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English, Music, 1 seasons, 20 episodes, 1 day 2 hours 29 minutes
The Internet's longest-running drumming podcast, Drummer Talk is devoted to drums, drumming, education, the music industry, and other percussion-related topics. Features news, reviews, interviews, and much more.
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Drummer Talk 273 – So you want to MD! Now what?

If you’re ready to jump into the next level as a music director, be sure to check out today’s episode!   Opening Detritus What happened to September’s show? Gigs, gigs, and more gigs! Rock of Ages Wigs, Fake Cigs, and Drummer Gloves Mailbag From Lance Hey Dave, been listening off and on for awhile now(...)
13/10/20161 hour 43 minutes 1 second
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Drummer Talk 272 – State of the Union (So What IS Up?)

Dave and Troy pop in for a show to bring you up to speed with what’s been up this Summer. Opening Detritus The state of the union – what have Dave and Troy been up to? What’s next for Drummer Talk? We want to hear from you! News Remembering Johnny C. Death of Remo Belli Nick(...)
11/08/20161 second
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Drummer Talk 271 – Agents and Managers 301

Prof. Troy covers band managers on today’s episode. Mailbag From James: I love Drummer Talk and have been listening for years. I want to go back to the very first episode you have available and download and listen to them—one by one, and in order— but I can’t figure out how to get to the very(...)
15/04/20161 hour 22 minutes 15 seconds
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Drummer Talk 270 – Agents and Managers 201

We continue on our series on representation with a focus on business managers. Mailbag From Scott Hey guys hope all is well in drummer talk land. First off I got to say I love the podcast! I just recently started listening maybe two weeks ago. I’m listening in semi reverse order which is fun because(...)
08/04/20161 hour 43 minutes 31 seconds
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Drummer Talk 269 – Agents and Managers 101

We start part 1 of a 3-parts series on professional representation. News How to Fake It (with Fred Armisen) Ginger Baker to Make Comeback after Surgery Woman, 99, Celebrates Birthday by Rocking Out on Drums Rolling Stone: 100 Greatest Drummers All-Time Neil Peart to Publish 3rd Book Rumors Spread of Meg White Replacing Peart Topic(...)
01/04/20161 second
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Drummer Talk 268 – NAMM 2016 Recap (Part 3)

We wrap up our NAMM gear recap with part 3: cymbals, sticks, electronics, and some accessories. Opening Detritus Join Dave on PSN: DoktorTakt! Topic Notes Paiste Zildjian Sabian Meinl TRX Dream Cymbals Turkish Soultone Vic Firth Promark Vater Regal Tip Roland NFUZD Evans   Sound Synergies Music From This Week’s Show Bodhran – Young Dubliners(...)
18/03/20161 hour 30 minutes 50 seconds
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Drummer Talk 267 – NAMM 2016 Recap (Part 2)

We continue our series on new gear from NAMM 2016! Opening Detritus Chatting it up with Ben the news guy! He needs a nickname! Mailbag From Dan: Hey guys! So happy you’re back on the air after your winter break! I have to admit that I was starting to get concerned and on the verge(...)
04/03/20161 hour 24 minutes 55 seconds
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Drummer Talk 266 – NAMM 2016 Recap (Part 1)

We’re back from our winter hibernation! We take a look at some of the most interesting gear out of NAMM 2016 on today’s show. Mailbag From Mark Any tips for struggling learning double bass drum? Not getting it at all! Thanks Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer   From Bobby Hey I recently discovered your podcast.(...)
04/02/20161 hour 42 minutes 14 seconds
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Drummer Talk 265 – Self Publishing

We wrap up season 10 with an episode covering the tools you’ll need if you want to publish your own book! Opening Detritus Christmas Classics Christmas Cocktails davyk’s Christmas Remix Playlist News Ringo’s Kit Sells for 2.25 Million Neil Peart Retiring? Topic Notes Publishing Avenues Amazon iBooks Writing Programs Scrivener(...)
11/12/20151 hour 33 minutes 9 seconds
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Drummer Talk 264 – Publishing 101

Dave and Troy discuss the world of publishing on today’s episode by exploring a typical publishing contract. Drummer Talk Mailbag From Tammy Hey guys! In episode 2 there was discussion about what effect, if any, Katrina would have on music migration. As you saw displaced drummers looking for gigs in Memphis you said you wondered(...)
03/12/20151 hour 14 minutes 42 seconds
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Drummer Talk 263 – PASIC15 Recap

Prof Troy is back from PASIC15 and has the lowdown on this year’s convention. Opening Detritus We have a news guy! Welcome, Ben Andrews! Drummer Talk Mailbag From Dan Hey Troy & Dave, I want to thank you and Mrs. What Is Up for taking on the subject of depression, and for doing so in(...)
20/11/20151 second
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Drummer Talk 262 – Depression and The Artistic Temperament

Dave and Troy discuss the realities of depression and its impact on musicians. Includes special guest, Mrs. What Is Up. Drummer Talk Mailbag From Dov: Great episodes on bearing edges! One note, that might be helpful for someone who’s never operated a router before, is to make sure you’re feeding in the correct direction. I love these(...)
06/11/20151 hour 30 minutes 51 seconds
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Drummer Talk 261 – All About Bearing Edges (Part 2)

Dave and Troy bring part 2 of our series on bearing edges by focusing on how to cut your own! Drummer Talk Mailbag From Chris Dave & Troy, I loved the episode on bearing edges. Between that and the refinishing podcasts, it’s making me want to dust off my old basswood Sonor Force 2001’s and(...)
23/10/20151 hour 36 minutes 6 seconds
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Drummer Talk 260 – All About Bearing Edges (Part 1)

Professor Troy drops the knowledge in part 1 of our two-part series on bearing edges. Opening Detritus Shout out to our newest DT Patrons, Craig Parton, Samuel di Prete, Jonathan Winfrey, Brady Ponton, and Eric Ahern We’re getting caught up on Patreon rewards! Drummer Talk Mailbag From Eric: Hi Dave- I’ve been an on and(...)
16/10/20151 hour 22 minutes 27 seconds
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Drummer Talk 259 – Music Theory Demystified

Mrs. What Is Up, Shannon Kropf, joins us to help demystify music theory and why we drummers should care about it! Drummer Talk Mailbag From Dan, Hey guys, Just finished watching the companion video for episode 257 (drum programming) — great stuff! Would you consider doing an episode where you would break down the sonic(...)
08/10/20151 hour 28 minutes 12 seconds
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Drummer Talk 258 – What Not To Wear

Dave and Troy share tips for gigging attire. Drummer Talk Mailbag From Dan Hey Troy & Dave, It’s so great to hear have you guys back on the air after your hiatus — I was anticipating the show’s return all summer long. At the beginning of episode 257, Troy mentioned that he’s been into acapella(...)
01/10/20151 hour 17 minutes 7 seconds
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Drummer Talk 257 – Hands-On Drum Programming

We continue our examination of drum programming with a demonstration on how to craft convincing drum patterns in a DAW. Be sure to watch the supplemental video! Opening Detritus Composer Quest Interested in writing for Drummer Talk? Let us know! Drummer Talk Mailbag From Max, Hey! I just subscribed to your podcast but I was(...)
24/09/20151 hour 54 minutes 51 seconds
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Drummer Talk 256 – Drum Programming 101

We’re back from Summer break with a fresh show talking about why we drummers should look at learning to program drums. Opening Detritus What have we been up to all Summer long?? We have a huge queue of transcriptions! Drummer Talk Mailbag From Jonas: Hi, i’m a finnish guy and i just discovered your podcast(...)
17/09/20151 hour 54 minutes 41 seconds
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Drummer Talk 255 – Drum Kit Makeover Part 4: Veneers

We wrap up our multi-part series on drum kit makeovers today by talking about veneers! Opening Detritus It’s the mid-season finale. We’ll be revisiting website features like reviews and transcriptions during the summer! Drummer Talk Mailbag From Sebastian I’m listening to your podcast over here in Germany. You guys really make my day on the(...)
11/06/20151 hour 32 minutes 16 seconds
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Drummer Talk 254 – Drum Kit Makeover Part 3: Refinishing

We dive into refinishing on part 3 of our series on drum kit makeovers!! Opening Detritus Dave’s Soundcloud Page Drummer Talk Mailbag From Rich: Thank you Dave and Troy! I’m totally geeking out on the refinishing series. I’ve been contemplating building an exotic wood kit from Keller shells so can’t wait for the show on(...)
28/05/20151 hour 38 minutes 42 seconds