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English, Religion, 2 seasons, 13 episodes, 9 hours, 9 minutes
Hush & Mbithi sharing their hearts and minds about what it means to live counterculturally in today’s world
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True value comes from being created in God's image, not from worldly achievements. Embracing humility and recognizing individual roles in God's plan promotes a healthier perspective on self-worth. Join us as we chat about how to focus on our unique purpose and gifts, emphasizing that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made.
1/15/202458 minutes, 50 seconds
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Find Your Way Back, Prodigal

Echoing the parable of the prodigal son. We immerse ourselves with the amazing Precious Keza in the unfolding tale of redemption and forgiveness, as the boundless love of the Father steadily increases, drawing us closer to the heart of home.
1/15/20241 hour, 10 minutes, 20 seconds
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"Clowning" is often used in casual conversations to comment on behaviors or attitudes within relationships, highlighting a lack of seriousness, commitment, or genuine intentions. It could be seen as a failure to truly live out the values, love, and commitment that the Bible encourages. Join us as we explore sincerity, genuine intentions, and meaningful actions aligned with one's faith as a key aspect of maintaining strong and honest relationships.
10/5/202356 minutes, 30 seconds
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Counting The Cost

"Counting the cost" metaphorically used to refer to the idea of carefully considering the potential sacrifices, challenges, and commitments that come with a particular decision or course of action. Luke 14:28-30. Join in on the conversation as we talk about how to apply thoughtful consideration and preparation before making important decisions or commitments.
10/5/202356 minutes
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Church Hurt: Finding Healing Through Forgiveness

"For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you." Matthew 6:14 We delve into the emotional and spiritual pain experienced by individuals within religious communities. Church Hurt encompasses conflicts with fellow members, leadership misconduct, marginalization, and judgment, leaving lasting scars that can lead to disillusionment and a loss of faith.
7/26/202352 minutes
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Let’s talk REST, from observing a day of rest, the Sabbath, as a time for worship and rejuvenation to finding inner tranquility and peace for the soul through faith in Jesus Christ and trusting in God's grace for salvation instead of relying on personal works
7/26/202348 minutes
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Welcome to Season 2

Hey there, Welcome to Season 2! We’re glad to be back. One of the most common questions we got is “why the name Down & Up?” The apostle Paul challenges us to shift our focus from earthly pursuits to heavenly matters. 'Down' signifies worldly concerns and self-centered ambitions that distract us from God's purpose, while 'up' directs us to set our hearts on things above seeking a deeper connection with God, pursuing spiritual growth, and aligning our lives with His will. Join us as we explore the transformative power of this biblical wisdom and how it can inspire us to live a godly life. Welcome to the Down & Up Podcast
6/29/20238 minutes, 30 seconds