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As a 28 year old medical doctor trained in New Zealand, I created this channel to share the latest research and ideas around the booming world of anti-aging. For so long the concept of anti-aging let us down with fad after fad, but now thanks to researchers such as Dr David Sinclair, that’s all changed. We know how to activate the body’s processes to boost DNA repair, reduce inflammation, and even reduce our cancer risk. The tragedy is people don’t know about these advances, and the earlier you start in adult life, the larger the benefit.
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4 Essential Intermittent Fasting Rules

Intermittent fasting when done correctly can be a really positive lifestyle choice. Here are 4 essential rules to get positive results and to make sure that you aren’t harming your health because there are easily avoidable dangers. My full supplement stack: Supplements I source from Amazon: ✨10% Discounts✨ CheckWithYourDrFirst ( Alive by Science: CheckWithYourDrFirst ( ProHealth: CheckWithYourDrFirst ( Donate towards my Rapamycin & Exercise clinical study: ✔️ Sign up for my monthly Longevity Newsletter: ✔️ Check out my exercise program for older adults: ✔️ Twitter: ✔️ Patreon: Here are the links to the research papers referenced in the video: If you like this video please smash the thumbs up button, it really helps with the Youtube algorithm :-) #intermittentfasting #health #longevity  The links above are affiliate links, so I receive a small commission every time you use them to purchase a product. The content contained in this video, and its accompanying description, is not intended to replace viewers’ relationships with their own medical practitioner. Always speak with your doctor regarding the content of this channel, and especially before using any products, services, or devices discussed on this channel.
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