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English, Education, 1 seasons, 28 episodes, 4 hours 15 minutes
About Dr Menis Yousry's Essence Process is a unique experiential personal development course through which participants gain powerful insights into their lives and behaviour patterns, learning valuable tools they can use in everyday life. Through practical exercises we explore our motivations and limitations with acceptance and compassion, enabling a much deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Dr Menis Yousry is the founder and facilitator of the Essence Process and a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist and Psychologist. One of the world's most effective personal development practitioners, he works with thousands of people every year in over 20 countries. His book "Discover Your Hidden Memory and Find The Real You" is published by Hay House, the world's largest Mind, Body and Spirit publisher and is available in five languages. Enjoy these audio recordings and we hope to see you at a course sometime in the near future. For more information on how to locate and book a course in your country go to To follow Dr Menis Yousry on Twitter go to Join Dr Menis Yousry's Facebook page: And the Essence Process Facebook page:
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Where do our protections come from?

Dr Menis Yousry talks about how our protections come from our very earliest experiences of life. 'Whatever happened to you stays with you until this moment and this is what we call unfinished business'.
10/09/20154 minutes 46 seconds
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There's No One Out There But You

Did you know that everyone you meet is you, reflecting back what you haven't resolved yet? Listen to Dr Menis Yousry on the secret of relationships.
13/04/20151 minute 48 seconds
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When the student is ready, the master will appear

Here Dr Yousry talks about how we can make anything happen in our lives when we're ready and a past participant of the Essence Process Advance Course describes how he transformed his life when he did the course.
08/10/20143 minutes 3 seconds
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Do you listen to your inner voice?

There's something in you that seems to know absolutely everything. Dr Menis Yousry talks about why we don't trust our intuition and how we can learn to listen to who we really are.
08/10/20143 minutes 39 seconds
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How well are you looking after yourself?

Do you have peace in your life? Do you have enough money? Hayhouse author and Essence Process facilitator Dr Menis Yousry talks about setting a clear intention about the quality of our lives.
11/09/20142 minutes 58 seconds
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Loving parenting and divorce

In the third of a series of podcasts on loving parenting Dr Menis Yousry talks about how families can manage divorce and separation. He says 'our children need us to be ok, whether we are together or not. It's best not to 'teach' our children anything: we need to show them.'
04/07/20145 minutes 18 seconds
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Teach your children through consequences, not threats

In the second of a series of podcasts on loving parenting Dr Yousry talks about teaching our children through the consequences of their actions and how they also learn from our consciousness and behaviour.
04/05/20146 minutes 27 seconds
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We don't need to give our children so much

In the first of a series of podcasts on loving parenting Dr Yousry discusses the pressure to give too much to our children and the danger of an entitlement consciousness.
23/04/20143 minutes 50 seconds
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How does it feel to do an Essence Process course?

Hear from people who just completed a Essence Process course in London. "I really feel like I understand myself and my friends and family a lot better" "I've got myself back. Thank you" "I can now see a happier, brighter future and I'm excited"
14/04/20148 minutes 50 seconds
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Short Walk to Freedom

Why is Nelson Mandela one of the most inspiring people in the world? He endured imprisonment for 27 years, but it wasn't only when his captors finally opened the doors that he became a free man. Here Dr Yousry is recorded speaking live in a seminar about how Mandela set himself free and how we can do the same.
27/03/20143 minutes 30 seconds
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Saying YES to our past

A live recording of Dr Menis Yousry speaking in a recent seminar. For some of us our past experiences in life were very painful. So how long do we talk to a therapist about it? And how do we find the energy to really move forward in our lives and get what we really want?
04/02/20142 minutes 26 seconds
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What do Essence Process participants say about the course?

Hear what participants experienced on the latest Essence Process course in London, UK. For more information on courses go to You can follow Dr Yousry daily on Twitter on @DrMenisYousry
15/10/20136 minutes 11 seconds
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Don't take responsibility for others

People's opinion of you, their happiness or their sadness is none of your business. It's their business. A live recording of Dr Menis Yousry speaking on an Essence Process course. For more information on Essence Process courses near you, go to You can follow Dr Menis Yousry on Twitter on @DrMenisYousry
28/08/20132 minutes 37 seconds
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Dr Menis Yousry on - Guilt & Resentment - A live recording of Dr Menis Yousry broadcasting live around the world on world leading radio station talking about Guilt & Resentment. The founder of 'The Essence Process' & best selling HayHouse author of 'Discover Your Hidden Memory & Find the Real You' talks with co-host Ben Brophy about Guilt & Resentment and takes live calls from around the world. Do you resent someone? Would you like to be free from that feeling? These are topics covered in this recording. Please visit for 100's of shows covering the best in 'radio for your soul'. For up to date information on The Essence Process Courses & Dr Menis Yousry, please visit
10/07/201349 minutes 30 seconds
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It's Christmas - the time of year when we give and receive so here's a gift from us to you - a short podcast of Dr Menis Yousry discussing that very theme live. On behalf of us all at the Essence Foundation we wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas break and a successful, abundant 2013.
22/12/20122 minutes 25 seconds
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Life Is Not Fair - Dr Menis Yousry, HayHouse Author / Founder of

In this live recording Dr Menis Yousry discusses dealing with the unfairness of life and how accepting this is key to personal freedom. Essence Courses are now running in 16 locations around the world, spreading by word of mouth. Dr Menis's HayHouse book 'Discover Your Hidden Memory & Find The Real You' is published in 6 languages. For more information & course dates please visit For Dr Menis Yousry's book & HayHouse's 'meet the author' video please visit
10/11/20125 minutes 2 seconds
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Introduction to Essence Foundation Course

Dr Menis Yousry speaking at the beginning of a recent Essence Foundation Course.
24/06/201234 minutes 46 seconds
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You are your intention

Dr Menis Yousry discusses the power of three words: intention, method and results. Where are you putting your energy?
04/05/20128 minutes 28 seconds
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Turn your negative affirmations into positive ones

Dr Yousry talks about how the power of our intentions can shape what we want in our lives - for good or for bad. The power is in our hands to change it.
04/05/20124 minutes 37 seconds
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Implicit memory, our protective layer, limiting character and where it stems from. Dr Menis Yousry live

In this live recording from an Essence Foundation course, world leading facilitator Dr Menis Yousry introduces the concept of our implicit memory and the role this has in creating our protective layer which results in a limiting character aspect of our personality based upon events in the past that are long finished yet still holding us back. (We apologise for the crackle / interference picked up on the recording.) For more information on Menis's work & The Essence Foundation courses please visit Dr Menis Yousry's best selling book on HayHouse is entitled 'Discover Your Hidden Memory & Find the Real You' available at
25/03/201219 minutes 16 seconds
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3 Building Blocks of Any Successful Relationship.....& a quick catch up - Ben Brophy catches up with the founder of The Essence Foundation, Dr Menis Yousry who shares some simple, yet effective relationship insights: 3 building blocks of any successful relationship. Based upon over 20 years experience working with people of all backgrounds and nationalities all over the world, Dr Yousry is considered a world leading expert in his field and helps 10,000's enjoy more quality in their lives. Essence Foundation, Advanced & Relationships courses take place regularly around the world: you can find out more at The next Essence Courses are: Foundation Course Fri 17th - Sun 19th Feb Budapest, Hungary Relationships course Fri 24th - Sun 26th Feb London, UK Relationships course Fri 2nd - Sun 4th Mar Varna, Bulgaria Foundation Course Thur 8th - Sun 11th Mar Burgas, Bulgaria Menis's book on HayHouse is available to buy from Amazon here:
07/02/201219 minutes 6 seconds
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Dr Menis Yousry HayHouse Book Launch. Recording from launch of Discover Your Hidden Memory and Find the Real You

A live recording from Thursday 15th September 2011 when Dr Menis Yousry's book on leading mind, body & spirit publisher HayHouse was launched. This is taken from part of the evening. HayHouse UK Managing Director Michelle Pilley speaks first, followed by Menis Yousry (founder of The Essence Foundation) who then asks Ben Brophy to say a few words of how the book publishing deal came into being. The book, Discover Your Hidden Memory and Find the Real You is the first in a series of three books. The evening was a great success and we'd like to thank everyone who joined this special occassion and helped make it such a success. You can get the book here If you connect with the book and the work of Essence please support by leaving a review on Amazon (click on the 'Create your own review' button half way down the Amazon page on the right) and by sharing the link on Facebook. Thank you to everyone who
26/09/201121 minutes 14 seconds
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An Invitation from Dr Menis Yousry to his HayHouse book launch & special Foundation Course

BOOK LAUNCH - Thursday 15th Sept / Special Foundation Course 7th - 9th Oct '11 Dr Menis Yousry personally invites you to join him for the launch of his new book published by the world's leading mind, body & spirit publisher HayHouse. Please join us on the evening of Thursday 15th September at Muswell Hill Book Shop (from 7 to 9pm) for this special occassion. Address: 72 Fortis Green Road. London N10 3HN To celebrate the launch of this milestone in the development of Essence, we're also hosting a very special Foundation Course from 7th to 9th October at Raglan Hall, Muswell Hill, London. To celebrate the occasion we are offering this Essence Foundation course at the very special price of £95, as opposed to the usual £375! This won't be repeated and is a way of saying 'thank you' for your support. At £95 this is a fantastic opportunity to revisit (or experience for the first time) the power & benefits of the Essence Foundation course. Please let friends, col
23/08/20112 minutes 4 seconds
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Essence Pearls 4

Hidden Memories Listen to Dr Yousry talk live on a recent seminar about how children make sense of their early experiences in life and how that affects the way we protect ourselves now.
07/03/20116 minutes 34 seconds
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Essence Pearls 3: Parents

'We carry our parents with us everywhere we go.' Dr Yousry talks about our parents and how learning to being at peace with these two people is fundamental to living our lives freely and without limitations.
05/01/20115 minutes 13 seconds
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Essence Advance Course - Participant Feedback This is a short selection of feedback from participants who have just completed the Essence Advance Course. Typical of all participants, you can feel how much they have enjoyed, grown and experienced over the space of a few days - testament to the innate skill & experience of Dr Menis Yousry and the unique Essence course design. As of September 2011 Menis's profile and exposure will be magnified as he shares his insights worldwide with the release of his first book through the world's leading mind, body & spirit publisher, HayHouse. This is exciting for all of us as it enables us to communicate this life-affirming material with many more people and reach further afield to contribute more to the lives of others. Through word of mouth and international community support Essence Courses are already running in Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Dubai and the UK with courses being discussed for Australia, Israel
30/11/20108 minutes 48 seconds
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Essence Pearls 2: Your Past Is A Gift - Dr Menis Yousry briefly explains what happens to us when we come so close to healing: some of us want to go back because we have become so used to the suffering that we have had in the past and because we don't accept there could be such an easy solution after we have suffered for such a long time. Whatever has happened in our lives, the past has actually been a perfect gift to us, assisting us on our personal journey.
27/11/20103 minutes 40 seconds
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Essence Pearls 1: 100% Vs 99% The 1% difference that makes all the difference. - 100% Vs 99% The 1% difference that makes all the difference. Dr Menis Yousry talks about how we can radically alter the results we get in life simply by deciding whether or not we participate and 'play full out'.
25/11/20109 minutes 34 seconds