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English, Comedy, 1 season, 276 episodes, 3 days, 12 hours, 7 minutes
Have you ever been shamed for not seeing a dude's favourite movie? Have you ever dated someone who thought a 'Pulp Fiction' poster counted as interior design? Comedians Bec Charlwood and Alex Jae have, and they've made a podcast about it!  From Top Gun to Die Hard, Pulp Fiction to Clockwork Orange, Alex and Bec are diving deep into the bowels of Dude Cinema to watch all the ‘classic’ movies that dudes can't BELIEVE they haven't seen, and give their funny, insightful, and most importantly NOT film-bro takes.
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Welcome to Screen Queens!

**LAUNCHING MONDAY FEB 19!!** Screen Queens is a brand new twice-weekly podcast from Sydney comedians and seasoned podcasters Bec Charlwood & Alex Jae. After wrapping up 5 years of their hit podcast Dude Cinema in 2023, Bec and Alex are back with their hilarious and hot takes about EVERYTHING you watch and see on your screens. From cinema to TV to TikTok and everything in between, Screen Queens is your one-stop-shop for what to watch (or not watch!) and why. Tune in every Monday and Wednesday for all your reviews + pop culture gossip needs! Join Screen Queens EXTRA for exclusive eps on PATREON + APPLE SUBSCRIPTIONS Follow Screen Queens on INSTA and TIKTOK Follow ALEX and BEC on Instagram For all submissions and sponsorship enquiries, please email [email protected] Produced by DM PodcastsSee for privacy information.
2/11/20241 minute, 18 seconds
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Welcome to the Ladies Guide to Dude Cinema!

Welcome to The Ladies Guide to Dude Cinema! We are comedians Bec Charlwood and Alex Jae, and we’ve gone through life meeting many dudes who are just HORRIFIED at the fact that we haven’t seen their favourite movies. So we’ve started a weekly podcast where we watch and review all these movies that dudes can't BELIEVE we haven’t seen, join us as we see what all the fuss is about! Spotify Premium GOLD CLASS Apple Podcasts GOLD CLASS Leave a review here Sign up to our Patreon here Buy Merch here And a Kumite to you! A + B x   Support the show: for privacy information.
1/31/20194 minutes, 55 seconds