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English, Religion, 2 seasons, 36 episodes, 18 hours, 53 minutes
In this podcast, Jesus is our center. We discuss all things related to self love, a healthy relationship with Christ, breaking generational ties, traits of a Godly woman/man and so much more! Join me for this podcast and you will leave convicted and forever changed!
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Steward Your Gifts WELL, Bestie👀

Bestie, you already know that you are called, gifted, anointed and appointed but how many times have you ran into a rut where you questioned your gifts? And better yet stopped using your gifts due to imposter syndrome? I can firmly say that that has been me in the past but this episode is meant to encourage you and remind you that you are GIFTED! And don’t let the wonderful gift that God had placed in your hands, go to waste! Tune into this episode for testimonies, banter and good vibes with Jesus✨
4/9/202435 minutes, 30 seconds
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To the One Who Wants to Quit

There comes a time in the life of a Christian where the urge to quit will become strong. It will seem as if everything is pointing to the direction of throwing in the towel. But I am here to encourage you to remain where God has divinely placed you! Join me for this podcast where I share personal anecdotes, scripture and revelations concerning the topic of quitting!
11/20/202339 minutes, 34 seconds
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God Healed Me From My Church Hurt, So that You Could Be Healed Too!

It’s Time that We Address the Elephant in the Room… Church Hurt. Many People Have Been Blessed by the Church but Also Have Been Deeply Hurt, Disappointed and Betrayed by the Church. Luckily, the Lord Gave Me the Grace to Not Only Get Through My Own Church Hurt, but He Also Gave Me the Wisdom and Capacity to Share My Revelations and Lessons. Join Me for this Episode Where we Dissect the Meaning of Church Hurt, My Personal Experiences and Encouragement for Hurt Souls. You DON’T Wanna Miss This✨
9/5/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 3 seconds
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Learning to Part Ways Peacefully - Friendship Breakup Edition

How Many of Us Have Had Nasty, Depressing or Simply Tough Friendship Breakups. Sometimes Friendship Breakups Truly Sting More than Romantic Breakups, Being that it Requires that We apart Ways with Our Confidants, Our “Sisters or Brothers”, Our Everything Type of Friend, Etc. And if We are Not Careful, We Can Harbor Bitterness, Unforgiveness and Anger Towards People. If this Situation Describes You and Your Present Heart Posture, QUICKLY Tune into this Episode! The Lord Has a Word, Just for YOU!✨
7/8/202350 minutes, 15 seconds
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Self Sabotaging Tendencies as a Christian

How many times have you convinced yourself that you shouldn’t pray or read your word, because you fell into sin again? How many times have you convinced yourself that God doesn’t love you because of your mistakes? How many times have you robbed yourself from the peace and joy that comes from the Lord all because of your unwillingness to receive the grace that God freely gives? If you relate to any of the questions asked, this podcast episode is for you! This episode defines and confronts self sabotaging tendencies that we commonly fall into as Christians! Listen and be blessed!✨
5/27/202338 minutes, 9 seconds
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Struggling With Idolizing Marriage? Me Too Sis🫣

We all can recall playing house in preschool or in elementary school… We can recall the days where we watched weddings on TV or in person and we secretly dreamed about our special day. We would all be lying if we say that we haven’t contemplated marriage at least once in our lives but what happens when that small desire becomes an idol? Join me for this podcast where we address the innate desire for marriage and discuss the dangers and downfall of idolizing it✨
4/16/202354 minutes, 21 seconds
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God Told Me to Drop My Situationship…

Throughout our walk with God, God will call us to make somewhat “rash decisions”! He may call you to drop that job, drop that friend, drop that man, drop that opportunity or even drop some toxic characteristics that are lying dormant within you! The process is never easy but join me for this podcast episode where I share the story of God telling me to drop my situationship, 3 years ago! This episode isn’t for tea, gossip or to make jest of anyone, instead it’s to act as confirmation, to rebuke, and to convict any man or woman out there who may be listening, who is STUCK in something that God is calling you OUT of! Selah! ✨
3/12/202351 minutes, 22 seconds
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How God Revealed My Calling & Purpose to Me

Some of Us Are Walking Around in Straight Up Confusion Regarding Our Destiny and Calling. It’s Either Societal or Cultural Pressures that are Fueling Our Careers or Our Love for Money. Nevertheless, Hear My Testimony of How God BLUNTLY Revealed My Calling & Purpose to Me in this Soul Lifting Podcast Episode
1/16/202353 minutes, 32 seconds
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Dealing With Feelings: Unmet Expectations

Unfortunately, as a believer we are sometimes faced with the reality of unmet expectations. It NEVER feels good and especially looking back on the unmet expectations at the end of the year can cause you to get in a funk but WE REBUKE THAT! Tune into some encouragement to ginger your spirit and help you recover from the realities of unmet expectations.
12/23/202212 seconds
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Should You Follow God Within Your Youth?

Is Following God Within Your Youth Even Worth it? WELP THIS QUESTION IS ADDRESSED IN THIS EPISODE! God Put it on My Heart that There are Many of You in a Limbo RIGHT NOW Concerning Whether You Should Surrender Your Youth and Worldly Lifestyle to Follow God, Some of You are Wondering if It is Worth it and I am Here to Debunk the Stigma of Following God Within Youth and to Also Provide Testimonies and Banter! Praise God✨
10/9/202256 minutes, 4 seconds
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Singleness With Purpose

When you think of the word singleness, what comes to mind? Some people may think that singleness is a period that you are in, until you get into a relationship. However, from a Godly perspective, singleness is a season that should not be taken lightly! Listen to me as I dive into some frustrations that may arise in singleness, personal revelations throughout my season of singleness, etc!! Also watch out for a part two😎!
6/17/202250 minutes, 44 seconds