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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 15 episodes, 7 hours 27 minutes
The Early Educator Podcast is strictly designed for all educators who teach and care for children inside of childcare facilities. This podcast is more focused on the business side of early education, overcoming obstacles, and making an impact to not only the children in their care, but to also their family and community.
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Attracting Parents Through Social Media

Join us as we explore the dynamic world of online engagement and learn how to attract new parents to your childcare program through strategic social media tactics. Blake Hester, our expert guest, shares invaluable tips, strategies, and success stories to help you reach and connect with families in your community. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the digital landscape, this episode is a must-listen for all early educators looking to harness the potential of social media to enrich their childcare programs.
01/11/202315 minutes 10 seconds
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Communication In the Childcare Facility feat. Rhonda Roberts

One of the key elements in business and in life is clear and constant communication! Rhonda has 22 years of experience working in childcare, and she is going to talk about different wants to keep a healthy relationship with parents. She is also going to give strategies on how to give parents peace of mind while they are away from their children.
04/10/202319 minutes 8 seconds
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Gardening with Taking Root Together & Beardsley Farms

Beardsley Farms joins us for this episode as we talk about how we use gardening to help not only childcare facilities in Tennessee & Kentucky, but our local families and schools!
18/05/202335 minutes 5 seconds
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Policy and Regulations feat. Emily Tardiff

With being a part of the food program, there are different policies and regulations that's required. We take a dive into discussing some of these new policies and talking about the benefits of following these guidelines.
05/04/202318 minutes 11 seconds
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Childcare Tennessee feat. Julia Clark

Julia Clark with Childcare Tennessee shows us Childcare Tennessee's website and all of the valuable resources that it has for Daycare Educators.. Oh, and it's FREE!
02/03/202332 minutes 32 seconds
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United Way of Greater Knoxville feat. Ellie Kittrell

We get a chance to talk to Ellie Kittrell with United Way of Greater Knoxville about the importance of the Childcare Industry and what United Way of Greater Knoxville is currently doing to try to build the Childcare space.
08/02/202347 minutes 21 seconds
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Building Rapport feat. Kayla

Building strong relationships can lead to opportunities you couldn't get on your own! Listen to Our Daily Bread CACFP's Public Relations Specialist, Kayla, in this episode for helpful tips and insight on creating relationships and partnerships with parents as well as other local businesses.
31/08/202226 minutes 23 seconds
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Ruined Plans

Sometimes our plans don't go the way that they are planned. What do you do to recover and to bounce back?
29/06/202222 minutes 50 seconds
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Straw Sticks & Brick

There are countless decisions that you have to make in your business. In those decisions it is also easy for us to pick a solution that will benefit us for the short term. But what happens when the "Big Bad Wolf" comes? Let's talk about why you should focus more on the long term decisions instead of the short term decisions.
15/06/202225 minutes 52 seconds
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A Firm Foundation

When you run a business, hard times WILL come just like in our personal lives. In this episode, we will talk about important things to have in your business to make sure that it stays strong and lasts a long time, no matter what circumstances come your way.
27/04/202250 minutes 14 seconds
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Marketing Strategies feat. Josh Smith

One of the most important things to do to grow your child care facility is have a good marketing plan. Josh Smith, Our Daily Bread CACFP's head IT/Marketing manager, goes deep into ways you can put yourself out there in an online world with both free and paid strategies.
13/04/202238 minutes 22 seconds
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Mind Your Business!

When going for your dreams, there may be people along the way who will try to discourage you from moving forward. Whether it is someone trying to look out for you or maybe your competitor(s) trying to tear you down, we talk about what is the right thing to do for you to keep growing.
30/03/202231 minutes 15 seconds
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On a Ship

There are a lot of different parts of your business to think about, kind of like a ship. We discuss how to discover what parts of your business you should focus on as well as how to discover someone's passions and put them in the right position on your "ship".
16/03/202234 minutes 25 seconds
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No one likes feeling stuck. But what do you do when your days seemed defined by the same, never ending schedule? On this episode we discuss how you can break the monotony of your daily rhythms. 
02/03/202227 minutes 35 seconds
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We have a conversation about the importance of having a culture in your business. Your culture defines your core values.
23/02/202223 minutes 19 seconds