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English, Social, 6 seasons, 245 episodes, 1 day, 14 hours, 33 minutes
Two Asian-American girls navigating their way through post-grad life in the Bay Area, with a little help from our friends. Tune in during your lousy commute to laugh and chat with your hosts Crystal and Jeesoo as we ramble about tech, culture, family, and everything in between. If you can relate, feel free to visit us at or reach out to us @eatyourcrustpod on insta, twitter, facebook, or email us at [email protected]!
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Growing Family Responsibilities in Adulthood

Today we discuss how we keep up with family in our adulthood. We chat about deciding what to communicate with our parents after we moved out. We talk about determining how often to visit our parents and what factors go into the decision. We also explore new responsibilities we have grown into in the family and how it makes us feel.Support the Show.Follow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
6/12/202437 minutes, 46 seconds
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Supportive Friends Through Tough Times

Today our friend Tiffany joins us to chat about going through tough times! We discuss what we tend to do in tough times and how we use our personal experiences to better support our friends. We brainstorm things we try not to say to friends who are feeling down. Support the Show.Follow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
6/5/202441 minutes, 14 seconds
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Making Decisions

Today we discuss the never-ending challenge of making decisions! We talk about how we approach decision-making in our personal lives vs. in group settings.  We chat about choices that have become harder or easier with age.Support the Show.Follow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
5/29/202441 minutes, 57 seconds
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Awkward Restaurant Experiences

Today our friend Abhi joins us to chat about awkward restaurant experiences! We talk about the pressure of ordering at restaurants. We discuss our comfort levels when it comes to critiquing food or ordering wine. We chat about eyeing other people’s food and wanting to ordering the same thing!Support the Show.Follow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
5/22/202441 minutes, 30 seconds
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Honeymoon Traveling vs Regular Traveling

Today we muse about honeymoons! We chat about the difference between planning for a honeymoon and planning for a regular vacation. We discuss the struggles of asking for honeymoon privileges at the hotel check-in counters. We talk about small ways to make a honeymoon feel more special!Support the Show.Follow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
5/15/202440 minutes, 56 seconds
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Our podcast turns 5!!! Today we reflect on the last 5 years of working on Eat Your Crust together. We dive into the ways we've streamlined our behind-the-scenes processes to make planning ahead easier. We chat about cool & unexpected effects of having a podcast and how it helps us feel more connected to our friends!Support the Show.Follow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
5/8/202444 minutes, 45 seconds
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Our Thoughts on Professional Networking

Today our friend Harpreet joins us to talk about networking! We discuss the connotation around the term 'networking' & reminisce about job fairs we went to in college. We chat about building connections with people and being comfortable reaching out to people for favors. We discuss shedding our networking anxiety!Support the Show.Follow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
5/1/202441 minutes, 21 seconds
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Quarterly Check-In on Our Quarter Life Crises

Today we sit down and spill our hearts out about the quarter life crises we've recently been having! We chat about dealing with newfound autonomy in our lives and learning to understand what we want to do. We discuss the feeling of being chased by obligations and becoming paralyzed from stress. We muse about additional random learnings from Q1 of this year!Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
4/24/202440 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Boring Side of Adulting

Today our friend Jessica joins us to talk about the 'boring' side of adulting! We discuss tackling life admin tasks like paperwork, appointments, and taxes. We chat about navigating healthcare systems & grasping at random metrics to find a 'good' doctor. We explore things that make us feel motivated to do these tasks!Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
4/17/202459 minutes, 36 seconds
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#GIRLTALK: Situationships

Today our friends Jane & Cindy join us to talk about situationships! We attempt to define the term & try to decode what makes a ‘situationship’ different from a ‘fling’ or casual dating. We discuss the pros & cons of situationships and chat about boundary-setting for both ourselves and our partners. We chat about lessons we’ve learned from our personal experiences!Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
4/10/202451 minutes, 9 seconds
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Partying Responsibly

Today we chat about partying responsibly in our late twenties! We chat about tips to check in with yourself on a night out. We share signs from the night that point to a guaranteed hangover the next day. We talk about preventative measures to make sure the partying stays healthy, fun, and hangover-free!Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
4/3/202440 minutes, 24 seconds
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Mixing Friend Groups

Today our friend Jonathan joins us to talk about mixing friend groups! We discuss how to vibe check which friend groups would mix well & how to set up friend groups for success during mixed hangouts. We chat about plus one etiquette and explore methods we use to make our guest feel more comfortable. We dive into our internal anxieties on why mixing friend groups can sometimes feel awkward!Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
3/27/202442 minutes, 19 seconds
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Self Esteem and Confidence

Today our friend Ai joins us to talk about self-esteem and confidence! We explore how both things play in a role in our daily lives, from self-perception to decision-making. We talk about how age impacts our relationship with ourselves. We discuss the ways we personally try to improve our confidence.Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
3/20/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 34 seconds
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Different Perspectives From a Generational Gap

Today we discuss the differences in perspective that we have compared to our parents! We explore how the generational gap impacts our attitude towards risktaking, and dive into the different thoughts we have about friendship, relationships, careers, and family life.Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
3/13/202449 minutes, 48 seconds
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Outbursts and Emotional Management

Today our friend Brian joins us to talk about outbursts! We discuss when and where we tend to have emotional build-up and what our outbursts look like. We talk about the nuance of emotions and try to identify what feelings specifically make us outburst-prone. We chat about managing our emotions in our late twenties and how it looks different from the way we dealt with emotions in our earlier years!Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
3/6/202446 minutes, 40 seconds
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Our Experiences with Remote Work

Today we talk about all things remote work! We discuss our experiences working while traveling in different cities. We talk about working on the go - especially in cars or airports. We chat about creeping on our coworkers backgrounds & the types of equipment we like to have while we work.Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
2/28/202448 minutes, 12 seconds
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Family Birthdays

Today we talk about BIRTHDAYS!!! We discuss memorable birthday parties from our childhood, whether they were our own, our parents’, or our friends’. We chat about things we do to celebrate our parents’ birthdays in our adulthood.Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
2/21/202444 minutes, 10 seconds
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Art Imitating Life (ft Jason Poon, Jeff Wu)

Today we talk about how art imitates life, and life imitates art with two very talented LA film makers! Jason Poon & Jeff Wu (aka MoodInfinite from POPeye Media) join us to talk about their journeys from making anime music videos to becoming full-fledged directors for exciting music videos. We chat about taking emotional moments from the day-to-day and translating that into content. We discuss the subjectivity of experiences and explore how people look back on and learn from romantic relationships.Check out Jason & Jeff’s new music video, ‘No Clouds in My Summer’, which is dropping on the WongFu Productions youtube channel today!Check out Jason & Jeff’s socials below:@jason.hueming.poon, @hueming__, and YouTube @[email protected] the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
2/14/202452 minutes, 24 seconds
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Valentine's Day!

Today we talk about Valentine’s Day! Our friend Daniel joins us to chat about Valentine’s Day cards from our youth and how we celebrated the day in our families. We talk about celebrating with our SOs this year through dinners & presents. We explore how love shows through in our relationships in our day life, not just on Valentine’s Day!Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
2/7/202440 minutes, 54 seconds
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Reflections on January, Jury Duty, & Maturity

Today we discuss our current state of mind and chat about our feelings. We discuss the feeling of isolation in suburbia, especially in the winter. We chat about our newfound thoughts on maturity and ‘acting our age’ in our late twenties. We talk about jury duty & the jury selection process.Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
1/31/202443 minutes, 48 seconds
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New Year New Era

The girls are back!!! Today we discuss the new themes and eras we envision for ourselves in 2024. We chat about feeling reflective and how 2024 feels different from 2023 so far.Support the showFollow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod
1/24/202437 minutes, 24 seconds