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English, Children-Kids, 8 seasons, 41 episodes, 1 day, 9 hours, 1 minute
We all go into parenting as beginners. But imagine the learning curve when things don’t go to plan. Dr Golly delves into the hard-earned wisdom of parents who have faced tough times and come out the other side as… the Experts.  Launches 26th April, new episode every week! For more info about Dr Golly check out his website:
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Birth complications after four caesareans, with Dr Lisa Chimes

Dr Lisa Chimes is no stranger to a surgical procedure as she has performed many on pets featured on Bondi Vet. But after four children via four caesareans, Dr Lisa found herself on the other end of the scalpel. This week, Dr Lisa shares her experience with multiple birth complications, the intense procedures that followed and her long road to recovery.  LINKS Check out Dr Lisa on Instagram for privacy information.
10/31/202347 minutes, 13 seconds