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English, Finance, 10 seasons, 339 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 9 minutes
DriveThruHR is a captivating, easy-to-digest, and occasionally irreverent lunchtime discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals. Our 30 minute shows include our guest and host(s) discussing a variety of topics including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR. Hosted by @MikeVanDervort, @RobinSchooling, @TheOneCrystal and @DwaneLay. Running continuously since February 1, 2010. #DTHR
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Navigating the Emotional Journey of Merger and Acquisition with Jonathan Bennett

In this episode of DriveThruHR, we chat with Jonathan Bennett, an executive coach with a rich background in business and leadership. Jonathan shares his personal journey from leaving a high-level role at a large hospital to founding and growing a successful management consulting firm. After a decade of success, he made the bold move to sell his company and start a coaching practice focused on deeply listening to leaders. We dive into the emotional and cultural challenges of mergers and acquisitions, exploring how Jonathan helps leaders navigate these complex transitions. He also talks about blending his passion for social justice into his coaching and the common hurdles C-suite leaders face. Tune in for practical advice, insightful stories, and tips on creating a positive workplace culture during M&A. Jonathan’s experience and progressive approach offer valuable lessons for leaders at any stage.
6/7/202435 minutes
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Exploring Gen Z in the Workplace with Kat Walsh

Join us on DriveThruHR as we chat with Kat Walsh of the Kat Walsh Group, a self-proclaimed "GenZologist." Kat's unique journey includes running a venture builder fund and working as a Chief Legacy Officer. She shares her insights on what makes Gen Z tick and how their work values have evolved post-pandemic. Kat explains what it means to be a GenZologist, reflecting on her diverse experiences and how they shaped her understanding of Gen Z. We discuss what motivates this generation, their shifting values since the pandemic, and why research and science may be the key to leading Gen Z employees. Kat offers tips for employers on aligning with Gen Z's values and explores whether generational differences are just a recurring trend or a genuine business challenge. Kat wraps up with her final thoughts and how you can stay connected with her. Tune in for a fresh take on the future of work!
5/31/202432 minutes
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DriveThruHR  with Rick Hammell of Helios

In this episode of DriveThruHR, Michael and Robin welcome Rick Hammell, SPHR, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Helios, to discuss one of the most pressing challenges facing companies today: global payroll compliance. The Global Payroll Management Institute has highlighted this issue as a top concern for businesses worldwide. Rick brings nearly two decades of experience in human resources, with deep expertise in global payroll, managing remote workforces, and integrating AI solutions. He shares his journey, insights, and practical tips for navigating the complex landscape of payroll compliance across different countries. During the conversation, Rick explains the significance of the Global Payroll Management Institute and why payroll, though often overlooked, is mission-critical for employers. He shares a compelling horror story that underscores the importance of getting payroll right and discusses the unique challenges and rewards of managing payroll for remote workers in today's flexible work environment. We also discuss whether employers should allow remote work, the feasibility of employing digital nomads as W-2 employees, and the best practices for managing compliance issues in virtual organizations. 
5/20/202432 minutes
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Kathi Enderes of The Josh Bersin Company on Systemic HR

Hey there, HR enthusiasts! Get comfy because we're about to shake things up on the next DriveThruHR episode. Join Michael and Robin as we chat with Kathi Enderes, the Senior Vice President of Research at The Josh Bersin Company, about Systemic HR. Forget the jargon—Kathi breaks down Systemic HR in a refreshingly straightforward way. We're talking about a model built on real research, analyzing the strategies of over 1,000 companies and 26 million employees. In today's ever-changing landscape of hybrid work setups and AI integrations, HR has to step up its game, and Systemic HR is leading the charge. And guess what? Kathi's not just dropping knowledge bombs; she's giving us practical tips on how to make Systemic HR work for your organization. From investing in professional development to navigating the tricky world of AI, she's got you covered. Oh, and did I mention real-life case studies? Yeah, Kathi's got those too. We'll hear about how NewYork-Presbyterian is making Systemic HR a reality in the healthcare industry. So, grab a cup of coffee and join us for a laid-back chat about the future of HR with Kathi Enderes.
5/4/202433 minutes
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EPIC HR Insights from Sara Vidoni and Tiffany Stevenson

Join Michael in this engaging episode of DriveThruHR, where we dive into some of our personal EPIC HR conference highlights with Sara Vidoni of Businessolver. Sara shares trends and changing paradigms impacting the employee benefits industry. Tiffany Stevenson, Chief People Officer at WeightWatchers, discusses their cultural transformation, following founder values while making a major business shift to being a healthcare provider. Did you know WeightWatchers can be a resource for GLP-1 drugs if you qualify? I know I didn't.        
4/27/202423 minutes
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EPIC HR Insights from Jason Seiden & Pete Schramm

  Join us in this engaging episode of driveThruHR, where we dive into some of our personal EPIC HR conference highlights with Jason Seiden of Comfort Communications and Pete Schramm of Lattitude. Jason shares his personal story of learning how to deal with grief and some thoughts on how employers can help their people during these challenging life moments.  Pete shares insights on his company, Lattitude, his book Pathfinders: Navigating Your Career Map With A Personal Board of Advisors, and the value of creating a personal advisory board. Tune in to glean actionable insights from this must-listen episode for HR professionals seeking to elevate their practices and inspire their teams.
4/26/202427 minutes
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Unpacking Innovative HR Practices with Jennifer Yugo on DTHR

Join Michael VanDervort on the DTHR Podcast as he welcomes Jennifer Yugo, the Managing Director of Corvirtus, a leader in building remarkable workplace environments. This episode offers a deep dive into the transformative HR practices that are shaping modern businesses. Jennifer Yugo leads Corvirtus with a passion for crafting hiring processes, development tools, and retention solutions that help businesses scale effectively while maintaining strong employee engagement. Her approach combines rigorous data analysis with practical strategies to foster environments where both people and businesses can thrive. Episode Highlights Introduction to Jennifer and Corvirtus: Learn about the philosophy and drive behind Corvirtus and how Jennifer’s leadership is steering the company towards new heights in HR.Innovative Team Discussions: Discover the unique process Jennifer’s team uses to stay ahead of the curve by sharing and discussing recent readings and innovative thoughts.Employee Loyalty and Engagement: Jennifer addresses the critical role of employee loyalty and how generational dynamics influence engagement strategies.Current State of Employee Culture: Jennifer shares findings from her recent work on building engaging employee cultures and discusses the link between culture and business outcomes.    
4/23/202437 minutes
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Redefining Leadership with Barbie - A Conversation with Cerys Goodall

🎙️ Join us on DriveThrHR as we dive into an enlightening discussion with Cerys Goodall, COO of Vetster, about the surprising and insightful parallels between the recent "Barbie" movie and today's corporate culture. 🌟 Episode Highlights: Breaking the Mold: Explore how "Barbie" challenges our perceptions of leadership and representation in the workplace.From Kendom to Inclusion: Cerys discusses the outdated 'Kendom' mentality still prevalent in many workplaces and how we can shift towards more inclusive and dynamic environments.Transformative Actions: Learn about the practical steps to take to promote diversity and inclusivity, especially by amplifying women in STEM and ensuring leadership reflects the true diversity of the workforce.Beyond the Bottom Line: Discover how pushing past profit concerns to prioritize employee well-being can lead to more sustainable business practices and a happier, more productive workplace.    
4/12/202437 minutes
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The Penguin Episode with Marie Lobbezoo #DTHR

In this captivating episode of our podcast, join hosts Michael VanDervort and Robin Schooling as they dive into an extraordinary conversation with Marie Lobbezoo, sharing her unparalleled journey at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Dubbed "The Penguin Episode," this installment takes you on an icy adventure to the most remote corners of the Earth. Marie opens up about her recent work experience, revealing the challenges and wonders of living and working in the Antarctic's harsh, yet mesmerizing environment. From daily routines amidst snow and ice to unexpected encounters with the region's iconic penguins, this episode offers a rare glimpse into life at the edge of the world. Tune in to be transported to the icy realms of Antarctica, where science, survival, and penguins intersect in the most fascinating ways.  
3/23/202445 minutes
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The Corporate-to-Consultant Transition w/ Tracie Sponenberg

Our guest, Tracie Sponenberg, recently made the transition from corporate-to-consultant when she opened her own business to focus on providing services as a fractional Chief People Officer. Join us for this lively discussion as Michael and Robin talk with Tracie about when she knew it was “time” and the factors that went into her decision. Tracie shares insight about the role – and value! – of Fractional HR include her take on being a “thought partner” vs. a “strategic leader.” Good stuff!
3/18/202436 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Episode 18 with Michael VanDervort and Jon Hyman

Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort get together for another episode of Labor Relatedly to discuss the latest developments in labor relations. In this episode, they cover the most recent developments between Starbucks and Starbucks Workers United, the joint employer rules, and what's happening in the world of beer.   
3/15/202439 minutes
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Is Union Activity on the Rise in 2024? w/ Paul Glover

While union rates have dropped in the last 40 years, 88% of Gen Zers approve of unions, and a perfect storm is brewing, leading to a likely increase in union organizing at a rate unseen in decades in 2024.  Michael VanDervort chats with Paul Glover. He's an expert on unions and predicts a surge of union activity this year. Former Federal Trial Lawyer Paul Glover is the No B.S. Post-Pandemic Leadership Expert with over 40 years of experience who understands the unique demands of post-pandemic leadership. After navigating a pivotal turning point that steered him away from his 22-year career as a Federal Trial Lawyer to an unexpected seven-year incarceration, Paul became inspired to transfer his skills and profound experience to begin guiding executives on their own leadership journeys. Because Glover has dedicated over 25 years to coaching leaders to be the best versions of themselves, he is well-respected as a groundbreaking authority in this space. Paul details his expertise in WorkQuake™: Making the Seismic Shift to a Knowledge Economy, is a TEDx speaker, and has guided leaders of organizations generating up to $1 billion in annual revenue. He obtained his law degree from DePaul University, a Master’s in Labor Law at IIT Kent, and specialized in labor and employment cases. Additional credentials include recognition by Brainz 500 Global and Forbes Coaching Counsel. Paul's unique blend of legal acumen, storytelling finesse, and coaching proficiency sets him apart as a multifaceted expert in the post-pandemic leadership landscape. He's so confident audiences will love his keynotes and workshops that he offers a No B.S. Money Back Guarantee.      
1/15/202438 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Ep. 17 - What's ahead for Labor Relations in 2024?

Welcome to 2024!  Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort are back with the very first show of the year on DriveThruHR. Today, they deliver another episode of Labor Relatedly that helps bring HR practitioners up to speed on the latest developments in labor and employee relations, including: Starbucks update: Lots are happening here, including possible new negotiations in 2024, NLRB altercations, and an effort to install union supporters on the Starbucks Board of Directors. SpaceX files a lawsuit saying NLRB is unconstitutional.Costco delivers a master class in workplace communication. Will the NLRB try to mandate collective bargaining agreements as a bargaining remedy in 2024?  
1/5/202438 minutes
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Talking Workforce Insights w/ Rhea Moss of iCIMS

Rhea Moss, Global Head of Workforce and Customer Insights at iCIMS, is a self-professed data aficionado. In this episode of DrivethruHR, she chatted with host Robin Schooling about iCIMS' recent Monthly Workforce Report as we dove into what's measured (with some extra fun talking about time-to-fill) and a few other of Rhea's "favorite things." You can connect with Rhea on LinkedIn and read (and dowload|) iCIMS' vast array of research and insights here.     
12/6/202333 minutes
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Talking about the Ripple Effect w/ Chris Rollins

In this episode, Robin and Michael chat with guest Chris Rollins - keynote speaker, community builder, and creator of Ripple Effect Leadership. Join us to learn about creating inclusive and high-trust environments, and the importance of continuous practice and self-improvement.  You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn or via the Ripple Effect Leadership site. 
11/30/202333 minutes
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Avoiding the Dreaded Doom Loop with Andrew Shatte' of meQuilibrium

Michael and Robin chat with Andrew Shatte’, Ph.D., Chief Knowledge Officer and co-founder of Boston-based meQuilibrium, on the impact of “doom loops” on employee and team productivity and how to take positive action to prevent and break cycles of doom. Here is a link to his Tedx talk.  
11/6/202328 minutes
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Elevating the Employee Experience and Internal Comms w/ Carolyn Clark of Simpplr

Michael and Robin are joined today by Carolyn Clark.  Carolyn is the VP of Employee Experience Strategy and Transformation at Simpplr, where she elevates the employee experience by driving innovation and revitalizing how employee communication is delivered. Prior to Simpplr, she led internal and HR communication at companies like Yahoo, Pandora, and GoDaddy. We discuss elevating the employee experience, the impact of AI on EX and Internal Communications, and trying to turn Blowing Rock, North Carolina, into a technology hub.   
11/3/202336 minutes
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Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort - Labor Relatedly Ep 16

Join Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort for episode 16 of Labor Relatedly in which they discuss The Creature Comforts Brewery election outcome, Cemex bargaining orders, the new joint employer rules, and how the recent outcome of the UAW/Big 3 negotiations will impact labor relations trends heading into 2024. 
10/30/202340 minutes
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State of Work Experience with Ken Oehler, RADICL on DTHR

Co-hosts Robin Schooling as they chat with Ken Oehler, Senior Partner, Head of People Science, for RADICL.    Ken Oehler,, has a deep understanding of employee experience, and we discuss the role of leadership in creating a great work experience. On the show, we discuss: .RADICL and what they doThe STATE OF THE WORK EXPERIENCE REPORTThe main findings of the reportWhat a RADICL Work Experience is    
10/5/202333 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Ep. 15 - The One Where the NLRB Changes Everything

Join Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort for a discussion about how the NLRB is in the process of changing virtually all the rules governing labor law in the United States. We talk about the impact of the hugely impactful Cemex decision on the union election process, how they are changing employee protections related to protected activity in the workplace, and the likely banning of non-compete agreements in the near future.   
9/11/202340 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Episode 14: Going to Orange Alert at the NLRB 🔥

Labor Relatedly Episode 14: Going to Orange Alert at the NLRB.  Happy Orange Thursday!    🔥 🔥 🔥 The American labor scene is poised for a seismic shift. All eyes are on the Cemex case at the NLRB, which could be the most radical change in labor law since the 1960’s.  As General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo’s 2022 brief indicated, unions would get a huge lift. Brace yourself if you’re at the helm of labor relations in a U.S. company. The buzz is that the Board will drop its verdict on Cemex before Gwynne Wilcox’s term concludes on August 28th. This decision could ease the path for unions to organize and reshape labor relations policy and law in several major ways.  Join MIchael VanDervort and Jon Hyman as they discuss a boatload of labor relations news, including Starbucks, UPS, UAW, Hollywood, and what it will mean for HR practitioners as we officially enter the "Jennifer Abruzzo Era" of labor relations in the United States. 
8/24/202352 minutes
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Catching up with the Evil HR Lady and her Minions

Welcome to another exciting episode of DriveThruHR! Today, we're diving deep into the world of community building with Suzanne Lucas and  the dynamic team of moderators from the Evil HR Lady Facebook group. Ever wondered what it takes to run a thriving Facebook community? Or how being a moderator can boost your professional credentials? We've got you covered. With a whopping 30,000 members and counting, the EHRL FB group stands as a testament to the power of online communities. So, whether you're a seasoned HR pro or just curious about the behind-the-scenes of this influential group, buckle up and get ready for an insightful conversation sprinkled with a dash of humor. And if you haven't joined yet, discover why thousands of HR professionals consider this group an invaluable resource. Let's get started!  
8/10/202358 minutes
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Technology and Quality of Hire with Ben Mones of @Fama_Tech

On this episode of Drive thru HR, Michael and Robin had the chance to chat with Ben Mones, CEO and Founder at Fama for a discussion about workplace misconduct, quality of hire, technology (yes – including “AI”) and the elevation of HR practitioners/professionals. Join us for this wide-ranging conversation about how companies (and HR professionals!) are solving problems with technology. You can connect with Ben on LinkedIn and follow Fama on the socials. .  
8/8/202337 minutes
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Talking Tulsa Remote with Krystal Speed Your HR Strategist

Michael chats with Krystal Speed of Your HR Strategist about her company and about her decision to relocate from Washington, DC, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a part of the Tulsa Remote Program, which provides incentives and support to digital nomads and remote workers who are willing to try living in Tulsa for a year. We discuss her reasons for moving, her experience with Tulsa Remote, and her future plans on this episode of #DTHR.   
7/22/202335 minutes
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HR: The Strategy, the Future, and the O’Jays w/ Tim Collins

We had a wide-ranging discussion when Robin had the chance to sit down with executive HR leader par-excellence Tim Collins. In this wide-ranging and fascinating conversation, we discuss Tim’s career roles with P&G and IBM, contemplate the past, present and future of HR, and even do a little grooving with the O’Jays! p.s. pay particular attention to Tim’s listing of the personal attributes HR professionals should cultivate! You can connect with Tim on LinkedIn and Twitter.
7/21/202334 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Ep13 with Michael VanDervort and Jon Hyman #DTHR

Jon Hyman makes his long-awaited return to DriveThruHR when he joins Michael for another episode of Labor Relatedly, their first since May.   In this episode, they discuss  Jon's family vacation to Portugal, and his plans to possibly buy a home there, (not LR, but fun, and Mike can't wait to visit); The announced shutdown at Anchor Brewing and how it impacts the union employees there; a long discussion about the current Hollywood strikes and AI, as well as the great tree-trimming incident of 2023 Legalities around moonlighting and holding second jobs    
7/20/202351 minutes
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Talking Tulsa Remote with Justin Harlan

Michael chats with Justin Harlan, Managing Director of Tulsa Remote. Tulsa Remote is a unique recruitment initiative aimed at attracting talented individuals to Tulsa. The program brings remote workers and digital nomads to the community by providing $10,000 in grants and numerous community-building opportunities. Each grant is distributed over the course of a year to eligible remote workers or entrepreneurs living outside of Oklahoma. On the episode, we discuss the program, how it works, and why Tulsa Remote is the most successful program of its type in the United States.     
7/14/202332 minutes
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Strategies for Running a Successful Remote/Hybrid Office with Liz Wilke of Gusto

Michael and Robin chat with Liz Wilke, Principal Economist, at Gusto to discuss what the most successful remote and hybrid-friendly SMBs are doing. Gusto’s team of economists published a report featuring data-backed insights from nearly 1,000 SMBs highlighting what the most successful remote and hybrid-friendly SMBs are doing, accompanied by recommendations for how businesses can improve their remote and hybrid cultures.   Among the many findings, Gusto’s team of economists found:  SMBs should give their employees as much flexibility as they can - that’s the secret to boosting performanceMonitoring employee activity may not only be unnecessary but counterproductiveSMBs in tech and professional services are starting to push the envelope on the 4-day workweek  
7/13/202333 minutes
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The State of Organizations with Patrick Simon of McKinsey

Join Michael and Robin as they speak with McKinsey Senior Partner Patrick Simon, for a discussion about how business leaders can tackle the biggest challenges they are facing today. Patrick recently coauthored McKinsey’s latest global report on The State of Organizations 2023, which outlines the greatest challenges that impact an organization’s ability to attract and retain talent, work efficiently, and achieve growth and other performance goals. We will discuss the age of the CHRO, the main things impacting CHRO's, and human-centered leadership.  Amid the race for rapid tech innovation, like AI, human-centered leadership is key.There continues to be a disconnect between what employers think their employees want and what they actually want.How some organizations are leading by example, using upskilling, employee culture and valuing their people. 
7/10/202330 minutes
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HR Strategy: A Conversation with CHRO Don Robertson

Michael and Robin sat down with Don Robertson, EVP/CHRO of Northwestern Mutual to discuss HR strategy and his approach, especially over the last several years. As the HR leader of this insurer and investment firm that consistently ranks among the country’s best places to work, Don expertly blends the human element of HR with sound-business decisions, analytics, and data to drive the talent strategy. Join us for a captivating conversation about topics ranging from HR’s role (and evolution) to DE&I and organizational culture, to what trends and themes Don sees as dominating the HR landscape.
7/5/202340 minutes
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Talking AI regulation in TA with Will Rose

Join us to chat with Will Rose, Chief Technology Officer at TalentSelect  AI, about AI and some developing regulations affecting its use. TalentSelect  AI is using artificial intelligence to streamline and improve traditional psychometric testing, helping talent acquisition professionals and recruiters to objectively understand and assess a candidate’s psychology, personality traits, and core skills. We discuss: The different ways AI is used in hiring and recruitment todayInsights into AI hiring laws in New York City and across the country, and what they mean for employers and candidates Practical tips to help employers prepare and more.
6/26/202335 minutes
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Strategies for Successful Implementation | Episode 3 - "Intro to HR Tech"

DrivethruHR is pleased to announce the airing of a special 4-episode series - Introduction to HR Tech for HR Professionals. In episode 3 - Rollout and Adoption: Strategies for Successful Implementation  - Robin talks with Caleb Fullhart, SVP, Technology Consulting and Erin Perry, SVP, Solution Design and Implementation with Cielo about best practices for introducing new technology to an organization or community, including change management, training, user adoption, and stakeholder engagement. Whether you’re building your tech stack, implementing a new solution, or updating your HR technology systems, Erin and Caleb provide some items for your consideration.  this series is sponsored by Humareso
6/8/202337 minutes
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Labor Relatedly #12 - Amazon, Abruzzo, and Alito w/ Michael and Phil Wilson

Join Michael VanDervort and guest co-host Phil Wilson of The Labor Relations Institute as we discuss some weird Teamster organizing shenanigans involving Amazon in California, the impact of the Glacier Northwest decision by SCOTUS, Jennifer Abruzzo's latest overreach, and the nuances of negotiating with new unions at a large employer like Starbucks.  Click here for some bonus useful tips to help HR practitioners build out a strategy for gathering evidence on a picket line.     
6/5/202345 minutes
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Labor Relatedly #11 - Amazon, Starbucks and Uber with Michael and Jon #DTHR

Listen to Michael Vandervort and Jon Hyman discuss labor relations issues of the day. On this episode, we discuss the continued expansion of union access onto employer private property being pushed by the NLRB via some recent Amazon decisions, the recent call by the President of Workers United for Starbucks to negotiate a national labor agreement (ain't gonna happen!), and how a probably well-intentioned DEI effort went awry at Uber. #DTHR #DEI #LaborRelations #EmpLaw 
5/25/202343 minutes
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Designing and Developing Technology Solutions | Episode 2 - "Intro to HR Tech"

DrivethruHR is pleased to announce the airing of a special 4-episode series - “Introduction to HR Tech for HR Professionals.” In episode 2 - From Concept to Reality: Designing and Developing Technology Solutions - Robin talks with Caleb Fullhart, SVP, Technology Consulting with Cielo about what HR professionals should understand about the process of creating and refining technology solutions, including ideation, prototyping, testing, and iteration. Whether you’re building your tech stack, implementing a new solution, or updating your HR technology systems, Caleb provides some items for your consideration.  this series is sponsored by Humareso
5/20/202343 minutes
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The Foundations of an HR Tech Stack | Episode 1 - "Intro to HR Tech"

DrivethruHR is pleased to announce the airing of a special 4-episode series - “Introduction to HR Tech for HR Professionals.” In episode 1 - Building Blocks: The Foundations of an HR Tech Stack – Robin talks with Caleb Fullhart, SVP, Technology Consulting with Cielo about the basic components and infrastructure necessary to build a successful HR tech stack including considerations for items such as hardware, software, networking, and security. Whether you’re building your tech stack, implementing a new solution, or updating your HR technology systems, Caleb provides some items for your consideration.   this series is sponsored by Humareso  
5/11/202334 minutes
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CUE at 45: Positive Employee Relations with Elizabeth Huston

As CUE celebrates its 45th anniversary, Executive Director Elizabeth Huston shares insights on the organization's mission and vision for the future, as well as the agenda for the upcoming Spring conference in New Orleans with a theme of "Jazzing Up Employee Relations". The interview covers a wide range of topics, from the evolution of the workplace to the challenges of leadership and employee engagement. Throughout the discussion, Huston emphasizes the importance of positive employee relations as the foundation of a healthy and productive workplace culture. She explains how CUE's customized approach, peer learning community, and proven results make it a valuable resource for organizations seeking to improve their performance and harmonize their relationships. Whether you're a small business owner, an HR professional, or a C-suite executive, this interview offers practical advice and inspiring examples of how to build positive employee relations that last.
4/17/202330 minutes
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Severance, Beer, Chipotle and Bias - Labor Relatedly Ep. 10 w/ Jon and Michael

Join Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort for another episode of Labor Relatedly (Episode 10) on the @DriveThruHR podcast. On this show, we will discuss: the impact of the recent NLRB decision that voids every severance agreement ever signed by anyone in history,provide the latest update on the status of union organizing at Georgia craft brewery Creature Comforts,ponder the inexcusable bias of transphobia and homophobia,and our latest assessment of the ongoing developments at Starbucks *By the way, we didn't get to Chipotle, which basically was forced by the NLRB to pay back wages for closing a location in Maine. :)  
4/6/202349 minutes
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Digital Transformation and Automation with Pari Natarajan, CEO at Zinnov #DTHR

Join Michael as he talks about Digital Transformation and Automation with Pari Natarajan, CEO at Zinnov, a global management and consulting firm with core expertise in globalization, product engineering, and digital transformation.  Pari consults with Fortune 500 companies on a wide range of HR matters and has helped them transform their businesses for the better amid an ever-changing workplace. Now more than ever, Pari is guiding organizations through digital transformation and showing them the value of embracing tech.  On the show, we discuss digital transformation and how it pertains to HR in general. Pari explains how technology tools like ChatGPT, augmented reality, and the Metaverse will impact HR, as well how they can improve your HR productivity. 
2/9/202330 minutes
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Talent Management Strategies with Michael Ehret of Johnson and Johnson

Today, Robin and Michael were joined on DriveThruHR by  Michael Ehret, Head of Global Talent Management at J&J.  We talked with Michael about his career journey and his philosophy of talent management, and his experience leading and bolstering HR at one of the world's largest pharmaceuticals. Some of the topics we discussed included: Career mapping and succession planningThe use of new tech platforms for Learning & Development and staying connected amidst hybrid/remote work modelsHow a strong focus on DEI and culture can drive motivation Take a listen, I think you will enjoy Michael's perspective. 
2/4/202330 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Ep 9 - Brewery Unionizing with Jon Hyman & Phil Wilson LRI #DTHR

Jon and Michael are joined by Phil Wilson from the Labor Relations Institute to discuss the current union organizing campaign taking place at Creature Comforts Brewing Company in Athens, Georgia by the Brewing Union of Georgia.  The guys also touch on the rise of Startup labor unions, the vast and substantive differences between "union busting" and union avoidance, as well as generational shifts and upcoming work stoppages.  Union 𝘢𝘷𝘰𝘪𝘥𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦 should take place 24/7/365. It's smart business in how you operate and treat your employees. Your goal is to be an employer of choice for your employees and not an employer of opportunity for a labor union. Union avoidance is proactive. It's— 🧐 Paying competitive wages and providing competitive benefits. 🧐 Having positive communication between management and employees. 🧐 Management’s openness to listen to employees and address their concerns. 🧐 Prioritizing respect in the workplace. 🧐 Fostering a workplace environment in which employees feel like they have a seat at the table.  
2/3/202348 minutes
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Why Gen Z Organizes with Professor Lynne Vincent

Michael chats with Professor Lynne Vincent of the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.  Lynne will share her expertise in the social psychology around union activity and the growing labor movement at warehouses. We talk about the Warehouse Worker Protection Act that was recently enacted in New York amd why Gen Z workers are joining unions in drives. 
1/22/202342 minutes
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Fractional HR and Employee Experience with Mark D'Agostino of ConnectedHR

Join Michael and Robin as we chat with Mark D'Agostino about fractional HR services and employee experience. Mark D’Agostino founded ConnectedHR in 2014 and currently serves as its President. Under his leadership, ConnectedHR has become one of the fastest-growing Human Resources consulting companies in NE Ohio. In 2022, the company launched ConnectedTALENT and ConnectedENTERPRISE – two new business verticals to focus on recruiting support and services. ConnectedHR also opened their newest office in Austin, TX.
1/20/202335 minutes
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Pay Transparency with Jesse Meschuk on DriveThruHR

Michael and Robin speak with Jesse Meschuk, global career and HR expert, and Senior Advisor with Exequity, on how companies can navigate the pay transparency movement.  Jesse share tips on responding to the new legislation and thoughts on where we are going in days to come. California recently passed a new bill that requires companies to disclose salary ranges in job postings as of January 1, 2023. This follows similar laws that have been passed in Colorado, Washington, and New York City. The California Bill also adds the requirement to provide salary ranges to current employees upon request and for employers with more than 100 employees, to provide a pay equity report annually showing average wages by job category comparing gender and ethnicity, which is a first for any state but is in line with many countries (most in the EU) which have a pay equity disclosure requirement. The first-of-its-kind annual pay equity reporting poses a series of questions and decisions for employers across the country, as many have a significant presence in California.   
1/20/202334 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Episode 8 - Non-competes, Neutrality, and Other Nuggets #DTHR

Welcome back to the 2023 season of @DriveThruHR. Today Jon and Michael open the year with episode 8 of our Labor Relatedly. Join us as we discuss non-compete agreements and the FTC, Neutrality agreements and unions in the tech industry, and why you may or may not want to hire a socialist Rhodes Scholar to serve coffee.  (and Michael's up-coming life changes!)  #DTHR
1/10/202348 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Ep. 7 - Last show of 2022 w/ Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort

Jon and Michael put a bow on 2022 with a discussion about recent NLRB developments, thoughts on selecting a labor attorney and what's to come in 2023.Check it out.
12/20/202239 minutes
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Labor Relatedly w/ Michael VanDervort and Jon Hyman Ep: 6 #DTHR

Michael and Jon sit down for another episode of Labor Relatedly on DriveThruHR when they discuss company dominated unions, decertification rules, and the latest developments at Starbucks and Amazon. 
12/7/202243 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Episode 5 with Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort #DTHR

Listen to the Labor Relatedly Podcast Episode 5 with Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort  on DriveThruHR. On this episode we discuss a trademark infringement lawsuit with a Medieval twist, Howard Schutz and his "Venti" fight against the Starbucks Workers Union, and the potential legal risks of using employee tracking technology in the workplace. #DTHR
10/18/202237 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Ep. 4 with Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort - DriveThruHR

Join Jon and Michael for another episode of Labor Relatedly on DriveThruHR as they discuss NLRB Joint Employer efforts, union organizing in minor league baseball, and a recent SHRM article that discusses how companies can benefit by partnering with unions.  We have some opinions on that.  Take a listen and hear what we had to say 
9/17/202244 minutes
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Labor Relatedly Episode 3 - Michael VanDervort and Jon Hyman

Labor Relatedly Ep. 3 @MikeVanDervort and @jonhyman discuss labor relations issues of the day including major changes on Union logos rules by the NLRB, a big ALU union win, AB 257, and sectoral bargaining. 
9/2/202237 minutes
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Employee Relations in 2022 with Deb Muller, CEO @HRAcuity

Join Michael as he chats with Deb Muller, Founder and CEO of HR Acuity. We talked about the use of predictive analytics in employee relations, some of the trends and science around employee relations, unionizing in 2022, the  Empower-ER community which is a great online space to network with HR and ER practitioners, the ER Leader Roundtable, and how to learn more about the HR Acuity platform. 
8/25/202240 minutes
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Labor Relatedly S2 - Chipotle's Big Check, NFL Appeals, Labor Law Reform #DTHR

Join Michael VanDervort and Jon Hyman as they discuss some of the latest developments in the currently hot Labor Relations space.  In this episode, we discuss the controversy surrounding the Deshaun Watson arbitration ruling, Chipotle writing a $20 million dollar to settle a wage and hour case in New York, how the Duty of Fair Representation impacts the relationship between unions and employers, and what some common sense labor law reform might look like. 
8/13/202248 minutes
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Modern Recruiting: A Chat about Tech Recruiting w/ @ayyjayHR

Join Robin as she talks with Aaron Backman in this first episode of our DTHR series on “Modern Recruiting.”  Aaron and Robin discuss a host of issues related to engaging and recruiting talent (particularly tech talent) today including the importance of understanding/knowing recruiting capacity and talent availability. We explore candidate motivation and how to compete for talent when, well, EVERYONE is hiring. An experienced and highly sought-after TA and People Leader, Aaron can be reached on LinkedIn, via his website, and on Twitter.  (You should totally follow him on Twitter for great conversation and insight!).
8/9/202233 minutes
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Responding to PR Crisis in Volatile Times w/ Nick Kalm, CEO Reputation Partners

Join Michael as he talks to Nick Kalm, CEO of Reputation Partners as they discuss the things companies should be thinking about when it comes to Responding to a PR crisis in volatile times. In this episode, Nick provides some great insight into the elements of developing a response plan if your company should become embroiled in one, and also tips on preventing a crisis in the first place. 
7/26/202244 minutes
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Labor Relatedly with Jon Hyman and Michael VanDervort on DriveThruHR

Join Michael VanDervort and Jon Hyman as they discuss some of the latest developments in the currently hot Labor Relations space.  This episode is the first featuring Jon as the Labor Relations Special Correspondent for @DriveThruHR.  Okay, so maybe it's just Jon and Michael sitting down for 45 minutes to talk labor relations, but we are thrilled to have Jon as part of the DTHR team.  In this episode, we discuss the current state of union organizing in the craft beer brewing space, the controversial closure decisions announced by Starbucks and Chipotle, along with wage and benefit increases for non-union employees at Starbucks and Trader Joe's. 
7/23/202248 minutes
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Sustainable Tech Hiring with Karin Ophir Zamet, VP People and Ops, Torq

Join Robin and Michael as they chat with Karin Ophir Zimet, VP of People and Ops for Torq, an emerging cybersecurity leader offering a no-code automation platform for security teams, to talk about her approach to hiring. On the show, we discuss: How startup tech companies can avoid unstainable growth patterns that use financial growth plans to determine hiring vs. an aggressive headcount plan which can lead to layoffsHow to attract key top-talent in the current tech landscapeHow Torq approaches its global footprint from a hiring standpointTrends she sees in HR and People management in the tech industry moving forward
7/19/202228 minutes
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Enhancing the Interview Process w/ Amanda Hahn of HireVue

 Michael and Robin recently chatted with Amanda Hahn, Interim CMO at HireVue about how the interview process has changed..  With many workers looking to shift jobs right now, Amanda shares her insights on what both job seekers and businesses need to know to navigate this new hiring landscape. Topics we covered included how job seekers can create the best environment for virtual interviews, how employers can benefit from automating the interview process with virtual interviews and online assessment tools.        have great insights for job seekers (like eliminating distractions, testing equipment, setting up the right background and shining in online skill assessments) and employers/recruiters (the benefits of virtual interviews and online skill assessment tests, like increased flexibility, improving diversity, attracting the next generation of workers, and finding better candidates faster). _____________________________________ Guest
6/24/202233 minutes
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Managing Microaggressions at Work w/ Savina Perez of Hone

Michael and Robin interview Savina Perez, co-founder and COO of L&D platform, Hone about how organizations can manage microaggressions without shaming. Savina speaks candidly, as a member of the Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities, about her own experiences with microaggressions and bias in and out of the workplace.  Savina has dedicated much of her professional life teaching strategies for staying open and curious and generous of other's behaviors and building workplace cultures around empathy and inclusion.  The discussion was lively and timely especially in light of recent divisions in society over race, religion, gender and sexuality. 
6/24/202238 minutes
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The Evolving Role CHROs responding to Crises w/ Rebecca Ray Conference Board

Join Michael as they chat with Rebecca Ray of the Conference Board as we discuss the evolving role of the CHRO in responding to crises and black swan events. On the show, we will discuss how: Going forward, CHROs will partner with C-suite colleagues and the board to help shape the company’s voice on social issues.The ability to work closely with, and benefit from, board directors in their human capital management oversight role will be increasingly important.  Strong culture—where employees feel included, valued, respected, and connected to something greater than themselves—will create a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent.Technology and analytics will be even more critical in guiding CHROs as they work toward business goals.  CHROs will lead the organization toward a seamless hybrid culture, offering flexibility and upskilling.Through successive waves of “black swan” events, CHROs will need to rethink leadership development. Successful leaders must thrive in virtual and hybrid environments with blended teams.  
6/10/202237 minutes
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Is this as good as it gets – really? w/ Markus Neukom

Join Michael as they chat with Markus Neukom as they chat about how managers can regain personal time and enjoy a better work life balance Markus Neukom spent more than twenty years working with managers and professionals that are struggling to perform or progress in the workplace, many reaching the point they either reluctantly leave or increasingly, sadly are fired. But it is not their lack of expertise that is failing them and many only reach out for help when they are desperate, redundant or on the brink of being fired. HERE'S THE TRUTH: I believe that thousands upon thousands of managers, from all over the world wake up every morning feeling powerless and unmotivated, asking themselves, "How can I do this one more day?" followed by "Is this as good as it gets – really?" If that's you… I have the solution.  
6/9/202232 minutes
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Doing recognition the right way with Tom Short of Kudos

Join Michael as they chat with Tom Short, Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Kudos when they discuss recognition in the hybrid world of 2022. Tom Short is the founder and Chief Customer Officer at Kudos®. Over the course of 25 years, Tom has used his passion for entrepreneurship and marketing to found several successful companies. At each organization Tom has built, employee experience has been the cornerstone to building effective teams. He brings this expertise in corporate culture and team motivation to Kudos®. Tom is active in speaking engagements and thought leadership activities in the HR industry. He is passionate about the role recognition plays in creating a great employee experience and is dedicated to educating the world about what genuine recognition can do for people everywhere.
6/8/202237 minutes
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Meet the Evil HR Lady and her Minions

We ended the month of March by talking to Suzanne Lucas, the malevolent figure behind the Evil HR Lady brand as well as her evil minions Marie and Sara.  (Full disclosure: Michael is also a minion) We talked about... Who are Suzanne, Marie and Sara and what do they do when not being evil minions?Where did the Evil HR Lady brand come from?What is the Evil HR Lady community/group on Facebook all about, and why do we devote time to helping it run smoothly?Why do our guests serve as moderators (and what are their favorote and least favorite things about it!) And, of course, we shared some of our most evil (and slightly horrifying) HR stories! 
3/31/202254 minutes
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What's Up in Labor Relations with Peter List

Join Michael as they talk about the many recent developments in the area of Labor Relations with Peter List, editor of Labor Union News. On the show, we discuss the current leadership and direction of the NLRB, the potentially game-changing agenda of NLRB General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo, and the union organizing campaigns at Amazon and Starbucks, among other topics. It's a good episode for HR pros to catch up on what's up in the wild world of labor relations these days. 
3/4/202249 minutes
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DTHR with Jonathan Kestenbaum from Talent Tech Labs

Jonathan Kestenbaum from Talent Tech Labs joins us to talk about their technology ecosystem and other topics!
7/28/202134 minutes
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How Corporations Respond to Social Issues with Paul Washington of TCB

Join Michael and Robin as they discuss companies taking stands on social and political issues: the pressures they face from employees, and recommendations for addressing the pressures with Paul Washington, Executive Director, The Conference Board Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Center.   Related Research Under a Microscope: A New Era of Scrutiny for Corporate Political Activity Choosing Wisely: How Companies Can Make Decisions and a Difference on Social Issues Insights for Investors and Companies in Addressing Today's Social Issues  
7/6/202147 minutes
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Chris Murdock of IQTalent Partners

Chris Murdock of IQTalent Partners stops by to talk about successful partnerships and other topics.
6/28/202140 minutes
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6 Degrees of Connection Episode 1: Coaching with Carrie Bucci

Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people on average are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. As a result, a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. The 6 Degrees series with Michael VanDervort explores the possibilities of the 6 degrees of connection through a series of six conversations randomly dictated by our weekly guests. Hosted by @MikeVanDervort, the 6 degrees podcast is a fun and interesting thought experiment exploring business and social topics. To launch our series, Michael will talk with Carrie Bucci of Mixtape Talent. Carrie is a formally trained and Certified Professional Coach, educated and evaluated by iPEC, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), as well as a Certified Yoga Teacher with additional certifications as a Y12SR Leader and Reiki practitioner. Michael and Carrie will be live-streaming a 1-hour coaching session during this show, discussing creativity, intentionality, and self-care. For many of us, the past year has been a time to pause, take a breath, and really look at our lives through the lens of what's working...and what's not. We'll discuss how working with Carrie, a Certified Career Coach, experienced People Operations leader and formally trained Yoga Teacher who helps guide creative makers and thinkers who are looking to make moves in their career, find greater work/life harmony, and rebuild my creativity.   At the end of the show, Carrie will also deliver a big reveal, sharing who she has selected as the second guest in this 6 show series!  I can't wait!
6/23/20211 hour
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Marc Hutto of Reveal Global Intelligence

Marc Hutto of Reveal Global Intelligence stops by to discuss talent acquisition, partnerships, rescue dogs and more!
6/21/202133 minutes
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DTHR Host Show

Thoughts on the week and a look ahead to what's coming up.
5/14/202135 minutes
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Mark Feffer from the HCM Technology Report

Mark joins Dwane to look back at Unleash and look ahead at technology trends.
11/14/201921 minutes
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SplashBI from #Unleash19

SplashBI is an HR Focused reporting tool.  They were kind enough to stop by at Unleash19 to chat a bit!
11/7/201925 minutes
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From #Unleash19, Q&A with Sir Bob Geldof

Thanks to the #Unleash19 conference in Paris, we were able to join a Q&A with Sir Bob Geldof.  With a long career of driving change through music and performance, Geldof has become an icon in the entertainment industry.  In this Q&A, we hear his views on music, the world, and what drives change.
10/31/201924 minutes
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Talking to China Gorman about #Unleash19

China talks to us about the #Unleash19 Paris event and what's to come in 2020.
10/30/201932 minutes
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Lane Sutton joins the DriveThru to talk Talent Attraction with Job Ads

Lane Sutton is a marketing and employer brand strategist, speaker, recent graduate and Recruitment Marketing team at what he calls a  "humble retailer you may have heard of."  What drives him? A passion for building relationships, making marketing lovable, spreading inbound to recruiting, the consumer experience, and connecting people with brands through content, strategy, and telling a story. Lane shares, "Maya Angelou once said 'people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' That's true brand and experience." The early story: In his single-digit years, Lane realized business and marketing was his thing. While most kids his age were playing sports, business was his sport. After his share of lemonade stands, he started a blog reviewing products, movies, and restaurants at age 11. That got him his first social media consulting gig and speaking engagement at age 12. His first job was at HubSpot when I was 16. Since then, I've been transforming how brands attract people with some very recognizable brands.  Learn about what's keeping him up at night (hint: it's job ads!) on this "double episode" of DriveThru HR. 
10/18/201919 minutes
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Programmatic & Diversity with Steven Rothberg

Join Crystal as she talks to Steven Rothberg, Founder of COLLEGE RECRUITER.  Steven’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from an early age. Disciplined in fifth grade for selling candy during math class and in college for running a massive fantasy hockey league (who maintains a friendly rivalry with DTHR Co-Host Dwane Lay), Steven managed to channel his passions into something more productive after graduate school.  A fully recovered lawyer, Steven founded the business that morphed into College Recruiter and now, as it's visionary, helps to create and refine the company’s strategy and leads its business development efforts. Steven has been widely quoted by local, regional, national and international media including NBC Nightly News, MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show, U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, FOX & Friends, and CNN. Steven was named by Mashable as one of the 20 top people for job seekers to follow on Twitter, by Fast Company magazine as a "Top 50 online influencer", and LinkedIn as having a profile which was one of the top one percent most viewed.  Steven believes that every student and recent graduate deserves a great career.  He also believes every organization should understand programmatic advertising and the impact it can have on an organization's diversity & inclusion hiring efforts.  In part 1 of this 2 part series with Crystal and Steven, they will be talking about: What programmatic isHow it works The state of semi-transparency with many job boards and media outlets
10/9/201930 minutes
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Talking Chatbots With Jonathan Duarte @JonathanDuarte

Michael and Jonathan cover everything you ever wanted to know about Chatbots but were afraid to ask! Talking Chatbots With Jonathan Duarte.   @JonathanDuarte
7/27/201745 minutes
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Michael talks to Kenny Berger, President and CEO at #SHRM17

Join us on Friday 6/9/2017 as talk to Kenny Berger, President and CEO at   Like so many things throughout our collective history, necessity (or frustration) spawns invention. The same is true of WorkSearch. Created out of sheer exasperation with the “go-to” Job Boards (you know who they are, you’ve probably been annoyed by them when you’ve had a job opening or while job searching), Kenny Berger, CEO of WorkSearch, decided that if there wasn’t a better way available, he was going to make one!
6/9/201729 minutes
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DriveThruHR talks to Art Langer of Workforce Opportunity Services

Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) is a next-generation 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that transforms early career professionals by cultivating their talents. They connect leading companies all over the world with a network of thousands of ready-to-work professionals who reflect diverse communities and customers.   WOS promotes upward mobility, professional success, financial independence, and lifelong learning. They’re experts in helping companies identify and assimilate the skills of veterans and underserved jobseekers, and offer hands-on support services to ensure that promising employees stay on a steady career path.   WOS Digital is a new platform designed to help companies transform their businesses with diverse, quality, early career candidates, making it easier and faster than ever to connect companies to potential employees.
5/24/201733 minutes
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the tie dye episode Rocking #SHRM17 with Steve Browne

Join us for the tie dye episode with Steve Browne to talk #HR and #SHRM17
5/15/201730 minutes
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#SHRM17 “Know Before You Go” with Letty Kluttz

#SHRM17 “Know Before You Go” with Letty Kluttz  Attending the SHRM conference in New Orleans in June?  You will want to go "All In" on this podcast with tips from the people at SHRM on how to maximize your conference experience:   1.     What should SHRM16 attendees know before they go? 2.     What are some tips for first time attendees 3.     What can you tell us about this year’s lineup of speakers? 4.     What new sessions have you added this year? 5.     It’s exciting that SHRM is having its annual conference in Washington, D.C. during a presidential election year.  Since this is SHRM’s back yard, can you share some fun and interesting things to do or see while in DC?  
5/1/201731 minutes
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Mike talks to himself

Mike talks to himself
9/10/20162 minutes
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Drive Thru HR Does #SHRM16

Live for #SHRM16 with Michael VanDervort talking with representatives from the Social Security Administration
6/21/201626 minutes
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Drive Thru HR Live @ #SHRM16

Join us as we do a 30 minute live show from #SHRM16 where we will be discussing certification with Wayne Casio, and Alexander Alonso.  SHow starts at 4 pm ET 
6/20/20169 minutes
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Drive Thru HR Does #SHRM16

Join us for another #SHRM16 pre-show event as we talk with Emile K. Davis,  Manager, Exhibits & Sponsorships for SHRM.   We'll go behind the scenes to learn what's hot, what's not and what everybody will wearing on the red carpet....wait, that's the Oscars....
6/15/201635 minutes
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Drive-Thru HR After Dark

We are still doing the show, though it's been a bit sporadic... that sounds bad,... We're still on-air, but we're just doing us.  We're just random.   We finally realized:  It’s about fun,  Yeah, and we’re the stupid ones. We thought that DriveThruHR was a mechanism to make money. Wrong. We thought DriveThruHR was a medium in which the audience would learn something. Wrong. We thought DriveThruHR would inspire HR leaders. Wrong.   Turns out, we over thought shit. We like talking about compelling HR things with compelling HR folks. We like entertaining - ourselves and others. Whelp, that’s what 2016 has in store for us and the loyal audience of DriveThruHR. We’re gonna do us.  You can catch us on Monday nights.  
5/3/20161 hour, 6 minutes
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#SHRM16 Preview with SHRM Staff

Continuing our recdent series of shows with @SHRM, Drive Thru HR is now turning our attention to the Big Show - #SHRM16 in June in Washington DC.  Join us to hear everything you need to know about the SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition.  Letty Kluttz and Jennifer Wroniewicz will join host Michael VanDervort on April 27  to discuss what you need to  “Know Before you Go” and to highlight some of the sessions and speakers you will want to see!     
4/27/201650 minutes
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Live at #SHRMTalent with Bettina Deynes, Andrew Morton and Julie Clark

Join MIchael VanDervort and our guests Andrew Morton @SHRMsocial and Bettina Deynes @BDeynes live from $SHRMTalent as we discuss talent acquisition and divesity hiring those with disabilities. Those with disabilities visible or invisible make up 19% of the US workforce, according to the US census. The average cost for an accomodation is just $500.          
4/19/201645 minutes
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Live at #SHRMTalent with Tony Lee, SHRM VP of Editorial and guest

Today on Drive Thru HR, we'll be sitting down with Tony Lee SHRM VP, Editorial and  a panel of guests talking about adoption of smart talent acquisition strategies is key to the successful growth of most companies.  We'll explore explore how new recruiting technologies are reshaping the competition for talent, and a bunch of other stuff, including whether or not waffles are a trend. · help print mail  
4/18/201631 minutes
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Live at #SHRMTalent with Elissa O'Brien and Howard Wallack

Drive Thru HR is coming off the shelf for a few shows this week. We're at SHRM Talent in Orlando and we'll be talking to SHRM leaders about some of the work they are doing at the organization.  Today's special Sunday addition will feature  SHRM's Elissa O'Brien and Howard Wallack.  First we'll Global HR Challenges (including talent of course) and SHRM's international partner network with SHRM's Howard Wallack.  Then we will spend some time with Elissa O'Brien- SHRM's VP of Membership talking Talent Acquisition strategies, SHRM's member initiatives for the upcoming year, includingan update on SHRM's California initiatives, competencies, and SHRM Certification.  
4/17/201645 minutes
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Drive-Thru HR After Dark

We never know when we're going to do the show anymore, but we are still doing it... that sounds bad,... We're still on-air, but we're just doing us.  We're just random.  Our next show is on Monday night February 15th at 9 pm ct. Give us a listen! It’s about fun, stupid.  Yeah, and we’re the stupid ones. We thought that DriveThruHR was a mechanism to make money. Wrong. We thought DriveThruHR was a medium in which the audience would learn something. Wrong. We thought DriveThruHR would inspire HR leaders. Wrong.   Turns out, we over thought shit. We like talking about compelling HR things with compelling HR folks. We like entertaining - ourselves and others. Whelp, that’s what 2016 has in store for us and the loyal audience of DriveThruHR. We’re gonna do us.  
3/1/20161 hour, 7 minutes
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The Drive Thru Crew Talking HR #DTHR

We never know when we're going to do the show anymore, but we are still doing it... that sounds bad,... We're still on-air, but we're just doing us.  We're just random.  Our next show is on Monday night February 15th at 9 pm ct. Give us a listen! It’s about fun, stupid.  Yeah, and we’re the stupid ones. We thought that DriveThruHR was a mechanism to make money. Wrong. We thought DriveThruHR was a medium in which the audience would learn something. Wrong. We thought DriveThruHR would inspire HR leaders. Wrong.   Turns out, we over thought shit. We like talking about compelling HR things with compelling HR folks. We like entertaining - ourselves and others. Whelp, that’s what 2016 has in store for us and the loyal audience of DriveThruHR. We’re gonna do us.
2/16/20161 hour
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Looking to the Future of HR with Mike Haberman #DTHR

Blogger, Writer, HR Compliance dude and HR futurist Michael Haberman @MIkeHaberman drops by @DrivethruHR to share a  cup of coffee and some year-end observations as we head towards the holidays.  “From failure we learn. From failures, successes are born.” We don't speak of failure very often at work or on social media but it is from failure that learning and innovation arise. We’ve all made a bad choice or decision in our careers that didn’t turn out as we had planned, but we have all learned and grown from that experience. Daily on DriveThruHR, we explore the themes of failure, learning and success. Join us and our guests as we share these stories of failure that turns into learning and professional growth every day at 12:00 pm Central Time. The radio program is hosted by @williamtincup, @Thehrbuddy @TheOneCrystal & @MikeVanDervort.. The #1 HR show, with amazing HR conversations and follow us on the twitters at @drivethruhr and #dthr
12/21/201531 minutes