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English, Arts, 3 seasons, 165 episodes, 6 days, 11 hours, 35 minutes
DRUM with Mike & Eddy aims to bring drummers together and give them weekly updates and banter about the wonderful world of drumming. Each week professional drummers Mike Johnston and Eddy Thrower will discus how topics such as motivation, practice habits, routine, health & fitness, and many more have an effect on your drumming. Obviously this podcast is for drummers, but in all honesty it's for anyone that wants to improve at their craft!
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A Big Ole Ctach Up

Join The Practice Project by A.I.In this conversation, Mike and Eddy discuss various topics, including crash cymbals, gig experiences, and drum gear. They also share funny anecdotes and reminisce about past gigs. The conversation is light-hearted and filled with humor. They talk about the challenges and rewards of performing at festivals, including the lack of sound checks and the need to adapt quickly to different stages. They also discuss the diverse lineup of bands at festivals and the limited interaction between bands backstage. The conversation then shifts to drum camps, where Mike and Eddy share their approaches to teaching and the different pressures they face. They also discuss the importance of passion and perseverance in pursuing a career in music. Overall, the conversation highlights the unique experiences and challenges of being a drummer in the festival and drum camp settings.Support the Show.
5/19/202444 minutes, 57 seconds
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Mike & Eddy Order New Kits!

Join The Practice Project this episode, we discuss our gear preferences and go shopping for new drum kits, but here's the catch. Eddy is doing it on the Gretsch website, and I am doing it on the Ludwig site! We also talk about the importance of practicing and the benefits of accountability. TakeawaysChoosing the right gear is essential for drummers to achieve their desired sound and performance.Practicing regularly and having accountability can greatly improve drumming skills.Ludwig and Gretsch offer a wide range of drum kits and snare drums to suit different preferences and playing styles.Personal preferences, such as sound, size, and finish, play a significant role in selecting the right drum kit and snare drum. Gretsch drums have a unique feature called portholes, which allow the drum key to be stored inside the shell.When choosing a drum set, consider the sound and feel of the toms, as well as the overall aesthetic.Different bearing edges and shell materials can greatly impact the sound and versatility of a drum kit.DW hardware is DOPE!Chapters00:00 Introduction and Gear Discussion10:38 The Practice Project17:26 Choosing a Drum Kit - Ludwig20:33 Choosing a Drum Kit - Gretsch24:26 Choosing a Snare Drum - Ludwig28:17 Choosing a Snare Drum - Gretsch32:33 Gretsch Drums and Portholes33:15 Black Copper Drum33:58 Ludwig Legacy Maple Drum Set34:56 Snare Drum Selection35:28 Choosing Drum Kits36:08 Bearing Edges and Shell Materials38:12 Different Drum Sounds38:52 Versatility of Maple Shells39:29 DW Hardware40:45 Recording the Drum Set41:46 Social Media and Drumming42:15 The Future of Bands43:37 The Direction of Social Media45:19 Balancing Shows and Online Content46:21 Playing Shows and Filming Performances47:00 Supporting the Podcast47:32 Flexibility and Drumming47:48 Signing Off48:16 British PronunciationSupport the show
2/15/202448 minutes, 37 seconds
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Our Love/Hate Grooves

Support this Podcast & Become a Patron all have those grooves that we feel at home in. But we also have those grooves that make us feel like a fish out of water. In this episode, Eddie and I will discuss the grooves that we love, the ones that we don't, and the 1 song that we wished we would have recorded the drum part for. Enjoy - Mike & Eddy
5/23/202345 minutes, 49 seconds
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Support this Podcast & Become a Patron this episode, we take your questions LIVE, and I gotta say, your drumming/gear questions took us down some really fun paths and allowed us to discuss topics that we normally would overlook. We hope you enjoy this episode! - Mike  & Eddy
4/24/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 21 seconds
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Becoming a Teacher

Support this Podcast & Become a Patron this episode on YouTube did an episode about this a few years ago but it was more centered around how to teach and what to teach. In this episode Eddy and I go through the logistics of becoming a private drum teacher. How much to charge, contracts, length of lesson times, etc. We truly hope you find some serious value in this episode!- Mike & Eddy
11/5/202257 minutes, 8 seconds
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Support this Podcast & Become a Patreon we feel about ourselves when we walk out of the ocean, UK Grime music, Eddy's new studio setup and a ton of questions from our beloved Patreon Crew! That and a few tangents headed your way in episode 84! Enjoy - Mike & Eddy
5/9/202246 minutes, 51 seconds
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Support this show on Patreon   This phrase can take shape in multiple ways and both Eddy and I have experienced that bad wolf far too many times. Luckily we have spent our careers trying to kick it's ass, so in this episode we will walk you through the steps we take to ensure that the GOOD WOLF always comes out on top! Enjoy! 
1/10/202257 minutes, 56 seconds