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English, News, 1 season, 17 episodes, 12 hours, 21 minutes
A podcast dedicated to the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Major League Baseball, the USMNT, and whatever else we want. Support this podcast:
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Episode 17: Columbus Crew PSA; Could Promotion/Relegation work in America?

1:30 - Columbus Crew PSA - Why it's time to care more than owning 1 Homage t-shirt 15:43 - Ad 16:23 - Could promotion/relegation work in America? --- Support this podcast:
6/30/202149 minutes, 30 seconds
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Episode 16: We're back, the Braves suck, and the Indians should suck but don't

It has been exactly 1 year since the beginning of Down 3-1.  In honor of that, we examined how the Braves went from being within a game of the World Series to being 3 games below .500, and how the Indians got rid of their best player and are off to their best start since 2007.  0:00-0:40: Ad 0:40-2:10 - We're back 2:10-12:00 - How the Braves added multiple good players to a team that was up 3-1 in the NLCS and are now 3 games under .500. 12:00-20:45 - How the Indians got rid of their best player and best pitcher in last year's playoffs and are off to their best start since 2007.  20:45-32:25 - Indians: Looking ahead & trade targets 32:25-39:10 - Braves: Looking ahead & trade targets 39:10-45:00 - Noteworthy Things --- Support this podcast:
6/24/202145 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 15: Infielder previews/Spring Training storylines

0:30 - Spring Training storylines - Indians & Braves 13:00 - Infielder previews --- Support this podcast:
3/16/202138 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 14: We Interviewed a Jeopardy Champion Who Works for the Dodgers

We interviewed John Focht. John won on Jeopardy last month, and currently works for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  0:00-27:00: Winning Jeopardy 27:00-1:06:36: Working for the Dodgers --- Support this podcast:
3/11/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 13: Hope Springs Eternal

We preview the Indians & Braves outfield, and take a shot at what baseball can change to not be relegated behind soccer and the bizarre sport of "hockey." 1:40 - Braves Spring Training storylines 7:40 - Indians Spring Training storylines 13:40 - Braves Outfield 18:40 - Indians Outfield 25:25 - Fixing MLB --- Support this podcast:
3/9/202145 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 12: Let's Hear it for the Cleveland Baseball Team

We recap the offseason and discuss the Indians' name change, trading Lindor, and how the Braves had a cute little offseason.  1:00 - Welcome back 2:45 - Name change 5:40 - Lindor trade 23:25 - Who had a worse offseason than Cleveland 31:45 - Funk's cute "We're just as good as the Dodgers and Padres" bit --- Support this podcast:
3/2/202142 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 11: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Bad Cities?

This episode explains The Curse of Rocky Colavito: Why the Cleveland Indians have been cursed.  0:25 - The Curse of Rocky Colavito: Why the Indians Have Been Cursed to Never Win the World Series 19:00 - The Indians literally pay a witch doctor to try to help 20:15 - Ad 20:45 - Indians/Braves Trades in Review 31:40 - The Underdogs Who Underwhelmed --- Support this podcast:
11/11/202039 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 10: Wait... Are We Good Now?

0:30 - The USMNT actually has players that good teams want 9:50 - Has the USMNT ever actually looked this promising? 14:35 - USA-Wales 32:13 - Funk gets shirtless while recording the ad 32:53 - Zlatan conquers Covid --- Support this podcast:
11/3/202034 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 9: A Factory of Sadness

Kevin McCormac comes on and we look at our favorite Indians moments, the most heartbreaking Indians moments, and the nuttiest baseball personalities from the Indians and elsewhere. .  0:35 - The heartbreak and the joy 19:35 - Well-made ad 20:05 - Albert Belle, Manny Ramirez --- Support this podcast:
10/27/202039 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 8: The First Stage is Grief and Denial

Doug counsels/torments Funk as Funk copes with the Braves blowing a 3-1 lead --- Support this podcast:
10/20/202028 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 7: 72 Years and Counting; Attacking the Death Star

0:20 - 72 Years and 2 Days Since the Indians Won the World Series 6:15 - Attacking the Death Star: Braves vs. Dodgers  24:24 - An Ad from our Only Sponsor 25:04 - Gangster shit --- Support this podcast:
10/13/202028 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 6: What the F*** Just Happened to the Indians? Yes, Virginia, the Braves Can Win a Playoff Series

We crawl out of our bunker to look at the carnage from the Yankees eviscerating the Indians, and we look at the Braves winning a playoff series for the first time since 2001.  0:25 - What the F*** just happened to the Indians? 10:30 - Where do the Indians go from here? 20:30 - Yes, Virginia, the Braves can win a playoff series. 32:00 - Gangster s*** 37:40 - Compelling ad --- Support this podcast:
10/6/202038 minutes, 5 seconds
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Episode 5: Playoff Preview - Indians vs. Yankees, B****s vs. Reds

Could the Indians beat the Yankees? Could Funk's dad still love him if the Braves beat the Reds?  1:15 - Braves vs. Reds Preview 19:00 - The most compelling ad you've ever heard 19:30 - Indians vs. Yankees Preview 35:00 - Wild Card Playoff Predictions --- Support this podcast:
9/29/202048 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 4: The Weirdest MLB Season Ever

Manfred continues to amaze, Joe Kelly is a legend, and being a Braves and Indians fan taxes the emotional well-being of the common man.  1:30 - God has been smiting the Astros (hit by pitches, Joe Kelly incident) 10:20 - Manfred & the Marlins ruin everything 17:15 - Braves & Indians  42:45 - Predictions 48:30 - Funk says goodbye & he loves you all. Doug cries.  --- Support this podcast:
8/5/202048 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 3: What Would it Take for the USA to Win the 2026 World Cup?

  --- Support this podcast:
7/15/202048 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 2: 2020 Season Preview: Predictions, Indians, Braves, Coronavirus' effect

We look at what you can expect from this crapshoot of a baseball season.  --- Support this podcast:
7/8/202045 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 1: Manfred's botch, the Astro's scandal, 2020 Indians preview

We look back at MLB's 2020 and ahead to the rest of MLB's 2020.  --- Support this podcast:
6/25/202053 minutes, 21 seconds