the way to Mega Volume lashes. She specializes in corrective Mapping and loves educating business owners on financial organization, marketing, branding and social media.  Today we are covering: Sydnee's journey into becoming a lash trainer How to build out a manual, kit and ciriculum How to market your lash trainings  Why you SHOULDN'T become a lash trainer  Red Flags in Trainers  25% off Sydnee's eye styling class with code: KKPODCAST  FOLLOW SYDNEE ON IG FOLLOW XALURA LASH ON IG FOLLOW KAYLA ON IG   
6/7/202343 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Power of Automation in your Beauty Business

This week we cover  4 ways to automate tasks in your beauty business Why automation saves your business time and money  The 100th episode celebration Square Referral  Calendly Manychat Ally Banking HYSA SPONSOR:  Imperfection is Beauty  Buy one pre made fan mix tray get 1 free AND a free premade tweezer with code EDUCATED  SHOP HERE
5/24/202327 minutes, 36 seconds
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The NEWEST Trend in the Beauty Industry is Here with Carlee + Kayla of Lash Reality

This weeks episode we are covering:  The newest service in the beauty industry (; Premade Fan Retention Tips  Innovation of new products  Collaborating with brands  The Bloomberry Tweezer Collection Double Dip Glue Method for Premades here Grab the BloomBerry Tweezer Collection here CODE: WELCOME15 FOR 15% OFF  FOLLOW LASH REALITY ON IG   
5/18/202355 minutes, 26 seconds
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Building Clientele as a Solo Artist + Lash Biz Babes Conference with Erica Schramm

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry! Today we are joined by Erica Schamm, the host Lash Biz Babes Podcast + Conference, a beauty business coach, lash educator, and lash artist since 2014. She strives to help beauty business owners to build full clienteles, create thriving beauty businesses, and live lives that they love. As a mom of 3, she especially loves supporting moms in the industry to be able to grow their businesses while being present moms. From being in the lash industry, she's been able to be the kind of mom she wants to be, find her confidence and purpose, and create a life that she really loves. Her goal with her business coaching and Lash Biz Babes is to help others do the same. Today we are going to be talking to Erica about building your clientele as a solo artist. She shares her journey of building a clientle in a brand new state, her strategies in 2014 compared to how she coaches her students to build clientele today. This epsiode has so many gems I wish I had as a solo artist in the beginning of my lash career. We are also going to chat about her upcoming virtual conference Lash Biz Babes!  Join the Lash Biz Babes Virtual Conference on May 26th + 27th for only $199 (regular price $399) with this link  Here’s the affiliate link with a discount: FOLLOW ERICA:  IG:   TikTok:   Podcast: 
5/10/202345 minutes, 37 seconds
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Are you STILL sleeping on Tik Tok?

Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry!  Today I am coming to you solo and I am sharing a few updates on business that have been happening lately. I'll also be sharing why I think you need to stop sleeping on Tik Tok for marketing and growing your beauty business!  We are on Youtube now! Subscribe here:  Official Sponsor of The Lash Conference! Learn more and purchase your tickets here: Become a sponsor on Educated Artistry! Email me: [email protected]  Tik Tok Freebie!  Scroller to High Roller Masterclass: Join here
5/3/202327 minutes, 46 seconds
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PMU Artist + Creator of Lucid Lush a N/A Craft Cocktail, Kamyrn Marchant

TRIGGER WARNING!  In todays epsidoe we discuss topics around alcoholism, suicidal thoughts and self harm. Kamryn  started her  PMU career in 2016 and has since then opened two locations and started training other women. During Covid, like many of us, she was forced to shut down and started to struggle with alcohol consumption and depression. After numerous attempts at quitting, In 2021 she quit drinking for good. This led her to creating Lucid Lush, a beverage company that specializes in making craft/NA cocktails. I was first introduced to Lucid Lush by a Tik Tok account as I have been on a sober journey and on the search for yummy mocktails. I ordered a mixed pack of Lucid Lush and shared my thoughts on my Instagram story, side note: I loved it! Kamryn and I started chatting and she shared with me how she was also in the beauty industry and Lucid Lush is her new business she started.  TRY LUCID LUSH!  CODE: EAP20 for 20% off FOLLOW LUCID LUSH FOLLOW KAMYRN FOLLOW EDUCATED ARTISTRY  FOLLOW KAYLA
4/26/202343 minutes, 33 seconds
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The Evolution of Business and Motherhood with Catie DiMaggio

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry! Today we are joined by Catie DiMaggio. Catie is wife, mom, owner of two beauty salons and has been a licensed esthetician for 5 years. We talk about the evolution of her business once she became a mom. Catie shares her transparent journey on how to find a balance for each season of life you’re in and how to set realistic expectations for yourself and your business. She is taking us alongside the evolution of starting her business as a single woman that worked her way up in retail, meeting her husband, having their first child in the midst of COVID closures, expanding her team, opening a second location, becoming homeowners and welcoming their second child. Catie IG Catie TIK TOK  Mentorship offer: BUY ONE MONTH GET ONE MONTH FREE!  Use code: KAYLA   Kayla IG  Kayla TIK TOK
3/22/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 32 seconds
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Are you Overcomplicating your Service Menu?

Have you ever wondered if your service menu is over complicated? Is it hard for clients to know which service to book? Are you constantly having to readjust appointments because they booked the wrong service? Are you offering multiple sets and weekly fills? Do you have someone book a service because it was cheaper but did not align with the desired look they were wanting to achieve? If you answered yes to any of those questions you are probably over complicating your service menu and making it way harder for yourself and the client. In todays episode Imgoing to break down from a lash artist perspective ways you’re over complicated your menu, why I don't offer multiple set services (ex classic, hybrid, volume, mega) why I don't offer weekly fills and how to simplify my menu and communicate the changes with clients. SPONSOR: Todays episode is sponsored by The Lash Co Use code: EDUCATEDARTISTRY for 15% off your order   KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK EDUCATED ARTISTRY IG
3/9/202322 minutes, 31 seconds
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Moving a Lash Business from the US to Spain with Kelsey of Kuma Lash Studio

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry where we are joined by Kelsey the owner of Kuma Lash studio. Kelsey transitioned her business a few times within the states but the transition from Florida to Valencia Spain was a whole new experience. Kelsey shares the transparent journey from closing her lash bsuiness in the US to the ups and downs that came with opening her business in Spain. Kelsey shares the differences in the lash culture, licesning, requirments, building her clientele and leanring a new language.  Follow Kelsey IG Follow Kelsey TIKTOK Use code KKARTISTRY for 15% off at  Follow Kayla  IG Follow Kayla TIKTOK Follow Educated Artistry 
2/22/202358 minutes, 46 seconds
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Taking a 2 week vacation as a solo artist + the #1 downloaded episode of 2022 winner!

Welcome back to Educated Artistry! I am excited to be back from break and bringing you new episodes for 2023. In this weeks episode we are finally announcing the #1 downloaded episode of 2022! I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the guests that came on the podcast to share their stories, teach and inspire us.  I told myself in the beginning of 2022 that I would take a 2 week vacation. I have never in my lash artist career taken a vacation that long before. That is almost 8 years… As a solo lash artist it can kinda seem impossible to take off that much time from clients. I had the bright idea to take my vacation on New Years Day. Lash clients are still my main income source currently so I wanted to plan to prepare my budget, my clients and myself for taking this much time off. Even if you have income streams that don’t come only from clients it still takes planning and work to prepare for a long chunk of time off from your business and to truly disconnect. I’ll be covering:  How the month break has been and my vacation recap  How I planned and prepped for stepping away from my business for two weeks as a solo artist  My biggest takeaways    Todays Sponsor: Eye2Eye Pro App  Use code: EDUCATEDARTISTRY22 for a free 30 day trail AND instant access to all PDF forms Download here:  Google Play - Apple -
1/25/202340 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Creation of the EYE 2 EYE App with Crystal of Rebel Lash and Beauty

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry! Today I am joined by Crystal, the owner of Rebel Lash and Beauty. She is an Advanced lash artist/esthetician, Trainer, Multi-award winning home studio and Artist. Crystal is also the creator of the Eye 2 Eye Pro app for beauty business owners. This app was created with the beauty professional in mind when it comes to organizing client information and creating a VIP experience for clients to be able to download the app and connect directly with their artist, book appointments, fill out consent forms and much more to come! Which is what we are going to talk to her about today!  Download the Eye 2 Eye Professional App today on the App store or Google Pay and try for free for 30 days  Use code: EDUCATEDARTISTRY22 to receive instant access to all PDF forms that are usually only available 30 days after signing up    Crystal IG:  EYE 2 EYE IG:  KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY:  END OF YEAR SALE!:  SPONSORS: TIffani Mitchell - 7 Figure Foudation! Get $300 off with code: EDUCATEDARTISTRY
12/21/202246 minutes, 14 seconds
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Why your Beauty Business needs an Email List with Claire Hooper

 Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry! Do you have an email list for your beauty business? Have you thought about starting one but aren’t sure what to send the people on your list? Scared of being spammy? Unsure of the amazing benefits and growth email lists can have for your beauty business?   Today I am joined by the email list Queen, Claire Hooper. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, who loves seeing people level up! She is a Lash Artist, Speaker, Educator, Mom, and can't forget plant lover. Claire believes everyone can have an abundance of success, and her mission is to help everyone find their path there. Claire found her home in the industry making her clients feel beautiful and helping beauty entrepreneurs build systems in their business, create online courses, and grow email marketing systems so they can build their lash empires in a way that fits their personal goals and visions of success! Today we are going to be talking to Claire about email marketing. How to start, grow and the benefits of having an email list for your business.   Claire IG:  TRY FLODESK FOR FREE FOR 30 DAYS Website Email Marketing Guide KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY:  POWERHOUSE PRICING MASTERCLASS:  1:1 EXPERIENCE BUSINESS COACHING:   
12/14/202233 minutes, 11 seconds
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Hiring, Building and Leading a Successful Team with Tiffani Mitchell

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry! Today we are joined by Tiffani Mitchell! Tiffani went from being a solo-lash artist to owning two 7+ figure lash & beauty studios with over 20 employees. Her biggest passion is helping other beauty businesses scale their own businesses without losing their minds in the process! Today we are talking to Tiffani about successfully leading teams from how to hire, how to lead and how to keep your team members. Whether you have a team currently or have been thinking about growing one you do not want to miss the tangiable tips Tiffani shares in this episode! Join the 7 Figure Foundation and use code: EDUCATEDARTISTRY to get $300 off your seat  Reserve your seat: TIFFANI IG:  KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY:  POWERHOUSE PRICING MASTERCLASS:  USE CODE: EDUCATEDARTISTRY10 FOR 10% OFF  1:1 EXPERIENCE BUSINESS COACHING:   
12/7/202238 minutes, 19 seconds
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Building Beyond the Hustle, Creating Diversity and Inclusion in the Lash Industry with Tianna Seo + Roxie Reese

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry! Today I am joined by two amazing women you may be familiar with. First we have Tianna Seo owner of The Lash Exchange and Co, who is an OG guest on this podcast where she joined us to talk about adhesive safety on episode 11-12. We also have Roxie Reese owner of DFW Lash University, who has been on twice on episode 31 and more recently 77 where we talked about being a certified vs licensed lash artist. Today they are both joining me to have a vulnerable  conversation around diversity and inclusion in the lash industry and building beyond the hustle.  ROXIE IG:  TIANNA IG:  BUILDING BEYOND THE HUSTLE:  NEW LASH ARTIST BLUEPRINT:  USE CODE: EDUCATEDARTISTRY TO SAVE 20% ON TIANNAS COURSES KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY:  POWERHOUSE PRICING MASTERCLASS:  1:1 EXPERIENCE BUSINESS COACHING:    TODAYS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY MAGIC MIND! and use code: ARTISTRY20 for 20% off your order! If you order within the first 10 days you get 40% off your subscribtion with code ARTISTRY20
11/30/202256 minutes, 54 seconds
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UGC Creation + Turning a Service into an Experience with Ashlee Rexroth

This weeks epside we are joined by Ashlee Rexroth, the owner of BLKLBLESTHETICS and has been in the beauty industry for 11 years. Today we are going to be talking to Ashlee about turning a service into an experience and UGC content creation. If you are unfamiliar with the term UGC it means User Generated Content which is becoming a huge extra stream of income opportunity that you can add to your business. Ashlee shares the different kinds of UGC content, how to get started in UGC, how to find brands and agencies to work with and some important tips when it comes to setting your rates.  ASHLEE  IG: ASHLEE TIK TOK: DM ASHLEE EDUCATED ARTISTRY FOR $100 OFF MENTORSHIP PROGRAM  KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY:  POWERHOUSE PRICING MASTERCLASS:  1:1 EXPERIENCE BUSINESS COACHING:    This episode is sponsored by: MAGIC MIND  The first ever productivity drink for creators. GET 20% OFF YOUR MAGIC MIND ORDER BY VISITNG MAGICMIND.CO/ARTISTRY AND USE CODE ARTISTRY20  Order within the Next 10 days and get 40% off your subscription with code: ARTISTRY20    
11/23/202243 minutes, 9 seconds
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Increase your retail sales this holiday season

This weeks episode Kayla is sharing her tips on increasing your retail sales this holiday season! The holidays are crazy busy for beauty providers and it's a great oppourtunity to make some extra money by selling retail to your clients in a FUN way! Whether you are a retail newbie, only have a few retail items or a full blown retail stock this episode will give you actionale tips on increasing your sales this holiday season.  KAYLA IG: KAYLA TIK TOK:  EDUCATED ARTISTRY:  POWERHOUSE PRICING MASTERCLASS:  1:1 EXPERIENCE BUSINESS COACHING: 
11/16/202219 minutes, 30 seconds
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Lash Artist to Unruly Online Mentor with Carol Jaame

In todays episode we are welcoming back Carol Jaame (previously Lash Chance artistry) for round 3!  Carol has completely transformed her business in the last 4 months by taking it 100% online. She closed her lash studio, cancelled all remaining lash trainings and had 4 months of expenses saved to break into the online industry!  Carol shares:   -Where her online business was before committing 100%  -The birth and death cycles of your business  -Her $10,000 invest mistake and the lessons she learned  -Common fears people have when entering the online space -Data over Drama  Interested in learning more or joining a masterclass, mini mind or coaching with Carol?  Grab all the goods below 
11/2/202247 minutes, 53 seconds
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Let's Catch Up!

Welcome back! In todays episode we are catching up after taking a few months off the podcast. I wanted to take minute to be transparent and honest with you guys when it comes to big changes and big pivots that happen in business before we get back into our regular episodes... So let’s catch up!    Today we are covering:  -Why I retired from lash training  -Hiring a business coach and making a $7,000 comitment -Masterclasses and 1:1 Experience Coaching  -Patreon Update  -Sponsorships  -The Lash Conference and more!   Check out all Masterclasses and 1:1 Experience Coaching  
10/26/202222 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Pricing Mistake That Lost Me $24k a Year?!

In todays episode I'm sharing the story about the pricing mistake that lost me $24k a year... (OUCH!) I want to share this with you in case you made the same mistake and I can teach you how to fix this and STOP leaving money on the table.  If you set your pricies based on your competition  If you charge per service instead of hourly  You may be in the same boat as I was...  Grab the FREE worksheet to break down your current services  Want to join the PowerHouse Pricing MasterClass?  
8/19/202214 minutes, 25 seconds
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Launching your online course with Mark Keysor

This weeks episode we are joined by Mark Keysor of @beautybrandlaunchpad to chat all about launching your online course!  Do you have that course idea but fear is holding you back?  Do you want to learn launch strategies and how to sell out your course?  Do you currently have a course but you feel like you need to restructure and relaunch?  Mark answers all the questions today and shares his story on what started Beauty Brand Launch Pad, How creating and selling an online course changed his life and how you can make this happen for yourself.  We are also going to be talking about the FREE 3 day virtual workshop to help you in creating your 6 figure online beauty course starting August 4th! I included the link to sign up for that in the ahow notes of the episode and i guarantee you guys are going to want to sign up if building an online course has been something you’ve wanted jump on Follow Mark on Instagram:  Grab those headphones and let us know you're listening today! Love this podcast and want more exclusive and bonus content? Join us on Patreon!  
7/27/202244 minutes, 18 seconds
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Certified vs Licensed Lash Artists with Roxie Reese

Today we are welcoming Roxie Reese back to the podcast. She is  a passionate entrepreneur from Dallas, she founded DLU in 2020 after being in the lash industry for over 4 years. She fell in love with how the lash industry inspired her to build a business that could impact people like herself. Roxies mission at DLU is to create the highest quality online education experience for students and really expose the limitless potential in this industry. She is a proud mother, fashion enthusiast, and advocate for women of color! Today we are going to dive in with Roxie on her inspiration and drive for opening her own lash extension school,how things have been going since we last had her on the show, the difference between being a certified or licensed lash artist and some amazing inspiration on the potential you have as a lash artist. I want to start by catching up on how things have been going since you were last on the podcast in 2020 when you were just opening DLU. About DLU DLU is a cosmetology school that specializes in the eyelash extension specialty license in Texas. This license allows you to do lash extension legally and is only valid in Texas and can not be transferred to another state. Our 12 or 6 week online program allows you to obtain your license from the comfort of your home. Without having to rearrange your work schedule or put your kids up. We serve single mothers, nurses, high school graduates and established lash tech who are looking to take their lash business to the next level.  You can more about DLU on our website  Follow us on instagram and facebook @DFWlashuniversity  If you are interested in learning more about our online learning experience check out our sample class room here   Our program is not eligible for financial aid however we do offer payment plans and pay in full discounts.  Ready to enroll?  First step: Complete our mini application   You can also schedule an admissions call with us here so we can walk you through the process.   **Disclaimer: The Texas lash LICENSE is a state-regulated, cosmetology license. In Texas, a LASH EXTENSION SPECIALTY LICENSE is required to perform lash extensions, a CERTIFICATION does not hold legal credit in Texas.   (Esthetician/Cosmetology licenses permit lash extension application)   Our program is a 320-hour LICENSE program that prepares you for the Texas state board exams.
7/20/202244 minutes, 57 seconds
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Should you offer free lash sets?

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry!  Have you ever asked yourself whether you should offer free or discounted sets when building your clientele?    Creating an offer to get clients on your lash bed, which should it be?   Discounted can be appealing, right? At least you're making some income but you may feel like you're undervaluing yourself. You may start feeling like you're only getting clients who are price shopping.     Free sounds scary AF. No income while spending hours on a set and they may not even end up being a returning client and you did all that work what feels like for nothing.    So… what's the best road to take?   What if I told you that if structured right, you can actually leverage free sets to your advantage and help you build your books with your ideal clients that will come in at your full rate?  Would you call me crazy? 🤪   Grab your headphones and let me change your mind about offering FREE sets instead of constantly discounting your services!   Become a Patreon Member:    Follow Educated Artistry on Instagram:    Join the waitlist for the Pricing Hourly + with Intention Course: 
7/13/202218 minutes, 8 seconds
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Eco Friendly Lash Artist with Jena Cash of SoCo Lashes

Welcome to this weeks episode! Have you ever been curious on using more eco friendly lash products?  Want to learn some tips on creaitng a more eco friendly soace in your salon? Jena Cash the owner of Soco Lashes grew up her small little beach town of Sonoma County, Ca. As a child, she was surrounded by nature and animals, and was always drawn to helping all if the little creatures of our planet for as long as she can remember. Today, she’s able to bring her passion to fruition by creating the world’s first eco-friendly Lash Extension Company. Today we are going to chat with Jena about the environmental impact lashes have, what actually can be recycled, how to be more eco friendly in your lash salon and some innovative products Soco Lashes has for lash artists Discount code: SOCO20 for 20% off your order  Top sellers of SoCo:  04 Unicorn Lashes .03 Lashes Stay A While Magic Adhesive  STAY A WHILE ADHESIVE — SoCo Lashes SOCO Sealer Lash Sealer Tincture (also referred to as bonder) — SoCo Lashes SOCO Primer Lash Primer Tincture — SoCo Lashes Shampoo Bar Inspo Podcast with Jena SOCO on YouTube  
7/6/202249 minutes, 3 seconds
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Uncomfortable Client Conversations with Ashley Gonzalez

Welcome to this weeks episode! Ashley is a Licensed esthetician, Training Academy and Beauty Supply Store owner. Her mission is to help minority entrepreneurs create their own legacies regardless of their limiting beliefs surrounding their background. In today's episode we are going to dive in with the QUEEN of having uncomfortable client conversations. We've all been there… that client that always shows up late and complains their lashes aren't full enough. The one who never seems to respect your policies or the one you are so ready to fire but you are terrified to do so. Ashley shares:  - Her story on her first client break up and how she handled it - Why it’s so hard for us to have these conversations and how to combat that  - How we can practice and become confident having uncomfortable conversations  - Examples and how you can respond to common uncomfy conversations that may come up  Discount Code: Learn more about Beautyliscious: Pricing Course Waitlist Lash Essential Training:   
6/29/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds
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Pre Made Fans + Moving States with Michelle Smith of Imperfection Is Beauty

This week we are welcoming Michelle Smith the owner of Imperfection Is Beauty! Today we are chatting about Pre Made Fans and Moving hr business from Oregon to Arizona. She has a deep passion for premade fans and they are what kept her from giving up on lashes all together.  We cover:  Her inspiration for starting a premade line in 2020 The backlash she got from the industry and artists  We debunk some myths about premades  The importance of education around Premades  Then we dive into her decision to move states and the hurdles she has experienced as well as her plan for the new adventure!  Discount code: educatedartistry  Link to Premade workshop $100 off Link to Premade lashes BOGO FREE  
6/22/202249 minutes, 20 seconds
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Lash Retention will Make or Break your Business with Emily Lywood

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry! If you are a lash artist I can confidently say at one point of your career you have probably struggled with lash retention. Maybe you’re struggling currently. I have been there and so has my guest. Today I am joined by Emily of @lashed_withemily and she is a retention expert. She wasn't always a retention pro but over the last 2 years she built a happier higher paying client base with longer lasting retention, and now helps other lash artists do the same. I actually connected with Emily on Tik Tok first and could see her passion for educating other lash artists and improving their retention skills so I invited her to come on and talk about all things retention. Today we are going to talk about our tips for good lash retention and how retention can make or break your lash business. Lash mentoring Retention fix wait list - online retention course Follow Emily on Tiktok Follow Emily on Instagram  
6/15/202240 minutes, 43 seconds
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Building Rhythm + Confidence in Your Life with Alexis Greco

  Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to balance out all the life and business responsibilities? Are you wanting tangible actions on how to build confidence in yourself and business? Ready to take some action steps when imposter syndrome and self doubt sneak up on you?    Alexis Greco is an Army wife of 11 years, and a homeschool mom to four children ages 8 and under. She spent 15 years in Network Marketing, reaching the top 1% of her company. She is a global coach, having taught over 1,000 female entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, Australia, & Europe how to use systems to create the thriving home and business of their dreams…a life in rhythm. She believes that you can be successful at home AND in your business, not one or the other. In today's episode we are going to be talking about building rhythm and confidence in your business and personal life. If you’re listening today and you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by juggling the personal and business tasks that come with being an entrepreneur, maybe you feel like you can never caught up on your to do list or you’re ready to build systems that support your personal and business life you are going to want to tune into this episode. Let’s dive in.  Free Quiz! Follow Alexis on IG  
6/8/202234 minutes, 50 seconds
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Catch Up with Former Co-Host Taylor Wick

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry! I have a special surprise guest for you all today… If you have been a listener since the beginning or maybe you just found the podcast and have listened to the earlier episodes you know this podcast started with two hosts and in 2020 she decided to leave the beauty industry altogether. Taylor Wick, the former Co host of Educated Artistry is back for an episode to chat about her time in the beauty industry, her decision to leave the industry and what she is up to now! If you have listened to the earlier episodes with Taylor you know she is all about being transparent and real with you all and I expect nothing less from today's episode.  Follow along Taylors journey Follow Educated Artistry  
6/1/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 30 seconds
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Toxic Positivity + Taking Responsibility with Carol Jaame

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry and I want to welcome back our guest today Carol Jaame, she was previously known as Lash Chance Artistry but has rebranded since our episode together. She is a lash artist, online course creator, business coach and educator who was on episode 52 where we talked about the behind the scenes of running a lash business and money mindset.  She had the TOP DOWNLOADED EPISODE of 2021 and even got a little trophy to celebrate! If you haven't caught that episode yet please go take a listen. I knew I had to bring her back on because one I just love chatting with her and her knowledge and perspective. Today however we are getting a little spicy with our topic of discussion… This episode is going to be a little different as we invite you to look past the surface level of the lash industry and get deeper. We are talking about Toxic Positivity, Women empowerment facade, Taking responsibility, saying no and Understanding your boundaries. We really dive into a lot of topics that people usually won't talk about truthfully.  What is it? How is it harmful? What does this have to do with the lash industry? Isn’t positivity always a good thing? Let’s dive in  
5/25/202253 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Biggest Lie You're Telling Yourself

Has anyone ever told you the lash industry is too saturated? Maybe you’re guilty of telling yourself this and that mindset has held you back from raising your prices, enforcing your policies or even getting started in the lash industry. This is the biggest lie you are telling yourself. My goal is for you to step away from today's episode believing in abundance and have the mindset that no matter how “Saturated” you can have a full clientele at your goal pricing, policies and business hours. I am talking to every single one of you. It is 100% possible. Tune in for a mindset shift and some abundance mindset practice! Lash Essential Branding like a Boss Save 10% on your Lash Reality Order using code: KKARTISTRY    
5/18/202216 minutes, 9 seconds
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Q + A with Kayla

You had questions and I'm bringing the answers!  Join me in todays episode where I answered questions you guys asked on Tik Tok and Instagram!  Submit your question to be featuered on the next Q+A episode by emailing me [email protected] Lets connect!   
5/12/202229 minutes, 10 seconds
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How to Make Your Business More Luxury for Under $100

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry!    Do you want to create a one of a kind experience for your clients?  Are you looking for unique ways to make your customers experience stand out?    If you’ve been around here for awhile or you follow me on Instagram you’ve heard me talk about how important customer experience is to keep a loyal, ride or die clientele! Being dependable by being ready on time, not canceling or rescheduling your clients apts last minute, ensuring they are comfortable while laying on the bed, how you communicate with them and creating a one of a kind experience will keep them coming back.   In todays episode I'm sharing how you can make your business more luxury and elevate your customers experience for $100! Yep, you read that right  $100 TOTAL!   Check out my Amazon Shop for items I speak about in the episode   Enter Lash Realitys The Alice Challenge for a chance to won a $500 gift card to Lash Reality here:    Lash Reality: Get 10% off your order using code KKARTISTRY at checkout  
4/27/202214 minutes, 48 seconds
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Booth Renting vs Commission Employee with Wednesday Wood of The Wicked Lash Podcast | Part 1

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry! Today I have a special guest that has actually made a quick appearance on the podcast before during The Lash Conference episode where we actually talked about how one of her goals was to start her own podcast and here we are doing a two part episode! I want to welcome Wednesday Wood, owner of Wicked Esthetics and host of The Wicked Lash Podcast. In today's episode we are going to be diving into the difference between commission and booth renting. We are going to break down the pros and cons of each of these from the service provider perspective and the salon owners perspective so no matter which side you are on, this episode is for you! Wednesday and I also share our experiences from being w2 employees to booth renters in a salon to salon suites then to salon owners with commissioned and booth renters. Make sure when you are done with this episode you head over to The Wicked Lash Podcast to listen to Part 2. Follow Wednesday and learn more   Get 10% off your Lash Reality Order with code: KKARTISTRY     
4/13/202229 minutes, 46 seconds
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Protecting Your Beauty Business with Reonna Green of She Trademarks

Welcome to today's episode of Educated Artistry! Today I am joined by Reonna Green of She Trademarks. Reonna is a hairstylist turned Attorney that knows the beauty industry inside and out along with the niche specific legal stuff you need to protect your business. She has devoted her career to helping ambitious beauty preneurs secure their bag and set their businesses up in style. She covers Trademarking, Custom Contracts + Templates, 1 on 1 coaching and has her Beauty Boss Legal Bootcamp.   In today's episode we are going to cover how to legally protect your beauty business with an LLC, Contracts and Trademarking. We are also going to hear about Reonna’s new program launching soon! You are not going to want to miss out on this one. DISCOUNT CODE: use code EAPODCAST for 15% off Reonnas contracts
4/6/202246 minutes, 13 seconds
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How to tell your clients you're not working weekends anymore

When you started your business did you have weekends available because you felt that those would be the best days to build a clientele? That weekends were a must to work when starting out? Did you feel pressured to come in all hours of the day and days of the week to accommodate clients? Are you ready to make a schedule change and start taking the weekends off? I'm going to refer to weekends in this episode but this is really for any type of schedule changes you wish to make. Whether that's not working past 5pm anymore or not coming in until 10am. In today's episode we are going to cover how to tell your clients you're no longer working your current hours and your schedule is changing.   Links:    Lash Essential Training: Use code EDUCATEDARTISTRY for $100 off  The Pricing Hourly + with Intention Course  
3/23/202218 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Evolution of Lash Trainings + Our Predictions with Kourtnie of Lash Essential

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry. I want to give a warm welcome back to the show Kourtnie, the owner of Lash Essential. She joined me on the podcast before on episode 38 where we talked about planning, prepping and executing a content shoot for your lash business. Today we are here to talk about the evolution of lash training, our predictions on the future of training and the revamped and brand new Lash Essential training to come!  Use code: EDUCATEDARTISTRY  for $100 off your lash training in 2022 
3/16/202242 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Business Behind your Passion with Mikaela of Revive Lash Co

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry!    Today I’m joined by Mikaela of Revive Lash Co. Mikaela has been in the beauty industry for 12 years and lashing for 10 of those years! She has been a salon manager, hourly employee, commissioned based employee and independent contractor, booth rented and finally a studio owner. Her passion is helping her clients receive proper lash education and lash sets that they can wear forever with no damage. Along with serving her clients she loves helping other lash artists achieve their business and financial goals while doing something they are so passionate about! Business is often overlooked when entering the beauty industry because the skills in the service we offer are the meat and potatoes of what we do. However, Mikaela believes without proper business practices, your success will plateau. The Business Behind Your Passion Course was designed to help new and established beauty professionals understand the business side of things and get them to a place within their business where they feel confident and ready for the growth and success they desire.   We cover:    The importance of having an attorney overlook any contracts you are asked to sign 3 common mistakes beauty business owners make when setting up their business The Business Behind Your Passion Course - What inspired Mikaela to create it for beauty business owners and what it covered in the course Discount code: ARTISTRY for 10% off The Business Behind your Passion Course 
3/9/202244 minutes, 49 seconds
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So you want to be a lash artist?

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry! When you decided to become a lash artist were you so lost on what to do, how to do it and what running a lash business actually looked like? Maybe you’re now an established artist and you get messages from people asking “I want to do lashes but how do i get started?” This episode is going to be full of my tips and advice for someone wanting to start a lash business, thinking about going to beauty school or maybe you took a course but you’re not sure what to expect and prepare for when it comes to setting up your business correctly, how to find a trainer, how to decide if you want to be a booth renter, w2 employee or open a salon. Even if you are an established lash artist listening right now, stick around, there may be a few tips in here for you or when you get those DMs (I know you do) of someone asking I wanna do lashes but I have no idea where to start… Instead of you writing paragraphs you can just send them this episode link and hopefully I can cover all the bases! This episode also includes a download that has a list of products and supplies you need for your lash business and some of my favorite finds. Make sure you check out the show notes to download this resource. You can also find many of these items on my website under KK Artistryd favorites in my Amazon shop. I will also have that lined in the show notes   Free Download! Amazon Shop Pricing Hourly + with Intention Course Use code KK10 for $10 off    
3/2/202227 minutes, 29 seconds
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The Power of Video in your Beauty Business with April Meese | Part 1

In todays episode I have April Meese of the Beauty Marketing Simplfied Podcast on to talk about the power of video in your beauty business. We specifically talk about long form videos such as Youtube, IG Lives, IGTV and Podcasts. April shares how to combat the fear that comes with showing up on video to your audience, how to build authority and trust with your audience through video and how to repurpose your long form videos into short form.  Make sure you head over to Aprils Podcast for part 2 where we talk about the power of short form videos like Reels and Tik Tok.
2/23/202232 minutes, 57 seconds
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Taking Control of your Money Mindset with Melissa Wells of Melissa and Money

Welcome to today's episode of Educated Artistry! I am joined today by Melissa, the CEO and Founder of Melissa and Money LLC. Her mission is to educate, empower and support female entrepreneurs through teaching you how to ditch the bullshit money beliefs that no longer serve you, manifest even more money and become undeniably confident in how you manage your money in business and personal life. Welcome to the podcast Melissa! We chat about taking control of your money mindset, Challenging your limitng beliefs, Debunking bull shit money beliefs, Money management for personal and business and Finicial literacy.  This episode covers it all and you are going to feel a shift in your mindset when you finish this episode! To follow and learn more about Melissa and her courses check out the links below! Instagram:    Podcast:    Free 30 Day Affirmation Challenge:    Top Tier: The Money & Mindset Accelerator:    Use Code: KAYLA100 for $100 Discount off of MMA
2/9/202256 minutes, 57 seconds
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Business Beyond the Chair with Tara Walsh of Lessons of a Lashpreneur | Part 1

lets get into todays episode! I did a collaboration with Tara Walsh and her Podcast The Lessons of the Lashprenuer Show… We have a two part episode for you guys and this is part one and you can find part two on her episode which will be linked in the show notes or if you are already sub to her podcast check out ep (#157) with the  Part 1 - Tara and I are breaking down the different legal options to build out your team and the difference between Booth renting vs Contractors vs Employees, and then go to her show and check out part 2 of our Business Beyond the Chair series right here on the Lessons of a Lashpreneur Show. In part 2 - we do a deep dive into the various different opportunities to take your passion for the beauty industry and scale a business beyond you trading your time for money. Tara and I deep dive on product lines, becoming an educator, coaching, podcasting and even becoming a beauty industry influencer. Check out Part 2 on Lessons of a Lashpreneur Show If you’re interested in learning how to build a team legally and profitably, I encourage you to get on the waitlist for Taras Momentum Mastermind to be notified when she opens up applications again in late spring:    ADS: Dream Client Machine Course by Carol of Lash Chance Artistry
1/31/202240 minutes, 56 seconds
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Why raising your prices + you making more money benefits EVERYONE

So often I hear women talk about raising their prices or asking for more money, emotions such as fear, guilt and shame arise. Even if they haven't raised them in 2-3 years!   “ All my clients will leave”    “Who am I to charge that much?”   “People are going to think I'm so greedy”    In todays episode, I want to change your mindset and flip the script when we talk about making more money. We are going to dive into 5 reasons why making more money benefits you and everyone around you!  Enter the Amazon gift card giveaway by leaving a review by January 31st 2022. Please screenshot and send your review to me on Instagram at  Want to advertise on the Educated Artistry? Email me at  [email protected]   
1/20/202214 minutes, 29 seconds
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Tax Planning and your Beauty Business with Kenesha Coleman CPA

Welcome to today's episode of Educated Artistry! I want to give a warm welcome to our guest today Kenesha Coleman, of Coleman Tax and @ thebeautycpa on Instagram.  She is an award winning CPA, IRS Enrolled Agent and Certified Tax Coach that helps beautyprenuers save money with Bookkeeping and Tax Services. In today's episode I am going to be talking to Kenesha about setting up your business correctly for taxes, deductions, common mistakes and answering some questions that were sent in by listeners. You’re gonna want to grab your notebook for this one! The Links:  Freebie: "The Ultimate Tax Deductions Guide for Beautypreneurs" Interested in Professional Tax Preparation Services for Beautypreneurs: Beautypreneur Finance Academy Waitlist (new cohort starting April 2022) Website: IG: FREE Facebook Group "Beautypreneur Finance Institute":
1/12/202235 minutes, 24 seconds
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2022 Mantra

Hello everyone!    Todays episode is short and sweet. I'll be talking about my 2022 mantra and how I think a majority of us (if not all) need to focus on this in the upcoming year. I also talk about what to expect from this podcast in 2022! Make sure to listen to the end of this episode to find out how you can win a $100 Amazon Giftcard! The Links:  Apply to be a guest: For more info on Sponsorship and Advertising spots please email me: [email protected] Send screenshots to entered into giveaway to See ya next week! 
1/5/202214 minutes, 53 seconds
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Kaylas Tips on Growing Your Business on Tik Tok

In todays episode I'll be sharing my tips on building your business on Tik Tok and how to attract followers that are actually in your target audience and we will a customer of yours.  This episode comes with a FREEBIE!!!  Go to and a pop up will let you grab my FREE Tik Tok tips we are going over today. There is also a challenge at the end of this episode and free download so don't miss out! Sources:
12/16/202124 minutes, 50 seconds
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Money Mindset + BTS of Running a Lash Business with Carol Jaame of Lash Chance Artistry

Welcome to this week's episode of Educated Artistry. Today I am joined by Carol of Lash Chance Artistry. Carol is a Lash Artist and Lash business Coach who helps new lash artists fill their books by creating meaningful content that converts to paying clients. She has a new podcast out called The Lash Artist Confidential where she shares real insight into the industry. Today we are going to be chatting about the behind the scenes of running a business, Money mindset and her Dream Client Machine Online Course. All links we talked about in the episode are listed below!    DREAM CLIENT MACHINE INFO/ SIGNUP PODCAST LINK IG
11/30/202152 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Lash Conference 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 51 of Educated Artistry! Todays episode is going to be a little different. If you followed along on my Instagram stories and what not you saw I attended The Lash Conference in Pasadena Ca. I wanted to take you along with me this weekend! Todays epside is going to be a vlog styole podcast so this is your warning the audio isn’t the best and will fluculate and there is background noise. I did my best guys… Not only will you be coming along with me, you are going to hear takeaways from lash artists that attended the conference. If you were on the fence about attending the lash conference or you have never heard of t before I hope this episode encourages you to be there next year!  Follow for details on next year! 
11/16/202140 minutes, 39 seconds
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What is a virtual assistant + how your beauty business can benefit from one with Sarah Theobald of The Empire Agency

As beauty business owners we wear a lot of hats and juggle a bunch of different things at once. Have you ever dreamed of having someone to delegate tasks to or help you with your website, course creation or social media management?  Not sure where to start?  Today Sarah Theobald, Founder of The Empire Agency walks us through what a virtual assistant is, services offered, how they can save you time and best tips on finding a virtual assistant best fit for you.  I have personally hired Sarah these past 6+ months and together she has helped me with the following  - Plan, Prep and Execute my first online course The Pricing Hourly + with Intention Course - Second online course in the works (to be announced soon) - Build Sales pages and funnels for online courses  - Put together my presentation for The Lash Boss Conference  - Set up coaching calls, sales page and funnels  - Buildout employee handbook - Prep social media content and make templates for Educated Artistry   and more!  Learn more about Sarah at 
11/3/202130 minutes, 39 seconds
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Lash Horror Stories! - Halloween Bonus Episode

Hello my spooky lash babes!  I wanted to give you a halloween bonus episode where I am reading Lash Horror Stories written in by lash artists  Enjoy!
10/31/202117 minutes, 34 seconds
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Prepping for the Holiday Season and Avoiding Burnout with MacKenzie Graham of Mack Lash Mob

Welcome to this weeks episode of Educated Artistry! Today I am joined by Mackenzie from Mack Lash Mob. Mackenzie is a lash artist, salon owner of Mack Lash and Brow Bar, trainer and business coach and we are going to talk about the HOLIDAY BURNOUT! I The holiday season tends to be the busiest time of year for beauty professionals and it's not too late to plan ahead! I wanted to bring Mackenzie on to share her experience and give you guidance on avoiding the burnout while still having a successful holiday season. Follow MacKenzie on Instagram Check out MacKenzies online courses  
10/26/202124 minutes, 38 seconds
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5 extra income streams for lash artists

A few weeks ago I did a poll on my Instagram where I asked lash artist how many income streams they had OUTSIDE of taking clients. The vast majority said zero. If we learned anything from 2020/2021 it's that having diverse income streams that don't require us to be there physically is so important.  In todays episode I'm sharing 5 extra income streams that lash artists can add to their business and the best part is they don't require much time on your part and are mostly passive.  Enjoy!  Follow on the gram   
10/19/202115 minutes, 39 seconds
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Growth, Mindset and Business Coaching with Helena from 6 Figure Beauty Boss

In todays episode we are taking it back to the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas Nevada where I got to sit down with Helena Garrett. Helena is a lash artist, business coach and fellow podcaster (6 figure beauty boss)! She shares her story on how she started as a lash artist to where she is now and the struggles along the way. Helena also talks about how the 2020 shutdowns actually gave her the push to focus in other areas in her business. I know you are going to enjoy getting to know Helena as much as I did! Enjoy!   To follow Helena 
10/13/202127 minutes, 51 seconds
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Why social media marketing shouldn't be your only marketing

Did Instagram and Facebooks outage give you a mini panic attack because your business relies on marketing on social media platforms? Maybe this is the only place you contact your clients or how you've built your business?  Maybe yesterday lite a flame under your bum to try other forms of marketing that are more secure. This may be a tough pill to swallow but we don't own our Instagram followers and we shouldn't be putting all our eggs in one basket when it comes to marketing.  In todays episode we are going to be chatting about why email marketing can be more beneficial for your business even when IG and Facebook aren't having an outage. I also will share some tips on howe you can start building and growing your email list TODAY!  Try Flodesk free for 30 days and receive 50% off a month 
10/5/202111 minutes, 44 seconds
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Why you should attend The Lash Conference!

In todays episode I'm sharing the reasons why you should attend The Lash Conference this year in Pasadena, California November 6-8th 2021.  You may have seen The Lash Conference posts floating around or heard people talking about it but are still on the fence whether or not it's worth investing in. I'm hear to tell how and why this conference is going to up your business game and you will leave with more knowledge and connections in 3 days than you can imagine.  It's not too late to sign up and the longer you wait the more the ticket prices increase! Listen along as I share my experience form the 2019 conference and what I am looking forward to for the 2021 conference.  For tickets and details on The Lash Conference visit  Use code: ESSENTIAL for $100 off your ticket!   
9/29/202112 minutes, 37 seconds
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The Premade Fan Shortage with Kate Augustus + Carlee Workman

In todays episode we are throwing it back to a live recording done at the International Beauty Show In Las Vegas Nevada in June. I chatted with Kate from Kate.asoflate and Carlee from Lash Reality about the shortage lash artists and suppliers have been seeing with Pre Made Fans. They both share insight on the pre made fan future and what we can expect as lash artists. We also discussed how 2020 pivoted their businesses in ways they didn't expect to pivot before the pandemic. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did! To learn more and follow Kate and Carlee check out their Instagrams for all the goods!  
8/3/202122 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Raw Truth of Building Out A Salon With Crystal O'Reilly

Live from the International Beauty Show in Vegas I got to chat with Crystal O'Reilly about her experience with signing a commercial lease and building it out to become the beautiful skin and wellness center of her dreams! She shares the raw truth about what to expect, what she has learned and some tips for you if you are thinking of opening a salon for multiple service providers.  Crystal is a Licensed Esthetician in Vancouver Washington who has a true passion for skin and providing a beautiful location and community for other estheticians to grow their careers.  Follow Crystal at Follow SELFish Skin and Wellness Center for updates at  
7/8/202115 minutes, 2 seconds
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Using Venmo in your business with Kayla Joy of Vaude Lashes| Pt 2 and updated

Kayla Joy from Vaude Lashes and myself are back at it again for another episode on Venmo!  With the new policy changes taking pace July 20th 2021 where Venmo will now be charging a business transaction fee for goods and services we saw A LOT of posts going around telling small business owners how to "cheat the system". Those are my words not theirs... Kayla and I talk about the pros and cons about this and share our thoughts on these viral posts.  I suggest you go back and listen too episode 37 if you haven't already where we start the Venmo conversation.  We are not affiliated or work with Venmo. All information provided about Venmo and it's services can be found on  Follow Kayla Joy at  Follow your host, Kayla Hertz at 
6/29/202128 minutes, 44 seconds
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3 Signs of a Lash Burnout

Feeling physically or mentally burnt out in your lash career? Maybe both? Want to learn the signs to avoid a burnout? Are you unsure how to get out of it? In todays episode we are going to chat about 3 signs of a lash burnout and how to identify them and the action steps to take to get out of it and stay out of it!    Follow on Instagram!
6/23/202114 minutes, 18 seconds
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Full Transparency

Todays episode going to be a little different then the usual. I'm not interviewing anyone or dropping some educational knowledge on you. I'm giving you a vulnerable peek into my story this past year and why the podcast episodes have not been as consistent and the plan for the future. This episode is RAW and minimally edited so please forgive the background noise.  Trigger warning : I talk about grief and losing a loved one to cancer and my mental health along the way.     
4/25/202127 minutes, 22 seconds
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Health + Wellness for Lash Artists with Abby O'Sullivan

Todays guest is Abby O'Sullivan, she is a nutrition and mobility coach as well as a lash artist. She has been in the industry for 13 years and shares her story about how the physical pain and emotional burnout she experienced from working long hours  brought her into her passion of helping other lash artists have a pain free, happy long term career.  If you have ever felt burnt out physically, mentally or emotionally there are tips in this episode you can start using today. If you're brand new to the industry check this out for preventative care! To learn more follow Abby on Instagram  Grab your ticket to The Lash Boss Conference at and get $50 off by using the code KAYLA    
3/24/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 12 seconds
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Plan, Prep and Execute a Content Shoot with Kourtnie of Lash Essential

Have you been wanting to do a content shoot for your business but feel like you don't know where to start or how to get the most out of it, let alone stay organized? Listen in to an Instagram Live Kourtnie and I did sharing tips and tricks, sharing all about how we organize a content shoot, and how you can to on ANY budget!  Grab my free content shoot planner by clicking on the link below! Follow Kourtnie on Instagram
2/11/202142 minutes, 54 seconds
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Using Venmo for your lash biz? Here's what you need to know with Kayla of Vaude Pro

A conversation was sparked about lash artists using Venmo when I saw posts going around describing to artists to tell clients to send money with a random emoji instead of the name of the service.  In todays episode I am joined by Kayla of @Vaudepro. We talk about Venmo's terms of service when it comes to business transactions, why tracking all income is important and how you can use Venmo without the fear of your account getting closed.  We are not affiliated nor experts in Venmo. For more information please visit  Follow Kayla on Instagram
1/27/202136 minutes, 7 seconds
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Lash Chat with Ali Lilly of Lash Anarchist

In todays episode with Ali Lilly, the owner of Lash Anarchist and the host of Lashes and Bullsh*t podcast we talk about selling retail as a lash artist, TikTok, CPAs and Email Marketing. You could say we cover a wide variety of topics!  Grab your coffee and come have a lash chat with us
1/20/202159 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ending 2020 on a positive note

Happy New Year and Welcome 2021! Today is a short and sweet episode of me reading some listener stories about positive things that happened in 2020 as well as my own story. Follow the lovely ladies who wrote in here  
1/2/202110 minutes, 31 seconds
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Where have we been?

We ghosted you!  Thank you for everyone who has been so patient and understanding while we went on a long hiatus from the podcast. It's been almost 3 months to the day since we last shared an episode with you all. In this episode we talk about what we've been up to, why we took a break and where we are going with the future of the show. 
11/17/202039 minutes, 26 seconds
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5 ways to work on your business when you're not fully booked

On todays episode Kayla shares 5 ways to work on your business when you’re having a slow week, gaps in your schedule or you just got those dreadful last minute cancellations. We’ve all been there! Maybe you’re a brand new artist and still building your clientele or an established artist like Kayla and just have slow weeks once in awhile. Instead of having a panic attack, take a deep a breathe and use that time off to work on your business, improve it and set yourself up for success when you are fully booked!   Get Flodesk for $19: 10% off your photography or videography session with Electric Beauty Pro when you mention EDUCATED ARTISTRY when booking.   
8/19/202017 minutes, 58 seconds
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Undercutting with Ilona of Revolashion

On May 5th, Ilona of Revolashion created a post on Instagram, addressing undercutting in the lash industry. Unfortunately, undercutting happens more often than we would like to see but do we really understand the impact that it’s having on our businesses, on our industry and our potential for successful careers? In today’s episode we talk to Ilona about what prompted her to create the post, her thoughts on undercutting and ultimately what are responsibilities are as an industry to improve it.    Sponsors:    Megan Rayo of Electric Beauty Pro 10% off your summer content shoot when you mention Educated Artistry!  
8/5/20201 hour, 17 minutes, 54 seconds
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Mental Health + Protecting Your Energy

We are in a heavy time with the pandemic and the civil rights movement. Some of us are managing our stress fine and some of us are struggling. In this episode we want to shed some light on mental health, the good, the bad, our personal struggles and how we cope. We want others to know that they are not alone if they are struggling. Let’s normalize taking a mental health day when needed, getting help and talking about our struggles. Let’s take time to talk about how to prep our business if we need to take some time off for our mental health. Let’s talk about protecting our energy and cutting toxic shit out of our lives. Let’s talk about self-care beyond face masks, lashes and a hot bath. Let’s talk about the last time you did something for your own personal growth. Ready? Hit play.   Sponsors:  Megan Rayo of Electric Beauty Pro - Book your photo or video content shoot and receive 10% off when you mention you found her from Educated Artistry! 
7/23/202059 minutes, 26 seconds
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Roxie Reese on opening DFW Lash University

On todays episode we chat with Roxie Phillips of Roxie Lashes LLC about the opening of her lash school, DFW Lash University in Carrollton Texas. Roxie has thought out every detail of this 320 hour program so much so that it made us want to go attend her school!  Roxie shares her start in the lash industry, her passion and drive behind the creation of DFW Lash University, the details of what her school will cover and where she sees her empire growing in the future. Enjoy this episode and don't forget to follow along Roxies journey! Contact Roxie at [email protected]    
7/8/20201 hour, 15 minutes, 15 seconds
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We're Still Here

We took an unexpected break since the release of our last episode on May 27th. We needed to learn, reflect, process and sit with our feelings but we’re still here…we haven’t disappeared. We thank all of you for your patience as we navigate our feelings and what the future of our podcast looks like. Today, we want to talk a little about what we have been feeling, what to expect from us and what to not expect from us, moving forward. We send all of you light, love and strength as you navigate your own journeys.  Follow Educated Artistry on Instagram 
6/25/202051 minutes, 22 seconds
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What if you get sued over Rona?

What if I get sued over Rona? I have to wonder how many of you have had that thought run through your head. I would imagine the chances of getting sued by a client if they contract the nasty little rona virus from you or your studio and they experience any hardships, like getting very sick, getting others very sick, medical expenses, longterm help complications, distress, loss of income from not being able to work and so on, there is a definite possibility that you will find yourself in court. It has weighed on our minds, I mean after all in America you can sue anyone over just about anything and if they can trace it back to your studio, a lawsuit could ensue. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to following the rules and guidelines put out by your state on reopening, as well as documenting how you are protecting yourself and your clients. What should you be documenting? Does having a client sign a waiver mean that they can’t hold you liable in court if they contract the virus from your studio? Will your liability insurance protect you if you get sued? Are there any laws put in place by the government to protect businesses from being sued over Rona? Well, we are not lawyers by any means but we did research the shit out of those questions and we’re sharing everything we’ve found on today’s episode.   Book your headshot special with Megan for $100 off June 8th-12th 
5/27/202049 minutes, 16 seconds
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10 things you need to reopen

In this episode, I (Kayla) share 10 ways I've prepared for reopening my business when allowed. I have combined the state regulations with my own salon standards to uphold the luxury service I provide while keeping my clients and myself safe and healthy. I share products I've purchased, policies, procedures and how I preparing to welcome my clients back without discounting my services.    I have attached all the links/resources below that I mention in the episode.    Hope you find this helpful and insightful into your own business!  Disposable bed sheets Nylon Protective Cover Automatic Soap Dispenser Phone Soap MegaBabe Hand Sanitizer
5/20/202032 minutes, 28 seconds
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A Shift in Education

We’re back! We took a little two-week break and now we’re back to discuss how we think the coronavirus (said in our best Cardie B voice) is going to cause a shift in education within the lash industry. Spoiler alert, we think there is a lot of positives (finally) to come out of this for our industry and we are excited to break it all down with you in this episode. Grab your headphones, get cozy, hit play and let's go! LASH AFFAIR ONLINE COURSES: Use Code EDARTISTRY15 for 15% off your course!   
5/13/20201 hour, 1 minute, 46 seconds
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Updates, Giveaways and Discount Codes - YAY!

Enter the giveaway on our Instagram page! Giveaway closes May 7th at midnight. Winner will be announced May 8th.  Good luck!  Sign up for The Breakdown Vol 2 at  USE CODE: EDARTISTRY for $10 off your seat! 
5/6/20204 minutes, 33 seconds
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Discounts, should you or shouldn’t you offer them? Let’s break it down.

Discounts, should you or shouldn’t you offer one when you reopen? This is a very hot topic right now, one that a lot of artists seem to be struggling with. There is so much more to offering a discount, than just throwing up some random number off your full sets or services in general. How much money have you lost during the lockdown? How will it potentially effect your brand by offering a BIG discount or lowering your prices coming out of this? Will this put you further behind for the year? Do you maybe just have a bad relationship with money and assume that your clients are broke just because you might be? There is so much to cover here but we are breaking it all down, showing you which numbers to track so you can decide if you want to offer a discount, if you can afford to offer a discount and how much you can even afford to offer. We are giving you some creative ways to offer a discount if you decide to go that route and for those of you that don’t want to, let’s talk about how you can recoup some if not all of the money that you have you lost during lockdown, and how to find the motivation to do the things that you need to do in order for your business to succeed. Subscribe to our email list at Follow us on Instagram: 
4/23/20201 hour, 22 minutes, 7 seconds
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Thinking Ahead

If you got the go ahead to re-open your business tomorrow or next week, would you really be ready for what the ”new normal” will look like? We are all tired of talking about coronavirus but navigating business through coronavirus is going to be a marathon you guys, not a sprint. Nobody knows what the ”new normal” is going to look like but we can definitely guarantee that it doesn't look like it did before, at least not for a long time. Will the virus magically disappear when they lift the lockdown measures? Nope. We are going to have to learn how to live and work with this until a treatment or vaccine is created. On today's episode we are talking about thinking ahead - what precautions are you going to put in place to protect yourself and your clients? How will you handle notifying clientele if one of your clients contacts you to tell you that they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and they we're just in your salon a day or two before. What happens if you get sick and have to shut down for weeks. Are you going to require that your clients where masks? Do you need to make some changes to your space in order to be able to disinfectant things you normally wouldn't, like where clients put their belongings or maybe a common seat that everyone sits in? What about removing things in your waiting area like magazines that can't be easily disinfected. All things that we don't want to think about BUT we have to be putting strategic plans in place NOW before we get the chance to take clients again. Also, letting your clients know what you are putting together to protect them and yourself, is going to be a huge piece in the success of your business and creating loyalty amongst your clientele. Stay safe. Stay strong. Plan ahead. Follow Educated Artistry - 
4/15/20201 hour, 13 minutes, 53 seconds
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Serving Yourself + Your Business

We’re back and we’re talking all about how you can serve yourself, your biz and your clients during this crazy time! Now is not the time to disappear. We know this shit is hard, confusing and overwhelming but you have to find ways to push through. Your client's are counting on you, your business is counting on you and you are counting on you! You can do this. We can do this.  Check out this link for a list of resources for you and your biz during this time:  
4/8/20201 hour, 27 minutes, 46 seconds
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Advice and Encouragement

On today’s episode, we compiled some words of advice and encouragement from Kourtney of Lash Essential, Jamie of Lashbase, Crystal of Rebel Lash and Beauty, Trina of Maven Artistry, as well as from Kayla and myself. We are thinking of all of you and we hope these recordings help you through this difficult time. Stay safe. Stay strong. Thank you to our friends who took the time to provide advice and encouragement for our listeners. Please go follow them!  Jamie - Lash Base  Crystal - Rebel Lash and Beauty  Trina - Maven Artistry Kourtney - Lash Essential 
3/25/202031 minutes, 51 seconds
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What Now?

Your lash business has closed or you’re wondering when you’ll have to close and you can’t stop thinking, “WTF do I do now?” First, take a deep breath and then if you need to, have a good cry. We know that this shit is scary. Validating your feelings and giving yourself time to process your feelings, is going to help you get into a better place to come up with a plan. You need to have a PLAN. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, the shut down for your state is most likely coming and the reality is, we really don’t know how long this is all going to last. Burying your head in the sand and hoping this is all going to go away anytime soon, is not going to help. So, let’s talk about what will. On today’s episode we are covering everything from your mental and physical health, to where to find resources to help you with your finances, food, and of course, what to do with your business. We are all in this together and we really hope this information helps. Follow Educated Artistry - 
3/18/20201 hour, 42 minutes, 12 seconds
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Jamie Butler on the launch of Lashbase in the US, the Coronavirus and Marketing

Have you ever wondered what lash brands are thinking during a million-dollar launch? Do you wish you could hear from someone at the top of the industry on how they think the coronavirus can impact the lash industry? Do you wish you could get free advice on marketing your business from someone that is head of marketing for a wildly successful lash brand? Well my friend, today is your lucky day! Last week we talked with Jamie Butler, the head of marketing for one of the biggest, if not THE biggest lash brands in the UK, Lashbase. He gave us a peak into the mindset that it takes to weather a million dollar launch in a new country, with family, while handling the occasional hiccup, like renting a shitty Airbnb (like literally), getting sick from crappy hotel food, not being able to use their bank account to pay for large inventory orders, to bigger unforeseen things like launching during the coronavirus outbreak and how it’s impacting the industry. We also talked about the products that he is excited to launch here in the states and what he wants lash artists to know about the brand that sets them apart. As a marketing expert, I am sure you are wondering what he thinks we could be doing to improve our own marketing efforts for our lash businesses. We covered this too! Sit back, hit play and enjoy. We sure did. Subscribe to learn more about the launch of Lash Base US by joining the email list at  Follow Jamie Butler: Follow Lashbase US:  Follow Educated Artistry: For $25 off your 360 photography email [email protected] with EDUCATED ARTISTRY 360 in the subject line 
3/11/20201 hour, 21 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Coronavirus and The Lash Industry

What is the coronavirus and how can it potentially impact the lash industry? This past week, we spent time chatting with six different lash brands to gain their perspective on how the virus could impact the industry, as well as researching some facts about the virus itself and how it might affect the economy, our health, lash supplies and the cash in your pocket. Today we’ll be sharing the information that we’ve learned, talking about how you can protect yourself, prepping for the possibility of cancelations, managing your inventory and our own personal opinions on the coronavirus. This episode is all about information and to get you thinking of the possibility of these topics, so you can have a plan if any of these things start to unfold. By all means, we are not trying to cause any type of panic or fear. We encourage you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. You’ll never regret being prepared and that’s all we want people to start thinking about. Follow Educated Artistry  
3/4/202050 minutes, 24 seconds
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Videography to grow your business with Megan Rayo, the owner of Electric Beauty Pro, a Video Production Company.

We have talked about how professional images can help set you apart from the competition but have you ever thought of using video to help grow and promote your business? Today we dive deep into the topic with the Megan Rayo, the owner of two video production companies – Electric Beauty Pro and Lightning Creative. We covered everything from how videos help your website SEO, how they can help you gain more clients, what to shoot, how to prepare, how much you should budget and what to expect the day of your video shoot. We even threw in some statistics on how well video marketing does compared to other types of marketing and if you get nervous on camera, we’ve got tips for that too. Showing your skills, services, testimonials and more in using a video is so powerful and more accessible than you might think. If you’ve been looking for a new way to show off those things or other ideas, this episode is definitely for you. Megan is also offering a discount for listeners! Promo for our listeners!  $25 off 360 photos of your space by Megan can be booked at  Follow Megan:  Email Megan: [email protected] Follow Educated Artistry:   
2/26/20201 hour, 15 minutes, 35 seconds
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Content Shoots - Why you should be doing and tips on how to execute them!

Last week we dropped the first part of our series, talking all about what to post on your Instagram page and who to post it for. This week we are talking about how you tie this all together with your content shoots. Get out a notebook and take some notes, because we are covering everything from what to shoot, how to pick your photographer, prop lists, shot lists and more. Follow Educated Artistry -  Join our Email List -  
2/19/202046 minutes, 40 seconds
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Do you know who your audience is?

It’s a simple question but one that we feel should be contemplated more before creating your social media content. You have to know who you are talking to in order to bring them value. You have to remind yourself why you created your social media accounts. More often than not, we get into this pattern of creating content that other lash artists will like, when we are really wanting to use our platforms to build a clientele or bring value to our existing clientele. If you are using your social media platforms to gain more lash artist followers because you are shifting into becoming an educator or a trainer in any capacity, or maybe you are launching a new product or blog, that’s great but if you have no interest in doing that and you really want to focus on serving your clients, as in those getting the services, then you really need to focus on creating content that connects with them. Sounds easy, right? Don’t worry, we break it all down in this episode – from how to identify who your audience is, your ideal client, ideas for valuable content that your clients will find beneficial and how to tie all of this to your marketing. This is a two-part series. Next week we will talk about how you use all of this information to get the most out of your content shoots!   Follow Educated Artistry  
2/12/202043 minutes, 28 seconds
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Tasha of Lash Baby on what she's learned since launching her line

Today we are so excited to have Tasha of Lash Baby back on the podcast! We are following up with her to hear what she has learned since launching her line. She walks us through the ups and downs from pre-launch to now and boy has it been quite the experience. If you have ever wondered what happens behind the scenes during this process, Tasha gives an open, honest and very transparent interview on all the things! Tasha also talks about new items that she has added to her line, what she is adding to her trainings and marrying her best friend in Mexico. We learned so much listening to Tasha’s journey and we are so grateful that we get to share her story with all of you. Learn more about Tasha, her products and her trainings at -  Follow Tasha -  
2/5/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 29 seconds
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Surprise! It's a Bonus Episode!

Today is the last day of January and we wanted to check in to see how your 2020 goals are coming along? Did you know that statistics show that 80% of people’s resolutions fail by February? February people! Not to worry, if you have fallen off the wagon, we are sharing how our morning and evening routines are helping us stay on track to reach our goals. It truly matters how you start and end each day. We hope this episode helps you find new ways to lead each day with intention, purpose and helps you get back or stay on track with whatever goals you have set for yourself. Follow Educated Artistry -
1/31/202041 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Starving Artist

Isn’t it funny how we sometimes become our own worst bosses once self-employed? We tend to not give ourselves breaks or lunches to refuel on some of the most essential things needed to thrive - water and food. In this episode we talk about the starving artist, and while the title has humor in it, we are totally serious about spreading awareness about the effects that dehydration or skipping snacks or meals has on our bodies both short-term and long-term. If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you can relate to going a 6-8 hour stretch on empty, meaning without a break to properly hydrate or to eat a snack or an actual meal and if you’re just getting into this industry, use this as a guide when creating your schedule because breaks and lunches need to be a priority!    Joining us today in this episode is Taylor’s longtime friend Kelsey Bushong. Kelsey has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and is currently studying for her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. We talked with Kelsey about the toll that dehydration and skipping meals has on our bodies, some ideas on healthy snacks that are easy to prep and store in our studios, as well as how we can improve our water consumption. We hope this episode sheds some light on what we are doing to our bodies, how we can change it and challenges us to make better decisions when it comes to making our nutrition/health a priority.   Follow Kelsey - Follow Educated Artistry -  
1/24/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 3 seconds
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Pre made vs Pro Made

Pre-mades, its like a bad word in the industry depending on who you ask. Some are for them and a lot are against them, ourselves included…at least we were before we did this experiment. We wondered, are they worth it…the cost, does it save you time or are they really convenient? Like most things, you don’t really know until you try, so that’s what we did. Before Thanksgiving Kayla and I did a little experiment. Kayla applied a full set of lashes on me. On one eye, we did the whole lash line with Lash Reality Pre-mades. On the other eye, Kayla hand made each fan with Lash Essential Lashes. Both sides were designed with .07, 6D Wide Fans. We tried our best to make everything the same for both eyes, including the mapping. Afterwards we compared the application differences, the difficulty, if any, working with each product, the costs involved and finally the pros and cons. If you have been curious about working with pre-made fans, this experiment and episode is for you! Pre-warning, we might just change your opinion. Follow Educated Artistry -  
1/22/202047 minutes, 17 seconds
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Adhesive Safety with Tianna Seo |Part 2|

In the second half of our two-part series on Adhesive Safety, we dive back into this hot topic with how to protect yourself while lashing during pregnancy, proper ways on storing, replacing and disposing of your adhesive, as well as what happens if you don’t. Tianna also goes into the chemical reactions that happen between your adhesive and the other products you use, like paper tape…ever wonder how that dome shape actually forms on the tape? Lastly, we discuss what a mask can do to protect you and more specifically which masks will protect you and which will not. We hope that you find this information helpful and valuable. Please pass this along to anyone else in the lash industry that could benefit from hearing it. Sharing is caring and we should all be trying to help each other thrive and stay healthy while doing the thing we love, lashing. Follow Tianna - Follow Educated Artistry -  
1/14/202058 minutes, 49 seconds
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Adhesive Safety with Tianna Seo|Part 1|

Let’s be real guys, we do lashes AND we huff adhesive for 6-8 hours a day, sometimes more. It’s important that we start talking about what affects this potentially has on our bodies and how we can protect ourselves.   This episode starts off our two part series on adhesive safety. We dive deep into this topic with the very experienced and knowledgeable lash artist, educator and entrepreneur Tianna Seo of The Lash Exchange. During Tianna’s lashing career, which has span more than 10 years, she started noticing symptoms of brain fog, extreme fatigue, excessive sinus infections, nose bleeds, migraines... all of this led her down the road of researching what exactly was in the adhesives that she was working with and how she could potentially reduce the symptoms that she was experiencing.   Upon her findings, Tianna went on to develop one of the top lash masks in our industry with the Britain Developer Cambridge Mask Co, who’s technology was developed by the UK Ministry of Defense.   In this two part series Tianna shares with us what she has learned about adhesives during her research and ways that we can better protect ourselves while working.   We really hope this gets the conversation started on adhesive safety, and brings awareness to what we should be doing as lash artists to protect ourselves.     Follow Tianna -   Follow Educated Artistry -   
1/8/202045 minutes, 33 seconds
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Start 2020 with a Road Map to Success!

Happy New Year!! Did you set your goals for the New Year yet? In order to know where you’re going, you have to know where you are and in order to know where you are, you have to know where you’ve been. What was last year like for you? The good, the bad, the I want more of and the I am never doing that again!   In this episode we share some of the best ideas that we have found on how and what to reflect on in the previous year, so you can make the best road map for success in both your personal and business life in 2020. We’re doing this one with you and get a little vulnerable on sharing how our year was, some of our goals and somethings we don’t want to repeat again!   Grab some coffee, grab a note pad, write down the steps, and do the homework, so you can create a road map for all of your future goals!!   You got this! Podcasts referred to in episode:  Jenna Kutcher - The Goal Digger Podcast + Episode 321 - I made this much this year. A review of 2019 + Episode 322 - Suck at saying no? Listen to this. Rachel Hollis - Rise Podcast  + The most important things I do every year [rebroadcast]  FOLLOW US! 
1/1/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 38 seconds
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10 ways to grow your business in 2020!

On the final episode for 2019, Taylor and Kayla share 10 ways you can improve, grow and take control of your business in 2020. Grab a notebook and start writing down all the ideas that inspire you during this episode! Happy Holidays! Follow Educated Artistry: Email questions: [email protected]
12/20/201950 minutes, 44 seconds
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Lashing, Branding and IG, with Steven Strazzullo, The Borby Boy

In this episode, we’re talking with The Borby Boy, Steven Strazzullo, about the direction of the industry, how he’s inspiring others, his take on branding and how he’s grown his following so quickly on IG. Plus, he shares some tips on how you can too!  Stevens Instagram Beauty by Boys Instagram Educated Artistry Instagram  
12/18/201939 minutes, 29 seconds
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Finding your voice with Ali Lilly of the Lash Anarchist

Finding your voice in the lash industry or life in general, is not easy for most us. In this episode, Ali shares her journey from Beauty School to becoming the Lash Anarchist, the tough decisions she’s had to make along the way, how she goes about making those decisions and how she developed her, “Fuck it. Have fun!” attitude. We loved hearing Ali’s journey and hope that it inspires you to find your voice, to stand up for what you want, to let go of what needs to be let go and start working towards what makes you happy. Ali's Instagram: Shop products and workshops: Educated Artistry's Instagram: Email: [email protected]
12/13/20191 hour, 16 minutes, 2 seconds
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Talking all things retail, from what to sell to conquering your fears and more!

We all know that we have an opportunity to make more money and create a full-service experience for our clients by offering retail but not all of us are comfortable selling it or even know where to begin with what to have in our studios. In this episode, we pull from our 10+ years of experience working in retail to share our top tips on how to sell it, what to carry, opening wholesale accounts, getting over your fears and so much more! If this is an area that you struggle with, this episode is full of ideas to help you get past those struggles.   Email us at [email protected] 
12/11/20191 hour, 39 seconds
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Lashing, Training, Building a Tweezer Line with Tasha of Lash Baby

If you've ever wondered how one transitions from lash artist, to trainer, to stepping out and building their own tweezer line, this episode is for you.  We sat down with Tasha of Lash Baby to talk about her journey and transitions through all the phases. She gave us insight on finding a manufacturer, testing samples, her hate of going to the post office and what's to come for Lash Baby in 2020.  Follow Tasha @lashbabyportland  Shop with her at To submit someone into our love today segment email us at [email protected]
12/3/20191 hour, 12 minutes, 10 seconds
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Being a male in the Lash Industry with Derek Davenport

In this episode we talk with Derek Davenport, owner of Urban Routine Skin on being a male in the lash industry, salon ownership and his new project BrandYOU.  Follow Derek on Instagram @ddavlash  Learn more about BrandYOU at To submit someone into our LOVE TODAY segment email [email protected]   
11/26/20191 hour, 6 seconds
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The Lash Burnout: Tips on how to avoid overworking

In this episode we talk about how overworking and overbooking can cause a serious burnout for lash artists. We share tips and advice on how setting systems in place can help avoid a burnout and how you can start implementing these into your lash business TODAY! To submit someone into our LOVE TODAY segment email [email protected] Please follow us on Instagram! @educatedartistry @lashcitizens @kkartistry
11/20/201948 minutes, 14 seconds
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Working and motherhood with the founder of Borboleta Beauty, Kim Jaynes.

In this episode we talk with Borboleta Founder Kim Jaynes about being a working mom in the Lash Industry. Kim opened up to us on what motherhood has been like, the best advice she has received, how being a mom has impacted her role in her business and what she wants other moms to know about having success in both motherhood and business. Kim is also graciously empowering one lucky listener with an amazing GIVEAWAY. Make sure to listen to the end for details and as always, thank you for listening.
11/13/201957 minutes, 28 seconds
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Lashcon Takeaways

With all of the things that we spend money on in the Lash Industry - supplies, rent, classes, marketing, attending an out of town Business Conference can be questionable. Will I get my money’s worth? Will I actually learn? Is this really going to help my business? In this episode, we discuss our biggest takeaways from the first ever Lash Industry Business only Conference, LashCon, as well as our thoughts on if it was worth attending, what we think needs to be improved and if we’ll be back next year.
11/6/201959 minutes, 58 seconds
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Whoops! We forgot our why

In this episode Taylor and Kayla talk about how they lost their why and found it again!    To submit someone into our LOVE TODAY segment please email [email protected] 
10/30/201913 minutes, 26 seconds
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Trailer Episode

Get to know Taylor and Kayla! In this episode you will learn what inspired and made this podcast happen. The ladies also share their journeys in and out of the lash industry and how they met. Listen along and get a taste of what this podcast is all about! 
10/19/201938 minutes, 30 seconds