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DST-Doublesidedtape podcast

English, News, 1 season, 64 episodes, 1 day, 22 hours, 3 minutes
Milk & white chocolate baddies from the media field come together to share their experiences,love,laugh,banter,girl talk & tons of tea! Welcome to the double sided tape: 2 sides of all stories,personalities & culture
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Pillow talk

Threesomes maybe a no-somes Neville is in the building or should we say bed and he’s here to dish! Giving head? Might need a heads up! Dating up might need you to bottom down. The girlies might just be switching to fossil phones
6/15/202441 minutes, 7 seconds
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It’s not as wet..

Ash is back with a new look and perspective! It’s not cute to gate keep outfits, farmers market are the new thing Relationships and expectations are a bad combo The girlies discuss Bridgerton, weddings around the corner would you have your boys in the line up? Disney sound tracks may save your life!
6/15/202443 minutes, 55 seconds
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State your business!

Nairobi men are messy so Agent Q finally addressed the rumors! To “PREFFFUR” is overrated.Celibacy might be subjective and cousins may be a memory of the past.The girlies talk about healing, roasters and catching whines! Nimzy Is done with relationships but meals are welcome!
6/15/202439 minutes, 24 seconds
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Give me a happy ending!

Let’s leave the yapping to the girlies please! Agent Q breaks down the music and club scene in NBO. Wondering who’s her type? Get the exclusive deets! Nimzy is rebranding, tattoos may turn dangerous and biblical names might not be as holy..
5/20/202429 minutes, 51 seconds
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Make sure you swallow!

The girlies are joined by a baddie. We’ve got GK Nyambura in the pink seat. Accolades are given from the get, our babe is getting recognition on big platforms, purr. We talk family and their support system. Haters gon hate but content will be made. Nyams is officially on our roaster. Does the content we make push men away!? It’s juicy and heavy.
5/14/202448 minutes, 36 seconds
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Fix relationships like affordable housing

Hafare is the captain now. Be ready for some wise words from this man. Are you down to date an older man’s? Hafare is fixing women like affordable housing and we get to know his type. What’s your preference on dating apps? Nimsy is about to get married off and Ash is just heh
5/6/202439 minutes, 7 seconds
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Morning wood for breakfast

Get that kitty examined girlies. We talk feminine health and let you know how not normal women’s normal is. What makes you attracted to a man & what makes you stay? We cover relationships across boarders and well that one gets juicy. Nimzy is bored of her breakfast & Ash may wanna be a wifey. Morning wood was made to increase productivity if used right.
4/22/202447 minutes, 46 seconds
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B for baddies🥵

Boina ate more than she could chew? The girlies discuss. Words may be trivializing mental health. Seeking an out of body experience?”try having a human experience in a vessel” word on the street is astral projection. Insecurity around your very attractive man… the girlies touch on 70s music. Some events may not experience all this sauce. But we’re hating from outside the club.
4/14/202446 minutes, 15 seconds
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Let it burn!

Nairobi’s been wet and active. The girlies chat about the past weekends activities and the after math. It’s giving “there’s a woman in your house”. What fits do you like seeing on the opposite sex? Q2 is for positive vibes and alignment. New segment alert!! *Spill the tea* girlies are here to tackle your questions so send them over.
4/7/202451 minutes, 1 second
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Love, money & Easter bunnies!

What would you do if your mans proposed to you in the club? The girlies talk finances when it comes to relationships. Ash is officially an expert in the art of relationships and Ep No 56. Nimsy is looking for new diggs. Tried out some Easter goodies on set and they were absolutely bussin. The girlies go head to head with the team behind the cameras.
4/1/202444 minutes, 26 seconds
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I plead the 5th!!

To WAG or not to WAG!? Ash is finally in her estate group chat. Nimsy locks her flo app and the exes from the past are back. Let us know if you make love or fu*k!
4/1/202448 minutes, 42 seconds
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Love at first margarita!

Girlies are back. TikTok is under attack!!! We talk about the elevator kiss, our girlies catch up on the past two weeks. Ash found her future husband and Nimsy has a great bad transition.
3/17/202443 minutes, 32 seconds
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Ati Wanjiru ako single?

Boutross swang by to hang out with his new boo’s. The girlies get him talking about tattoos, his name and why he won’t “tuma fare”. We chat about music and his new album about to drop 🔥 stay tuned for a new single dropping on the 1st of March and check out his latest two hits.
2/26/202433 minutes, 47 seconds
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Just the two of us!

The girlies are back and it’s just the two of them. Let’s talk usher bowl, the man had us gagged honey. How secure are you in your relationship? Vodka slander shall commence, y’all been drinking acetone for fun.
2/19/202432 minutes, 55 seconds
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The power puff girls 🤤

Quellie is in the building. You already know this one is juicy. The girlies talk dentists and fellatio. We recap our friendship dynamics. Do you agree on our selection of the power puff girls? Quellie brings her sweet little sultry vibe on this pod and wheew, it’s moto moto.
2/11/202456 minutes, 45 seconds
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Now we’re poding!!

Guess what!!! We’re still poding… We promised you a guest and to kick us off we have the sweetest of them all. Call him Andy Young but we like to call him our Candy. The girlies wanna know what Andy thinks about gifts, in particular, “tacky” ones. Money bouquets and socks. Team up or have your cake and eat it too. Our candy has a couple of things to get off his chest. Ohh yeah, friendship, boundaries and forgiveness. “Now we’re poding”
2/4/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 6 seconds
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Double Sided Spicy BEEF 😈

It’s 🌶️ The girlies chat about pseudo accounts and interesting content sent by random men. Nimsy went for a beach wedding in sexy red. Ash did her last show and her little soul is a little sad. There’s BEEF in this thigh infused dish, watch till end for a hot sauté meal 👀
1/30/202438 minutes, 10 seconds
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Where do I shop for a boyfriend?

It’s 2024 babes. Ash wants to know what supermarket sells boyfriends, she’s ready. Nimsy tells us how she watched fireworks from the parking lot and ohh the escapades that ensued for both the girlies. Special treat courtesy of Ash’s snap. All the tea shall not be spilled, unless you pay 😉
1/14/202436 minutes, 8 seconds
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Happy holidays!🎄

It’s the season! And the gworls share their favorite Christmas memories. It’s also our anniversary! Happy 1 year of DST 💖 Ash’s parents throw litty bashes! What do you call the male version of a ‘Karen’? Someone needs to show Nimzy where the summer bunnies are 😅 All things up in 2024 🚀
12/24/202327 minutes, 2 seconds
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Jingle balls!

Afrobeat vs dancehall was a whole vibe. The love is appreciated and the nyash wash shook. Do you know what porn category the grand folks like? Yeah, you wanna hear this! Are the girlies committee trust worthy? Ashley keeps getting stuck in lifts and Nimsy is on habibti vibes.
12/24/202331 minutes, 39 seconds
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Sugar daddy without the sugar!

If your coochie had a rate card what would it be? “And what do we call that kids…gaslighting” Are you jealous when your partner comments on other girls photos? The entire prod team was in, Byron isn’t just a pro at shooting pods 👀 Ash is the fun guest at weddings & the Gowrls talk about mums
12/14/202343 minutes, 50 seconds
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Scandalous week!

Unveiling the World's Sexiest Bald Man but Ash has her eye on her No.1 —Diddy tea ☕️ Nimzy senses some catty vibes in the event scene, and besties fighting over whether your best friend's man could also be YOUR man! 🌶️
11/26/202337 minutes, 15 seconds
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Pillow princess’s and mushrooms

Ash will do the surround sound challenge if we get 100 comments 👀 Nimsy unarchived her bikini pics. We deal with men men! Don’t be icky about babes taking a dump, Women take shi*s. The girlies talk about the kitty and its hygiene. Communicate and cum together.
11/20/202342 minutes, 27 seconds
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Jumping ship! ⛴️

No crocs in the club, the babes get called out on their fashion choices. Our “street food” got real fancy real quick, guess royals have that effect. Ash almost got us a green card, apparently she’s a flirt. Methali challenge will have you floored 😂 are coffee dates cheap for a first date? Let us know what location is best for date uno!
11/5/202344 minutes, 56 seconds
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Sexy Halloween 🎃

Spooky season is upon us and the ladies are showing off their sexy little numbers! That’s if they got them 👀. Are earth girlies are stealing their granny’s outfits and the netizens are not happy about that. We’ve got an UPDATE. Nimsy is a reformed hater, and Ash just wants a break.
10/29/202335 minutes, 10 seconds
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My sneaky link broke up with me🥹

Take out your bicycle kids, we’re about to ride. Everything is in shambles, from the economy to sneaky links. Nimsy got the tea on the event season. New hair who dis, Ash is really feeling herself on the pod. Are you bringing your friend groups together? 💅
10/22/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 9 seconds
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Make me sweat…

We need a Jada pinkett smith unsubscribe button PLEASE! Find out what Ash would buy her fling. Nimsy isn’t happy about teachers pets. The ladies chat about inherited drama, glow ups and Austin does the water challenge. 😉
10/15/202326 minutes, 30 seconds
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The highlight, not the drama!

Nimrat’s back from vacay! How would you treat a man who tells you they’re celibate? The gworls discuss ✨ Find out what artist the gworls would take on a date. Also Ashley may need kiswahili lessons fr! Wait for the tongue twisters at the end!
10/8/202332 minutes, 31 seconds
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Don’t be an archive 😂

What’s the one thing that could make you tick? The gworls discuss. Work place situations could get tricky find out how ✨ what turns men on lingerie or the good old tshirt.
10/1/202332 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Be for real 💅

The gworls talk about accents in accents, awards and imposter syndrome. Also how do you treat your house manager? That could reveal a lot about you ✨
9/24/202326 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Everything is up!!

The economy and the mentals have been in shambles. Ashley gives us a spin on how to look at the VMAs ✨ Nimrat is anti RJ’s (iykyk). Wonder why you look like your man? The gworls have the answer.
9/17/202330 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Broke shaming 😭

Ashley needs a new phone and it’s never been clearer! Nimrat thinks it time for men to bring back their heels 🤌 the gworls explore the proper way to consume tea. Would you be okay being in a sex less relationship? Let’s talk!
8/27/202338 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Misaligned planets 🪐🪐

Werk life has gotten the babes worked ✨ how do you pick the 3rd person for your relationship? The gworls discuss pageants & the tik tok ban 🫶
8/20/202351 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sit on him as a friend!

Our very first guest is shaking it up this episode ✨ The gworls explore the world of Gin and Nairobis drinking culture, so ya know the stories got juicy 🥵 Austin also reveals his hidden talent..
8/13/202339 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

We hit episode 30!😇

Apartment living is not for the gworls anymore🥵 Ashley really did her research on Lizzo and how can we ignore Cardi B’s epic mic drop! Hit play 🫶
8/6/202338 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wild wild pod 😅

Watch Nimrat get checked this Ep. Your lover could be a serial killer, the gworls discuss 💅 can you imagine Ashley as a submissive person? Get the full story ✨🫶
7/30/202342 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Police the rubber 🚔🚔

Always check the tool before and after its use in the bedroom 💅 the gworls talk about “Girl dinner” and hyperpigmentation. Also what’s the best way to ask for sex? Find out 🫶
7/23/202337 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cheat codes 101 🫠

The gworls discuss how not to get caught 🫢 we ask Austin to chime in about Kiki Palmer..also are you a cereal killer? Find out on this ep 💕 we talk Barbie, teas and coffees ☕️
7/16/202336 minutes, 55 seconds
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You’re not toxic you just know what you want ✍️*

The gworls discuss arranged marriages and what it means to be a 3rd cultured kid Nairobi has a new spot, Ashley reports while Nimrat reveals how much she spends on a haircut 💰💰
7/2/202347 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Feed her before you fuck her 🥳

What gender is guilty of posting thirst traps? The gworls discuss ✨ Ashley has a conspiracy theory about the the submarine 🐠 Nimrat gets fact checked about something men do!
6/25/202345 minutes, 45 seconds
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Good music and good jewelry is key! In this ep the gworls don’t mince their words like they do garlic, it’s the voice over challenge 🥳 experience the biggest rnb concert with the gworls 🎊
6/18/202354 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Men, don’t sleep. 👀🥳

The gworls have thirsted over this new member of the real housewives of nairobi. All things fight and make up ✨ Men this is your guide to taking better nudes because your Insta story gives away your energy
6/11/202348 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Price is up!💵

The gworls delve into women’s health✨Bra sizes and bathroom essentials! For the PCOS girlies Nimrat shares her experience. Find out how Ashley wasted 30,000USD!
6/4/202352 minutes, 4 seconds
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Moss pu**y 🥵🐍

The gworls answer a serious question from the past that may make you gag. Even more reason to not drink without asking what’s in the cup 😅 while Nimrat was on vacation ashley faced THE question.
5/28/202344 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep 20!!! Q&A 💅

If you sent a question it has been answered! From boob sizes to career advice. The gworls recap the weekend while chatting up Austin✨
5/14/202341 minutes
Episode Artwork

The met gala & more💃💃

The gworls had to discuss the most fashionable event of the season, and that always includes make up 💅Nimrat is finger happy again, on Twitter and this time it’s all about radio. Do you have male friends who affirm you? They might be tired but Exes aren’t because they’re back! 😭
5/7/202349 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Friends in therapy 💀🫶

Austin reveals something he did during therapy. The gworls get deep and you know by now this podcast is where we let it all out! Also some advice don’t therapize yourself see a professional 😅
4/30/202351 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

First stroke in ☺️🥵

Find out how Ashley didn’t let someone finish his meal at her house. When is the best time to tell your friend you like them after they breakup with their girlfriend? The gworls dive into gut health and bathroom matters. Aunty Nimrat has checked into this episode her tweets said it all 😇
4/23/202348 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Crush on site 💘👀

Forget love at first sight, it’s now crush at first site all the deets on this episode. The gworls discuss eating habits, by now you probably know we love a little biology class. Would you prefer being congratulated in private or public? Let us know after you watch the discussion🫶
4/16/202346 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Affairs of the heart ♥️

Exes need to remain where they were left off😭Cupid is on permanent holiday from Ashley’s life so the gworls had THAT relationship conversation. You can also find out more about the brown park from Nimrat✨
4/9/202346 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Baby baby! ✨💕

We just want peace. The gworls discuss an instagram trend.Mediocre dick has been left in 2022 but Nimrat’s uncle is still doing some questionable things.Ashley’s back on the streets🎉The gworls period cravings are also willld enjoy the ride this ep 🫶
4/2/202342 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Free the titties 🍒🍒

The gworls stan maandamano only in the bedroom. Welcome to our mini biology class this Ep where Gen z are confusing Ashley. Also if you know how to get somewhere know when to exit. Pick up your fav drink and sip to this episode 🫶
3/26/202343 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hunnies are taxed 😮‍💨😮‍💨

The Gworls get into make up talk and why we love getting dolled up occasionally.. also find out how tiktok ruined good things like China square. Ashley might be venturing into a new business so we where exploring some taxes and it’s not looking lovely. Thank you DST hunnies and mans who came through for the pods must be crazy 💕🫶
3/12/202337 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Not my bone sis 🦴🍖

Would you be okay if your best friend smashed your ex? The gworls remain divided. We discuss content creation and ofcourse the tea around hailey and Selena. Also turns out the side dish is always better than the main dish however some Chefs manage to ruin all of them 👅
3/5/202346 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dollars for nudes 💰💰

This is clearly not Ashley’s dating year…she got left on read. Nimrat lies about Ashley not lasting longer The gworls are finally visual, the studio is pinker than usual and lasting shorter is in. ✨
2/26/202341 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork


Apparently valentines does not exist on this pod🤷‍♀️ health is the secret to lasting longer on top? The gworls dive in 🫶
2/19/202346 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Don’t rip the coochie 💦🐱

Babes just want to look cute 😏 On this EP the gworls hope for a variety of bedroom uniforms, clean playing field and a smooth landing ✈️
2/12/202339 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Use a towel,Dammnit!🧻

We get into replacing bad habits with good habits, remember to wipe it down 💀
2/5/202341 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

No ring no food! 💍🌮

Gworls discuss work ethics, food for thought. Who has an Rbf? Find out 💕
1/29/202351 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mom! Don’t listen to my pod👀

Period baby period!The Girls got mental, health. If you’re heartbroken 💔 this ep is for you. Who has itchy balls? Find out 👅 break up playlist:
1/22/202346 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Strap up 🥋🥋

Lori has been inspiring the gworls on this ep. Ashley and Nimrat discuss playlists & weddings 🍆💍
1/15/202345 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Something is fishy 🐠

The girls get into deep thought about head and healing 🫶 Nimrat quotes an octopizzo song while Ashley is being sniffed by a hound for mating. Record keeping is also discussed ✍️
1/8/202358 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

December! Period 🥃🥃

Disclaimer:You’re listening to us in 2023 but this EP is a round up of dezemba. What’s Ashley’s man something’s name? The girls love pain in a certain way, conflict resolution, pleasurable visitors & the spirit of festivities ✨
1/1/202343 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jingle bells 🎄

It’s not Santa’s bells that are jingling for sure! Get to know Ashley & Nimrat on our first episode it’s a likkle different than normal. Exes and nexts are an item of discussion so grab that tea,beer,person🌻
12/25/202246 minutes, 22 seconds