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English, Finance, 1 season, 50 episodes, 3 days, 9 hours, 27 minutes
If you’re in MLM, party plan, network marketing, leveraged sales, or direct selling – this is the podcast you always wanted! Randy Gage and Jaime Lokier, curators of, share their insights on how you build volume, strengthen duplication, increase recruiting, and develop your leadership skills. Check every Wednesday for a special episode where Randy chops it up with a top leader about the behind-the-scenes subjects you won’t hear anywhere else.
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EP 50: Go from Zero to Hero What does it take to go from being a brand-new distributor with poor skills, no experience, and earning little or no income to becoming a top leader in the profession? That’s exactly what you’ll learn this episode. Randy shares his personal experience from beginning as the last person you would ever want to sponsor, to building a huge worldwide team and a corresponding dream lifestyle. You’ll discover the specific stages you need to go through and the actions to perform along the way. Be sure to like, subscribe, and share.
4/16/202414 minutes, 45 seconds
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EP 49: 7 Vital Premises of MLM Leadership If Randy could go back in time and share the most important premises of becoming a leader to his younger self, this is the information he would share. These are profound insights that will help you internalize the essence of leadership on a deep level. It will help you build a “leadership factory” in your team. Warning: Explicit language.
4/9/202415 minutes, 21 seconds
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EP 48: How to Sell the Dream to the Team To keep your team focused, energized, and recruiting, you need to sell the dream. But not with rah-rah hype, going into debt to impress people, or making foolish purchases. In this episode Randy takes you through the hierarchy of selling the dream, through seven specific steps. Every aspiring leader must know this information! Financial Literacy for Network Marketing Leaders: Coupon Code JEDI to save $500
4/2/202429 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP 47: The 10 Incontrovertible Laws of Network Marketing Breaking the law is a crime. And as they say, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” In this week’s episode Randy shares the 10 Incontrovertible Laws of Network Marketing. These are laws you definitely don’t want to break!
3/26/202426 minutes, 50 seconds
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EP 46: Ask Me Anything #1 with Randy Gage This is the first episode of Randy’s AMA! Viewers for around the world submitted their questions on network marketing, success, mindset, sales, and prosperity. The answers are packed with valuable insights you can apply right away. Warning: Explicit language.
3/19/202440 minutes, 44 seconds
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EP 45: Launching with Velocity This episode, you’ll discover the principles that create fast growth in your team. Learn the two questions every candidate is running through their mind when they are in your presentation. Because how you create the answer they come up with can make a dramatic improvement in your enrollments. You’ll see how to create steady ongoing enrollments, and why it’s easier to build fast than it is to build slow. Adult language.
3/12/202422 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP 44: Crafting Your Vision for Success Many people think that don't have a vision or struggle to try and create one. The truth is that EVERYONE has a vision, whether they realize it or not. It may be positive, it may be neutral, or it may be negative. Once you have a vision, your subconscious mind creates a cycle of results that reinforces that vision, so it’s vital that you craft a powerful, positive vision for your success. In this episode, Randy breaks down how positive visions are created, and how you can engineer the process for yourself.
3/5/202415 minutes, 38 seconds
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EP 43: What to Do When You’re Stuck… Sometimes you’re going to face challenges, plateau in your growth, or feel lost. When that happens, this is the episode you want to come back to! (Make sure to bookmark it for when you really need a boost.) Randy shares a sneak peek from his next book, The ABCs of MLM, and provides you some questions to ask yourself whenever you’re stuck and don't know where to turn. Listen to Chopping It Up with...Peter Andreas Sorensen here:
2/27/202412 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP 42: Digital Duplication: Recruiting & Building Online Recruiting is the lifeblood of your business and the opportunities to meet and connect with people online are the greatest ever. The danger is doing it in ways that can't be duplicated by your team. In this powerful training Randy Gage shows you the best ways to automate, systematize, and scale. You’ll discover where to meet the ideal candidates, the factors that attract later millennial generations, and how to be more effective when you livestream. And Randy reveals the language you can use to show why network marketing is far superior to the other side-gig opportunities. Warning: Explicit language.
2/20/20241 hour, 19 seconds
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EP 41: Cutting Edge = Off the Ledge You’ve probably been deluged with hype about ChatGPT, AI, and other technology. Unfortunately the gurus pushing these techniques aren’t actually building growing teams. Before you fall for the propaganda, make sure to listen to this training. Randy cuts through the nonsense and reveals the truth about using technology, how it impacts your duplication, and the shocking reality about social media. You’ll learn the things you can be using, but more importantly, how to use them in a way that your people can duplicate. This is the most important advice you’ve ever heard on this topic. Warning: Explicit language.
2/13/202431 minutes, 26 seconds
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EP 40: The Momentum Timeline This episode we explore one of the sexiest elements of leveraged sales: going into exponential growth momentum! Randy is one of the very few people on Earth who has actually experienced this twice and he shares what the timeline looks like. Follow along then see where your company stands.
2/6/202434 minutes, 10 seconds
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EP 39: Becoming an MLM Rock Star This is a keynote speech Randy delivered for the New Era Europe convention in Sofia, Bulgaria. Discover the three keys to becoming a star, what that really means, and how you make your dream come true. Includes some of the most inspirational stories of people in our profession.
1/30/202427 minutes, 26 seconds
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EP 38: Birthing Leaders A special episode to provide you huge value on an important subject: becoming a leader who keeps developing new leaders on your team. Jaime Lokier is back to discuss his new book Birthing Leaders. You’ll discover the leadership lessons from working with volunteer organizations, creating your coaching tree, the four keys to nurture leadership, and creating movements that outlive you. Warning: Explicit language. Jaime’s new book:
1/23/202445 minutes, 6 seconds
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EP 37: Chopping It Up with…Jose Lopez This new episode of the Duplication Nation MLM podcast includes one of the most inspirational stories of seeking freedom you will ever hear. Randy is joined by Jose Lopez and the wide-ranging discussion covers some of the most important issues you’ll ever face in your network marketing business, including how to avoid being distraction by ignorant gurus pushing AI and other tech, the key talking points you should be including in your recruiting presentations, who the best candidates are, and creating community. Make sure all your leaders listen to this episode. Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: Power Prosperity Podcast: 2:00 Jose’s amazing story of seeking freedom 21:00 Network marketing and spirituality 45:00 Reprogramming your consciousness 52:00 Biggest issues facing network marketers 58:00 Prosperity Un-Church 1:00:00 Worthiness issues 1:05:00 Power Prosperity Podcast 1:11:00 The distractions of social media, personal branding and AI 1:24:00 Best candidates 1:31:00 Important recruiting talking points 1:36:00 People working side gigs 1:40:00 Creating community 1:43:00 What Randy tells young people 1:54:00 Jose’s worst presentation nightmare
1/16/20242 hours, 1 minute, 41 seconds
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EP 36: How to Join the Two-Comma Club In this episode you’ll discover the secrets it takes to join the “two-comma club,” meaning you have an income of at least $1 million annually. You’ll learn what your Prime Directive is as a leader, how to invest in growth, why you should be more monk than superhero, the infrastructure you need for true duplication, and how to build a dream bigger than the team. 4:00 The Prime Directive to protect your team 8:00 First principles 9:30 The Formula for Duplication 12:00 Investing to grow your business 13:00 Transforming hope to belief 18:00 Becoming an empowering role model 23:00 The dangers of personal branding 26:00 Protecting duplication with process 35:00 Your big leap of faith
1/11/202442 minutes, 19 seconds
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EP 35: Recruiting Mastery — The Un-Seminar

This episode of the Duplication Nation MLM podcast is a big change from anything you might have experienced before. Randy Gage takes you up to 30,000 feet so you can do a big-picture analysis of how you can build a strong, active recruiting culture through all levels of your team or company. You’ll discover how your team DNA is created, and how that can transform an organization of 800 people into one with 25,000. Randy digs into first principles, big picture strategies, who the ideal candidates are, and where you and your people can find them. Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: MLM Confidential newsletter 4:30 First Principles governing recruiting 30:00 Big picture strategies to teach 48:00 Characteristics of the ideal candidate 59:00 The difference between an entrepreneur and being entrepreneurial 1:04:00 Best places to meet great candidates 1:15:00 Your Assignments
12/7/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 11 seconds
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EP 34: Chopping It Up with…Jaime Lokier Pt 2 co-founders Randy Gage and Jaime Lokier team up for this episode and it’s packed with some amazing business-building insights. They chop it up about AI, social media, conscious capitalism, working in third world countries, creating effective marketing materials, and leadership. Make sure your whole team is subscribed! Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: Duplication Nation CumbrePalooza Power Prosperity Podcast: 2:00 Leadership basics book 8:00 Working in 3rd world markets 22:00 Capitalism in Socialistic or Communist countries 33:00 Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged 35:00 Building with artificial intelligence 46:00 Creating effective marketing tools 55:00 Effective social media campaigns
11/23/202341 minutes, 54 seconds
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EP 33: Chopping It Up with…Andi Duli

This episode is yet another one that will help you build bullet proof belief in the business and yourself. Randy is partnered with Andi Duli, and they chop it up on chasing money versus quality of life, the state of MLM now, setting life goals, MLM cryptos, and how to manage your money in the biz. You’ll also learn the advice from Napoleon Hill that transformed Andi’s life. Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: Duplication Nation: MLM Boot Camp: Conducting a Burning Bowl Ceremony: MLM Confidential newsletter: Mastermind Event: 2:00 Andi’s humble beginnings 9:00 How Andi was recruited 14:00 The state of MLM right now 25:00 Great times to recruit 39:00 Think and Grow Rich 44:00 The “parachute skills” you need 52:00 The power of dreams 56:00 Andi’s self-development practices 1:01:00 Randy’s prosperity philosophy 1:14:00 Building wealth 1:34:00 Chasing money vs. living well 1:43:00 MLM crypto scams 1:48:00 Setting life goals 1:59:00 Quality of life 2:08:00 Andi’s worst presentation
11/6/20232 hours, 12 minutes, 17 seconds
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EP 32: Chopping It Up with…Byron Belka

This episode is beyond incredible. It may accidentally be one of the most powerful recruiting and belief-building resources you ever find. Randy is joined by Byron Belka and they chop it up about their decades of experience on recruiting your family, working your chicken list, inoculating your team against scams, creating rank advancement culture, and some timeless anecdotes about the legendary Nathan Ricks. Warning: Explicit language Show Notes: Duplication Nation: Nathan Ricks legacy: 3:00 Creating expectations with new people 9:00 Approaching your business the right way 23:00 Internet Hot Shots 31:00 When leaders quit 37:00 Byron’s amazing story of becoming CEO 52:00 Orjan Saele 55:00 Joining Nu Skin after the jump 1:06:00 Nathan Ricks 1:10:00 Creating rank advancement culture 1:18:00 Randy’s beginning in the business 1:30:00 Learning sales skills 1:45:00 Empowering people in poor markets 1:49:00 Powerful lesson from Nathan Ricks 1:55:00 Using events to build belief 2:04:00 Working your "chicken list” 2:07:00 Sponsoring your family members 2:12:00 Byron’s presentation nightmare
10/19/20232 hours, 17 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP 31: Chopping It Up with…Lu Rosas

This episode is another one packed with numerous truth bombs per minute. Randy is joined by Lu Rosas and they chop it up on topics such as getting into flow, working with a spouse or sibling, using recognition and major events for growth, taking back your power, and the benefits of network marketing over traditional entrepreneurship. The real truth about investing in yourself and Lu’s most painful rejection. Warning: explicit language. Show Notes: Duplication Nation: The Prodigy Council: 4:00 Traditional business vs. MLM 16:00 The role of major events 20:00 Getting into flow 23:00 The power of recognition 36:00 The 2 reasons people don’t do what they want to do 38:00 Belief 46:00 Creating experiences 53:00 Working with a spouse or sibling 57:00 Esther Hicks 1:18:00 Self-development time 1:25:00 External source tools for duplication 1:39:00 The girl on fire 1:48:00 Lu’s biggest rejection
10/6/20231 hour, 59 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP 30: Chopping it Up with...Ann Feinstein Pt. 2 Ann Feinstein is back for round two and it couldn’t come at a better time. She and Randy chop it up on the most interesting things happening in our space, ChatGPT, why you need external source tools, the role of good storytelling on stage, dangers of social media, building community, and how you can transform lives in our profession. You'll also learn how to develop a bundle of skills that will allow you to parachute into any country (even one where you don’t speak the language) and build a successful team. Show Notes: 1:30 Most interesting things happening right now 5:00 Working from smartphones 7:30 Downsides of social media 17:00 Working across cultures 26:00 Storytelling on stage 30:00 Randy’s legacy 47:00 Randy’s biggest mistake 54:00 ChatGPT 1:04:00 Making presentations 1:10:00 Michael Bolton, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Lou Graham 1:13:00 Home meetings 1:18:00 Bringing successful people into the biz 1:21:00 Ann’s presentation nightmare and what she learned from it
9/13/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 6 seconds
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EP 29: Chopping It Up with…Tais Mitjanas This episode Randy partners up with Tais Mitjanas who brings her experience as a psychologist to the show. They chop it up about leadership, women in the business, Randy’s legacy, and recognizing potential in your team members. As always, make sure you stay to the end, to learn most horrifying rejection Tais endured, and how she powered through it to success. Make sure to subscribe and share with your team. Show Notes: Duplication Nation 3:30 Building internationally 6:00 The psychology or working with the team 9:30 Randy’s leadership style 26:00 Seeing potential in your people 29:00 Approaching candidates 34:00 The feminine dynamic in the business 43:00 Randy’s legacy 53:00 The worst rejection Tais went through
9/2/20231 hour, 6 seconds
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EP 28: Chopping It Up with…YOU

This episode is very special. Instead of eavesdropping in on a conversation between Randy and a successful leader, he speaks directly to you! Randy shares a few of the things he wished he would have known when he first started out, some thoughts on the state of the profession today, and why he will never turn his back on the business.
8/24/202356 minutes, 19 seconds
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EP 27: Chopping It Up with…Rafael Rojas

Buckle up for a smokin’ hot episode when Randy is joined by Rafael Rojas. You’ll be truly inspired when you hear Rafael’s story of sleeping on the floor in a small apartment with no furniture, sharing it with 11 other immigrants. There will be a lot of molars grinding as Randy and Rafael name and shame some of the biggest hustlers and scams in the space. Pay rapt attention as they chop it up on the best strategies to build in other languages, the four crucial actions leaders take, and the private conversation Rafael had with Frank VanderSloot that transformed his career forever. Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: Duplication Nation: MLM Confidential: 2:00 Rafael’s inspiring dream story 7:00 Bill Gould, Jeff Roberti 18:00 Opening lines in other languages 24:00 Sponsor your weakness 26:00 Building offline 31:00 Go Global and other crypto Ponzi schemes 50:00 Building a sustainable customer base 1:00:00 Rafael’s career transforming meeting 1:05:00 On-boarding new members 1:13:00 Don Faila 1:30:00 The 4 crucial behaviors 1:39:00 Rafael’s presentation nightmare
8/14/20231 hour, 46 minutes, 7 seconds
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EP 26: Chopping It Up with…Eugene Hong

If you want to know about culture, what it really means, how you create it, and what it can do for your business - then you’ll love this episode of the Duplication Nation MLM podcast. Randy is joined by Eugene Hong and they chop it up on a variety of important issues including a deep dive on building culture, Show Notes: Duplication Nation: Making the First Circle Work: DEFCON 1 Direct Selling: Mastermind Event: 17:00 Building internationally 25:00 Creating culture 48:00 DEFCON I Direct Selling 58:00 Entrepreneur vs. employee mentality 1:08:00 Star Trek or Star Wars 1:29:00 Cumbre Palooza 1:40:00 Protecting your sponsorship line 1:52:00 Would Randy ever start a company 2:09:00 Eugene’s worst presentation failure
8/4/20232 hours, 14 minutes, 58 seconds
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EP 25: Chopping It Up with…Ryan Thompson

Another “big kid” conversation with the real-world truth about what it takes to build a successful business. Ryan Thompson joins Randy and they have a wide-ranging discussion on topics like ethics in the business, the lies distributors tell themselves, systemizing for stronger duplication, what true leadership looks like, and how to handle MLM terrorists, dinosaurs and zombies. Make sure to share with your team. Like share, and subscribe. Warning: Explicit language. Show notes: Duplication Nation: MLM Confidential: Prodigy Council membership: 3:00 Building in Mexico 21:00 Ryan’s struggles in the wilderness 25:00 Why you should share this show with your company execs 34:00 The lies distributors tell themselves 45:00 Building belief 1:00:00 What true leadership looks like 1:06:00 Harnessing predictability for your business 1:16:00 Direct Selling Success 1:30:00 Systemize, automate, scale 1:40:00 MLM terrorists, dinosaurs and zombies 1:56:00 Ethics in the business 2:05:00 Ryan’s worst presentation nightmares
7/25/20232 hours, 15 minutes, 4 seconds
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EP 24: Chopping It Up with…Angie Rosas

Bolt the door, turn off the email, and lock up the children! This episode of the Duplication Nation MLM podcast is completely off the chain. Randy is joined by Angie Rosas and they do a two-hour Master Class on social media marketing on how you build your personal brand and develop a following. There's also another DEEP dive into how momentum is actually created. Angie reveals her "3-M" method for converting prospects, shares an actual role play of the process, and teaches how you can transform a stranger into a new team member. You'll also discover the #1 deadliest sin to avoid in social media, the percentage in your marketing message that should be devoted for the call to action, and what you should tattoo on your body. Warning: explicit language. Show Notes: Duplication Nation: MLM Confidential: Angie and Lu’s IG channel: Prodigy Council membership: 3:00 Two-hour deep dive into social media marketing 1:58:00 Angie’s journey coming out of a dark place 2:06:00 Benefits of Being in the Prodigy Council 2:14:00 Deep dive into creating momentum 3:05:00 How Angie survived an insurrection 3:11:00 Angie’s presentation nightmare
7/15/20233 hours, 19 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP 23: Chopping It Up with…Marco Passanante

You’re going to love this episode where Randy chops it up with Marco Passanante! Follow Marco's story of network hopping, following bad gurus and creating many challenges, before turning things around to reach (and maintain) the highest levels of success in our profession. You’ll learn real-world strategies for meeting people both online and in-person, getting their contact info, making compelling invitations, and getting them in front of presentations. As usual, you’ll get more Truth Bombs Per Minute (TBPM) than any other training on MLM, including the science behind comp plans, the optimal recruiting mindset, managing your money once you really break through, and an inside look at some of the big name MLMers who were involved in the Traders Domain Ponzi scheme. Warning: Explicit language and sensitive subjects. Show Notes: Duplication Nation: MLM Confidential: Radical Rebirth: Mastermind Event: 5:00 Following bad leaders and crooked gurus 17:00 The science behind comp plans 25:00 Go Pro event hype-sters 30:00 Special deals for leaders 36:00 Traders Domain and Omega Pro Ponzi schemes 46:00 The franchise analogy 49:00 Self-esteem and Randy’s darkest days 1:12:00 Marco’s life transforming moment 1:18:00 Conducting leadership retreats 1:25:00 Prosperity advice for kids 1:31:00 Recruiting at a high level 1:37:00 Marco’s meeting and recruiting templates 1:55:00 Art Jonak 1:58:00 Getting four lines chasing you 2:08:00 Working with multiple lines 2:14:00 Managing your money when you first get rich 2:22:00 Orjan Sale and Rismyhr Saele
7/5/20232 hours, 30 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP 22: Chopping It Up with…Jeremiah Bradley

This episode Jeremiah Bradley joins Randy and shares his insights from a unique perspective in the industry. They chop it up on what the greatest leaders do, the biggest mistakes distributors can make, the best and worst aspects of social media and AI, and as always, some fascinating war stories on how things really work at the highest level. They also discuss the traits of top leaders and the biggest mistakes to avoid. Make sure you and your team are subscribed, so you get every show as soon as it posts. Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: Duplication Nation: Randy’s social media post: 10:00 What defines a legitimate company 20:00 How alternate products lines can succeed 29:00 The selling part of the business 44:00 The future of AI and how it will affect our profession 1:04:00 Social media pros and cons 1:12:00 Traits of the best leaders 1:18:00 Biggest mistakes leaders make 1:22:00 Why NOW is the best time to build 1:38:00 Presentation nightmares
6/28/20231 hour, 44 minutes, 32 seconds
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EP 21: Chopping It Up with...Gianmarco Mosto

Check out this episode where Randy chats with Gianmarco Mosto. They chop it up on topics such as harnessing self-discipline, what Gianmarco learned competing at a world-class level in sports, the importance of recharging, the superpower of leverage, how the business has evolved over the years, success routines, and why network marketing is the best business model. And you’ll love Randy’s breakdown on the actual process for recruiting someone, first principles of the business, and how to win over skeptical candidates. Be sure to subscribe and share with your team! Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: Duplication Nation: YouTube channel: Randy’s social media post: The Power of the Pause: Direct Selling Success: 3:00 Gianmarco’s beginning in sports 9:00 Lessons learned from competing 28:00 The lie of hustle 36:00 Evolution of network marketing 40:00 Winning over skeptical prospects 54:00 The secret of successful presentations 59:00 Randy breaks down the sponsoring sequence 1:06:00 First principles of the business 1:09:00 Mentors 1:13:00 Luca Melloni, Erick Gamio, Lily Rosales 1:16:00 Gianmarco’s training routine 1:26:00 Managing your money 1:34:00 MLM in Latin America 1:45:00 Gianmarco’s west presentation failure
6/21/20231 hour, 50 minutes, 10 seconds
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EP 20: Chopping It Up with…Dana Collins Pt. 2

Dana is back for round two with Randy and the insights are flying. They have a very deep discussion on prosperity consciousness versus poverty consciousness and how that affects your business and life. You'll find another in-depth discussion on the dark side of social media. They also chop it up on how lockdowns impacted the business, Artificial Intelligence, the best recruiting approach, and Dana’s worst rejection and what she learned from it. Please rate, share, and subscribe. (The podcast is available every Wednesday on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Google, and Anchor.) Show Notes: Duplication Nation: The MLM Boot Camp: How Social Media is Killing Your Prosperity: 2:00 Poverty Consciousness vs. Prosperity Consciousness 37:00 The effects of AI 40:00 Using social media in the business 43:00 The dark side of social media 55:00 How people become conspiracy theorists 1:06:00 What reallocating time to your business can do 1:12:00 How the podcast is reshaping the profession 1:16:00 Fundamentals of the business 1:20:00 The honest "hard work" recruiting approach 1:25:00 Your real competition 1:40:00 The Social Security pyramid scheme 1:47:00 Dana’s worst rejection nightmare and what she learned from it
6/14/20231 hour, 53 minutes, 4 seconds
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EP 19: Chopping It Up with…JJ Birden

Another marathon episode with truth bombs and million-dollar tips dropping like raindrops! Randy’s partner this week is former NFL pro JJ Birden. They chop it up on fascinating topics such as: Playing in the NFL Proving people wrong How to empower your team Choosing the right company Building with social media Becoming a better presenter Randy’s vision for the future of MLM The lifetime opportunity you have right now. Warning: Explicit language Show Notes: Duplication Nation: JJ’s website: MLM Boot Camp: MLM Confidential Newsletter: Making the First Circle Work: Presentation Skills Lab: Direct Selling Success: Brain Wagner: Mastermind Event: Time stamps: 4:00 Playing in the NFL 7:00 Proving people wrong 20:00 Coaches who empower 39:00 Being accountable to yourself 1:09:00 How to choose the right company 1:15:00 Building with social media 1:22:00 JJ’s personal development routine 1:30:00 Improving presentation skills 1:55:00 Brain Wagner 2:03:00 Randy’s vision for the future of MLM 2:12:00 The lifetime opportunity in the space right now.
6/7/20232 hours, 18 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 18: Chopping It Up with…Jaime Lokier

Of all the “chop it ups,” this episode might be the most insightful, deeply philosophical, and contain more million-dollar tips per minute than any show thus far. For the first time ever, Randy and Jaime join forces in one session, and the results are electrifying. Nothing is off limits, and the topics covered are the keys to building at a world class level. They include: The magic 85% required for duplication Gurus whoring out their names The near-death experience that defined what freedom really means to Jaime How to build long distance from a distant country The viral meme that Randy created on a stage that impacted hundreds of thousands of distributors The psychological dynamics that launch a movement Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: Duplication Nation: MLM Boot Camp: Jaime’s Leadership book: US: LatAm: The Prodigy Council: Randy’s “Someday" blog: 3:00 How scammers justify Ponzi schemes 5:00 Gurus whoring out their names 8:00 ICOs and NFTs 12:00 GaryVee 21:00 Deep dive on prosperity consciousness 36:00 Should Randy become a billionaire? 44:00 Network marketing as the best form of capitalism 48:00 The near death experience that illuminated freedom for Jaime 53:00 How Randy maintained his income during a sabbatical 1:02:00 Letting your team be the star 1:07:00 The magic 85% for duplication and growth 1:16:00 The necessity of failing 1:21:00 Jaime on leading a movement 1:25:00 The never-before-told story of how a meme ignited a movement 1:35:00 Creating team identity 1:42:00 Building long distance from a country not yet opened. 1:52:00 The Prodigy Council 2:04:00 Cumbre-Palooza 2:11:00 Building a bigger pie 2:14:00 The MLM Boot Camp
5/31/20232 hours, 21 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP 17: Chopping It Up with...Peter Sorensen

This episode Randy’s partner is Peter Sorensen. Peter’s story of rising from the verge of bankruptcy to becoming one of the wealthiest people in Denmark will inspire you and your entire team. This episode is another R-rated, real-world look at how massive teams are actually built. Randy and Peter chop it up on everything from who to keep off your stage to using subliminal programming to program your subconscious mind, and learning how to manage money to how Randy’s shocking explanation of how he screens out the people he will sponsor personally. You’ll learn Peter’s unique process for achieving goals, and the system he used to create a group that have 99 people earning more than $200,000 a year. Show Notes: MLM Boot Camp: Peter’s Book: MLM Confidential: 6:00 Cold market recruiting 18:00 Subliminal programming 23:00 Developing prosperity consciousness 30:00 Prosperity dream board 52:00 Developing financial literacy 1:09:00 Staying active in the business 1:13:00 Counseling with your team 1:28:00 The power of a system 1:33:00 Dream building 1:40:00 Running your calendar 1:42:00 What Randy requires to work with him 1:50:00 Who you allow on stage
5/24/20232 hours, 21 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 16: Chopping It Up with…Luca Melloni

Nothing will grow your team faster than growing individual leaders. And this episode is a deep dive about all things leadership. Randy chops it up with Luca Melloni on his “Development Groups,” collaborating with your spouse with a different leadership style, and how his team has created weekly leadership academies which are hosting thousands of people all over the world. This is another “big kid” conversation detailing the messy but necessary process of partnership between corporate and field, breaking out of your comfort zone, and how one presentation can transform a life forever. Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: Duplication Nation: MLM Confidential: Direct Selling Success: 4:00 Lily Rosales 12:00 Becoming a victim or victor 14:00 The collaboration between corporate and the field 31:00 Burning a market 55:00 Preparing people to become leaders 1:06:00 Randy’s seminal moment 1:18:00 The birth of leadership academies 1:30:00 Going back to live events 1:35:00 Leadership Development Groups 1:48:00 Taking back your health 2:03:00 Spouses with different leadership styles 2:12:00 The 3 things Luca collects
5/17/20232 hours, 19 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP 15: Chopping It Up with...Angelo Licari

What happens when you see yourself as a grasshopper? Find out from a man who who went to divinity school, not to become a minister, but to empower people for prosperity in network marketing. Angelo Licari joins Randy to chop it up on everything from sacrifice, faith, building with toddlers, surviving a company bankruptcy, the power of self-development, and a seminal experience with Amway at 15 years old that transformed Angelo's life forever. Warning: Explicit language and mature topics. If you’re in emotional distress or suicidal crisis, call 988 in the United States or visit Show Notes: MLM Confidential: Project Forgive: Radical Rebirth book: 6:00: Charitable service 11:00: Learning from oder cultures 15:00: Event that changed Angelo’s life at 15 18:00: Project Forgive 36:00: Why reading is pivotal 47:00: Og Mandino 55:00: Changing people’s mindset about network marketing 1:15:00: What network marketing offers 1:30:00: ForEx and MLM Crypto scams 1:40:00: What Randy learned from his mom 1:49:00: The gift of being born poor 2:02:00: The role of Angelo’s faith 2:10:00: Teaching principles to your children 2:18:00: Homeschooling 2:21:00: Building while raising babies
5/10/20232 hours, 30 minutes, 24 seconds
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EP 14: Chopping It Up with…Ivan Sisco

This episode Randy is joined by Ivan Sisco and they chop it up on a wide range of topics to help you build belief, understand the profession better, and develop your leadership abilities. They explore topics including the real definition of leadership, building team loyalty, explaining the work required for success, and why some people choose Ponzi schemes. Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: Duplication Nation: MLM Confidential: The Power of One More: 4:00: Is duplication real? 15:00: Defining true leadership 26:00: Legal risks for distributors 36:00: Tom Brady, Taylor Swift, Kevin O’Leary, FTX 43:00: New prospects available 50:00: Rethinking your life 57:00: Honoring your word 1:12:00: Are the any good leaders left? 1:16:00: How do the field and corporate cooperate better? 1:33:00: Hockey, benefit of sports 1:42:00: God and family 1:52:00: Ed Mylett
5/3/20232 hours, 6 seconds
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EP 13: Chopping It Up with Jordan Adler

This episode Randy is joined by Jordan Adler for another marathon session on the real-world secrets of becoming a successful leader in direct selling. Jordan’s initial struggles and eventual breakout success will both inspire and educate your team. Randy and Jordan chop it up on competing against the fast money scams, what a true residual income biz looks like, Aerosmith, Richard Branson, getting out of debt, Jordan’s death-defying helicopter crash, and the beach money lifestyle. Warning: Explicit language. Show Notes: The free MLM Boot Camp MLM Confidential newsletter: Jordan’s Beach Money book: Kiva 5:00: Getting a head start on maturity 14:00: Escaping credit card debt 25:00: Preparing for recession 27:00: Recruiting now vs. the past 30:00: Sketchy ForEx and Crypto deals 59:00: Building true residual income 1:08:00: The power of storytelling 1:14:00: Jordan’s helicopter crash 1:31:00: Beach money lifestyle 1:40:00: Sir Richard Branson 1:50:00: Holding out hope
4/26/20231 hour, 53 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP 12: Chopping It Up with…Juan Carlos Barrios

Another marathon session of the real-world issues that leaders in the profession face. Randy is joined by Juan Carlos Barrios for a far-ranging discussion on the myth of balance, what causes prospects to join, how to deal with scammers, involving your kids in the biz, dream building, principles of prosperity, getting your priorities straight, and creating a season of growth. Please like, comment, and share. Warning: Explicit language Show Notes: MLM Confidential newsletter: Si vas a soñar, hazlo en grande Tu Kalabasa GIGANTE: Juan Carlo’s book club: 6:00: Working internationally 8:30: Why people join the business 11:00: Ponzi schemes and scams 26:00: The principles of prosperity 35:00: Recruiting younger people 54:00: AI and MLM 1:02:00: Reading and self-development 1:07:00: Juan Carlos’ childhood years 1:15:00: Dream building, Amway 1:26:00: Be willing to pay the price 1:32:00: The most important question your team faces every day 1:36:00: Cumbre Palooza 1:48:00: How to prioritize 1:55:00: Pay the price 2:00:00: The moment of opportunity now 2:10:00: Involving kids in the business 2:19:00: Self-discipline
4/19/20232 hours, 36 minutes, 18 seconds
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EP 11: Chopping It Up with…Hilde Rismyhr Saele

Another marathon session of truth bombs and penetrating insights.  Randy’s partner this week is Hilde Rismyhr Saele, a dynamic leader from Norway.  In this episode they chop it up about how to identify leaders, overcoming adversity, working overseas, dropping out of college, building through events, and what happens after 63 rejections.  Make sure to alert your team about this series and click the subscribe button!  Show Notes:   11:00: The state of direct selling   20:00: Hilde’s big breakthrough    33:00: The importance of your ‘why’   42:00: How to grow thru events  1:03:00: What happened after 63 rejections 1:12:00: Overcoming personal tragedy  1:23:00: Working internationally  1:43:00: You’re one person away… 1:52:00: Dropping out of law school 1:55:00: Identifying potential leaders 
4/12/20232 hours, 7 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP 10: Chopping It Up with…Jeff Higginson

Grab some valuable insights from a different perspective this episode, as Randy chops it up with Jeff Higginson, a brilliant executive in the profession.  You’ll experience two hours of non-stop truth bombs including, the dark side of “sweetheart deals,” the value of trips and incentives, the biggest mistakes companies make, how to work internationally and navigate privacy and security concerns.  With a deep, deep dive into what it means to be an amazing coach and how culture is really created. WARNING: Explicit language and adult subject matter.  If you’re in emotional distress or suicidal crisis, call 988 in the United States or visit  Show Notes:   2:45: Sales vs. MLM   4:10: Why you should never prejudge anyone    7:30: The bombshell story that will probably get Randy cancelled forever!   17:47: Security when traveling internationally   34:36: The dangers of secret deals   41:27: What corporate teams need to know  50:13: Frontend loading  1:07:47: Elon Musk and the cyber truck   1:12:00: Maintaining integrity  1:27:27: Randy’s encounter with an MLM crypto scam  1:39:00: Being an amazing coach  1:47:20: The importance of incentive programs 
4/5/20231 hour, 57 minutes, 54 seconds
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EP 09: Chopping It Up with Orjan Saele

Orjan was breaking records and earning a million-dollar-plus income in his twenties.  Together he and Randy chop it up on a wide range of topics, including self-image, how to inspire change, critical thinking for leaders, taboo subjects like Covid-19, quarantines and masks, the important of faith, the 5 questions to help a new distributor succeed, and how you help your team members who are stuck on a plateau.  Warning: Explicit language and controversial issues.
3/29/20232 hours, 47 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP 08: Chopping It Up with…Wes Linden

In this episode Randy is joined by Wes Linden, one of the top leaders in the U.K., and the author of The Prospecting Game. This marathon session they chop it up on a huge range of important issues such as becoming unimportant to the creation of your income, how to give compelling presentations, the U.K. market, overcoming shyness, building a massive customer base, growing up gay, working in big cities, and promoting live events.  Warning: Explicit language.  Show Notes: Duplication Nation: The Prospecting Game: 79 Network Marketing Tips: For Fast-Track Success: Wes and Randy audio album:
3/22/20232 hours, 53 minutes, 10 seconds
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EP 07: Chopping It Up with…Ann Feinstein

Another marathon session on the insider truths in the business that no on is talking about. This episode Randy chops it up with Ann Feinstein, "President of Fun," on success routines, the future of social media recruiting, working with a spouse, the differences between men and women entrepreneurs, intermittent fasting, 5 pillars for everyday life, building in wartime, and the crazy way some companies hamper their distributors’ ability to grow.  Show Notes:     9:07: Training, tools, and system    16:40: Toxic culture    27:00: Recognition   43:00 : Ann's 5 pillars 1:00:00: Working with a spouse  1:20:00: Leaving your comfort zone  1:25:00 Randy's addiction  1:56:00: Connecting thru social media  2:19:00: The corporate marketing role  Duplication Nation:  Duplication Nation YouTube channel: MLM Confidential: Ann’s website:  Flying Against the Odds: Going There by Katie Couric Eat Stop Eat:  Work in Progress by Michael Eisner: The Forever Dog: Never Finished by David Goggins  Tik-Tok filter thread:
3/15/20232 hours, 47 minutes, 1 second
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EP 06: Business Building Resources to Grow Faster…

Listen this short podcast where Randy shares some specific tools and resources that can help you build faster and create stronger duplication. 
3/15/20237 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP 05: Chopping It Up with… Bricia Licari

In this new episode Randy chops it up with Bricia Licari, a “distributor of hope” who is top ranked in the world with her company.  It’s a riveting discussion about a range of issues, including what it’s like to partner with your spouse, the misogyny and sexism in the profession, how to build when you have young children, what’s changing in network marketing and what the profession will look like in 10 years. Bricia also reveals her “secret sauce” for being a problem solver to find and prequalify the best candidates for your business. Warning: Explicit language.
3/10/20231 hour, 33 minutes, 6 seconds
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EP 04: Chopping It Up with...Daniel K. Song

In this freewheeling episode, Randy chops it up Daniel K. Song, founder of @DRVNmind and a pioneer in building huge teams of Gen Y/Millennial distributors.  They chop it up about everything from Sci-Fi to self-development, including when you need to “Big Foot” to protect your team, the psychology of ranks advancements, and a breakdown of compensation plans like you’ve never heard anywhere else. This is the R-rated locker room talk on why plans have to change and the best ways to do it.   WARNING: Explicit language. Please “like” and subscribe to receive future training lessons.   Duplication Nation site:  DRVNmind;  Daniel’s Instagram page: MLM Confidential newsletter ENGLISH: MLM Confidential Newsletter SPANISH:
3/10/20232 hours, 39 minutes, 25 seconds
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EP 03: Chopping It Up with…Dana Collins

This episode Randy is joined by Dana Collins, who has spent her entire career with only one company, and been in the top levels of success for more than a decade.  Together they chop it up on how to handle different leadership styles, the secret of strong duplication, working with multiple generations of leaders, the best books about the profession, the distinction between personal and professional development, creating your system, and the dangers of social media.  Warning: Explicit language.
3/10/20232 hours, 39 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP 02: Chopping It Up with…Erick Gamio

Randy chops it up with wild man Erick Gamio.  Eavesdrop in on their wide-ranging discussion about the psychology of recruiting, MLM crypto scams, being an outcast in your company, rock ’n rock, Billie Eilish, self-development, God, religion, and the new realities of social media. WARNING: Graphic language and controversial topics. Don’t watch if you’re easily triggered!  Please “like” and subscribe to receive future training lessons.   Duplication Nation site:  MLM Confidential newsletter ENGLISH: MLM Confidential Newsletter SPANISH: Erick’s website: Erick’s YouTube Channel:
3/10/20232 hours, 41 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP 01: Chopping It Up…with Art Jonak

Randy is joined by direct selling icon Art Jonak and they chop it up about the future of MLM, why this moment is the best time to build, recruiting late generation millennials, the sorry state of technology in our space, the importance of events, using social media, how to compete with other side-gig opportunities, and the upcoming Mastermind Event.  Please “like” and subscribe to receive future training lessons.  Duplication Nation site:  Mastermind Event site:
3/3/20232 hours, 21 minutes, 56 seconds