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Dr Sibusiso Mavuso

English, Religion, 8 seasons, 21 episodes, 5 hours, 40 minutes
The uncompromised word of God
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Hebrews 11:1

There are 3 pillars : Faith, Hope and Love. The greatest of them is love. We however , have made faith and hope one , yet one is an end result of the other! Enjoy this episode! Much grace
1/11/20228 minutes, 56 seconds
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You were chose before time began

It appears God the Father had a plan before the foundations of the world. Which now through the appearing , the death and resurrection for Jesus Christ makes this plan our reality.
12/28/202126 minutes, 28 seconds
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Christ the image of God , the Father

If we understand who Christ is , then We will understand who we are! The episode also speaks to your purpose in life.
12/21/202123 minutes, 20 seconds
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He has a Name Part 2

This goes in detail the significance of God having a name , the Father!
11/10/202015 minutes, 48 seconds